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tv   BBC 100 Women in Conversation  BBC News  November 26, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm GMT

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we have an opportunity to raise awareness about skin checks and i am honoured to be invited by skin checks champions to come here, make my art and just celebrate the body and protection. legislation had to be changed to allow public nudity for the first time in sydney's famous arc of sand. soon the birthday suits were replaced by the usual tracksuits and wet suits at bondi beach, but for the nude participants it was a day to savour. phil mercer, bbc news, sydney. now it's time for a look at the weather some breaking news that has come through in the past couple of
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minutes. scotch is rugby has an ounce the death of player. he would. when you know it. he would has been among the players who has been quite keen during to and raising attention of motor neurone disease. he, obviously was a former scottish rugby union player. and sadly the news has come through that he has died. now it's time for a look at the weather with thomasz shafernaker. hello. for many of us, it is that grey, rainy november day, blustery in places, especially out towards the west. and this weekend we will continue to see rain at times,
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it would be very blustery. by early morning on sunday fairly children but it remains damp and mild. in the south around ten or 12. you can see the outbreaks of rain continue through sunday morning across southern england. the southeast can be wet and unpleasant through lunchtime. forthe be wet and unpleasant through lunchtime. for the rest of us it's a place of sunny sparrows, showers quite blustery and temperatures on the my side goodbye. now: bbc 100 women in conversation: olena zelenska. here in kyiv, this iconic building is now part of the presidential offices, the heavily secured a seat of power, as ukraine confronts a full—scale russian invasion. we have come here to meet a woman who always said she wanted to remain backstage. she now finds herself in the spotlight on a global stage. in a conversation for bbc�*s 100 women, ukraine's first lady,
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olena zelenska, tells us how this war has changed her role and the lives of ukrainian women. olena zelenska, first lady of ukraine, thank you very much for making time for this conversation with bbc 100 women. it's been nearly a year since russian forces invaded your country. how are you?
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it's been a painful year, and this winter looks set to be even harder, with power cuts, shortages, more war. what do you hear from ukrainian people? do they worry that this is a war without end?
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two to three more years?
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do you know, in war, it's the big changes, and the little changes. everyone�*s life here has been turned upside down. when was the last time you, your husband, the president, your son and daughter, sat down and had dinner together?
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i remember in the first weeks of the russian invasion, your husband said he was target number one, and his family was target number two for the russians. do you still feel that you are in danger?
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when you speak in public, and you often do, you say you speak as a daughter, mother, a woman, first lady, and yet you once said, i prefer to remain backstage. and now, the first lady of ukraine is on a global stage. how hard was it to take on a role you didn't want? in this year's bbc 100 women, we are focusing on the progress
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of women, and one aspect of that is more women taking on leadership roles. did you find that in this last year, you found the strength within yourself, that you didn't know you had?
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your husband, the president, said that you're probably stronger than you thought you were, and that war does bring out things in people that they never expected to have. is he right? do you and the president sometimes disagree on what role you should play?
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like what? the us congress injuly?
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when you spoke to the us congress, you were the first foreign first lady to be given that privilege, he spoke privilege, you spoke as you often do, about the pain for ukraine's children. you also called for weapons. you crossed the line into politics.
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if you look at how ukraine was described before the war,
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in documents by the united nations and other agencies, they describe ukrainian society as traditional, patriarchal, roles of women determined by their gender. do you think your public, and may i say, political role, is helping to change stereotypes?
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in these hard months, more pain for women. you are talking about a rise in domestic violence, but new opportunities for women, that new roles are opening up. on balance, because women are moving backwards, what you think the long—term impact of this will be?
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even before this invasion you had set up this summit of first ladies and gentlemen. i know it has been valuable during this year and in helping cancer children, and the convoy of life you call it. what are you asking for, from these colleagues, as this war drags on? in view of possible
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fatigue in the war effort. the president has just published a new book of his speeches. out of a thousand speeches, he has emphasised one line. it says, "we used to say peace. now we say victory."
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is that what the first lady says as well? what does victory mean to you? you say in the zelenska foundation that you have hardened your view on what victory means.
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when you talk about the conditions that they might impose on you in this false peace that you worry about, are you worried about the giving away of some of ukrainian land?
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you often say you speak as a mother. what would you say to russian mothers?
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you are a mother too, of two children. you are a wife. so far in your life you have been married to a comedian, a television star, you have been married to a president. and now he is a wartime leader. how has your relationship changed?
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my ukrainian colleagues say to me, olena zelenska of 2019, is not the olena zelenska of 2022. are they right? but you didn't want to enter? you told your husband, don't do it.
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first lady of ukraine, thank you very much. thank you, i hope it was interesting. hello.
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it's not been a pleasant day today. grace dies, outbreaks of rain. for this evening and overnight we can expect more rain. having said that, later in the night, the rain should start to improve across my northern and western areas of the uk. this is the weather front that is crossing the weather front that is crossing the country. you can see the back edge of it. that weather front will continue to sweep over us in the first course of the evening. in the early hours of sunday morning we will start to see the weather improving across the western and north—western part of the uk. this is what it looked like books over the next few hours. the rain will not clear east anglia and the south—east, that is where it will stall on sunday morning. is where where it is drier, it will be a little bit colder, six celsius, more like 11 in the london area. this weather front will like 11 in the london area. this weatherfront will drag like 11 in the london area. this weather front will drag its like 11 in the london area. this weatherfront will drag its heels.
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this front wobbles a little and doesn't want to clear away to the east. from central and southern england, and possibly even into lincolnshire, it could be raining through most of the day, and almost certainly in kent, you are in for a wet day. elsewhere across the country it will be a bright day of scattered clouds, occasional showers particularly in the west, and it will remain blustery. it is not particularly cold though. tomorrow evening that rain is still there in kent and sussex, just about clearing the coast of east anglia. monday and tuesday we will see high pressure building in from the south—west. this is a ridge of high pressure, so that means things should dry out. the weather front is still out in the north sea, but this ridge builds in and that will keep things settled, at least for most of us on monday, and certainly by tuesday many others are in that dry and clearer weather. there will be some
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shine around on monday, and indeed tuesday, but in places it will also be quite foggy, quite murky in the morning. when the fog persists it could be pretty cold. 0n morning. when the fog persists it could be pretty cold. on balance as it is about eight to 10 degrees as far as the week ahead is concerned. goodbye.
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quite blustery and temperatures on
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the my side goodbye. this is bbc news the headlines at six the london fire brigade is "institutionally misogynist and racist", according to a damning review into its culture. that was a very senior female officer. who said to me. whenever she goes into a dangerous incident. she's always thinking. "will the men around me protect me?" this is with 2000 of our staff. in that sense, i don't seek to deny anything that nazir has reported. i accept the report in full. the family of a five—year—old boy who died after being sent home from hospital say he would still be alive if they had been listened to — the hospital say they are investigating we rang them and begged them on the phone. i can't stress how much i want people to listen to that phone call.
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i begged the children's ward.


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