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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 26, 2023 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines: the prime minister, rishi sunak will meet with european commission president ursula von der leyen on monday as he tries to secure a new brexit deal for northern ireland. at least 59 people have died — after a boat carrying migrants sinks near the coast of southern italy. pope francis has prayed for the victims and surivors. the israeli government and the palestinian authority say they will take immediate steps to end a deadly upsurge in violence this year. counting is under way in nigeria's most competitive elections in decades — with three candidates still hopeful of becoming president. you're watching bbc news.
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here on bbc news, coming up we have the catch up team meeting young ukrainian refugees living in the uk, but first, it is sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines this evening: back in the trophy business... manchester united end a six year wait for silverware... winning the efl cup at wembley celtic rarely have to wait long between trophies. they win an old firm derby to retain the scottish league cup. and sam kerr scores on her 100th chelsea appearance to help them reach the fa cup last eight. also coming up in the programme:
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scotland's six nations grand slam hopes are over after defeat in paris. and there is no matching australia in women's internatonal cricket. they beat south africa to win the women's t20 world cup for a sixth time. hello again. in the last few seconds, the final whistle has gone, manchester united have beaten newcastle united by 2—0, to claim the efl cup. given it is just ended a few seconds ago, we will bring you the goals in just a few moments. but it was a day in britain of two league finals and in scotland, for the second scottish
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league cup final in a row, two scores were scored to beat celtic. chris mclaughlin was there. before this game some pundits and fans were in agreement that this might be too political. after a pulsating 90 minutes, in the end it was celtic who lifted the league cup. holders dominated the first half, just before the break, their star striker gave them the lead. question is perhaps about the rangers defence, but they were celebrating. he made it to two shortly after the interval, after a superb build up play. again, with the finish. rangers fought their way back in, celtic failing to clear a corner, rangers piled on the pressure after that. celtic wouldn't buckle, the finished the stronger
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side. celtic are lifting the silverware. celtic defended the league cup and it's the green half of glasgow once again to celebrate. it has been quite the week and a bit for manchester united. back in the premier league title race, beating barcelona in europe, but now a first trophy after a pretty long wait, they beat newcastle 2—0 in the efl cup final at wembley. for manchester united, six years without a trophy. newcastle united, closer to six decades. the goalkeeper suspended, a return to the spotlight for another team last seen in liverpool. safe on of hands here. so to, this denying of hands here. so to, this denying of the ball. a minute later, the opening goal arrived. this free kick
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and heather. united in the lead, soonin and heather. united in the lead, soon in total control. marcus rashford's finished was great, fingertips not quite enough. neither were newcastle's best efforts as united held firm. the first trophy for the manager. for the derby, the long wait goes on. tottenham have boosted their hopes of top—four premier league finish with 2—0 win over chelsea that increases the pressure on their boss graham potter. the biggest talking point of an underwhelming first half was when chelsea's hakim ziyech was sent off for this. but referee stuart attwell changed his mind after reviewing the incident. just 20 seconds into the second half 0liver skipp scored his first spurs goal. his captain harry kane added a second with ten minutes to go to secure the win. the defeat leaves chelsea 14
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points behind tottenham who are in fourth place. they have been a difficult opponent for us over the past few years and especially here at home in our new stadium. it was really important today to win the game, get the three points to keep us there around fourth place. so it's tough, chelsea are a top side, it's always going to be a difficult game, but especially in the second half we deserved the win. well graham potter admits he hasn't done enough at chelsea to be rewarded with too much good faith from his critics and that he can't rely on the support of the club's board forever. but he also claims everyone is trying to turn the results around after only winning twice in their last 15 league games. you can feel the desire of the players to want to change the situation around and want to get better results. they absolutely do. you can see how they work in
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training, what they give on a daily basis. sometimes in football you do come to a moment when it's not pleasant and you have to suffer. that is what we're doing the moment. the tie of the fifth round of the women's fa cup went chelsea's way, beating wsl rivals arsenal 2—0 at kingsmeadow. sophie ingle put the hosts ahead in the first half with sam kerr scoring on her 100th appearance to make it 2—0. arsenal meanwhile continue to struggle, with this fa cup defeat coming on top of no league wins so far in 2023. winning? is in that stating the obvious, going through to the next round, doing it, really hard, technical errors, on both sides, equality and possession, 0k from both sides, but neither one of us were at our best today. i think we
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just took care of the moments when it mattered most. it just took care of the moments when it mattered most.— it mattered most. it was frustrating that we can — it mattered most. it was frustrating that we can to _ it mattered most. it was frustrating that we can to convert _ it mattered most. it was frustrating that we can to convert our- it mattered most. it was frustrating that we can to convert our chances| that we can to convert our chances batten _ that we can to convert our chances better. when we look at the game we create _ better. when we look at the game we create much _ better. when we look at the game we create much more than chelsea does, i don't _ create much more than chelsea does, i don't think_ create much more than chelsea does, i don't think that is normal when you come — i don't think that is normal when you come here, that teams usually do that, but_ you come here, that teams usually do that, but we _ you come here, that teams usually do that, but we do. but, because, we need _ that, but we do. but, because, we need to— that, but we do. but, because, we need to be — that, but we do. but, because, we need to be better with our possession. in the days other fixtures manchester united thrashed durham 5—0. brighton also got 5 against coventry united, while manchester city beat bristol city 8—1 and there was a 9—goal thriller as reading beat spurs 5—4 after extra time and aston villa beat west ham on penalties. in the scottish women's premier league, hearts and hibernian played out a 1—1 draw in the edinburgh derby. michaela mcalonie giving hibernian the lead. georgia hunter equalised in the final moments. but given they were also playing for the capital cup, the game went to penalties. charlotte parker—smith made the save for hearts in sudden death giving them the trophy. elsehwere glasgow city are top again after a thumping
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victory over aberdeen, while spartans and motherwell were the days other winners. scotland's six nations grand slam hopes are over after a courageous comeback felljust short in paris. they were beaten 32—21 by france who with a last minute try from gael fickou gained a bonus point and prevented scotland from claiming their own. here'sjoe wilson. that's badge has always brought on, scotland were in paris to measure their current progress, a deep breath and quickly went badly. white shirts of france crossed the line with their first sustained attack. within seven minutes, scotland lost red scrum cap, when the officials saw the slow motion, it was no choice. now there was extra space on the pitch for the french, score in the pitch for the french, score in the corner, that is rugby. big issue
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is minimising head injury, the players do know that, but this players do know that, but this player threw himself forward, head—to—head contact, sent off too. the rugby was laurentiis from 19—0 down, scotland were struggling. french defence under constant pressure now. then rustle over and scotland would just fall behind. the next try would win it. 32—21. but to push the match in the final seconds was itself a sign of scotland's progress. that was the assessment of the scotland coach as well who despite defeat says he was proud of his team was �*s performance. we his team was 's performance. we robabl his team was '5 performance. - probably played better today than an hour last two games. we did enough to win, we feel like we did. but we really believe in what we have here stop we went up to one of best teams in the world, on their home patch,
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with 14 in the world, on their home patch, with ia men and we came away really disappointed not to get a win or get tries against the defence. exeter have moved up to fifth in the gallacher premiership after narrowly beating sale at sandy park. a man of the man performance from josh hodge saw exeter to victory with two first—half tries. sale had gone 10—0 up in the game but hodge's second try with sale down to 13 men helped the chiefs to victory. st helens began their bid for a fifth consecutive super league title with victory at castleford tigers. a week after becoming world champions, saints were tested by castleford, who ran the champions close for much of the contest. but paul wellens' side went on to get their campaign off the ground with a 2a—6 win. the third day of the second test between new zealand and england started with a follow on and ended with a fight back. the home side finished day three just 2a runs behind after being asked to bat again in wellington, as patrick gearey reports. cricket in new zealand is a relaxed
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experience, but there is a feeling things have become a bit too passive. the state has been vacated for england, this was the day some things that. maybe the patients, that was 5a the kiwi skipper. bat rays, bull lost. he could only stay out of reach for so long when he picked out the end of new zealand's innings. they finished more than 200 behind which gave ben stokes the right to ask them to bat again. here is where everything is slowed down. new zealand were old—fashioned, this is how test cricket used to be played, frustrating for those in a hurry. in the end, the breakthrough came by removing pace, jack leach�*s spin, 0llie pope's a catch. devon conway out. partnership ia9 runs over. the game began to turn. then leach out spun willie young. new zealand still 59 runs from the making england bat again. but, zoom
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out and it was come. there was still cane. the former captain, one of new zealand's best ever batters, he guided their side to a close. england will remain favourites but for the first in a long time, they have been to wait. assistant coach paul collingwood said england took the "aggressive" option by enforcing the follow—on despite new zealand's fightback. they had a counterattack this morning. then, when reinforced enforced the follow—on, i thought we bowled exceptionally well without much reward. without much luck. you are going to get days like today where it is tough work and that is test cricket and we expect, when you come up against quality opposition, to have days like this will stop but it is enthralling. australia have won a sixth women's t20 world cup, beating hosts south africa
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in the final by 19 runs in cape town and maintining their dominace in women's internaiontal cricket. jo currie reports. a sold—out stadium with south africa on this damning merge of the first ever world title, their fans were hoping for an upset. it took australia just two balls to find the first boundary. ash gardiner made some headway, australia couldn't quite get into the swing of things. 0nly beth mooney dug in, her 73 keeping her side alive whilst those are around her fell. keeping her side alive whilst those are around herfell. australia keeping her side alive whilst those are around her fell. australia set australia. this was game on. they got up to a sluggish start, before laura wolfe art started to claw their side back to the game. perhaps it was a pressure, but things were not clicking. she continued to shine, her50 giving not clicking. she continued to shine, her 50 giving the crowd hope, the slow run rate was leaving them with too much to do. when she walked from australia since their sixth
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title was within touching distance. a valiant from south africa, but the day on the trophy belonged to the girls in gold. thejuggernauts of australian cricket continues to dominate the women's game, but the impact for the south african team has had on the nation is the true legacy of this tournament. and it's already a controversial event. now there's even more intrigue surrounding the fight in saudi arabia tonight between tommy fury and you tuber turned boxer after a social media post detailing a leaked script for the bout went viral it's a fight that's been postponed twice before and even up until the weigh in has been fractious. but now suggestions that the outcome is predetermined has further muddied the waters on whether it's sport or entertainment, with paul an online celebrity and fury a british reality tv star, as well as the brother of tyson. the twitter post has met a good deal
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of scepticism and the wbc have not only allocated a special belt to the fight, buthave also promised


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