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tv   Lunch Money  Bloomberg  December 31, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> happy new year. indonesia. welcome to a special edition of "lunch money. congress and action. what you should not look or were two in 2014. 2013 the best of aykroyd, buffett, and why you should not take on the selfie. ofswitzerland, the kind security you get with a swiss bank account, not just tax-free money. five nfl coaches joined the
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nation's unemployed. york.r new year in new the ball will drop in times square. >> people always say go out with a bang on the but i do not think this is what they meant. two trains collided in eastern north dakota yesterday. no one was injured but the massive fireball was the resort -- result. railed, grain train he hitting another train carrying crude oil going the opposite way on an adjacent track. police have advised residents to evacuate their homes because of fumes. there are a lot of trains carrying crude oil in north dakota these days. is one of the nation's new and plentiful sources of oil. the train that cause the explosion was carrying it from boston to minnesota. the fourth major do braille
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meant in six months and likely to recharge the debate over the safety of the north american energy boom. the number of crude oil hauled surge from just under 11,000 in 2000 nine to a projected 400,000 this year. company that runs the train is burlington northern santa fe. moore andned by buffett's berkshire hathaway. he is leading the world know he is betting on crude oil ports. phillips 66 for full stock. the product flow through pipelines more quickly. this only the latest of investments. than $4ulated more billion stake in exxon mobil and berkshire hathaway added holdings and the national oil embargo in suncor energy.
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if foreign buffett is right, one of north america's a gift and most controversial could play right into his hand. the keystone pipeline might as well be a line in the sand. environmentalists and lawmaker hosts -- lawmakers. >> a 2000 mile tunnel -- funnel. if the five-point free billion- dollar pipeline is approved, what does that mean for jobs? it will create 42,000 jobs during the two-year building phase. almost 4000 are pipeline construction jobs. the pipeline only expect it to create 35 permanent jobs. report forecasts a razor thin profit for oil companies. the recent shale boom created a glut of oil in the united states, dragging down prices.
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if oil can make it to the gulf coast through the pipeline, it competes against the mexican crude benchmark projected at $89 per barrel. if it stays in canada, it is $69, $20 difference. the $20 premium does not necessarily mean big profits. of the most expensive to produce. it needs to fetch at least $65 per barrel to break even. add in transport costs. to justit margin drops five dollars $.50 per barrel in the mexican market in 2015. if the pipeline does not get approved, who are the winners and losers? transcanada stands to lose a lot. $2.3ompany has pumped billion into the project. companies like suncor energy and conoco phillips could face hurdles getting their product to
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market. the next best option is railroad . --,000 oils -- there'll barrels of oil pump to canada. is much pricier than the pipeline. that means investors like war and buffett could win big. the longer the pipeline gets pushed back, the higher the demand for rail. safety is still a big factor. even with yesterday accident in north dakota and the earlier you derailment this year. railroad say 99 .97% of hazardous material shipments reach destination safely. think odd. keystone has released one issue that will have trouble making it through washington next year. -- thank god. the best of 2013. theyou should not hate on
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selfie. , acrosse had to break the atlantic some new year's parties are kicking off. biking style. to the streets of scotland for a torchlight procession kicking off new year celebration. led by lit up the roofs vikings, and drums. a fireworks finale also. ♪
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>> 2013 was a guest -- rough year for washington, but i guess it is kind of like that every year. the nsa spying scandal, the government shutdown. might even be a year that both parties want to forget.
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even president obama is moving forward. couldsident 13 -- 2013 the break year through for america. we all know there is a lot more we will have to do to restore opportunity and brought base growth for every american. that will require action. >> i think we are all ready for action from congress. companies hiring. leave money in the pockets of people who earned it. there are a bunch of tax breaks that expire tomorrow. >> you have the individual issues. two hundred $40 right now. that will drop to $130 as of tonight. charles schumer says this could affect over 700 thousand new yorkers. a huge deal from the individual side of things. the research and development tax
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credit, something that intel on the bristol miles squared -- bristol-myers rely on. tax credit for veterans. each efficiency tax credits. those are all gone tonight as well. individual. private mortgage insurance write-offs. benefits will really have an impact. all of that on tonight. when congress will come back to this issue is anyone's guess right now. >> these programs are so important we will see action to keep them in place. here is you are not going to get dave camp, the house republican chair of ways and means will not give up on reform. he really wants an opportunity to do it.
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that puts another delay on it. here is another big issue, how do you pay for this? 52 point 2 billion annually. they have to be paid for. congress of money but can find for this. >> we may not be able to pay for it since we still have a big budget deficit. democrat and republican still standing on opposite sides of the room in the congressional bans. republicans still bickering among themselves. the bickering is hardly over. this is a fight that will persist in 2014. >> republicans and all-out civil war should provide an opening for the president. what can he do to hit the ground running in 2000 14? >> he needs to knock the ball out of the park.
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it will be a laundry list of proposals that will probably go nowhere. the key for the president is not obamacare. that was the key in the year that is about to end. the key is whether the economy really expands. the chances are growing the economy could grow to the upside. >> what can't he see due to move things forward? we gather in this -- industry and world leaders to get advice. the main theme is can't we all just get along? i am not an expert on relationships but i know if you spend all your time in relationships talking about the status of the relationship it is doomed. you would be better off having a
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cream soda, if they could just rant down the warfare. i think that will help a lot. when i think about washington what i think about is leadership or a lack there of what the bring people together. when i look at compromise tom if that is what appears to be missing. says it is not my way or the highway but a is you. >> people want to actually accomplish something and work work withresident -- the president in order to solve the budget crisis. the deficit so the own people have confidence in the way the government works and so internationally the respect is returned. >> most people have a stable and predictable budget outlook.
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the every two months crisis approach causes an enormous amount of uncertainty. >> coming up, we will show you how warren buffett's berkshire hathaway rules everything from your car to medicine cabinet. plus, pop the bubbly. ringing in the new year with the ultimate party drink, champagne. year australia. one of the first cities to ring in the new year. war than one million people crammed around the harbor. unlike here the city rang in the new year and balmy 70 degrees.
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>> as 2013 draws to a close we are taking a look back at the favorite highlights of the year. first up, bloomberg -- bloomberg businessweek corner dan aykroyd to find out why trading places is the greatest is this movie of all time. everybody knows that trading places, which turned 30 this year is the classic american
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comedy. i would say it is one of the aboutovies american made american business. >> i cannot think of comedies about american business that have been successful. fax when you first got the script on the did you know what was happening at a financial level. >> i lived downtown and near the world trade center. i understood enough about it. washat i did not understand that in the pits mechanism of trading. i did not understand the response system. when i got in there with the guys taking the orders and learned about it, we became infected with the enthusiasm and adrenaline and believed we were there. you can see us in the movie shouting and out. we were trying to replicate the theory and frenzy that happens and that setting. that is entirely replaced by
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terminals. >> exactly. >> it is very complex at the end. can you describe to me in plain english why your character and eddie murphy's character tour lose? takinge was a short place in orange juice futures. we were able to get information about what they were doing. we were able to work the other side of the trade. trying to corner the market because they were operating under false information. >> yes. you have to know what you are doing to operate and that game. warren buffett's berkshire way ash berkshire hathaway looking good.
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in your life in ways you may not even realize. from the heinz ketchup to the geico insurance protecting your motorcycle.
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>> i deeply regret totaling that bike in 2013 but do not worry, i got a new one. love them or hate them, there is no escaping the selfie. they are everywhere. who can we blame for the rise of it? >> i do not have a problem with the selfie. it is a natural human instinct to capture your self. this is how artists use to survive. coatedls of the met our with self east. -- selfies. it is possible. but if we're going to indict ourselves for that, we have to remember the role of the industry. twitter makes to post a selfie
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when you sign up. if you do not have one on facebook, it will remind you until you post one. these are not social clubs, they are companies and need you to post one so they can make money. was taken at my wedding. ways to just selfie imply that i am too cool. you cannot be a part of twitter or facebook without making some kind of a decision about what you want the world to think you like to be seen as. is that even grammatical? these companies cannot keep me and everyone else selfiing all the time. when i am done with this video, i will definitely put it on facebook to see what my friends from high school site. our narcissism is this currency
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that keep sheryl sandberg happy. i do not think the rise of it has anything to do with the klein of insanity. it is working. here is one business strategy that has worked for decades until the iron rest got involved. taking you inside the swiss think fault. five nfl coaches joining america's unemployed. we will go through the cut list coming up in sports. >> it is 26 minutes past the hour. getting you caught up on the markets. they are trading today, even if volume is so low you almost cannot measure it. the s&p 500 gaining .2%. the nasdaq up for. following the record
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holiday season. citigroup raising the price target. hertz. take a look at adopting a poison pill. ♪
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>> welcome to "lunch money." i am matt miller and four adam johnson. today is moving pictures where the video is the story. the cleanup has begun in western australia after cyclone christine uprooted trees and caused power outages and flooding. it battered the storm -- the wins.oast with it later weakened as it moved inland and traveled south. >> it is hot in argentina. record eras has set a for the warmest december. people are not happy about it.
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buenos aires. critics say failed energy policy has made it unprofitable to upgrade the power grid. it is bitterly cold. passengers on board the standard research ship spent the evening packing snow after it toships failed to make the stranded ship. swiss banks have until today to join a u.s. disclosure program that cracks down on untapped assets abroad. onleast 35 banks have signed to avoid prosecution. the bigger banks like credit suisse are already under investigation. if you want to know what it is like to store something
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important or expensive at the credit suisse headquarters, you will have to go underground. >> the groundwater of direct. 18 feet below lake level. this ball has 3500 safes. we have it in 10 different sizes. biggest looks like [inaudible] the smallest is 200. the largest are at 1000. what you need is to have a bank account with us. if you have a bank account with us, you are capable to open a safe. if you want to come to your safe , either you have the key with or deposited over here but
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you do not have to make an appointment. people like to keep documents or jewelry inside. the longest was three days in a row. their business is inside, they can stay however long they want. >> one thing that even a swiss bank cannot keep safe, do the job of a pro football head coach. it is more than just a title, just ask archie manning. unless you have not heard, it is new year's eve. bottoms up on the champagne. we will tell you how it is made later on on "lubnnch money." alreadypagne and sake flowing in asia. here is a taste. ♪
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>> this is lunch money." i am matt miller. is black monday in pro football. not because of profits. were fired,s including mike shanahan and the lions, buccaneers and cleveland browns head coach was fired late
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sunday night. the theme? teams want more wins. past success is not a guarantee of future results. mike shanahan one two super bowl for the denver broncos in the 1990s, but after four seasons with the redskins, that was the last role. washington it with a $36 million salary cap penalty going into his third year. >> what i thought something that we had to do was get defensive players. when we got the $36 million hit, we were not able to get the players we were wanting to get. we had a lot of people targeted in the third year. able to win the nfc east. i was proud. anytime you are the 20th ranked in specialthird teams, you usually do not do it.
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we were able to overcome battles and find a way to win. debt in the special teams defense.t in tim schwartz has a 29-51. -- mijim schwartz. >> we have fallen short of the expert nations of the ownership. those expectations are simple, and a very strongly want to bring a consistently winning football team to the fans of the city of detroit. we fell short of that. the decision made today was a decision from falling short of the goal. by frankly we did not win enough of those games. the search has already been done for the next head coach should
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of the lions. >> tampa bay cleaned house. getting rid of the general manager as well. on the hotlegedly seat who kept his job was rex ryan. even after a rough start, he has in the -- innts 2009. the head coach is the backbone of any football team. it you do, here is rj manning. i know sometimes we talk about coaches and we talk about the real successful guys out there. coaches,he junior high high school coaches. i have always said i was fortunate enough to have a father who was influential on us. coaches have more influence and more impact, especially on young
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men than anyone else. >> do you remember a particular coach? >> i had a lot of them. lived by the school in this rural town in mississippi. with thesebors people. my dad was nice to them and their families. learn. things to more than anything, coaches have to be teachers. they have to have leadership ability. i think, if i have been a good leader tom i think it is because i learned it from those relationships. i think the main thing underappreciated ike -- about coaches is the hours they put in. people justcessful work eight hours a day. idea the hours
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that coaches put in. 18 and 20, the point of exhaustion because preparation, preparation. every game is so important. they work extremely hard. >> one guy who does have a job today is tim tebow. espn in the sec network as a football analyst. he won two national championships in the heisman trophy. he was out of the nfl after being cut by the new york jets and new england patriots. given up onas not playing quarterback again in the nfl. he may be celebrating, and so should you. how about heading to times square where you will be surrounded by a million of your closest friends? we will tell you about the history of times square coming up next. plus, not sure what champagne to
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buy for tonight? we will break down the different kinds for you coming up next. before we had to break, and new year's -- and new year's tribute to one of the more unique members of the bloomberg television team. >> 3, 2, one. for those of you on radio, i have to eat this morning. ben franklin kind of looks like the gross. >> tom does not smile very much. there it is. >> spongebob could help. a bunch of guys from russia. >> where did you get that umbrella? that is not an official bloomberg umbrella. >> where in the world is carmen san diego? >> i know you have been threatening to grow a playoff eared.
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beard. >> i can't being to no end. growing strong. spring became a summer. who'd believe you come along. sweet caroline ♪ ♪
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>> happy new year's eve. in just a few hours about one million pounds of confetti will rain down on times square. we spoke to the president of the times square alliance. he told us how the ball dropping business got started. >> it has only spent a mixture of business and technology. the cutting edge technology was 25,000 iridescent labels. old andways a mix of
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new innovation and cutting-edge technology. >> what happens to the ball after it is dropped? >> it used to hide in the basement and get taken apart. it stays up on the pole year- long. >> this is just part of the ceremony. supreme court justice sonya set of mayor kobe there. -- sonya sotomayer. about how dreams give us the will to aspire to bigger and better things. new year's at its best is about taking a moment and thinking about where we want to go you there for ourselves or the world. having a guest like her, new yorker who has been through tough things but keeps going, that is about. >> what about security? for the event.d
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we feel they are the best security force in the world. >> you expect one million people? >> one million people in and around times or. one billion watching worldwide. various amounts of colored confetti. can you give us -- an idea of the detail. do you cut this all your self? >> it is about a ton of confetti. the confetti is the symbol of what new year's is about, celebrating the people we love and the good things in life, no matter how crazy the world is. taking a moment to look back in terms of where we have been an looking forward to a sense of hope and starting a new. reporting have restaurants have changed prices because there is a big a man's. do you ever get feedback? >> of course there is supply and demand. it is a great place to be for
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new year's eve. people pay a premium to be able to near the energy. to be able to be inside and have drinks with friends. >> talking about expensive new rubys eve party, and tuesday's selling tickets for as much as $13.95. they are a few steps away. applebee's is selling spots for $800 for a couple. these are casual dining restaurants. there is a big chance you will be drinking champagne while you celebrate tonight. pimm fox got a taste rum a company making bubbly or more than 200 years. >> not only a champagne from a specific lace but a number of rules govern what is in champagne. it has to have normally three specific rates.
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for dominantly chardonnay. when we talk about others and that those are completely different grapes altogether. lex how do you get it to be so bubbly? >> it is a complex, call process. champagne we actually track -- trap bubbles in the bottle. we trap them in the bottle in which it will be sold. that is different from other things that are made in a big tanks where they pressurize the tank until the wind starts to bubble. in champagne the only way to get the bubbles is to keep it under pressure in the bottle from anywhere from two years to 15 years. >> you brought some bottles with you and i was wondering if you could explain the differences. >> it has been around for 200 years. we have a number of different styles of champagne.
12:52 pm
this is the non-vintage ruby. this is a huge variation of what can be in the bottle. champagne, most people expecting exactly what this bottle has in it. or dominantly chardonnay. elegant complete party style champagne. noir.s 100% pinot very high quality. coming from the very highest vineyard. specifically select it. blended and put into the bottle and aged in the bottle for about four years. this prior to being sold in the market. likes it does not matter how often your new year's eve will be, it will not be as good as this guys. ♪
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>> 56 minutes past the hour. caught up on where those equities are trading. incredibly low volume on as you might expect. we are looking at games at .3%
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on the s&p. treasuries on the last day of the year. they are closed in one hour with the two year yield. 10 year yield and just about three percent even. about 10 basis points away from trading at four percent. as we close out the final days of trading this year, etf flows stands at $118 billion. $6 billion shy of the all-time record. for more, i am joined by the analyst from princeton. happy new year. what are the big winners of the year? where do we see this fund flow rotate into? >> i think the biggest winner of the year was the s&p 500 etf. and $16 billion, the most it has taken in five years. it really led stock etf's, which
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collectively took in 140 billion, more than double last year. if you had to pick a winner, it would be s&p 500. as a category, u.s. stock etf's. we are picking this ahead of the great tapir. >> commodities lost $30 billion in outflows. 25 billion of that was gld alone . if not for gld, all of them would have broken the record. it could turn around next year, but i do not want to make a speculation on that. people have you and -- used it to invest in gold very easily. this year it happens to be people pulled a lot of money out
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of it. >> if you wanted to speculate on that and did well, probably a different job would be in your future. what are the etf's that led their classes so to speak? >> i think it would be exj. to takee out of nowhere in 10 billion dollars, the second-most overall. this goes long japan stock and hedges out the yen. it took him 10 billion and returned 40%, which is interesting because most return 25%. it is kind of a packaged hedge fund trade. i think it is a real glimpse of the future of the etf. so it led japan etf's that took in 17 billion dollars, up from zero last year. powershares senior loans. but the banking,
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loan etf's gives you high-yield. while actually there is no interest rate because they float. it hits the sweet spot. investors were worried it was $5 billion. in $10g rates took billion, which is up from 2 billion last year. 500% increase. anything with a low duration and did well wrinkly. >> thank you for joining us. getting ready to paint the town red in princeton, new jersey. on the markets again in less than 30 minutes. bloomberg "west" is up next. ♪
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>> live from pier three. welcome to the early edition of bloomberg "west." emily for apple going to war with the court appointed monitor in the e-books price x in case. netflix ringing in the new year with big changes.


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