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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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mark: i am mark halperin. john: with all who those -- with all due respect to those who are tried to stop the affordable care act happy birthday obamacare. ♪ on the show tonight, the governor's elbow grease, john kasich conversation police and the karma police. first, joe biden's golden fleece. diamond joe putting out five hillary clinton may be vulnerable to a nomination challenge and he may be the one
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to bring it. this reporting is mostly yours. if biden -- is wide and about to take the amtrak train to 2016 and if he does, what happens next? -- is biden about to take the amtrak train to 2016? mark: i do not think he will get in. john: when you say friends -- mark:mark: they are actual friends. he still feels he can appeal to the democratic party. if hillary clinton stumbled, he would like to be the one to be there and not have it go into chaos. john: here is the thing about joe biden. i spent his time in 2012 running -- writing a file. he is never done for anything but running for office. what does he do next? he wants to keep running.
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he does not want to end his career by getting rolled over the hillary clinton freight train. if she does look vulnerable, i think there is a real chance he will jump in. mark: if no one jumps and that can really tumble her, and she looks weak, i think you could see joe biden say why not? why not stand on the stage and make the case and try to be a hillary clinton alternative? she is externally strong in polling. the frenzy on the e-mails has created an impression of weakness later than it is, but at the same time, there is a quiet in the party. people who say she should have a spirited challenger that makes her stronger if she becomes the nominee. john: she is still very strong in the polling. he is actually white week. -- quite weak. he does not want to be a three-time loser. that is the big p or him. he will not run unless he can
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win. i think one thing he might sense in her is she does not have the full heart for it. if she does not have the heart for it, he definitely does. mark: you say he does not want to be the three-time loser, if he does not run, he is giving up the dream. vice president whenever the president. if she does look beatable, and he think i can win it. -- ithjinkshinks i can win it. mark: for those in the senate what have you done to deserve the white house? here is how ted cruz explains it. senator cruz are in the past two years virtually nothing pass the senate. -- senator cruz: in the past
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two years virtually nothing passed the senate. mark: here is scott walker of wisconsin making the case for executive leadership. >> the leadership we provided under extremely difficult circumstances, arguably the worst in the country, i apply that to say if i were to run and win and be commander-in-chief i believe that kind of leadership is what is necessary to take on radical islamic terrorism. mark: who will get the better of the experience in washington versus executive eggs are experience argument? john: the governor start with an advantage, and that is barack obama. the senator's start with the headwind. does not mean they cannot win. they are in a disadvantage this time around. mark: it is still the case all
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the governor's lap foreign policy experience, with the exception of john kasich, if he runs. they need to find a way to clear that bar. while you match up better against hillary clinton at the governor versus a senator, you still have to match up on foreign policy. marco rubio in lindsey graham in particular will be more fluid in those things. as we listen to the prospects talk about foreign policy, they are all still looking to find their way in the right position. john: i totally agree with all of that. you are a student of history, and i am a student of history. there is a reason why george bush, ronald reagan. governors have an argument to make. an argument that does resonate with a lot of people. governor spent every day dealing with real lives and real people. it gives them not only a better argument for retail skills and some senators. mark: a creature watching tim.
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john mccain and bob dole all one denomination. -- a creature of habit in washington. john: there are a lot of donors that will give marco rubio a listen. we know that all over the place. people think it is not just positive. mark: the other thing about the senators, their washington outsiders. they can argue they are in the senate but not a creature of the senate. john: we never thought we would see the band who wrote the lyrics bring down the government before us. they also put out an argument -- and although -- album " heads of the thief." lauryn hill and the doors joining them. 25 albums on this list. who is your favorite? mark: i was tended to go with
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steve martin's " wild and crazy guy." what i am going with sesame street all-time platinum favorite. it includes kermit's reflective melancholy " being green." "rubber ducky" and a lot of songs that are happy and healthy and appealing to children and adults alike. one of the all-time great albums and belongs in the library of congress. john: i hear that song it brings back lovely memories. i struggled with this. unlike ted cruz, i am still a rock band. if they had decided to put the bends in i would have been done with computer head -- radiohead. 1960 91 of the great record "
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thing a simple song i want to take you higher." a record that catapulted the band to popular acclaim. hugely influential in changing the way a lot of soul rhythm and blues, funk has been practiced. john:mark: are the muppets in the rock 'n roll hall of fame? john: i do not know the answer to that. mark: great list. check it out on our website, . 12 john kasich run for president? the more pressing question, can he name that tune? all that and more after this. ♪
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♪ [laughter] mark: the ohio governor john kasich left real america to visit new york today. after he spent tuesday testing the waters.
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we caught up with him this afternoon allowing him to reminisce about his wonder years and to see if he is going to run for president. welcome to new york city. you like new york, right? > i was just here last weekend with one of my daughters. we felt the line ian king, which is absolutely incredible. mark: you have been spotted going shopping with your daughters, too. >> [inaudible] mark: we do not want to spend a lot of time asking if you are thinking about running or just 28 with the american people?-- toying with the american people? >> maybe both. the way things have gone in ohio is something that should be studied. if i run, i would employ what i did there as president.
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i think people can study and learn from it and be a more effective leader to be direct about it. mark: a friend to me had suggested that he -- you would only run if angels came down and told you to run. >> i cannot believe he said that to you. making the decision to run is in many respects deeply personal. it is family and friends, can you win? you know what it really is, is this my purpose in life, what i am supposed to do? i want to get a sense of that. i do not want to go deeper than that. people have a hard time with that itself. i am not looking for a political career. i am looking to do as many good things as i can. i am not looking for sainthood or anything like that but looking to do as much good as they can in my life, as long as i am here. i'm trying to work it out. mark: we want to talk about your
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past so people can get to know you in case you run. tell us about yourself during that era. what was he thinking about that time era? the first 11970, you and richard nixon. what were you like in 1970? >> [laughter] i was a lot more hyped up than i am these days. elvis was there shortly before. not the same day. mark: what is going on here? >> i went to see the president of ohio state. he said he was going to see the president. i wrote a letter to the president and offer thoughts and he invited me to the white house. i was 18 years old, first quarter freshman. i just had come out of the keys rocks. it is a place where you get
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taught to fight, work your way up. when the wind blew the wrong way, people could find themselves out of work. i was pretty aggressive, because that is the way it was. mark: do you remember anything nixon sent to you? -- said to you? >> i do not remember that exactly, but i saw him shortly after my parents were killed by a drunk driver. he wrote a letter to my sister and it was amazing. at that time he told me you need to study foreign policy, it is really important. john: that is a picture of you with one president from another -- from one era, and here is a picture with another president from a different era. 1997. talking about the balanced budget agreement. what was that period of time when you were newt gingrich's advisors? >> a lot of people say he is a
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lot of energy. i was the chief architect of that agreement. i had spent 10 years of my life to get us to that went. i worked with a great team of people. we balance the budget. we got people to put aside personal ambition. -- we balanced the budget. the first balanced budget since man the moon. it was. by the way having some success. john: when you were in washington, before you went back to ohio, was this a high point in terms of achievement? >> you mean in terms of politics? that was the production of the b-2 timeframe. i went would say that was pretty good, but not as good as the fact that soon after that i married my wife. john: who was easier to work
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with newt gingrich or bill clinton? >> newt is my pal. mark: 1999. can you name everyone in that picture? >> lamar. elizabeth dole. howard keys. john: your opponent steve forbes. mark: what was the mine sent a 1999 john kasich? -- mindset? >> i thought i could win. i would run as hard as they could at the wall and the wall was not moving. it was very difficult. since i have been to south carolina and new hampshire, i am starting to get a couple of really good memories that somehow i have lost sight of. when i dropped out of that, i went and let congress and went
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to the private sector. i did a lot of things, including becoming a very big television star. john: more from 1999. this one specifically from new hampshire. remember that day? >> no, i do not remember that day. one of the best ones, it was when i knew the end was near a copy in a kitchen with this woman. i would do events in the house. she and i were carrying on a great conversation, and i thought i am going to win this 80 over. she looked at her watch and i have enjoyed talking to you when do you think the candidate is going to get here? mark: last 1, 2001. tell us about this. >> my precious girls. my wife, my daughter, emma and reason. ece. i think that was the day the
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unveiled my picture. that was great. a lot of people wonder how that woman ever agreed to marry me. john: what is the one sentence answer to that? >> i'm fun. john: you like being a governor versus a legislator? >> it is not that different. being a governor is fantastic. john: when we come back, we will do a little bit of "with all due respect."" name that 10 right after this. -- name that tune. ♪
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john: welcome back. we here with john kasich governor of ohio. >> big music fan. i understand the rolling stones may be coming to ohio state. john: we will describe a song
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for you, and you have to name the song. don't worry. you are going to do well. here is the first song. a single that aren't platinum certification the music video for around a child having nightmares. play the song. ♪ mark: name that tune. >> don't know it. mark: metallica song. john: you previously claimed to be -- >> i don't know that i'm going to -- it is going to get easier. the craziest show. john: this do not take the billboard hot 100 chart still -- until it was rereleased in 1995. a high point for you and washington, d.c. now able to download on rockstar
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as a master track. ♪ >> that is pearl jam. mark: name of the song? >> don't know. i should get an a on that. i don't know the names of all the song, and i don't care. this is not will. mark: opening track from an album in 19 69 when they performed it with the 50th anniversary the performed with lady gaga and mary j. blige. ♪ >> that is the stones old song. give me a hint. give me shelter. mark: very good. john: this next one i know you are going to know this because you love this band.
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we will tell a quick story about you and the band. 1970 hit. second most played concert song. he is already there. ♪ >> i have no idea. john: sugar magnolia by the grateful dead. 1991 rfk stadium. >> you ever been on stage a rock concert? massive. i could not get on the stage. here is the thing, dwight yoakam called me up, said he was opening for the grateful dead at rfk. i said there is a missed connection, because i think you said you were opening for the grateful dead. he said i am. he said i will send the car if you come to the stadium. he gives me a stage pass.
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then i going to the dressing room. he says i am leaving, you want to go with me? i bet i have never seen the dead, i would like to stay and here them. i tried to get back up on the age and the guy is yelling and screaming and fighting with me. then it was great because " the washington post heard about this and that i got thrown off the stage. -- the washington post"" heard about this. my wife all the story, not my wife at the time. she saw it on cnn. she called me up and said what are you doing? mark: you were not thrown off the stage, you never got on. >> the question is, will i even get on the stage in this election? mark: what kind of music do your daughters listen to? >> 21 stage. their music is interesting.
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the problem is i listen to a lot of their music. one of my staff people and friend says you have become an old man because you are no longer listening to things like cage the elephant or any of the groups. do they like taylor swift? maybe a little bit but their music changes all the time. if you listen to the pop station , you will notice they never give you the names of the song. break point -- britt floyd, it is the pink floyd ohio cover band. john:one more. the red hot chili piper? john: i have seen them in scotland. >> people do not leave me. john: i did a speech once and said the red hot chili peppers were playing. i miss read it. >> the red hot chili piper's
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just played for the queen of england. the red hot chili peppers have never played working for the queen. john: this is going to go viral. a symbol for the wu-tang clan. >> no. no. there is a limit to this. mark: the man thinks you might be president. a clear sign you are running. >> how about the haircut? i have calix and no matter what i do keep old say why doesn't he come his home? -- cowlicks and no matter what i do people say why don'tesn't he comb his hair? mark: governor, thank you for playing. it went so well, we will do it again. thinking about doing it with ben carson . >> can i see this?
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mark: governor, thank you. we will be right back. ♪
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john: we are like 24-7 on mark: up next, "taking stock." ♪
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pimm: hello, i am pimm fox. investors tell you is stopped the nasdaq falls the most an 11 month, down when the two point 25%. s&p 500 closes down nearly 1.5%. the dow jones tumbling nearly 300 points. crafting a major deal. kraft foods merging with heinz. the agreement would create the number three


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