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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> no matter how hard you try there will only be one president lincoln. mark: happy chinese cookie almon d day. chris christie's comeback tort. and elizabeth warren's don't forget about me toward. but first, rand paul's tour. today, after a super shaky or state of the tortur, paul was
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asked about how the shooting in itself to relent from michael brown in ferguson last year. -- was different from michael brown. paurand paul: justice needs to be blind. whether you are a policeman or another policeman, no one is above the law. the problem without commenting too much of the details is that you do not know all of it. that is why we have a judicial system with lawyers on both sides. from first appearances, it is pretty horrific what the vidoe eo shows. mark: this might have been a chance for him to regain his footing in his early campaign mode, but did he regain his footing or not? >> not. it was a little mystifying. it is his signature issue. it was after this really rocky start the day before. he is given this opportunity over and over again, and he
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doesn't even want to talk about it. he says things like "well, most of the cops to a great job, i believe in justice" -- of course he does. mark: the things i thought i would never say about rand p aul is platitudeness . he went to ferguson, missouri. he said there is a two system of justice in this country, equal but separate and here he is backpedaling away from the things that make them distinctive. i do not understand this strategy on behalf of senator paul. mark: if you look>> if you look at all of the statements made by presidential hopefuls, his was one of the blandest where you would be one of the strongest. mark: not a different kind of republican so far. president obama talking about bashing on foreign policy. he said scott walker needs to bone up on foreign policy.
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. walker met privately with two investors to the united. -- united states. this is a republican field that is absent of any national security experience. will these kinds of moves by walker or any gop 2016er be enough for them to clear the national security hurdle? melinda: obama did the same thing was he was running. he was upset he couldn't stand in front of the brandenburg gate. is what you learn on the trips, not whether you take them. do they talk about uz bekibeki-stan-stan, the way mic michael caine did? mark: whether you were selling cheese or buying cheese, one or the other. the question is what does the boning up hyyield? we have not yet heard walker's
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foreign-policy vision. it is difficult to be at the same threshold at hillary clinton, given her huge resume in this area. melinda: i don't think they can possibly come up to the level of the former secretary of state. they had to keep from embarrassing themselves, basically. john: substantially and not merely symbolic. life is a highway and chris christie's like as a bridge. right now, that bridge ongoing construction. indictment of the gw link those are expected as early as metenxt next week. know therehis approval records alchristie is going there. the question i have is whether he could be poised for a comeback or his he deluded to think that is remotely possible?
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melinda: i get that you think there is a right answer to this question. i'm going to say that it looks bad for him. the polling is bad, the indictments can be the end of the line for him. but he has some moves. he has charisma. people like chris christie even when it isn't reflected in the polling toll. mark: remember john mccain in 2008, everyone wrote him off. he did what chris christie is doing now, go to new hampshire campaign low to the ground, wait for a big moment in the debate. is possible. christie has more skills and a lot of republicans. new jersey's economy is horrible. most republicans do not like him. i think it will be a stiff uphill run for him to get back in contention. melinda: maybe it is wishful thinking because he is so much fun to cover. [laughter] mark: i think that is true. elizabeth warren, she is like the maestro in a nutcracker ballet.
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while she says she is not going to take the stage in 2016, she wants to be the star of the show. this week on cbs, the maestro seemed out of sorts. >> do think she is future of the democratic party? wasn'telizabeth warren: i think we have to see what she declares and runs on. i will tell you where i stand all the key issues. i will tell you where i stand on minimum wage. i will tell you where i stand on equal pay for equal work. >> is or anything --name me one thing you would like to see hillary clinton do and say that she has not committed to. elizabeth warren: i would like to see her address all of these issues. mark: melinda, with the launch of henry clinton's campaign just days or hours away, doesn't seem like senator warren realizes she is about to be completely eclipsed? melinda: she may feel that she
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is running out of time. she sounded more like a candidate than in any other moment i can remember. to say if she is running, she must be the last one in america to still be asking that question even rhetorically. mark: it is a funny thing. in various, subtle ways, she said she wants to records and to address certain issues. the future of the parties the question. she would not say yes. but she signed a letter to run for president. there's something about her tone that looked unusually desperate. she is normally very composed. in a that, she looked a bit pleading. i think it is true. once hillary clinton launches, the vacuum that allowed elizabeth warren to flourish my may disappear. breaking news -- breaking news. tokyo is a fishing a new --is
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welcoming a new official. is larger than life. it's godzilla! melinda, on a scale from 1-godzilla how awesome is this? melinda: i don't scream but godzilla. mark: godzilla! after the break, we throw castro into the ring. and he is not messing around. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: our guest tonight is a big fan of housing and development. the head of housing and urban develop. also a big fan of boxing, which we will get to. john: i want to start with the news of the day question. you were a former mayor, and there is a big controversy unfolding in the last couple of days in its outer liner. the shooting of walter scott. i'm curious at this moment what concerns you, what questions you
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would like to see resolved, and about the policy going forward. are we at a place where all cops in the country should have to wear cameras all the time? >> my first reaction, i imagine the reaction of every one who watched the video, was how tragic it was. julian: anytime you have a loss of life under the those circumstances. we need better training for officers. neighborhood policing, so that you develop trust between the police and the community. and, as you mentioned, things like body cameras. john: good for good cops, that forbade fbad for bad folks. julian: the majority of officers are good looks were doing a great job.
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but in the past as we have seen when they are not, having the evidence to make things clear is helpful to the process. john: you stepped in at your new job as head guthrie must than a year ago. -- as had his secretary less than a year ago. i want to ask you about credit. we had a lot of easy, free credit before the financial crisis. credit is now super tight. has the pendulum swung too far back in the opposite direction, and what can we do to fix that? julian: a few years ago, people would agree it was too easy to get a home loan. for those reasons, we had a housing crisis. today, the issue is that for many hard-working americans, folks of middle income, people of modest means, even if they have a fairly decent credit, it is too hard to get a homeland. when you start--- home loan. you will start hearing stories about people who, their whole
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lives had a decent credit, who today cannot get a home loan. today, we need access to credit that was on the safeguards to put in place. things like dodd-frank and the qualified mortgage. but also, allowing access to credit so that folks can achieve the american dream that has been a cornerstone of the national experience. that is what we are trying to get at. john: you were popular in new york announcing a big initiative with mayor of the valencia. the mayor. they announced they are going out for the first of their energy performance contracts to retrofit their entire housing stock. the largest green energy retrofit in the country. you have units that use less energy, that are better in terms of living conditions for folks who live in public housing. as we see with many things, new
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york is leading the way. john: god knows, the mayor and all new doors would agree with you. i want to ask you about politics. -- all new yorkers would agree with you. first question, how many devices do you carry with you? julian: i have my government phone and personal phone. john:john: you don't have a private e-mail server of your? julian: i am happy to use my government e-mail. john: you think she needs to use more to answer lingering questions? does she need to do more than just the press conference? julian: i believe that she adjusted, and i believe she addressed it well. someone being in government at the local and federal level, i understand that often times we do for convenience interacts with expectations folks have
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about public information. i do not think is will be a significant issue in the campaign. i think that she explains it well. john: one of the challenges she has it she runs, is that if she becomes the democratic nominee, is to halt the obama coalition. a big part has been hispanic voters. president obama has had a strong connection with the hispanic community. what would you advise to do to make sure that that young demographic stays together and growth for her in 2016? julian: she is doing a lot of it right now. doing significant outreach to communities in some of these swing states like nevada colorado perhaps even states like arizona florida, which will be hotly contested. i think speaking to the issues that matter to all americans.
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especially atthat coalition. the president has laid out an agenda that very well to that. whether it is more people leave, for addressing issues to economic recovery, there is a good print for addressing those issues. john: i assume you think republican party is in significant trouble on the issue of immigration on a political matter. being on the wrong side of the immigration reform issue, i would assume you think politically it is a problematic thing for them. julian: absolutely. you haven't seen a lot of writing about the personalities in the republican party. -- hjaveave seen. people like marco rubio or ted cruz. the problem of the republican party is not the personalities. you have smart, articulate personalities -- it is the policies. it is that folks are actually
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intelligent and savvy enough to understand where stand on the issues. they can discern which will be better for them when they are in office versus one other. that is fundamentally the challenge that republicans have. it will get fundamentally worse because they will get through a primary race where they are getting pulled over to the right, like we saw in 2012. ultimately, how do you nominee comes out of that were in issue like a leave is going to determine how much they can appeal to that ascendant coalition that the president appealed to. john: these are all one word answers. you think will be the presidential nominee? julian: probably bush. john: when do you think texas will probably go blue? julian: given the last election probably the next eight years. julian: you have a famous
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brother. the castro brothers in cuba, and you guys in the u.s.. you guys are less dictatorial as i've heard. julian: i don't know can have you met my brother? john: who is the best politician between the two of you? julian: i believe my brother is more extroverted. he was better at sports, i was better at school. john: i was about to ask who is a better athlete. who is a better cook between the two? julian: probably me. when i was young, my grandmother wanted me to be a chef. i would bake things, watcher make chicken and rice. so probalby mebably me. john: so you are smarter and a better cook. he is a better athlete and a better politician. for all the girls, they haven't obvious choice to make. -- they have an obvious choice to make. mr. secretary, they were there. -- stay right there.
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you will see what we do with julian castro and these in just a minute.
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john: we were intrigued to learn that in addition to be the secretaryo f of hud, julian castro is a big boxing them. you can put these on if you want to. we thought we would ask for a visual tour about two distinct forms of fisticuffs. fighters on one hand, and politicians in the public arena. >> you have the foreman right here, a classic fight from 1974. unexpected that ali would come back. forman with just a monster at this time. he had it demolished fraser. key was seen as invincible. ali got him in the eighth round. john: this was the rumble in the jungle.
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did you see that movie? was ali and these fights when you became a boxing fan? julian: i was born in the 70's muscle i learned about it later. --in the 1970's, so i learned about it later. we have two politicians in the arena. there is you sitting next to ted cruz. i think he is trying to shake her hand. what was it like to meet ted cruz? i heard is he a great debater. julian: he was a princeton debater. i am sure i shook his hand after this. he was running for senate. this was about six weeks before his senate election in 2012. we went at it over a couple of things. john: who won that debate? julian: i would like to think i did. folks can go to the tape on youtube. john: do you think he is a
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formidable presidential candidate? julian: i think he is formidable. i think his stance on the issues will taken out of the mainstream. he is good at raising money as we have seen over the next couple of days. ultimately historically the republicans have chosen the adult in the room. i believe that might be somebody else. [laughter] john: that is putting it gently. do you think he's more formidable than rick perry? julian: i do. i think rick perry is in a no man's land in terms of politics and funding. i think he has had his time in 2012. it will be hard for them to come back. john: who are those two guys? julian: this is my favorite fighter -- julio chavez, my favorite mexican star. he went something like 94-0 before he was defeated. i can't tell he was fighting the. john:-- fighting there.
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john: hector camacho. julian: this guy would take three punches to get 100. but he ultimately prevailed. -- to get one punch in. john: you are not a boxer yourself. why are you such a big whitefight fan? julian: i love the close combat and the skill involved. i know it is brutal and a lot of folks don't like it. it is also a very old sport and one that takes a lot of training and damon stamina and thinking. john: someday when you run for president who play this video, and that will be a perfect metaphor for your fitting. here comes the next image. -- metaphor for your campaign. julinaan: this was a good match. i imagine this was the third debate. john: this was the first debate
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in denver, i believe. here's my question. a lot of people think mitt romney knocked the president of. are you-- president out. are you among the democrats were freaking out, thinking president obama had lost the election? john:ulian: i remember the president saying that he does not lose twice. he came back well in the second and third debate. i believe that those helped cushion couldhis lead. he was right, he did not lose more than onece. john: that is true. who are those guys? julian: we've the big may 2 fight between lloyd mayweather who is undefeated. and manny pacquiao one of the best boxes of his time as well.
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-- boxers of his time. it will be on may 2. if i have to guess, it will be floyd. john: is a close call, but this will be a big fight? julian: this is projected to have the most pay-per-view buys in fight history, and also the biggest gate in las vegas of any fight in history. i think that mayweather may make $100 million from this fight. john: is that higher or lower than your salary? at the lower. -- a bit lower. we asked your staff and said they lovedyou loved boxing. we are going to get you to sign these boxing gloves. one name on all sides. he knows were designedhere to sign, too. look at that.
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we will be right back.
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john: in rod we trust. there goes the mop. rest in peace. thanks to melinda for godzilla. i say sayonara.
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pimm: hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i'm taking stock up on april 29 -- april 9, 2015. greece made a payment to the international monetary fund and security in increase in emergency ending to its banks. greece was still negotiating with the imf and the area countries are on a rescue package. in an exclusive interview greece finance minister says meetings between prime minister alexis the risk and vladimir putin does not mean greece is looking outside the eu or help. >> we should be very clear on this. our financial worries are bailout fallout.


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