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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  April 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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emily: live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. this is "market makers," with erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle. from pier three in san francisco, this is “bloomberg west,” where we bring you another republican is throwing his hat in the ring. this time it is marco rubio. the florida center will announce his campaign in a rally at miami. we will have much more on how the various candidates are using technology in just a moment. russia has lifted the ban on the
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delivery of missile systems to iran. the delivery is for 300 errors system missiles canceled in 2010. however, russian president vladimir putin lifted the ban after a recent agreement on iran's nuclear program. in the meantime, secretary of state john kerry is meeting with congressional members today and tomorrow, urging them to not rush to judgment on an iran deal until it is finally completed. that is the position at goodbye maine senator angus king. >> i have reservations on whether some of my colleagues will be able to do this in a responsible way or whether it is certainly of bludgeon to the president no matter what. i don't buy that. if that is the way it is going to be handled, i am out. emily: in the meantime, there is growing speculation that talks will extend past the june 30 deadline for an agreement as iranian and u.s. officials spar over the framework agreement details. more signs of a slowdown in china's economy. chinese exports fell 15% in
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march to the lowest levels in nearly a year. the last mark shows export numbers that increasing speculation of chinese government to launch more stimulus programs to boost the economy. jordan spieth record-tying they treat in the masters was a ratings winner for cbs. ratings were up 23% for sunday's final round of fall the 21-year-old tied tiger woods for the lowest score ever in the masters. >> to join the club that is the green jackets and to join masters history and put my name on that trophy and to have this jacket forever is something that i cannot fathom right now. emily: jordan spieth could make as much as $10 million in endorsements according to our lead -- the 2016 presidential campaign is kicking into high gear as tech and social media are poised to play a critical role. democratic front runner hillary
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clinton skipped a traditional campaign announcement for the online video which is already been billion -- viewed 2.4 million times on youtube alone. >> i'm running for president. americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. emily: half hour after clinton released their video, there were 7000 tweets per minutes. already getting 632,000 likes. she had more than 3 million followers on twitter, dwarfing her potential republican opponents. then again, clinton is the clear democrats front runner while there are a number of her public and candidates. joining us from chicago is harper reed, former chief technology officer for president obama's campaign and peter cook. peter, break it down for us.
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billy clinton long -- hillary clinton launched her facebook page just yesterday and arnie has more like son jeb bush. who is the winner here? guest: she has not been the most tech friendly candidate out there, but the big thing in the campaign is to make sure to introduce her to the public in a new and exciting way given the fact that she is someone who has been around for a long time. this was a very important step for the campaign and they got off to a good start. she is going old with this van across the country to iowa. she is going to school with the digital release of her campaign. emily: she famously joined twitter late as well. do video views and like some followers translate into votes? guest: i'm not sure they translate into votes directly, but they definitely translate into getting the message out to make sure people are familiar with the candidates. more important, get the word of mouth of the grassroots
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organization that is so important. emily: mitt romney's followers famously trailed barack obama's. we know how that turned out. you can guarantee is that the republicans do not want history to repeat themselves. hybrid, what is their strategy and what should the topic and strategy be? guest: i am not sure what their strategy is, but you can watch a little bit from the video that was released in the tech rollout that happened yesterday about how smooth it went and how much it appealed for the normal type of person. that is the important thing to watch is that they are immediately out of the gate with a strong message and a good tech presence to back it up. you can tell that the e-mails are going out and the videos are being watched and that is the most important thing. if i was a republican candidate i would be thinking how can we make sure that our rollout is this good? i think a lot of work went into it and i think it is going to be really important for them to
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catch up. emily: marco rubio has been tweeting up a storm. he also tweeted that he is on snapchat and you can follow them there. on the video note however, there has been a a lot of criticism of it as well. some people say is divorced from reality and she should've just done a live announcement with her family standing by her side. peter, what you have to say about that? guest: no matter how hillary clinton roles this out she is going to get criticism from opponents and supporters. she is in a difficult position to having to reintroduce yourself the american public. most already know her well. to come up with what is important, i think they did that. they generated buzz around the decision that was pretty much already made in running for president. she did check that box really well. she has to maintain that momentum. this is important as she tries to reach voters and may not know that much about who he clinton. this is what she has to pursue and really try to mine that
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population of the american voting public. emily: let's talk about the teams that are forming behind the candidates. harper, you were on the top of obama's tech team. hillary hired stephanie from google antirepublican have something comparable? how do you see 2016 shaping up? guest: it is interesting to see who they hire and it is such an important role. i think they made a right higher with stephanie. i am not sure who the republicans have hired, but i am sure they're looking for that person. this is such an important person because of attracts talent. it attracts people and more portly, it makes sure that your tech as follows -- is flawless. they have done a good job of maintaining that innovatively. we will see which insiders are very excited to watch. emily: that the tory's blog and mean text from hillary is still
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getting attention today. peter, you think that hillary can appeal to younger voters? what do younger voters want? guest: i think younger voters want a lot of the same things that older voters want. they want an economy working better in this country. they want opportunity. it is something that just hillary clinton and all the republicans are trying to tap into. republicans have amped up their digital media game substantially from 2008 on. every one of the republicans who are running for president right now and some who will join them later, they have digital media as the focal point of their campaign. look at marco rubio. he is only 43 years old. this is someone clearly trying to reach out to younger people particular younger republicans up a moment. he is pretty savvy with his social media presence. ted cruz and rand paul are very much the same way. a tap the power of digital and social media opportunities that are out there and they're going to use it. to some extent, they may try to use it to their advantage over
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hillary clinton as they may be more tech savvy than she is. emily: the last question is for you harper. you know from experience how difficult it is to keep momentum going. how much of a challenge is it going to be for her to maintain this momentum with other candidates out theree? guest: i do think it is difficult, but the campaign has an amazing team. they will help push it out and make sure it is fresh and appealing to the younger and more social media savvy users voters, and constituents. the important thing here to remember is that you can see what kind of campaign these people will run a stop on the rollout was flawless with the hillary campaign and i am excited to see what is next with that honestly because that is going to be the key. emily: harper reed -- go ahead peter. guest: this is a big fundraising
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opportunity for all the candidates of all. that is something to watch carefully to see how they turn social media into real money. emily: that was peter cook, a washington correspondent, and harper reed, the former chief tech officer of obama's campaign. coming up after the break, the sprint ceo discusses his company's new program to make house calls. ♪
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emily: i'm emily chang and this is "bloomberg west." sprint ceo makes house calls helping to sign up new customers right in their own home. this, he watches did apple sell of its watches in preorders? though stories and more coming up. first, a check of your bloomberg top headlines. spacex is going to try to land a rocket on mars. the test will see if spacex will
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launch its falcon nine rocket in cape canaveral. is eli manning -- it is elon musk's six try to get supplies to the international space station. the new eu competition commissioner is heading to the u.s. this week and the comp is meant will allow her to discuss the case. google's rival but they were too lenient. groupon's businesses are undervalued. that is according to jean muster who says that groupon stakes in its ticket monster is missed and e-commerce platform and south korea could fetch $5 billion in the open market. they say they could have a market value of a $6 billion valuation instead of the $5 billion it has today. sprint is making house calls. a could deliver -- they could deliver a house to your door.
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the nation's third-largest carrier is trying to differentiate itself by allowing customers to buy new phones and upgrade from anywhere. earlier, i spoke with the sprint ceo about the deal and asked him how they protected the program before launching this in kansas city today. guest: we basically started doing this with a very few selection of customers in kansas city. we send them an offer and they ask for a direct to you. we have our trained experts go to their homes or offices and take them to the whole experience. it is a pretty thorough experience. i do not know when the last time you actually went to a store and got a cell phone but if you're switching from one carrier to another, it takes a long time. if you are switching from one operating system to another flight from iowa state android -- from ios to android, it can
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be confident and most people are tech savvy. before we did our big launch, i wanted to experience it myself. i went to a customer's home and went through the whole setup and the customer was delighted. and when felt that all of our customers were delighted and one to recommend it to others, we said let's announce it and go big. we launched it in kansas city today. we will go next to chicago on april 20 and go nationwide by the end of this year. emily: you have an interesting story. you got your start selling out of a car in college. you even made house calls. how does that informed this decision? marcelo: that was back in 1996 when i was a partner at a company and we did something simpler. back then, it was different. the customers calling and they had never used a cell phone. we had to take them through the whole experience of how to make your first phone call. it's about change that much.
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if you get your new smartphone, the amount of things that you can do is in many cases like getting a brand-new phone. a lot of customers today do not want an older phone online because when you get home, you get a ups box and open it up and have this intimidating latest galaxy or iphone and it is not easy to basically transfer all of your contacts were your or your phones. some of the e-mails from customers telling us that they lost all of my pictures that i have my phone. we thought this would be a clever way to basically go to a customer's home. i think that more importantly you are delighting your customers. by the time that they are done i can tell you that these are customers who are recommending sprint to everybody they know. emily: there seems to be a race to the bottom when it comes to price as between wireless carriers. t-mobile has been pushing prices way down. the customers care more about
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price or convenience and what kinds of phones you are selling most of this program? are they the higher end phones and plans or are we seeing things fell on the lower end as well? marcelo: customers want to get the latest and greatest device. we realized that. if you look at sprint, we launched one of the noble ideas that we had a few months is to watch the iphone for life. that gives you the ability to basically get a phone and every year, you have the ability to get a new phone. get a lot of people who have a two-year contract with the operator and reactivation comes up once a year. i imagine you are sitting in her home and you have a one year lease on your phone and then every year, you're going to change her phone. you go to an app include at and say -- and you clicked on the app and say where you want the phone delivered and some of the
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shows up and basically exchanges your iphone 6 and in the future it might be an iphone seven or iphone eight. these are the types of experiences. we have studied it and seeing what other companies have been able to do. they are making it easier for people and that is what we are trying to do. emily: there's no question that challenge that you are up against. sprint has been losing customers for seven years. t-mobile, on the other hand, is finally gaining subscribers again. jon leger, the ceo of t-mobile, has predicted that t-mobile will surpass print as the third largest wireless carrier. how do you feel about that happening? marcelo: we field good. my first quarter to report was last quarter. it was great for the company to not lose customers. the company lost 700,000 in the first three months. in alaska quarter, we reported the thousand positive customers which is great. 30,000 may not seem a lot, but
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it is a lot when you have seen millions of customers. we feel really good with where we are. we feel really good where we are from a company perspective. emily: are you saying that t-mobile is not going to surpass print anytime soon? marcelo: i do not have access to t-mobile numbers, but john promised that in the last quarter last year and it cannot happen. he can promise it again this quarter. i really do not know t-mobile's results and when they announce those numbers, we will know. i can tell you just were sprint is going today. emily: jon leger knows how to get attention. he is big on twitter and seems to be a marketing and media mastermind. he is currently in a twitter fight with donald trump. he complained about a drummer in front of his hotel and from snap back saying that t-mobile service was bad. ledger responded saying trump is just old and tired.
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how appropriate is that behavior for a ceo ? marcelo: i'm not here to judge john. what he has done with t-mobile is remarkable. he has gotten them to good shape and there is a fine line between entertaining and annoying. who knows what happened this weekend? at least i found it entertaining seeing the bashing between donald trump and john. i respect what john is doing. i think he is doing a really good job. emily: sprint ceo's marcelo claure. tech savvy trance others are already showing off their wristband. find out which celebrities wore it best next. ♪
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emily: i'm emily chang and this is "bloomberg west." celebrities come katy perry to pharrell williams showed off their newest fashion accessory. the apple watch i tell us all this we can. if you're not a celebrity and planning to buy a watch, you could be in for a way. analysts estimate that nearly one million apple orders were delayed until june. i have cory johnson he with me in the studio with more. he did not get me an apple watch as a maternity leave return gift. cory: you don't know that yet. i may have ordered one. you don't know. emily: hello. cory: welcome back. i'm so glad you're here. apple watch is one of the cool things. we have been talking a lot about the watch for three years and the watch is almost here. the orders over the weekend were fantastic nearly a million and
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some outlets reporting. emily: they are already being listed on ebay. cory: one of the interesting things in the numbers that we have seen from the monitor of sales is that the average number of sales were 1.3 watches which is fewer than arms on most people but is more than watches on most people. sales apparently off to a great success for the company. million was kind of the over-under for the weekend. emily: we should mention that qualcomm who is a big apple supplier with chips has big news there. cory: big news there. paul come back in 2000 was one of the biggest box in bubble. they said the company shouldst split in two and when the bubble crash, they stepped away from that. now they're saying split it to and get more shareholders and it could be a big change for chips. emily: that is cory johnson on bloomberg west editor at large.
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we are talking about google getting into the battery arms race. the first four episodes of "game of thrones" have been league online. -- leaked online. how big of a deal is this for hbo coming up next. ♪
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>> is bloomberg "west" were refocus on innovation technology and the future of this. hillary is running for president if you have not heard and already received endorsements from politicians and home in new york in moving governor andrew cuomo and senator charles schumer. not endorsing her yet is the mayor who managed her 2000 senate campaign. right i think like a lot of people laugh -- in the country i want to see a vision. it is time to clear, old vision.
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i select the in actual vision of where they want to go. quick the white house press -- emily: the white house says president obama is not endorsing anyone at the either. a new action in federal or to throw up a new net neutrality rule. today the addition fault on an earlier lawsuit a sophisticated hacking group has been targeting government in the area for decades. the increased hacking activities ahead of regional diplomatic eating. -- regional diplomatic meetings. >> all the evidence we have identified point to china. the evidence that includes the
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technology -- victicmoloyg and those that would benefit from the information stolen. -- victimology. what we noticed is all of the language, tools used were designed to be used by chinese language audience. emily: china's foreign ministry and internet regulator heatedly denied the nation behind any over a cap. twitter has long made money by selling data with third party. now the company is poised to cut off the data known as the firehose to bring the business and have. twitter says the move comes naturally after it acquired one of the third parties last year. in 2013 twitter made $137 million, 10% of the revenue data license is.
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pepsi is replacing coke as the official partner of the nba. this means that the code will be the official partner of all or major u.s. for league. coca-cola had been the nba official partner since 1986. google has joined the search for better battery. year later the group expanded to look at battery technology that google might develop itself according to people familiar with the matter. google has at least 20 battery dependent projects so far. joining us from washington, the levine, battery expert and author of the powerhouse. cory johnson with us as well. battery technology famous difficult to advance. can google make more breakthrough than anyone else you go? >> we do not know what google
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will come out within the last. the head of the google group was kind of the apple group until recently, a couple of years ago. he was responsible for a few tremendous breakthroughs. in fact, the batteries inside the iphone 6 and this is -- the 6x, both came from his left. his people produce that. what we are seeing is the end users, google apple tesla richard branson -- they are all in patient with the battery makers. they are taking the process of creating the better battery, the super battery into their own labs. by pushing the process i think we will see this going much, much faster. cory: it is funny you mention
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richard branson because when i talked to him last week, he dipped into his pocket and pulled out of the piece of newspaper about of advancement at stanford around the use of batteries and the duration for which they can be used. with existing lithium batteries to combat week for such a thing at project limbs. the effort to spread the internet using hot air balloons. temperatures of lithium ion does well with. do you expect these to be focused on new technology in the same way gm is trying to do or expect them to do tweak existing technology in the way that tesla has? >> what we are seeing at google and at the other makers that are all working on this is tweaking engineering existing technology. they are not getting away from
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the fan ion. they are using their engineering genius, the ingenuity they have shown again and again to make that better. again the team at google, one thing he has has proven especially adept at his taking a standard battery and cutting it up into pieces different shapes, different sizes, and stacking them of so they can fit inside custom made into a particular users device. so this is what you are going to see. this is a huge problem with google glass for example. how do you power google glass? he is really good. this is the best age to be a battery genius. there may have been no time in the age of batteries when you can make there and -- your name
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and get rich. i urge if any of your viewers are in the space, battery geniuses no one into silicon valley to arne a lot of money right now. cory: i just wonder -- it is one thing to figure out better batteries for consumer electronics the automotive industry however, going up against gm is a test effort. still think there is a lot of innovation to be had in the battery space or cars? >> yes. i think the fact that apple and google and richard branson, they are attempting to be in the space that google is in the space is a very good sign for producing the super battery. they may have a better chance at gm at doing this. there are two pillars of
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creating commercial super battery and one is discovery in the lab. the other is genius in manufacturing. that is what they have producing design product consumers want to buy. they have the sizzle. getting them out to the market owning the market after it has been invented and the lab. emily: in terms of timeframe how far are -- far off are we from not having to worry about taking a charge in the middle of the day? this is the thing most people worry about. i just flew in from minimally -- minneapolis through chicago. you go through the airport and everyone is looking at the door boards looking for a place to fun -- plug the phone in. this is the low hanging fruit. i do not think it is that far away.
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the greater challenge is cars. i think you're a, 2-3 years. depending how you use your device of course. emily: two or three years. steve levine, battery expert and author of " the powerhouse." coming up next, how to make would without trees. a new material made from mushrooms. later, we look at the game of thrones delete. the most pirated tv show responding to the leak of nearly half of its episodes in the latest season. ♪
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emily: this is bloomberg "w est." i am emily chang. figure home someday be built by measuring roots instead of one -- mushro instead ofomm roots instead
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of wood? 100,000 demonstrators marched through some follow calling for her impeachment. brazilians are upset about a massive corruption scandal along with a struggling economy and struggling currency. coffee is one of the worst performing commodities this year after being the top performer last year. the region -- the reason, rain has returned to one of the biggest copy or wing areas in brazil. a notebook belonging to british at -- mathematician hits the auction block in new york today. the man who cracked the german growth and world war ii. the only extensive manuscript known to exist at acted to fetch
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at least $1 million. could we soon be building our homes out of mushrooms? and this addition of the spark where we look at innovators taking on seemingly impossible problems, sam grobart visits in upstate new york company that believes rigid board-like materials made from mushrooms could replace clybourn. it has already created a line of biodegradable packaging materials. >> manufactured word is everywhere. each year we make millions of particleboard that goes from the houses we live into the chairs we set on. most manufactured word contains a binding agent that sounds nasty because it is. the federal government have
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classified it as a known human carcinogen. >> we need to challenge the way we are using discarding and manufacturing materials today. >> i am inside a factory in upstate new york where new breeds of construction materials are not found they are grown. mushrooms known as my psyllium. >> in five years we do expect the home to be built with mushroom materials. >> what are the problems with the existing traditional materials that we use for building and other products? >> they are made out of wood. difficult -- different composition. 75% of the total mass is would. the remainder is a finite resource. second is the human carcinogen.
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>> you are talking about what people might call particleboard? >> exactly. >> by replacing formaldehyde you can create materials with properties similar to fiberboard without the health and environmental complications. >> it is a natural adhesive. it holds the floor together. we use to constituents ground-up crop wastes and inoculate that and then it does the work. it eats the ground of material and growth through and around the particles binding them together through the growth of the organism transforming discrete articles into a composite. essentially using natures technology. >> this is what you are growing years? -- growing here? >> that is correct.
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this is providing the geometry of the shape we are wanting to grow. all of the material here, it is really pliable, a living breathing fungus right here. what you can see is we have the cornstalks and corn waste completely encapsulated. it is pretty tenacious and tough. >> how long did it take to get from raw ingredients to the gekko >>his? >> this is boarded. they will move this to a significant can be used in the furniture industry. it is increasing the thickness exponentially. increasing to a thickness for traditional wood products. this takes about 10 minutes to press and remove the water.
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>> at the end of the 10 minutes we are left with something like this gekko >> that is right. this is used as a chair back. >> how does something like this compared to plywood gekko >> it is sold at a lightly aware price than traditional product. >> so far they have been able to make chairs and packaging materials from the renewable waste. the company sees this as only the beginning to what you can do with fungus. >> this is a naturally occurring polymer. we think we will be replacing synthetically grown polly merce. >> we only have one planet, and if we're going to continue to grow and prosper of the people it means we cannot be reliably -- reliant upon materials that cannot be of cycle or reused in the future. emily: there you have sam
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grobart. " bottom line" coming up at the top of the hour with mark crumpton. "money clip."mark: at the top of the hour talking presidential politics 26 team. today marco rubio expected to formally announce his candidacy. yesterday was hillary clinton's turn. what is the business going to be looking for from these candidates and the rest of the field going into next year? also, what are their economic platforms like? is hillary clinton's form let's like we -- what we've seen in the past seven years? is there still blowback from the decision to force for marco rubio? a look at those questions and more with douglas holt aiken president of american action forum and he will join me
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coming up in a few minutes. welcome back. emily: thank you. up next four episodes from the latest season of " game of thrones" has been the. ♪
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emily: welcome back to bloomberg "west." i am emily chang. cory johnson here with us. cory: 3,173000 174 times the game of thrones was eagerly -- illegally downloaded over the weekend through 8:00 this morning. a couple of companies that mr. this and found the number of downloads with extreme this weekend. a lot of excitement. a lot of tie-break in the game
1:54 pm
of thrones that these are the very worst kind. >> that some significant. for more on the piracy, i am joined from l.a. by our bloomberg news entertainment reporter and skype and the vice president larry o'connor which tracks internet privacy for clients. how they got a hit is this to hbo gekko already the most pirated in history. qui>> what we saw marks a week on week hundred percent increase in piracy. the previous year on year increase only 10%. i think hbo is definitely on the right track now. unfortunately this is the result of the doubling of piracy. >> hpo -- hbo has privately sent
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piracy complements the viewership of its hit shows. what do you think gekko >> i do not think piracy hurts hbo whatsoever. the business model is predicated on getting more people to subscribe to hbo. they just need people to keep paying every month. in this case i do not see people dropping the subscription just to watch a few pirated leaks. it exposes this new season two people who made by a subscription to watch the rest of the season. emily: can it be stopped or is it an evil that will always a? a necessary evil? >> i agree an evil that will always exist. hbo has made the effort to reduce privacy. we will always get people who don't pay. most people want to pay a fair price for a good product. it is about education and the legal -- legal framework to enforce.
1:56 pm
we have the ip addresses. we can track locations. so it is a question of offering a legitimate service, and the undersigned, prosecuting those who refuse to pay. cory: did you pay? emily: yes, i paid. i am a paying customer. there is an hbo hd customer review could watch the east coast feed. i thought it was great. cory: when i talked to the cast members, amazing how little tech they happen . they have in their lives. thank you.
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rory o'connor and cory johnson. thank you for watching bloomberg "west." ♪
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mark: from bloomberg world headquarters in new york, this is "bottom line." ♪ to our viewers in the united states and to those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we are full coverage of the stockton stories making headlines on this monday. examining the highs and lows for hbo and the season opener game of thrones. peter cook looks


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