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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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quick i am john halperin. if you are thinking about lying you may want to think about running for public office. on the show tonight, two candidates in one advisor. first, donald trump in the news again today defending it past comments about breast-feeding in a deposition. now his remarks famous mexican immigrants and prisoners of war. there is a new flat over his divorce. the question is, is strong done? hardly.
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take a spin with us and look at other candidates who have had bigger flaps in 92. bill clinton survived the negative press around gennifer flowers that friend his campaign. a decade later arnold schwarzenegger won a recall election in california when he was running for governor. even though the press reported he admired hitler's rise of the public eager. back to the present. the arrows fly against donald trump. what if anything can and will -- can and will pierce his teflon? >> it donald trump should be proven to have done something illegal like broken the law in the past, that might. something all right races like using the and word -- "n word." other than that, it is not clear to me what trump himself to do
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to peers his own armor. mark: people say the accumulation will eventually catch up with him. people say someone will unheard something from his past that will be really bad. the mccain think maybe ruffled him up a bit. in terms of his core supporters and playing by the normal rules subject to the normal physics of politics, i think it will take a lot for negative stories to her donald trump. it is going to take a lot. >> well then we agree. i think it is true. they would have to say some very severe things driven in those ways. i think the biggest thing that could hurt donald trump is not the press digging, not opposition researchers digging. there is chance he will himself is significant damage. i cannot imagine what it would be, but i think it almost has to be self-inflicted because of his
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so impervious to other attacks. mark: other candidates would be killed by what you said so far. some -- from is being the -- is going to scotland. earlier beer -- today he told rick perry should not be on the main age of the fox debate next week in cleveland. today in new york same daily mail reporter asked trump to respond. -- asked perry to respond. lexi questioned your energy. -- >> you question your energy. >> [inaudible] [applause] mark: steve forbes and others on the stage there in the room. they love that risk on.
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with all eyes on the first republican debate, did perry with that response lay down the right marker, a template for how republican should deal with them when he attacked them? >> it is a good idea as any. it is everyone's mind that will be on the debate date. it is easy to say we will ignore him focus on our own issues. chris christie said something similar to me when we were chatting about it. god knows, when trump starts attacking, you cannot ignore them. rick perry may have shown the best way to perry with humor. mark: showing disdain for donald trump will fire of his supporters. i do not think there is anything to say he is short, aggressive and a little bit personal and making no doubt about how he feels. in the room you saw others not
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it was a great answer. really helped him i thought. >> if you don't do anything just try to ignore trump, you know what will happen the next day, he will make mincemeat of you not just on the debate stage for the following day for not just having fought back by calling him week for ignoring him. mark: he showed good instincts. after the speech at the yield club i caught up with him and asked him about wall street the economy, hillary clinton and his own childhood dreams. >> can i talk to you for a second? the first question, is it true every boy grows up wanting to speak at the yale club, true or false? >> i am not sure any for a new where yale university was. >> talk about what you think americans think of wall street now? >> i think americans are a bit
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distrustful if you will. that wall street is a place where only those that have the right connections those that are the moneyed interest both that have the ability to have a lobbyist to protect their interest. it should not be that way. it historically have not been that way. in my remarks i talk about wall street is the engine that has driven american success, whether it is an entrepreneur and innovators and it can get back to that again, but we need to have smart regulation. i am not saying we need more regulation. we need less regulation just in the right place and focused in the right areas so that you have the right outcomes. mark: would hillary clinton be worse on the economy or barack
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obama or about the same? mr. perry: if doubling the capital gains tax is work than barack obama. in that case, i would say worse. mark: that is rick perry today in new york city. coming up, chris christie in new hampshire on donald trump and chris did. john talks to them after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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julie: earlier today -- john: earlier today i caught up with chris rusty talking about foreign policy. we sat down after the event to talk about war and policy and a whole lot more. -- caught up with chris christie. you have been proudly boasting and i think it is probably true that you are the most of the
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answer candidate in the race. did you have any sense that is breaking through with voters and if so, where do you get that evidence? cmr. christie: just town hall meetings. i have had a number of people come up to me and say thank you for answering my question directly. they will not necessarily reference something i have read but they will say thank you for answering directly. i do not think we will all really know about whether this approach was successful or not until february 9. it is the way i am comfortable doing it and what we need to do for this country. john: you talk in an ad about uniform policy. you said i -- the president's top priority is protecting the united states of america and i am the only one in this race who has had some small responsibility with that.
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do you think you have better national security credentials than any other person in the race? mr. christie: i think i have different ones. minors this -- specifically focused on terrorism and to try to make sure attacks do not go off in the homeland. not necessarily better than everyone else and i have different ones, one they don't have. john: you say you are the only one who is played at least a small part in the protection of the united states. you are say none of the u.s. senators have had a role in protecting the united states. mr. christie: not a real world. -- real one. my view is the legislature debate these things discusses the things. i am not think they don't know anything about it. i'm talking about me and the executive position this as someone marking up a bill in the subcommittee. i think there is a real difference. john: you talked a lot today about iran which you are very
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critical of. he said it was disastrous for israel. one of your fellow candidates think it is disastrous and went so far as to say the president's leading up -- leading israel up to the door of a gas oven. how do you feel about that comment you could do you agree with huckabee? mr. christie: i do not agree with the hyperbolic nature of the comment. i think it is somewhat offensive to israelis. israelis have the right to self-determination and the right to defend themselves. benjamin netanyahu will make a judgment about what they want to to protect israel's national security. i thought it was off key in a number of different ways and something i would not have said. as you know, i have severe concerns about the agreement, but i would not have used that kind of language. not only because i think it is too hyperbolic but i do not think it acknowledges appropriately the role israel
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has in own self-determination for own national security. john: using the hyperbolic language is not constructive in terms of the debate we need to have on substance? mr. christie: i think it is distracting. it allows the president to what he did in africa, to talk about the statement rather than that agreement. we should only be talking about the specific deficiencies in the agreement as we see them and forcing the president to read on to those. when we say things like governor huckabee said that is all he wanted to talk about. that tells you to things, it was not a smart statement to make politically. to, the president cannot defend the agreement. john: let me ask you a couple of political questions. a little over a week away from the first republican debate. there was a fantastic quote by the chief strategist from another candidate. john weaver said if you imagine
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what it would be like for a nascar driver to be preparing for a race in which you knew when of the other drivers would be drunk, that is what preparing for a debate with donald trump is like. that is a pretty good quote. mr. christie: i don't agree with it. i think all this attention and focus on donald trump is misplaced. i have said that any number of times. for a governor i cannot believe that is what john kasich thinks. donald -- he is not worried about donald trump walking into the debate. he is worried by john kasich. and i am worried about chris christie. that is why a try not to listen to political consultant too much. they say things like that. then he will have to answer to that. john: you were asked by a voter yesterday by donald trump. i know you are generally not liking to talk about him that much.
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you said on the record that he hurts the credibility of the party. mr. christie: that is not what i said and that is the way it was reported. what i said was when he says things like we do not need to do any social security reform at all i will make everyone so rich they will not need to worry about social security, knowing donald, he is smarter and better than that. he could come up with a plan to deal with social security. he will be a serious as a candidate as he wants to be. when he hurts the credibility of the potential presidency by saying things like that. i don't think he has any effect on the party at all. i do not think any of us have an effect on the party at all until and unless we are a nominee. then we have to be concerned about not only the effect on us but the broader party. right now i do not think anything donald trump says today will affect the ticket in 2016. john: one more question.
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you and i would have a fist fight over the issue over marijuana. i will ask you another one. i was shocked when i saw, given the choice between bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi that you cited with jon bon jovi. as i understood it, you were the ultimate springsteen and. there are those thing in the headlines the ultimate flip-flop of chris christie's career. mr. christie: because he is a friend. what i interpreted is if you had to choose between them. jon as become a friend over the past few years. bruce i have a cordial relationship with. we know each other and have worked on some things together. they have become friends with me
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and mary pat. even though i have been to 121st linkedin shows and for bon jovi shows. from a music perspective bruce is my history but he is become a friend. john: desert island discs. if you were going to an island and could only take a catalog of one or another? you pick. mr. christie: springsteen. everyone misunderstood my answer . i understood the question from laura ingram to be a personal question. mary pat and i both answered at the same way because they have become friends. but if i was going on a desert island and could only take one set of music, i have lived with the springsteen music a lot longer. much more evocative of my youth so i would enjoy it a lot more. john: i want to say for the sake of history, thank you for clarifying that matter. mr. christie: i am glad you gave me the opportunity. america is probably very
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concerned about that. i'm glad we straightened it out. mark: johnny chris christie in new hampshire today. when we come back, bernie sanders adviser joins us from boston after this short break. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: joining us now with tad devine the presidential -- political advisor to bernie sanders. your candidate does not like political questions. i will ask you something. i want you to answer sets natively. do you think candidate sanders campaign is having an impact so far? >> i think so. i think ernie is taking up base and they are recognizing that. putting forth a powerful message , a message that resonates on the issue of income inequality in america. i think he is talking about differences on important issues.
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mark: sorry to interrupt you but what is that doing to impact her? changing the campaign behavior as you see it? >> i think they recognize now this will be a contested nominating process. they will have to deal with a real challenger. i think the impact is they spent $1 million on research last quarter. i don't think it was for the general election. frankly, while we are not raising as much money, we are very proud to have raised $15 million in eight weeks. so i think that is having an impact on her and her campaign. >> your candidate did an interview with fox where you made a comment about forbidden -- open borders making all of america:. that has stirred up controversy
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and some on the right foot like to see a tighter immigration policy. what are the political implications of thing something like that any is trying to break out of all white demographics and reach out to his attic and african-american voters? >> i think at the heart of bernie sanders appeal is his authenticity. that he speaks directly to voters. i do not think it will happen if -- an adverse impact. i think if he begins to tell his story, his story on an issue immigration. he is the son of a polish immigrant who came to the country there was reading english. i think that is a door opener for him. i think ernie should keep talking the way he is talking, straightforward, using the language he is always used, and i think that will connect with every group, including hispanics. julie: ifjohn: it sounds like a pretty restrictive view on immigration.
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>> he supported the president's policy, as much executive used as policy as far as helping immigrants are come to the country. he is somewhat who has a voting record in favor of supporting finding a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are here. i do not think he is in any way resembling the restrictions policy of the republican party. his lan is to speak directly and bluntly to the problems that confront america today. i think that is at the heart of his appeal. mark: you were quoted in "the atlantic" recently. i gave him advice. he is not interested in the nicety of hairdos. what is something typically you have given advice on that he has not followed? >> you will not be surprised that i wish we have spent some money on pulling in the past quarter. he is a view of his campaign and
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the way to run it. i come from a different perspective, much more political consulting. he challenged me when the campaign began to learn something about grassroots organizing. i think tonight for example when we're 3000 house parties and over 100,000 people have responded, that kind of challenge i think is worth responding to. i have my ways, whether it is research or the way it is producing television, we've worked together for 20 years hopefully we will find common ground. mark: have you ever asked him to brush his hair and he did find-- declined? >> yes i have. he will be himself. that is part of his appeal. he is authentic and real. the campaign we're building is credible. this weekend in new hampshire we will announce a national
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environmental endorsement. i think people are starting to recognize he is a real chance to market. i agree with what you wrote earlier, he is a serious candidate. there is a pathway for him if the campaign works out to win the nomination of the democratic party. john: you have worked with a lot of national candidates and testing them grow and improve. can you name discrete areas where he has improved as a presidential candidate since it started caps off -- since it started? >> yes. he had an incredibly disciplined message. i have worked with many deviants. when you sit down and talk to him about a message to be delivered particularly some of the political meetings he has been in in recent days, the cio executive committee, other groups, if you sit with him and talk with him about what you're trying to accomplish he is
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really good at this. i think his political skills that have not been tested as much outside the grassroots environment but in the main political environment, i think our extraordinary. i have seen him get very disciplined in terms of delivering a message. i think we go to the big campaign where you fly into states, do events on tv and then move on. i think he will be tremendous at that. mark: thanks so much. appreciate it. cap divine of the bernie sanders campaign. when we come back, a promo for the donald trump focus group you will not want to miss. -- tad divine. ♪
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>> tomorrow and then again on friday we will show you a focus group in manchester, new hampshire. one latebreaking news items jill gomer pyle papers with the fcc. that means 17 republicans are officially on race.
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more than the number of seasons the family feud has been on vacation. this program on twice a day. until tomorrow we will see you then, sayonara.
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alix: we are moments away from the closing bell. i'm alix steel. joe: and i'm joe weisenthal. ♪ [closing bell] alix: stocks ending the day higher after the federal reserve says the economy has improved and moves closely to a rate hike. joe: the question is, what did you miss? the fed has given no clear signs on when it is hiking rates, but it is looking for improvement in the labor market. alix: facebook earnings reports moments away. are there growing pains?


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