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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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. mark: with all due respect to the presidential candidate, there is only one sure way to get to the top. [laughter] ♪ welcome to the iowa state fair, where john and i have been in the state ends thursday to talk to voters here and around the state. we have learned a lot. there is no substitute for talking on the ground. let's talk about what we have learned.
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john: i still think about that slingshot. scott walker woke up this morning to report from a politico playbook saying everyone abhors him and he is falling. he got on a soapbox at hecklers, had everything. i thought he kept his composure today. before.een hecklers you never know what is going to happen. i thought he was very composed and together. i thought he got a lot of attention while he was here. mark: he is dealing with trump like every other republican. he said he thought trump's plan on immigration was like his. he backed off that a little bit. he also talked about the anger in washington and has appreciated it more over the last two months. he is evolving his message. mark: striking -- john: striking thing is that i understand people are mad about the establishment. i don't want to talk about the democrats. i want to talk about republican leadership. attack boehner. that was very populous.
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trying to attune to this new dynamic. let's talk about the other big republican at this fair, donald trump. came in here like willy wonka on his helicopter, landed, and picked up a couple of journalists. let's talk about what we learned about trump. mark: i learned people here are not just into celebrity. they yelled at him during his 45 minute walk. they said to him, save the country. thank you for running. you are the only one who can stop hillary. sentf the rival operatives himuple people to watch at the fair. they heard what i heard and said the same thing to me. don't underestimate trump's
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appeal. everyone from the establishment i met in iowa has a relative, a friend, somebody they know who they say is voting for trump. john: he followed that performance. i was with hillary clinton by the pork chop on a stick stand. when the helicopter came over, everyone of the clinton press gaggle looked up and saw trump. went, "trump."ll now moment.e mark: he is in a great mood. john: happiest warrior he can be. mark: really enjoying it. when candidates are happy, they do better. john: more significant was the release of his immigration plan. he is playing the game by the establishment's rules to some extent. this walker thing, all the republicans are going to have to respond to trump's immigration plan. they realize it is bad, but it is a real plan. mark: hillary clinton was here and got questions during press availability about iowa stuff, but also about the persistent nagging issue of her e-mails. hillary clinton: i have said in the past that i used a single
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account for convenience. obviously, these years later it does not look so convenient. it is never raised in my town halls. it is never raised in my other meetings with people. i am repeating the facts, and the facts are i did not send, nor did i receive, material marked classified. mark: one thing i have learned is real people bring it up, including democrats who support her now but are worried about the e-mail. not just about the explosion, but why is she being so evasive? john: you made a point earlier today. people may not say to her. tom harkin told me the same thing. it is out there. it is weighing on her trust and credibility numbers. i think about that and how it overshadows that very good
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speech she gave on friday at the wing-ding dinner. mark: she joked about the e-mails. if we look at history, that is a big mistake. john: i don't disagree with you on that. the combination of middle-class populous, that was a better speech she gave been anything she said in 2007. mark: totally agree. john: right after they left, bernie sanders walked down the street with a phalanx of supporters. mark: he is confident. he is speaking in a defensive way about how big his crowds are. he is using the word "i" more. they drew big crowds here. in order to be here in iowa, i think he needs a second act.
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he needs some sort of boost. the clinton people are watching closely. they do not seen organizational effort to rival their own. john: they have an organization that is as good or better than obama's. that is a gap he can close. hillary clinton let barack obama in iowa late. mark: i'm interested in whether he can bring in new people. the trump people say he will bring in thousands of new people. are there people disaffected? far left people, nader types that come out at the caucus? john: coming up, we will show the interview we did with bernie sanders, but first we will show you our day with scott walker. ♪
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mark: scott walker, governor of wisconsin, presidential candidate was here at the fair in iowa. he was heckled while giving a stump speech. not a surprise to the staff or governor walker. we talked to him throughout his visit here. >> governor walker, welcome to the register soapbox. gov. walker: thanks, des moines. hi to the american people. i am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone else out there. i will fight for the american
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people over and over and over and over again. you want someone who stands here? i am right here. you can see it. mark: you are the reigning champion of being heckled. how did you feel about that? governor walker: that is nothing compared to 100,000. been -- we have been interrupted time and time again. this is nothing compared to that nothingthat it is compared to this. people can say what they want, but this is the best to show that when the chips are down, i can show i can take on the big battles. mark: if you are elected president, you think this will keep happening? gov. walker: the same thing happened it in wisconsin. it called down. people want people to take on parties.
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i took on the establishment in my own party. it is old-school to me. i told paul what to expect. john: our corporations people, too? gov. walker: we saw the real people. mark: there is a meme that scott walker is not exciting enough. what you think about that? gov. walker: hopefully we took care of that today. mark: you did not generate the excitement, though. you are just sort of the recipient of that. governor walker: the kicker is that if you show your actions speak louder than words, that is it. people say they want some dynamic. we will get dynamic action. when you push dynamic reforms, you get excited. mark: how would you characterize your personal style as a leader? gov. walker: i just get it done. it is very midwestern in that we don't mess around. we do what we say we do. mark: with all due respect, you have been asked a couple times. clearly, children who were born
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here to parents who are here illegally, should they be deported? gov. walker: i talked about how going forward, i believe we should change the rules of the deporting, terms of the best thing we can do is enforce the law. if we require employers across america to uphold the law, i think that ultimately puts us in a good place. mark: you are still not addressing it. you may say you do not want to to address it, but the current law would be they can stay. gov. walker: i said in terms of what we could do is enforce the law. we will not have that problem going forward. a lot of people in the media want to talk about several steps down the way. until we secure the border and start enforcing the laws, we it.ot support mark: not just the media. the iowa front-runner has proposed it. gov. walker: the american people don't trust politicians in washington. you talk about things they will do is several steps down the line and until they secure the border and enforce the laws and the country, they do that and we
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can talk about the next that's. -- next steps. we will layout tomorrow on how we plan on repealing obama care. which i still think is one of the number one issues in the country will stop mark: what about people who say you are not a southern candidate? gov. walker: i think i can. i think they want the same thing. i think people are tired of washington. i am about as anti-washington as you can get. mark: are you beholden to all the people that give you money? gov. walker: no. i had 300,000 people give me money in the recall election and 75% gave $75 or less. so, i am beholden to the hard-working taxpayers. mark: ever principled view -- gov. walker: i am a pro-life governor, pro-life my whole life and people in wisconsin elected me three times in four years. because they know the things i honed in on worthy things like defunding land parenthood and legislation that was focused in nature. mark: you don't think the opposition to those exemptions,
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exceptions, you don't think that is a political liability? gov. walker: i think that is the reason why i won. people know what i do and what my record has been an they elected me three times. in one of those key battleground states that will elect the next president. mark: are you ever going to eat anything? gov. walker: congressman young stick and chop on a was eating it right in front of me. mark: are you going to cook? are you going to be on the grill? do you grill at home? gov. walker: i am usually a rib guy. mark: pork ribs? gov. walker: for sure. you want them nice and tender. slather some barbecue sauce on. it is a lot of fun. you: do you daydream while grill? gov. walker: we have a lake back there. it is fun to watch people on the lake. mark: that is a pretty good life you want to give up. gov. walker: i should have worn shorts like you today. mark: i had one with mr. trump. he had two boxes of them. gov. walker: so that's it. i just have to feed you guys, right?
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mark: two boxes. have you heard the expression, "bring enough for everyone?" could we talk about the division of chores in the walker household? who does what? gov. walker: she does almost everything and i occasionally grill. i grill, i.e.. >> i remind him that he still has to take the garbage out. gov. walker: if it is 10:00 at night and the garbage needs to go out, what do you do? gov. walker: i take it out. even if it is late. in the back. oftentimes she will say this stuff stinks. you need to take it out. >> no shoveling. that is his job. cutting the grass. that is not a woman's job. mark: you have shoveling, garbage, grass. >> he is not a grocery shopper.
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i have friends whose husband's grocery shop and cook. i asked the boys went they are going to eat and he says, frozen pizza. mark: the democrats are making a big deal about something you said about mr. trump's plan was similar to your plan. when you said his plan is similar to yours, what did you mean? gov. walker: it is something i talked about months ago when i was on with chris wallace. i said we should secure the border, enforce the law, i did not believe in amnesty. i had changed from statements i made over the year at the time and i said i think we should have a legal immigration system that focuses on american families. mark: is there anything that differs with your principles? gov. walker: there are details. i have not gone to the details. there will be different components in every plan. mark: last quick question, who is the front-runner in iowa now? gov. walker: we said it will be
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a long-term race. the most important time to be in iowa is the day of the caucus. we will see at the end. the most important goals on caucus day. mark: how about a summary of your day? gov. walker: i think we showed that if they are looking for someone to fight, scott walker will do it. mark: you have never been to this fair before, right? gov. walker: as a kid we went to the county fair but i never made it to this one. mark: how did this experience compared with the staff reached -- brief you on. gov. walker: aside from the soapbox, this is almost identical. people are having a good time. people are basically decent it in states like this. mark: if you were the nominee, will you come back next year? gov. walker: absolutely. as i said, iowa and the midwest are key to winning. mark: walker promises to come to 2016 fair.
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gov. walker: it would be a great time. i bet we get a good crowd. mark: thank you, governor. thanks to governor walker for letting us hang out with him at the fair. up next, we talked to senator bernie sanders. ♪
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john: we caught up with senator bernie sanders and talk to him about his performance. mark: do you like serious subjects whom we talk about that? this fair is pageantry. how do you feel about that? sen. sanders: my speech was not pageantry. we have brought more people to the soapbox than any other candidate is because we are talking about real issues.
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what real issues are is the fact that the middle class of america is disappearing, we have the highest rate of child poverty of developed nations, and it is going to the top 1%. a real issue is our campaign-finance, and don't misquote me on this, it is a corrupt system. mark: who are the corrupt people? sen. sanders: the supreme court that gave us citizens united created a system in which billionaires can buy elections. the united states can no longer go around the world and lecture countries on democracy because what our country is becoming is a system where billionaires can spend lots of money -- mark: you use the word correction. who is corrupt? the billionaires? sen. sanders: the system. the koch brothers are going to spend more money on republicans than democrats. is that a legal?
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no. the supreme court says you can do that. i am talking about a corrupt system. i think the whole entire system is broken. i don't know. i think i may be, i don't know, but i may be the only candidate who does not have a super pac. we're going to try. let me take you, it ain't easy. mark: if a candidate for president is taking unlimited donations from a person, that would be a perfect example. that would seem to be a corrupt -- sen. sanders: no, the system is corrupt. the system allows me to do that. i will do that. it is not breaking the law. the super pac is what it said. what i am talking about, i am talking about not just progressives, conservatives. what sense does it make when one family, the koch family, can spend more money than either the democratic or republican parties?
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and what the media has got to do is say, that is not democracy. that is called an oligarchy. when you have a situation in which a hand all of people control the elections. sen. sanders: it is true for any billionaire. the idea that any billionaire could have outside influence makes no sense at all to me. mark: while you are giving the speech you had a yellow piece of paper in your hand but never looked at. what is on the paper? bernie sanders: top secret. i cannot tell you. mark: e-mail? huge crowds. tens of thousands of people. you get here this morning, a few hundred people. is that a letdown? sen. sanders: are you kidding me? iowa, we had 600 people. anyone know the population of boone, iowa? that is a good part of the population.
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mark: they have not heard your imitation. john: did you see how hot bernie sanders was there? he was really hot. he was not the only one at this fair taking heat. we're going to show you that when we come back. ♪
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john: the state fair has been so hot over this weekend. how hot was it? herman hammond sweated it out and track the candidates. herman: a presidential candidate in picturesque iowa. everything is beautiful in the iowa state fair, even you, 1100-pound pig. it is a great spot for a photo op for grand entrance. but then the hot sun comes out, the crush of people, and you wonder, can this really be an ideal place for voters to meet the presidential candidate?
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can you even find hillary clinton in this shot? as she traveled through the agriculture building, i clocked clinton at 0.12 miles per hour. that is literally slower than a sloth. and this crowd is not always iowa nice. >> you are going to wind up in jail if you do that again. step back. herman: hillary clinton walked for 62 minutes and covered 1/4 of a mile. temperatures got up into the 90's over the weekend. many candidates took to the soapbox stage. for 20 minutes in direct sunlight. ben carson opted for short sleeves and drank a lot of water. i did not see jeb bush drinking much water. >> are you ready for this?
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mark: how does the temperature here compared to the soapbox? senator carson: the temperature over here is better. it is much better because there is a good breeze here. a great place to hang out. >> can i get your picture? herman: that will work up a sweat. i have an idea. instead of walking all over the fairgrounds, candidates could take the glider. better yet, we could put them in a cold room and let people line up to see them. it works for the butter cow. john: our thanks to the great and glorious griffin hammond for that piece.
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tomorrow, we will have a former senator here with us. mark: thanks for watching, thanks to the folks at the fair. we will see tomorrow. from iowa, sayonara. ♪
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matt: qvc gets a lifeline. what could this mean for etsy? ♪ i am matt miller, in for emily chang. this is bloomberg west. coming up, dr. dre gives apple music a trial run. plus, is the amazon model a harbinger workplaces of the futures? and, jack ma uses his own money to buy back alibaba shares. all of that is ahead on


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