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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 28, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> i'm lizy o'leary. and i'm john himeman. carly fi orrinna's car killed a deer today. we thought it was deer and sheep hat had you freaked out today. john: lizy o'leary is guest hosting today's sports fans in our school tonight. great in the economy. lindsey graham lectures and trump-anomics 101. the political world has been fix
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sated on hillary clinton's e mail. but two stories have changed the headline. "the washington post" raised a story raising condition flict of -- conflict of humadine. at a press conference in minnesota. fox news reporter ed henry asked hillary a three part question about huma, bill and the e-mail server. >> let me answer one of your questions because i think that's what you are entitled two. nd the first question that you asked about the process that was set up in my years as secretary of state was for any request that my husband received to be sent to the state department, to be vetted. he did neither of those speeches. >> homeland security o'leary,
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the question i have for you is this. which of these two problems that hillary clinton currently has the e-mail problem and these other problems her husband's foundation, speech giving, money making which is the bigger political problem? >> never ask a smart politician a three-part question because they won't take it. >> i'm a money person. i cover politics but through an economic lens. to me the money is what draws people back. it's complicated. voters have a hard time following the tangles between the foundation, the donors, president clinton, ex-president clinton asking to give these speeches. it has a big price tag. >> what's that number? >> $650,000. >> in congo. it sounds like a lot of money to a lot of people to go and speak in a nonpleasant place. the speech and the money making was a bigger political problem.
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i've slightly revised my view on that >> tell me why. >> when you talk about the federal bureau of investigation investigating you and that raises the pendulum of potential criminal charges against someone in this, i think the f.b.i.'s involvement raises the stakes on the e-mail thing. but this story coming back has a lot of people nervous because it's something that a lot of folks who are around her thought was behind that -- >> hard numbers potentially attached to it. we like those -- >> and bill clinton attached to it also. he is a huge as set to her but sometimes can be a little bit of a problem. >> well, up until now we've heard tidbits of what donald trump's economic platform might look like. so here are some of the proposals he's discussed just in the past week raising from his stance on carried interest to companies moving to mexico. >> i would say to the head of ford, sorry, i'm not going to
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approve. you have to pay a tax with every car and every truck an every part that comes across the southern border you're going pay a 35%. it's a tremendous burden on the company. i would take the carried interest out. and i would let people that are making hundreds of millions of dollars of year pay tax. right now they're paying very little tax. we have companies paying thousands and leaving these -- let the money come in. and let the money come in. tax it at a lower rate. carl icon is one of the best. i if i put carl in charge of japan. carl, handle japan. it's over. they even though they don't have a chance, ok? >> ok. so as a matter of politics, yes, trumpanomics might be apearnt. parent. but does this even make sense? >> first of all, i like hearing
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president trump from your mouth. albert wrote this great column in bloomberg view. he says, you know, the building of the military very expensive. he's not going to cut entitlements, trump. the carried interest thing doesn't count for very much. the tariffs, etc. he says trump is going to be the biggest budget buster in the world. you are an expert on economic business. >> from an economic standpoint there's not actually a coherent through line, right? this is to the left of barack obama on carried interest essentially saying i'm going to tax wall street and edge funds at a normal income level but at the same time lower the corporate interest rate. a lot of this stuff kind of doesn't have a particular through line and has a very protectionist bent which says
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he's for which doesn't make import tax. 34% >> is there anybody that thinks on impors from china or mexico doesn't make sense. >> we don't to start a trade war. >> it has been a wild, wild week. stocks were first in free fall because of the concerns for the health of china's economy. it was basically flat today of as president obama noted in a speech in new orleans, the g.d.p. figure for the second quarter has been revufed to a $3.7%. that's up from 2.73%. i turn to you. i'm a simple man. i keep my money in a mattress. i look at g.d.p. growth looking
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very strong. how do we reconcile the picture what's happening in the financial market to what's happening in the economy? >> the stock market looks forward. it's a little more nervous. they're in part because china's slowing down. the real reading is in the economy. the economy is not the stock market. and the stock market is not the economy. >> the president didn't get that much political credit for it. if it's forward looking that would suggest it would be good for republicans who want to be a change from the democratic party that the situation was getting worse. on the other hand the market seems divorced from the real economy and the real economy matters from the voters. >> they haven't seen when they talk about the people that have benefited from the overall market trend, that's not your average voter. so there's a bit of a disconnect. >> if you were hillary clinton
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and you were the democratic nominee would you rather have a down market and a up real economy? or would you have the real economy trending downward but the stock market's booming? >> i think for the people she's trying to reach, you want a real economy that has some tangible feel that it's getting better. >> she's got to make the argument that she's going to be an extension with some modification of barack obama's policies. so if the g.d.p. is growing and the unemployment is growing down that's a better argument of continuity regardless of what's happening in the stock market. but you know more. >> i like you deferring to me. >> up next, the republican presidential candidate who wants "beat donald trump's brains out" that's senator lindsey graham and he's up next when we come back.
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>> with us tonight from manchester, new hampshire, south carolina senator and moon lighting comedian, senator lindsey graham. >> i'm in the pokonos this weekend. >> we have been talking about the situation with the market. obviously it's been an up and down week. and a lot of blaming china. some of your rivals, senator rubio, senator walker said we should cancel the chinese state dinner. senator rubio said we should down grade it to a work dinner. and donald trump said that obama should give him a big mac. what do you think of those proposals by your republican rivals related to china? >> i don't care if we have a state dinner. whether you're at the mcdonald's or the state dinner, i wish we would communicate with the chinese that we want a good
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elationship. cyber attack intellectual property theft is going to jeopardize this relationship. we won't be hurt but you'll be hurt more. change your behavior and enjoy your wine. >> can you give me is something concrete that wow would change? most of those things that you talked about are already u.s. policy >> we haven't done anything on currency manipulation. >> and start a trade war? >> no, start a level playing field if you think starting a war is fighting back for your interest, then i disagree. i think they intentionally wan ulate the value of the and limits american manufactures to compete. ey pay 67 votes for currency
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manipulation with chuck schumer. >> i want to ask you about donald truffer, the unavoidable question. a poll came it about south carolina had donald trump leading the way in your home state, 30%. he mocked you a little bit as he often does on twitter. you fired back and you said you called him a complete idiot on cnn said you would beat his brains out if he came to south carolina. i enjoy when you say those things. >> having fun with the donald. >> firing back at him is stooping to his level. do you think that kind of helping your cause first of all and do you think it helps the tone of the debate to fire back? >> number one, you can't take yourself too seriously. the problem with mr. trump is that his policies don't work. you're not going to destroy isil
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by taking oil from the iraqis. you'll turn everybody against us. that will be the greatest recruiting boom that will isolate our friends in israel and jordan. donald trump would help isil. >> donald trump has been gaining traction in part because a lot of americans like what he says economically. i'm curious, we've gotten these g.d.p. figures that are quite positive. what's your assessment where the real economy is for most people. idea ber one, i have no what his economic plan is other than it's great -- gray and it's going to be big. what are sit? >> to deal with long term entitlement spending which makes us grieve. the economy is tag nant because policies in place make it hard to create jobs.
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but the next president needs to dust simpson-bowls and adjust the retirement. eans test benefits address the mass retirement that wipes us out by 2040. medicare and social payments as republican and democrats and deal with the unfunded liability which are $30 trillion. that's what i want to do, bring everybody together. no infault everybody. >> you talked about your home state. and talking about the kind of buying that they portrayed that some elected officials and other leaders and the party with respect to you former governor beasley, the current governor who have not endorsed you. they don't think he's going to be the nominee. but they're trying to give him some space. they won't end up being with them. do you think that's a true assessment of the situation.
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why are those folks not with you? and is there any chance they will be with you by the time the primary comes? day, how i d of the perform in south carolina is how well, i perform outside of south carolina. won a six-week primary. at the end of the day what's going to get me through south carolina is perform well in narp and do well in iowa. if i don't do well in iowa and new hampshire then it will be a campaign that knees to be reassessed. i feel great about south carolina. smiling faces and beautiful places. i don't know how mr. trump fits in that motto. time will tell. >> i'm an economics reporter but i see you a respected member of the armed services committee. withou're slinging insults
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donald trump. tell me why for you personally this is worth it? >> it's fun. i mean, he gave out my cell phone number on national television. so i had fun with it. at the end of the day we'll get serious. this is the silly season. you know, you have scott walker talk about destroying isil, i like scott but there's no plan there. you don't have american ground troops in iraq and part of a regional army, there's nobody left in syria to help, so at the end of the day if you don't understand we need ground forces in iraq and syria, then you're not serious about destroying isil. you're not ready to be commander in chief. >> mark and i got an exclusive donald trump's campaign headquartersful we'll show you what we found after this word from our local sponsors.
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>> early this week mark and i got our first exclusive look of trump's campaign office here in new york city. this is what we found.
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>> hi, how are you? have you worked on a presidential campaign before? >> no. i just garage wayed from n.y.u. i worked on some smaller campaign but nothing like this what are do you do all day? >> well, i coordinate things. i make sure everybody has what they need. scheduling requests, i help with secretary, make sure everything's on track. >> when did you meet him? are when i started working here. >> what was that like? >> a little nerve racking but he's incredibly nice. >> right here, this is where corey workings. corey is on the phone. we're not listening to his call. he's from new hampshire. so he's got a nice don't trade on me. >> let's -- don't tread on me.
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>> let's not forget about the most important part of the office, don't tread on me. > you've -- do your job. >> have you ever worked on 5th avenue? >> i have a balcony. i have a refrigerator that keeps me going. we have a balcony -- >> exposed pipes, the bests. >> 5th avenue near central park. is this where you'll stay? >> this is it, 100%. we've got room to grow. we've got additional space in the building if we want it. the problem is, we pay fair market value just as if we were renting anybody else. require. t they not cheap. >> you a good backer. >> we run the company and i said this to everybody. we run the campaign like a
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business. we make sure that we're getting any return. we don't waste money. we don't have high priced consultants. have every candidate their own plane. >> we negotiate everything. >> the pizza is just here. >> let's get in there. every campaign has pizza. >> more importantly, this is where they open all the mail. they answer 80% of the calls right here. they sort it. and these are some of the things that people have sent in in the last 30 or 45 days. >> wow. just gets tagged up there. this is just a fraction. looks like -- right here. that's yesterday's mail. that's come insofar. >> how many pizzas? >> we'll get three or four a day. we'll get the priority. >> does everybody get a response? >> you are the four hardest people working in america. >> other people answer too. >> pizza is a big part of the campaign. can we look at your pizza?
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>> of course. >> what you do have on there -- >> pepper. >> looks pretty good. >> i'd love that. ♪ >> i am doing a lot of scheduling, answering phone calls, doing the mail. >> have you ever worked for a campaign before? >> i have, the city council. >> what inspired you to work for mr. trump? >> mr. trump has a different view of politics. i'm a political science major. i want to make a difference. actually believe mr. trump is able to do it. >> this looks like a campaign. we could be anywhere in a campaign. >> that's what i like about him. i don't need all the pizzazz that comes with it. >> yeah. about nk it's more
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getting -- >> i'm not saying that you should lose your job, but that woman's awesome. she's amazing. she's great. everything she said. >> every sentence is make america great. >> custom belt. has mr. trump seen these? >> this flag was made for us too. don't tread on trump. >> people just send this. >> a guy in pennsylvania said i'm going to send a flag. would you put it in your office? i said of course. >> are those footable for wearing? >> 40-foot. >> have you ever worked on a campaign? >> no. ip director is most people work for. >> i'll do whatever the campaign needs. >> there's nothing critical but
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you're wearing a tie. is that office policy or? >> i think everybody wears a tie -- >> because in most campaigns, up in burlington, vermont they're working tie die shirts and shorts. >> is that the standard? >> exactly. >> did you come here because you knew somebody or liked donald trump? >> i liked him. i said i'm going to go work for that guy. i e-mailed the home page and showed up. >> props -- i don't know if you can see in here. this used to be the office space of that apprentice and this is where the props were. "the s is where they film apprentice"." >> this is where they filmed it? >> this is where the board room. >> is it still there? >> you work one floor with the magic happens. >> yes. >> let's take a quick peek at
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the table. >> this is it. the famous board table. covered back up for posterity. i think you should have your campaign meetings. >> packets. iphones, cover, buttons, make america great again. trump. your donald is your hired. the famous hat. trump ties. piece of food we've seen is the monster. >> we will be right back.
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we asked donald trump about the interview this week. they can go pound sand. as soon as they have our quote liberal pal saying that the bible is their favorite book, we'll do just that. we start rolling out our new
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poll in iowa this weekend. i thank lizy o'leary for being with me. >> thanks, john. >> thanks, john. >> sayonar ♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour
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