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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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♪ mark: good evening. 14 years after the attacks of 9/11, it is one of the most poignant days of the year. politics typically provide a moment to pause and reflect and it is a reminder of american unity. new yorkver reason in city, the sun always seems to find a way from out behind the clouds. here are some of the ways this september 11 was remembered today.
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[horn playing] mark: we will never forget. we can never fully know how you feel, how you feel on this day, but we do know, we fully know, with the lives of your love ones mean to this community answer this nation. -- and to this nation. >> this is an important day of remembrance. but it is a tough day for all of you who lost buddies, lost friends. even tougher for the family members who lost friends. calley callahan, suzanne , roko kamaj.
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>> may god bless the memory of the euros we lost -- the heroes we lost. god bless united states of america in may god protect our police and our troops, wherever they are. sincealmost every year 9/11, the gallup organization asks how worried are you if someone in your family or you will become a victim of terrorism. this year, 49% of americans say they are worried about that. that is the highest number that question has gotten since the original attacks. what are your thoughts on this 9/11 in a time of incredible politics in washington? john: being here in new york countrythink the whole -- there was a special residence
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onance here. a lot of people we know lost family members and friends and were affected in a very personal way. it is a day -- as you said, the sun is always shining and that reminds people of that day. these numbers from the gallup poll really show was the extent to which the world is still feeling like a really frightening place. more frightening than it has in a decade. you think about isis, the beheadings we saw. foreign policy will matter in this presidential election but are many elements of uncertainty in our lives. a lot of americans -- may have a reason to feel more jeopardy. mark: the presidential campaigns -- particularly the republican side -- it is the isis beheadings that have spooked people and captured the sentiment of fear and concern. although president obama is often criticized on the
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republican side, he has aggressively pursued the war on terror. john: this is a nonpartisan statement. the people on the left will say this is true and horrible. people on the right will deny it. the fact is the resmed straight-line continuum in terms of how -- there has been a straight line continuum. there are a lot of places where his policy has been as conservative by any republican organization would have been, but it is still the case. the headings are still very vivid. the sense that isis has replaced al qaeda and has an agenda to kill americans -- that is true. people are not wrong to recognize them even though most people are safe. it is not crazy to think this is not a dangerous world. mark: the next president will be the second post-bush and third post 9/11 president. john: we will have more on
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september 11 and what the most prominent native new yorker -- donald trump -- has said about the day later in the show. now we turn to politics which kept churning, especially reaction to the new republican numbers in iowa. trump horse race, donald and ben carson are still at the top with 27% and 21% followed by ted cruz, jeb bush. take a look at what has happened to scott walker. mark: whoa. john: back in february, may and as recently as july, walker was in first place. now he is in 10th place with just 3% of support among iowa republicans. mark, what has happened to scott walker? mark: he has been eclipsed by donald trump and ben carson. i think his jumping ahead in iowa-based on the one speech in
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january created an artificial bounce. he jumped ahead is a neighboring state governor. his path that will be tough, in part because there are so many people in front of them. and in part because he has a lot of national work to do. they need to improve the national sense of his candidacy and the possibilities of it. he has the boost those things simultaneously. john: he came into the race with a lot of doubt. people thought he was not necessarily intellectually up to the task and was not a major league player. in that moment in the spring, he seemed to put the doubts to rest but he has made a lot of mistakes, a lot of flubs in interviews, said things that were provocative. to think about suggesting a wall with canada -- the chattering classes have been reinforced in their initial doubts. mark: the favorability of a lot
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of people are down in iowa. another thing that the poll is between the two front runners, donald trump and ben carson. trunk is up to us -- trump is up to 60% and carson has a higher rating. it is better for carson, but there are some interesting things. john: the two most important things that stand out is among evangelical voters which is a huge bloc in iowa and among very conservative voters, carson handily beats trump. he beats and a lot of categories. but those two categories, he beats him badly. you look at the dynamics of iowa -- trump has room to grow but those suggest the capacity to give donald trump a run for his money. mark: i wonder if carson favorability will go down.
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he is likable. john: finally, there is some good news for the only candidate who got promoted from the undercard next week for the republican debate at the reagan library will be carly fiorina. her placement is not fantastic but not bad either. she is tied for fifth place. her name recognition is shooting up. a number of people who did not have an opinion of her dropped since july. those who know more about her seem to like her. she is favorable to nearly double. we are having a carly fiorina moment. if you were her, how would you play it on the debate stage? mark: just as she has been. many people have been waiting for her to grow. she has a lot of goodwill. i think she has improved the most as a candidate and i think her skills are as good or better than anybody. she needs to be herself. john: the moment of truth will
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come when she gets to the point and she is not quite there yet where she actually looks like a threat to the people at the very top. when that happens, there will be a ton of opposition research that will come down on her head about her time at hewlett-packard. we have not heard as much as is out there. mark: those two will be heavily watched next week. ameser note, tomorrow in is the big annual game between iowa and iowa state. attending, the republican will bepregame tailgate donald trump, scott walker, marco rubio and rand paul. that game is called the sidehawk. what do you expect tomorrow with those people gathered? john: great tailgating come a lot of pork products, a lot of beer. donald trump will be there with the other people who he has been fighting with, except maybe marco rubio.
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how will they react? we have been talking privately of what it will be like in seamy valley -- simi valley? . mark: it is almost the case that donald trump will get the most media and crowd reaction. i'm not sure if this the best thing to do to show up at a game where it is all about being raucous and fun. fun. -- is raucous and john: probably will not win the fight. next, the rarity in the television world -- an interview unlike almost any other and one we will talk about for a long time. joe biden with stephen colbert after this. ♪
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mark: vice president biden's interview with stephen colbert last night was a perfect tv interview, not just because of the intensely personal topics they covered but because it felt
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real. even though we expect you have seen at least some parts of this by now, let's watch an unedited version which is how they are discussing with dealing with loss. vice president biden: my mom said as long as you are alive, you have an obligation to strive and you were not dead until you are seen the face of god. bebeen in me and my siblings -- life is -- no one owes you anything. you just have to get up and i feel like i was letting down beau. i let down my parents, my family. stephen: how? vice president biden: you just have to get up. think about the people that go through horrible things and they get up and put one foot after the other.
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the ability of people to absorb hurt and just get back up. most of them do it with an incredible sense of empathy. it is interesting -- the people i find who i am most drawn to our people who -- are people who have been hurt. yet, i will not embarrass you, but you are one of them, but he. ddy. nnoo, no. your mom, your family -- losing your dad. asking what is like made your mother do it every day? how did she get up every single day with 11 kids. stephen: well, she had to take care of may. [laughter] e. vice president biden: and she
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did an incredible job. divided reaction to some part of the interview. some people thought that seemed fake. other people felt it felt really real. what about you? mark: i put myself in that camp. there is debate about whether what he was saying will mean he is going to run or not. this is so genuine. that is what made this -- people have had raw -- it is so genuine, unusual. not for joe biden, but someone like his stature and position to go on the show and let his guard down and say what he would say almost verbatim off-camera. john: you think about the tragedy that stephen colbert suffered when he was a kid, losing his father and brothers. a unique moment for the two of them to talk about what they have been through. a really interesting thing to me
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because that was the first real moment where you saw stephen colbert totally shutting the old stephen colbert character. they had a genuine connection. that did not seem to me stage-managed. it felt very human. everyone knew stephen colbert would ask him about if he would run for president so here is another unedited portion of the interview where the vice president explains his thought process, complete with dramatic causes with a motion. stephen: you said this weekend you don't know if you are emotionally prepared to run for president. ice president biden: look, don't think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president. and two, they can look at the folks out there and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my soul, my energy and my
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passion to do this. lying if i said that i knew i was there. -- it -- i am being completely honest. right, inobody has a my view, to seek that office unless they are willing to give it 110% of who they are. as i said, i'm optimistic. i'm positive about where we are going, but i find myself -- you understand. sometimes it just sort of overwhelms you. out tot be -- i went denver and i landed in the military base. i met a group of military families which is not unusual.
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it was about 100 yards from the aircraft. two thirds were in uniform and were mamie -- were family members. this 1% is fighting for 99% of the rest of us. i was talking about them being the backbone of this country. it was going great. majorin the back yells beau biden, bronze star. i served with him in iraq. all of a sudden, i lost it. this, butot be saying that -- you cannot do that. john: so, watching that, everybody in the world watched it and came to the conclusion of some kind whether he is leaning into it now or less. you can read it both ways. how did you? mark: the perception of the
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interview will make them more likely to run only because he does not want to be run if he has to commit -- a guide to make fun of joe biden. you have seen someone who can tell his arsena personal story. john: i have been bearish on the notion of biden running. that interview gave me a moment last night that he might be getting ready to do this. one other thing about that -- hard to imagine hillary clinton giving a performance. just watch that -- imagine hillary clinton and that situation which is hard to imagine. really quickly, the interview all he got more remarkable. this is where stephen colbert essentially asked joe biden to run for president. biden: remember, nobody is better than you, but you are better than nobody. everybody is equal. my mother pounded into our heads. stephen: there is another person
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who said that and that is thomas jefferson. this is why i think people want you to run for president. annow that ha is emotional decision you have to make. [applause] but, it will be emotional for a lot of people if you do not run. sir, i just want to say that i think your experience and your example of suffering and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race. not that there are not good people on the race running, but i think we would be very happy if you did run. if you don't, i know that your service to the country is we should all salute. thank you so much. john: that is a pretty unusual thing. a television host of any kind, political show, entertainment show, coming out and saying i would like you to run for president. how do you feel about that? appropriate? mark: totally appropriate and
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heartfelt. a lot of people feel that way. even some republicans that i know because the death of beau biden, they say it will be great for him to have the chance. i still think he is not up for doing one of the hardest things in the planet, but i agree the interview made me think maybe he will. john: if stephen colbert was the anchor of the evening news and i would say wildly inappropriate. given the person he is, completely appropriate. we have some breaking news -- former texas governor rick perry is apparently getting out of the race for president. that story after the break. ♪
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mark: the breaking news -- governor rick perry is getting out of the presidential race. he is right now in missouri, st. louis. he says he is suspending his campaign but that is usually what you would do.
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you see perry giving the speech that he is withdrawing from the race in st. louis. we will watch that, but i have been surprised by this. i was thinking by the super pac that he would stay in. john: i thought if anybody was going to drop out before iowa it would be him. i don't think he is a dumb man. he thinks he has not been able to overcome the legacy of his 2012 race. he is not getting traction. i don't think money will necessarily help him. i think he understood that. the timing is a little -- it is never a good time to get out but i am not shocked. mark: he has been shutting down campaign offices and laying off staff so it was going to be tough going forward. in addition to the no staff was the reality there were so many people ahead of him who are appealing to the same voters. john: the same discussion we often have around this office --
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what can stop donald trump? if you ask the same question, what could make rick perry the nominee? what circumstances could have occurred given where he is now? i find it hard to imagine even if i were being the most pro-rick perry person that would elevate him to the top of this large field. mark: he loves his grandkids and i am sure he will spend time with his family. i will be curious to see if he endorses anyone. he has been pretty tough on donald trump. it'll be interesting to see if he becomes a group trying to figure out -- i would maybe be surprised if the super pac maybe turns its attention to donald trump. john: it is always, you know, he reads the statement here. he cites the will of christ. part of the reason why he dropped off.
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a lot of politicians over the years, sometimes it is best to drop out. this is one of the maxims of presidential politics. it is hard to get your time back. the time for him probably was 2012 and he did not get it done. mark: it ends a long career in who fourfice and a guy years ago was in a much better position. four he was in september years ago, he was the front runner. mark: you never overcame the first mistake. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ john: we are live 24/7 on where you can rehe analysis of rick perry's decision to drop out. remember, this is 9/11. this is on the tube twice a day
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at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.. mark: we will see you next week. sayonara. ♪
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anchor: we are moments away from the closing bell. i'm alix steel. ♪ alix: u.s. stocks fluctuate after a loss. investors. joe: the question is, what did you miss. is now the time to go to cash? our guest today says your money is better off in a piggy bank than the markets. lisa: how locate you go when it comes to oil?


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