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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  September 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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of congress like bill flores of who have been pushing against boehner because of the planned parenthood thing, if this is like the french revolution. they may get more than they bargained for. >> boehner's departure leaves a ton of questions. the continuing resolution, the debt ceiling. the question of who replaces him. but no one is going to have an easy time. i expect whoever replaces boehner will have a harder time being a governing partner in passing bills out of the house. in the short term, i think boehner saw this as a way to let nancy pelosi and the democrats provide the votes to pass a continuing resolution. and in the longer term next year, republicans will have a challenge passing anything.
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whoever succeeds boehner i think will be more -- be -- you guys are the grizzled prose. my head is spinning over some of these dynamics. right now, the savior republicans need to win ohio next november -- two novembers on. sayingn heilemann, i am the complexity of the republican dynamic, have you ever seen it this great? john: i think the republican in a state ofty profound change. and faces profound questions about its viability as a national governing party. lasts lost five of the six presidential votes at the popular level. but gaining congress, that has created changes in the party
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geographically. the populist uprising within the party. of theosion establishment power. all of those things have put this party in a place where it is really grappling with what exactly it stands for, what exactly it is, and what exactly its future might we. tornme ways, it could be apart by those forces in the coming years or decades. moment, where this republican nominating contest is ofunpredictable, as full turmoil is putting in the middle the speakersee stepping down and resigning from congress two months before they ,tart to pick their president
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cast votes on who their nominee will be, it is an amazing thing. john heilemann and mark halperin from "with all due respect." also speaking with phil mattingly. we are waiting for the speaker of the house, john boehner -- she has been speaking to your publication caucus -- to speak to the press. he will have -- we will have his remarks as and as he steps out. the news is that he is resigning from congress, giving up his house seat at the end of october. he has been under extreme pressure from the right-wing of the party on whether or not to defund planned parenthood. the house is debating a bill to keep the government open that contains that as an amendment. a big fight that he is apparently tired of. while we wait -- he should be out shortly, we are told -- mark halperin, let me run you back into the debate over who migh
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succeed him. the names we hear, kevin mccarthy from california's 23rd district, the majority leader, or paul ryan of wisconsin, former vice presidential candidate, who chairs the house budget committee. how about john? all right, phil mattingly. we have asked you this before, but let me bring you back into it. politically, is either one of for theng to be better party, for the country? one an improvement over the other? how will republicans calculate food to choose? phil: the most interesting thing to watch is that the dynamic does not change just because john boehner sat down. the white house still has a
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democrat, and while senate republicans now control the chamber, they do not control it with 60 votes. they cannot move anything they want. even if they could, it would be vetoed from the white house. i dynamic does not change. the interesting part about kevin mccarthy -- if he decides to go for this -- or if paul ryan decides this is something he wants -- and paul ryan has said many times leadership is not exactly his cup of tea. he would have to change his perspective. kevin mccarthy has, going into a leadership election. he has a team of top deputies. he knows all of the members around him. he can get people in shape to get election votes. one thing, as i have been e-mailing around, and you ask if this will change the dynamic and he better for the republican party -- i have been talking to the mostome of
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conservative members, they are already talking about organizing, how to coalesce and who to coalesce around. they are trying to run up somebody to go against kevin mccarthy or paul ryan. whether or not those guys would be good for the republican conference, we are far away from that now because there will be a significant challenge. thomas and davis is a former member of the 11th district for the house. he has joined us many times. chairman of the house and oversight government reform 2003ttee -- let's call it to 2007. cumbersome and davis, your reaction to speaker damer -- to speaker boehner stepping aside? >> at least he did it on his own terms. what was brewing in the caucus was a move to unseat him, which may or may not have been successful, depending on the diversity involved. for the record, john was a good leader.
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he just did not have enough followers. that will be a problem for anyone who succeed him. unfortunately, with my resigning, i think it feeds the beast. it powers the conservative wing of the party to want something different and to demand more action at the top. we will have to see how this all works out. paul ryan is a unifying figure. i think mccarthy stepping up, given the right leadership, he could make it work through the next election. one good thing for mccarthy is radio, cable talk news, these groups have not demonized him the way they have boehner. davis, that is where i wanted to go. you are a house page. then you went to amherst college. he moved on there with all of your experience in northern virginia. you is not the congress knew and not even the congress john boehner new five years ago.
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where is that republican institution going to be one year, three years, or five years from now? >> in the macro, i would have to say congress now is literally the lease powerful branch of government. they has seated their main power, the power of the purse, to the executive branch by doing away with their person just by doing away with your macs and just passing continuing resolutions. their inability to pass other relation has put other agencies in the courts. it has been denuded. onre it will be depends leadership and the ability of republicans to work together. right now, it is splintered. with the advent of cable radio and -- with talk radio and cable news, they are not loyal to the party. phil was talking about
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members of congress who would have deposed the speaker were kevin mccarthy. you ran that committee while you are in congress. is there, by design, an effort to bring in more conservatives? >> no. it is just the nomination process and the republican base. we can see this in the primaries. it has moved and tire establishment -- it has moved antiestablishment. whitebasically a population. it has moved from the country club down the streets to main street and blue-collar workers. i feel this is because of some of because rule changes in society reeling under pressure. you take to get a deep black lives movement, the movement on gay rights, and i think people are feeling under assault with the changes around them. i would not say it is
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necessarily right or left, but there is reaction to that. they are looking for someone to pick up the break and throat through the window. -- and throw it through the window. tom: there are four american flags against the white wall, and michael mckee, staff is lined up. it looks like the staff of lehman went they went under. michael: to give you some idea theow divided the party is, values voter summit was underway. senator marco rubio speaking to the group when this news rope. he announced it to the group on stage. and the crowd burst into applause. these are republicans bursting into applause because the republican speaker of the house was deposed. tom: excuse me. jump in here. >> i want to mention, we are speaking with thomas davis, who was a republican congressman from virginia and now works for deloitte consulting.
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phil mattingly mentioned that this is going to make it difficult, even for people who lobby, to get anything done, given the state of the house post-boehner. >> it has been hard to get anything done. congress has been noncredit. we had a highway bill on life support. you are passing no appropriations bills. just continuing resolutions. the omnibus is a check mentality between the republicans and most branches of republicans and democrats in congress. it has been at a standstill in all of these areas. from a lobbying perspective, there has not been a lot being done in this town. tom: some of us and our civics lessons, which usually come in the movie theater -- i think the collapse of the wig party, henry the civil war,o
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you live in virginia with the neatness of virginia politics, you ever think of the collapse of the republican experiment moving out of the 1860's? >> absolutely. what has happened is campaign finance reform moved money from the parties to interest groups that can raise money in unlimited amounts. parties and candidates are restricted. that has had an effect on the party's ability to finance these races. the parties to be the organ to get your message out. now you have electronic media and stuff being forwarded back and forth. have lost that. most of these parties are single party districts now. even the senate. you only had four states where it the presidential race was within five points. it is being far out in factions within the parties.
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but outside of giving a valid position the candidates, the party has become less relevant. michael: let me issue a surveillance correction. i called paul ryan the chairman of the budget committee, which he was. he is now chairman of the ways and means committee. let's just say that he is, at the moment. tom: tom davis, we are good at air.g people promotions on phil mattingly, help us out as we speak with congressman and chairman davis, of the 11th district of virginia ages ago. your prison on capitol -- , we have moved on from tom davis's congress to something new. what is it? great question. i would look at it like this to give perspective.
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when the republicans won the house in 2010, john boehner was john cantorspeaker, was elevated to majority leader, kevin mccarthy was whip. they call themselves the young guns. that was the team that would thege the perspective of republican party. leave the party to large national victories. eric cantor is no longer in congress. he was the presumed front-runner to always be boehner's replacement until he lost to the type of republican who was back by outside groups nobody really saw coming. not is a party that does necessarily have a structural, coherent direction going forward. it is broken in groups now. you have people that have a lot of power on the outside, through social media and advocacy groups, that put pressure on leaders. -- andnge we will see what could have been -- is that
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john boehner was willing to take youbullet is say whatever want about john boehner, he was a conservative, a republican, but he understood in his role as speaker, he would be the one to fall on his sword to make sure that the government would run or the united states. its bills-- or the united states paid its bills. tom: to that point, tom o davis, are you going to the conference this summer? >> i have been a delegate the past six summers. given the makeup of the party, it would be difficult. the party base has moved apart. it is more decentralized than it used to be. -- raise a lot of money from for the party, but the money has been moved away from the party now. they do not control anything but a ballot line. tom: mike, this is a profound
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statement. that a former congressman with public service is questioning even going to the convention. the party has changed a lot. speaker of the house john boehner's resigning at the end of october. he is 65, from some 90 -- from cincinnati. he is the speaker of the house of representatives. it opens questions about what happens in washington and with the government, what happens with funding for the government. the fiscal year ends next year. tom, you are asking whether the whener made his decision he was sitting behind the pope. phil mattingly noted that speaker had, for a long time, wanted to bring the pope to capitol hill. is reporting that as boehner left the capital last night, he told the reporter from
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politico and from the "washington post" that he had nothing left to accomplish after he brought francis to the capital. this was last night. hey said -- they asked if was resigning. they said he laughed and got into the car without saying anything. there may be a bit of a connection. thatical also reporting boehner, according to one of his aides, had wanted to leave congress at the end of 2014. but the majority leader at the time was eric cantor. he lost his race for reelection and apparently boehner felt he had to stay on. tom: tom davis, give us perspective on eric cantor. he has gone in the private wor ld. give us perspective on how mr. cantor lefty public arena. southern dishes around richmond. upset with thee
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direction of society and government in general. eric was a member of the leadership and was undoing bad deals that boehner was doing. when he was giving president obama the finger, they were applauding him. but when he reopened the government, raise the debt ceiling, raised immigration, he lost them. they want someone to pick up the trick and throw it through the window to express their anger. eric's antenna was not up and he did not see it coming in the primary. he got beat soundly. gauge john boehner sometime now. in the caucasus take him down. it is rare in history. it is not good for the house. among anything else, john boehner was an institution. he did not want to put the house
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through that. this will allow him -- because he does not resign until next month -- they put a temporary cr. the house to do that, not in the republican conference. put the country first. go out and have a good life. he bought a condo in florida last year. he can have a good life when he leaves. he is a good leader, he just did not have followers. the 23rd congressional district in california, centered in the san joaquin valley, bakersfield at the center of it, which is where kevin mccarthy is leadere is the majority of the house, theoretically in line to take over. he is probably the favorite in the early line to become the next speaker. what can you tell us about kevin mccarthy? kevin when he was assembly leader in california for the republicans. he has always been able.
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he eats, briefs, lives the stuff every single day. if he wants to be the republican nominee for speaker, he can be there. social media, conservative groups, have not spent time going after mccarthy yet. where do toms, davis republicans go if that is the new view of the party? >> we are not going to go to the democrats. looking at my clock some days and wondering what i am doing here. our economics are just to business oriented to become comfortable. in that caucus as well. we are staying and we are not going anywhere. right now, given the passions at the moment, i think we are outnumbered in most of these states. but there are still a lot of members around who think the way
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we do, they are just not able to act that way, given the hand they have been dealt. moved from the parties out to the wings. phil mattingly, you have counted every gajillion dollars. someone said to me that the dynamic change is that with the new money congressman davis speaks of, the idea that no one can drop out of the race because they always have the marginal plane ticket pay for. this is a republican campaign that can go on and on, including mr. kasich from boehner's ohio? >> there is one flaw. exposed by governor rick. and scott walker. said tens ofac millions of dollars when they themselves are not of money. blocking and tackling of a campaign still needs to exist. raise hardate can dollar money and have enough the
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function, they will have the money to function for a long time. that might make the campaign go longer. points me to me is that donors do not really like eighth place finishes in iowa or ninth place finishes in new hampshire. so those checks may start to try out. an issue. i want to convey one thing. i have been e-mailing back and inth with a lawmaker who was the room when boehner told the conference this and some remarks coming out as lawmakers are walking out. paul ryan just told reporters he does not want this job. anything can happen. abouters just finding out this now. paul ryan has made clear, leadership is not a place he wants to be, particularly if he sees a way forward on tax reform. he is telling reporters now that he does not want the job as figure of the house. that takes out a key candidate. to a lawmaker who just e-mailed
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me, given caller from boehner, it was an emotional statement. -- this is notnt about him. he is tired of it becoming about him and he thought it was time for it to step down. he recited the. pope francis after the announcement. boehner made one key points was that the disagreement greg and i had over whether this means the government will or will not shut down. he said his next month in office is about reconciliation, not repudiation. not people going after each other. this bolsters my point that while republicans disagree with any type of funding bill that continues funding for planned parenthood, what john boehner has done is set the stage to take the bullet, fall on the sword one final time. he will have democratic help. they will pass the cr. there will not be a shutdown, but everyone eyes will turn to when the next debt ceiling fight
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is because that is the problem everyone needs to pay attention to. senseark halperin, do you it conciliation in the air? kind thath kind, the -- feeling, though this is a fluid situation, is that john boehner held things together in a way that his successor will have trouble doing. this will embolden those on the right who want a more confrontational strategy. and until jamia 2017, republicans in the house have to deal with the fact that democrats have a filibuster and president obama can filibuster anything -- can veto anything. all of these fights will have to be managed by someone who does not have dinners patience -- who
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do not have been or is -- boehner's patience and relationships. thisthe idea of where republican party is, through all the changes and the decades, is this a party marginalizing itself into a whig party of the 19th century? that wayn think of it in terms of aspects of national politics. but look at state legislatures, look at governors in a lot bigger states. you will find that the republican party is doing well. it is at the presidential level and at the level of our national discourse on some issues where the party tolt for come back as a majority party. they have control of the house and senate. that is not a marginalized party. that is a congressional party dominated by the congressional wing of our government dominated
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by republicans. this will embolden those on the confrontation for the last year plus of the obama administration, rather than looking for compromise. michael: for those just joining us on bloomberg radio and television, speaker of the house john boehner told the republican caucus he is resigning at the end about over. resigning as the great and as a member of congress. he has been under a lot of pressure from the right wing of his party as they discuss spending measures of the united states. this comes as an enormous amount of news is happening around the world. the pope speaking at the united nations. we had told you we would be carrying his speech, but because of the business out of washington, we have not. tois giving a speech similar what he told congress yesterday. that ecological crises can threaten human existence. we need to stay on top of that. he is a crying terrorism and
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international organized crime. earlier, the president of china, xi jinping, arrived at the white house for talks with president obama. and he will be holding a news conference with president obama at around noon. no doubt, the boehner resignation will be front and center for that. one other headline we want to bring -- this is not related to politics in the united states -- but fifa, the swiss have now opened a criminal investigation of fifa president sepp blatter. tom: we now have an official statement that mr. ryan of wisconsin does not want the job. michael bender is with us. and mark halperin. halperin travels the
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country, mr. bender speaks to lawmakers. what have you learned from lawmakers within their shock and all this morning? a law to surprise this morning. no one has officially raise there and get to succeed boehner. that is the next question. how does it affect the shutdown. , whatformed speculation the plugged in lawmakers are saying, is that mccarthy is almost a lock to replace the inner. what they are saying is -- to .eplace boehner when they are saying is there are not enough credible candidates to challenge mccarthy. the real race will be for majority leader. steve scalise is likely to run for that. the of the -- maybe even previous majority with, peter roskam. thee have word from
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republican from texas, -- run.s asked if he would he is refusing to say. he calls a speaker boehner's decision "one of the noblest acts i have seen in politics." tom: mark halperin, you're good at the travel of all of this. the grinding travel that you and john heilemann have gone through. what have you noticed the past few weeks from republicans have spoken to? >> finish the last sentence again? tom: what have you learned on the road in the last few weeks, not so much from the republicans in front of the microphone, but from those who never get the visibility. what have you learned about the present mood that speaker boehner and others face? frustration on the far right with the obama years. and this big, fractious
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republican presidential field has not produced someone to give voice to a plan to deal with what happens next. security is a huge issue for a lot of republicans. but the economy is front and center. part of the roof -- part of the frustration is on issues like planned parenthood funding, the affordable care act. republicans say what good is having a republican speaker of the house or senate majority even if it is going to be vetoed by president obama, can't we at least get these issues to the american people? he was in the room and speaker weiner announced that he was resigning. can you set the scene for us, representative, and tell us what he said and the reaction within the republican caucus? well, he outlined the next
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said thatusiness and he didn't really intend to serve this term. he decided to go ahead with it. to step down at the end of october. i think his thinking is that he did not want the congress distracted by a debate over his tenure. as you know, there have been about 2000 -- two dozen and a call for him to step down. he did not want that for -- he did not want for that to be the issue. the conference stunned -- congress stunned? >> oh yeah, most of us were stunned. we thought he would tough it out. there is a discord with whatever
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leadership does. when you are there, how do you get it done. the public is frustrated, they would like to see this republican led house the more aggressive. he becomes the target. rather than be part of the problem, i think he is doing a courageous thing and stepping aside at this time, when he has become part of an issue that, again, blocks a perception of what republicans are doing. you have enjoyed 22 years serving the people of florida. you have a terrific perspective
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on what has changed for this republican party. thehe next speaker of house, and if you would like to tell us who you would endorse, we would love to know that, what is the new speakership versus john boehner or the speakers before? rep. mica: i think the frustration has built up on boehner not being able to move forward. he has probably done as good of a job as he could do. there are some things that could have been done in a different way. speaker more likely will be kevin mccarthy. he is the majority leader. i think he is -- i think he has the strongest support. we will see what happens.
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republican elections, everyone has one vote, and things can change. we have got the whole month of october and what is left of september for folks to campaign. we will see what happens. again, i think that john did this in the best of interests of the congress, because he did not want that to be the issue. sees going to be tough to who gets the assignment, because you don't have the votes to override the president in the house or the senate. how would representative mccarthy be the same or different questio? rep. mica: there are 16 months left in the obama administration. you have got to work with everybody. and you become the target, some of the folks inside the congress who had instituted this , they are going to have to work
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with him, and some of the folks outside who did not want him to be speaker are now going to have to support whoever is elected in a leadership position. tom: mark halperin is with us. right now, how great is the divide? issues it'son some not a great divide at all. representative weiner is a very tough position. boehner is inive a very tough position. some would rather have the fight. why thethat issue is speaker has decided to let some the all's handle this. tom: we spoke of the emotion in
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john boehner's speech yesterday. vice president biden was there. update on joe biden's dynamic right now, if he considers running for president of the united states. i think he does not know yet what he is going to do. i think it is impossible for us to know. if you look at all the data and the travel and how he has been perceived at events, he has been pulling numbers not just in the horse race, but in the overall .avorable and unfavorable with the continuing problems with hillary clinton e-mails, speaker weiner's resignation is being greeted with a less shock than it might've been, because we're in a. where john -- in a period joe biden is thinking of running
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and donald trump to be the president of the united states. -- could be the president of the united states. representative john mica is still with us. he represents the seventh congressional district of florida. i want to ask you how this plays out for the republican conference within the house. in essence, does this further ?ivide your caucus does this make it more difficult to transfer public and positions? rep. mica: i don't think so. winners doing a courageous thing. he does want himself to be a part of the issues. it will give the republicans sort of a renewed energy in the house. think the crowd to get elected to leadership will be even tougher with the administration, which i think republicans want
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to see. if they play well into the hands -- of course, you have a more moderate general electorate, but i think they are even frustrated with what they have seen. that is why donald trump and the outsiders are surging in popularity. know.itics, you never having been involved in it for a while, there is always a surprise. they just called a vote in the house. i am going to go. i'm going to the floor. i can guarantee, it will be a very interesting vote. period.g a lot of discussion. that made a lay speaker weiner. may delay speaker
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boehner. the catholic speaker of the house who brought the pope to the hill may be waiting for the pope to finish before he comes out to address the public. tom? im: i got an e-mail that said anded to see if mr. harper -- if mark halperin was on the way in. we are returning to normality near the two decade average of 20. , showinghe 10 year what i would call a friday churn of the news flow. it has been asked ordinary. this,g through all of getting us perspective, has been julian a manual of ubs.
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julian emanuel of ubs. washington doesn't matter to the markets until it does, and when it does, it does with a vengeance. will we be surprised with a second shutdown? julian: i don't think we will be surprised by a shutdown. if we get to a point where they will bring us to the brink of debt default, as in 2011, there is real risk. the main point is that in washington, we should expect it to be a source of volatility between now and two novembers from now. .he playing field is unstable as chair yellen told us last washington matters.
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the underlying soundness of the the threats from the weakness in china and the emerging markets and elsewhere is -- , we all's be honest treat politicians with economics and international relations degrees differently, don't we? mike: we do, indeed, because they are nerds like us. [laughter] they have a football team, right? michael: let's talk about john boehner. since 2011, he is basically the speaker you have known. resignation to his
10:42 am
-- your reaction to his resignation and what it means for republicans going forward? i was shocked. not only has he been speaker since i've been here, he recruited me to run for the house. i consider him a friend. i hope what this means going forward is we can use this selfless act. yesterday,pe said this selfless act can spur us on to think about what each of us can do to move america forward to do the best we can, to make sure we solve real problems. a true, selfless act by a guy who has done this his entire career. he has been a great speaker. he has been the adult in the room.
10:43 am
we need other people to be the adult in the room, going forward. michael: you identify with the conservative wing of the party. did this change where the house republicans go? did the center of gravity switch further to the right? rep. stivers: i don't think so. it is one person, it is one seat. i think he would've had the votes to stay as speaker. i think this is a wake-up call for a lot of people to say, "let us come together and make sure we are not doing a circular firing squad going forward." i won't say anything against anybody in our conference. to reach the problems americans face every day, sometimes as a result of government. tom: ohio is such an interesting state and so important to presidential ambitions. , and yourur service
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service in the military, and we have speaker weiner from ohio, and -- speaker boehner from ohio. when the field starts to clear a little bit, we are looking for somebody who has done things. are looking for someone who has done something at the state and federal level. he has been a great leader. he has brought people together. think we want people talking about somebody for the future. and prosperitye for all, is a vision that can unite the country. tom: one of the things that we have heard this morning, we have gotten screaming now.
10:45 am
scrambling now. what are we seeing? michael: they are expecting the house speaker to come out, john boehner, and talk to the press. we are waiting for the pope to finish his remarks to the u.n. they're picking up their computers and tapes. ,t is not clear, we are told where the speaker is and where he will come out. phil mattingly is with us. what are you hearing? hil: i am hearing he slipped out the back door. i think the expectation was that john boehner was going to come out and address the assembled reporters. it turns out, he is not. he ended up leaving through the
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back door of the conference room. that is why you're seeing all the reporters scramble after him, trying to get a word. we do know, for a fact, he will be on the cbs sunday show for a wide-ranging interview. we are not totally sure if we are going to get shot -- get a shot to talk to him. there is some collegial chaos when you see it. we're speaking to representative stivers of ohio. anger in theth the united kingdom and their politics with the spanish vote, and across america, we see it in both parties, certainly within your republican party. what do you observe of anger in your 15th district of ohio? rep. stivers: people are surprised and disappointed that we haven't solved more problems in washington.
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that creates anger among republicans. it creates anger among democrats and independents. we need to do a better job. now is a great time for all of us to look in the mirror and say , "what can each of us do to bring america together to solve problems?" by johnfless act boehner is a thing to spur us to action, i hope. michael: if you look in the near, can what -- is what you can do to create a resolution that does not defund planned parenthood? rep. stivers: it will be up next week, and i am voting for it. clears the way for it to go through and we do not have a shutdown? rep. stivers: i do not think we will have a government shutdown at all. you will see the house next week. my guess is that the bipartisan
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, both republicans and 270-rats, will be in the 280 range. tom: thank you. steve stivers of ohio. michael, let's wrap up here. so much of what we have seen over so many scenes this morning. this is julian a manual of ubs. in 15 years of bloomberg, i have not seen a week where the news has flowed this well. if there is a new speakerthat moves uncertainty away as john boehner retires and resigns. julian: you still have to get through december. stave off and october closure, there will be two months where there is still uncertainty.
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ultimately, we think it will get resolved, and that will be positive for the market. within this and the uncertainty, we have done this before. i remember echoing through my house as a child the uproar over debt limits. still havinge that argument, aren't we? julian: the other issue behind the scene is how does the fed's reaction function in all of this? nancy pelosi is it -- is reacting to speaker boehner's resignation. pelosi: it is connected to the challenges he gave us, as he addressed his remarks not only to us, but to workers and to children and to seniors aire.
10:50 am
it was a major part of our culture. i would love for his holiness to did, that when he referenced martin luther king and boehner represented -- thomasnced joh thomas meriton's book. today islso happening we are meeting the president of china. we are excited about his cap and trade initiative. we are having a meeting between our two countries to address the climate crisis, or as he is calling it, air pollution, which addresses it to some more directly.
10:51 am
this is good, what the chinese are doing in this case. it is excellent. we had a summit on who was an expert in climate and environment and energy. the chinese are to be commended for what they are doing in that regard, although we have serious concerns for what is happening in china and tibet. we toasted a toast and raise our glasses to those who are languishing in prisons in china and tibet, and hoping that the values of our country are clear to the president of china when it comes to protecting the dignity and worth of every person in the spirit of st. francis.
10:52 am
respect to the speaker, we still have to stop their actions in shutting down the government. for clean,nity continuing resolution is an absolute necessity. we hope it will be done in a , dialogue oriented respect for other people's opinions in a spirit of st. francis way. past whatd in the enabled the republican congress to work its will, the house to work its will, and the senate to work its will to keep the government open. again, the disarray among the house republicans and their obsession with shutting down government at the expense of -- it needs tois
10:53 am
be reckoned with and recognize. -- recognize. d. does this make it easier or tougher for democrats? rep. pelosi: he is the speaker until he gives up the gavel. we will continue to negotiate with speaker boehner. and me will find that together what happens next in the republican caucus, whether there is an heir apparent or if there is a disagreement as to who will succeed the speaker. the fact is that september 30 is right around the corner, and we cr ino have a short-term a few days that would take us through.
10:54 am
we have all agreed that whatever the day is, by november 20, we would have to be -- have our negotiations complete. we would go forward with an omnibus bill from their, an omnibus bill that would recognize that we are limiting sequestration, that the money that we add is dollar for dollar so weic and defense, build our defense and invest in the strength of our country in terms of our domestic agenda. this would all be completed in a timely fashion for the next year. as we aree time planning the offsets to the top line, the committees would be will in terms of the appropriations committee doing their appropriations.
10:55 am
it is a question of what the dollar figure would be, and is set up -- and that's a big question. >> isn't this a big distraction? it's more than a distraction. the fact is that that's one element of this. the presence of the united states will sign the bill, so president of the united states will sign the bill, so that's leverage is significant. that leverage is significant. different things in the press. approachesferent including bringing to bills to the floor on which is fine, as long as one is a clean cr.
10:56 am
until the end of the fiscal year, there isn't a great deal of play. it is what comes after that. you see, i want to have it top line by the time we do the cr. we want to assign the offsets before we determine the top line. we are ok with that. [inaudible] thispelosi: i called morning to see how we are doing with the cr. before theke at 8:30 state breakfast toast of the in china.soners they said he is in a meeting and he will call you midmorning. i have not heard from him yet. [inaudible] rep. pelosi: i was in the conference having this .onversation
10:57 am
useerent tactics they might . all of a sudden, the phones to slit up, and that is how we -- the phones just lit up, and that is how we found out. does this increase or decrease the odds of shutdown? rep. pelosi: the american people are even now more closely watching what happens here, because they have seen a speaker because those in his caucus are demanding a shutdown of government. -- unless there is a defunding of planned parenthood. public awareness is the strongest opportunity we have for keeping government open. roves andof the carl
10:58 am
the rest have spoken about shutting down government. shutting down government is drastic. we had read to us by our ranking member all the things that will happen if they shut down government, who was affected in terms of our veterans, who is affected in terms of children. it is a stunning array. one of the things that people have said is that if we only let government shut down for one day , but really did not mitigate for the damage, the american people would really know how bad this is. are, responsible as we when the shutdown came before, it lasted from october 1 to october 17, we tried to mitigate for the damage. it is harmful. we lost $25 billion in the economy.
10:59 am
it curtailed the growth of the gdp. work. people out of at least 30% of the federal , and wee are veterans all profess to worship the shrine of our veterans, yet they would casually shut down our and have the fear is degrees of impact on federal workers. degrees of impact on federal workers. the issues we are talking about are antigovernment. the degree of government has ebate in our country for a couple hundred years. how much government? how much federal, local, and state? that's it would jim and place on the spectrum -- that's a
11:00 am
on theate place spectrum, but antigovernment, shut it down, that's not acceptable. presidents washington said this is the effect of someone attempting to start their own government, and that is what we are seeing. much for ourone so country with great presidents, isders in congress, yet it -- some would say the party has been hijacked by a fringe element, and we are seeing the effects of that now. is what we doant for the american people across the countrnd


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