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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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margaret: i'm margaret talley. phil: with all due respect to pope francis it would appear you , are not the only one who wanted to get out of washington. john boehner: ♪ my, oh my what a wonderful day ♪ >> on the show tonight, values and voters. but first, a soon-to-be vacancy. today in what happened to be a really slow news day, sort of speaker john boehner said , sayonara to capitol hill announcing he would resign from congress at the end of october. here is the reasoning that john boehner gave. john boehner: before i went to sleep last night i told my wife,
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i might make an announcement tomorrow. what kind of announcement? might just tell them it is time to go. so this morning i woke up and i walked up to starbucks as usual and got my coffee. saw everybody at pete's diner. then i got home and thought, i think today's the day. diner to love the pete's reference. speaker john boehner we had some good times. we laughed, we cried, we listened, we cried. we cried a lot. there were tears. it has been a big week for speaker boehner. why is he leaving now? margaret: speaker john boehner wanted to leave a year ago. by his own admission. what happened was eric cantor come out of nowhere -- in eric cantor's mind, he lost. john boehner felt that he had to hang on. he had made up his mind last night. you saw him weeping when the pope was with him.
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i think he was holding out for the pope's visit. after that, he had nothing left to prove. phil when you talk to people in : his network, yesterday was a peak for him. he had worked for two decades to get the pope to washington. he has this very personal moment with the pope that he described during the press conference where the pope asked john boehner to pray for the pope. the impact that had on john boehner, you saw it, he told the story over and over again. i think not that the pope's , visit was the reason he resigned. i think yesterday there was a sense of almost calm. the sense of ok, i've done it. , it is time to go. margaret: it was not going to get any better. phil that might have been peak, : because he knew what was coming. reaction to john boehner's announcement was swift. in many cases, it was completely predictable, especially among 2016ers. establishment types like jeb bush and john kasich and chris christie complimented the speaker. outside of types like donald trump -- outside of types like donald trump and carly fiorina welcomed the resignation. at the values voter summit in
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washington, marco rubio got this reaction when he broke john the -- the john boehner news. senator rubio: just a few minutes ago speaker john boehner announced that he would be resigning. [cheers] phil: a little bit jarring. meanwhile, someone who may look familiar to you went ahead and pinned down the leader of the free world on the speaker. >> what is a reaction to house speaker john boehner's decision to resign? president obama: something i think that john understood, although it was challenging at times to bring his caucus along, that we can have differences on issues but that does not mean you shut down the government. that does not mean you risk the full faith and credit of the united states. you don't invite a potential financial crisis. phil: that was, of course, margaret with the question. one of your patented 17 part
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questions to the present. margaret, a shutdown according to lawmakers is looking less likely. but a leadership fight is coming. what happens next? margaret: we already know kevin mccarthy, the majority leader, is the most obvious conventional wisdom candidate. john boehner gave him his blessing. but you have others like daniel webster waiting in the wings. who are more conservative, who think that kevin mccarthy is too close to the boehner legacy. there are real questions now about raising the debt limit. many of the budget issues that president obama has to contend with. while john boehner has been open to immigration reform, obama was frustrated he would not do it. mccarthy is interesting because he is from california. he is not completely against immigration reform. but he will be very much in the crosshairs if he ascends to the speakership and decides to go that route. phil no question, you talk to : house lawmakers, kevin mccarthy just has the juice to be able to win.
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the bigger question becomes majority leader and whip, where there is going to be contests. the bigger question, there's 40 lawmakers who have been a thorn in the side of john boehner. the rabble-rousers who caused him so much problems. ok, now is your opportunity. let's see you back up or you have been doing. it is easy to throw bombs. that's for you hear from republican leadership all the time. it's easy to throw bombs from the back bench. let's see you organize and try to put somebody up. i think that is the big question for me. can they coalesce around a single candidate? who would that be? all right. the real focus of the news conference today was china. he was sitting there with president xi jinping. it was a day for them to tout cooperation on issues like climate and cyber security. speaking of cyber issues, that pesky reporter margaret, the first question you asked them was about that. you heard what they had to say. do you think their agreement they announced today has teeth? margaret: it has some teeth in this sense. if the chinese leader is agreeing with president obama
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that governments are not going to be doing this to each other, then president obama has some predicate to proceed with more sanctions. but the big issue has been chinese piracy and how it affects american business and whether the chinese government will prosecute those offenders in china and when. that issue is completely unresolved. the sanctions issue unresolved. president obama door open. -- left the door open on that area. if he goes in that direction, will there be retaliation? president xi would not answer that question. phil by far the most interesting : part of this relationship is what president obama hinted at. the two sides are talking about figuring out some kind of international norms on cyberattacks and hacking, almost like an arms agreement. there was talk in the last two weeks. chinese officials were meeting with the fbi two weeks ago. maybe they could reach that at this meeting. that did not happen. there were not even close. but the fact those talks are going to continue our interesting.
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if they can reach that agreement, that would be transformative in the national security-intelligence arena. i just think they are so far away from that. do you really think china is going to say, we have knowledge there has been cyber attacks in the united states of america and now we are going to tell you? i'm pessimistic, even though it is friday afternoon. hillary is sinking in new hampshire. a new cnn poll puts bernie sanders and 46% and clinton at 30%. joe biden gets 14%. even if biden work in the race, center still leads clinton. if that's not enough, there is the new drip about clinton's e-mails. plus, a report of a draft biden pac beginning operations in 11 super tuesday states. a lot of headlines. what is the worst for hillary clinton? margaret: it is all bad. look, if she was the nominee, the e-mail controversy would be the worst. it is not even clear that she is going to be the nominee.
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that is a problem. in a primary, the wmur poll is the worst because it shows bernie sanders is a problem for her. if bernie sanders is a problem, that may pave the way for joe biden to be a problem down the road. phil: which makes draft biden's work on the outside more important. double digits, even including the margin of error, in a poll in new hampshire is jarring. but i would say in the clinton , team's defense, whether they are doing is letting her loose. ok, clinton, letting loose. not things you put together. they are starting to take a page of the obama team's campaign. she had that interview with lena dunham. she has been doing stuff with mario lopez. that works. that is how you build an outside movement around you. you start to address the grassroots, address people, areas where there has been a disconnect before. her team is in a very early stage of releasing their full-scale plan. margaret: try to turn the boat
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around. you saw it with keystone. she tried to get in front of that so she could be against it before obama is against it. phil it is very early. : her team is happy with what they did on the policy side of things. still, this dominates every week. that has to be enormously frustrating to them. margaret: the numbers have not caught up to her yet. phil more on the big news from : john boehner and more reaction from the white house after this. ♪ ♪
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john boehner: i enjoy what i'm doing. some days are more fun than others. i came to fight for a more accountable government. that leads to more resources in the private sector, better jobs, better wages than this a government solution to everything that the people on the other side of the aisle want to fight for.
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so i'm engaged in a fight, as long as i am, i will be here. >> 10 years maybe. less than 10? john boehner: way less. >> less than six? john boehner: probably. i am not going to be here forever. let me put it this way, i told my staff about five years ago, if i'm 70 years old and still walking around here, somebody just shoot me. i'm not going to be somebody who dies in the saddle. phil: nobody from team john boehner will have to commit violence. that was from mark halperin's conversation with john boehner about the speaker's future. our guest is doug heye who joins us from harvard. you can follow him on twitter. doug -- doug: that is a fake account. that is not my account. twitter needs to verify my actual account. [laughter]
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thank you for that. phil: we will work on that. i want to get into a lot of legacy stuff with john boehner. you were in the room, the most intense meeting during your time on the hill. first, i want you to look at what is going to happen over the next 30 days. you know this conference very well. at the start of november, who is the speaker and who is the leader and who is the majority whip as it stands now? doug: that of a whole lot going on. it looks like kevin mccarthy has jumped out in front. what his team is doing is smart. talking about being a unifier. if there is one thing we have seen over the past 18 hours, if not 18 months, is that the congress need somebody, the house republican conference needs somebody that is going to unify them. that is something kevin mccarthy has shown an ability to do. as majority leader, he has done
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a good job. being the whip is the toughest job for house republicans right now. he worked his tail off in that job and really tried to bring different parts of the party together on different issues. sometimes successful, sometimes not. majority leader cantor would get involved or the speaker would get involved on tough issues, but kevin is somebody who worked tremendously throughout that process. he has the inside track on this. we will see his vote counting ability when he wins as speaker. hopefully we'll unify the party. now, where else are we? majority leader and whip? those will be tough to tell. we will see who jumps in. there is going to be a lot of rancor in these fights. some you may not see as intensified as possible. it is tough to predict who will emerge victorious. but there will be a lot of players. margaret: when you talk about unifying the party, what about the dysfunctional dynamic between congressional republicans and this white house? there is a year plus left the president obama's term.
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is there anything a new speaker can do to change the dynamic? is that likely ech? doug: i think that is going to be a major part of the dynamic. i go back to the sound you played from the value voters summit. if you are happy that john boehner is gone, then what is the alternative? i do not mean what is the alternative as to what republican. what fight do you want to have? i would like to see republicans unified in a message going against senate democrats, certainly when they were in the majority we had trouble doing that. house democrats and ultimately president obama. if we end up fighting amongst ourselves the whole time -- which we have done a lot of -- then we limit our ability to do anything with democrats. and for me, that goes back to december 2012 when, as you remember, margaret, we worked on something we called plan b to deal with, and what a great name plan b -- something to push , back on the democrats when the bush tax cuts were expiring. what we saw is there were enough
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republicans who were nervous enough about voting what they defined as being a tax increase because this was a vote that would happen on december 27 or 28 instead of january 1 when the taxes would rise. so taxes are higher today because some republicans did not want to vote for what they perceived as a tax increase. what we saw was, instead of throwing sand at harry reid or the obama administration, showed we could not pick up the sand. that is why republicans have had the problems they have had over the past couple years. it is why we need to unify and march together. if we are not able to do that, we will have the same problems. phil: doug heye. his actual twitter account is @dougheye. don't follow the other guy. thank you very much, doug. we will be right back with a look at president obama's crazy week with somebody in the room
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for every minute of it. ♪
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♪ phil: brian deese, the unanimous choice for best beard and a senior advisor to president obama. some busy times over there. but a big announcement today in the meeting between president obama and president xi. this is a second meeting with her has been a big climate -- where there has been a big climate announcement at the end of the meeting or during the meeting. you have been deeply involved in this. my question is -- china commits to having a national cap and trade system by 2017. i do not think there is any chance that the u.s. will follow suit. is the u.s. a hindrance to some of the momentum heading into paris? brian: absolutely not. i think, in fact, the opposite. what you are seeing today is the
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result of when the united states steps up and leads on an issue. other countries around the world, including china lead as well. i think you guys are familiar with the clean power plan the president announced a month ago. that is the single largest that any president has taken on climate. it will cap emissions in our domestic power sector. what you saw today was china laid out its approach to its domestic power sector and other sectors of its economy. and i think that part of the reason why you're seeing china move forward is their confidence the united states is leading and the united states is committing to hitting the goals. phil: one other thing, the idea has been, or at least when we were in beijing in november, that china coming along with this would drag india long, would drag other countries along. do you sense going into paris that the united front on some level between the u.s. and china is going to lead to a big
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international agreement? how do you handicap what we are going to see in december? brian: the announcement between the u.s. and china last november was a big breakthrough. since that time, we have seen countries that represent about 75% of global emissions put forward their post 2020 target. so, we have made a lot of progress. there is still some countries -- you mentioned india and others -- that i expect will put forward their emissions targets later this year in the run-up to paris. but we have seen a lot of progress. we still have a ways to go. and part of what this announcement today between the u.s. and china was about was trying to further lay the groundwork between our two countries to say, where are our areas of commonality, and how do we see an agreement actually taking shape? i think announcement is another important step. we have a lot of work yet to do. but i think we have a solid foundation.
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margaret: brian, you have been part of present obama's team from the start. you have spent a lot of time dealing with budget issues. you know as well as anyone that, even though house speaker john boehner is on the other side of the ideological spectrum, he has been someone whom the president has seen as a straight shooter. what is his departure going to do in terms of the president's ability to get things done, whether it is cap and trade, or any major u.s. domestic policy? brian: for starters, i would say the president spoke about speaker boehner earlier today. and i would echo that he's an honorable man. and somebody who has served his country in an honorable way. and one of the things about john boehner is that while we disagree on issues across the board, he also understands that we do need to compromise. we do need to find common ground.
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and that is particularly true when it comes to issues that affect our economy. and so, we'll see what happens in the house. and see what happens in terms of their changes to the leadership, but certainly our hope and our expectation that, as we move forward, the party and its leadership will recognize the importance of not playing games that would put our economic recovery at risk. having the chinese here and seeing the final second-quarter gdp numbers today, just only reinforces that the united states economy is showing continued durable growth. and the last thing we can afford right now is self-inflicted wounds. so, we hope that we will have partners in congress that will understand that and reflect that going forward. phil: a lot of serious issues on the table, obviously. when you're a meeting with chinese officials, but we are a politics show. we just have to ask question --
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when you are sitting behind closed doors in these negotiations, late at night, do they ever ask what the heck is up with donald trump? brian: you know, i have not had those conversations, which is not to say that they've never taken place. look, i will say that the climate announcement that we put forward today was the result of a lot of hard work over the last several months. and one of the things i think that is a positive about our relationship is that having identified our two countries' commitment to lead on this issue, we now do have a very strong relationship. we do not agree on everything. the negotiations are very tough. but we have channels that we can make real progress with. i think the announcement today is a reflection of that. but we'll see whether we have more domestic politics conversations with them going forward.
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margaret: we know you have to go so because you have a state dinner to get ready for. and some tuxedo pants to pick up. other than getting her outfit ready, can you talk to us about what it is like to attend a state dinner, and is there etiquette faux pas you try to one avoid? brian: first things first. you want to have a tuxedo before you go. i am going to go pick mine up now. there are extraordinary opportunities and i am very fortunate to get to attend. last time i took my mom. that was quite a trip. this time my wife and i will be attending. phil: i know things have been crazy over there. we appreciate your taking the time. good luck at the dinner tonight. please, no international incident. brian deese, senior advisor to the present of united states. thank you very much. we will be right back with kind of a tribute to john boehner. ♪
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phil: it is friday and it is time to close up shop, but before you start your weekend, let's rewind some of the great john boehner moments from his time as speaker in the house. john boehner: are you kidding me? you cannot put something on the table. you have to keep 218 frogs in a wheel barrow -- get off their ass and do something. ♪ what a wonderful day ♪ phil: it is the frogs in the wheelbarrow that gets me on that one. look, the man loved his wine. he loved his cigarettes. he loves golf more than anything and my favorite is his fashion critiques which never stop. your tie has to be a certain length. in fact, on bloomberg television, he forced peter cook to re-tie his tie during an
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interview. mr. speaker, we are going to miss you. have a great weekend. mark and john are back next week. until then, sayonara. ♪ announcer: "brilliant ideas."
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