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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 20, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> jim webb, a man with a simple dream. all he wanted was to be heard. now he is doing the only thing he can. >> i am withdrawing from any consideration of being the democratic party's nominee to be the president. >> tonight, we bid farewell to a democrat. godspeed senator. jim webb. he has been waiting for 10 minutes. ♪
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mark: [sighs] john: see you around, jim. in our lineup tonight, a whole bunch of secrets. starting with joe biden. what is he doing? i never know what he is doing. his lips are sealed about what he may do and what he may not do. and when he may or may not do it. but meanwhile in our brand-new , bloomberg politics new hampshire poll, biden is lagging at 10% in the democratic field. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton 41% to 36%. the news is not really how much mr. b is getting lost in the shuffle. since the las vegas debate. mark, big poll, new poll, what stands out? mark: we have our partners in new hampshire on looking at the biden piece of this, there was some polling information earlier -- early in
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his consideration that was good for him. this poll did not have a lot of good news for him. let's look at two traits that if vice president said he ran he should be kicking butt. who cares about people like you? here is clinton versus sanders. you can see 51% versus 23%. joe biden would say that he would want to do super well. 21% said that he was ready to be president. clinton more than doubling him. if joe biden gets in the race, i still the disposal not in matter , because there'll be a different dynamic. but, he cannot be encouraged by people in new hampshire. john: the last time that we did this poll in june, we do bernie sanders and clinton. you look at the numbers now, sanders up 17% since june, clinton down 20% since june. at least in new hampshire, the
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big mo is with bernie sanders. mark: she can still catch up. people are missing the dynamic here. she is not that far behind in any poll, but she is behind the new hampshire. all right, joe biden may not have said anything about his presidential intentions but he , did talk up a storm where he did have a super settle jab against hillary clinton, or at least seem to, in a conversation with walter mondale. here is joe biden for the second straight day, giving an answer that contrasted with what hillary clinton said at last week debate, when she listed republican among the enemies that she is most proud to have. vice president biden: that is when i get sent to the hill. which, by the way, is a really useful use of my time. because, i really respect the members up there.
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and i still have a lot of republican friends. i do not think my chief enemy is the republican party. this is a matter of making things work. mark: it is true that joe biden says stuff about republicans like that all of the time. but two days later -- in a row after the debate? some of the clinton people have noticed. later in the same event he threw shade hillary clinton's way on the topic of diplomacy. vice president biden: i will be sent to go speak to putin or go speak to erdogan. it is because, we have had two great for terri's estate, but when i go, they know i am , speaking for the president. there is nothing missed between the lip and the cough. what ever i say, the president is saying. mark: a third thing that biden says that is getting attention, when he talked about osama bin laden. he has said that been contrary to previous statements he has made about advice he gave
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president obama. today, he says he privately encouraged his boss to go for it, and when he was listing people in the cabinet who supported it unambiguously, he left hillary clinton off the list. john, is the vice president being careless, playful, or purposeful with remarks today that contrasted himself with hillary clinton? john: joe biden is sometimes careless. not in this instance. joe biden is often playful. not in this instance. purposeful, purposeful, purposeful. he knows exactly what he is doing. i'm not saying any of those things indicates he will or will not run. these are very calculated. the bin laden thing most of all. it is a thorn in his side that he has been perceived as not being fully in favor of the raid. we know from reporting we did contemporaneously that people around the vice president at that time, not today, but two or three years ago, said to us that
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biden was playing a little game in this argument, trying to give obama cover. trying to draw out opinions. mark: he may have socratic we said, maybe this is not a good idea, but privately told be president. john: he and obama were in cahoots in that scheme. mark whether joe biden is : planning to run or not, and we don't know, some people look at what he said today and said, he is chafing at the notion he is not doing well. that people are saying, you missed your chance, you can run, -- you cannot run hillary , clinton is too strong. john: let me do this row quick. clinton has been throwing shade at biden. today she has 50 black mayors endorsing her. tomorrow, david brock is going to take on the benghazi committee and philadelphia. thursday, you have the bingo the hearing. friday, she is going to a rally and then going on rachel maddow. on saturday, she will be in iowa with bill clinton and katy perry. that is every clinton saying, joe biden, step back.
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mark: a lot of show of force. not just in these events, but a lot of things. bill clinton wondering whether joe biden is getting in. they are trying to make it as hard for him as possible. john: no doubt about it. publishing a rare, lengthy, on the record conversation with mark murphy. the guru behind the bushes super pac. in the conversation, murphy makes the case for a jeb come back. he employs two primary arguments. one, he says donald trump cannot win the primary and come march, jeb bush will be the only one with enough resources to go the distance. so, mark, i offer you a bit of a three-way question multiple-choice. , you think that that argument is convincing, compelling, or simply ridiculous? mark: it's the best argument they can make. right now, you look at the state polls of the first four states in theory, and jeb bush is nowhere in any event. the notion you can be shut out in february and come back with super pac money -- most people i know do not believe in that.
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i still think that jeb bush will need a surge in iowa or new hampshire or south carolina or nevada, one of the four states, to put himself in the game. asked murphy about it at one point, saying what happens if he does not want to win one of those first four states -- and he says i do not want to engage in hypotheticals. but as you pointed out, the whole interview is engaging in hypotheticals. he is spending millions of dollars to get people to focus on jeb bush's florida record. you know what they are focusing on? jeb bush defending george w. bush. not what mike murphy wanted. mark: his big bills to florida may not be working. john: maybe. [laughter] mark: coming up, it is early evening with seth meyers. he is here in the studio, and we will ask him, amongst other things, a desert island question after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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seth: you have been critical of the trump campaign. are you surprised he is doing so well and getting the traction? senator graham: i had a notion that insulting a whole class of people was a bad move, but apparently not. >> everything about me is different. for one, i am i your show. start with that. seth: people from new hampshire, people from iowa take the responsibility very, very seriously. >> new hampshire is lovely this time of year. >> right. >> everybody loves it. and your majors liberty there. >> it is a very small state. >> he is the bride of new hampshire. seth meyers. seth: a proud regiment of west high in manchester. john: thank you for coming. i would you start with new hampshire trivia. seth: great. i won't do well, yeah.
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>> state fruit? >> pumped in. >> state inside? >> blacklight. >> state sport? >> hockey. >> me ask his there is question. >> do you think that is right, fair, and proper? seth: i don't. i think it is pretty foolish that it is the same two states, iowa and new hampshire every election that's at the time. i would be a lot happier if they rotated the setting the tone around. with that said, i do think -- people from new hampshire take it very, very seriously. one of the benefits of a small state, obviously, i think most of the voters get a chance to meet the candidates in a way you do not get any larger state. i would not be upset, even though obviously a lot of people in my home state would be. john: you will not be welcome
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back in the state. seth: that's fine. mark: were you at a lot of the primaries? seth: i graduated high school in 1992. every single candidate came through. i actually introduced jerry brown on stage, because i was an student council. i got to wear a coat and tie -- i got to wear a pleasure incident become tie because it was jerry brown. i saw clinton speak. everybody came through. john: did you work on campaigns? seth: i was too cool. i never worked on any campaigns. but that was the nice thing about growing up there. you are very aware of how the politics worked. john: what do you get ready -- what do you do to get ready for an interview like that? seth: it's nice because you bone of more than you would for someone who is a movie or television show. also, because it is very important to be intelligent and he went to project information to the audience, because that is the only reason to candidates on. i will say it is hard.
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if you ask a candidate a question, they will talk the all-time a you interrupt to them. they kind of -- mark: they do the lien in thing. seth: you noticed in that clinton package i was leaning farther and farther forward. mark: give us your ones in his thumbnail. john kasich. seth: he seems a very nice man but i don't know if the , electoral college right now is looking for a reasonable man. mark: ted cruz. seth: ted cruz, i found him a very aggressive debater. he was more interesting than most of my guest because he was very willing to go back and forth. i think it's very used to that. you can tell he likes conflict and that made him an interesting guest. mark: carly fiorina? seth: carly fiorina was sharp, but less charismatic than i was expecting. mark: really? seth: as a talkshow guest i did not find her to be -- mark: wowed. seth: i think when people run for president they need a little
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more spark may be. mark: last, mr. sparkle, lindsey graham? seth: he was all sparkle. nothing is like 1%. he had loaded up jokes. you can always tell when they preplan their off because jokes. john: bernie sanders? seth: great since of humor, laid-back, fun to talk to. john: we were told that your dream interview is with vladimir putin. seth: i would love to get him on the show. john: ok, i'm going to be vladimir putin. [russian accent] seth meyers, very good to meet you. before we send you to the labor camp, what would you like to know about me? seth: i should let you know, vladimir, i ask you questions. i feel like you right away stole that away from me. i'm not a guest on your show. this is not crimea.
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this is "late night with said buyers." you can just take this. john: at this point if i were vladimir putin, i would take my shirt off and you would be done. seth: right. mark: clinton, obama, and bush all had moments of late-night triumph. seth: yeah. mark: jeb bush, what is the funniest thing about him? seth: it's different now. then i feel like it has ever been before. there are so many talk shows. we enjoy having these people on as guests. in a weird way the market is a little saturated. i feel like for all their best efforts, i don't know if anyone is going to have a late-night moment that will elevate them. mark: hillary on "snl." seth: certainly i remember the "snl," one of my biggest memories is when sarah palin came on and that was one of the most highly rated episodes.
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we will see if that will be the case. john: your pataki episode. seth: that was huge. john: stick around. we are going to continue this conversation. we'll be back. we are here with seth meyers. he is often. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back. we are still here talking to seth meyers. john: i want to ask you about weekend update. this is probably the first time you have ever talked about politics on tv, right? seth: to a certain extent, right. john: did this wet your appetite? what was that experience like and is it easier to do that during the presidential campaign? seth: certainly when you are writing jokes about it, it so helpful when audiences are paying attention to what is going on. audiences find something inherently comic about campaigns and debates. it's the time when elections are most like television.
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it's always easier in an election cycle. mark: probably your greatest connection to american history is the 2011 white house correspondents dinner. a lot going on. that was the night of bin laden. you and the president hanging out while he is ordering the killing of an international terrorist. also, you and the president took on trump. seth: probably took him down. mark: you only made him angry. seth: it was like a kung fu movie where he went and trained for three years. mark: remember what he said about you? seth: he called me a third rate comedian and i had marbles in my mouth. >> talk about when you took on trump. -- will say in general >> have you been in that room?
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seth: yeah i was there. it is so widespread and it is impossible to have any sense of where any when the audience is sitting. john: and the pressure is so intense. is that the toughest room you have ever played? seth: toughest room i have ever played. not just the audience, and how poorly ranges, but being once you away from the president on the dais. i was a little nervous about the coordination. let me point something out -- i think it is unfair that the president goes first. especially this president. he's funny. he should not be opening. you should be closing. there is nothing harder than following the president. mark: if pataki as president, will you do it? seth: when you do something like that, sometimes you just get lucky because that was very fresh, the trump talking about birth certificates, and i think it made for a better nights, because you are not pulling back to a story from seven months ago. mark: that was electric. do you remember any of your chum
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-- donald trump jokes from that night? i've got them here. seth: donald trump says if he runs for president, he will run as a republican. which is funny because i thought it would be as a joke. mark: that's almost exactly the beta. donald trump said he would be running on fox -- seth: which is ironic because a fox is usually on his head? mark: how do think trump is doing this time? seth: i have been proven seven times in the -- proven wrong seven times in the trunk -- the donald trump campaign about whether he will last and whether this is real. i have to tip my cap and say i am impressed at his staying power and what he is plugged into. but, as a comedy writer in someone who does what i do, the
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longer the better. john: i will tell you something you may not know that may seem it even more unfair that the president went ahead of you. writing the jokes for the president was judd apatow. seth: yeah. john: he is very good on delivering comedy in very good writers on his team. seth: the year before, it was myself in the weekend update writers. we chipped in jokes. america's best show up for the president. mark: the a former new hampshire citizen. i'm going to ask you poll questions we have been asking voters. who you trust more to take on putin? bush or trump? seth: bush. mark: who would you handle more to handle the economy, bush or trump? seth: bush. mark: who seems more presidential, bush or trump? seth: i don't trust trump. mark: you're out of step. john: i think it's possible you're not republican.
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seth: that's possible. what about these guys not polling at all well who are in this race. on the republican and the democratic side. a guy like lincoln chafee. do you see that guy is fair game, or do you elevate him, do you help them if you make a joke? have you think about those marginal candidates as a source of comedy? seth: let me just say, i don't think lincoln chafee can be helped. jokes or no jokes. there's a certain amount of hubris that anyone, even a qualified candidate as when he says, you know who would be perfect to run america? me. anytime they show up for debate, they are fair game. there is no need to have sympathy for someone who wants to be in the public eye and wants to represent the american people. mark: last question and take this one seriously, but comedy twist it after you give a serious.
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21 candidates. i know you have them memorized. if you are on a desert island for three years and you have enough coconuts and there's no food issue, if you could take one -- you would you take and why? seth: three? mark: just one. john: you are not there for life. just a long time. seth: you can factor and other needs you might have. mark: you can factor in other needs you might have. seth: o'malley on guitar. i guess, politics aside -- i want a doctor. dr. ben carson. i think it's important to have medical care and i think that would give me at least one anecdote. john: there is almost no way he would go on the island with you unless you were armed. mark: you are mr. practical. you take the physician.
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seth: no matter who i am around with, it will be a terrible three years. i just got my brain to be right when i get back. john: and if you give birth to conjoined twins, he concerned that out for you on the spot. seth: i don't know how that's going to happen. john: seth meyers, thank you very much. your fantastic and awesome in every way. thanks for staying with "with all due respect." ♪
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♪ john: we are live 24/7 on bloomberg politics. and tomorrow, partida out of joint is on her show for our interview of part two of our interview with bush impresario mike murphy. john: and we will be digging deeper on the new hampshire to the credit grace.
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thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪
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>> yahoo! swings and misses on third-quarter earnings. ♪ i'm cory johnson and for emily chang and this is "bloomberg west." coming up, the company reports next third-quarter earnings with the looming sale of their parent company emc, and tesla shares tank. and why the multibillion-dollar delve megamerger will succeed.


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