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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> i am so excited the donald trump won.
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>> is a huge victory for donald trump. trump: we are going to win so much, you are going to be so happy. john: good evening from south carolina where we have set up shop in the candidates have ready fanned out across the state in anticipation of the south carolina primary. let's start with the billionaire king of the granite state outbox. after his 19.2 new hampshire victory, donald trump arrives for one of his patented mega rallies here in south carolina.
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he poses serious challenges for anyone who wants to stop them. the republican's have a debate here in south carolina and then the primary is one week later. trump has a big lead here. two days after the nevada caucus they go to houston for another debate. on march 1 11 states will cast their votes. by then trump's campaign may have too much momentum for anyone to derail it. account,l this into and there is a little bit of a sideshow about the establishment candidates fighting the others, is it possible that no one can stop trump. john: it is possible that no one can stop them.
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there is not yet a consensus candidate. john kasich may end up being that candidate. there's only one person and that is ted cruz. trump might be in a stronger position right now the ted cruz, but cruise is in a strong position in the south. that may not be true after south carolina. mark: ted cruz beat trump in iowa. can he stand up to trump again? you cannot beat trump for the nomination unless you can beat him in specific states. what could ted cruz or anyone due to bring down trump?
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john: in some scenarios, ted cruz could be trump. south carolina. there a strong evangelical component here. cruz were to be donald trump in south carolina, that could change the calculation. mark: john kasich now has a pretty big target on his back. for weeks he has tried to stay above the fray, stressing his intention to run a positive campaign. that was before jeb bush and marco rubio saw him as a real threat which they do now. casing isl ball says now about to get some intense scrutiny. things like medicaid, immigration, guns.
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while taking his silver medal victory lap on morning tv, john kasich was asked about what he plans to do to handle the new pressure. kasich: i am not going to take a pounding. i am not a pincushion or marshmallow. people are tired of the negativity. the ability to talk about what you want to do is important. people go negative because the positive message doesn't work. that is a downer. people want to know that we can solve problems. i have been a reformer all my lifetime. my message israel sample whether you are a republican or a democrat at the beginning and at the end you should be an american working together to solve problems. i think that message works. mark: his own supporters say
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they don't think john kasich will win south carolina. how crippling to his candidacy would a poor performance be? john: john kasich is feeling very good about things. acknowledgesnd him that he will not win south carolina. dispensations are so low, he is at 3%, their goal is to prevent jeb bush from being able to call this a comeback story for him. they think this is a must win , that willeb bush not push out of the race and leave the field on the establishment or side wide open h.r john kasich mark: trump is the poll leader and the winner in new hampshire.
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is for ted cruz because this a southern evangelical state. i think john kasich can survive but he can't be super bad. he needs to show some ability to perform well in this part of the country. inn: he will spend time , whichlike michigan comes on march 8. if he can do well in places like massachusetts and vermont and then be in a position to win in michigan and be well-positioned for ohio and the midwest, there is a path. it's not easy path but it is a path. in the world of jeb bush, the momentum means he moved from sixth place in iowa to fourth place in new hampshire. jeb may have brought his mother to new hampshire but it is big brother who also be stumping for .im in south carolina
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new ads already up on the tv and radio. his super pac right to rise is now going to pour another $1.7 million into this palmetto paradise. that hisy thinks campaign still alive. mark: i have been more bullish on jeb bush than many. i think he can do well in the state. we will see if his brother helps. i think his brother will not resist taking on donald trump. trump will say all you need your big brother to bail you out. of bush andtion bush in this state talking about i think jebues, bush could do surprisingly well. john: south carolina is an establishment republican state. military issues are hugely important. the bushes have done well here
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in the past. wearer ofo obvious the military mantle among the other candidates. , ife finishes third here trump and ted cruz beat him here, i think he is done. there will still be money for finishing sixth and fourth and third. the establishment needs a candidate. and marco rubio has to prove a lot for it to be him. the jury is out on john kasich. there is not a groundswell among around to the governor of ohio today. after flying a little too close to the new hampshire sun, a scorched marco rubio spent election night taking the blame for his poor debate performance. he said he would do better here
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in south carolina. he told fox news this morning that he still thinks he is going to win the nomination. all candidates say that. is marco rubio alive? john: the word day it perhaps too harsh. in this instance, it will be very hard for him to come back. hugeoney thing is a problem. he does not have that many dollars left. the new hampshire thing was crushing for him. it is one of those extraordinary stories. he went from people talked about winning the new hampshire primary to finishing fifth. is goingney right now to be very difficult. there is going to be establishment candidate.
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unless trump runs the table before there can be. rubio could have his chance back in the spotlight here. himas this huge burden on now. the scrutiny of everything he says is going to be high. any candidate who is everyone any party nomination goes through a tough. period. john: any donor now being asked to write a check has that debate performance of has to look at it and say and i really going to write a check to marco rubio? when we come back, the one-two punch of closed fists and open wallets in the first in the south primary. the attack wars to come. after this. ♪
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mark: things have really gotten underway here in south carolina yet, but there will be a monsoon of advertising coming very soon. the super pac's supporting marco rubio and jeb bush are run by experienced political operatives. mike murphy for bush. john kasich as well. donald trump does not have a super pac. what negative attacks you expect to see? john: and the end every,
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directed in all directions. has a heavy military component and a heavy evangelical component. you have to look at attacks for john kasich on the defense budget, cutting defense spending, getting rid of the b-1 bomber. base closings. all related to that. anything that cuts on the cultural side. i can't imagine that they won't go after donald trump for his many wives and his cosmopolitan lifestyle that he has lived. if rubio shows any sign of life he will see a revival of gang of age, without a doubt. also immigration. also common core. pac dollars will not be as effective as one fine or facebook posting. he will go after ted cruz and bush and john kasich.
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johnapart from kasich what if they will initiate attacks, i think everyone else will do it. blew out a lot of preconceptions about what is acceptable in the state. gingrich's personal history, and yet he won here last time. new hampshire's traditional windowing function was in full effect as to last night's also-rans and they are chris christie and carly fiorina who have suspended their presidential campaigns. the field is shrinking. will major party figures finally choose a side? to keep republicans who have not yet endorsed our haley barbour the former chairman of the republican national committee whose close to christie john kasich, and nikki haley the popular governor of south
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carolina. peopleey's are important . what you think they and people like them are going to do in these 10 days? they had hoped that rubio would be their salvation. he did get a few endorsements. tim scott. the money has not come his way. both the money and the is clickable elite establishment are going to wait. i don't think you will see too many big endorsements for south carolina. their hope is that bush or john kasich will revive. they are not going after trump or ted cruz. you will not see them intercede in this battle. john: south carolina is always important. it has been productive of who would be the republican nominee more often than not. the question of who comes out here the strongest and who drops
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out, if jeb bush has a horrible showing and decides that he just can't go forward. i imagine jeb bush and john say thatll immediately they will give their endorsement to this other guy and take my fundraising apparatus. mark: i'm not sure we will see much more windowing with the exception of ben carson anytime soon. what hillary clinton's devastating new hampshire loss means for her campaign going forward. after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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hillary clinton lost the
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new hampshire primary by more than 20 points. an army of clinton loyalists have been questioning her strategy. those voices have only gotten louder after last night. we've both been doing some reporting on this. what do the democratic professionals think about this? mark: she is not a candidate, her message is really muddy, and she is running as a change candidate against a guy who is always going to win on who represents change. in clintonhappens campaign. there are now tensions between her and her staff. it is not a dire situation it can be turned around it is not so great. john: we saw this coming mile away. they had a pool about when they get fired. , sanders isproblem
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dominating among young voters. the whole bottom half of the age spectrum. she lost seven out of 10 women under age 45. not just because she should be winning women is the first potential female president. give her a run for her money with african-americans and hispanics. mark: hillary has dispatched behalfg names on her such as cory booker and madeleine albright and lena dunham. can they help her come back? john: the answer is no. some of them do not hurt.
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as we saw with madeleine albright, she is causing a certain backlash by making the comment that she made. this is a probably goes to the core not just of the campaign but he goes to her. she is the only one who can fix it. mark: the only candidate who can take down trump is another candidate, not a super pac. hillary is letting these people go out there and say things that she is not willing to say. other candidates might be a getaway with that but hillary cannot. she has got to be driving the message of this campaign. campaign'se end failings are always reflective of the person who is running it, the principal. it goes to her weaknesses.
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mark: i still believe she is the clear favorite but there are people who care about her who think this is going very badly. john: even though bernie sanders outperformed expectations in iowa and new hampshire, the race ahead of him is still going to be grueling and exhausting and brutal. which is probably why during his victory speech sanders worked in a plea for more donations from his army of small donors. bernie sanders: help us raise the money we need, whether it is 10 bucks or 20 bucks or 50 bucks. us raise the money we need to take the fight to nevada and south carolina and the states on super tuesday. john: bernie is banking the tin cup. sanders campaign announced that it had raised more than $5.2 million in the 18 hours after his granite state win.
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the next two states ahead are likely to test his appeal. the democratic candidate also sat down with our al sharpton to discuss how he plans to reach out to minority communities. al sharpton: new hampshire and iowa are mostly white. have you intend to deal with a diverse population? bernie sanders: in a couple of ways. when going to do well voter turnout is high. that is what happened in new hampshire. and in iowa. we have the issues and the agenda. troops.the ground to rally the people of nevada and south carolina. it comes down to two things. believe and what we are fighting for economically. we are fighting for in service of social justice and criminal justice. economics, the
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people of nevada as well as any state in this country know what wall street has done to them. they are devastated. by the wall street crash. our view is that at the end of for theit is time american people to tell wall street enough is enough. john: nevada in 10 days, south carolina in 17 days. bernie sanders's honor roll but he has to keep it going. the $5.2 million is just a start. they will probably raise $40 million. the guy has shown a much stronger instinct about going for the jugular and being on offensive that i think anyone realized. he has a very aggressive staff. his staffers are all aggressive people. lead but helways goes to them. he will play offense on endorsements and geographically.
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playrically he will offense. when hillary tries to say she is the agent of change, he will come back hard. john: he does not make mistakes. he is very consistent. he says what he thinks, he means what he says. behink there is going to something that happens between now and these next couple of contests. where they do something big. surprised if he suddenly came out and rolled out of the elizabeth warren endorsement or the al gore endorsement. i'm just dreaming about what could happen. announce that elizabeth warren is on the ticket if you get the nomination. it would be a bold move. mark: hillary needs to get on offense. we will talk to a pair of chairs joining us sequentially after this. ♪
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i believe i was put on this planet to build up in height south carolina primary as much as possible. this state is changing like many states. electorate asme when george bush faced off against john mccain. has it changed? the 50 delegate question as we head into the next 10 days. the electorate here throughout history has shown a willingness to defy expectations at every turn. there are a lot of people from ohio and new jersey. could bode well for certain candidates.
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the nature of the republican primary relative to iowa and new hampshire. matt: the electorate here will be about twice as big as iowa and new hampshire combined. about a third of the electorate is very conservative, another third is somewhat conservative, and another third is moderate. a lot of evangelicals. as you less evangelical go down the state. but people are issued in so social issues. we have a fast moving economy now with boeing and bmw and a lot of other international manufacturing. polling showed donald trump way ahead. matt: i think trump is ahead but i don't know how much. he starts here with a good head of steam. as does ted cruz.
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carolina may play its traditional role of winnowing the field even further. people like the donald trump is willing to be outspoken and he is building gigantic crowds across the state and you can't deny that. mark: we will see george w. bush on the campaign trail for the first time in a long time. he is very popular here. he won here in 2000 over john mccain. south carolina saved his campaign. his father did well here in 1988. we want to see if that translates into its support for jeb bush. see if maybe the 25% of supporters who are undecided will go his way. john: in 2012 newt gingrich won
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this primary by a lot. hard for me to understand how a state that saved bob dole's campaign in 1996 and was good for george w. bush, how does newt gingrich win this state? matt: in 2012 newt gingrich was catching fire in that last debate. record here of 20 years from next door in georgia and he had been here a lot. come fromaley want to behind victory here in south carolina. this is all after the rise of the tea party. i'm not sure the tea party is as active as it had been. that style of politics is still very popular. candidates have
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strong teams. matt: ted cruz has a couple of south carolinians on his senior staff. the same is true of marco rubio and governor bush. it is very smart. i have been very impressed with ted cruz's operation and his super pac. a door-to-door. that kind of thing matters in a very close elections. when you get to a big primary here it matters less but it can matter. if it is not sure determinative, the tv ads.
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i think it is built a lot of name id for candidates. trump is different in that category because he came into the race with a lot of it. the donald trump is running ads though. i'm not sure the ads will be a deciding factor in this race. it is a combination of retail and a little bit of luck. mark: south carolina is first in the south. want to pick someone who goes on to be the nominee and the president. we want keep our status. you will pick to gingrich last time. you get the sense that voters are saying let's vote for somebody who can be our next president? for 30 years before newt gingrich we had picked the eventual nominee in every single cycle. i do think a sizable portion of , it is correlated to the
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undecideds, who can beat hillary clinton or maybe bernie sanders. mark: you expect a robust turnout? we had a record turnout in 2012. about 650,000 would be an incredible turnout for us. i think we will get a new record. mark: thank you very much. chairs around and bring in the democratic chair to talk about that race. if you're watching us in washington you can listen to us on the radio. fm. ♪
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john: we are not rigid adherence to the fairness doctrine but in this case we have the democratic chairman in here right after the republican chairman. we have a long way to go. thateird you think it is the republicans and democrats don't go on the same day? we would love to have had our primaries on the same day. we need to talk to the rnc and the dnc to get the schedules worked out. we are pawns in the game.
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we do what they tell us to do . it confuses voters at times. will have toand i do a good job of educating our voters about when you can vote for donald trump and then you have bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we have seen bernie sanders do very well with young voters. but neither of those states has big minority populations. if senator sanders wants to win south carolina, the demographic he needs to focus on is african-american women. 2008 63% of the democrat primary vote was women and 58% was african-american. it is african-american women
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that really are key. mark: older voters of any race tend to vote at a higher rate. in 2004 about 9% of the was young people. aboutk that increased to 15% in 2008. the core is african-american women. john: the clinton campaign has put forward the notion that south carolina can be its firewall. they have had historically strong relations with the african-american community and deep connections in south carolina although she lost to barack obama here eight years ago. ay is it that this could be
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firewall for hillary? how impregnable do you think it is? jamie: one thing hillary has is that i'm not getting any vote for granted. going into 2008 she was leading barack obama by a sizable number. had all these endorsements. and then she came into south carolina and lost every county with the exception of two. so they built a campaign operation led by one of my best friends. clay middleton. he is top-notch. he has been focused like a laser on making sure they are not taking any results for granted. the same time bernie sanders
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is really developing a great ground game here. he stole my deputy executive director to help build a put cooperation. they are fighting for every single vote. understands, they have been sending surrogates here like crazy. just yesterday angela bassett angelica fox and chelsea clinton and bill clinton. they understand the importance of the state for her. she has to win. in a great fashion. this state used to be dominated by the democratic party and is now dominated by the republican party. what are signs you can point to that say someday soon we will elect a democratic senator?
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my big thing when i ran for chairman was how do you rebuild the party. not about sending out press releases saying how bad nikki haley is, although i do that on occasion. putting together an institution in order to win again. ago republicans took over. i am trying to build an infrastructure. we are to build our bench. i've been pushing the national democratic party about developing a democratic southern strategy. i served as executive director for the house democrats and the floor director for the whip for a number of years in washington dc. the road back to the majority in the house is through the south. thatve two districts here cc investinge d.c the energy of thec time we could
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take a bigc shot at it. think james is going to endorse. he has a machine. he is the only democrat in the state who has a machine. if i were running for president i certainly would want that endorsement. john: thank you very much. reports from the campaign trail when we come back. ♪
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mark: joining us from spartanburg.
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gabe gutierrez has been covering marco rubio. start with you gabe. rubio had the toughest night of any of the candidates. what has it been like for him? very long chat with reporters this morning. on his plane to south carolina. much longer than any press conference he has given in years. about 45 minutes or so. his campaign is trying to make the case that they will make a more aggressive campaign, less stilted. during his speech last night he apologized to his supporters and owned that moment in the debate. that for days he had been saying nothing to see here. last night he said it will never happen again. today the reporters asked him what happened? notays he was so intent on
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getting into a knife fight with the other republicans that he got caught. he kept trying to make this point about being the best candidate to take on the democrats. he just kept repeating it. he did rise how bad it was until after the debate. he didn't really confess to his supporters on sunday because he didn't want to bring down their morale. today he really tries to make the case that he was going to run a more aggressive campaign. john: the ted cruz campaign was really frustrated coming out of iowa with the fact that marco rubio seem to get more attention than ted cruz. even the ted cruz was the winner. now ted cruz has come in third in new hampshire.
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is there any sense of frustration that he is not getting more credit for that? haley: absolutely. is more like a chip on the shoulder. they never expected given that they believe the media is against them that they would get a lot of attention for a third-place finish. they pointed out that that is kind of unexpected for them. new hampshire is not a state where you would've thought they would've played well. the campaign is feeling confident of where they are going in south carolina. you can probably see heidi crews over my shoulder. being a surrogate for him. ted cruz will be back in this state tomorrow. pushing forward and doing a number of things. talking about their organization. they have just opened a second ted cruz camp to put in additional volunteers. adding to the 9800 total so far. doing twice 5000 phone calls. they are feeling good about the organization. this big wallm is
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called donald trump that could stop the right in their tracks. after seeing a little bit of a pause on the policy attacks between donald trump and ted cruz you will see that wrapup. we should be prepared to see more ads that are similar to what we saw, that meet the press quote that cited donald trump talking about his position on abortion. we may see more of those ants coming forward in the next couple of weeks. mark: what does it mean that marco rubio is going to do things differently? gabe: you were at a review event with me a couple of days ago.
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his campaign has allowed him to speak with reporters that has been very controlled and cautious. never really letting him shine through. they seem to suggest that he will be more accessible to the media. works excessively getting his message across. what can this candidate really do? he said that with the republican field winnowing. mark: why did they spend three days saying why it was great? e: he said he didn't want to disappoint his volunteers. he continued to insist that it wasn't that big a deal. he wanted to stay on message.
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they're going to have to own this. he came out and said it was his fault. will it happen again? there is a big debate this weekend. chris christie won't be there. other publicans will be gunning for him. will he be able to go against those attacks? john: it will be a big moment for ted cruz inactivate to. he was kind of a nonfactor in the new hampshire debate. toe to toeg to go with donald trump to win this state. how aggressive will he be? i think he will try to get in the next. this is a state unlike new hampshire where he didn't have much to lose.
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his best scenario at the manchester debate was to sit back and let everyone pile on marco rubio. he has toarolina, show everybody that he can take on donald trump and take a punch. he will try to interrupt a little bit more. he will be unafraid to take on donald trump. he will have to be ready to take some of those attacks from trunk to. mark: take your vitamin c. we will be right back with who won the day. ♪
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raisedernie sanders millions of dollars.
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bernie sanders wins the day. mark: sanders and trump, the two winners, both had a great day. john kasich also did a very good job in taking second place and showing that he can play here. towill go right now bloomberg politics. about hillary clinton's delegate strategy. john: we will be in milwaukee for the democratic debate. west, ap on bloomberg discussion of twitter's earnings. we will be talking to you about politics the next time we see you. sayonara. ♪ . . .
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mark: i am mark crumpton. you are watching "bloomberg west ." let's take a look at your news.
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following the 2014 shooting death in ferguson, missouri, attorney general loretta lynch says actions are being taken because the ferguson city council took a vote to see how poor people and minorities are treated. bernie sanders's victory in the new hampshire primary is paying off. meantime, new jersey governor chris christie and a former tech areutive, carly fiorina, dropping out of the republican race. both finished at the bottom of the pack in new hampshire. and there are confirmed cases of zika virus in the united states. both are travel related and pregnancy is not an issue. russia has proposed a march 1 cease-fire in syria. the u.s. and russia will join germanyuntries in


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