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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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trump: we will have so much a winning if i get elected. we will have win after winning that you will get bored of winning. we are going to win, and we are going to win, and we are going to win. [applause] trump.p, >> i am so excited that donald trump one. >> i picked up that guy right there and i hugged him. >> it is so exciting. he will make an awesome president. >> he has bragging rights now. trump: we are going to win so much. >> it you like we won the super bowl. ♪
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john: happy #winningday, sports fans. we set up shop in south carolina . republican candidates have already fanned out across the state for the primaries. it takes place 10 days from now. there are storylines of plenty from last night. but let's start with billion acting of the granite state, the ballot box. after his victory, donald trump arrives for his rallies two hours north and west here in clemson. his rivals contemplate an election calendar that poses a serious challenge for anyone that wants to stop him. mark walks through that calendar. mark: we have a debate next saturday in south carolina. the primary is one week later. as of now, republican polls still show trump, even before
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his big new hampshire win, a big lead. there are a lot of caucuses on february 23. the candidates go to houston for a debate. that is march 1 when 11 states cast their votes. , the a few more contests big winner take all states like florida and ohio are open market 15 -- march 15. here is a question, taking all of this into account and recognizing there is a little bit of a sideshow of establishing candidates fighting it out, is it possible no one can stop donald trump? hen: it is not possible can't be stopped, but if you dismiss this question going on in the establishment mainstream lane, there is not yet a candidate -- john kasich may end up being that candidate. there is only one person with any chance, and that is ted cruz. strongerump has a
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position, but because of ted cruz in the south and the sec primary day, at this moment he has the best position. that may not be true after south carolina, but it is true today. mark: he be trump -- beat trump in iowa. when he engages with trump again, which will happen in this state and beyond, can he stand up to trump and taken down in the polls? the reality is, you cannot beat trump at the nomination unless you can beat him in the state. it is possible that ted cruz can't even him in some states. based on what we know, trump is ahead. the question is, what could trump do -- could ted cruz due to bring trump down? it could be a four-way contest, but it looks like they will not get a chance to focus uniquely on trump. john: ted cruz in some scenarios could beat donald trump in south carolina. there is time between now and
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the debate. there is strong evangelical voters here. him in southd be carolina, that could change the calculation a lot. mark: hard to get all three establishment candidates at one place. hampshire, john kasich now has a big target on his back. for weeks he has tried to stay out of the fray, trying to run a positive campaign. that our was before the bush and marco rubio saw him as a real threat, which they do now. the crystal ball says john kasich is about to get some intense certainty -- scrutiny. that includes issues like medicaid, guns, and various other issues. while taking his silver medal victory lot on tv, john kasich was asked about how he plans to handle the new pressure. : if somebody pounds me, i
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will not take a pounding. i am not a marshmallow. i think people are tired of the negativity. the ability to talk about what reason ato do -- the lot of people go negative is because their positive does not work. if you are running for office and you do not have much positive, you just talk negative. that is just a downer. people want to know we can solve the problems. i have been a reformer all of my lifetime. my message israel simple. whether you are republican or democrat, at the end you should be an american working to solve problems. if it does not work, i cannot change my message. that is just the way it goes. mark: john kasich shows that he did. his supporters do not think he will win this state, how crippling to his candidacy would a very poor performance in south carolina be? john: i flew down with john kasich.
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he is not a marshmallow or a concussion. he is in a very weak position. in south carolina. he is seen as an asset rather than a liability. their goal in south carolina is to prove jeb bush in calling this a comeback story. they think this is a win state for him. would not bush out of the race if john kasich one -- won. not doing well would be ok for k-6. -- kasich. mark: there are no expectations for him here. there are for trump because he is still the poll leader. there are for ted cruz because this is a southern evangelical states. i think john kasich and survive a bad performance, but he cannot be super bad. he needs to show some ability to perform well in this part of the country. john: john kasich will spend a
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lot of time -- he will be in south carolina but he will also spent time in michigan and get ready for the michigan primary on march 8. if he can do places like massachusetts and vermont, rack up a couple of wins there, he could win in michigan and be well-positioned for ohio and midwestern states. it is not an easy path, but it is a path. in the words of john ellis bush bush bush- john ellis , jeb bush from fell behind. be big brother will soon stumping for jeb bush in south carolina with new ads featuring 43 already up on tv on the radio here in this state. rise willpac ready to add another $1.7 million into the palmetto paradise.
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jeb bush thinks his campaign is still alive. what is the current pulse rates? mark: i have been very bullish for him. i think he can do very well for this state. we will see if his brother helps. my hunch is his brother will not take on donald trump. donald trump would say you need your big brother to bail you out. talking about military issues, bdsm is one almost every time, i think -- talking about military issues being one of the winners almost all of the time, i think he can do this. john: there is no obvious inheritor of the military mantle among any of the four big players, ted cruz, k-6, donald bush -- donald trump. ted cruz beat him
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here, i think he is done. at least allow strong second. -- eb bush has sixth ,ark: the established marking they need a candidate. marco rubio will have to prove a lot for it to be him. a will talk about that in second. the jury is out on john kasich. there is not a groundswell around him. notis public support, establish and support. after flying a little too close to the new hampshire sun, a scored -- scorched marco rubio finally took the blame for his portly venture debate performance and vowed he would do better here in south carolina. marco rubio is now wanting a more aggressive campaign phase, and he told foxnews he was still win the nomination. all candidates say that.
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is marco rubio alive, as he says, or is he dead? john: the word dad, i have used in the past precipitously. i think you will be very hard for him. -- it will be very hard for him. he does not have as much money left. he does have some super pac money. new hampshire was crushing for him. we've talked about for months how he went from someone being people talk about winning the new hampshire primary to where he finished, fourth. raising dollars right now, even enough to really play in south carolina will be hard. mark: is super pac still has a fair amount in the bank. -- he is super pac still has a fair amount in the bank. i think marco rubio could have a chance back in the limelight if he performs well. everythingcrutiny of that he says. anyone that has ever done a
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party nomination goes through a tough time. john: it is not just that he performed poorly, underperformed in new hampshire. any donor right now, if asked to write a check as of that debate performance has to look and say, and i really going to write for that guy? mark: when we come back, a 1-2 punch of closed fists and open in the here in the first south primary states. the attack wars to come after this. ♪
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♪ john: things have not kicked off
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in south carolina, but it is past the prologue. you can expect a monsoon of political ads as the republican candidate position themselves for the primary a week from saturday. the toxic mix here of the do or die moment in this race in south carolina history, brass knuckle politics. this time, the rise of super pac's. three of which, supporting jeb bush, john kasich, and ted cruz are run by experienced masters of the political arts, mike bush -- jeb bush , kelly and for ted cruz. donald trump does not have a super pac. what negative lines of attack you expect to see by whom and towards him? -- whom? john: this is an establishment state with a heavy military component and also at heavy evangelical states. you are looking at attacks for people like john kasich for everything he has ever done to
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,eform the defense budget military spending, get rid of the b-1 bomber. all related to that. anything that cuts on the cultural side. i cannot imagine donald trump and his many wives, cosmopolitan lifestyle that he is lived and the cursing. any signco rubio shows of life, you'll see a revival of the database. you'll also see a pretty big push on jeb bush that people talk about immigration, common core. the fight thing is, super pac dollars will not be effective as one donald trump divine or post on facebook. cruz, jeb after ted bush, and john kasich. john: i don't think we will initiate attacks on anyone else. everyone else will go after him on the super pac side. just as we thought trump would be attacked on the cultural
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front, newt gingrich really blew out a lot of preconceptions about what was acceptable in this estate. he personal history was that can win and win decisively last time, a lot of preconceptions out the window with cultural attacks. traditionale's windowing function was on full display as two of last night's runners both suspended their campaigns. carly fiorina and chris christie. racerice finally -- finally, to it republicans not barber, and, carly nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, wonder presents the national republican establishment, the other the south carolina establishment. the haley's are symbolic people, but what do you think they are
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people like them are going to do in these days before south carolina? mark: they hope that marco rubio will be there salvation for a few days. he did get some, not a huge one. the money establishment, the political leader establishment, they are going to wait. you will not see too many big endorsements before south carolina. they hope that jeb bush or john kasich or a revived marco rubio emerge from this state. they are not going after trump or ted cruz. i do not think you will see them intercede in this five way battle anytime soon. john: i think everyone is going to be paying attention to this race. south carolina has been more predictive of who will be the nominee more often than not. the question of who's come outta here the strongest and who drops , if jjeb bush has a horrible showing and decides he cannot go forward, i imagine jeb bush and others like marco rubio or john immediately turn
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and say they will give it to this guy. but my apparatus in the state. mark: new hampshire produced some win a wing. i amnot sure we will see anymore anytime soon. isnext, when hillary clinton devastated in new hampshire, what it means for her campaign going forward. after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ >> before hillary clinton lost the new hampshire primary by 20 points, an army of loyalists have been questioning her strategy and overall execution. those voices have gotten louder after last night. we spoke to reporters on this matter. my question, the necrotic
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officials not officially with the hillary clinton, what is their problem with her campaign? mark: her message is still really muddy and she is fighting upstream. she is going against a change candidate against a candidate who will always win when it comes to change. there are no tensions between her and her staff. they don't trust her to do the right thing. she was losing confidence in them. it is not dire, but it is not good. john: when the campaign was first announced, we talk to senior clinton people, and they sort of had a pool about when they would get fired it, when the next shakeup would be, or the layering. the biggest problem she has or every democrat a colleges, -- acknowledges, bernie sanders is dominating among young voters.
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also, the whole bottom half of the ages spectrum. seven out of 10 women under 45. that is a brutal number, not wint because she should no women because of being the first female, but -- mark: bernie sanders is giving the first speech that he gave before. bill and chelsea clinton have been regular surrogates on the trail so far. hillary clinton has also dispatched big nines like selena domenech. who are moregates, famous and numerous than what bernie sanders has, can they help her come back? john: the short answer is no. they do not hurt, but every of thing with madeleine albright, they have caused backlash. this goes to the court, not just clinton campaign and her strategy, it goes to her. she is the only one that can fix it.
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the republican side, the only person who can take that is another candidate. she has got to fix it. if she has a good message, her husband can ever fight it, other surrogates. she is letting people say things she is not willing to say. other candidates can get away with it, but she cannot. she is held to a different standard. she has got to drive the message, and she is not. john: we will continue to say forever, this goes back to the previous topic. groundt surrogates, the operation. that is really important. they are always reluctant of the person running the campaign, the principal. and hillary clinton was having trouble in 2008 and now she is as well. the only way to fix it -- a favorite,k she is there are people that care about her and feel this has gone very bad. they are not just angry but moore said about the weight -- more sad about the way this is
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going. the race ahead of bernie sanders will still be a grueling , exhausting, and brutal path. part of his victory speech, he asked for more donations from his army of small donors. sanders: help us raise the funds we need, whether it is $10 or $20 or $50. help us raise the money we need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina, and the states on super tuesday. john: that is bernie begging the tin cup. did it work? more than ever. the announced $2.5 million in 18 hours after the granite state win. with the next two straight ahead on the calendar likely to test his appeal with nonwhite voters, al sharpton toth discuss how he plans to reach out to minority communities.
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ton: new hampshire and iowa are mostly white states. how will you do with a diverse population like south carolina? sanders: in a couple of ways. we will do well in voter turnout is well, white. the issues, we have the agenda, tohave the ground troop rally the people of nevada and south carolina. i think it comes down to two things. it comes down to what we believe in and what we are fighting for economically, and what we are fighting for in terms of social justice and criminal justice. , therms of economics people of nevada as well as any state in the country know what wall street has done to them. they were devastated by the wall street crash. our view is at the end of the
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day, it is time for the american people to tell wall street enough is enough. john: the battle in 10 days at nevada, bernie sanders on a roll that he has got to keep it going. what does he need to capitalize on this? mark: the funding is just a start. they raised $40 million from new hampshire. the guy has shown a much stronger instinct about going for the jugular and being on the offense than any of us realized. he has a very aggressive staff. his spokesman, they are all aggressive people. he did not always lead it, but he is instituting it. he will playoff endorsements, geographic leads going into some of these states. and rhetorically he will playoff of it. when hillary clinton says she is the agent of change, he will lay off of that. john: he is not making mistakes, he was very consistent.
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will be something that is going to happen between now and the next couple of contests will they would do something big. i thought of this last night, i would not be surprised if hillary would roll out the al gore endorsement, come out and say -- i am not dreaming, what could happen. move,ld be a huge, big and it would have a huge impact on the race. mark: she needs to get this off. when we come back, we will sit in these chairs and talk to a pair of chairs. the state chairs of the state parties in south carolina join us sequentially after this. ♪
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♪ >> i believe i was put on this planet to build up the hype for the south carolina primary as
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much as possible. moore,t guest is matt republican chairman for the south carolina party. primary this the next electorate as win bush faced off against john mccain, or is it different? matt moore: it has changed a lot. we have a lot of new people from across the country, but also the electorate has shown a willingness to defy expectations at every turn. we will see. mark: are there people from the northeast, it makes it less and summative? matt moore: there are a lot of ohioans, new jerseyans, it could affect the race. talk about the primary relative to iowa or new hampshire. break down the voting blocks any presidential campaign has to appeal to. matt moore: the electorate will
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be twice as big as iowa and new hampshire combined. a third is very conservative. lessher third is ver conservative, and another third less than that. the states, it is more evangelical. economic issues, south carolina has a very fast moving economy with bmw, a lot of manufacturing here. it is a very transitioning states. mark: a lot of polling pre--iowa. any reason to believe donald trump is not currently ahead of ? matt moore: i think so. he has sustained a head of ted cruz and others. the traditional role of windowing the field further. the field further.
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mark: what do you think about him? building a he is gigantic crowd across south carolina. mark: we will see donald trump and jeb bush talk together for a long time. he is very popular, what will this do for him? matt moore: he won in 2008 over john mccain. his father did well here in 1988 and was successful because of it . we want to see that translate to sport for jeb bush and if people will change their minds. maybe undecided voters will go his way. we talked about the way the electorate has changed, we have talked about the jeb bush family and the historic strength in their state. into 1112, newt gingrich won this state by a lot. , newt gingrich won the
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state by a lot. , what doesngrich that mean? what are the implications going forward for this primary? matt moore: with 2012, new data newtd 20 years before -- had a record here 20 years before. even governor haley won a come from behind victory in south carolina. this is all tea party related. they are not as active in the past years or so. that politics are still popular in south carolina. have a lot of candidates politicians that are backing them with deep roots in the state. who's a team think is strongest? matt moore: they all have strong teams. governor bush has long roots
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here the past 30 years. they all have south carolina in them. mark: does anybody have a field organization based on their endorsements that you think is better? matt moore: i am impressed with senator cruz. pac has been going door to door. it is a very close election. it matters less than iowa and new hampshire, but it can matter. john: it can matter, but it is not is decisive. how much error is there? is it determinative in this primary? matt moore: i'm not sure it is determinative. people are just watching tv ads and it may not matter a whole much. of course, trump is different in that category. he came in with a lot of it. i have also seen as for senator cruz, marco rubio's, and jeb
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bush. i do not think the ads will be the deciding factor. it is a combination of retail -- and luck. mark: south carolina first in the south following new hampshire and iowa. or picky want to elect someone in this process the goes on to be the nominee and president. you all take newt gingrich last time. do you get the sense that voters , a meaningful number of voters electingg let's be someone that can be the next president? matt moore: every single time, it is an amazing record. a sizable portion is correlated to the undecided that are interested in who is electable versus hillary clinton or maybe bernie sanders, but a true point you are making. the otherexpect states have had a pretty robust turnout?
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matt moore: we had 600,000 voters last time. they came out the same way in iowa and new hampshire, the increased by 250,000. mark: will you get more? matt moore: i think it will be a record. mark: thank you. we will visit with you over the next few weeks. when we come back, switch the chairs around, talk to the democratic chair. in washington dc, you can listen to us on the radio at bloomberg 99.1 fm. we will be right back areas ♪
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♪ john: we are not rigid adherence
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to the doctrine, but having a republican chair, we think we should ring in the democrat. so we have jaime harrison, the south carolina party chairman. it is good to see you. jaime harrison: you as well. john: we have a long number of days before we get to the state primary on the democratic side, february 27. what is the effect that the democrat and the republicans not going on the same day which is usually the custom? tome harrison: we would love have the primaries on the same day. we need to talk to the rnc and the dnc to get the schedules worked out. we are still ponds in the game, we do what they tell us. john: is that bad in any way? does that negatively affect turnout? jaime harrison: it does not. it confuses voters at times. i think matt and i are going to have to do a good job of
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educating our voters that on february 20, you can vote for donald trump, figuring 27 you have bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we have seen bernie sanders do well with young voters. neither state had large nonwhite populations. what is your sense in the appeal of young african-american voters? jaime harrison: i think it is important, but if senator sanders wants to win south carolina, he to focus on african-american women. women of thewas democratic primary vote. 60% was african-american women. mark: you may not of the statistic, but older voters of any race, are there are a lot of african-american women that participate? jaime harrison: it is sizable,
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but really if you look back in 2004, 9% of the primary votes, that was kerry edwards and all, howard dean. uptakeg people with the in 2008. the core is african-american women. who can appeal to them. the clinton campaign has been saying that south carolina is its firewall. they have a strong connection with the african-american community. she lost the primary to barack obama eight years ago. just explain what it is, why is it that this should be, by anyone be considered a firewall for her, and how impregnable is it that -- is the state up for grabs? if bernie sanders gets momentum, what can he do to get african-american voters?
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jaime harrison: one thing the secretary learned from 2008, she called me and said i am getting ready to run, i will not take any votes for granted. into 2008, she was leaving barack obama by a sizable number in the polls, had all the news endorsements from establishment democrats, particularly in the african-american community. and then she came to south carolina and lost every county. they built a campaign, and it was led by one of my best friends, that i think is top-notch. laser been focused like a on making sure they are not taking any of the votes for granted. at the same time, bernie sanders has really developed a great round again. me. round ga they are fighting for every single vote. they understand, and she
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understands, because they had been sending surrogates like crazy. every day, just yesterday angela bassett, the makeup fox, -- vivica fox, chelsea clinton, bill clinton, it every day i get e-mails about clinton surrogates in town. they understand the importance of this data for her and that she really needs to win and do it in a great passion. -- fashion. john: your state is now dominated by the republican party. what are signed you can point to that you can take, someday soon, we will elect a governor, the way your state used to do? jaime harrison: my thinking when iran for chair, how do you rebuild a party? chair, how dofor you rebuild a party? it is putting together the
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institution and the will to win again. if we are in a place where republicans were 25 years ago in south carolina, i am building an infrastructure. we are trying to build our bench . i am pushing the national democratic party about developing a democratic strategy because i understand that as then -- i served executive director for the house and floor director for the with for a number -- the whip for a number of years. the road through the majority, it is through the south. we have two districts, if we had ccc investing time, we could take a real good shot at it. john: a couple seconds, you mentioned kleiburt. indoors are not? jaime harrison: i think he will. john: will it be decisive? jaime harrison: he is the
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only democrat that has a machine. john: reports from the campaign trail when we come back. ♪
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♪ john: joining us now from spartanburg, south carolina, reporters covering the campaign. bonnie jackman and gutierrez. gave it, let me start with you. marco rubio had the toughest night. what hasn't been like for him starting last night when he finally owned up to what happened in the debate and through today?
8:47 pm
longter: he had a very chat with reporters on the charter plane to south carolina from new hampshire. much longer, he says, than any press conference he has given in years, 45 minutes or so. he is trying to make the case that they are vowing to make a .ore aggressive campaign less stilted campaign. yesterday during his speech last night, he apologized to his supporters and owned that moment, the debate moments that for days he basically has been saying nothing to see here. he said that will never happen again. today, reporters asked him what happens? ? happened he was so intent on not getting into a fight, he got caught. he kept trying to make this point about being the best candidate to take on the democrat, and he kept repeating
8:48 pm
it. he did not realize how bad it was until after the debate when he started looking at social media. he did not really fast up to his supporters on sunday he does he did not want to bring down their morale. he realized last night when he had to do was own it. he made the case that he was going to run a more aggressive campaign. john: halley, it is heilemann here. from inside ted cruz world, it was really frustrated coming out of iowa with the fact that marco rubio seemed to get more attention from ted cruz, even though ted cruz had one iowa. in third,uz has come done very well in new hampshire. any sense of frustration in ted cruz world that he is not getting credit for that? reporter: absolutely. it is sort of a frustration like a chip on his shoulder. they never expected, given the media is against him, to get a lot of credit for a third-place finish. they feel good.
8:49 pm
unexpected, given new venture is not a state where they would have played well. it campaign is feeling well is going. you can probably see heidi crews over his shoulder. she is in his place speaking tonight, a surrogate for him. crews will be back in the state tomorrow, pushing for a few new things. they have pulled in the iowa director, a number of iowa staffers. they have opened a second ted cruz camp to put in additional volunteers, adding to the 9000 total. they are doing phone calls, door to door. the big problem in south carolina is donald trump, a good start them right in their tracks. they've seen a little bit of a pause on the policy attack of ted cruz and donald trump in the past week in new hampshire. you see that ramp up.
8:50 pm
we should be prepared to see more ads that are similar to what we saw, if you are member the "meet the press quote that -- "meet the press" quote that ran in donald trump ads, in the next couple of weeks as they try to take down team ted cruz. based on other press conferences you have had, what does that mean that marco rubio is going to do things differently or better, besides not did repeating himself? are they suggesting how this will look differently? reporter: mark, you were at a review event with me. event with me. his campaign has been very controlled and cautious, only taking a few questions at a time. never letting the candidate shine through. this time, he will be more accessible to the media, more accessible in getting as much across.
8:51 pm
the big question, what does that mean? what can this candidate really make an impact and incumbent voters he is not -- and convince voters he is not a robot? has he explained why they expect three days of saying the debate was great, and last night he said it was not so great? can that? reporter: he tried to explain. hisidn't want to disappoint volunteers, his campaign staff. , yeah.ay he continued to insist it was not that big of a deal. he wanted to stay on message. finally they made the decision that they are going to have to own this. yesterday during the acceptance speech, he came out and said yes, it was my fault, it will not happen again. the question is, will it happen again?
8:52 pm
there is a big debate this weekend. chris christie will not be there, but other republicans to be gunning for him. will he be able to go against of those attacks? back to you guys. it will be a big moment for ted cruz, too. now he is up there on that stage trying to go to donald trump, aggressive. how do you think they will be in terms of dealing with this new debate in greenville? he will try tonk get in the mix. he has to. this estate is not like new hampshire where she did not have much to lose. the manchester debate, everybody piled on marco rubio. in south carolina, he has to show people here and the rest of the country that he can take on donald trump, he can take a punch and fight back. you will see ted cruz jump in,
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interrupt a little bit more, and maybe on afraid to take on donald trump. he will have to be ready to take some attacks from trump too. c.n: go take your vitamin don't get sick. we will be right back with who won the day. ♪
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♪ >> i was going to ask, who won the day? john: by $10, there were no votes at stake. bernie sanders raise more money, so he wins the day. mark: sanders had a great day, trump had a great day. john kasich had a great day and south carolina. i am not saying he is going to win, but he didn't do a of taking second place and showing
8:56 pm
he can play. we should go to bloomberg and read josh's piece about hillary clinton's delegate strategy. john: tomorrow, will be in the lucky. coming up on "bloomberg west, emily chang talks with reporters on twitter's earnings. we will be talking to you about politics next time we see you from milwaukee. mark: peggy for watching. sayonara. ♪
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rishaad: it is thursday, the 11th of february. this is "trending business." a look at what we are watching. it is a holiday hangover for hong kong. the hang seng taking a tumble. every stock is in the red so far this thursday morning. .ack to 2014 the bank of japan's surprise move 15 months ago. confirming it is in
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talks for a $3 billion deal in europe. the brewer has been focusing on asia and needs to expand elsewhere. do follow me on twitter. re ase use that hashtag the well. hong kong stocks taking a tumble and playing catch-up with the rest of the region. how bad is the damage? not quite as bad as we were at the open. >> probably not the selloff that the futures were predicting, but this hong kong hangover after the lunar new year break certainly not great for investors. the hang seng index down 3.8%. one stock has just flipped into the black. generally, quite a lot of selling. there really are a lot of those oil producers. oil prices plunged over the last two trading days, when hong ko


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