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tv   Bloomberg Daybreak Asia  Bloomberg  December 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ >> terror in turkey, russia's ambassador murdered a killer claiming revenge for aleppo. donald trump the world must change tactics. >> shoppers die as a truck hits a christmas market in berlin. christine lagarde is convicted of negligence in france. the imf says it still has full confidence in her. >> alibaba shines a light on the
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dark world of counterfeiters in an attempt to drive fake goods off of its site. >> this is the second hour of "daybreak asia" live from bloomberg's u.s. and asian headquarters. >> it is just the past 7:00 p.m. here in new york. in asia, we are seeing green across the board, australia and south korea up .3%, new zealand .25%. geopolitically, switzerland, berlin, as well as turkey. >> let's get more on the market open. let's get started with the turkish lira, two day chart here. we are pushing roughly speaking,
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three point 53, so just about flat. japan, the nikkei 225, moved down yesterday, collect flat. 19,367, so this march to 20,000 for the nikkei 225. a lot of what will happen today will revolve around when we get to the boj. yes, we will get the decision midday in tokyo, lunchtime in fact, but the focus will be what conference the press when it comes to bond yields. have a look at south korea. there we go. a third of 1% better. a dropat where we are, in bond yields, treasuries on the way of, higher demand for
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havens. yields are on the way up ever so slightly. australia down for basis points. -- four basis points. that is year yield on the japanese 10 year government bond. our main story, president-elect of donald trump has weighed into the attack in turkey, switzerland, and germany, tweeting that the civilized world must change its thinking. nine died and 50 were injured when a truck plowed into shoppers at a berlin christmas market. the suspect was arrested afterwards. a passenger in the truck died at the scene. they are trying to ascertain the identity of tubing people in that truck, which belongs to a polish steel shipping company. yvonne: president clinton has
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called for a crackdown on terrorism after the russian ambassador to turkey was shot in ankara. inquiries link his death with the war in syria and bombing and aleppo. turkishan was killed by security forces. the committed crime is undoubtedly a provocation aimed into raving the ties between russia and turkey, as well as the piece process in syria, which is actively promoted by russia, turkey, iran, and other countries interested in the regulation of inter-syrian conflict. there is only one possible response, the strengthening in the fight against terror. yvonne: joining us now is greg barton. he is an expert on security,
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geopolitical risks, and terrorism. good to have you on the program. the president-elect saying it will only get worse. it is time for a rethink. what do you make of that? trump, he with donald has got some truth in what he says. are in look like we for a time of difficulty. attacks in june and july, but a rethink of how we do things, it is not clear what he means by that. people have been working very hard on the isis threat, making steady progress, forging some attacks, but some getting through. i am not sure what the president-elect has in mind when he says rethink. happenediven what has overnight, what are the long-term implications when it
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comes to russia-turkey relationship now. countriesard the two respond amicably, vowing to cooperate, but could that change once we get more detail into who the shooter is and who his links are two? >> it is less of a case that this one incident will change the relationship. what appears to be the case is that a supporter of akp with unhappy leanings was with the rapprochement with russia, specifically groups like al-nusra. they were active in east aleppo. there is a building tension between what happens at elite leader, ander to the will of the turkish people the president and
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have conservative leanings and are troubled by syria and iraq, and i can't see that problem going away even as the leaders themselves try to downplay it. yvonne: where do we go from here? >> the russian plan is to back bashar al-assad so that he has the western half, quarter of the ,ountry from aleppo to damascus including where the russian naval base is, and the interior of syria is left to its own devices. the rhetoric is that they will now join forces and fight isis. it is not clear this will happen. that has been going on for six years and may
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unfortunately go on for years to come. ramy: this could harden the hand of president erdogan in his relations with islamist forces. what could we expect to come out of this? is early hours, but in terms of the ripple effects, what are your thoughts? >> i think this will be of some short-term utility. there was the attack in istanbul, and the other attack linked to the kurdistan workers party, now an attack linked to an islamist supporter. president erdogan has just put the parliament a proposal for powers that will make him like president clinton, unchecked. -- president putin, unchecked. and he says crisis requires the strong powers.
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the fact that there is a growing groundswell of people who are in his support base and unhappy with the alliance with russia leading leading to dropping support for islamist fighters in syria. president erdogan will have to negotiate a compromise with the russians and extend this pushback. welle longer run, it may take into the civil war and the southeast against the kurds, which is what president erdogan is obsessing about at the moment. isis has a strong foothold in turkey, and many other islamic groups aligned with the regime threatened to become a thorn in its side, and i think we saw a microcosm incident of this with the assassination of the russian ambassador. in the medium or long term, it will be hard for president erdogan. for: thank you very much your analysis in time. let's get to first word news. >> thank you.
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a gun man is on the run in zürich after worshipers were shot new the main train station. shot asn were wounded they were praying. the shooter is still at large. police say the dead body of another person was found later a few minutes walk from the islamic center. the nascent campaign to prevent donald trump has failed with the other oral college naming him president. some democrats and other critics wanted the 538 unnamed college members to refuse to endorse the results, but donald trump easily cruised past the 270 votes needed and will be sworn in next month. the imf chief christine lagarde has been found guilty of negligence and a compensation dispute during her time as french finance minister. the paris court said she should have done more to block and overturn a multimillion dollar payout to a businessman over his
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1993 sale of adidas. fines --'t pay any christine lagarde won't pay any fine or serve any jail term. the boardroom battle at india's biggest conglomerate has taken a dramatic turn with cyrus mistry stepping down as director of tat a company. he said he is taking his fight with ratan tata to what he called a larger platform. ands mistry quit the board as chairman of tata motors. global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. yvonne: the bank of japan and winds up its last policy meeting of the year later, and none of the economists we surveyed expect any changes. tokyo for thein meeting. what should we watch out for today, not so much in terms of
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what they will do, but the guidance going forward? exactly. not so much when it comes to any specific action from the boj, but do watch that press conference because governor kuroda's views on bond yields in the state of the japanese economy will matter. this is the first boj policy meeting after the fed rate hike alongweek, not to mention the yen slump, now the weakest since february. if governor kuroda expected relief about the weakness of the say goodbye to fiscal stimulus in a time soon. too much yen weakness could be a risk in the sense that we could any criticism coming from the u.s. or the new trump administration, that would be a main risk. ramy: on the back of soaring
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global yields, what challenges does that post to the boj? kuroda just last september paid the 10 year yield to around 0%. that is the new target. growing speculation that bond purchases were just approaching their limits, so now you have global yields rising, and with that japan's 10 year yield last week rising to the highest level since january, so on to traders will be looking for any guidance from the boj on how it plans to manage the yield curve given that that is their new target. ramy: we will leave it there. as we look ahead, the doj and its latest policy decision. thank you very much. we are 20 minutes away from an idea where the rba sees rates
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heading. , shane oliver, why he thinks investment strategies are now less dependent on central banks. this is bloomberg. ♪
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ramy: you are watching global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. i am ramy inocencio in new york. yvonne: saudi arabia may still and newo list aramco york despite new u.s. laws that allow victims of the september 11 attack to sue the kingdom. a decision on what could be one of the biggest share sales and history is still an "work in progress." the new york stock exchange president said they are actively pitching for the ipo. thatwill explain to him
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this is the most important day of your life as a public company. you need an exchange they can handle massive liquidity. if you're coming out to raise $25 billion or multiples of that, there is only one place to do that in the world, and it is right here. with respect to geopolitical concerns, we need friends in the region, and to the extent we have a large ipo of a company such as you described, i will make a personal appeal to consider the new york stock exchange. ramy: rising competition and dwindling sales hitting boeing as it makes deeper cuts to its commercial plane business and plans more reductions for 2017. staff have been told that workforce and its largest division will be cut by 8% this year compared to january levels, 6600 people losing their jobs. boeing finished 1% higher in new york. selling arl icahn is
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to 3ny value deck close billion dollars, including death, and it involves 29,000 real cars. the deal will close in the second quarter of next year. the optionwill have to sell another for how thousand 800 cars for $500 million. ramy: christine lagarde remain safe despite losing a negligence case in france. that report is next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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yvonne: you are watching "daybreak asia". a retainsimf says
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full confidence in christine lagarde despite her being found guilty of negligence in france. we were at the paris court for the verdict. surprise, thee a imf managing director found guilty of negligence not for ordering the arbitration in favor of the business tycoon, but for failing to overturn it a year later when she had the possibility. the president of the court said that given that christine lagarde was a lawyer for 20 have soughthould more information and should had littlehat she chance to overturn the initial arbitration. crisis atfinancial the time in 2007-2008, the president of the court decided that christine lagarde would receive no sentence, no jail
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time, and no fine. i talked to the lawyer of christine lagarde, who told me that he was 80% satisfied with the verdict. getting back to the markets, asia-pacific stocks open mixed after the news from turkey, germany, and switzerland. let's look at how the attacks may weigh on stocks today. really great to have you, geopolitical risks front and center, but looking ahead to 2017, where does this start to hit risky assets here? markets largely this year have similar events. degree, it is right to ignore them because the underlying economic conditions globally have in on the mend for
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the last 12 months. the soft patch was late last year, early this year around the time of the first fed rate hike. because brexit, because of the donald trump victory, the have notote, they prevented markets from going higher. markets are to some degree over what with huge -- overbought with huge game since the election of donald trump. we will see a pullback, probably in the first two months of next year, perhaps after the inauguration. we have hadll say, this big rally, now what will donald trump do, what emphasis will he give on trade versus stimulating the u.s. economy, and how long will it take that stimulus to come through. in the meantime, investors will refocus on some of these geopolitical risks. the terror threat will be for
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the first seeable future. investors will get used to that, and have done indeed, but the real issue will be the tension and china ands. eurozone breakout risks over the next 12 months. yvonne: you mention the risks when it comes to u.s. and china, take a look at the markets in china. a bull run in bonds that has quickly reversed after we see more pressure as it increases,s. rate more stock volatility as well, and in the currency. with that be a big risk in 2017? think what is going in china could have an impact. we have seen policy and china run hot and cold. stimulus picked up on the monetary and fiscal front, that in turn help to stabilize
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growth. now the authorities and china are concerned the property market needs to be slowed down. they need to slow down the rate of growth in credit, a shift conservative approach to stimulus. drag to some degree, but i don't see china's growth collapsing, probably 6.7% this year, probably 6.5% next year, so i don't see major calamity coming up china. yvonne: no calamity, but this is a time when policymakers are attempting to deleverage. could this spiral into something the market is not expecting given that it's not just the vicious cycle, but also in the bond market? >> yes, there is that issue there. has moved to
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tightening, and that is putting pressure on bond yields in china. that is partly global. occurred after the fed announcement, so china is being drawn into this backup in bond yields we have seen globally. or have's one of the only countries that has not in drawn in is japan. the boj since september has had this commitment to keep japanese ten-year bond yields around zero, so that has given japan a huge in vantage and all this, the japanese share market benefiting from the fall in the databetter economic recently, and on top of all that, you have on yields capped around zero. ramy: you talk in your note about rotation to fiscal policy
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from monetary policy. what is your strategy to work with this? of, calls that is sort it a great rotation. for the last five-six years come all the emphasis has been on monetary policy. we have seen fiscal austerity until recently. quite clearly that is now in reverse, but that focus on monetary policy led to that huge rally we saw in bonds, amongst other things. i think the reality is that the bond rally is now finished, the cyclical bond rally we saw post-brexit is over. bonde now moving into a bear market. we have seen a massive selloff recently. i think we will go through a pause in the backup and bond yields, but i would use that as an opportunity to sell more bonds at some point in the next few months the cousin i see bond yields heading higher by the end
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of the year ahead. in that environment, you have two because she's about bond proxies on the share market. you have to be cautious about infrastructure rates. ramy: we have to leave it there. you're watching bloomberg. ♪
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is 8:30 a.m. in singapore, half an hour away from a open in trading there. i am is yvonne man in hong kong. ramy: i am ramy inocencio in new york. you are watching "daybreak asia" . let's get to first word news. >> president putin has called for a crackdown on terrorism after the russian ambassador to turkey was shot dead. andrey karlov was assassinated at an art ambition. initially his death has been linked to bombing in syria and aleppo. the gunman was killed by turkish security forces.
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on the run insert after worshipers were shot at an islamic center near the main train station. three men were wounded as they were shot while praying. the shooter is still at large. police say the body of another person was found later. it is unclear if the two episodes are linked. attempted fraud and abuse of authority on the opening day of her trial in seoul, korea. ledrelationship with park to park being impeached. the court is reviewing the evidence and will rule on whether the impeachment is legal. global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. thanks. breaking news crossing the bloomberg, the rba has released
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minutes from its meeting, holding at 1.5%. quarteret that third gdp print that showed a disappointing number, a contraction. market uncertainty is what we get out of these minutes. discussed the affect of lower interest rates on asset prices and the decision by households to our row given the high levels of household debt, but they do mention the housing market has picked up, so there is a question when it comes to the job market momentum. expect the excess capacity in the labor market will continue for some time, but overall conditions have strengthened. the international environment as given more positive signs in recent months and commodity gains show higher terms of trade on the back of
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we gotidyear budget that yesterday, somewhat anticlimactic, the credit ratings agency saying it does not impact its aaa rating. the downside risks economists say have not gone away as you look to the next budget update in may. market reaction to these rba minutes, let's go to david at the market board. david: thanks. have a look at the aussie dollar. so when you talk about slack in the labor market, they see this continuing. at some point that will not show ge in terms of wa inflation. all of these things are key themes in 2017. aussie dollar seeing a little bit of green, 7255. across, a decent bid markets and asia with the
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exception of japan, bobbing around zero for the most part of its trading session as the yen strengthened overnight. gold, 1138 last i checked, among the best performing stocks are gold producers. one thing i want to mention is producer prices for the first 2014, it turned positive, so another asian economy that looks like it has turned a corner as far as wholesale prices are concerned. at what point does it show up in terms of consumer inflation prices? we will have to wait and see. let'sthat's top level, get to some specific stocks. what are you watching? , the: two names in japan broader market not doing a lot, but look at -- what do we have here?
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onhiba, after markets closed thursday, a little bit off the bottom here. still considered, or it is still being reviewed -- let me look at my notes. it is on the watch list, but there needs to be more information because if they don't see an improvement in internal management by march 15, then the company will be de-listed. down about 4%. let me wrap things up with a look at yamaha motor, 5% down, two holds. i should emphasize it is still at the top end are closer to the top end of the range from analysts. yvonne: thank you.
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president putin has to announce the murder of russia's ambassador to turkey. he said it is an attempt to drive the two countries apart. andrey karlov was shot at an art exhibition and died from his injuries. rosalind chin has the latest for us on this incident. the two countries have been rebuilding the relationship since november when the turkish military down they russian plane, and that really put a strain on the relationship between them, and they have tried to build their ties since then. this does have the potential to raise tensions on two sides, russia and turkey on different sides in the syrian war. russia backing president bashar al-assad's forces, and turkey backing rebel fighters. we heard from the russian president, and this is what his
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turkish counterpart had to say. we know that this is a aimed specifically at deteriorating the normalization of the process of the relationship between turkey and russia. the turkish and russian governments have a will that will not rise to the bait. president erdogan said the relationship was also crucial to the region. are assuming a united stance. rebels werec defeated in aleppo by russian backed troops here it i would russia and turkey be so keen on working together here? timeind: for turkey, last things went bad with the downing of that russian plane, the economy took a hit, russia imposed sanctions and targeted turkish businesses. this time around, it is in their
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interest to work together. it's focuses have shifted in terms of this war and the fight in syria. the racial group president has been saying that both sides have terrorist organizations they are targeting. turkey is now focusing more on kurdish separatist groups and islamic state fighters. both russia and turkey will continue to work closely together and will tackle islamic militancy together. ramy: the latest on the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey in ankara. be thee, it could biggest ponzi scheme since bernie madoff, a hedge fund founder and six associates have been arrested on fraud for over $1 billion. there were running a fund with industry beating returns that were based on lies. su has the details. su: better than 17% a year for
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more than a decade, and they outperformed even some of the biggest name the funds who had had tough years. prosecutors who charge these individuals, they say multiple criminal counts are being charged because the $1.7 billion like aund was really cheap piece of metal. the inflated the value of unprofitable oil projects come and check it out, there are that theat suggested unnamed co-conspirators were planning to leave the country. these emails were saying things like, we will not come back to new york just to be safe. take your passport. even one emails said something to the affect of you should probably tell your wife, indicating that not only investors were in the dark, but
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immediate family members. showe: did this charges more detail? lights, this came to because of an ancillary situation in which one of the principles was trying to get investment from a pension fund. thatthe prosecutors say is oil was going belly up, and the fund indicated that these things were the major assets. take a look. they had a large stake in the oil company. 2012, a black elk oil platform exploded, killing three workers. consequently, oil production went down and they could not pay its bills, but that did not stop platinum from continuing to valuing black elk. wererosecutors say these
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presented as being far more worth than they actually were when they were actually bankrupt, and it was used to bring in more money to pay off those who were preferred investors. yvonne: su keenan joining us live there. janet yellen has expressed confidence in the u.s. economy, telling graduating college students that they are entering the strongest job market in nearly a decade. of slow economic recovery, you are entering the strongest job market in nearly a decade. is unemployment rate at 4.6% near what it was before the recession. this is a level that has been associated with good job opportunities. in our let's bring reporter now.
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how does the job market look right now from the fed's perspective? time fora convenient the fed chair to be giving a commencement address. it rightly pointed out that has been 10 years since we have had unemployment this low with the unemployment rate falling to 4.6%. under the surface, you can see this latestnals of job report what she is talking about. if you look at employment for age4-year-olds, that prime demographic you would most expect to be working, that employment rate is the highest it has been since 2008 before the crisis. that is the white line in this chart. you also see a long with that wage growth for these individuals for that 25-54 demographic as calculated by the atlanta fed has surged in the last few months, so it is a good time to be graduating and going into the workforce. aboutjanet yellen talked
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the different labor markets that college grads and noncollege grads could go into. what are the issues here? >> as the unemployment rate has fallen and is now consistent with what they think of as full employment, we are seeing more delineation, discrimination in their approach to analyzing the labor market. she pointed out that the unemployment rate for high school graduates who don't have college degrees was still elevated compared to those with college degrees, so we can take a look at that as well. if you look at the spread between those to bring unemployment rates, the unemployment rate for high school graduates is still elevated at 2.6 percentage points higher than the rate for college grads, and that is higher than it was pre-crisis, so there is still a ways to go there. some fed officials have made comments about unemployment rates for different racial groups and the disparities that
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continue to exist they are, even though the proper labor market is looking quite strong. ramy: the latest out of the fed and janet yellen speaking today. up next, the rising threat from cyber attackers. how will the issue be addressed under a donald j. trump administration? we will discuss that and more with aspect ventures next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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ramy: you are watching "daybreak asia". i am ramy inocencio in new york. yvonne: i am yvonne man in hong kong. security and the headlines, claims that the kremlin hacked the u.s. election. our next guest is the head of aspect of ventures them of focusing on security, data analytics, and security opportunities. good to see you. very quickly, what do you bring to the table that others don't.
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>> thank you for having me. focus that i have personally had and now my firm in cyber security would be one area. we take an approach where we focus on key sectors where we beenpportunity, so i have doing cyber security investment for over 15 years now having been in cyber security before that, so that brings a unique angle. ramy: with allegations of russian hacking and allegations of chinese hacking, what does your firm -- tell me more about this. if youe is no question talk to my cyber security friends that there has been an escalation from matthew broaddrick in wargames to nation hacking. it goes back to sony and north korea and the current dnc hack
7:48 pm
from russia. we have been seeing a tremendous spendingin commercial across sectors and multimillion dollar investments in cyber security. , at goes from cato three-time repeat security entrepreneur, and he has created what amazon web services does for compute, cato does it all in the cloud as an on-demand cloud service. we see tremendous opportunity there and increased visibility and terms of what is on your network. companynvestors and a that is one of the leaders and that space, and we have seen several million dollar plus investments in that, but even consumer companies as well. it is starting to burgeon withwe talk about it, but tech, what are the
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opportunities there? >> the explosion of data and information out there. companynvestors and a that provides credit scores for people who are foreign-born graduates in college or graduate school, so these people would not have a traditional u.s. credit score because they have not lived here, but there is so much more information about people, particularly with social people's truefy identities, and that type of information is very valuable and creates a credit score that is highly correlated to traditional credit scoring. wouldpeople are saying it be a more of a minority-majority population. coming back here, technology and donald trump, we had that famous meeting over at trump tower with a lot of heads of technology. a lot of them came out against donald trump. now they are meeting with him and have to deal with him, is this a net
7:50 pm
negative? >> i think it is a still unknown. we don't know what the next administration will do. for myself and other tech executives, the question is what will happen with immigration policy? approximately half of venture backed tech entrepreneurs are foreign-born immigrants. is very important. it's not just about the h-1b, but what will happen to immigration for tech founders, because these people, venture backed companies account for one out of 10 private sector jobs, nearly 12 million jobs created from this industry. on the positive out of that, bringing in a true industry executive and an immigrant into the transition team is a positive sign, and if you want
7:51 pm
to take the optimistic view, there might be opportunities in infrastructure, infrastructure investment. infrastructure could be next generation transportation, autonomous vehicles, or other infrastructure required as we move towards intelligent vehicles. yvonne: the question you mentioned about tech, jobs come immigration, could the sea capital had more towards china head more towards china? >> most of the venture investments in china have been through chinese-led venture funds because of the investment rules there. i think there is no question that china is a tremendous, huge tech opportunity from a consumer and enterprise standpoint, and
7:52 pm
you will continue to see investments there. what is interesting is almost in the reverse, where large tech companies that have gone public have set up venture investment arms in silicon valley to invest in u.s.-based companies, so things will go both directions perhaps. yvonne: cyber security is a passion of yours. i want to get your take on donald trump's presidency. hime could be risks from warming up to russia, his rants on twitter when it comes to china. could we see more attacks as a result of this? >> it is hard to know because most nation state sponsored attacks do not become public. in terms of the commercial sector, the spending is increasing and cyber security has been going on for at least the last 3-4 years, and we don't see any signs that that will update. any time there is an admission
7:53 pm
change, potentially interesting thing is that in the end, the ones that become public are when people get their emails sony, and that, is when the public becomes aware could presentat opportunity, but it also presents risks. you never know. get yourood to perspective. up next, alibaba steps up its fight against the fakers. details just ahead. this is bloomberg. ♪
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alibaba is trying to shine some light on fake reviews on its website. site linked merchants with people willing to falsify purchases and write false comments. we have more on these stories. >> alibaba is suing the company, they are linking people who are willing to write comments on purchases in return for money. alibaba is going off-line and whoing out these people were doing it. alibaba has always had a complicated relationship with the industry, because on one
7:56 pm
hand they inflate transaction figures, but then after growing into a more high profile company , they have to crack down on these websites that are undermining its credibility. u.s. arepanies in the also struggling with fake reviews. how significant of an issue is it to china? china outsources it to thousands of people, bringing the game to a whole new level where they are marketing openly on their platform, teaching people how to brush for these merchants and creating virtual currency to smooth the transaction. in the u.s., you might have companies operating themselves, this is like a sharing economy for brochures. ramy: how does it work? >> if i am a merchant and i want fake transactions, i will place
7:57 pm
an assignment on the job board for these brushing websites, and as a brush or you come along, complete the task, and i will refund you your money. in the process, no orders are mailed at all, it is all virtually online to avoid alibaba. stuff.nteresting on fake reviews in china. .hat is it for us pla we are watching for the policy rate decision today. we will watch the china market opened, but stocks quite positive, but the bond rally continues amidst this turmoil. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> i am rishaad salamat. >> i am haidi lun. this is "bloomberg markets: asia." ♪ >> terror in turkey, russia's ambassador murdered by a killer claiming revenge for aleppo. donald trump says the world must change tactics. hitsoppers die as a truck a christmas market in


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