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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  February 10, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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bloomberg markets. we will take you from new york to london in the next hour. plus, stores out of dallas, germany and japan. here at the top stories on the bloomberg and around the world. the trade moving on president trump. really get a sustained rally in the dollar as the president promises a phenomenal tax plan? julie: president trump is due to meet prime minister of japan at the white house any moment. the prime minister has already pitched japanese business interest to the u.s. chamber of commerce. how will having a developer in the white house affect global real estate deals? we will discuss the trump impacted real estate. the company just reported earnings that topped the forecast. europeane a look at
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equities trading, just under 30 minutes into the end of the friday session. 600 gainingg, stoxx for the fourth day, best run since december the ninth on trump's promise business stock overhaul. all currencies falling against the dollar. it is the losing run after six weeks of decline set to come to an end. looks like it is. that is the bloomberg dollar spot index. yields rising in portugal, italy and ireland. the 10 year is lower commodity than sovereign. l'oreal in the news. we spoke to the chairman, fourth-quarter sales missed estimates, rising eight point 4%, boosted by 6.2% revenue growth in north america and increasing appetite for its brand,c higher and separately, it may dispose of the body shop division, potentially pulling the plug on years of a failed turnaround of
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the u.k. cosmetic brand that spearheaded the trend in environmentally minded products before losing out to rivals. shares in the last 12 months up 12%.ughly today, a big u.k. restaurant food delivery service. number one, shares today down. why? ceo is stepping down due to family reasons. 6.4% lower today. chairman john hughes will step up to the plate to the role of executive chairman at the end of the quarter as the board starts to look for a replacement for the chief executive, who joined in 2006 to launch the u.k. business. since he became chief executive in 2013, the stock company -- the company stock has doubled, compared to other 2% right for the ftse after the years of strong growth, but food orders did slow in the last year of the rising competition causing
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shares to slide. out of the u.k., u.k. industrial production rising the 1.1% in december, manufacturing have been a better than estimated performance in the fourth quarter. it means it rose by .2% in the fourth quarter, rather than being unchanged as previously estimated. they will do little to change the view that the economy is very much led by the services and by the consumer, which could be under pressure as inflation rises, putting a squeeze on real income, potentially in 2017. 90 minutes into the trading day u.s.e how is it looking, abigail? higher, stocks trading the dow jones, s&p 500 and nasdaq higher. day,ow jones for a second above that, so really some nice games pass that psychological milestone.
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the s&p 500 and nasdaq up for a fourth day, so a bullish street for stocks. top sector on the days energy. the first day since february 1, best 30 days since china way 24. this on the news that opec achieved 90% compliance for supply cut deals and a shift from the past. there has been a history of making deals and not achieving them. in this case, opec is talking the talk and walking the walk. we have lots of them trading higher on this. interesting though, stocks --her on the week, but we risk on an risk off bonds also higher, so stocks at all-time highs and bonds also trading higher. this is a two-week the yuan shows the 10 year yield down about six basis points, represented in green because it tells us that bonds are rallying. it will be interesting to see what gives between the dynamic. as for the 10 year yield, investors weigh nowhere could go. in the bloomberg, g #b2b 5868,
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larry fink of blackrock said he thinks the 10 year yield could go below 2% or rise above 4% or perhaps both. of -- jeff oft doubling capital said it would ended the 10 year yield goes above 3%. we do see a downtrend from a technical perspective. the down trend is in effect, suggesting that larry fink could be right only could see the 10 year yield go back to a low 2%. interestingly, the calls are not against each other because jeff says the bull market will end if it goes above 3% and that could happen. interesting nuances. julie: everybody putting conditions on the forecast, which is wise to do. abigail doolittle, to you are. these yields are relevant to the sector we talk about now. real estate, one of the best-performing today, shares
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getting a 52 week high after the global commercial real estate services firm top turning estimates in the fourth quarter. joining us now or a first bloomberg and to be from dallas, bob, chief executive officer at cbre group. thank you. when we look not just back at the quarterback ahead to the isecast for 2017, which above analyst estimates, how do you factor in some of the political uncertainties when it comes to tax policy, etc., when looking ahead for profit for this you? bob: well, we have put together withecast for next year assumptions about what will happen with regard to taxes in the u.s. we think there could be some upside based on what the trump administration wants to get done with taxes. if that happens, you should see that reflected in our results as it plays out. curious about
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foreign investor demands, which has been a big part of the u.s. real estate business has supported demands. do you see signs of that changing with, for example, the new immigration policies? the one big change or have seen in foreign investment over the last years and last year is that china has become a much more prominent investor in u.s.-commercial real estate. last year was the first year ever in which china was the biggest costs border investment into the u.s. we expect that to continue. there is a big ruled above capital and they wanted a person by an like markets here. in general, there is a lot of capital that wants to move into commercial real estate, more caution than 2015. it was a huge year. 2016 was a good year and we expect 2017 to be similar to 2017 -- 2016. real estate moving around the world. julie: do you see any of that
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affected by some of the trump administration policies? does your company support the travel ban that is debated? it is early in the trump administration and we are waiting to see what will play out, but as of right now, we have not seen anything to suggest the close of capital in commercial real estate and in particular commercial real estate in the u.s. we see a solid backlog of capital. if you look of institutions, they are under allocated to commercial real estate by about 100 basis points relative to a they want to be. they want to be at around 10%. there is more money in asia that wants to get here, more commercial money. they're watching to see what happens in the markets. we think there will be a healthy flow capital of the state this anything have not seen
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in regard to the new administration to slow that down. mark: you have a presence in the u.k., how much de-risking is happening post the brexit referendum, and if they do the risk to much, my pay overcompensate and miss out on opportunities? bob: i was in london this week and i can tell you the level of enthusiasm there today in london relative to what we saw in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter last year -- obviously, the fourth quarter was good. we saw nice activity. there is into zs of that if the mark -- there is enthusiasm that at the markets are as good or waser in 2017 when brexit first announced, there was an easiness, deals that got sidelined, pressure on pricing, but we saw that subside to the end of last year and we expect that better attitude toward the
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circumstance to prevail in 2017. mark: this london remain a then? visit remain -- remain a haven? thinking sterling. when you look at sterling, that has got to make london an attractive destination. are two separate days you commented on. the fact that the pound is down is positive and will encourage capital flows into the u.k. and london. then there is the issue of days london a fortress market? it is an extraordinary commercial real estate market. has been and will continue to be as a global said could possibly be. the financial industry is large, then the others are large, and we work with capitalsource from all over the world entering other attitude is long-term as long as it is a good place to
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invest. about i want to ask rates. you might have heard our markets reporter talking about the 10 year. of course, your industry quite contingent in some ways on what happens with the treasury yields in the u.s. what are you forecasting for 2017 and how are you adapting to the expected increase in rates, presumably? go upe expect rates to slowly and we are not expecting that to have a big impact on the volume of transactions or on pricing. we have seen a touch of pressure on pricing, not much but just a touch. we do not expect that to change throughout the course of the year. real estate fundamentals are good. betterre strong, getting , occupancy is strong and getting better. if interest rates to send at all, that will be an indication of a stronger economy and it
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will be good for real estate because there is not a lot of news implied online and for the most part, major markets around the world. julie: i want to ask you about the type of construction. on the last conference call, you expressed pride in the fact that the company has environmentally , etc.,ating practices but the political climate to some extent appears to be going in the opposite in terms of climate change. are you staying the course of what are your future plans? environmentally buildings isn of critical to a long-term strategy. there is nothing going on changing our view on that. in that regard and that is going to be the case in 2017 and beyond. julie: thank you for your time. bob is the chief executive
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officer of cbre group. mark: as check in on first word news. more from new york. now, japan'srom prime minister shinzo abe will be meeting with president trump. this morning, he took part in a wreathlaying ceremony at arlington national cemetery and spoke at the u.s. chamber of commerce. criticism of the president's turn policies and said his trust is hindering global trade. president trump issued his berdych gunned it feels court that refused to reinstate his travel ban. because it disgraceful decision. a three-judge panel concluded the government failed to make its case. a freeze on the band should be lifted and rejected the argument that courts cannot review a presidential decision on immigration. to be thetop likely supreme court. michigan will provide clinton residents for water filters for three more years.
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filters and replacement cartridges will be given out as officials work to replace unsafe lead pipes drop the city. continue will likely to offer access to bottled water. turkey's president approved a referendum that will give him new powers. they will vote on constitutional changes. the changes would also give him more control over appointing judges. elected like to free -- likely to take place. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. thanks a lot. coming up, a bloomberg exclusive. ing futures from his bedroom, but it turns out, he may have been duped on at this money. this is bloomberg. ♪
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live from london. i am mark barton. european close about 15 minutes away. julie: in new york, i am julie hyman. mark: julie, he has been called the crash fast trader. making $50 million trading futures from his bedroom before he was arrested, accused of bringing markets back to their knees in 2010. the money has honest. joining us is bloomberg's senior reporter. he has written an exclusive story on this amazing twist in the flash crash trader story. has he been stamped out of $50 million? >> it looks that way. it is one of those stories that is too crazy to believe. about
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two months or three months ago, he was in court with his lawyer and the goes to the u.s. government now $38 million. he has been blamed for the flash crash, and when it came to giving back the money, it slowly became apparent that he was not in a position to do so because his money had all been divvied to various parties. his lawyer told a judge at the time that they were unable to get a hold of the money in until now. i went away and try to piece together exactly where you put the money. mark: where did he put it? which ventures? not put thedid he money? anyone offered him a good rates of return, some of these places he put his money offered him risk premiums and he seems to be putting -- he seemed willing to put it there.
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there are three main investments he made. mark: commercial characters. he seems to draw himself toward. liam: almost every single one has a past or history and remains to be seen whether it will be forthcoming, but it is all kind of gone. a suddenly starts getting metaphorical knock on the door from these cast of characters that say, we can help you save tax, and best in fantastic returns without risk, we can help you avoid the banks, and on the one hand, he has this billion trader, on the other, a naive kid who has never worked in the bank, no commercial experience, and one of the bed it works has been -- one of the bed of the better words has been duped by these guys. julie: was it illegal, treading the line, have they done this to
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other people? what more do you know not only about him but other folks? 3 all this will -- liam: all this will shake out in the new future. his lawyer described as though he invested his money as in a ponzi scheme and these guys are being looked into. it is not up to me to determine whether what they were doing was illegal. what they were offering was something beyond even the best hedge funds in the world could offer. he was offered interest rates like hundred percent per year, one guy offered and 11% interest with zero risk attached to it. almostuys have a kind of backloaded broken hearts. i have to speak to a lot of they have left a trail of destruction behind them. mark: what happens now? so he gets sentenced later this
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year. he has a lot of money to pay back, likely will never pay it back. is the money trail going to lead investigators nowhere? happened is that his lawyers were in a bit of a bind because they had not been paid, so they were in a situation were get hisy needed nav to money back so they could get paid so he could pay the u.s. government, said this incredible trail of people who were owed money. does the u.s. government 40 million u.s. dollars. it is a different matter with fbi money, so i wonder now that the u.s. government putting away to on these guys, maybe it will be forthcoming. their fairm response, they say the money hasn't necessarily been lost or it certainly hasn't been fraudulently used, but they just haven't got it at the moment.
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mark: they could do a trading bank. liam: the irony is his one source of making money is closed since he cannot trade anymore. mark: do read the story. crash flash -- flash crash trader, one of the most read stories on the bloomberg terminal. julie? will hearll ahead, we from chairman and ceo carlos ghosn, who talked with bloomberg about the outlook of sales next year. this is bloomberg. ♪
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mark: live from london, this is the european close. roughly six minutes until the end of the friday session. julie: in new york, a long way to go. i am julie hyman. mark: [indiscernible] mitsubishi is boasting nearly 10 million vehicles delivered last year. the chairman of the three automakers carlos ghosn spoke to
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bloomberg exclusively from paris today. carlos: we benefited in 2016 with a strong market and recovery. the single market will be 2%.ilized, forecast of the reason for which we show strong results is first, we have done a good performance in europe, not on the growth of the market that we gained market shares. we have renewed significantly our product, so we have a fresh outlook. these are the reasons for which a profit is at record level. holds,ow for what 2017 he painted in optimistic picture. carlos: we envision 2017 with optimism because even though we will continue to have a strong performance in europe, we will be able to count on growing market share and hopefully a growing market in china and in a certainhopefully at
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point in time, the recovery of the russian market will benefit. we have over 32% market share there. mark: he also addressed the imbalance of shareholding between the japanese automaker. the only own about 15% of her notes and he says that once france sells the 20% stake -- state, it could increase in involvement. we are four minutes away from the end of the friday session. stocks are up or the fourth consecutive day. the close is a matter of seconds away. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ mark: live from london in new york, this is the european close. higher today led by basic resources. we have been in a narrow trading
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range, up as much as a third and down as much as .1% driven by donald trump's promise to overhaul business track -- taxes. exports data lifting basic resources up by 3.8%. best-performing industry group in 2017 up by 10% following from the table topping performance in 2016 when the basic resource companies rose by 52%. the carmaker gaining market share in europe with an expanded lineup of suvs and upgraded models like the hatchback shares up by 1.2% today. the world's biggest steelmaker, this is one year performance. shares up by as much as 8.8%, biggest increase since november
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and the company reported a 20% rise in annual profit. , raising the forecast. higher demand this year. they decided to not reinstate the dividends and it has been a run for these types of companies, rising steel prices on the back of chinese stimulus. european steel prices -- the blue line surge 82% last year and inch mark prices for different types of coal almost doubled and tripled respectively. it has been quite a year. it has been quite a year for the french luxury goods group, shares up as much as 4.7%. fourth-quarter sales, best rise since 2012. we had a rebound in luxury demand, boosting revenue from revenue forci --
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gucci. we've got breaking news. julie: more details on the trump tax plan. a white house official tells us it is coming in the next few weeks. the whitehe said -- house official said the trump tax plan is being led by gary cohn and economic team and that congressional leaders are in the loop on the plan. also that it is more than just an outline. it is more fleshed out. interesting because we are seeing the dollar take a leg down on these comments. it is little changed after earlier inittle more the session. we are watching u.s. stocks holding steady with record highs once again for at least the second day in a row. abigail doolittle is watching
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markets for us as we see these records again. abigail: pretty amazing that we have these records and much of it regarding donald trump and the quote unquote reflation interestingly, the of therade rally out election is overshadowed by some counterparts. if we take a look at g # btv -- , in white we have up about 8% -- 10%. the massive winner is blue of wastopex and the idea really reflate in the japanese stock market on the weaak yen. the s&p 500 is up just 8%. for one sector that is doing well today or two stocks doing
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well related to trump, we are looking at construction and infrastructure plays including martin marietta and vulcan materials, both up nicely on the policyat perhaps trump's or the tax plan could involve infrastructure plays. reported thaty they missed a earnings by 18% due to delays around the election and martin marietta reports on tuesday and sonja saying she believes they could struggle to make estimates. the interesting thing here is that the perception of the politics could help the stock and perhaps it will overshadow any miss or struggle. is in fusing: it everything. let's check in on bloomberg first word news. courtney denio -- courtney donohoe has more. courtney: donald trump is telling opponents of the travel
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ban that he will see them in court. the ruling concluded that the government had failed to make its case that a freeze on the band should be lifted and also rejected the argument that courts cannot review a presidential decision on immigration. the kushner family is in talks to buy the miami marlins. there is an agreement to sell andclub for 1.6 money dollars. it was founded by charles kushner, whose son is married to ivanka. the baseball team is currently owned by an art dealer. the u.k. inflation rate is almost back on target. consumer prices grew at 1.9% last month. that is below the goal. prices are expected to keep rising. energy prices have gone up and the weaker pound makes imports
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more expensive. a new poll in france indicates there could be a major shift between the first and second rounds of the upcoming residential election. way, ang to opinion significant majority of voters are likely to abstain. if their choices between right and a far right candidate. the candidates are the top three in the polls. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i am courtney donohoe. this is bloomberg. mark: thanks a lot. bond spreads in europe have been volatile. investorss advancing, assessing president donald trump's pledge to overhaul business taxes. i want to bring in richard jones, bloomberg's fx rates
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strategist. funny week for the u.s. treasury market. a couple of days ago all doom and gloom and looking at the protectionist side of the trump trade rather than the reflationary side and and we get the announcements that we will get the tax overhaul and things change. richard: i think it is clear that ever since the election, we are dealing with much higher yields. we are actually set to have a drop in yield for the second week in a row. if we close these levels, it will be the most in about a month. i think what investors are looking for is a little bit more flesh. we may start to get that, but investors are getting impatient. we are well off the peak and i think investors are wanting to get a little bit more detail afore they actually buy in little bit further to the trump reflation trade because it slowed down since the beginning
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of this year. mark: there have been comments this week, larry fink saying it could go to 2% or 4% -- bill 2.6%.' are people still bearish on bonds? are they expecting yields to go higher from here? richard: i would say in general yes, but the jury is out on that trade because we haven't had anything for investors to sink their teeth into. there is a little bit of a pause going on right now. the general sentiment is we have higher yields and they should go higher, but we need more details on this fiscal stimulus package. julie: the big political risk folks are watching in europe now is happening in france. we have been watching the france-german bond spread that has been widening as marine le
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pen's appears to be gaining steam. eyese going to have our glued to it for the next two months until we get the april election in france? richard: it is going to be hard to ignore it and i think it is a good metric to gauge what investor anxiety is about the political uncertainty in rants. we had that france-germany's red trade at the -- spread trade at the widest level since 2012. there isn't a feeling that marine le pen will be able to win theerect -- election in the second round. we do not know who will be on .he ballot with her i think that uncertainty is playing itself out in that spread and it is one to watch going forward because we have seen what brexit has done to the u.k. markets and a lot of the anxiety that that engendered. i think this france-germany spread is a good gauge to look
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at the broader political risk in germany, especially as it focuses on france. julie: and you mentioned the pound and the bounce it has had since the lows in october. it is still well below where it was pre-brexit, what do you make of the choppiness? richard: which -- we have had about a 5% bounce since the lows in october and the consensus call is still for the pound to we can. we have had reasonable data out of the u.k. and we have a lot to look forward to, retail sales, the jobs report, reflation data. i think going forward, the trigger of article 50, brexit negotiations will lead to volatility in the pound, but it will take a lot more bad news than what we have actually had for the pound to make new lows. 5% bounce since october has been impressive. mark: and may gave a concession this week. the article 50 bill went to the
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house of commons and she made a concession and parliament will get a vote before she submits it to the european union. that adds to the concession she run and what started this because it was her speech a few you -- a few weeks ago where she essentially said parliament ofld have a say at the end the process. the detail is being filled in. giving people hope maybe it won't be a hard brexit. richard: i think you are right that the fact she is more inclusive gave the pound a bounce. it was looking a little bit grim and i think that -- investors are seeing that as a positive. there is still a lot of wood to chop. 50 gets triggered that is when negotiations begin and i think that is when the real challenges present themselves. mark: richard jones, bloomberg's fx rate strategist and blogger on markets. you can interact with us, look
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at the right hand column, it shows you who was on if you want to send a message. only totoo abusive, richard, not to me. i am very sensitive. julie: only a little abusive, abusive.ive you -- shinzo abe is due to arrive for his meeting with president trump any moment now. the prime minister already had a busy day. this is bloomberg. ♪ ♪
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mark: live from london in -- and new york, i am mark barton. julie: and i am julie hyman. this is "bloomberg markets
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pickup -- "bloomberg markets." one of the most outspoken critics of brexit and continues to fight the plans which he calls hard and distractive. >> i find it mystifying the government spends time appealing to a domestic audience and in doing so actually tied her hands before she even goes into the negotiating room. that seems to be a pretty shortsighted way of conducting or even preparing for what will be a very complex set of tools. mark: joining us now is bloomberg editor in chief, matt is with us on the battle over brexit and the impact on markets. they give for joining us. slows this year, it is a wonderful piece where you said it would be a bit of a slow back to britain's go it alone years. was ann 1973 it
11:46 am
important year because that was when the united kingdom joined what was then called the european economic community. prior to that year, can -- britain was consistently a g7.ard, last among the the after joining the e.u. and the 44 years since, britain climbed to number one and was consistently at the top of the g7. the people i suspect like clegg who would say remaining in the e.u. had nothing to do with preventing britain's economic revival over more than four decades is true and born out by the facts. since the vote, sit -- since the referendum, you have a ratcheting down of expectations for growth and even the performance of assets in the market. mark: we have to be fair,
11:47 am
forecast have come down from before the referendum date on the 23rd of june. in the bank of england's last two quarterly inflation reports, it had to revise higher the growth forecast to 2017. of course, nowhere near as high it would have been if we had not had brexit. things aren't as gloomy as it looked just after the brexit vote. matt: i think if you look at the data we compile at bloomberg which is readily acceptable -- accessible data, we have all the economic forecasts and the performance of other -- every asset like british government bonds and equities and the currency and if you look at all those things, which we can do and we can do bonds in particular with our bloomberg-barclays index in a way we couldn't before. first of all, we see the
11:48 am
currency. in the past seven months it has been the worst performing currency of the actively treated currencies in the world. dead last. countrynot good for a that doesn't have a reserve currency. that is bad. british government bonds for the first time in years are underperforming the global benchmark of sovereign debt in a very poor way. equities, british equities which were so robust coming into the brexit vote are now underperforming the global benchmark trading at a discount. that is really unusual. they are so cheap that there was a massive consolidation of british equity in the end of 2016. even with that, even with british companies recommend -- recognizing how cheap their own companies are, global investors shied away. together.ose things debt, equity, currency, and gdp, it is a bad showing so far and markets are not ideological
11:49 am
unlike the whole debate about brexit, markets are just looking at relative value and the relative value of written has gone down in the past seven months. julie: i want to switch gears and talk about the political risks folks are weighing in the united states as we await president trump's meeting with shinzo abe. is there a big risk to the u.s.-japanese relationship or is this one that will stay a little more constant and normalized? matt: i am hopeful that reason prevails, but we have seen over and over again that reason often doesn't enter into the equation. in the case of japan, president trump has said things about cars and cars made in mexico and we know that toyota makes cars in mexico. toyota also makes cars in kentucky. a lot of them and is very
11:50 am
successful doing so and that is very good for the u.s. economy. here is hoping at least on the , the of manufacturing discussion does not get to the point where penalties are imposed on a company corporate japan is toyota, inc. doing so many things for the wonderful -- american economy and the worker. julie: you say markets are not ideological. it doesn't look like we have seen signs of trouble in the yen or toyota stocks or in the u.s. stock market. underperforming actually in a relative of value sense -- relative value sense of u.s. carmakers. a lot of that has to do with the currency. a lot of it also has to do with the fact that american carmakers are doing better than they have ever done before. they are more profitable and more efficient and that is why they are doing as well as they are of late.
11:51 am
toyota is one of those great companies that even when it is not doing as well as it once did, it is still doing well by most measures. julie: we will see if we get commentary on this today. matt winkler is the editor of chief -- editor in chief emeritus. mark: it is battle of the charts. we have a valentine's day special on just how many flowers, dinner, and wine has been costing you. who will win julie's heart today? this is bloomberg. ♪ ♪
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julie: it is time now for the global battle of the charts when we look at some of the most telling charts of the day and what they mean for investors. you can access these charts on the bloomberg by running the feature at the bottom of your screen. i do not know if we are going for most important or most loving charts. is that the theme of the day? mark: this chart has so much
11:54 am
love. i am so excited about valentine's day we are doing it a few days early. janet yellen will give her own balance time -- valentine's day message to congress. this chart goes to -- the credit for this chart goes to hillary clark on twitter. she has come up with this wonderful weighted average of the cost of flowers year on year, dinner, wine, hotel, and movie cost and it goes back to 2001, years before julie hyman even started dating or new what valentine's day was and right now, all of these. if you weigh the price is all up, 1.9% which versus a year ago is lower. it is cheaper for all of those goodies on valentine's day than it was a year ago where it was 3%. hillary tells me that no cpi's for chocolate, only ppi.
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the one that hasn't seen much ,nflation, which will suit ali -- dolly, is wine. save yourself some money and by the wine. some sense because i was going to say i think that index might be outdated with movies. i am going to be netflix and chilling and that is a lot cheaper. i have something that is pretty great. .t is called i love you s it is a love panic index. i am getting serious here. we have the technical signal of the heart pattern. you have seen the love of panic index get more and more bearish with sentiment very bearish on u.s. stocks. it was up until spring of this year and then we had the sharp rebound and now we are at the highest level in two years. it could be a contrary him --
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contrarium sign. i feel pretty good on valentines day. julie: i like both of these, only one of the suitors can get a rose. i think i prefer this chart, however, mark barton far above on the flattery part. mark barton, you have got it and hillary as well. mark: hillary clark, the queen of charts with us today. julie: happy valentine's day to you both. in just a few moments prime minister of japan shinzo abe will arrive at the white house. the leaders will hold a joint news conference at 1:00 p.m. and we will bring you there. this is bloomberg. ♪ ♪
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julie: it is noon in new york, 5:00 p.m. in london and 1:00 p.m. in hong kong. i am julie hyman. tok: -- david: welcome
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"bloomberg markets." ♪ world from bloomberg headquarters we take you to washington and tokyo and san francisco. in politics, you are looking at a live shot of the white house. president donald trump is meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the top of the agenda is trade, nationals national security, and jobs. we will bring the press conference live to you on bloomberg television. u.s. stocks rise to records again. dow, s&p 500, and nasdaq hitting record highs again today. with exclusive interview illyaffe chairman, andrea -- abigail: we are


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