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tv   Bloomberg Daybreak Australia  Bloomberg  February 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stimulus, abe's decision means tapering down the road. >> trump says that russia has created chaos in the united states after the indictment on election meddling. growth boosting tax revenue. ceo of -- to the
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>> hello. it is just past 9:00 and this is daybreak. we are one hour away from the open of asia's major market. hour, we willxt look at action on wall street playing into your trading day and get a quick look at what transpired on friday. barely above the flat line. we will take that. you can see the nasdaq giving up a little. five stocks top were in the negative. look at the bloomberg terminal and i will show you consumer and this in michigan is the second-highest with a lot of people still happy about the
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tax cut policies and the strong labor market. >> we have had one hour of we have seen the kiwi-dollar lose a little bit of australiah futures in looking a little bit weaker late last week and not a great deal of change. gold and a check on consideringhich is -- continuing to show strength. trading today be in china, hong kong taiwan, and vietnam. another term was announced for the boj governor and we will discuss that outlook shortly.
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to singapore. get the minister says he can continue working and avoid fracturing the coalition government. there was a shocking error of liberal and the government met on the weekend to discuss differences. >> it was a good and constructive meeting. of course. absolutely. to apologizeing for. that they reserve the right to return aid and the commerce secretary said they may
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tariff on imports of aluminum and steel and the commerce department said that beijing will take the necessary measures. these survivors of florida's school shootings have called for control ands on gun focused anger on trump, calling divisive and trump and theed democrats fbi. >> people say it isn't time to talk about gun control and we respect that. march 24, we will march as students. this is about the adults.
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we feel neglected and you are either with us or against us. foundresa may may have common ground with the new. this allowed intelligence agencies to keep sharing information and the commissioner told a defense conference that the alliances should be maintained. that we do not want to take revenge for what british people have decided and this security bridge will the it.tained and we still need >> global news in 120 countries.
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this is bloomberg. >> it is a shortened holiday week and the floodgates will upn for treasury to step bond auctions this week. here with morean and the action. >> we know the higher yields triggered this and we want to be close with the rebound underway for stocks and we go into the market snapshot and some analysts say we are not out of the woods yet with the correction and there is focus on the dollar and the treasury show you how will much the after supply costs the
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taxpayer. it will be auctioned off and you charte this fascinating a citigroup analyst issuing a healthy morning that off atasury yield may be citigrouphese are not targets. these are his he says the information could take seven years and it could 2025.t in
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he called the stock market decline recently. >> i cannot stop but say that the last time that happens it was several years ago. had warrenathaway buffett coming out with a shareholder letter. >> it is a highlight and people like to hear from warren buffett said that the letter comes out from warm off it, who has been having this 1965 and buffett what heonglomerate and
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demand ahead is very key and you have walmart, home energy, anduke these reports with that what the outlook is in the market some of will inform what is ahead this week. we watching for? andou go in with bloomberg you have the path of the rate hikes ahead tiptoeing towards neutral and you see the charts ratethe neutral interest
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estimate and it will raise andtions on this cycle housing is one of those. interesting because a lot of economists say that there is a rate hike season and it sales anderate purchases. focusile, there will be a with the count coming out that has to do with how much countries -- companies are developing and people are anxious for that count. >> plenty to watch for. thank you for joining us. something with robert mueller he agrees on --
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the russian campaign worked. the goal was to create chaos in the u.s., they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. we have been following is to moments. more on this latest storm? andrump is that his resorts inside did counsel russians for trying to sway the interesting it is because there have been doubts about whether russia interfered in the election and it makes it difficult to dispute, now that there are concrete charges.
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he spent the weekend talking about all manner of things about the investigation. >> the facebook vice president has been weighing in. trump re-tweeted a series of posts and made the point that the main goal was not to sway the election one way or another and that is interesting because they have tried to remain neutral and not be side of this.ther theident trump retweets it raisesxecutive and
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some eyebrows at facebook, who would rather not be dragged into this. >> they are trying to walk the gotral line there, but re-tweeted by the president and a makes it difficult to stay out of the headlines now. >> we will further discuss the 20igration debate in about minutes from now. deputies andf new we are joined with that insight in just a moment. this is bloomberg.
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are counting down to the open and the futures are looking a little bit weaker. they are currently off. you are watching daybreak.
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hiroki kuroda may have seemed easy, but it is hard to keep the boost towards a target. for all of this, we have kathleen hays and the tapering looks further away. andhis is not helping people say that there is a risk that occurred and they expect stimulus will continue and a survey of economists supported that. the view of reinforcement pushes itther into the future and is the strongest since 2016.
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what's here what the deputy finance minister said about how worried he was or is not about the rising yen. something like the dollar, i don't think it is major for the economy. , i think the governor is not worried about the appreciation in the currency. >> in economists think that this will delay the shift and raise moreield target and create easing quickly with the deputy lifers andho are boj the ally of the governor.
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questions are over the inflationists. you for joining us in studio. i want to start with the , if ion of the yen and was the governor, i would think that i wished it moved in the other direction. >> the main scenario is the u.s. raising interest rates and it will be easy to see the depreciation and what is happening is the opposite. developmentspected is i would agree that this not a major problem yet. >> the governor seems to be in
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power and this appears to be second-tier, compared to the person at the top. is there any connection between the deputy governor and a new ofh as they try to convince the board members they need to do more. >> there is the possibility that the new appointments for the board members are in that camp the majority and i don't think the current easing and itrant is strong and unemployment is these being very few.
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side is weak and i don't think that this is all out stimulative measures. yen strengththe surprised because i was seeing home and what was your reaction? do you think that the investors think that it is priced in? >> there are things i have not fully comprehended, but unless this continues this week, it is early to say. appears to be a
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consensus that the governor has , but where has he been hamstrung, thinking about failing to fire the structural reform. >> the structural reform and important andare all bankers can do is continue rates goesnflation towards 2% and that may take another year. scenario thatream we are following is keeping what hikeswage hate d that have to happen from the labor shortage. >> that seems to be an
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optimistic view. a lot of them are in tokyo. optimistic people say that you could reach that target soon. >> the current conditions are really good and the advanced are starting to rise. this is the year with the advanced economies. the bank of japan is snapping andll the government bonds
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every day passes and makes the more difficult. on giving up and with theat 1% government bonds and this is exactly the camp that recent appointments predicted. thee are taking a look at cane and how much longer the bank of japan continue? thatey must have thought the interest rate differential will make the yen go up, but that is not happening at the current pace and this will
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continue. >> we will leave it here for now. thank you for that terrific analysis. all right. you can get the roundup of the stories you need to know by going to your terminals and this mobile andilable on you can customize your settings so that you get the information on the things you care about. this is bloomberg.
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>> a quick check on the latest business headlines with institutional share services. the directors have rejected a purchase for a $120 million offer and they stop short of
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recommending that offer put forward. the shareholders are set to vote on the nominees on march 6. >> remaining cautious, but betting big on the market of japan. that there -- vanguard says that the inflation trends will continue and it doesn't really matter if they failed to reach the price target soon. >> the australian container company reported a jump in profits from a benefits in tax cuts. they came in at $450 million in the company sees growth in the .id-single digits the government expects to take
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advantage of stronger revenue with the tax framework. up this is bloomberg.
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not: 30 and the markets are opening and 30 minutes. .hey are pretty soft i am paul allen. is 5:30 and you are watching daybreak australia. let's get the news from singapore. >> trump has tweeted that russia has created discord, disruption, and chaos within the system. he had previously questioned if they were behind efforts to meddle in the election, something he replayed it during
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another tweet, referencing his comments from the 2016 campaign. revealed details of a coordinated effort to influence the united states election. 65 people on board are feared dead. it came down in a mountainous the place0 miles from it took off. own by the civil service and specializes in flights across the country. have exposurethey -- in a case linked to a driller. from have been arrested the scam, including two employees who are accused of using fake guarantees to fraudulently obtain loans.
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the latvian government says they will reveal why the bank governor was detained. a lawyer said that his client was being held at the state police station and was not charged. he said -- he did not give other details. he is part of the governing council. global news powered by analysts and 120 countries. this is bloomberg. the deputy chief is with us it was -- >> we're looking at a softer start after wall street and they
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had the news that broke late in the session from the russian indictments and it triggered some worries. it will influence sentiment a it and we could get a muted session today. and we markets are slow have japanese trade data coming forecastingomists something relatively positive a report for earnings today. >> they talk about the earnings in australia and what are some of the companies we want to look ahead to? >> it was a busy week for it is one of and
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the biggest companies on the market and they look to record and theggest profits focus will be in response to a they haveissues and an activist shareholder that pushes for changes in the is any and u.s. shale area where they came into scrutiny and you have to watch out for that. capital returns, which of been theyg on the dividends and with the listing stretch to consolidate that in a single listing. this will certainly be of andrest to shareholders
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they have other global players in the market and we have the and qantas,giants the flying kangaroo, up there. >> it should be a big way. thank you very much. back to the united states and the chances of sweeping immigration reform may have been dashed. the senate rejected a proposal and a bipartisan compromise. course, -- antonio isfrom san the bloomberg view columnist, jonathan. will there ever be a deal?
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question is whether republicans feel comfortable going through a round of uglytations that look first swing voters who do not want to see that. there seems to be a majority in the house and it doesn't look very good right now. march 5 is the date for the and,ation on the calendar if there is nothing that happens there between then and now, what happens between the dreamers? >> the question is on the enforcement side.
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what will be happening is we live in fear and the people who signed up for daca might have the information and could go after them. means the trump administration will look to crack down or the things status know.e don't is somethingfear we don't want people to be hearing right now. there is an extension of the deadline. what is the possibility and one are the political pros and cons of this? up to the republican
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party and whether the president, in particular, wants to act or not. he is perfectly able to do so, cases with the court to decide. >> continue. there are some pretty large seemits and the don't particularly concerned about that, do they. >> there is a big deficit party since 1978 and nothing particularly new here. there are domestic spending and
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some larger domestic spending. no one is paying much attention to that. >> what is that going to look like? it comes with the office of management and budget and calls for huge cuts in programs. the same that were in the program last year. >> i want to talk about what happened with the most recent mass shooting here. i bring this up for the
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australian viewers. ande is a buyback program what do you think could happen in the united states? what would need to happen here? expert, but the is reinforcedone tougher gun want safety laws, but don't want that much. doesntense minority that not want gun control whatsoever always carries the day. >> the interesting thing is that these things happen and you see this candlelight vigil happening here. twitter, manyd
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people say that things need to but people say they want to do more. level,for the federal the state level? that is possible to see movement in the night states after the connecticut shooting. barack obama and the democrats made a push at the federal level and it was unsuccessful. it got filibustered. connecticut and new york passed some laws and it is possible we will see those this time around. republicans have more than the democrats do, but it wouldn't be surprising to see this become an issue.
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if that changes, if you see mass rallies and people make that a , it could change fairly rapidly. >> what are the chances we might see another change with the chief of staff? john kelly, we hardly knew him. >> you know, i can't get into , thatad what he will do , buthat rumors were saying he is still there. will he stay there? there is no way of knowing. he has not been particularly effective and he has done one thing well. he professionalized the white more than what it was
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over the first months and has done an ok job of getting rid of some of the clown show of personalities that were not professionals you would expect. we will leave it there. you can dive into the security and become part of the conversation by sending instant messages during our shows. up, return to australia after being scared off. next.clusive interview is this is bloomberg.
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daybreake watching australia and it is budget day. the tax changes look increasingly likely. previewanding by with a and looking at what economists are saying as they are bracing for the tax hike. economists we say see say it is out and the bed is one. there is an aging population to pay for health care and social services and they need further funding and we often talk about
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the balance sheet. take a look at this chart and you can see the current account. this is the highest in the world and double -- taking a look at the other chart there is a need and theer revenue governor says there may be a shortfall and you can understand en onhe government is implementing the tax reform. >> what are the other options? texas, -- comes to taxes, a lot of options. we spoke to the singapore minister and it was suggested likely taxext most
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was on e-commerce and others what is income and worth noting is that the budget is not all about taxes. andre keeping a keen eye some businesses have been hiked by that. these are things to look for later today. >> all right. that is haslinda amin's joining us here. this is happening from 4:00 and 1:30 in hong kong and singapore
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and you can fund the big diary entries with some of the advances you might have missed out on. thatasino operator says people are returning to gaming tables that to their -- theyke with the ceo after announced a decline. what that reflects is and theting a quarter ves, there have's been a lot of happy gamblers there. it is fullness of time,
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-- >> you had to look at the crowded gaming rooms growing we are notand growing as much as we used to. that is why we have announced we need to spend too provide facilities to reignite the growth. we saw the significant reduction and we were down in the first half. >> did you take away any lessons from that? >> we have been on this journey
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and we can't rely on a source market. outstrippingowth north asia. this is now getting a really good traction. , how the main competitor much of an impact you see on that business? have three years or so to prepare and part of the investment we are making is upgrading the facility and we make sure we are in the best shape for the competition. is low interest rates you -- do
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it is about $1200 per person and a big part of our growth is share shifting and most of our us and the is around market creates this opportunity. you look at these unique facilities and you have these offerings to the market and that that comesrt of it it attractsg and additional people to our side. you have built some new numbers. >> it is critical and it is about 20% of the central business with government
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it is a bigd it is north of 50 bars and restaurants. this has been big. all right. for breaking news, wherever you is the first global news network design for social coverage. live video this is bloomberg.
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>> welcome back. a quick check of the latest business headlines now. a project expansion boosting the and global infrastructure funds and banks .ith proposed expansions says they kept the word until the year was over and it shows -- that was after snap posted better-than-expected revenue.
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there was better than expected ipo prices for the first time in seven months. a record set for the opening in that blackaying panther would taken $192 million, the fifth biggest open ever and it was the biggest movie worldwide, making $361 million in total. while. terrific numbers. see a slightly softer the futures are just below the flat line and taking a with thethe hesitancy nasdaq reporting down a quarter of a percent here. you can see that relative to the
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dollar. i will have the latest news headlines next as we count down to the open. this is bloomberg. this is bloomberg.
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♪ >> i have the first word news. bank of japan watchers to the risk of a stronger yen is pushing policy mobilization further away. most economists surveyed by bloomberg seymour stimulus in the bank of japan after prime minister shinzo abe nominated the governor for the second term. structure reform is very important. also fiscal is very important. continueank can do is until theand wait inflation rate


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