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tv   Bloomberg Technology  Bloomberg  September 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> from the heart of where innovation, money, and power collide, in silicon valley and beyond, this is "bloomberg technology" with emily chang in san francisco. ♪
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>> i am at ludlow in new york in for emily chang this is bloomberg technology. coming up in the next hour a major selloff hits the market nearing between 22 lows. -- 2022 lows. apple is jumping into the sports industry, to tonight potentially historic major league baseball broadcast, how the company is eating away at traditional tv's most coveted asset. nasa is to launch a mission to the moon next week. we will get to that in a moment, first let's talk markets, friday was rough. a selloff in risky assets, deepen fears as a global recession intensified, tech was not spared with the nasdaq 100
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falling to its worst level since june of the s&p 500 touching to your lows and -- touching 2 year lows. joining me is who else but the birds casey. -- bloomberg's casey. how are you? >> tired. >> there is a fed meeting on wednesday, they raise the basis point by certified basis points, they show a 4.6% rate further out in 2023. the terminal rate. why did markets recollect this? >> -- react like this? >> chair powell said it would cause pain for the economy and the market. today was dramatic, you had liz truss's government unveiled the
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biggest to tax cut since 1972. this is into an economy that is dealing with ultra hot inflation. a very aggressive bank of england. when you think about the global tightening going on this is another cranked tighter, that fear was very present across global assets. >> it was another thing to add anxiety to the markets. i well look at this chart in the bloomberg terminal, showing the klein in tech stocks in particular, also the push higher -- the decline in tech stocks in particular, also a push higher on real yields. we talk about it because higher rates discount the future value of profits or tech stocks. it seems like a one-two punch. >> it looks great, you are exactly right, you are using some csi terms, it is important with the real yields are higher. the yield that you get on bonds after accounting for inflation,
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that is sort of the basis for valuing other assets. the fact you are seeing the real yields go higher it has a lot of implication for duration heavy stocks, such as tech stocks, growth stocks allow the cash flow expect in the future, they are worth less and you have that discount rate go higher. >> speaking about growth, the fears about slowdown in global growth. if you are megacap tech stock like apple or amazon you see declines in those, the world is a different place. the economy is slowing down. they might suffer. the other fear, the fear gauge, the vix. you do not cover it much on tech shows, but explain what it is. >> it is looking at expectations for volatility for the next 30 days is been a frustrating indicator to watch. it has been relatively low.
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going back to 30s, is been very low relative to the levels we saw in the pandemic. during the past two years. compared to what we see in the equity market does not seem like it has matched the reality on the ground. you see some movement in the vix getting to a three month high. some of the fear is showing up in the vix that has been a very orderly selloff so far. >> it is the weekend. >> my sources tell me, romaine specifically that there are 13 unique fed speakers next week. it is important to watch. even if you are a tech investors you will want to keep an eye on the fed speak. any sort of crimes they leave about -- crumbs they leave about how they feel about the market. if you go back to jackson hole how markets react in the after -- aftermath of that. he said he was happy to see that
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market reaction. i do not know if we will see anything as explicit as that, anything along that line would be very interesting. >> what a happy way to end the week, bloomberg's katie. after amazon's strong thursday night football ratings apple is looking for the next big threat to traditional tv. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> apple has become a serious threat to traditional cable providers propped up by live sports.
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three major storylines playing out that could make apple a real player in sports broadcasting. apple tv has only aired mlb games for three months, tonight he could have record viewership with erin judge one homerun away from --aaron judge one homerun away from a record. apples in talks with nfl to take the all access sunday ticket package from directv. here is how crucial it could be for apple. a recent survey of 2500 nfl fans found that 48% of them definitely will or are likely to subscribe to sunday ticket when offered by a major streaming provider. discussed with bloomberg apple reporter and bloomberg's sports business reporter brandon. big game friday night, it matters for a guy like aaron judge, and metals -- matters for
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apple tv. >> he could tie the 61st homerun, nikki fans have waited all season -- yankee fans might -- have waited all season to see it happen. they may not see it tonight. >> what is the deal apple has of major league baseball? >> for the past few months through the apple tv app on the supportive devices, apple has aired 2 mlb games friday night, just so happens that this a pre--- agreed-upon game is the game everyone in new york wants to see. because of that agreement will not be aired on the local network and new york. if brandon wants to watch that he will not be able to unless he signs up for apple tv. the positive here, going against speculation, you do not have to pay for it. some people thought he had to
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pay $49 a month for apple tv plus. that is not the case, still the mobile -- the mlb deal is free. you just need access to the app to watch the game. >> i want to get the mood music across new york, what did i do? i did a twitter poll. i ask yankee fans, major league bank -- baseball fans, who is watching the game tonight? that is a result, pinch of salt, is not scientific at 600 votes, no at 43.5%. a lot of people go see themselves in person. if you are a yankees fan or a baseball fan, it is a complicated season. what do you need to do across the season if you live in the state of new york to watch a game? >> if you live in new york you need 4 services to get a yankee game. to view one of the peacock games
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you need peacock. you need amazon tv, amazon prime. you need cable network with access to the yes network, that is a directv stream if you are employed from cable. obviously you need apple tv, arc said it is free, for a lot of fans it is a lot of services and a lot of money that needs to be laid out, not necessarily ideal in this inflationary environment. >> mark, what is apple's play here. what is their strategy was sports more broadly? it is not just baseball. >> future the problem where you need for services -- 4 services a b games? i am an mba --nba fan, sometimes you need several. apple's plan is to subscribe in one place a month and you get every game you want.
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the mlb partnership is just the beginning tummy tuck about the -- you mentioned the talks for the sunday ticket that is just the beginning. they will go after the mba, college, high school sports, who knows? you build your own à la carte subscription, pay once a month to apple. they want to own everything. this has been a big week for them. the talks are ongoing. you mentioned that deal for 50 million where they'll be placing pepsi as a sponsor for the halftime game right at the super bowl. that is a big way to get apple's brand and make more sports fans fairly with the apple brent. the situation -- brand. of course the situation he outlined tonight, they'll get the brand out there for a lot more people, this situation is
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perfect for apple they will never give in and coast -- allow yes to code-3 the co-stream the game. >> is inevitable that apple, amazon, streaming giants come to dominate sports television --? >> absolutely, when you think about who owns a apple product, you talk about tens of millions of people, all these people are also motivated by more and more quality come -- content, turning off of cable and focusing their attention on streaming. it is inevitable. >> the title apple and its efforts around the -- let's talk about apple and its efforts around the super bowl halftime show. this is not for broadcasting, this is a play for advertising. >> this is a pure advertising
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play, and way to get their brand out there, a five-year deal, anyone who has watched his super bowl knows that pepsi sponsor them for many years. apple will be at the forefront of that. tim cook, a lot of their team will be there on camera there. you will see the brand plastered everywhere. they will make a big deal about it. i am interested to see if they will get back in the game of making commercials for the super bowl, something they did many years ago. they have not done much since 1984. this is a big brainy opportunity for apple, despite all of the cash they have on -- brand opportunity for apple, despite all of the cash they have on hand, they see this as a significant way to put their foot down and say they're here for sports. brandon's point about the other services is interesting. what is cool about apple tv as they have a feature called apple tv channels. let's say amazon or another provider gets a really cool deal with one of the bigger sports
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leagues. potentially that can be passed through to the apple tv. you can access the apple services, apple partnerships, many of those -- maybe those from nbc, amazon and the likes of those as well. >> the broader strategy, talk to me about sunday ticket and nfl. is tim cook and co. willing to spend those -- that cash? they have cash to burn. >> they have a lot of cash and they want use that cash to make more cash. they are making $20 billion a quarter on home services, $80 billion a year. imagine that $2.5 billion investment what that will do for apple's bottom line. maybe one day will be talking about 90 billion or $100 billion annual income from services -- four services with nfl sunday ticket just being the beginning of that. it is a holy grail of all sports.
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even nba does not want to broadcaster games to go up against sunday nfl games. >> how often does it go to cash to cash to cash? thank you to you both. be sure to catch the lineup tonight 7 p.m. new york time, focusing on the sports betting industry. former dallas cowboys joins the program. coming up will take a look at the resurgence in climate focused investing is companies and governments double down on widening their carbon footprint. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> this week is climate week in new york, a summit from
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international leaders -- with international leaders from business, governments, international societies on global climate action. working on things like decarbonizing transportation, energy system, food and materials production to name a few. let's talk about this of the cofounders and managing partners. joining me now. i was there with you, climate week, an entire week, the world is watching. do things like this really induce change? >> yes, climate week is a good illustration of the unparalleled momentum we have seen this past year and recognize the opportunity in addressing climate change through investment. and the calls who has shown up in a major way in united states to do so. every week is climate week in some way. >> what i find fascinating in private markets, venture capital
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you are putting money in a portfolio company. some of them will make it some of them will not. a lot of the ideas seem a bit nascent. things with great promise. how do you dip -- decide where you deploy capital? >> we invest in companies building products and services position to decarbonizing global economy. these are the biggest markets, energy, food and material, transportation. what we recognized and part of the reason why we started voyager, now when we did is made the foundational technologies are reaching the point where they are cheaper and better performing than the fossil fuel incumbents. with the total cost of ownership in the light duty vehicle is less come the performance is, we are looking for an opportunity and expanding markets for opportunities. our position to outcompete in the near term, the fossil fuel
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incumbents. i think is important to recognize the technologies will continue to get better over time. the fossil fuel based incumbents will continue to be more or less competitive. >> let me ask you that question in reverse. where are you not investing? where do you not put your money within climate carpet -- carbon production and why? >> certainly, we are an early stage venture capital firm, we seek investments that have a venture scale return profile. there is plenty of opportunities investing in the overall transition away from an unsustainable and carbon intensive economy around the world. infrastructure investments to be made. certainly interesting opportunities to be investing in the carbon market itself. we are investing in early-stage technology companies that hold,
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as i said an interesting venture scale return profile. in fund one we look for companies that in a single investment can return the entire $100 million investment. >> you both raised around $100 million in april, i believe, i want take a look at the screen of some of the people backing you some of the lp's. really interesting names. ge, one of the great big. american companies. . we talked about how climate week brings together policymakers and businesses. when you look across corporate america and general electric come to think they are doing enough, but also doing the right things with their investments? >> yes. many companies are recognizing the opportunity to transition and seizing the opportunity.
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certainly not every company is, all companies could be doing more. what is difficult to recognize is that once technologies hit inflection points where they are better performing and less expensive than the technology paradigm they are replacing, it continues to get better and at a faster rate. we think these transitions will happen linearly. in reality they can happen much faster than that. timelines, and inflection points feel like they might be 20 years out, for decarbonization in the transition from combustion to clean electricity. might actually be happening in 10 years or five years. corporations that do not prepare for that and are not ready for what is potentially the most rapid transition of economic activity the world has ever seen not only be at risk for their business, they will risk -- they will miss out on a $50 trillion opportunity. >> seeing the technology, talk to me about the portfolio
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companies, the areas in technology you are most excited about. >> we invest in foundational decarbonization, technologies that are poised to decarbonizing big swaths of the global economy. these are mobility, energy itself, food and material production, environments, we are backing companies that are poised, should they succeed in these markets, really address emissions at scale across the economy, we invest in software companies, we invest in big technology companies we invest in biotechnology companies. all are in positions to compete with the paradigm, prior technology based on price and performance alone. >> voyager cofounders and managing partners, thank you very much. nicola founder trevor had -- he
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was hiker -- hyper focused on the company stock price. so much so that when chairs fell 5% -- shares fell 5% key felt something was wrong with the nasdaq. cfo testified he explained decline was simply supply and demand. milton insisted brady contact the exchange, he said it was a constant battle to get the companies biggest shareholder to focus on long-term value rather than obsess over shareholders and price fluctuations. ford has begun its largest factory project. they have started construction of the $5.6 billion electric vehicle may fracturing complex in western the -- western tennessee. blue to oval city, they expect workers to be building electric pickup trucks in a joint enter
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with south korea's's sk innovation. coming up a brutal week for tech. later, we will get an update on the artemis launch and how close we are to relaunch. -- to a launch. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> market lows for the year are insight after this week's
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selloff, all three major indices dropped this week after the dead 75 based -- fed 75 basis point hike and they signaled more would come. cash was not spared, there could be some right spots -- bright spots. he is partner at a net and companies, global head at technology, the week that it was, what do you make of it? >> good question, thank you for the question. we see long-term innovation and growth in the tech sector. that being said we see our clients swallow a 20% equity adjustment this year. that is most -- mostly multiple adjustments. we believe that there are major adjustments to supply chains, war, and recessionary effects with a demand for back -- pull back. we look at our client base or
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believe that is more than we think. >> volatility, the world is volatile, the markets are volatile. do you see an opportunity to do what you call, kickstarting the rebuild. what you mean by that? >> in a downturn there is opportunity. particularly if you can be incumbent or someone who is strong in your sector there is a flight to quality. it creates more opportunities free to grow. more opportunities for m&a, more attorneys to do deals. you can gain share and market position. >> it is a double-edged store -- sword when you talk about growth equity. a lot of the innovators need cash and money to grow, expand what they are doing. if you are an investor that carries risk in this environment, how do you parse that? >> great question, we see growth equity as a direct result of the
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unique innovative conditions in the tech sector today. it turns out that the markets have put down over the last decade in norman's amounts of cloud computing, and -- enormous amount of cloud computing enabling new companies we and scaled extremely rapidly. if you understand that playbook you can invest behind it with a growth equity formula that has extraordinary high payback. i think that formula has not gone away those conditions have not gone away. we will have to work through these difficult environments in the next six to 12 months. after that i think we'll have a return of the same extraordinary innovation conditions. >> we are showing a lot of red on the screen on the year to date basis on the equity market. on a weekly basis, on -- it is friday let's think about the positives. you're talking about specific areas, the role of web3 rewriting the role of digital user identity.
5:34 pm
you are excited about ai and customer success. how do you convince investors now is a time to deploy capital to those areas? >> i think it is been interesting to watch equity multiple adjustments, the hardest hit by far have been these smaller companies with extraordinarily high growth rates. there has been a flight to quality, making a number of extraordinarily innovative and important assets available at much cheaper prices than they would have been otherwise. i guess ruth say is very much alive -- we would say into been -- innovation is very much alive. we are looking at a lot of growth in the metaverse. web 3.0, this creates growth -- opportunities for smart players make good that's -- to make big that's. >> i will show a chart and what
5:35 pm
we see in terms of buyouts in the market. what is the story the chart is telling on the screen? >> great question the basic story there is the extraordinary growth of the growth equity investor trench. growth equity is not a new concept. it is meant to be targeted at a lifestage that is going from stability to scale. as i mentioned before, we think it reflects the growth year is 27% of total capital deployed. extraordinary and has doubled the last two years. we think it reflects the conditions of innovation that are ever present in tech right now. pervasive availability of cloud computing, connectivity, ai, technologies, payment systems you name it. allows a good concept to be
5:36 pm
created and scaled extremely rapidly. this is sorting that out, makes into a great business. >> if you are an investor anywhere in the world in the last two years you have done a bit of reading about semiconductors and the mobile chip industry. everyone is trying to become a expert on the chip industry. where you see the health of the chip industry? the story has turned so quickly to demand. >> the chip story is a multifaceted one. it started out to .5 years ago with the auto industry canceling its -- 2.5 years ago with the auto industry canceling his orders and those orders being reallocated to keep factories fall. since then, it has become an extraordinary story of global disruption that occurs as individual players lose their orders, under produce,
5:37 pm
overproduce, etc.. it shows us how we are on chips, not just leading edge chips, but also no progression. >> it shines a light on between united states and china into research is touch on that as well. >> there is another layer to the story, that world has found itself extreme independent on a small number of companies. one is very important in taiwan. to the extent there is a single point of failure in your supply chain this chip shortage has highly to the folks how dependent they are on that single company. many companies are looking to diversify. >> with all of that in mind, give me the david crawford projection for 2023 in the world of tech. >> yeah, the backend of 2023 will be about innovation and
5:38 pm
growth. sorting out how to win here. the next six a months will be working through the disruptions that we are experiencing now. those include everything from geopolitical environment, two as you describe the supply chain shortage, the chip shortage as well as well as the recessionary effective demand pull back. >> david crawford, head of the global technology practice, thank you. oracles, what are they and what is there role in crypto and d -- defi? we will talk about the next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> time for our crypto report, our own crypto contributor is here. take away. >> we will talk to him, he is the pyth data association director. we will talk about oracle, combining traditional systems and crypto because this such a vast landscape. we talk about oracle, what do you mean and what does it mean for the universe of smart contracts? taking data from the real world services that provide that gateway to each other.
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>> sure, think you so much for having me. on blockchain we have smart contracts, the smart contract will execute rules based decision criteria that can move something. it could be bitcoin or its area. when the -- etherium. when they do this there is no third-party. it is dependent on the inputs. the inputs come from data. the quality of that data is paramount. oracle network provides away to get high quality data, very trustworthy. they do that by having multiple contributors distribute that data directly on the chain. it becomes very robust and resilient. >> how does this help big institutions, high-frequency traders engage with the crypto universe with more rigor? >> what is really cool is that it has attracted allow the
5:43 pm
largest trading firms and chains to contribute their data to the blockchain. we think about the data being a high quality infrastructure that can power the next generations of decentralized applications of power the growth of web three. it the tooling that large data firms and exchanges of come to expect so they can put to spain in the future. >> it -- participate in the future. >> is interesting thing about how it used to work, data is proprietary. it is not something people traditionally share. what can they get out of it but starting to share data and amass more data altogether? >> that is a great western, there is a reward mechanism within the -- question there is a reward mechanism within the pyth network where data is reward. just like airbnb has allowed for new places to stay, the pyth
5:44 pm
network opens up and unlocks reserves of data that comes from trigger firms that has never had it. they are contribute their data directly to the chain, they have never once used it externally before. >> used to work at morgan stanley. when you look at the high-frequency trading, all the companies they look -- you will work with like susquehanna come wiser high-frequency firms are more likely to engage in this universe rather than morgan stanley? you see them search trade in crypto but is at the -- start to trade in crypto but it is at the margins. >> the big movers are having smaller committees on where they can enter the market. these are nimble firms, get in early, they are comfortable with the cryptography risk and the revelatory risk.
5:45 pm
--regulatory risk. banks need to be more comfortable with the caliber and scale of risk they will get into. they are making a lot of progress as you mentioned, we will expect to see them come in overtime. >> what will it take for decentralized finance to do everything you would see in a traditional financial system? >> i think will take a lot of development. there is something that crypto does very well. sending things around the world of value with low friction and low fees. there is something in centralized finance that it does very well, privacy, everything is fully public on the blockchain. that is not necessarily good for a trading engine or your venmo account have everything public. i think we will see better technology emerge. this inter-structure tooling is designed to allow people to
5:46 pm
build stuff and build stuff that can compete the real world of centralized finance. >> i would love for you to talk about your work with the blockchain's, coming off the emerge, -- merge, what kind of data do you have a cam decisions are you making as the ecosystem evolves to be more dominant moving forward? >> yeah, pyth started its life your go on the blockchain. it became very quickly the canonical oracle to be used on the chain. 95% of the applications artistic during their data with the network. pyth is going multi chain. if thing about the chain similar to operating systems, you will have the best possible tooling to track users and build applications. having pyth available on chain is very important for the layer 1s to compete with one another.
5:47 pm
it will extend to the new ones, with a competitive architect to solano. >> data oracle sounds like a mythical creature. what is the function you serve in this community? what kind of data are you talking about here? what is the ultimate goal? >> it does sound like a mythical creature, it comes from greek mythology and pyth comes from pythia. the pyth data's bands crypto -- spans crypto, equities, you see the price of apple being updated on the chain every 400 milliseconds. you can go on the website and see this information. we expected to see it on scale of smart contracts. >> if you can make mythical creatures make foreign exchanges
5:48 pm
to exciting i'm all for that. thank you so much. >> mythical. coming up we are getting an update on already missed. will -- artemis. will it launch anytime soon? more on that next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> let's talk about space nasa said earlier today the long-awaited launch of its space system is still possible next week after a possible -- after a fueling test wednesday. bad weather is on the horizon, we may be closer to spacex, not as close as you might think. to wrap up the week, bloomberg's lauren joins me on the set in new york. what is going on? >> that is something i'm trying to wrap my head around as well. nasa is trying for their third launch attempt, the first two were scrapped for various technical reasons. they gave an update today. they are targeting tuesday, september 27. as you mentioned a tropical depression is brewing off the coast of south america. latest forecast shows it heading
5:52 pm
straight towards florida. emergencies are being declared over there. it is not looking good weatherwise. nasa says they are keeping an eye on it. they are tracking towards the launch. they will make a decision hopefully tomorrow morning or early afternoon if they need to roll the rocket back from its launchpad into the hangar. >> wednesday was kind of key, i think we have video of the fueling test, what is it? >> during their second launch attempt they had a hydrogen leak, they need to replace a component on the rocket. whether want to do was test if that work they had done had worked. what they did on wednesday was basically simulate what they do on launch day by filling the rocket with repellent and making sure there were not any leaks. unfortunately there were some leaks that popped up during the test. they were able to push past them after some troubleshooting. they were able to successfully fuel the rocket just as the --
5:53 pm
just as they would on launch day. they met all of their objectives despite those issues. there ready to go. they want to launch. >> are you ready to go? >> i have gone to florida twice now, i am ready to book my tickets for the third time. i would prefer not to go into the path of a hurricane. >> there is a serious reason we are paying attention, there are bigger goals, ultimately, what are the bigger goals? we have a map that shows if and when the issue launch as it is for a reason. >> right, it is part of nasa's plan called artemis. it is a big ambitious program to send the first woman in first person of color to the moon. this is the first step, what they wanted to artemis 1 is to show that the deep space orion crew capsule can work. there will not be any people on board.
5:54 pm
they want to send it around the moon to have a demonstration that when they do send it to the moon people will be safe. >> this week elon musk has been tweeting. >> shocker. >> one of the things was a question on starship. when starship will do its first orbital test flight. he says november seems highly likely. two boosters ready for orbital flight by then, with fallback production. what does that mean? >> if you have been following his tweets come which i am sure you have, he likes to make very aspirational goals. i think you said earlier, in march he was ready, maybe april, back in 2019 he said it would be launching in six months. every time he gives us a lunch date a ticket with a boulder sized grain of salt. that said spacex has been making great progress on starship develop.
5:55 pm
they recently had a seven engines -- raptor static fire, next big goal would be to static fire 33 of those engines. that would be a lot of engines at once. there will be a lot of planes. they are prone to set the area around them on fire when that happens. we will keep an eye on that, was that happens we will realistically be getting closer. >> two and friday on a post -- to end friday on a positive note there is a meteor headed towards earth, but nasa will try to crash land something into it. >> it is not hurtling towards earth, we are completely fine, is the dart mission, nasa is testing a method for nudging asteroids out of the way if we were to find one coming to earth and future. this is just a test. -- no one needs to pack up and
5:56 pm
head for the hills. i do not know if you'd be safe there. they are intentionally sending a spacecraft into an asteroid to nudge it off course. if we were to ever have an asteroid headed our way that we knew about that could make it veer away from earth safely. >> this is just a test, thank you lauren grosz. -- grush. that "bloomberg technology does it for "bloomberg technology," -- that does it for "bloomberg technology." check us out online apple, spotify, and i heart. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> ratcheting up. the rhetoric over ukraine and interest-rate around the world. this is bloomberg wall street i am david westin.
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