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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  July 7, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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dollarar fddo buy distressed retail a and fice properties. andanan armstronong is two-tenths of f a sond off t th lead. i'm m mi h hucman. hello,o, evyoyone eye e ekek beckaka jarvivis in r erin burnene.. heress what thestreet is tatalkg g out. ishe bull realllly ba?? charles schwab asked t the peop on the front liness and whahave thth results in a treet signs" exusive. willllhehe 7 cents h hel wowork? >> d the u.s. i theenumber e e l importernn the wod, ininis numumbe two. that could be a problem for both cocondioio. that's o ourhohow,nd it starts rit now. checkiking theararke right w,w,oday they have been ininhe red throughout most the day's
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sesessn.n. we are oneayay away from obviouslsleaearngs season,ith alcocoa ckckg things offer. thee nasdaq composose,e, tenony memes tting hit hder than the rest of th overall market, down 22pointnt ththe s&p 500, the ovalall mar down almlmosnini points.s. a d dolrr d too oil, to the d dw side, now almost aololrower at $63.11. whwh's money talking aut at this hour? hehe n nowre straightroro the trading floooor, our r ow berth cocoom, rick saelellind brian scctctmafrom the nasdaq. hey, bibirt.. >> thankserermuch, ebecca. alcoa made a ni move to ee up side, onon rts commentnts from chiefexececute.e. blblooerg quoting himm in an interview inin scscow s souinin kind o of ptimist, sakehihi is
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out of the woods dd he s ss he eses t economy comingng back there, a a a alssee a bit of a a tuararnd in some sectors hehe in thehe s.s. includininghe auautotiti sesect,, which says lolos like it m may be b botmin he, , as we get both ofthem coming out off babankptpt. ri santntel,, thedollar index coming o off i itshighs also heining. >> it is.. you know, with the dololla inx, some traders th trade foreign exchange r rig o offo the sisi are e teinin me i it might be casese o the tail w wgiging theg m day trtradg,g,oreign change, looking atat c comdity pririss movingng lower,t t let fromm t energy si,, maybe speculating on t the long side,ollar is u about aa fifth of a acent. if youook at ththemprovement t theollar after the auction, that makes soso sense. there's alalso a bit o imovovent ithe s&ps and the dow after thth a atitionbut of coursese ididi't raise them,utut into muchlelessegegate territory. thththree-e-ye neasas about a
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b-b-nunus c-plplus ththeetrics msuring demand d were pretty good. e pricingmechanism i i ere drew its lolorr grade point. so plenty of pepeop to buyuy it but ey wanted a juicier eld. thth i insad god itit, it was trading until l 15 before it buttoned up. hey,y,ueuess what? we do see another aucucti tomorrow, enenear, $199 bblilion reopen.. we've seen thisssue bebefo,, anandreopen 3 30s the next da now to the nasdaq a and schac. >> i want t to point ou the ch sesect. intel l ju d dipd into negativee territory. bank of amemecaca, merrill lync upgraded the whee sector daday. this basasiclyly dragged downny ththe broaderermarket.. you want toknknow the underlyin factorors rr this, they s s an uptick in endnd ddemd, they
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actually uraded their growth forecast by 0%, fromm 14 to 21. w,w, d't forget that intel basically cacall t t bottotomto the p.c. markrket etethethose two t thiss are outliers orarar calls remainss to be seenen. bebecc back toyou. thanks so much to all of you.. dharls swab releasingg it active traderentiment survey. e results show th adads are expressing newfound confidence in n e e markets. hehereoo discuss t t survey, chchars schwab, randy frfrerick. grgreato have you herere. >hi, rebecca. . >> did it surprise you atat ll thth t the active traders, the jority said things a ututl positive going forward. > tt't's ght. we sawaw a an upupck in almosos of the dififfentnt metrics in surveyey, icich which you j ju mentioned,d, t number of traders
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who believe ey have a neutrara or slightly bullili o outok. aneveven the number thaha said e theyxpxpecd to inease their memetrs. so ait of a increasee from february. >> last time you did thehe survy in ffebary, and hohow chchould youu yy of thexpectation actually panned o with the ovoverl market? >> well, as you know, the maet went into a pretty sololid bull run in march d april d we've en neutral f for the p pt colee nths, so we s staeded to see a pickup in the number o people who were bullish,ersus the previous survey, w whi was last fall. so if that's th cacase then th active tradede think got it rightnnterms ofmamah and april,l,asas a very go solid ru this survey i i think happeneded before w we went into this neutl peodod, it will be ininteststinto see how it comes out. w we vevehe u.s.arket on a
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tear frfr march untiljune. the ternational emerginin marketets veveoutptpeded the u. markets, y yteterd about half of ur respondents bieve the u.s. mararkeisis currently the best investmenenopportunity. >>hahas true.. b of an i ieresting tng, but o one you just wlave a general amount off american patrtriosmsm the majorirityff theurury responsibilitiants w wer.s. citizens. secondly, when t thi whole dodownrnrn occurrrr,, the u.s. markets wasonone the first onestoto goinin histotory typic ows that thosethth go i fifirstete to be the first to come out. a lot offhem do have a v vy sisiti outlook on t the domomesc markets ririt t now. >> a andhehe majorityff the trader havave 30% oror less of r assets? cash, so most o ofhem e acacally involved in the stk k market ititse.. >> that's verery trtrue keepepnnind we're tking about some of our more aive vestors, those thahat trade fairlyly active, s so the p pcee
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that they have cashasasome wn a bit as well. they'reutting those mies to wowo, because they wawant t to enengad.d. they're the e ty investors that wanan to be inin t m mart t l times, notececsarily 100%, but as t ty start t to ee signs ofof a recovery,, they startoo tata t cash they y ha o othe delines, put it b bkk to wowork anifif they bebega doing thahat bruary when we talkedd t themem, ihihink most did fairly well probably i imamarc and apriril. what we mayay see isis more th trend going rwrwar theseserere the same investororo come to these eveven,, wheree have aa-day enents aotot of educational events a and f fral we've bebeentt capacityhe last several l eveven so we've done. so the desire a th interest in the e edutionalorums and eveven we do have continued to gr. i thinkk th's a trenend we're going to continue to see g goi forward. one lastst trend you wantoo lklk aut, is the etf enend, as aa form o someme r ris mitigati? >>right. wewee been sort of preachingng t vivirts of etfs f f long meme.
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that's probablyy one of the mt active grgrowgg segmentnts i i market now. and we s s a bitit more of an uptick, aew percentage pointnts higher thihi time versus the l s time. juju general etfs are excellenn way to get into t the maet.. thth'r're ry easy tpricic thehey price rereal titi. th have very high liquididyy for the mosost part. some of them tradeoptions,ndnd ththes gs are interested in that, so the diversifificaonon great, b you have some of viviually no chancecehahat an ee stock willgo to zero, whereas an individiduastock, some of those csisided bellwethers from fallen o on very hardtime. etf, b bauauset's diversifieieda basket, it's s ve unlikeke something likehaha will happen. stick arounundith u anandy we'll bringg i i an investor an fixed-income satategt to
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didiscs if the mkets have turur out. ininin us president a cnbcc coriribur, and seinene owow lord abbott fixed income strategists. michael, 81% these 260 investstorarareaying essentially things are looking tesss positie to better going foforwd.d. are you on t the t tea am i on thehe tm?m? cecertnly feel bbetr, rebecca now that the market is up see 40% off the lolows but i i think i'm a good deal more cautious. think this is a terrifif survey, and i think randy's exananatn was excellent,t, but, you know,hehey sesentenen ghgh? this is how you're elelg right now, and clearly peopleere feeling a lot better. this particularr ray,y, though, has been the r rult of a mumuiple expansion, s oints. thout any real i incasase in earnings too support it bn this environment, ionontie to
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bebe ctious and i add is 81%1% toto my b beashndicators as a ntntrian indicacato >> ine, what's your keke from th fixed-ininco s sid of thinin? >> w we' a bitit reoptimistic, which is ununusu,, because usually bond peoplple want thin to gontnto economy slowdown ed second half of the year cecertnly going to be mee posisiti t thathe first half o the yeye. ifif w look a at e fact atat wht s s ju described is thehe rally thatat we've seen soso f is reay dreneny liquiditity, that'snono unlike pasas rrecerers. year over year comparisons w wil be -- >> so you're saying embmbdeded ththliquidity that tt us rere and now in order to sustainined
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it - - y're expxpecngng t thaou of this eaearng g ason? ii really c can say wrere we go from hehere eveven if earnings pepections. > t the is a q queioio of homumu this confidence tually have follow thrhrghgh.
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i i any thehe analysts e still a bitt high.. i s listening t squawk box this morning, , anii thoughtheh ecomists they hadn this moing was absolutely excellent, ass h w wt through hihis empirical argumentoo try o come up withth$5050 share in earnrnin,,nd a a $1ulultie fofo a a re fundamental vae in the marketplace e rit t w, so i thinkhahat earnings will inincrsese, think that ththgsgs are ooka the declineness slowing, t the a areome good signs out thereononge term, but yoyo really canan abandon cautin here. > a ththe alalclear hasotot sounded. withth seeining gigimatized cocoididen throughhe earnings clcle? >> i this is there'e's potetent
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xpect -- but lot of mes eaings are -- they'r'r looking for opportunitits.s. we've seen a pretty sizizab drop inin votitili. that means t the aiety or uncertainty aboutt t the futureh gone downwn but there's nonoeaear the next week 'l'll have a a make - -- ow that's a alrdy happenened but ththesarare ople lookiki for short-termoppoportititie maybe midterm m an t ty seehe markeke is more predictabableigightnow. even in asisideys market, ththes are e grtt opportunities for pepeop w w areable tousus optionssttetegi. an eqequi investorralone -- >nd last eseson to you, whwhatre they telling you about
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the state of the e ononomand investor a appitit >> wee look b bkk on the frtrt quararr r anwe hadhaharty any isissuan. no w we' b bween 45 and 50 bibilln.n. that putsmomone back in the has of peoeoee who need cocorrt. you know,e now haveve a chanism to helel people geget crededitncnce again. i think that b bod well f forhe ecomyndndertainly for vestor confidence. we're going to havee t e en it therere folks, b b thananks much. upup next on "street sisign tech titan w wh roooom to run. that is one e t the trades on today's "strtrtt nse." >> theininim wage is g gng
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up, great nene p pottiti for ruruggng workers, bubut will wage hike mean j jcuts? find outut wn n weeturn. cocod get up easier, likeke n, , th i took aleve. se i iould get up. see hohow-sesee? wheaeas i did not have it,t, w wou, uh, like this, oh-ohoh-o only two aleleve n s. that w wldld te six tylenol arthrititis inin thisis flsls gd! ( laughing )
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wewelcee back.k. here nowowor your daily dosee o
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"s"strts signs"managing didictor a briant t th timeland, o optnsns actiontrerer . . lutz, whahass urur dddden trade? you know what, rebecca, there's a lotof heaeainines abot aiinines load factoto a areooking good. pricingg da d dsnsn't appeartoo beetting worse. th r rds like a big positiviv on the pace. however, thehe d deptmtmt of juststicisis t to go brg some antitrtrus iues into the space and pressurining lot o o the airline sheses. for backgroundnd, about twoononh ago, ththeraraportation papartnt gave a preliminary approvalal t continentntnd uned being aee to cooperate on routes worldwide. well, late lastt w wee the jj epeppein and said, w waia a mimitete, consumers may h hav gher fares a and fewer chchois.. while the dartment of t tgs s the final say,y, t thicould complilica a separate e rarangents. that's w whyee love d del air
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lis.s. delta has alreadyy lockednn the tititrt approval back in may 0808, d ed brandten,, t the esident, said in t twoyearss eyey'lbe saving about $200 million in incremental probability.y. >> brian, over t to you, hididde trtrad what's the gem? >> onene ing that peoeoee have loved to hate some of the insurance ompanies. eyeye gotten beaten down pretty hhd,d, but y lookk at aeaetn it seemso be doing pretty welel that's a good ssig yesterdayy we saw oioionctivity tradadin on thee 40 strike all. 25,000 calls were purchased there. there's an optitimiicic buyerer calls, sayinghe aetna icic may gogo igighe only $25, $26 ocock ght now,so i would be looking atrice movement highgh.. they have a grttash balanance on the sheet, andnd they have out two irirds of t the debt held in n ca rhtnow. if t thiss got worse, ty y uld y y of their dede.
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thr r eaing power is still pretty good.. you worry abouthehe obama adadninisttion setting up a hethth plan,utut i actually think there's s hybrbrid syste twtweethe two. there's s tomumuch involved in e health c carsysyem ininvoeded, o many employees,s, t many workrker a a i think aetna is ilillable to maintain goodod profitability. ke $40isis a littlehigh, but i do thihinkt moves highgh. . >> dad,d, et's talk futurere. what's next? >> absolutely. initial j jobssss cims on thursdsday rebecccca. we think ththeyll be skeweded i early july r two reasoso,, first ththerss to layayof adjustments. evever year thehere - -- s s th papamentf labor is going to veve things skewed ging youu a difficultt jless number. so, continunug g clms nnumr,r, they r rll every 26 weeks. the n numrsrsilill a lot higher, so that will make tngng
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lolookbetterer bottttominin that willakake the me builders -- soy, the staffingstocks go highervever the xtxt cououplweeks. we thinkhis is thehe great opportunity.y. they're tradingtt 65 times forward earnings,, w wl above te 5050 tes that's u usulyly prprected at the top of t t cycle ande're not seeeein any kind of visisililit through 201 as far as staffers arere concerned. >>ououe selling it,ss are investors. brian, forhihing to watchhoioi forward? >> one thing to watch, lyly rdrd, mrosoft reports earnrnin.. itit h had a hugeruruupup, d dt for maybe a pullback before y geinto a stockcklilike tthiut they've done s see tremendous ththgs in c cutng some of the fat from their mpmpy. lolot ofeoeopl are tatalkgg aboutbibing internetetsearch, and thahass been a move up i ine stk, but the truruetotory behehd it is m mroroso has done a a grt job of cutting gloloba vendors. the wkeker dollars is streamlining t the business.
2:22 pm
revenues m mayfall, butakake a look at t the eainings think profitargins improved. at's the key. so, you know, you s see thestoc llllback, it had aicic ru an option trader, i look as a a more leveraged wayyo get n,n, and youell out of moneney puts to buy atat. i t tnk there's's a bit ofof a pupullck, but i likeke itoing forward. >> some ideas to thingngabout.. thank you so ucuch, david and brian. > don't forget to catch brian and the stst of the options action gain onn idids. > > ahead,coming on, a centnt ahoho hike for minimum wage workers. businesses sayay, waiait minute w wilforce them to lay ofoff moreworkers. will 70 cents an urur reaeall that? plus. ♪ o canada "street signs" i iafaftethe break. ♪ook at this man
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♪ b b i i kw i love you ♪ a that may be ♪ all i need ♪ to know alalmo a amuch as we love m makg g th. innonotitionoday for america's totomoowow
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it's just ents. ninimuwage will increase to $7.2.2oll 24th, b but with unemployoyme a aits highest rate 26 arars, is now goodtiti to raise m minum wage? will it help or ltlt the economic rerecory? here now, d did minn, associata director for financial markeket policyatat t center fofo americanan pgrgrs, and dianana ro, a senior fellow at the hudsds i instute and former chief economist atathehe u.s. papament of labor. grt to have both of you withth us. andd david, let's kickhihing of with youou is now the a appprprte time to bebe raising the mimimum wage? i ion't know i it's appropriate or nono but it beenenacackein. pepeop k knethis was coming. thisis i a relatively smsmal imimpa. the numbmb of households thatat could beffffecd is nono that greaeat. second point i would make is here we've got a situauati w whe a aren a recession thahat' essentially demand dririve
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th w wou create demand puttingng more moyy in the folklks, and finalllli i kn diana will t over thehereanand this willll lo mo eloyment a and less growthth. that's just not t tr.. the s stas thatraise minimumm geges ve seen higher growth,, less employment, et cecete,, so i tnknk this will have again a small impapa,, butakley we'll see a bit of a demandbot.t. ththe obobab right now is businesseses a businesses in general is notthat they don'n' have enough pitalr their st structures a too hi. it's's obvioious no one iss out therere buying g thrr stuff. so we're givining moreononey to folks thatat a m mos likelyyto spend it. singlele mss are thehe bigggges component of the minimum wage group. that will give a a b of aick tohehe economy. >> dianaisis shakingerer headno. > did is rigig,, not that may people are affected about 1% 2% of the loror ffor, but thesee
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are ththe l lowt skilled onong. the ununemoyment rate for teens, 24%, the unemployment ratate f those withthou ahigh school diploma, 15%, but t th unemploymementatatfor people with s iss 5%5%. ththoslow-killedd workers jtt aren't going to get hired.d. that will hurtrtthem. they're not going tget that first jjob the f fir step t te career ladder, and thehey' going to contitinu t tbe o outf wowork e government is sing if youou sklslsre not wororth $7.25 an ur, you have noo biness workrkin y youre not allowed to work. ininrestingly nnon nancy pepesisi, e's from california, their minimum wee isis $8. senator kekenny,assachusetts, minimum wage, 88n urur theyey'rnonot ing to be affecteded. what will be affececdd is the grining ates in t t midwest, the soh.h. >> miigigan and it's t the low skills that t llll b hurt,, ando
2:29 pm
wewe rlly want to do that? >> these are notirst jobob f fo momost ppeoe. the studies sw most people a rit around quite ololde 's's tically single mments. >>hahat' justotot trtrue ha t the the pele who are minimum wage, aording to the departmentnt olalabodata are deder . >> i'm sorry,, what did you say? >>alal the ememopople earningn minimumu wage e e e unr 25. >> thosese a not thehe numbers have seen in n th last dede, t wewe'l just l lk at the dartment of labor, they are t the authororitiviv datata. >> rathererhahan getting tiedoww in details, ts is aememan problem. >>david, i havee articulated aa reasason >> businesses s arnonotayayin of people r rig now becausese t ti bobor costs are t t high. when youtalk to a anye out erere,he reason p peoeeren't buying their sff isththe's
2:30 pm
nonot ough money out there. this will putt t the money in t pockets of a few pple, so it's a goodhihingnsnsof as it helps people th little more mey nobobody gets toetet fired omm their digigne job . >> w wil they n dememdd less? >> whattusinesses are looking atat right now are notot the la cocost they're lookingg at theee demand in nsnsption. more people come into the restaurant that iown, i'm going
2:31 pm
. . >> i actuallyhave workedtt a restauauntnt, suspect that's not the case witithyou, a and t the not kilille workerss r theosos part. it's a pretty s simeeququatn. people are n not c comg into the ststrants, they're not cing inintostores, and thahat' the problem.m. what this does to a certain exexntnt. again, i wanant to stress this s pretty small,l,s it creases ee numberff potenenti pelele coming intnto ee ststor,, becau it puts more moyy in the popoets of folks rere lilike t spend it. we've seen what happepene when e alalwed the rate to stagagna.. the economyhaha notototte betttter >> w we veve just onene minute t for diana too respond and thehee have t tconclude. >> david, the higherer mimimum wage doesnsn p put more money i pepelele'sockets if theyeyetet
2:32 pm
laid off.. sometimes it's thehe cicice a job atat$5$5, $6and no j at all. > a i i'm disputinin th premise. evevy study i'veseen that credible has nott come to at unemployment rate. you're saying peoplee a not tting laid ofof >> of course t ty'y'reetting ididoff, butut you're makingg a ught-and-effect link t thass stst not there.e. minimum wage increasases-- we'r talkining ouou$$7 nimum wage. > wrerealking about a mbmber lolow-ilild peoplplethat do get laid off. and i'mayayin they're n not ttttinlaid off cause of the minimum wage ineaeas, but cause we have a stagnant economy right t now. >> i'm sosoy. we d do have to end itt tthe. i apprececia y you beinggith us obvivislsly conversatioion tha will continue. memeanme, we want to ow yoa stock. itit w halted earlier in daday' trading sessioion,it's ung. ititasas resumed ttrang.
2:33 pm
ee stock is down a ttle less than 2%. >> cinin p, we'reoioing to geget r rea to stopop adadg. jim crcrerer ihere with h heahh care o onisis mind. plus iss canada the next battleground for t theloloba scramble f f r resrces? "strtrt t sis" back in a minute. ú
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final oil trades o the day comingng inin. les get down t t sharon epperson. tata it away,, shshar. >> the fininalrades are coming in right under 3 a barrel. again we have t the dollar ababizing here slilighyy higher, an stockcks aker, weighingng ooioil as wellll as demamandoror ch from thehe enery departmementhahat s. oil demand weweri its forecast for thehe yeyear the big storyyt the end of the oor session today,y, though, has beenen wtt has been going onon h the eng etetf. it tracks naturaragagas tuture r it's supposed t ththers s be a filingng with th s.s.e., and thenyc had halted trading in t t ung e, the
2:37 pm
filing from t ung s ss that theyeyrere ciding they are noto goggo issueue a any new shares r any creatition baskets of share as they call t,t, because a a outstandingg utsts have a alrdy beenen isised. th has been a p pblblemith the limitetedumber ofhares in this etethehelpg to set t t pcece for th c comdidi ititse.. aa l o ofolks are sayinin t natural gas futuress p priss wod be lo lor if wawasn because of w wt't's ppening with the unung. that habebeen the story, and w do have o o under $63 available. thanks, sharon. it's t te to stopp trading, because ad money's" jim cramer here. w w e yoyou? > i great. . >> we're going shifift. >> the un i it esn't seem to tttterbecause a lot of fss are made. >> it t wodd be interesesti wit ththe cftc mong forward potential
2:38 pm
potentially. >> you can't take ononhohose interests. th'r're too b.. >> healtlth rere obviously a m j platform, that could b be okay spe of things? >> t ts is one of thohose situations where the uncertainly has shall r rus the mumuiple. i i ink n n that we see atat'soing on and we r recnini ththat really there'ss no, let sasay,ovoverchchg aemempt to be able to crcrus profits into nonprorofi, , is group's g goi to w worfor some time.e. isiss not a o-d-d trtrad ththisroup is goingtoto bright for r lolongime. >>'ve been sayingqwest diagnonostss are h hisririlly cheap. i like thiswellpoint, the one withhehe least govererenent
2:39 pm
exexpore f thesee health inintence o orgizations which e e fire today. i suggest selelli he mauna and taking the proromtmt. vivisly if you w wor a humana, yothink i'm wrong. veve bn putting in these caveats. i d david snow onasast night, thisis iththe most nsistent grower in t t universe of stocks at i follow. it's got a multiple lee it's steel l company.y. mean, tss company is the frnd of reform, n not the enemy. th stock should bebett 65. >> whaha do wehihi about the margin story going forwardrd. you got to unrsrsnd that osose,f you have -- but if you ve lessedicare advantage, inin other words, leses of ththe
2:40 pm
gogovement writing checks, bebecae that was a a government buy-in of the corporation,n, wellpopoin hasthe least exposure to governmenenpay. that's'soooo qwest, wee just tt new rules. 's's unlikely they'll g ge them a rollllba,, plus diagnostics something obamamaelelies inin. this medco, t theavavedhe system money.. you can't say, wait send, jim, all these stocks a in alth care and obamaatat healthth re. i think what we're discoveririn he hates ste. >> w whe comes tththe telecom space,hey antitrtrus penenti that may be -- >> i i you're c chrtine barneyy anand u u nt to make splala,, you starart saying, w who do i hate? hate the tco mpanies, so t's go after them.
2:41 pm
do you stop and ink, wait a a second, ririn? sprint, t m mile andnd at have been in a gfgfig that has depressesed ofofability forever anleft their stocksawful. >> then at&t faces first antitrtrt t issues. i i you're a a politician, the first thing i do -- hey, wawa student of antititstst at law school, u find t t most egregious compmpanss and you after em. there'sseeeen tremendous nsnsolation, but still prpric pressure in ththatndndusy. >> i love seenberg and stevenson, but thehey' going tarts, whehe you're a politicia, you don't just sndnd therend go after some mpmpanthat doesest t maer.
2:42 pm
ififhehere any comompaeses o there thth h hav't made a dime, it's at&t and vezozo but that wod be too economomic andf you're an anantrust, would do actly what she's doing. >> you're right.t. you've got to win. it's the essence of litics. >> ihihink it's the essence ofo everything. >f you're aantrust, go aftft googogle >> jim crerer mo o of "mad money" o on 6:000 11:00 p.p.m.stern. >>the u.s. and china,he world's two largest oil imimpoers, and that is the problem. wee got the story. that's coming u up on "street signs." what's on the minindsofndepende?
2:43 pm
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today on cnbc, b boo p pkens soundedeththe alarmrmbobo china locking upup t wod'd' oil supply, particularly about a a canadianpelele that cocoul feed north ameririn n oito china. >> in thee last six mmons, what have the chese nene th've gone in and made deals with brazil, b dealitith azazilmade deal wh two russian deals,s, with irirannsn ththe sdidis. there is a a le is bngng permitteted omom ft. m mcmurrar the stst cst of canada, d that oilil igogointo china. i can't believe atat cannono even believe ttt cannot bring ttt infrastruructee do i intthe united states. >> so shoulul w we be concecern abouout resourcewawar wiwi c c? joining us t to talkbobout thiss
2:47 pm
john killdid you have, andlan totoonon,research flow at thee u.s. bususinss and industry council. kick things f, jjoh is it a real concern? is it gitimate? i don't think necessssary.y. i'mururpred oooone anan why heares what thth chchineerere doing a at all in thisis sphere. but to suggesthehe will be a sosour war over this, papaicularly when theyey themselves are diversifying i it electrical ppupulsn, i i think itit a bit of arare tata, in opinion.n. >> i think we shshou b v ver very concerned aboutut this at t very asas afr all, eveve though china's a mamarr player in th glglalal economy, cna has intention of playing by the e rlrld' rule, and chinaa hasas me e quite clear in p pticular tt, when it comes natural reurces, china wants controlln orderer to benefit chinese ininduryry
2:48 pm
reregalelessf the c csequences fo anybody elsese. pl i if we ally do want to eaea a moror globally integrated f fre m mket oriented economy, w why in theheorld w w u u nt to t tnn ee other cheekek while a h healy stated system exciciseand grabs more cororo ovovernene othe rld'sosos vital resources? >> jjoh certainly we e ha s see this chineneemand thesis plplay into prices, a it's putt a lot of pressurure prices, definitetelynenef the things that was circulating back w whe oil was 147. sos there aononce even if it's's n h hing control overaa majojorsupply, b b essentially having too much h cororoover ice? >> ihink we h hav to keep thihis in perspective. absolutelyly trere w a fifici
2:49 pm
eyey go to headidi off that potential armageddon if wewe forgetet t l lesns off last ear. we have to bebe mindful and keep an n ee the bll and move forward, a and e e our a addtio to oil,,anan getorore productct anand rere useut of the btus at we're burning these daday. >> in tt momovi-f-fward scenario, is t trere a snanao in the next 10, 50 yearswhere you sesee being done withing with oil rever? >> i d d't't s that, evenn if al the erer programs we p p into effect imimdidiaty, we're just too reliant on fossil fueue right w.w. unfortunately thth's's n not go to change e foa a lo, long meme t theeantime, we have tomake sure that potential uririeny governments s li china don't't grab too much control o ove too mumu o of the woworlss total sy
2:50 pm
thesee f fsisiluel ources. thvery the very go news, however, is that we have tremendououseverage ovover chinabebeuse a aftall, inine demand, a we j jtteard about, is ultimately u.s. demand. china is anport-oriented ececony that desperately neness access to o th u. markettnn orr r maintaiai t growowth rates that keep p e e syem stable and kpphe chinese leadership in power, w whi i is supremely vavaabableor them. we need to exexeisise and useses vevera, not prerete that the threat doesnsn't exist andill neneveexist. >>john,alan, ththk k yoso much to b bh off you.. right now w we' going t to di into the mhahaacacks funeralal ococeson. jermaiai j jacon is singing rit t w. ♪ that's theime you must k kee on tryiyi,, smile, wt't's ee ue
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>> all theopopes of avens and earth would have to pause a say.y. >> that's a liveve look at th michael l jasoson memoriaiainin the staples cecent. turp just hearing from martin luther king iiiii. janene wlsls has more on how ee cityf los angeles is p plainin toto p for isis neral. jane welels live outstsidthe ststleles center. jajane >> hi, rrecca. itit m n be a as e expsisive as manyhohoht because itit has turned out tbebe a lee key affair. ere are 17,000 inside staplele center, bubu outside nowhwher nr the anticicatated crowd of as h as 750,00000 pple they w wee exexpeing. i woululbebe sprise f funmemeal itasas ofthatat. atatould mean more officers
2:55 pm
could be nt home earar t there isis a w mystery. e e cetery teteiningus the sket here will not turning ere. there is so debate overr whetheheoror n michahaeljacksons mamainare in that casket iff it's not goingng back to ththe cemetery, isteaeadi somewhere else? mae e neverlanand? where in the worldremimiael jackson's remains? it has been a beeeehi of titivi with all the city dedepaments. coululcocost the city ass much 2 toto $ million possibly. e city attorney has warneddegeg hosting this memorial for free that it mayay it be liaiabl f f citycocost and theceo had this reonse for us. >> y, that's hisis inion. wewebviously didisaee. thisis inono our seice, it's the family's. with the cityattorney, i respect him. he's new so llll chalk ts up toto maybe beingng i his rsrs wk two but not o on ee day of the funeral. that's veryy inapproprpria. . >> the cityy i asking for fans
2:56 pm
to h helmamakeononatns ononne. meme mey is cingin. inerms of binins oms, thther has b bee a sisine boo rrhotels a restaurants. magic johnhnn n ga a shoututut tokfcaying jackson veve too eat ntntuc fried c chien. anand tatapl, the office supup store, o o namingng rightsnanaly suggesestshaha staples this lt week h goenen assuch as $7$75 million in free advertisingngg, rebecca, everyryime we say stapaplecenter. back to you. >> all right. jane wellsls f frooutside the staples center at michael jackson fufuraral preeeengs. we'll l beigightack. stay w wh h us who can n gi y y the financial advicece y n nee where willll y f fin the stability and rereururce to k keeyoyou ead of this rapidly y ololvi world? these are tough questionons. ththa's y we brought this togethererwowo othe most wewerf names in the industry. introducing morgan s staeye. here to reththkk alth management.
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(tucci) ♪ ♪ count t t theation's fastest 3g n netrkrk at&t w welcomemeacack. markets down 11 pointnt we appppreatat you w wating "street sisis.s."
2:59 pm
tomorrow, erin willll b live fm ththsusun valley mediaiacoconfe th three big exclusive interviews.. next, itits s th "clclining ll with mariaia btitimo." have a a gatat nht. >> wries overerhehe economomic recovery are pushingtotos wer in oday's trade. traders say part o of that iss k about the need for a possible second stimumuss plan. starwoodod hotels it sd itsw"w" tetel san francisis t to a group p of hong kongnvestors for 00 mmilonon angegenel motors is asking a nknkrucy judge to cancel 70 deer contracts. those dealers d d not apove winddown agreememenhen gm announced i w wdd down elimimatatioplan last momont i'm mike huckmkman > and there's's a liveicicre of the flolo of the


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