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tv   The Call  CNBC  July 9, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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toreat obesity. dd ticket masastegigivi access various travel servicic.. good morning.g. andelcome to the call. minutes in this sesessn, and we arere flush. we will talkbout the weak retail s sal mbmberand what they suggest aboutt the back-to-school shohoppgg season. yoyododon' want t to miss it because thisss what youeeee to do with your money. >> good morning. employment clalaimfefell quite a t.t. that cldld be qte ositive. anan b bary frank issololdi anototrr hearing onon t.a.r.p. should money go f fro t tre to disstressed homeowners. >> the obama administrationon cicidewhether to reappppoi ben bernan bernanke. wiwillt all come down politics? of course. thisis is "the ca."."
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> stocks gaining groundthth rnrnin getting boooost from bettererhahan expected qrterly resultlts. blbles claims coming in betetrr thanan pepect. retail werere wnwn sharply. ght now the d dow is slightly negative. dd turned positive justt a few minutes ago. ststil making ltle bit o o come back. what ishehe mood d li o on e floor thth rnrnin >> people arere weieighgg these rereta sales n numrsrs i don't knknow about y but i didn't't wantt to buy clothes f summer.. have had mirarae weather. you h had ununemoyoynt. 50500,0 people lost theirrob last month. naturally has anan effectonon w ththeyrereoing spd. i want totoalk with bertha. will arare some dodoin fairly w.
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therere differencee between the discounters and thth luluxu. > s a story ofhihi lowow in retail. ththe gh end gu struggling momore at the h hig end it shows yo hw pricee senentitive folksks a.. erercrbie es notot discountnt and didwell. >> the teeee,, which usually w l spend no tter wtt but whehe momom dd dadutut the pursestrins th d d't spenend thther sasa discscouededheheilily. 6060%ff in some cases. >> iaven't been latelyly. >> i go andfinger the really beautiful stuff. theinintesting thing there isis they b btt their cost with t th jujunele. however,r,heheir margins are questition at what priceere they doing ththat who is doing really ll?
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t.j.j. axx. >ross steses. they leles ve moved up. th's's where folks a a shohoppg. >> thihis is whatt a lot peope havepoken ababt. don't buy intooit. i thinkk the americanononsur is fickle andonon they have money in their pockets, they wi go t and shop. they do h hav money their pockets. we are not spending what w w wee enendi on gass last year. >> a lot of people w wdeder whether or nothis is a hitinin consumumerehavior. >> they do eect sales. >> i willltotopt famililydollar. i can getet the b bes deal f fo money there. >> those things te to bebe
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tempmpory.y. as soonon as ppleeeee skbert more secure thth go ckck >> reree. >> we w wil get a a litttt b bie on the reil sectorr with rebeccaarars who joins uss wh a look a at atato expect this fall. >> the bacactoto-sool merchandndisisis aeady g getng sett out. retailers will beorore p punun discountnt a mark down goods.. and d al adjusting opening p pri points lolowe thatatss something you were talking aautut. youetetr pect to c connue to see it. that is whwh thenalysts are saying. anysystseighed in o on what too expector ba-to-school. > i will be c cllllenng back-to-school season n cacaus nsnsums are spendininn need rarath t thawant and lookokinfoo lolow prices. >> t off p pri retailersrs a best positioned to take adadntntagof back-to-schooool companies likike ross andt.j.
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max. in a addioio to gymbmbeeee and ropostale. teenen unemploymement i isighern 20%. whe many companies are contininui t tout costsfofohehe bottom line pursuing meaeasuss li rent renegotitiatn,n,he re winnenersrere those whoho at on les. believe g goi forward ttt retaililerwiwi notoo up on zba and inventoryy contrtrol rereililerthat will goupup will be onene that cocontueue to dri better top lines. >> khol's is gaining share and has positiverarafftrends.. healal likes dodoarar te and waara walmart. e also cautioned a agastst betting the stimulus llar. ththosdon't help retailers pockets ininhehe fure.
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whwhateeave seen i in the p ptts stulus dololla give boostin terms ofof t to three pcent in sasas. the mainin thing is taibib gns in opop'spoportlios andnn realal estate and a more eaeady employment picture. >>ang with usoror a nute. with mosteingixed june leles,hat is nextor the consumer andnd whehere inetail shshou y you put your money. sosomark, managinin d dector ddseseni ecoconostst at wells fargo secucuri.. let m start with yo ian. rebecca is painting a a mixixed picture.e. what is your reading off this? i am tryingtoto getour a arm arouou it itits all ovever the lalace how do we e re it? that's pointnt nbeber e. if you listen,, hihink it is a coensus to haveveouretets on the low enen the lue, the trade down, thehe offffprereran
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be afraid ofnynying where there is scretionnary in thehe spending.. ihink it is varied nsnssus. i think a lot of invnvesrsrs a king a breaeath.. someof stotockarare 0% offfhehe bottoms. i anyy they could be downn 10 o 15 the jobss fifirere for june, th thing i havav talkedd about, t income numberers ee lousy. the hours workedumbers are lousy. we got a breaeathkikily good drop. atato you me of thaha number? shououldhahat number warm my heart?t? should i get excicite shouou i i jump fofor joy becec would like toump for something. i would like to j jum forjoy bui i dot think we canan on this mber. ththe auto has bnn s shu wnwn june. rmrmal we would get aa h he lalayo in july a and we d not
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gethehe pick up t ttt we nmamay do. seasonally adjusted ty look a a lolot better thanhey do in t al world. the problem o on the employment prlelem the future isshat hiring hasn't pickeked .. a lot of t the irereas ishey memen riring people quickck enenou. >> one o oththe tngngthat economiststsavave id to me at the first p pla we willsee it is in ww orders.. things like clothes and inveventy.y. if you go into atoto lately, ththerisis nothingng there.e. everybody has managed t the inventory down s sotight, thehe is not a lot out there, ill. is that anccurateicictu soon? will they start ordering any time sosoon right, ell, with ososs margins on averageowow ababou 500 basis pointsts, i think lo of c comniniesill be running inventories down highiningl di't't >> a arett ey erere, though?
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>> theyy a are down ouout low o mid singng didits. the ququesonon wl be how m mh does the consumer tnknk she iss titled to. will she wait foror 60 to 80%% holiday? think the tailers will be in fofomomoreain than aexpect. the opening p pri poinin a are comingng d dn and the discounts are starting earlier. d a perfect example of t tha is sasaks. stilll popoed same storore sala down. but the expectation wasas for a near 12% decline. >> n none has meioiod risining consumer coconfence. trish said shehe is not shoppipg i wantnt t shop. i wantnt tbuy. give meheigig low price pointsts, wiwi buy. >> always shop. i am not a goodod empmple >> if people -- werere etock mamark i is trending higher. >> iff peoplehink that p pce points will go higher, atat
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also wheherehehey are buying. just like inin the housing mar. if people thinkwe have hi bottom, that's t titime some people have bnnhoholdg out. >> areou gogg buy this this sum sner i he seeee ttttie bebefo.. areouou and i going go together d buy some neww ties? >> thehe are brand new suspenenrsrs. ererare no trs on them. amamryryinto get i i started. grgrt.t. brian, if you had to picick stocks in this g gupup a oid th what would y go for? > wrere tryiyingoo find some out t consensus ideas. we are recomomndndin ross srere like a a l of people. ill stickingon the l low end but two nameseshaha w we thinine intriguing.. ayay from the departmenent oror. and coldldater creeeek. fifilllly the baby b bm womanan
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there might finalally be feelina little bteter to spend. those arewoamam that not a lot of peoeoee areooking at now.w. >> larry, onehihing about the numbers on t the etetai >> got togo. >> l las ar we had t t s stiluu moneney wch h hpeped boost theh mbmber up here in june. we had tougher yearooyear comparison. itay not beeas much aswe are kiking >> not at thisis menen we will leleav it therer thank yoyou so much rr joinini usus >> w we are all ining s spping veverysoon. coming up next, the moneyey manageger. he is goingng tells wheretoto invevest r rig noww ieuropean stococks >> and u u.s banknks exit t.t.a. wh's's t strtregegy for reinveststinththt.a.r.p. monene. i want it backck >> and a push to spend billions
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on a homeowner ilil-o lan. bu shouldn't'thehe taxpayers jut gethe money back? 
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>.>. >> reporter:r:urur nt guest is thth directorofof thesbr tional agency. you and i w weralalki o off camera aboutowowmuch hope you have witith president ooba.. much more f forful conveveatati about climatate chchan.. >> we,, i thinknk ttt i wasas the last memeetg.g. an p predent obama spoke. d i felt t tha he is really mamaki a differeren.. ,,or the atmosphpherofof the discussion. he haseeeen saying thatat he i usining e e ise quite well.. this is aererinterestng moment. heher emerging economymy i cha. and with this majoror emitters cocongng tether, that ishehe key
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elelent of the susuess. were moving in thehe right direction. reporter: there is aeeling amg s som of thee journalists with the chinese leader not presenent atat we cannotake bsbstaial progress as wewould lilike yo don't sharereththat entiment? sit pitity that he isot here. kwhi that is representedyy seniorffffials and heisis responding too questions.s. hohofully heilill take t t memesse back. and china quitee wll understanan where wewe a a moving. chchinisis o arard. >> we hee 20 seconds ftft u have high hopes thahat prpresenent ama will drive throughh anagreement? >> yeses ihihink that sit a k blnd
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aa strong discussionnonon sues. thisis wl l ma a difference. and governmentt c make a differenencendndhat's what wee wa to see ppen. >> t tha y youery much indeeee fooining us iknow you are an incrediblyly busy n.n. ck to you guys. arar >> our n nex g gst is here to tetellou how y canmama money in europe right n.. stooech, grereat tosesee u. >> reporter:r: ierert very much r r asng me. > overall whahat is youour investment phphilopophy >> weelook acrossss themamark
11:18 am
ptptizion range. ant thee bt ideas in the portfolio t to ve our clienen a chance of makingng money. >> what looks good you w? > think it i is quite interesting. mamarks s i havee listenened to your prprioiousinterviewsws a ininkhe market is f fulofof contradictions. i think i amam l lking at both des of the mmket.t. i i am looking at lected cyclical e expure whehere i i tk there will b a stablization and pick up as yo travel i ioo xt arars wll as se more defensive, less vatile namemes wherere have reasons to believe we can make money. okay. i can expand o some of osose. >> when uury toind thehe names that you anticipate, is theree a a certainin - instead factors, wtt isitit in particular that you u ar lookin r so that you make se u u
11:19 am
are not payingngoooo mh forny ofhehese ococks >> you have to be disciplined o evaluations. a majorfofo retailer. a long hll in deliverytiti framam a company which i capabable of betwtwn n mo p protatae and t t skepepcicismn the market will gradaduayy erode. there is g goo opportunity to mamake good money. >> thisss about theamame a the s. marketet the numbers are verysimilar. but, ianant to ask you is i it possible that c connental europe
11:20 am
with someoeone loweraxax r res thth the yi, is thahat going bebeming m mor ent me neuroy'al. >> i thinknk oneff the comommes you a auc i thihink w wha y goto look at i is bringing dodoto realityyf whatedoing in terer of hendererso we are lking to getet poposu the e eopean ststoc market in selectcted names. clclrlrly you look at the retutus s on the fund over the past nearly eight years, thinknk e retetur arere around the 17 percent papameter. that is well above e progresss thatatururophas delivered.. we invest in lected.
11:21 am
w wther europee is on a a growt tack or a dull ttra,, equities represent e expures to different parts ofof t worldndnd ecomies. they could be rioionaor global mpmpans. to some extent the backdroropis rerelentnt >> weerere going leavavet there. i ewararry would have to get thtata issue in there.e. >> you couou aays migrate. >> there you go. >>m movingg to bebeuda. > i tnknkmemerins don't pay enenou attention european stocks. theieirurrency ha beenteadierr ththan oursrs. ananththeitax ratates on b buse arlower than ours. have gone the wrong rection. they m maye in the right
11:22 am
direction. m may we should do it. >> itit is niceveve the.e. > d don know if will pu london in there. t t france, germany andd itital >> i a sorry. i can't sesee ttha when we comee back, t t nextxt battle brewiwi in cgrgrs is how to re-investrr t.a.r.r.p moneney. bad word. exactly. use finananci services committee is adesesng thehe oposal to spending it. is thihis best wayay to repay xpayers? that's up nenext th m mht not be the bestst te e toell a home. but we just cacan'wawaitfor t? re/m/maxgegent toto g the job done.e nonobo sells more real estate thth re/max.
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ere do you want to be?e? d#d#: 800-345-2550 includudg g whi trust to look after r myonon." tdd#: 1-800-0-342525 tdd#: 1-800-34345-5050 that's great, t t i'not." tdd#: 1-800-345-5-25 "i guess i'm just dodoneitith ? tdd#: 1-800-345-5-25 "oh, i'm not thinkingg out. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 amamoving it."
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now, that's progressssiv call or click today.y. >> the h hou fininanalal servics committee e ar tking aboutt dictctin.a.r.p. monene barney franknk wants to preven
11:26 am
people from ling their houses.s. should t.a.r.p. pay ckck. reinvestment coalalitn.n. i amam gng start with you. i i am so b bugd d out this iss. >> i am not sure thihis is whwh jamie was thinking whenn he pai back his t.r.r.pmoney. i lkk in t "n york times" d seee that l loafrfrd i is up ile mort ganl gageges arar down. >> it obviouslyour taxpayer, yoyou e e sobody looking at them taking g ee dividend repepmement amntntndnd puputtggthat up towards other ogogms that h hav gone unfended. it is somethingthat i thinknk ge on the nerves ofofeverybody, every taxpayer o o thther
11:27 am
the a ass reinvestment program ththat i is alreadydyeing a co bibi counterct the efforts by b baryy frank. >> i am s se you arenn favor of whwh mr. frank i doing b i wawantoo pose this. unssss and until markeket price adjust on their owow we wilil t clear out unsold inventorieses. i do notot believe theededer g can i intferer should ininrfrferwith market prices. >> particulalarl t the valueff real estateisis not goingng botm ouout. >> but theyarere. market p pris have falalle substantially. and i acknowledgege yrr point about ororecsures. whshshld we tamper witit these rket processes? it is alreadyy caring outndnd leleare rising. that's theoint i am mamaki. > sales are rising in some areas but non stst. we have a flolood of paymymen
11:28 am
option los.s. so lit fufurtrr xaxarbate. don'n't ininke are out of this. let me say that ihihiararne is doing thee right hing. i i dot t thk they are doing enough. hangng ts money come bk to finalllly lplp coumers and som of the taxpxpays.s. >> t tha is ttho is getting it. yoyou d't't have too look to se how to rip offhud. >> you w wil nothelp peoplee w committed fraud. but thth me programs t tt are e ou there, th more fraudud you sesee. >> the funding on this, bipartisan congress worked a long time to t try to fundhehe trust fufund thugh programamwhwhic wewe have not done much rtatahousing. weavav all esese propepeieies atatre cant. wewe oht to b doing somometngng with themm a and llllg t two bi wiwi one stone. we are helping with t t prop.
11:29 am
>> you put f forlosure properties on thehe auction bl. >> there i poportilily. >> at the dd of the d day as a nsumer what crow w wan to be ableo do is m mak. >>hehe otheher aspect is theom price. home p pceces haven't hitit the bottomomyet. they have a wasso gogo. soso the rate of 9090 dayay pas
11:30 am
delinqnquey y istitill out theh peoplele c't't afforor th opti they hhav thee adjust -- >> whahat t t rate? 6060%,70%? >> deed? yeah. >> hoa, whohoa, whoa. >> thisisismelissa's pointt abot ee ams. y y are not ing accururat here. >> i i am. >> excusee me. >> 50%. >> larry, you are talking about redefault rates. i i am talking abououthehe stuf coming outin the fst quararr.r. >> thehemodifications h hee low redefault rates.s. >> hang on. let finish the point. e problem is thehere istitill nonot ouou of it o occring that the vovoluarary natururof the program is that the industry y nono volunteeringg e eugh to modify the things..
11:31 am
whatat ieing modifiedis n not rerefaulting. itss good program. the b bger problem is you mayay have missedhihi but todayss well,, barneyy frank dropped another r llll calalleththconsur fincnce protection agegenc ththat will hahave -- >> shocking. >> thatt lowers the ratee of everything. >>e have aproblem. >> we got to g iam really upset. ank you both for joining us. >> mortgage e ras s ar crereini back down below % gaga. i wa my t.r.r. money back. > i will givive you t.a.r.p. no moree t.a.r.p. go hehead trish. >> arere y nene? are yoyou done? >> eelent. >> we stilill t t inutes left in this houour. ming up next, dadas call to acacti for your portfolioio inoo
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>> lclce back, eveverodody.
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were still hangining ono the flat line.e. totoda a call to actition rerelancing your portfolio s so you u camama momone isisigight now the time toochan your asset lolocaon? we h hav a a bull a and a bear to weigh boboth sides o ofhehe susue. >>rereat i will kicicititoff withh u. you know, you are lookikingt ur rtrtfoo now. maybe you havee b bee ableo capture ththatunun up. if so,o, what do you at t ts int? we arere going inin t theecond halflf. the market has seen a tremendous upside thus f far going back to march hohow you adadju?? should y youe adadjuing?g? >> trish, ihihinkight now isa rerealpportunityasically asase gogo tough the darkness asas we raise the c ctatain on this
11:36 am
earningsgseaeasoto really ok the pull backkwewe are hahavi in this market and take e advantage of this weakneness when youook at iestors that arare looking at the next six t 12 mohs, it is a real opportunity to slowly increase uity posions. we a are going s s about $14. that will contitinutoto expxpan through the ar. i know larry wants to gettin, too. i i ju w wt to kk a specififi questionabout that. as an investstorou look at yourr poportlio what specifically d d you n nee t to being? what are y you doinin dan, righ now? wh is your call action i the nana o thissegment,t, t get
11:37 am
you to move in or outof a stock as we arere in the mst of earnings season? >> i think right n we are look going inin technology. technololo h has had a nice run. but oking at the b bigrr technololo markets, the intels, ciscos, oracles. there will beeroroer ccovagage. many companies that are t trang atat 12,22 and a halff times earniningsrereoing to papaicipate with eighthtoo nine percent in grthth. ththosare areasouou can invest in right now. and some of e consusume stapaple areaeas. those have b bee left bind adds the market hasone up. as youou look at some of t t dr companies and the drugstores. along with ke and pepsi are reallyly gdd buyuy right no >>t's follow that.
11:38 am
dadais goggrom thee defensive sectors. ininde ththe market,, mmoditie ha ld off. oioi todada gold has soldoff. raraw materials havave sd off. trsury bond ratesave come way y owow looks like a deflation play iss replacing the reflags s play. what does thatat mean forinvestm strategy rhtht in here? do you go denensi andtatay awawayrom the c cyccacalshat haha let thehe market re until recently. thanks for havingngme f fir anforemost. have ha a l of greatt people come on y you show. we haveoo fusus on c capity forr ri.. you mentionn deflation. i think we are in t midst of deflatioionnyy cycye.e. the envnvir m we ar seeeein is increasing reregutition rising xes. ssive amounts of dt while the governmementss competitingo debtbtndnd ineaeang their ouount
11:39 am
of dedehey are king o dd that is all going squeeze corporate earnings l lon term. i do belieie that ststaps s ar goinin be a good place tobe. peopop a are not goggtop eating. they a are p probly going bebe better placeceo be me defensivive. health caca.. really, look att a major pull back.. i think you have g got a a l l downwnsi t thaupside penenal. > inow we havav to getout. i just y you h havad a major ange in theenternals of the market. anand erere haseeee a d deftion play here. and d thststoc that led us on e e y .. i setetti banks aside. i like thehe bank story. ee stocks that leds on the way upave been dropping and thetocks that didn't do anythihi l lik nsumer staples
11:40 am
are risingng whwhher that is permananen i a not t arart ough to nono t the question is how l lon w l th lalast >>hat's what i am trying too fig ewe e t. >> if you lo at the volume in e e maet, things are starting toto tn over a ltle bbit i think there e is risk here t thee story. the fact thatat the mararke h hr with all this s begg said w wtt and whatat i happening in the vevement, rising taxes,s,eople are lookiningorward to whaha i ppening there. and i thihi our economy is going become more defensivive dd we have to he a p pn in place t to derstand what our capacity for ririskss here. and that's really impororta.. >> okay. doug, ststan t thas s so much. good toeeee you th. >>p nextxt, focus o the federal rerve as the administrationn weighs whether or not repopoinchief ben bernanke. w wl politics get in the way
11:41 am
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ay, everybody. welcome back. gomama saks wasas updated to uy. noththnanalys also ued eir price target onon ththe sto $5aa sre.. ststl l go a ysys to go. >> as theoboba administratioion decidedes etethe to reappoint n bernanke as fed c chi, , ntiment toto kpp him is ririsi.. but itllll comessown to liliti. shocker.r. >> he shouou be reappointed. has donee areat job.. tnk sit a d difcult call for the dmdmintration. i i inink he wl l obably make it in the fall. odod gernment would suggest t that they repopoin him. they do havee to makake a politl call here as llll > wl streetet versus washington. ss the federal.
11:45 am
>>etet m start wiwiyou andnd let's s sttt wh the most essential qutition they sururved d 46 ececonisists 43. >>iven the ciumumances. remember, whwhwowoul they replae him wiwi?? thatat's big ueuestn.n. >> dd that's t p polical question. shshdo you thihink h he h h dona gogo job? do y youhihink he should sy there? > oe got hisis fooooti after the fall where h he was to involved in eaeasu, i t thi he has reasserted himself. >> what is all t thi b bnanank woworsp.p. youuys have both been criticacal of him the papast t't' look at t record. he w was greenspspss right hand maman. >> i t tugught vince was. butam absolving hihi becacaushehe has bn outofof
11:46 am
office for awhile. he was rtrt and parcel of t the crash of t the dollar. >> there is t bububbl >> tnn bernanae e wapart of the exexceivivtightetengng. he was wayy late. i don't t kn t t right anansw.. i i usthrhring thihi in > want to s seepipirifrom you.u. larry, i agree witith you 100%. ii agreee that it w was too lite too le.e. -- >> whoho wants to b be the czar,
11:47 am
regulator, whataterer for banks. >> numberr two, ben bernanke's ggest prprobm. i i the supuppl sider and he ows banking. what's wrong with thatat. he is nice toooook at. come .. >> t ttt would be first.t. have a fedhairman niceo look .. >> i ameing serious. the idea in a countnt of30300 millioiopepeop that w don't have anybodyoo r repce beanan, it is a reallyly hard b.b. >> there ee people w who have be better.r. >> i willl not agreeee- do w w
11:48 am
really buy that. >> you are s sayg summers.. why not summers? le me makethth case gagain hehe is a p prily g.. i wawa my fed h hea to be prprkly, mean,, nasty. > wtt my fed heads not gogo to thewhite house. >> did you seeee the heads thath put on interertt tes? the billion doar hehead d you read v vanyyfair.r. that i i my money. >>owow is he gogoin unwind an exitit strarate w whe he opens the polilitil l collatereral? >> i thihiit be a a long ti before wee he to plan an exit strategy. they have mmisdgdgedhe strength of t the recovery. i continue to expect that we will s see athther s sninifint g wnwn in theealeconomom we e end up seeing me -- >> actually josh, i a am notto ppy about lasast week'sob
11:49 am
mbers. >> it will boil down to rategy.. i i inin his tl re for inflation is a l l lowower than many of t t alalteatativ. that is the most important t question. isis he indepenende e enoh to b ableleoo managege tt exit ststragygy a say nono to the whe house? thatat w whe i h hav real coconcns about ben. >> you guys are a lo of n. thanks for joiningus. eat coconvsation. ooka ayay all right.t. thanksksguys. w wl takee a quick eak and then will check on what exexacy y going o on in theun valley cononfencnc hi, jua. >hi,trish. tatansff technology, silicon
11:50 am
valley startrt psps, and m mor al hehe at the conference. word that murdoch newspapers are usining ivive investigators t t hack into phones. i i llll he theatest on ll of that coming up only on t thealal ipipy other cars. gsgso fluently, k the new fordrd fioiois the most-fuel-l-efcicien nonone else can say.and tg we speak the 2010 fofordusion. get inin..anan drive one.
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onestst - -- > britain hasas ordered an ininquyy intnto reporor t tha journalists s atat murdococh' wswspar jouournisists hireded privatenvnvesgators toacack into phones. you are lookikingtt ayeyear to date trend o of newscorp. we areatat the n vavalledia conferencece. and murdoch isis there? >> hee erer thererepos are out that the nepapers paid out more than millioion pounds to ttle lell casessinvolving journalist use ofof cmiminaetetho to get stories.s. they allegedlyy tatapp phonenes with thth help ofrivate
11:54 am
detectcteses. ththe siness therere isthth new chieief operating officer. digital chief johohnmiller. otothe mediacoes. ta mushing forward. iningi cableletoto the westst. allhehe mediaiaegegs areopopin that the rht technology wll heheontent remaining. >> people a are talkiking about fafallg g ck in ve with televisionon. because of the randomom aesess television anddvr's. >> everyone is wondering whether e content and distribututio giants will team up a as partffa gigil ststtetegy thepotlighthines brightest on twitter ceo, though h he te
11:55 am
me therere a noo plans t tsell. >> itss alwaysicice to havave atntion. tt ththk, it is g goo to bee here. and seee whatwe can do. >> b bigrr or taller than any executive is firirstimimattendee lelebr james. he said ouou play a game of pick up basketball withthnyny interest ededeoeos. >> denitely. w wt videoeo of t tttick up meme. thanks so much.. nascar driver turnrnedeaea owne tony stewart is takakin on t th challenge. totoghght,cn g geses us t t ininsi track on oneeofof the mo coetetite aththtetes america.
11:56 am
here is a a lolook >> w whe tony ewewar the fieryr two t tim sprint cup champion hs drif an car isn't racinin 1800 miles per hourroroun the acac istony s swart the business man. anhe is just as c comtitive ofoff track. fofo years, hehahas o own raratracks, open wheel teams and remote cononolol outfits. even touting a aubublielations firm and c cpany amamon h his 1 bubunesses. > what iss it aboutut the wof busisissss tt appeals to you? >> i i n'n't ow that w specifically went t t t to be a busisine m man president it has trtranorormeinto that. >> his sinessarar now inincle the titlee of sint cup tete owner. ththat s sepatat him from most thedrdrivs.s. noststewt just doeoesn cash th checks, hewrites tm.
11:57 am
>> t tha looks le a good show. you c s i insee track for refuelling. right t rere oncnbc. i i cat wait to s it for now, that isist t fothe call. >>e back at 7:00 for the cuowow report.. anand wer lunch is up next. y y ? ? where will y youinindths to keeeep u u ahd of this rapidly evevvivingorld? these are tough questions.s. thatat's s whwe brought together t t o of e most poporfrfulames in the industry. introducing morgan statanl ith barney. here to rethinin weth management. here to answerer.. ur questions. momorg s staey smith barney. with over r 13yeyear of wait wait, one momorehihi, one more thihig e more thing. all ririt.t. thanks. oboboeiano music playayin))
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