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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 21, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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gave them a chance to be honest and to become ruthless and going to tnp mode, that's take no prisoners, friends like caterpillar did with the magnificent quarter announced today. the one that propelleded dow higher with its $2.81 gain. without bernanke's willingness to stop the presses and do everything he could to create credit and stabilize the system, the caps of the world would never have been able to deliver much better than expected earnings, despite much worse than expected sales. >> frankly, isn't that the essence of the moment. making more money with fewer people and much-reduced revenues. it's like a caterpillar backhoe replacing ten guys with shovels. ruthless efficiency, albeit with a jobless recovery, but today bernanke had to put on a somber face and go before congress and
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tell us how bad things are. wall street, with its fundamental positive bias wanted to hear that the glass was half full. the market wanted bernanke to accentuate the positives, but washington required him to take a glass half empty approach. it's not a glass full rap and talk about the negatives and otherwise it would have been more of a witch-hunt than it already was. how could bernanke, a card-carrying member of the capitalist party justify bailing out these banks and bankers to a very non-capitalist congress. if things aren't so bad after all. if he had painted a positive picture, then his appearance before congress which already felt like a kangaroo court to me with elements of arthur kessler's darkness at noon, it would have turned into darkness all anke had to spin it because
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anything more positive than that would have made him look like a capitalist lackey of the banks in front of the congress. here's a twist. if he'd struck a more buoyant tone we would have seen the equivalent of the house unsoviet activities committee demanding that bernanke name the names of all the card-carrying capitalists at the fed and the treasury department as well as the puppet masters on wall street. so we've got the contrite downbeat bernanke, but i believe his testimony was all about politics, not economics. still it meant those of us that believed better times are ahead had to hear why we could be wrong. that's why we went down. bernanke's testimony take taken at face value made me feel like the cat had the last good quarter and things are all downhill from here instead of what i think is true. it's last bad quarter before the industrial renaissance and that flies right in the face of the market's latest rotation into the cyclical stocks and the technology stocks. one they think will continue
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tomorrow because of apple's unbelievable number. instead of focusing on how much money companies like eaton, ppg and caterpillar and freeport-mcmoran can make when things get better because they become lean, mean, ruthless firing machines that take no prisoners in the name of earnings. ♪ hallelujah >> which is what wall street wanted to hear. bernanke said things aren't getting better at all. >> the house of pain! >> which is what washington needed to hear or to put it another way, bernanke's negativity was a necessity. worth wise you can bet the congress would have done anything in its power to stop theseec troerd near measures that the fed and the treasury have been doing to stabilize the economy and things would get a whole lot worse. hey, ben, to paraphrase, cramer fife barry goldwater firing in defense of profits is no vice. i would have told bern anke toe take a bow.
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as a matter of fact, to quote market historian rihanna -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i would have given them a round of applause. a standing ovation, but he put on quite a show and because of his downbeat speech, congress won't cut the credit to make things better come the fall. here's the bottom line. i need you to ignore the man in front of the curtain. i'm not buying into his negativity especially after the magnificent quarter today. i think bernanke's credit machine will soon be replaced by the private sector's printing presses and the recipients will be buying caterpillar machines that cost less to make and more to buy. in short, the nine-point dwayne makes sense to me because while bernanke doesn't want to say it, happy days will eventually be here again and with it should come huge profits for the best machinery company in the world and as the bernanke show becomes a distant memory for a market that has a 30-success attention
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span, we're going to be getting stronger and stronger. soon people will be asking, what did bernanke say again? did he say buy caterpillar? maybe not with his frieword, bu definitely with his action. guy in philadelphia, guy? >> a sports fanatic boo-yah. >> how many in a row there, pal? >> think we're up to nine now. >> what's up? >> i am feeling like flopping on the ocean of financial instruments. >> why is that there, sir? >> the big boys are out there and making their move. we had the correction because of the uber negativity, and at the home gamer you taught us to ride the waves and making money. now that we're on vacation, earnings are starting to drive the market back up a little bit. what should we be expecting when they come back? will there be a buying opportunity here? >> listen to me and listen good, all right? you're from the city of losers like me, we often forget we won the world series and we'll win it again. i think that things right now
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are poised to go higher. should they go high are? i know the negatives, but i think we'll see a series of pieces of data come september and october that will look so good with the lehman-induced depression of last year that everyone is going to want to buy and they'll want to buy any weakness until then. i guess what i'm saying is things are fine. things are fine. weir not going to go back to 6500. i still of course there's a ranging. i don't think we'll blow through dow 10,000, but i have to tell you things are better and things are better at both in the world and in the united states. let's go to dennis in nebraska. dennis? >> boo-yah, jim, from omaha. >> booia, where are you? we're ready for you? >> love the show. >> thank you. >> last night you discussed a couple of secondary offerings and i was wondering if you could tell us what is the difference between a secondary offering and a follow-on offering. >> they're often considered to be the same thing. i didn't want people to buy it
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up. the follow-on will be additional stock. i like to think of the secondary and i like to look at who's in the secondary. is it filed just by the company? is it filed bien siders, but these are all similar terms. there's a primary which is the ipo and the secondary which is the follow on, so i don't want to be confused by the terminology. i just need you to be in the hh greg, and i need you to be in the secondaries and that's what's going to matter. the dow is up 68 and it's because of caterpillar. i believe we'll have a reprieve today because of apple after the close. ben bernanke, you deserve to take a bow because your actions spoke louder than your words. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, is now the time to roll the dice on the casino stocks? cramer breaks down a pair of gaming companies to figure out which one could deal you some mad money. plus, a tech home run. jim goes head-to-head with a man
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behind bob bowman to break down mobiler in the. how can you get in on the hottest trend in tech. and later in the lightning round, the market's top mind goes high octane to put your stocks to the test. all coming up on "mad money." miss out on some mad money? get your mad money text alert today. text mm to 26221 to get cramer right on your phone. for more info, visit "mad money" or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. .
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♪ ♪ this is a market where you can't afford not to pay attention to the technical, the charts, even if you think that technical analysis, looking at pick the on graphs of the stock's action to see where it will go in the future seems like a bunch of mum bo jumbo chicken gumbo. you know why we like to go off the charts in the show because a good chart is like sherlock homes, someone who can read the
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clues in the chart and tell you what's going on in the heads of the big boys. the institutional money managers who control so much cash and do so much trading that they essentially decide stock prices in the short term, not you. we can't know what they're thinking and brokers can't even tell us, but we can fall back on a good tech figged to help us figure out what they're going do based on what they've done before. you've heard me say it a dozen times. technicians are like jeff gold blum, deducing patterns on "law and order criminal intent." they are trained to see clues that go right over our head and shoulders for that matter. gaming stocks have rallied and today we're going off the charts to take a look at what's happening with casino owner and operator, las vegas sand, lvs. the company given its high exposure to the hottest site for gambling on earth. mccal, mccal is the only place where china gambling is legal
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which is a much bigger deal in general for las vegas sands specifically than boring old las vegas. these days the only long march going is the communist chinese march to macau and the little red back has been replaced with edward r. burton. this is the chart that dan fitzpatrick, our go-to technician my colleague at where we both write, that's the subscription site to the street.dom where i'm chairman, is also someone you've probably seen on "fast money." fitzpatrick thinks lvs is a buy based on the technicals. he sees a huge break out here. a huge breakout. this is a very important move for him, okay? he doesn't think it's finished. las vegas sands originally broke above its 200-day moving average. that's what we're looking at. that's the long-term measure of a stock's trajectory and what money managers love to see and a lot of these guys have charts in
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the desk drawer, believe me. fitzpatrick loves the fact that the stock has closed in on the $10 level without breaking down because $10 is where a lot of legality sell orders live. the fact that the stock hasn't gotten crushed after hitting the $10 level, that indicates to fitzpatrick that there's plenty of demand available to soak up all of the new supply that's unleashed every time the stock has hit 10 bucks. see? each time it failed, now, break out. and that's even if the stock's overbought. it makes a point to las vegas that the sands buyers don't quit despite the overbought decision. that shows incredible and highly unusual strength. as soon as mo green took one in the eye, it's a gimme because the buyers don't want the next move. the technicals say weigh las vegas sands. what about the fundamentals? investors have finally started listening to what las vegas sands has been saying for a long time, that it's going to file an ipo of its shares in its macau
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operations with regulators in hong kong as early as next month. it will trade and expected to sell a 25% stake there. an ipo of the macau business could be huge for las vegas sands, but my attitude of the stock is the same as it's always been. if you like las vegas sands in the technicals, if you like it based on its position in macau, then you should love its better run competitor wynn even more based on the fundamentals. just today, wynn filed with the hong kong stock exchange for a listing of the subsidiary. the ipo could be anywhere between 500 million and 2 billion as wynn is plane planning to sell a stake of 12 and 5% and it's the macau ipo could come sooner than the one lvs is planning. wynn gives you the positives in macau this lvs has with far fewer negatives. it's going for any of the casino companies and has been for years, even when it comes to gambling and the prime minister is pansitsing us.
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it beinged for $449 million in revenue in the first quarter and that's 60% of the company's total revenue. it's making $755 million. 70% of the total revenue. the main difference is las vegas sands has had serious problems with financing that haven't complete plea abated. wynn is in a much healthier position. they're in limbo until the company gets hold of more funding. it had commenced instruction or preconstructional five parcels of land, but i had to halt construction on each of them because of funding shortages. wynn, on the other hand plans to open its encore expansion of macau in 2010 adding 400 luxury sweets in fourville as to the operations there. the macau ipo is all about raising funds to pay down debt and help finance it to sell the projects, but for wynn which isn't under pressure to raise money, i think it's macau ipo
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and it's an attempt to show how much unrecognized value there is in wynn the stock. how much value exactly? wynn's enterprise value which tell us us how much an acquirer would have to pay at the current share price is $7.9 billion. based on my calculation, i think the macau portion of the wynn business could end up with an enterprise value of $6 billion, just the macau portion which indicates the street is valuing the business just under $2 billion to keep. i of course it's worth a lot more than that, so i have to believe the upside for wynn from this ipo is enormous. wynn is much cleaner, safer and a better play. here's the bottom line while both company have cramer faef now. if you like the fundamentals of the macau story, the stock you should be really buying and buying aggressively is wynn which has similar macau exposure with far fewer problems. let's go to dmitri in
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pennsylvania. dmitri? >> boo-yah, jim, how are you? >> excellent stuttering boo-yah. perhaps the first of the week. what's on your mind? >> recently analysts seem to think the gaming industry bottomed out. so with me being a young investor looking for a long-term pick do you think mg can return to levels of '07? >> i do think it can go higher. we're look at a bottom in las vegas, but steve wynn is my operator of choice these days and i'm a backer of steve wynn because i think he is money. the man is money. robert in new york. robert? >> yes, jim. hey, sending out a wig staten island now hey now fuhgeddaboudit boo-yah! >> i've been meaning to get to staten island and i'll make it even more imperative. what's up. being the singer and owner of an entertainment business it's been a tough year. >> yes! >> yes, it has. it's tough. i was looking at carnival, ccl as an entertainment indicator, they're about to launch the
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largest ship in september, but they're discounting tickets. do you think this will be one to watch under signs of recovery or is this lumped in with the airlines. >> no, nothing should ever be lumped into the airlines. that is the world's worst group. there are whole other things to invest rather than airlines. i do believe carnival will be an early tale, but why don't we do this. if we like carnival, why not a disney more? a destination place with a lot more upside, but i do like carnival. i think they're great operators and i wouldn't recommend selling the stock here. it's just had a bit of a move. it did have a better-than-expected quarter. it's a well-run company and i would have carnival as a trade. mike in connecticut. >> bo yeah, baby! >> boo-yah, mike. go huskies, what's up? >> i've been watching your show forever. i'm a first-time caller. here's my question. it's the retail industry. specifically in this tough economy, do you feel it's better to play it safe and purchase a
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stock like walmart or is there a better return anticipated with a luxury stock like macy's who, wye the way, was at $45 a share two years ago and is down to $12 a share. you have hit upon the essence, mike, of what i am struggling with right now. if unemployment is not going go away, but going to get worse. i don't think that -- i think the second half is going to be better. i do believe in a back to school season. i think macy's is a better bet. i also think walmart is not having a great quarter. i think macy's having a better than expected quarter. it will never do as good as walmart, but i think macy's goes to 15 before walmart goes back to 5. las vegas might look right, but i think if you like the macau story you want to buy the stock of w-y-n-n, after the break i'll try to make you even more money.
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coming up, a tech home run. jim goes head-to-head with a man behind, bob bowman to break down mobile internet. how can you get in on the hottest trend in tech. plus the time has come for cramer to guide you through the market's ups and downs. stock after stock on the lightning round and later, e-mail us at madmoney.cnbc.dom and jim could answer you on the air on an all-new mad mail. all coming up on "mad money." do you boo-yah? >> boo-yah, jim, boo-yah! >> boo-yah broadcasting voice boo-yah! >> boo-yah! >> a big aloha booia! >> boo-yah! >> a big boo-yah. >> boo-yah! >> dr. cramer on the lightning round, call 1-800-74 -cnbc. businesses more efficiently,
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so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box...
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actually, with flat rate boxes you don't need to weigh anything under 70 pounds. if it fits, it ships for a low flat rate. ok, but i ship all over the country. you can ship anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. ship international, too. yes, but i ship hundreds of things, in all sizes. great, because flat rate boxes come in four sizes. call now and we'll send a free supply, plus up to $160 in offers. when you're ready to ship, we'll even pick them up for free, no matter how many you have. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you know, i think the mobile internet tsunami, the ability to access the web from anywhere using gadgets like the iphone. how about the apple quarter which was huge tonight.
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the palm pre, and the biggest thing since the widespread a dopgdz the old-fashioned internet. the adoption of mobiler in the is the move from snail mail to e-mail or radio to television or the typewriter to the personal computer, and just like with all these other game changing new technology, it's creating incredible opportunities for companies and investors to make fortune, but at the same time as with any other huge new technological secular growth trend, the mobile internet can be difficult for you and i to understand and very hard for me to explain. that's why i like to find examples that show case its most important aspects and tonight i want to talk to you about the very best of the mobile internet. the best application i've seen. if you want to see the future of the mobile internet then you have to go to, as i do every night for 160-some odd games. not just because this is the best site on the internet.
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it is also the best int gaited into the mobile internet and that's what matters gets 2.6 million have saids per year. this site contains numerous things about the -- this can offer 15 live games a day plus around 6,000 audio streamed games per season. lots of different angles and has the top-rated iphone application for baseball. mlb.dom at bat 2009. it costs $9.99 to let you watch one live game per day there you your iphone and audio stream game stats, game highlights, video recaps. that to me is one of the greatest examples of what the mobile internet is all about, and i want to break it down so you understand it. this is a website 1,000 times better than television as for as i'm concerned and today we're talking to the brains behind it. bob is the ceo of mlb advanced
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media since november of 2000, i have always wanted to know how this site works because it is so fabulous. how bob knows what to give to his audience and he manages to deliver such incredible content. bob may understand this latest phase of the web better than anyone. he used to be the ceo of which is the retailer of high end technology products and has been an investor of numerous internet start-ups and not to mention being a fellow alum of 1977 and my investing alma mater, goldman sachs, and a former chief operating officer for itt and the treasurer for the state of michigan. as far as i'm concerned is bowman's crowning achievement. whil we don't talk to the ceoes of nonpublicly-traded companies on the show i'm making an exception because is such an inbelievable ilstraying and the best aspects of the mobile internet. the single most important trend that i've seen in investing. welcome to "mad money." good to see you, sir.
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how have you been? i understand you have exciting news to share about your product. i want everyone to know it because especially after apple reported blowout numbers. give us the news. >> the news is if you're an subscriber and we have about 350,000. >> i'm one. >> you're one of them. we lose money on you because you watch it so darn much, but that's okay. if you're an subscriber you can now watch any game you want on your e phone. part of the at bat application will include all 15 games every day, on top of the one free game already, now we're adding all 15 games tonight. to if you go there tonight, watch your favorite team and it might be the phillies, click on the phillies and if you're an tv subscribers, you're there and away you go. >> i want to cut to the chase and it is a difficult question, but i think it will explain a lot of what's going on. >> last night i watched this phillies-cubs victory over the cubs.
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bob, it was on, but it was also on espn. >> right. >> and i watched it on is that the future? isn't it better than tv? >> i think every -- i think -- >> you have a contract with tv, too. tv is very important to us. i still listen to trust radio so i think they will all co-exist and what people do is they watch two screens. they might have this on, when i'm trying to watch tv nobody asks me what i want to watch. we have the bachelorette on or whatever tv show, but i'm watching the baseball game on my laptop and that's why i bring the laptop to the living room and every family is different. tv is doing just fine. we're lifting the water. >> how does it work? how did you have -- i forget how many camera angles including the center field and the all-star game. how does this work? who powers it? what's the technology behind it and how do d you know? >> akamai's our back end.
6:30 pm
>> akamai is a publicly traded, akam, very fast speed. >> this high-def is because we can use akamai in the back end. we use the adobe flash player. >> adobe, you might know that as acrobat also. >> adobe flash is the most widespread and everyone uses it. more important than that, jim, it's open source. so what we use to encode this is the same thing apple uses to encode live stream. you'll constantly get improvements and that's how we have this. this is what apple just released for their iphone and 3.0, what they released in july. and you're seeing true high deaf here. you're seeing true high-def. you can see it, but if for some reason your connection collapses or slows down on the iphone or the wired wep issue web, it will slow down and you'll see a great picture. it will go to the speed that you can tolerate with your connection. do we know behind the scene
6:31 pm
whethers it involves sienna or cisco or any of the companies that people want to own in the nasdaq that are on fire right now? >> certainly it involves cisco. and we have the routers that we need and the connection spots and it involves sun. sun's our -- >> the oracle. it can now be oracle and we involve that. it's probably not a true software company or hardware company that we don't use in some way or some fashion to deliver this. this is not tv and this is not where you can turn on a box that's been around for 60 years. it requires the work of a lot of companies. you mentioned a lot of them. >> how far ahead are you, and i mention this because, for instance, my kids, i don't believe will watch tv. i think they will watch this. this product, by the way, seems to get better literally by the month. how far ahead are you of what everybody else will be doing and do you believe in my thesis given that the mobile internet is the biggest thing. you've been involved in
6:32 pm
technology from day one. is this the biggest thing we've ever seen. >> i think wireless is. >> we got blessed to set up the business and we've been blessed with great content, 15 live games every day and the generation that wants it this way. so four years ago we hired 20 people to just do wireless and that's all they do and they've been building this product and adding to it. right now we do almost 100 million pages per day. 30 million of those are wireless. 30% of our visits are on an iphone or a black behr they can get to the website. 30%. it used to be eight and now it will pass. when did it go from 8 to 30? that's the tsunami thing i'm talking about and that's what andy grove talked about. that kind of incredible uptick. i'll tell you this. it's 2009. by this time in two years we'll have more wireless page views on that won't be close and
6:33 pm
it will be accessed by the mobile web. it's all in our homes now and it's more convenient and that lets you watch tv instead of watching the other screen. >> the providers make money and the at&ts. they've got to be charging right? >> they are charging. at&t's charging us mono pep they're all making money. any new form of media, people will pay for it and everyone will make more money and people that put it out there helps everybody. it shows that there's a market. when we streamed our first game in 2002. people never thought live streaming would ever work in the web. >> sometimes it still does freeze where they didn't tell you to change the video, but it's fewer and fewer time. >> but it will continue to happen this way on the e phone and whatever phone it is and on the wired web. this is how people will consume certain kind of content. live sports is lucky.
6:34 pm
>> yesterday you had an all-star. you run a lot of merchandise through this and tickets too, you can buy tickets online. >> commerce is not where we hope it will get some day, but we do sell tick thes on the mobile so you get a text alert that says you have tickets front row. do you want to go? it's hard for you to go at 6:00. you can't get to the game, but it is there and it will continue to increase as more and more people, particularly the next generation. the phone is in their back pocket. i have a 14-year-old daughter. i don't see the phone out of her hand too much. >> never. i've trying to get it for older people and someone like me. people don't understand until you see these applications you don't understand how this thing is going to take over the world. one last question. why doesn't come public? i'm not kidding. you have huge revenues. pooh we're very lucky. it's better right now for us.
6:35 pm
you need capital or you're trying to pay people off of who have sfted. we don't need capital. we have patient owners and longview openers and it's helped us where we are by being public. >> thank you so much. president and ceo of the most exciting product and the definition of why i am telling you that the mobile internet is the biggest thing, the biggest investable trend that i have ever seen. stay with cramer. next, try to keep up with cramer as he takes your calls rapid fire in an all-new lightning round. plus e-mail us at and jim could answer you on the air on an all-new mad mail. all coming up on "mad money."
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it is time -- it is time for
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the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." it's rapid-fire calls a s ans al you when to buy, buy, buy, or call, call, call. we play until we hear this sound and then the lightning round is over, are you ready skee-daddy? it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money" why don't we start with dominic in florida. dominic? >> hey, jim, how are you doing? >> know bad. thank you for asking. how about you, sunshine? >> buy, hold or sell? >> they happen to be my insurer so first of all i like their quality product. this is absolutely no judgment on their product, but the insurance company i like is travelers, trv, why? because they have a great operation. the stocks have been stuck in the minus 40. if you want to be more address of you want to be like my friend doug cass and go down the food chain and take a run at a lincoln nat. i don't advise that. i'm a traveler's guy. how about we go to lucas in
6:40 pm
idaho. lucas? >> jim. >> lucas. >> question for you. >> yeah. coming from idaho. the land of the grand teetones so you deserve a high elevated >> that's right to the top. what's up? >> i'm axe. i'm a big follower of the street.dom and it made a lot of money off of it. it's kind of sagging right now. should i get out? >> what? which one? >> which one? e max. i think it's high sxishgs think it's made its move.
6:41 pm
i know it's con contrary to what others think. and we don't all go for the same one. how about jared in tennessee. >> hey, cramer, giving you a big mad money boo-yah! >> i'll give you a subway boo-yah back. what's up? >> i want to know what you think about the big awesome company called cedar. >> i don't deserve to be able to comment. i don't believe i should be able to comment on it because i blew it. i thought they would be able to pay the big dividend. i feel i have no standing in this one. i was able to say they felt six flags was going to go, but i did not get f-u-n on this. i don't trust myself on it. i didn't get the dividend right and it's a limited partnership. okay, let's go to ryan in ohio. ryan. >> jim, boo-yah. what's up? >> i have a diversified portfolio for stocks such as amd, ciena and huntington bank.
6:42 pm
can you give me your thoughts? >> people are concerned and they're lumping in huntington bank with renalents, that's wrong. that's wrong. they lump it with fifth third and it's better than that and the insiders keep buying. it is $.07. if you really want them to get conservative i'm going to recommend it, fmer and the bank stock. i nailed bankamerica's three and i hated it all of the way down. sally in florida. sally! >> hot and steamy sarah so thea boo-yah. what's up? >> well, i've watched starbucks a year ago for $23 and i want to know, now that they've got an earnings they're good and it's gone up over 10% tonight after-hours and now should i keep holding it in hopes of getting back to 23? >> think howard schulz has it together. he did say it would not just be eight months, nine months and 10
6:43 pm
months and 18-month term. he has a new bunch of product offerings and i would not let starbucks go. i am a buyer of starbucks here and not a seller. that does not mean that i'm backing away from mcdonald's which has a fantastic coffee initiative and i'm a buyer of mcdonald's. let's go to mark in massachusetts. mark! >> jim, how's it going? >> not bad, how about you? >> let me give you a big m.i.t. beaver off thein boo-yah. >> holy cow. not the same percentage as the dodgers boo-yah. what's up? >> under armour. i'm torn! love the product, think it's interesting. the company has no momentum. i prefer nike. i absolutely just have to tell you in terms of respect, lemon is better than that. i know that's somewhat of a shocker. i do not see any momentum in under armour. i will welcome any member on the show to explain to me why i might be wrong. lee in florida, lee.
6:44 pm
>> boo-yah at a bargain price, cape coral, florida. >> didn't know that was paradise. i have to get a now atlas. >> yep. >> pardon? i'm entering into mapquest and it's not coming up. >> cape coral, florida? >> no, paradise. listen, i roll with steel. nucor's been good to me, i've had it ten months, should i buy more? >> it's the guy who understands the steel business i would not sell a share and if it fell below 40 i would buy more. nucor is the reigning king of steel in the world and i put all my chips with -- i'm ignoring that buzzer with them because he is a monster good operator and in steel whoever is the best makes the most money. how about russell in the line. russell? >> cramer, a big old chitown windy city boo-yah from the land of lincoln. >> the cubs will lose again,
6:45 pm
boo-yah right back at you. >> don't say it. i'm a white sox fan. i feel bad for you. my question is about aig. with the it making morgan stanley an adviser, do they become more attract i have here? >> no! it is a big stock and they do the reverse split. it brings in even more suckers. they must be laughing at everyone. they're whipping us, and i want you to sell aig and then sell it, and then sell it again. we'll sell it to the power of nine. how about josephine in connecticut? >> hey, jim, a big boo-yah for you from connecticut. >> you're the second connecticut caller. what's on your mind? i wanted to ask you about cvs. >> i like cvs very much. i like it. go ahead. >> do you think they'll be successful as both the retailer and pharmacy benefit? >> i think cvs is well on company, but i tell you they prefer mhs.
6:46 pm
i like them more than walgreen, but it is on retail. for the back end i don't think it is as good as medco health. i reiterate they like mhs. i reiterate that i like express scripts, but i'm still a bare of cvs because it is the dominant drugstore chain in america. and the lightning round is over! bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. they find them at td ameritrade. trading's all about strategy. and strategy's... all about information. so: i start my trading day... with td ameritrade's morning perspective. that's interesting... or, look at this... i can mine their weekly webcast for ideas.
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i've been neglecting the mail. here's one from william. jim, i 'm totally confused and could really use your help.
6:50 pm
>> this is what happens at the bottom. remember, we talked about the texas instruments example? texas instruments reported a horrible quarter, cheap ud out the inventory, said things are bad, the stock is at 11.12, it has since douchbltd at the bottom, strange things have happened. harley davidson has come down a huge amount and this is the end of that performance. don't forget, warren buffet bought a large stake in the company and that's driving a lot of buyers. >> why is front line under-performing the sector. i have all the shares i want and with the exception of the
6:51 pm
>> susan, i do like the show very much and you should flop to nordic. i think it will remain well. if the price goes down, they will make more and if it goes up, remember they have no debt. >> here's the problem. as long as people feel there i will be a big cyclical recovery, it will leave verizon in the dust. people don't care about a consistent gain. i say is there room in the portfolio that can raise its dividend with good managers. remember, all tell, i want you to buy more if it goes below 21. fithe same tools the pros use,
6:52 pm
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ap am's not done. it goes much higher. i always like to say, there's a bull market somewhere, promise to try to help you find it. i'm jim cramer, see you tomorrow.
6:55 pm
>> the best all continue, every move precise and calculated. there is one that rises above all others. when the bulls rally the bears, be glad jim cramer is on your team. at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free".
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tonight on the kudlow report. former presidential candidate, ron paul, sounds off on fed head ben bernanke. big ben says he has an exit strategy to stop inflation. do we believe him. >> the new california budget. read my lips, no new taxes, plus drill drill drill off the coast off santa barbara. and bonds love bernanke and the major index is bullish across the board. plus, we have market expert who thinks the dow is going to 14,000 in a couple years. house demps postpone the health care vote until after the august recess, maybe forever. health care stock soared today. do you think there's a connection? i do. "the kudlow report" begins right now.
6:59 pm
good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to "the kudlow report," where we believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity and that path should include king dollar and stable prices. i'm not sure if fed head ben bernanke is going to deliver those goods. he talks about an exit strategy to end zero interest rates but i'm not sure i will see it in my lifetime. as greenspan's right hand man and co-pilot. he stayed too easy in '04, 5 and 6, housing inflation and bubble, that led to a difficult recession. will it be difficult this time. >> giving 70% odds ben will be reappointed fed head. i don't want to prejudge him, i


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