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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  October 19, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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that's why high flying tech stocks continue to lose steam. even google now turning lower on the day as well as apple. let's trade it right now with brasso, najarians. what do you make of what we're seeing? >> clearly when you start to watch the google news and how that unfolded yesterday and you guys did a great job covering that. google and apple sell off. ge disappointing earnings. throw in mcdonald's and chipotle. you're talking about everything sort of moving together to the down side dragging the markets to the down side. i'll point out and wellpointed out by bertha coombs as well. look at sandisk. they are in the right spot. you can see how they absolutely crushed their earnings. in point out one other one, riverbed. in the networking space they do a great job with data management. this is a name that crushed up like 12%, 13% on a negative tape day. it's not all negative but earnings are pushing these
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markets. >> a couple of rights in a sea of wrong. apple is down. google getting a little bit of a bounce back after yesterday's huge decline. even that's now turned negative. nasdaq has fallen hard. biggest intradie drop in a few months. >> google, a big turn around. stock traded up 706. it hit up against 707 which was upside resistance. came off hard. now trading back down yesterday's lows which was 676. so it's only five points away from that right now. i have the next major support here at 665 for google. it seems like a lot of folks we watched yesterday to see whether or not the hedge funds would defend this stock. they did yesterday. today they are no longer doing that. it's basically, i'll just buy it cheaper i guess and let it come to me. that want seems to be what they are doing at apple. >> cautious outlook from general
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electric. and mcdonald's as well. roll overfrom google. >> ingersoll-rand as well. it's unfortunate it's friday and it's hard for people to close their eyes and buy this over the weekend. 1425 is the line in the sand. we've seen selloffs not to this magnitude but seen it over the last year and almost to a point each one has been a tremendous opportunity. i'm not in that buying opportunity thing. it's not a phrase i use. but trade the market. it's in front of you. 1425 continues to be the line in the sand. to doc's point a name like google, he says 665. probably around 670. risk/reward some things are setting up pretty interesting. >> a stock that was $755 when we went on air at noon yesterday, certainly all that has
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evaporated. that stock is down 1.75%. let go to the floor of the new york stock exchange. grasso you got a good view down there. what's the mood now as the selloff has started to accelerate, you know, as you're filling orders from big clients, as you're making trades. what will get people to come in and buy this significant dip? >> the beauty of going last everyone working with a bunch of smart guys everyone hit on something important. you've seen a whole cross section of our economy start to be a little bit lackluster on the earnings front i should say. a couple of days ago what was the commentary? the markets still moving higher ever worried about earnings. now they should. guy hit the most difficult thing. hard to buy in this market. 1425 biggest level to watch.
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>> mobile hangup. customers are going mobile faster than tech companies can figure out how to make it all profitable and as we learned from google yesterday, we talked about it with facebook, investors just aren't willing to wait around. google when to monetize mobile. what was facebook's story? they owned this problem. now it's come over to google and ate real big issue. >> right. i think if you look at these various names out there eventually it seems to me they are on the right track. facebook, i look at the fact they got over the billion customers they got. they have 600 million in the mobile space. so for that reason alone i like the space. also they talked about just about a month ago with the new iphone and size and everybody's gadgets coming out with a bigger screen more attractive as far as ad market sales on mobile. >> doc, if the alarm bell were
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going off regarding facebook and the ability to monetize mobile, as mobile is growing faster than companies can meet they are going off now with google, right? the feeling was that they figured it out. they were able to monetize this better than everybody else and even they are having problems. >> they will. i can view this as really big problem for google or i can view it as an opportunity. i view it as an opportunity. i'll throw out the 400 million people that are part of google plus. that's a huge number because at the beginning the year it was 80 million. now 400 million. you're getting to a very close competitor with facebook right now through that google plus community, judge. i would say if this thing comes into that 665 level i want to be all over google. we know this a big lockup on facebook. it's not reacting that negatively. of the two there's no choice, you got to go in with google.
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>> let's bring in another analyst. kim welcome. if we were worried to start the week with ibm and intel we're shuttering today with what google delivered. >> yep. and microsoft didn't have much better news either. so, you know, the whole tech world is down. you guys are completely right that you have to look at mobile for the google story to understand why investors are so disappointed. >> how do they get it right? can they? it seems like this move to mobile has surprised and that's a dangerous word when you're talking about how companies are able to adapt to these type of situations, it surprised the googles, the facebooks, how quickly people are moving there. >> not only that but you have to look at consumer behavior and what advertisers are willing to pay for. i did a very unscientific survey this morning asking my friend and my co-workers how much do you buy stuff on your smart phones and only one person
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really fessed up having bought an airline ticket using their smartphone exclusively. that's part of the problem. advertisers aren't willing to pay big bucks more mobile but yet more people are use motion bill but not to do the transactions. the dollars aren't there for the advertisers. i think that is google's biggest problem is how do you map this behavior and when is buying behavior on smartphones going to catch up and now allow them to monetize that. >> let's talk specific stocks. fwoogle was at 775, again ahead of that bombshell yesterday. do you buy the stock given the sizable selloff and then we'll talk microsoft. >> i don't think so. again the trends are down. i look at that quarter over quarter trend that shows mobile advertisers aren't willing to pay. i don't know where the low is and i don't know that the stock price is telling us that.
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i'm past today. >> what about microsoft? >> microsoft is a tougher thing, although pc sales disappointed. i don't know anybody should have been surprised by that. but we're looking really towards win 8. win 8 is a huge thing for this company, and, you know, maybe i take a run at microsoft today based on what i think they can deliver. and really this is a consumer release. this is really geared more towards i.t. departments being able to deliver on multiple platforms. so let's see if they get it right. >> sure sound like you have lack of conviction, telling folks to get it on microsoft. this all started earlier in the week with ibm. that was the first real worry sign. what do you do with that stock. a real bellwether a stock that a lot of people have gotten behind. >> i think they are uniquely positioned. they have revenue which we like and deal with some of the largest companies in the world which have to depend on them.
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you know, i think i have more conviction in ibm today than i do on any of the other stocks that were probably going to mention and oddly enough it's because they are playing in the cloud, believe it or not. where the cloud gets really important is when you take existing information and then expose to it the cloud and that's really what ibm can help existing companies do is take their stores of information they need to get out the customers and their employees and ibm is going to have to be paid to do that for their customers. >> doc. >> kim, in particular back to google for a second on the mobile side, location has to be one of the main things they got the try to exploit. because obviously display ads if i'm walking around with my smartphone and looking for something, clearly they can pop something up on there but they can alert that store that i'm walking into that there's a fish
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and that they need throw out a hook for that fish. >> yes. >> don't you think location is the area that they have to exploit and that's what we should be hearing about in the next quarter or two? >> you're going to think i'm your biggest fan but you're absolutely right. this has been what companiess have tried to do forever. i can remember back in '99 a company, it was a flash in the pan company. it wasn't ever public. they tried to do that. it was a cmu spinoff. a lot of companies have tried to do that and they want to get you as you walk by. it's hard to do. it's hard to allow customers to open themselves up a little bit. it's a little creepy if they know you're walking by starbucks and that's creepy. you have to get over that kind of behavior. i think you're right. google has to go that way and that would really excite the stock and shareholders. >> kim, i appreciate your
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insights today. enjoy the weekend. we look forward to having you back soon. >> guys on the panel. anybody want to take a spin on ibm? >> love it. >> do you take advantage of the pull back? >> absolutely. where they made acquisitions, data a na li ticks, in the cloud. they've been talking -- ibm is not a company that's telling you about something they are doing for tomorrow. this is a three year, fire we're plan. ibm continues to execute. if you are patient with ibm this is a name that will continue. >> look how it's traded this week. i think it's cautionary for everybody in terms are of jumping in too taft. a stock falls, chipotle, google, ibm it falls dramatically. weight. don't buy that first day. there's usually a two to three day period and ibm is pretty darn stable today down 80 cents with a market that's down better than 1%. that's a very small move. this is the third day judge after those earnings. it's pretty stable here. >> you know grasso i think it
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was dan niles who was concerned about this very issue earlier in the week the fact that ibm missed on the revenue side for something like four quarters in a row. >> right. just as pete said before this company went from a hardware company to a service company now a cloud service company. they are looking forward the future. i would use technically a 190 level at the stock but i wouldn't be afraid to buy it. >> stocks are at session lows. we've been focusing on the nasdaq taking the biggest hit today. dow jones industrials average a loss of 154. the s&p 500 is off 1.25%. translate to an 18 point decline. jackie what do you see? >> we're watching the industrial names. let's start with parker hannifin. revenues were line but lower than full year guidance. general electric revenue missing analyst expectations at ge due
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to unfavorable exchange rates. earnings meet there but the company is cautious. they are holding that full year profit outlook steady. ge is lower by 3%. >> when halftime returns top dow stocks since black monday. but first a tale of two earnings misses, shares of chipotle tumbling 20 month loss. and serve up some new trace. mcdonald's drags down the dow. a look at whether the fast food chain can weather new challenges. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the "fast money halftime report". we've been talking about the selloff we're seeing in the market. dow is now at the loss of the day, approaching a 167-point decline. materials are week. consumer discretionary. industrials are taking a hit on ge's cautious outlook and then you have that roll over in
12:17 pm
technology. marvel, the chip company was taking a pretty big loss. that stock was down significantly. apple was down as well. an overall at the lunch hour what appears to be developing ugly day to end the week on the street. there's a look at gold as well. all asset classes most of them taking a pretty good hit today. gold is down 1.5%. >> down to a 50 day moving average. watch that one folks. 1720.55 is where that moving average is. it's fruitering back and forth across that line. so if that line holds then gold could bounce around the 166 levelish for the gld contract if you trade the etf instead of futures. >> how about home builders. so when you look across the board what do people still believe in? did you ever think home builders would be a safety bet and the answer is no. >> there's the hsp, down half of
12:18 pm
a percent. >> toll brothers up a 1.25. pulte up. all these names are up. >> you had the existing home sales data today which i guess these stocks are taking a key on and that's up 1% as grasso rightly points out. stocks like chipotle getting grilled on big sales miss. like that one? >> like that one. >> running out of momentum since david einhorn called the stock an attractive short. it's been falling 20% since october. the comps were up by 4 or 4.5%. for a company used to delivering double digits, it's unacceptable. >> you talk about these stocks all the time. eventually when that finally runs out, when you don't produce what you've been producing and this is something einhorn talked about. he talked about the rapid rise in the stock price. just a dramatic run in the
12:19 pm
stock. up over $400 a share. this stock was well ahead of it. then brought up health care issues. taco bell was the biggest thing. >> headline of his thing was this new cantina was going to eat into chipotle's bottom line. they are being hit with input costs. they are feeling effects of the drought that we saw throughout much of the summer. corn going through the roof. they say they are not yet ready to raise prices, menu prices but may be forced to. they are realizing the reality of what they are facing. >> when you are slowing to the low single digits as far as growth people will compress a stock that was one of the high flyers as far as how much people are willing to pay to chase that growth. well once the growth slows they want out and they want out in a hurry. it's interesting that it's holding here around march of '11
12:20 pm
lows. >> i'm not saying buy it. >> do you buy the argument that taco bell is going to be the true competition to chipotle >> no. >> it's apples and oranges. if that's what you're shorting the stock against you're shorting the stock against same store sales slowing. but not the competition from taco bell. >> although if you do believe that that new quote-unquote upper scale menu is going to purity chipotle it's part of the story, grasso. >> part of the story but not the reason you short it. you short it unto itself. >> how about mcdonald's? not much better today. it's dragging the dow down. that company citing a weak fwlobl economy and unfavorable exchange rates as headwinds. howard petty is the restaurant analyst. he joins us now on the fast line. welcome to fast time. these are things you don't normally talk about with mcdonald's, missed for the second quarter in a row. that doesn't happen every day.
12:21 pm
global comps below 2% for the first time since 2003. comps are trending negative for october. what's going on. >> it's hard to connect the dots with what's going on with mcdonald's because they want to use the macro at being the biggest contributor but back in march they had the dollar menu. my conspiracy theory is there are other things going on with the beverages and a lot of things that have been picked up in the last couple of years. made this house more complex and that's actually draining down the service times. >> you know what, howard, i apologize. the connection we have is not all that great. you must be on a mobile phone. i'll let you could if we can straighten it we'll have you back. if not we'll have you back at another time. it's difficult to hear what you're saying. guy, give us the coop if you will on mcdonald's. those metrics i cited at the top
12:22 pm
of the story are disturbing. >> it's funny, jim skinner, they had similar comps in the last few months of his rein but the market did not -- market didn't punish him the way the stocks are being punished now. maybe some of the jim skinner premium is out. this has been going on if you look for the last six or seven months. it's disturbing. at some point the stock will get interesting. it's still a great story. valuation got stretched. >> what does that mean at some point? >> the exact point. the stock gets down to 85 you go in with both hand. stock has had trouble around 92.50 for a wild. every dip in the stock has been an opportunity. i think that's what's going to happen again. as i say the jim skinner premium they cut that guy a lot of slack. >> but the bigger picture right for the longer term investor who is watching now, you can't tell
12:23 pm
me 85 is really looking more attractive than 89. >> if you want a long term guy i'm the wrong person. i know what's going to happen tomorrow. in my world, you know, these are trades and i think if the stock gets down 85, 85.50, if you look back and see how the stock has performed there's been tremendous opportunities. i want will present one again. >> real quick, guy hits the technicals on point perfectly but to your point, judge, if you look at this, it is the dollar menu. the extra value menu. we talked about this on this show a couple of weeks ago, a couple of months ago and talked about margins being compressed. they are focusing too much on that dollar menu and that's killing them. >> i want another opinion on mcdonald's. >> their margin did come in. this company can execute through almost anything. if you go back to the skinner run you did have problems in different areas but didn't have them the same way mr. thompson now faces.
12:24 pm
slow in china which is where they ill grow the most. u.s. dodgy right now. europe. three major concerns that face this company right now. >> i think you have one of the weird points of strength. >> where it hurt them was fx. any of the hedging that they had done, the euro of course has gone from 130 to 122 right back up to 130. unless you're a genius at hedging that you pretty much had your face ripped off and if you did trade that correctly you should be trading fx instead of trading for mcdonald's. >> fx doesn't give you negative trending comps for october. that's the most troubling sign in anything that mcdonald had to serve up. >> true. >> they got to serve up promotions. that's been their bread and butter. >> 85 cent menu. >> they need to get more
12:25 pm
aggressive. mcrib or whatever it is. >> mcrib. he buried the lead there. it was about the mcrib. coming up this tech company is one. dow's biggest movers today. can sandisk keep its rally alive. we'll get those answers coming up and mary thompson breaking down the earnings. >> earnings are breaking down a little bit for the third quarter. we'll have that story coming up after the break. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here.
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making the turn on halftime right now with our top three trades and here's one of the require technology stocks that's up today. it's sandisk up nearly 4.5% after beating estimates. do you like it >> absolutely. they just didn't beat they crushed the estimates. they got 42 cents looking for 29 cents. they are growing with mobile. they are in anything that's mobile. the tablet market, phone market. they continue to grow the ultrabooks. this company is hitting on all cylinders and in the right spot at the right time where intel is in the wrong spot.
12:29 pm
>> give me the scoop on robert haft. margins rising across the segments. stock looks good. >> two cent beat. revenue is light. fourth quarter guidance wasn't fantastic. if you look at the stock in terms of the last six months to a year a series of lower lows and higher highs. it breaks out above 29. i don't see that happening. this is a day if you're long for the last couple of weeks get out and buy it again cheaper. >> what's the scoop with cat. interesting week. got a little bit of a lift off the china numbers that were better than expected. matched expectations but still up on that day. big exposure there, trades almost in tandem with what china has to say. probably because of ge's cautious outlook is down 3%. >> in 2011 they had 31% growth.
12:30 pm
ceo said growth will be anemic. stay away. >> we've been spending a lot of time focusing on tech this earnings season. take a step back and look at the whole picture are earnings as bad as they seem. mary thompson has the scorecard. >> a lot of people are overlooking the negatives in all of earnings until mid-week. right. it's like intel came out. >> right. >> ibm came out. then the bombshell from google. >> from google. hasn't been a great earnings season. just under a quarter of the s&p 500 reporting the results profits remain down. revenue growth there isn't much. the blended results which combine forecast for companies that haven't reported and results from those that have show profits fell 1.8% last quarter. the actual results from the 160 s&p 500 members show profits off 3.7% from last year. now coming in to the earnings season analysts forecast the s&p
12:31 pm
quarterly profits would fall 3%. first decline in three years behind the expected slide weaker global growth hitting material and energy companies especially hard. and while the final profit tally usually exceeds expectation because of cautious corporate guidance the early read on the bottom line doesn't look promising. with just over 60% beating forecasts slightly less than the quarterly average a smaller than average percentage matching forecasts and larger than average percentage missing. so far financial profits are coming in better than expected. that's a bright spot. material and telecom earnings looking weak. top line, revenue on a blended basis down. actual revenue showing a growth of .8%. next week is a big week so we'll have a better read on what is it. it looks a little bit week. >> wall street is betting this is the trough, right? q3 will be the trough. they pick up in the fourth
12:32 pm
quarter. that's the make it or break it for the market. >> it's interesting to see fourth quarter estimates. 9.7 was the last read on that. we'll see where they are too at the end of the season. >> good to see you. cnbc is taking votes for the ego trip poll. our viewers vote who had the biggest ego trip this week. was it google, lance armstrong or president obama. vote now. "street signs" will reveal the winner at 2:00. here we found our own ego trip. abercrombie & fitch has a bizarre list of rules that must be followed on his corporate jet and i mean bizarre. >> come on. >> these include that all male staffers must wear sunglasses and is reportedly -- i don't know who is reporting it. boxer briefs. >> that's questionable. >> wash cloths must be
12:33 pm
tri-folded. >> how do you check on the boxer briefs. when i'm looking at this story line, okay, so what do you do. is there a check they go through? >> the mile high club you better have them. >> according to the "new york post". >> phil collins must be playing when passengers board. >> all right. that's over the top. >> i don't know if i could put up with that. >> you have to have plastic surgery. lock at that guy. put that picture up. god. what's that woman's name, the old actress, the comedian. >> phyllis diller. >> she passed away. the one with the daughter. >> joan rivers. >> joan rivers. they were separated at birth. >> i got to tell you pete i thought it was weird when pete used to make me rub around in baby oil but that was nothing. >> on the way from ego trips to bullish stock market forecasts
12:34 pm
how high one top strategist sees stocks going. we're riding one of our top picks which is on a tear when we come back. our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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our favorite railroad all time high there's another $3 or dollars 4. >> if you want a beta play, kansas city rails pulled off enough. >> you might want to take a shot at ksu. >> and if you listened to the wise words of our very own, you're sitting on a nice profit because signs guy's first call ksu up 21%. you sell getting off the train now? >> no. pete has been talking about this for a week. out of all the rails least talked about. the stock is probably making an all time high. if you've been involved in it and caught this move nothing wrong with taking some money off
12:38 pm
the table. if it holds 1425 in the s&p and bounces again this will be an $85 stock. great story. >> stocks may be near session lows but that's not stopping our next guest from being a firm believer that stocks are heading to a new highs. scott welcome. >> hi, scott. >> 2012 target of 14 to 1450. 2013 target 1525 to 1575. has this week shaken your confidence? >> you know it hasn't. scott it's funny because, you know, the media is really saying hey, third quarter earnings, they are bad as though that was really unexpected. i mean they are certainly bad, the comparisons are tough. >> we're reporting the facts. >> they are definitely bad but i think most strategists have expected the third dweesht allowsy quarter for quite a while and i think, you know, whether you're down a couple of percent or up a couple of
12:39 pm
percent you're hovering around that zero line so there's some concern out there but really the markets hanging in there even though rear trading off here today. i still think the markets hung in pretty well given some of the other circumstances going on out there. we're right in the middle of our year end range. i thought we would get one more opportunity to buy more stocks. hopefully we'll see more of a pull back because if we do, you know, we're going to be continuing to encourage our clients to take advantage of what's out there and the opportunities that present themselves. >> and you, accord touring picks here would advise them to take advantage and this is surprising to me frankly technology especially in the computer space which, you know, concerns almost daily about what's happening with computers. >> yeah. i tell you, there is some concerns in the computer space. overall technology, though, i think looks pretty good. another one of our picks is materials which, you know,
12:40 pm
people are like hey materials haven't tone well and they haven't. but i think that if you believe that china's growth is bottoming out in the 7 to 8% range which we do and that this emerging market growth will continue and possibly accelerate and likely accelerate in 2013, you want to take advantage of these material prices being down. technology overal been obviously hit even though technology overall has performed well until recently i still think you want to look ahead and i think what we're trying to tell clients too is hey, earning season, third quarter earnings that's a lagging indicator. you need have a macro view looking ahead. you need to figure out what sectors remember what industry groups and ultimately what companies will perform well in that kind of an environment. so that's what we're trying to hang our hat on. >> i don't want to let technology go yet. you say you have to hook ahead. that's the problem. ibm and intel and microsoft and all these other companies are looking ahead and they are worried. they are cautious.
12:41 pm
>> they are worried and i think there's -- whether it's most industry groups within technology right now there's not too many of them that are giving you a really rosy outlook for the next quarter or into 2013. i would love to see some outlooks for four, five quarters out but we don't get too many of those. i think these companies are going to be cautious. they are uncertain of what the environment is. part of my job is to try to figure out, you know, what macro drivers are out there that will help the economy but in the end going push those particular companies, those particular industry groups ahead. so something like application software, semiconductor equipment and the work that we're doing in technology, those particular industry groups look pretty good, they look like outperformers. >> scott we appreciate you coming on. thanks so much. >> all right. still to come, how the euro can
12:42 pm
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lunch 1:00 p.m. eastern time of course we're all over this market selloff and the tech wreck that's out there after a week of troubled earnings what some of the biggest names in tech will have to do to survive the death the pc. a reality check as well. we'll explain why today's new numbers on housing could mean higher prices down the road. smart phones and tablets are flooding the market. there's one thing they need to survive and there's not a lot of it. that's all on "power lunch". >> we'll see you in 15 minutes. ongoing debt fears don't weigh on the euro leaders. are better days ahead for that currency and the eurozone as a whole? let's bring in boris. welcome to halftime. >> before we start talking about euro, everybody is reminiscing about '87. i thought about something. mid-day '87 we had a monday
12:46 pm
story stock rally by 225 points on the dow. so if you were nimble you could have made money being wrong during the great crash if you were "fast money". i thought i would put that out there. >> we appreciate that. now we can talk more about what you were doing that day. >> i was a young. you watching it in despair at that time. >> give me your view on currencies. a lot of difficulty trying to figure out euro dollar. noouts very much in a rut. trying to figure its way out exactly. as your prior guest was saying he's relatively bullish risk assets and that's supportive for the euro. a couple of thing need to happen. the main thing they need to do in eurozone is to figure out a way to create some sort of banking union because the key thing about banking union and banking recapitalization is that this will provide liquidity in order to resuscitate the jurz economy. even as we stand right now, china not doing as badly as everybody thinks. u.s. is doing better than
12:47 pm
everybody thought. europe is coming out and plateauing. all these factors makes me think we have a hans for a plateau on the euro as we go to year end. >> give me the levels. >> i don't want to be a buyer until i'm proven right. i need the market to go up to 1 33 1.3175. until the market proves me right i don't toont buyer. >> boris enjoy the weekend. we look forward to having you back soon. >> you can catch trade like this every friday at 5:30 p.m. on mon"money in motion". >> marvel got hammered. >> and we said it last night with you scott not only did they miss their cfo resign effective immediately which does not
12:48 pm
engender confidence in the company. you had jeffrey, deutsche bank downgrading the stock. >> "fast money," grasso, e*trade financials running 8%. >> they don't do well in a low rate environment. they had lower new accounts being opened. they had lower brokeragea abrok. if you think rates are going higher run in and buy the stock. other than that stay away. >> did you practice in the mirror? >> i was born ready. me and clint eastwood, born ready. >> have that clip in my back pocket. i can pull it out any time. guys starbucks dropping 3%. >> the story is still intact. the tape is hurting the stock. this is the lowest we've seen it in a while. pete loves name. 45 bucks if you believe the s&p will hold 14.25 get in. >> capital one getting a pop.
12:49 pm
>> crushed on the earnings. they are crushing all year. the stock is up 35%. adds more today with a $2 number when they were looking for something close to $1.61. valuations are not stretched. >> a pop for old dad, farmer in india india is bringing a whole new meaning to the term "old man." at age 96 he recently beat his own world record as the world's oldest dad when his youthful 54-year-old wife gave birg to the couple's second child. >> no way he's getting on that abercrombie jet. >> he's the bumarkets are selli. cnbc's seema mody is trading your tweets. >> starbucks opening up shop in india. that's the hot topic on twitter. but can the coffee giant be successful in a country that's
12:50 pm
best known for its tea drinkers? we'll get you the answer and the trade coming up next on the halftime report. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk tur doctor about nexium.
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united rentals is giving up some of its weekly gains along with the global markets. companies shoooared this week. let's get your real time trade from mike murphy. >> judge, uri had moved up about 30% this week. we got short the name early this morning. they had a good quarter this week but a 30% move from 31 last friday to 40 as of yesterday? we think there is a lot more downside here. i think it retraces back to the 200-day which is around the 36.50 range. >> if it goes back down that low, do you buy it again. >> we definitely cover our short here but the company has a fundamental issue that we're watching closely for next year. their utilization rate, the amount of time people are holding on to their rented product is coming down and i think that could be a fly in the ointment for them for next year. >> thanks for calling in, murph. see you next week.
12:54 pm
let's talk about what's trending on twitter right now. >> time to get your latte on. starbucks opening their first cafe in india. that's the hot topic on twitter today. watch for the further cultural change in india and hearing i can can't do anything until i've had my starbucks. we got a quick look at the first cafe in mumbai. it is a picture that's trending on twitter. speaking to analysts, india could be a huge opportunity for starbucks. the country's middle class is expected to grow by 400 million by 2020. biggest challenge effectively penetrating a market that's of course best known for its tea drinkers. the biggest opportunity targeting younger indian consumers who are known for having a certain affinity and fascination for western brands. we've seen that in the quick service restaurants space already. yum! brands and mcdonald's effectively trying to capitalize on that growing market. >> pete, you like starbucks? >> i love it. i realize it is selling off and i think it is a great opportunity. i think that growth, not just china, but india. sometimes we forget to mention india but there is definitely
12:55 pm
growth in the asian markets. >> stock getting beat up today. almost 4% down. seema, thanks. >> i was going to say, that's the food related costs that chipotle and mcdonald's brought up today that's hurting starbucks. but the expansion in to india is going to be a good thing. >> you better check it out. get out there. >> i will. i'm actually heading out there soon. coming up, can the mobile industry ever really figure out an effective way to advertise? and what will that mean if they do? that's at 1:00 p.m. but first, final trades next.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
aci. >> how many tie changes did you go through? >> looking at it after this, it should have been i am steve grasso, i am fat money. i took up the whole screen. >> jck. >> dollar tree. >> starbucks. drink it, don't eat it. >> options action, "money in motion" tonight starting at 5:00. have a great weekend. "power lunch" starts right now. it's a rough ride on wall street today as you can see from the dow jones industrial average. quarterly reports, not as good as expected. china, europe, you name it. really bringing the markets down. the dow jones industrial average intraday hitting a new low for the session, down 171 points. also today, technology. the right side of technology. new numbers this week are starting to tell us a lot about the future. plus -- >> in the spirit of sesame street, the president's remarks tonight are brought to y


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