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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i said that to you on the show a million times, that hasn't happened in this rally. we don't get a second chance. >> all aboard. >> when williams sonoma jumped up, it never pulled back.
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neither did his colleague, restoration hardware, rh. they were so strong and never came back to terra firma. we have old timers who have been taught not to chase. we have learned and relearned that you always get your chance, that the train isn't really leaving the station or if it is, another train will come by and let you on it. but in this market, in this market, the train runs you over, if you're in the way and flattens you as surely as the pennies i used to stick on the tracks in flower town where i grew up. finally, when you do get a pullback, it seems like, well, it lasts a nanosecond. even if the company is damaged goods. not just the stock, the company, itself. this is a difficult pattern. ten days ago, one of my favorite
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companies announced a widely panned quarter. it gave an incredibly gloomy outlook. it plummeted. usually, that's a sign of a big rollover. not this one. it is now three points above, did you hear me, above where it did you hear me, above where it lowered the boom. that's flabbergasting. it wasn't as severe a miss as caterpillar, a report that caused the stock to drop precipitously in early morning trading when it came out. how could it not when it lowered the revenue forecast from $7.9 billion, significantly lower, than expected demand. i expected this stock to crack into the 70s, drop 10 points, maybe 15 points after seller after seller. instead, instead, cat reversed
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immediately, that very day, and then in two weeks time added ten points from where it broke down in early morning trading right after it reported. that's outstanding. nevertheless, it's nothing compared to emerson, emr. they not only disappointed when it reported last week, but it traced out a terrible trajectory to the quarter, saying it got worse and worse and worse as it went on, with april the last month being particularly weak. the ceo made it clear things were going to get far worse. still, i listened to this call. i said this one's got to be a sure of a lifetime. look out below, dive! dive! dive! no. the opposite, emerson actually is up a buck after the report. let's call that extremely unusual behavior. extraordinary even though i gave you no encouragement to buy.
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if you look at the subtext, if there was a yellow cartoon kind of thing, it's telling you sell, sell, sell, sell, people didn't care, they wanted in. they used the weakness to buy, of course. we know now the bottom in apple came at another criticized quarter. i cannot find a single piece of research that shows the stock is yielding 3%. that was some 70 points ago. these same analysts who cut their price targets from the 500s to the 400s after that quarter, get this, they will have to come in maybe as soon as tomorrow and start raising the price targets again as they search for the meaning of life or at least their livelihoods. you have to wonder is amazon brought out a round of raspberries isn't going to take out that high. that could be the kind of gain you get in the blink of an eye. the no sell-off on good news, the refusal to trade down, and the increases on hideous news
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are confounding those who have been in this market for ages. see, the skeptics, the guys that hit me up a lot, they think this action makes no sense. i don't blame them. i have seen situations when gaps weren't filled over time. however, i can tell you, i can never recall situations where truly hideous quarters and horrendous outlooks were greeted with outright buying almost immediately. so here's the bottom line. we are needed in a surrealistic moment where even hardcore optimists are blown away by this bullish stampede. sure this market can change on a dime and go back to its old bad ways. right now, we have a bull that's crushing even the most skilled of matadors, and for that, it still gets no respect, even as respect should be this bull's middle name. let's go to austin in florida, please. austin!
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>> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah, austin. >> caller: i just wanted to get your opinion on sony. it looks like the end in the devaluation might boost this stock even higher. >> i know. people are playing it that way. i'm not going to fight you on it. they continue to debase the yen. toyota motor was up big. i totally get the thesis. this japan is going to be monstrous to the upside if they keep this stuff up. hey, let's go to mark in california. mark. >> caller: hello, professor cramer, i'm calling to see if you approve a recent investment by warren buffet they have a aggressive buyback that added subscribers in the last quarter and they continue to add new technology, genie receivers and voice search for their mobile app. warren buffet loves it.
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what do you think? >> mike, i think you got horse sense. mike white who runs that company is brilliant. they have done a remarkable job. latin american venture. man that guy is smart. remember, 52-week high. that may have to mark a couple days, as the afternoon sets in. i do like dtv. the running of the bulls usually happens in spain in a place called pamplona. you might not understand it. you got to give it respect. buy in may and stay? "mad money" will be right back. coming up, bringing the top 50 best selling drugs to market. should it be a top name in your portfolio? cramer puts this newbie stock to the test.
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and later, on track? amusement park operator cedar fair has been offering quite the ride higher. could momentum in disney and universal's parks mean this stock is about to climb to new heights? cramer speaks with the ceo just ahead. could one company's potential to streamline itself make you "mad money"? it's cramer's call. all coming up on mad money.
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>> i always like to tell you that a big part of stock picking is like putting together the
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pieces of a mosaic, a jigsaw puzzle. we heard from a company that's basically an arms dealer to the pharma and biotech industries. charles river plays a role in preclinical testing where they search for new compounds that might be worth studying in more depth. charles river told us they were seeing weakness right now, especially in the preclinical early stage business. that got me thinking. we know drug companies are spending plenty of money on research and development to discover new drugs and take them to the market after the trial process. those r & d budgets represent a finite pool of cash. if that money isn't going for the preclinical players, it has to be going somewhere else. we know they're spending. in other words, if charles river is losing, someone else is winning. the reason the pharma industry is spending money in preclinical
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studiess is these companies are spending more on the r & d budgets on later-stage clinical trials, think phase ii or phase iii. they want earnings per share and they want it now. we are seeing totally brand-new discoveries and research that can have a genuine payoff in the next few years and we're talking huge amounts of money here. last year, the pharmaceutical industry spent $100 billion on r & d. right now the companies that cater to later stage drug trials are getting a bigger piece of that research pie. how do we play it? sure enough, a few days ago, after charles river labs gave us that piece of the mosaic. the market provided us with a
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brand-new way to try to profit from it. i'm talking about the ipo last thursday of quintiles natural holdings which trades under the symbol q. it won't be like the old letter q. i had mentioned that you should try to get in on this one ahead of the deal. i don't normally recommend fresh ipos in the aftermarket, it has rallied about 75% before it came public. therefore, i think it has a lot more room to run. it is a contact research organization, known as cro. they provide drug companies with outsourced development companies. they can conduct studies more efficiently and quintiles is the largest player in this space. they've helped to commercialize all of the top fifty best drugs. heart drug, cancer drugs, it doesn't matter of the drugs approved in 2004-2011, quintiles was involved with 85% of the nervous system drugs, 72% of the cardiovascular drugs. can you believe that?
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those are incredible numbers. if you are a big pharma company or a smaller one with a candidate that still needs to be studied, you got the quintiles, they will will take care of everything soup to nuts. they recruit the patients needed and they keep up with the requests from the food and drug administration, all along the way. in fact, one of the most important things about this, quintiles has a terrific relationship with the fda, which is a big reason they get so much of the outsourced drug development business. they are trusted by the government. plus the company has a major advantage over the competition thanks to their size and their scale. if you want to get a new drug approved, the fda wants to see diverse patient sites, clean data, accuracy, speed. that means more contract organizations simply can't compete with a bulldog like quintiles. they are known for phase ii and iii human clinical trials.
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we know from charles river is where they are spending the r & d budget right now. two years ago the pharmaceutical industry spent roughly $16 billion on trials via contract research organizations like quintiles. that, is expected to grow by 20 billion. this is coming not from drug companies, they are allocating more to outsource research since it's a fabulous way for them to get bang for their buck. and because quintiles is one of the best players in the industry, you can expect a lot of that business to flow to them. we like the company. what about the stock? quintiles just came public last thursday. while the ipo immediately went to a premium, it didn't spike nearly as much as the other deals we've seen so far this year that are hot ones. quintiles closed at $42.11 first day of trading.
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then it went today to $43 and change. so how much could it be worth based on where similar stocks are trading? these are the relative comparisons. quintiles is expected to generate $4.3 billion in service revenues this year. it has a market capitalization of roughly $5.5 billion. two other contract research plays, competitors, and you gave quintiles the same price to sales multiple, in other words, if they traded in line with the competition, it would be a $50 stock, 16% higher than it is right now. i think it's going there. you know what? that's a conservative target. they are growing as fast as its peers, so it shouldn't get the same valuations as them. it deserves a premium valuation, which would send the stock higher above 50. hey, look, this company has a terrific track record. during the last five years, they saw earnings before interest,
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taxes, that ebitda thing you hear tossed around. increase of 13.9% annual growth rate. every year during that the bach to go ratio which how much business it has vs. what it can handle is between 1.19 and 1.27. everything above 1 means quintiles is getting more orders than it has the capacity to fill. that is every year from 2008 to 2012. those guys know who consistent results are. by the way, their founder and chairman dennis gillies owns more than 25 million shares in stock. this was after they privatized. i remember that deal and sold it and brought public again last week. there is only one reason for an insider to own that much stock. that's because he believes it will go higher. here's the bottom line. remember that investing is about putting together that mosaic, the puzzle of information which lets you make good decisions.
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crl, charles river labs, told us on this show that things weren't so hot in their preclinical business and that's a very good company. but in this particular case, it's a little bit of a zero sum. charles river's loss is quintile's gain. that's why this fresh faced ipo is still a buy, buy, buy. limit orders, please. ariel in new york. ariel. >> caller: hey, jim, a big boo-yah to you from new york. >> what's going on there, partner? >> caller: nothing much. my question is jazz pharmaceutical, do you think it's a buy after its last week quarterly report? >> i have been wanting to do a full takeout since that quarter because the stock has been all over the place. you know what, i owe you. i owe you work on that. i am not going to tell you that i think this company after all the work we've done on the drug companies, i'm not going to say it's good or bad. i will offer a qualitative
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analysis soon and definitely next week. stock picking and choosing is an art. what one company says can help us follow another. it's a giant trail of crumbs and it leads us right to quintiles, letter q. after the break, i'll try to make you even more money. coming up, on track? amusement park operator cedar fair has been offering quite the ride higher. could the momentum in disney and universal parks mean this stock is about to climb to new heights? cramer speaks with the ceo just ahead. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased.
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. right now we got a raging bull market going on in theme park stocks. we've heard it from disney, all time high today. we seen it in six flags. how about that newly public seaworld jumped 24% in first day of trading, just six weeks ago. we are seeing it in long-time favored cedar fair. it's a theme park with a 5.88% yield. this yield keeps going higher, it's about how much they are making. cedar fair has five hotels and this stock made some monumental gains. do you know this one is up 173% with reinvested dividends since i first got behind them. 43% returns since we just spoke to the ceo in july of 2012. the company just reported last week on may 8th.
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while cedar fair beat wall street's revenue estimate, they delivered a slightly less than expected loss. it's a seasonally least important quarter. guidance the company reaffirmed and deferred revenue up 30% year over year, which mostly looked at season sales. this is a mammoth company. does the theme park bull market mean there is more to run? let's check in with the ceo, mr. ouimet. welcome. why is your industry growing and yet offers a bigger yield? what is so spectacular about the theme park business? >> you got to start with it's great value for the consumer. if you start there the business works. everybody in the whole industry is seeing it. >> everybody? >> yeah. it's great.
11:29 pm
as you said, as far as we run so far, there is room left to run. >> what's changed here? i remember when six flags, that skyrocketed and then fizzled. we all know theme parks, matt, that have failed where the real estate was -- what changed in this industry? it wasn't always good. >> no, it wasn't always good. six flags went through bankruptcy. they came out the other side. sea world was always good. it was owned by anheuser bush. we are taking the best practice, so an ecommerce program across our 11 parks, revenue management techniques that were in the cruise industry, that were used in the hotel industry. so the professionalization has taken a step up. >> it's not just that little paper ticket. >> in fact, most people don't arrive with that little paper ticket. it's one of the reasons we
11:30 pm
it's one of the reasons we knocked down the admissions booth. we don't need those anymore. >> i also think the company has changed. the tech, the tech is so incredible versus the way it used to be. it used to be the whip and the mouse. it's not like that. >> it's not like that. cedar point opened up the new record breaking winged rollercoaster. it flies across the front gate. we have been opened at cedar point in the 144 years, this was the best opening. >> when was it last weekend? the weather wasn't that great. >> the weather wasn't great we had the best weekend in 144 years. >> i always thought if the weather isn't great, your numbers are bad. >> the best opening in years. it's a product. it's a value. it's easy to get to. you jump in your car, do a roadtrip. >> now, when i try to gauge the price of gasoline, what it means for your business. it goes down, people drive more.
11:31 pm
it goes up, people stay local. what is the real inflexion point here? >> it isn't gas, unless it eats into your commuting budget or commuting costs you money, generally, people come within a two or three hour drive of the park. gas is a relative cost to that. >> how about employment, does that matter? >> employment does matter. we're getting better, right? as we see that, some people who haven't been able to visit us clearly are making that ritual visit they had to give up for a couple years. >> you fixed up the balance sheet really well. i think people say ben bernanke hasn't done anything good. how much money have you been able to bring down through refinancing? >> we brought down several million dollars. we refinanced over a billion dollars worth of debt at historically low rates. as you know, we're willing to have a sustainable distribution. part of that, we do 250 this year, 6%, is to have a cost of debt that's cheap.
11:32 pm
and today it's really cheap, so we feel good about our balance sheet. >> another thing i found, i know this last quarter is not seasonally that strong. something happened with your season with halloween. what changed? >> structurally the season has extended. >> how can that be? what happened? >> well, first of all, we used to shut down after labor day. you got to follow society trends. macros. you pay attention to those. halloween commercially is second only to christmas. >> it's a huge holiday. >> we play into that including our knot's berry farm where it started. >> knot's berry farm happens to be open all year. if you had the money to build more parks, is there a lot of real estate available? but is there a lot of real estate viable? could you build them throughout the sun belt?
11:33 pm
those open all year? >> no, you wouldn't do it. >> why? >> every major market is taken by somebody already. >> it seems like it. i liked the knot's berry farm. >> it costs too much, environmentally, they're difficult to approve. you need transportation infrastructure. you will not see another regional amusement park in this country. >> that's it? >> a true barrier to entry. i want to trust briefly on the success we had in the first quarter. it's all knott's berry farm. >> it's open all year. the value is in that market. dad says, let's go to knot's and have some fun. >> one question, i grew up next to a place called willow grove park. it was a great theme park. they saved the carousels. they're gorgeous. is it possible what happened a lot of places closed and the last men standing are making a fortune? >> i think that is very possible. your example is a good one. there are very few mom and pop parks left. >> they failed. >> thank you so much. that's matt quimet, president
11:34 pm
and ceo of cedar fair. stay with cramer. coming up, can you handle the heat? cramer gets you fired up for a searing hot lightning round. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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it is time. it's time for the lightning round. rapid fire calls. when you hear this sound, the lightning round is over. are you ready skidaddy? i'm going to start with spencer in connecticut. spencer! >> caller: hey, jim, big south bronx boo-yah from fordham university. >> what's up? i'm sorry? >> caller: i have been watching since i was 15. i have been loving every minute of it. >> that's what i want. start them young. >> caller: picked up valero energy. >> it's a problematic situation because the divide between the
11:38 pm
local oil and the oil that we import has gotten smaller. i still think valero represents value, but it's not the horse it has been. let's go to mike in new york. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, mike from liverpool. i have abbott stocks, recently they split and gave me shares of abb, why can't the abb dividends be automatically reinstated and are abbott and abb good long term? >> one is slower than the other. both of them are excellent companies and i will bless both of them, provided just so you know, provided that you don't have any other drug company in your portfolio. let's go to john in florida. john. >> thank you. i'm calling about fifth third bank shares. >> fifth third, it's terrific. i like huntington bank and fifth third, may i add my charitable trust owns key.
11:39 pm
key may be the best. let's go to nathaniel in new york. >> caller: goodyear tire, is it worth buying? >> no, it doesn't have an edge. let's go to bob in illinois. bob. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. omega healthcare investors. >> it's another 5% yield. we had it on the other day. i like aviv better more. susan in pennsylvania. >> caller: boo-yah from your home state. icahn enterprises? >> it can go higher. let's go to eric in illinois. >> caller: yes, jim, i'd like to ask you about canadian natural resources. >> i like this stock. i'm a believer in oil.
11:40 pm
by the way, the really negative article in canada and the dividend that was also bad, but i think you can own this long term. i do believe that oil ultimately continues to -- will stay higher and natural gas will stay higher. i am not a bear on that complex. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪
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♪ >> you never stop searching for new opportunities, especially in a market where the averages have set new records and so many individual stocks are at or near record levels. that's why i'm always talking about breakups here on "mad money", not the last kardashian
11:44 pm
breakup, but corporate breakups, where a company can unlock value with the stroke of a pen by splitting itself up. that may sound like hocus pocus, the parts are, indeed, worth more than the whole, it's a tried and true proven strategy. last week i went over the companies breaking up, our in touch of split-up, marathon oil, fortune brand, so many others as well as the gains you've made when i told you about a company that should split itself and management followed my advice, i'm talking about 30% from dean food and 30% from hess in september, the oil company. tonight i got another one, oh boy, this one is red hot! this is no one's focus on this perspective breakup play. i got to tell you, i think there is a tremendous amount of hidden value that can be unleashed by
11:45 pm
spinning off parts of this business. this stock has been a laggard over the past few years, i bet it can become a leader in the blink of an eye. i am talking about applied materials. yes! amat. out of the house of pain into the house of pleasure. listen, home gamers, this is a semi conductor equipment makers, applied materials, it's among the best players in the industry. the market leader. despite what you might think, this business is beginning to roar right now. according to the company, the semi conductor cycle bottomed at the beginning of the year. 2013 is off to a better start, demand for pc-related chips has come in much stronger than anybody thought. in the last quarter, they saw an 84% increase in orders. applied materials has terrific
11:46 pm
semi conductor equipment business. is this the moment when demand is coming back with a vengeance? that's not all amat brings to the party. they have a display segment where they make the equipment used in liquid crystal displays or lcds and organic light emitting diodes, or oleds, for tv screens, personal computers. what's the issue? the real problem for this stock is the company's energy and environmental solution division, where applied materials makes the equipment used to manufacture solar panels. >> the house of pain. >> even though the solar panel market is rebounding and rebounding hard right now, there is still excess capacity. even though this is a miniscule part of the business, they get punished for that solar exposure. that's why amat has been a huge
11:47 pm
laggard. over the last two years, applied materials has overperformed its peers by 20% and fallen behind the semiconductor index known as the socks by 8%. i think it has a lot of room to run. i know 8%. the best way for applied materials to unlock that value is by breaking itself up. last year the company's solar division saw revenues decline by 88%, resulting in a $184 million operating loss, excluding the margins that made it worse. some analysts feel applied materials should shut down the whole darn segment. well, that would probably give the stock a boost. you know what i'm thinking? thinking that would be the stick. ideally, i think applied
11:48 pm
materials should spin off together. you need something else with a display biz with a separate, more speculative company. the remaining equipment biz would be awarded as a pure play without the solar. meanwhile, the container looks ugly, when you take a longer-term view, you step back, there is a lot to be optimistic about, especially a means of making some money until demand comes back on the solar side. even though the solar equipment business is hated right now, there is no denying the actual market for solar panels is coming back from the dead faster than anyone expected. the technology behind solar power is getting more and more efficient. payback period is shrinking. have you seen that solar city? that elon musk thing? more important, the chinese, the
11:49 pm
chinese -- they've stopped dumping their product all over the world, because they have been losing so much money. the prices are rising in europe. and just last week, first solar said it sold out of solar panels into the third quarter of this year. i like that, hence, why first solar doubled in the first few months. now, that won't immediately translate into more business for applied materials solar division because there is so much overcapacity. now the market is coming back without the aid of government subsidy, i have to believe a year down the road, all this demand will start trickling down the food chain into the demand for equipment, and the energy division makes the best in the business. that's why i think shutting down the solar makes it a separate entity to make sure it is viable while people wait for the solar resurgence and to make it, yes, indeed, so it's a little hotter.
11:50 pm
you get this kind of breakup, i think it can go a lot higher. if you assume the core business can get the same business, which trades at three times sales, i think that's a safe assumption, you get a $22.2 billion market cap for the core business alone. that's 25% higher than where the stock is right now. then, if you are incredibly conservative and say the company would only deserve one-time sales, you still get a business that's worth $800 billion. the sum of the parts get to $23 billion, which equals and change. even if applied materials doesn't break up, goldman sachs says they can earn $2 a share. last week, the stock traded 11 times earnings. that means applied materials can go over $22 in the next two years or. so that gives you a whopping 50% gain from here, but you have to be patient to reap those rewards for the breakup announcement, applied materials can take it to
11:51 pm
19. amat has a good dividend. here's the bottom line, applied materials gives you two ways to win. with the semiconductor business coming back, the stock can go higher on earnings over time, or management can take matters into its own hands like we've seen over and over again, spin off the solar and display business and launch the stock higher overnight. >> all aboard? >> don't get too excited here. amat's report is on thursday. if the quarter disappoints, the stock gets hit. you know what you should do if that happens? buy, buy, buy. stay with cramer.
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11:54 pm
stop trading. the federal reserve does have a plan to stop buying bonds, meaning it isn't going to go cold turkey and wreck everything? that's what i thought when i read the "wall street journal" piece everybody is buzzing about, how ben bernanke is buying a program to keep interest rates down to get the economy moving. the article, at least to me, implies that bernanke hadn't thought about it. hey, listen, i don't have a plan. to me the article was frankly, duh. i'm sure, though, there will be plenty of people that say, hey, look, bernanke had a plan. when there is a plan, he must be ready to sell, sell, sell. that could be one of the reasons the markets are down. the yield of 3% won't be as competitive with bonds if
11:55 pm
bernanke decides to stop buying and start selling like a madman. it is also entirely possible there will be buyers of bonds outside the government given that there is a widespread interest in safe investments all over the globe. i believe the whole bond-buying theme initially so important now be it risky, there is no longer as dicier or germane as it once was. that's because i don't think rates will go up so much without bernanke in the picture. given the government bond yields around the world have declined so much. yes, i don't like long-term bond funds. i haven't liked them for some time because of the odds they will fall in price. those should be sold given they have puny returns than the common stock that have good balance sheets and yield. if i'm right about the government tax receipts, which are pretty bountiful, there may not be as much supply as you think. the government may not have to offer as much debt as it would otherwise since it is now raising more from the american people in taxes and spending
11:56 pm
less because of sequestration. one thing is certain, though the banks would be the biggest winners if we get higher interest rates, particularly the short end, stay low in interest while rates go higher. that would help profits immensely. they take your deposits, they invest them. banks have been saddled with terrible and declining net interest margins. if bernanke were to walk away from bond buying, that would become the go-to group for certain. that's huge for stocks, the financials argue you could say as much as 20% of the entire market. go ahead, worry, fret. sell off the market. i just think it won't matter, it just won't matter nearly as much as you think to the economy. if prospective home buyer rates will go up, that will force them into a decision to buy a house when there are affordable houses left. that would be one more spur to the u.s. economy. i know that this journal article
11:57 pm
spurred some selling today. i urge you to think about what you are going to sell. is it really likely to get hurt by this? are they going to 3.5% because the bond change and stock plummeting? general mills stock plummets until it yields 4%. i wouldn't bet money on it. many already are. the consensus is rarely, if ever, totally right. stay with cramer. and do you know your... blood type? a or b positive?? have you eaten today? i had some lebanese food for lunch. i love the lebanese.
11:58 pm
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what's in your wallet? >> i like to say, there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i will see you tomorrow. >> it is both legal and lethal. seven pounds of metal and plastic... that fire a bullet at roughly 3,000 feet per second. it's called the ar-15. [ shell casing clinks ] to some, it is a brilliant piece of engineering, a modern sporting rifle, and a symbol of one of america's most basic freedoms. >> thank god for america! >> all: pass the law! >> to others, the ar-15 is an obscenity, an assault weapon with no justifiable place in civilian hands.


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