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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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a engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i want to make money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and teach you
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so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. remind me never to pay poker with fed chief ben bernanke . nearly every single person i knew thought ben bernanke had a bad hand coming into today's fed meeting. the guy had all aces. a heck of a rally today. the s&p vaulting 1.2%, so what happened here? how could so many people get this guy wrong? how could so many people think he had jack high with all this taper nonsense? ben threw in his cards when we weren't looking, got a whole new hand. the man is not an ideologue. like so many others who comment about the fed and politics. the facts changed so bernanke changed his mind, too. he doesn't care that he's going to get hammered for doing so by the same people who hated what he's done for the housing market
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and what he's done for the stock market and what he's done for unemployment. as bernanke said, he never spelled out what he was going to say anyway, people just put words in his mouth. think about what what happened when he said they might have to cut back the bond buying. did you notice the home builder stocks were all crushed? i think when bernanke first indicated it might be time to stop buying bonds he didn't recognize central bonds from all over the world would come flying in and sell, sell, sell treasury. the market basically caused the tapering for him. he didn't need to do anything. these sellers tapered too aggressive for him, which is another reason why ben bernanke threw in his old hand and got another.
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second, bernanke listened to the companies who reported. every single retailer except the dollar stores had a horrendous time since the interest rate jumped. oh, the dollar stores did fine. manny chirico, ceo of pvh, he told you sales had gotten very soft. he was sitting right here. i almost fell out of my chair. that would have hurt. target, macy's. those are retailers. bernanke listens. he knows things had gotten worse. if he didn't play a new hand, they were really going to get bad. the hard line rhetoric coming out of washington is going to hurt the economy. he said this is bad. the coming government shutdown and we were sure we were going to get one would make the housing market much worse than it is. i may call the show "the mad money coming showdown." it's going to be ugly and histrionic and totally depressing. savor this moment. it won't be with us in a couple of weeks. fourth, sure unemployment has
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gotten better. sure we've done some hiring but bernanke knows it is fickle. it isn't like there's a huge number of jobs to be filled. why not wait and see. who does it hurt to wait and see? you know who it hurts? all those money managers who bet the stock market would be crushed today. they got hurt. how about those managers that need the market lower to catch up with the average. they got hurt. how about all those that believed bernanke's plans are going to wreck the fed of the future. they got hurt. all those who believe in laissez faire policies. they've been hurt. maybe because i lived in my car for six months, they don't seem very sympathetic. they're not sympathetic souls. don't cry for me hedge fund investors. people are just getting back on their feet because the economy is getting a little better, these people who are less wealthy than the cry baby
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complainers are the exact same people who were hurt in 1937 when the fed was worried about its credibility and tightened because they thought that we were out of the woods of the great depression. the fed took counsel of the hard money advocates and decided not to worry anymore about employment. we got thrown back into a recession within the depression. as i said to you many times, bernanke is a student of history. he's acutely aware that the fed sometimes has to counterbalance other branches of the government that might not care about the economy strengthening and are tightening themselves. it's true that congress and the president aren't doing anywhere near what bernanke is doing to put people back to work. he's looking at what washington is doing and saying, whoa, they're going to hurt the economy and we'll fall back into recession. and i'm not going to let my legacy be the same as the buffoons who thought the problem was over in '37. i'm with bernanke on this. if your company is domestically
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based and doesn't export, it's bad. the estimates are too high. every retail and housing related company i know has a chance to miss their numbers when we see the numbers next month. almost every single one. while our government seeks to block growth with its policies, the europeans, chinese, japanese, brazilians, mexicans are all trying to stimulate growth. now you've heard of collateral damage. these stocks are experiencing collateral happiness, today at least, when ben bernanke overdelivered after underpromising. ben bernanke didn't need to taper. the market had done that already for him. interest rates had zoomed higher than if the fed had started tapering months ago, yet rates ran far more than if bernanke said he was raising rates. bernanke is not out to please
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those who believe it's not the government's job to help the underclass. the laissez faire that seems to grab the microphone and speaks every single day like we've learned nothing. he's out please people his dad, who is a pharmacist and part time computer manager. i'll bet you that man who had to work hard every day, people like my dad, a retailer who had to watch his customers go belly up. he's worried about the small business people who actually do the real hiring. he knows if macy's is hurting, imagine what the small shop keepers are going through now. he knows that housing affordability has evaporated. bernanke is worried about those who are just getting back on their feet or are about to do so. is that so foolish? if you're really rich it probably seems pretty stupid. last i looked most of you own
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stocks, you're trying to retire, maybe trying to put your kids through school, not by shorting netflix or amazon. you don't own google puts. you might own google. the poker game bernanke won is good news. as nelson alvin told us in "walk on the wild side," never play cards with a man named doc. i'm changing it to never play cards with a man named ben. after today, we know he will beat you. cedric in texas. >> caller: my question is about pandora. i bought pandora when we heard about the new ceo. i sold yesterday and today i see they had a judgment that was granted in the courts for them. i wonder what is pandora going to do after this? >> i think pandora, a lot of people are betting against pandora. the new ceo looks like a sharp guy. let's let it come back down a
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little and you can you get back in. i think people were concerned apple didn't cut them to smithereens. you took a win, don't go back, don't take points off the board! something you should never do in football. how about paul in pennsylvania, please. paul. >> caller: booyah jimbo. jim, thank you for all your help through the years and you have a great, wonderful staff. >> they make me look good every day and that's not easy, especially the make-up people. >> caller: just a question and my analysis here. time warner reported about a month ago, be on the top and bottom line, growing earnings per share, mid double digits, a peg ratio of 1. i know you love the company, aol, they're spinning off publishing, getting rid of all the dead weight. it's off $3 of its high, it hasn't gone anywhere. what is your thoughts?
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>> first let me say he's a great american. i wish he'd come on. he taught me so much. when i was with him, he'd say when you dial around, you always stop when you see "the fugitive." they show "fugitive" and "shawshank" endlessly. i want to be jeff bucas! but i'm jim cramer. the fed decision, what did we learn? never play cards with a man named ben! >> coming up, fashion or failure? retail has been hit or miss this year, with some stocks soaring and others hitting the clearance rack. while wall street browses for the next winner, cramer takes you inside what's working in his exclusive with shopping center operator federal realty. and later, best for the rest. all week long cramer is tracking down this market's top performers to find out which stocks could close out the rest of 2013 strong. the bank stocks have shaken off
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scares of regulation to roar higher this year. but with the fed delaying the are fittest? all coming up on "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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when interest rates spiked over the summer, all the real estate investment trusts got hit hard. maybe it's time to circle back and sift through the rubble, see which reits are worth buying, especially since we know tapering is off the table. which brings me to the best shopping center, one that serves wealthy metropolitan areas. the analysts are divided on this one.
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bank of america downgraded the stock. over the summer federal reality got hit. that's when this taper talk started. the stock is only up 1% for the year. investors who were seeking high yielding stocks finally swapped back to fixed income. so what are we left with? a 3% yield at these levels. what i like more about the company, it has terrific visibility on its future growth, more than its peers. it's a growth stock. while higher interest rates hurt the stock, but they're not going to hurt the business. vast majority of federal realty debt is fixed. let's check in with don wood. mr. wood, welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, good to see you. >> have a seat. >> thanks so much. >> here's what i think our viewers are confused by.
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they look at your real estate investment trust and say why isn't it trading differently from all the others. you have real growth, 46 straight years of great distribution. why is it trapped? >> coming off of 2008 and 2009, lots of companies had occupancy that was down in the 80% range, 85, 86, 87. the economy has gotten better over the last couple years, and a lot of those companies were able to lease up. so their growth looked very similar to federal realty but federal realty was more expensive on a multiple basis. what do you do once that's done? the shopping center business has been good for a couple of years, occupancies are back. where do you go from here? that's the question people really need to be asking today. >> can you put on the kind of growth that would make people
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feel like you're not just a boring company that has a couple leases every year that go up in price? >> we're sure not that. that's for sure. we are starting with the best portfolio in terms of quality and quality means new leases higher than old leases. we increase, you know, lease rates 22% in the second quarter over the previous leases that were there before, and that's kind of the way the world is looking over the next few quarters in terms what we can see. so we got a core portfolio that's terrific. let's take it way beyond that. we've got development opportunities at properties that we have controlled for a long period of time. just outside washington, d.c., just outside boston, massachusetts, in san jose, california and southern california, where we are today putting $500 million to work in mixed use developments, residential on top of retail, a little office in there, too, to create the kind of retail that makes sense for the next decade. there's another $500 million following after that. that visibility with respect to the growth, i don't think
11:18 pm
anybody else -- >> $500 million, $500 million, expanding, retail looking good, and then i listen to the fed chief. fed chief is saying maybe things aren't so good, maybe there's going to be a shutdown of the government. who's right? >> think about this with respect to good real estate, okay? when a rising tide lifts all boats, and over 2011 and 2012, everybody felt that benefit. if the economy is not so good, we're a better deal, because that's the time when locations that are much closer in with the demographics, with the tendency that we have, outperform even further. >> in your conference call, i understand what you said, you're talking about the next generation. what happened to the old generation? what's changed? you talk about how they don't like congestion, they want close-in suburb, the health clubs and restaurants. is this a younger group of people that don't shop like you and i did when we were growing up? >> when 2008 hit and 2009 hit, retailers got smarter.
11:19 pm
retailers got more profitable. retailers effectively -- they did lay off a lot of people, their margins got better, they got healthier. they're selective and they're going in places without the same level of square footage. the internet is out there, it does a good job. they don't need as much square footage generally. so they need places, distribution, if you will, in locations and at places that truly work for 2020, not 2005. >> i mean, when i look at the guys who have downgraded you, they basically think it's as good as it gets. >> nah. >> they're looking at the stock price. all these analysts do the same thing. they look at the stock price, they say it's not moving up, i want to get off this train. what do you tell them? >> i get it all day long when you're taking occupancies from 88 to 92 and we are at 93 going to 95. from this point forward who has the development pipeline, who has the ability on their existing pieces of land, fully
11:20 pm
entitled to be able to create value? >> but is it time? i know andorra, i worked at the flower town plaza. some of these aren't that good. is it time to trade out of that and go to better? >> grocery anchored shopping centers in great locations. they may not be pretty but they absolutely service the communities they're in and i don't think it's time to get out of those at all. when you can supplement those, and not only rely on those but to also -- >> by assembly row in santana, i don't want to be in flower town. >> why not? >> they're schlumpy. i worked in these places. i grew up in them. >> when you add that mixed use, you got to balance and geographically balance in the best locations in the united states of america. >> thank you so much. i've said you're the best in the business so i can give you a little bit of a hard time.
11:21 pm
president and ceo of federal realty investment trust. >> thank you, jim. appreciate the time. >> coming up, all week long cramer is tracking down this market's top performers to find out which stocks could close out the rest of 2013 strong. the bank stocks have shaken off scares of regulation to roar higher this year but with the fed delaying the taper, which are the fittest? cramer is helping you crack open the vault. >> no taper. >> there was nobody who had zero. kudos to maria and bill griffin. they were in that camp. >> the economic data do not yet provide sufficient confirmation of its baseline outlook to warrant such a reduction.
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that help nascar win with our fans. as we approach the end of 2013, we're on the hunt for stocks that will become anointed for the rest of the year, meaning the stocks that big institutions will buy into any weakness going forward. you know we're going to get some weakness. we've been looking at this process sector by sector. the stocks anointed by wall street are the winners, names that are already up big for the year, much better than averages and they're going to keep running for the next three and a half months. any money manager wants to show his or her clients that they owned the red hot stocks, they were clairvoyant.
11:25 pm
prescient, even. we've been going over these sector by sector. we started with consumer stocks on monday. netflix, best buy, game stop, trip adviser. these are just roaring! last night we did the biotechs. did you see regeneron? up another 12 today. goldman sachs suddenly likes it. when you look at the best performing financial stocks out there, they tend to be levered to rising rates and a stronger economy. now that was bad news for actually the winners, for the financials that were winning going into today because they're all about the taper. they've been thinking we're tapering. if the fed stays easy and the economy will keep improving and a stronger economy leads to higher rates, the fed will eventually have to tighten. and it says the fed will come back and it was a fluke. first there's etrade up 90% for the year and then there's
11:26 pm
lincoln national, the field, eagles, tomorrow. all right. genworth up 63%, assurant, up 61%, charles schwab, 54%. i think that gives you a terrific opportunity to buy into weakness. let's start with etrade. last month etrade had 147.5000 daily average revenue trades, up 5% for the previous month, up 21% year over year. how much do we love year over year growth in any of the financials? the core business is truly growing. etrade got permission from the regulators to take capital from its bank subsidiary and move it into the company. and as interest rates rise, that's very good news for
11:27 pm
etrade. people are betting that's eventually going to happen. rising rates could add 50 cents to the earnings per share. it could be huge. it didn't do well today because we didn't get rising rates, we got lower rates. even though interest rates took a fall, the fed will have to taper eventually. this is a stock that when it gets hit between here and year end, you buy it. next up, rather than going down the list, i want to jump straight to the fifth best performer and that's schwab. charles schwab. it's good for etrade. it's a discount brokerage, too. they pretty much invented that business model. eventually they will begin to climb. when that happens it will be very big for schwab. for every 1% increase in the federal funds rate, schwab should see a 50% increase in
11:28 pm
earnings, and it means schwab is an excellent long-term story. the fed can't keep rates this low forever. they've been moving toward higher margin fees and they've been targeting more affluent customers. good for business. the other three are insurance companies and i think they have what it takes to keep roaring for the rest of 2013 and much of 2014. the top performing insurer was lincoln nat, lnc. they offer everything from life insurance, annuity, group benefits, 4013 b plans. nearly 40% of their earnings are driven by investment spreads, meaning rates matter to these guys, too. we've seen some steady earnings growth in lincoln's recent quarters thanks to strong inflows from annuities and retirement business. an insurance company like lincoln is tied to the stock market. they take your premiums, invest that money. all insurance company portfolios
11:29 pm
have been healed by the fed's actions. lincoln's assets are rising. then there's one that you know i have pushed endlessly for you and that is genworth, gnw, $6 million company, $12 stock. they're involved in life, retirement and mortgage insurance. the mortgage insurance got hit over the summer when rates sky rocketed. is this the right time for these guys with things that happened today? while offering lots of new policies is always good, the real key to the strength in this space is the old bad mortgage insurance policies from before the financial crisis have been shrinking rapidly. never forget the fha, federal housing administration, which has been writing a huge amount of mortgage insurance, is getting out of that game, leaving genworth and radian to clean up in this market.
11:30 pm
genworth is moving aggressively. the company recently sold off its wealth management unit, plans to spin off its australian division. it's just a really good situation. i would recommend buying it into this weakness so can you run circles around all the money managers who i believe will be buying it aggressively from now to the end of the year. and lastly there's assurant, aic. property casualty insurance. it's a very forward thinking company, getting into all sorts of neat markets. assurant bought lifestyle group. it's a british mortgage provider. assurant has a solid track record of successfully developing new specialty insurance markets. this group is really red hot. buy them tomorrow. going into this year, money managers will be searching for stocks to anoint. they're going to search for the winners. and i want to you get there first, which is why i'm going through the year's best performing sector by sector.
11:31 pm
within the financials, remember you want etrade, lincoln national, assurant and schwab. these outperforming stocks will likely continue to win thanks to the mechanics of the money managing business. tom in new jersey, tom. >> caller: jimmy from the city, this is tom from hasbrouck heights. i'm a retired fire captain from north bergen, new jersey. first, thanks for taking my call and i'd like to thank you not only for your advice and your honesty but the ability to speak to small investors rather than at them. for that you get a big booyah! >> thank you very much. you're right around the block. good to have you on the show. what's going on? >> caller: i have two stocks in the financial sector, i own blackstone and bb&t corporation. i'd like to sell one of them because i'm interested in a company whose simple is q.
11:32 pm
quintile. what do you think, jim? >> i think both of these have better opportunities than quintile. i think they'll do better than quintiles. if i had to sell one, i would sell bbt. dan in minnesota. >> caller: booyah from northern minnesota. your a terrific staff for enlightening all of us home gamers. my stock today is psec, prospect capital corporation. >> oh, man. that is such a complicated company. you know, it is just -- you know, i hate to outthink this. whenever i see mezzanine finance and that incredibly high yield, i immediately think of danger, danger, danger. we do not want to mess with these kind of companies when the fed may or may not do whatever we don't know they're going to do.
11:33 pm
everybody who is in this kind of stock is betting on a particular way that ben bernanke may be playing cards. i don't want to play cards with ben bernanke. steven in california. >> caller: hey, cramer, booyah. i appreciate you taking my call. >> my pleasure. what's shaking, partner? >> caller: i own the stock of bofi and i've been watching as of late and getting a good return on it as of yet. and i feel like the actual stock has a really good unbeatable formula. >> this is an internet bank company. i do not know how to analyze this. i'm going to have to come back rather than say that's a great internet bank. the only other one i knew is ing. i got to do work to see how this measures against it. if you can't beat them, then you want you to join them and that's anticipating when the big money will be flowing into. today it's the financials. these are winners.
11:34 pm
they were down today. what a great opportunity to buy them tomorrow. don't move. lightning round is next. tomorrow, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street," live from post nine at the nyse. >> look, i just want your approval. >> you got it. absolutely. >> really? >> without a doubt. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. ♪
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nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights
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that help nascar win with our fans.
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you may have heard we have a pretty darn big milestone coming up in the show. 2,000 episodes. i can hardly believe it. what blows me away is many of you have been with me since day one. cramericans have asked millions of questions over the years. i'm turning the tables on you. i'm asking you to share with me why you've been watching the show. this week we got a pretty, i guess we could say revealing response. >> booyah, jim cramer, i watch "mad money" so i can afford body building! >> you need a license to carry weapons like that. stay away from starbucks.
11:38 pm
now it's your turn. make a video, tweet it, vine it. can you use that as a verb? #mmy2k. now it is time for the lightning round! >> sell, sell, sell, sell! >> play to this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready ski daddy? i want to start with chris in florida. chris! >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah, skeedaddy. >> caller: a company i bought today is himax technology. >> i want a full-bore look at what google was doing with this company. i wouldn't buy it. i think it's a smoke show. >> caller: booyah, jim. what are your thoughts on ticker vrx? >> it's a local company right near where i live.
11:39 pm
it's a distribution company. i like it and we're going to stick by it. i want to go to ron in indiana. ron. yo, ron. speak to me. >> caller: hey, jim, big booyah from indiana. >> we love indiana. we went out there with cuban. we had a great time with him. >> caller: my question is kind of three-fold. amad, is it a buy, sell or hold. your opinion long term or short term or comment on the solar part of their business. >> i was going over this stock today with stephanie link, you might have seen on the judges show. i was saying we have to buy more. why? because they can spin out the solar business, i see micron and intel going in. it's a semiconductor equipment stock, darn cheap, goes to $22. jack in new york. >> caller: i want to get your opinion on merck pharmaceuticals. >> i'm torn on merck.
11:40 pm
my charitable trust sold it. we're thinking the company is too conservative to break itself up but there's so much value there. i think it could go to 55. it's killing me. i think if they break it up, it's worth a lot and if they don't, it's not. let's go to greg in massachusetts. >> caller: how you doing? >> good. >> caller: i wanted to ask you about a company in light of comments you made over the last few months about the commercial construction sector in our country, hubbell. >> i think it starting to come back. i said the other day listen, aren't you going to see construction loans? it's the third banker i dealt with that said yes, construction loans are being made. i think that stock goes higher. let's go to richard in new york, please. richard. >> caller: yes, jim. last time i called, i called you about dsw shoes and it's doing well.
11:41 pm
melco entertainment? >> it's doing well. i said dsw was discount shoe warehouse, because my daughter suckered me in there. it's actually designer shoe warehouse and i spent far more than i should have! tom in maryland. tom. go ahead, tom. >> caller: hi. how are you? >> how are you doing, tom? what's happening? going to the game tomorrow? tom? >> caller: no. >> okay. tom, what's the stock? >> caller: it's dry ships. >> oh, i like dry ships! my friend on the street, going back and forth on that baltic dry, you want to be in dryships. diana is my favorite. todd in massachusetts. todd. >> caller: hey, how you doing? >> not bad. how about you? >> caller: i wanted to know what you have thought about oled. >> i don't know. i got the cree wrong.
11:42 pm
we got to go to another show, loser money, because i can't figure the darn thing out. government shutdown money. nick in california. nick. >> caller: booyah to ya, mr. cramer. >> absolutely, i like that. >> caller: i know you're not a big fan of chinese stocks. i was hoping you could share your opinion regarding nq mobile. >> mobile connectivity. can we just buy verizon, please? why do we have to go to china? every time we go to china, do you know what happens besides this? we get our heads cut off. i say go to verizon. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, don't let the fed mess with your head. cramer's helping you keep in the clear. call, tweet or e-mail, and make sure you're prepared when he plays "am i diversified."
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tomorrow who knows, maybe we'll go back to the hand wringing about a government shutdown. you can't predict what's going to come in a market like this. there's one thing you can be sure of. you need to protect yourself from any kind of whip saw action. the best way to do that is diversification. add some international exposure, invest in some strong dividend players. let's play my favorite game "am i diversified." call me, tweet me @jimcramer. you tell me your top five holdings, i tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough. let start with a tweet from aj underscore my underscore tweets. am i diversified? mcdonald's, apple, starbucks, disney, citigroup, hash tag mad money, hash tag booyah! starbucks, one of my favorite retailers. fabulous growth in america and overseas. apple -- i am not an apple
11:47 pm
basher. i am an appleholic. disney, citibank and mcdonald's. i'm going to call this foul, i'm going to say you can't have both those. what would you add? bristol myers. i would sell mcdonald's and add bristol myers. mike, mike. >> caller: mike from the bronx. a big boogie down bronx booyah to you. >> it's like hump day as far as i'm concerned. it's wednesday. >> caller: i got walmart, bank of america, exxon mobil, johnson & johnson, intel. all giants. >> that's like a dow portfolio there. exxonmobil, johnson & johnson, walmart, intel, bank of america one of the largest banks, a big thing on the world here, bank, tech, gasoline/oil, drug, retail. that is perfection. if you google diversification,
11:48 pm
that's the portfolio you get. let's go to lillian in washington. >> caller: hi. how are are you? >> i'm all right. how are you? >> caller: i'd like to know if i'm diversified and then i'd like to know how long this bubble is going to last that we experienced again today. >> okay. i'll comment on the bubble. first give me the portfolio. >> caller: sdr, sea drill, hsbc the bank. qualcomm, michael kors, starbucks. >> okay, the bubble. look, it's easy money. it's even better. that's what tends to happen in bull markets. michael kors is the very expensive handbag accessory
11:49 pm
company, qualcomm good semiconductors, sea drill is the highest yielding drill company, hsbc holdings is a not great bank, and starbucks is a great retailer. some might say jim, starbucks and michael kors are in the same league. i question that. i like that portfolio. let's go to dean in washington. dean. >> caller: yeah, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> no problem. >> caller: i want to know if i'm adequately diversified. i own lockheed, microsoft, cisco, intel and wells fargo bank. >> let me go to work on this. lockheed martin is always invited to the show. she's a great american, like jeff bucas. microsoft and cisco. you know we got a problem right there because we got two techs, but that's okay. here's the third tech. this is not three kings and that's good. this is like, you know, bad game. wells fargo is a bank. we'll keep that. we like that. lockheed martin, great defense contractor, all-time high today. we'll get rid of microsoft because microsoft is trying to get rid of itself.
11:50 pm
doesn't know what to do. we're going to get rid of intel. we're going to keep cisco, credit suisse, we'll add bristol myers, and why don't we pick up -- too defense oriented. financial, drug, how about we pick united health. that's the one i've been eyeing. now the cat's out of the bag. stick with cramer. >> keep up with cramer. follow @jimcramer. send your questions to cramer at @madtweets. ♪
11:51 pm
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can a new product really move the needle for a major company? can it power a stock higher? typically no. we've seen many new product introductions from many new companies and they've done nothing for the business. think about the microsoft surface, windows 8, hewlett packard tablet or the nokia phones. they haven't meant a thing. how about this apple and new iphone 5c and 5s. i think this case is unusual in that i believe the needle will be moved and the stock will rally on these new phones. they're different enough and important enough to the business that i can see them driving apple stock higher over time. let me explain why this is and let me clarify some of my comments about this great american company. despite what you've heard or what the company might think, i
11:54 pm
am not and have never been an apple basher. my family uses apple. i have never bought samsung and probably never will. i will buy the new phone this weekend. my trust owns apple. why would i want apple to go lower? as a shareholder i've been unhappy. my trust is unhappy with apple of late. even as i'm grateful the stock is having a huge run from where the trust first bought it, the stock business is tough. this is very much a what have you done for me lately game. apple's done so much for so long, you think they'd have some goodwill in the bank but it's not a goodwill bank. i've been vocal about how apple let expectations get away from where they should be. you have to try to keep expectations low in order to surprise the street with better than expected numbers.
11:55 pm
you can have contempt for this process but if you do, you'll be held in contempt for doing so. i know that great products should be all that matters to the consumer but the stockholders care about better year over year sales and improved margins. this could be heresy to executives. that's the arena you've chosen as a public company if you care about the stock price. if you don't, who cares what i have to say anyway? management sure shouldn't. in "new york times" he wrote this, it's a terrific phone, the price is right, it will sell like hotcakes. like hotcakes. to which i say bingo. because judging by the heap of downgrades last week, most of wall street is not expecting
11:56 pm
that. software breakthroughs are only just getting underway. while there may not be omg products coming from apple, there are still products that can move the needle with surprisingly strong sales. positive views of the new iphone should manage to push the stock higher, which is what i want to have happen. this is a show about making money and it's not about making friends. i have to be true to that ethos and the viewers and the shareholders. i believe these shares will make money for shareholders and therefore i like them and i like what apple has done here. that in the end is about all there is to it. stay with cramer.
11:57 pm
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what if a sensor could alert you that a heart attack is coming a week before it happens? that day is coming. melissa lee takes a look at the world of tomorrow. yes, it includes driverless cars. do not miss "the rise of the machines" tonight on cnbc. oracle reports and everybody goes crazy about it.
12:00 am
then what happens? what i always say happens with oracle, they start talking about it and it's bad. i believe oracle should be sold and should be bought. that's the good one in the group. there's always a bull market somewhere. we have an exciting program that looks at how machines and data transform the way we work. what if you could take your car for a spin like this? >> now it's driving itself? >> yes. >> that is wild. >> what if your home reacted to your every move? >> you don't have to lift a finger. the lights will come on and off.


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