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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. trying to save you money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. just think of all the good washington has been obscuring. think of all the greatness that so many of our executives deliver. something that shines through when politics steps out of the way and business gets to do its job!
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which is what happened today, with the dow roaring 206 points s&p vaulted 103 points. i know plenty of people think all that matters is washington. i think that all that matters is getting washington out of the picture! which may be exactly what is happening now that compromise is in the air. extending borrowing until february of next year and stop the government shutdown with agreement to fund operations until january 15. if we dissect this one day, one day in the life of the market, you can see what the stock world looks like when washington is not wrecking the economy. the good news -- i was up all night. i will share that with you. it started at 1:00 a.m. when sanofi partnered with regeneron, announced results for a drug i
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have been calling you, anti-cholesterol from merck. this compound which reduces bad cholesterol for those who can't take the current statin drugs could easily mean $3 billion in sales. a blockbuster that will be fast tracked because of the results. that's why regn jumped 17 points in one session. a few hours later we got european auto sales numbers. best in two years. august was the worst month. i don't think they realized how bad this news is for ford. charitable trust. and general motors. both of which able to report much better because of this turn. as well as a better tone in chinese sales! then once the sun rose in america we saw the earnings from bank of america and they were spectacular. what was the last time i said that? in the same sentence as bank of america? i know this company cost as lot of people a lot of money. all right.
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but it didn't today. it shows year over year and quarter over quarter growth. putting the same loans and liquidation behind it. companies showed you small and medium sized loans being made in the country are coming back. growing. i can see bank of america return this greatest once again headed back to 20 bucks. big dividend on the horizon and consistent growth. let's call it 18 months. then pepsico reports a better than expected number in snacks. thank you. diverse model allowed the company to beat carbonated soda sales. they did stall. it made ton of sense the stock rocketed $1.67. we haven't seen a lot of growth in pharma. monster dividend boost, 14 to 22 cents. we are seeing if benefits to split into two companies. avid puts on two bucks and change. there has been worry about the auto parts group. it has been lagging. advance auto parts decided to take matters into its own hands.
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spending $2 billion to buy carquest. as seen over and over again nothing like management that goes out and buys a company that has been trying to bash his head in. we have seen it in the rental space and now in the auto parts group. acquire, no wonder, advance auto parts rallies $13.60. finished at $9.16. remember, aap is the company doing the buying. typically expect that from the target. or consider how the research got things moving today. will you? not one but would brokerage houses recommended pioneer natural resources. pxd is the stock i will be telling you about. huge field in the permian basin. this may the second largest oil field on earth. it soars 12 bucks. the other big independent oils, eog, continental and noble, the kings of eagle ford, bakken and niobrara. tell you, they all jumped. gaining $2.32. and a buck 90 respectively.
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speaking of oil and gas, raised price target for cheniere energy. this stock has only quadrupled from first time recommended. how about the gigantic buyback fedex announced yesterday is a harbinger of the restructuring? causing stock to leap to three points. yesterday's four-point increase. it said it would make changes to ensure that didn't happen again. victory lap to ceo and squawk box fred smith for delivering for shareholders. fred is an economist by nature but really an operator. solar city. i ain't going to play solar city. i'm playing it. price is 3.4 million shares. and the stock rallies to $52. why? management dramatically raised the number of solar panels it will install next year. that's a testament to the brilliance of elon musk.
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i compare him to henry ford without the demographic issue. and he is a serial genius. he's also the man behind tesla. secondary making petroleum. we got a terrific ppo for pharmaceuticals i told to you watch out for and try to get a piece of weeks ago. it came to 20. finished at 37. how else will you make that money so quickly? you think your boss, get a raise like that? twitter announced it has chosen new york stock exchange and gave a peek at how fast the office is growing. that lit a fire under linkedin which took off again. this is all one day. one day where the stocks roared higher, creating tremendous wealth for shareholders. one day where companies could raise money, put people to work. one day when banks reported numbers that told the economy is expanding and credit is falling. duplicated to oil companies. ibm and ebay. they did it when stocks were plummeting after the bell. still i think they are outliers
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versus the rest of the day. amex reported today. that was a darn good number. what's so painful is none of this matters to the people in washington. everything i talked about means nothing to them. probably like need an english to wall street dictionary. they spend their time attacking each other. they are happy to fight over things like medical device taxes. do you think they know abbott labs makes medical devices and is doing fabulously? doesn't need that. shut off the spigot that just opened which is what a default would do. all the work bank of america has done since 2008 to get its house back in order which would be meaningless, don't they know that? it is not a republican or democratic thing to say. get it going from bank of america has been hit and hit hard by washington. not by anything in the business world. by washington. all of the confidence it takes to sum it up to buy a new house, washington. when we were starting to see good numbers, like they have been deliberately trying to
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sabotage the economy. how about the fact washington can't see the process of tremendous domestic oil and gas? they still haven't figured out we can cut the portion of the gigantic military budget to protect the middle east. all we are doing over there is ensuring china can import all the oil it needs. we are protecting china. that's a great mission. nor had they realized some companies rely on the u.s. government for major parts of the sales. hence why companies like cisco and networking equipment are getting bled to death by the government shutdown. thank god it is coming to an end. celebrate business in this country. something that used to be able to count on from the republicans. remember when the gop was the party that helped business in washington instead of scaring it to death? today we saw what this market can do when washington gets its act together and gets off the backs of its people. you know what i say? i say hallelujah! bruce in arizona. bruce. >> caller: hello, jim. >> bruce! >> caller: yes. i'm curious to see how obama care will impact large
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corporations like fedex and their 40-hour workweek and read where ups cut business for dependence on nonunion workers. >> well, i will tell you. here is my take on obama care. it is big for companies because they can figure it out. can i go to mike in new jersey? mike? >> caller: boo-yah! >> hump day, mike. >> caller: ticker hta. keeping the dividend steady. actually the acquired property about 99% occupied. it looks pretty good to me. balance sheet looks real clean. >> i totally agree with you. naysayers are completely wrong. i think we will show them. okay. i'm taking one more. sam in illinois. sam. >> caller: jim. boo-yah! >> boo-yah, chief. what's up? >> caller: i would like to get
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your thoughts on vale corp, the rise over the last year. >> you know what, jewelry business has been strong. let me do a take out on zale. let me do a lot of work there. that stock is way too high for me. jim in florida. jim. >> caller: hey. jim from boca raton. triple boo-yah. >> yeah. i love boca raton. i wish i was at that hotel i love so much. what's up? >> caller: i wish you were my portfolio manager. pioneer natural and core labs. my question is wynn resorts. what are their prospects? >> 200 bucks. steve wynn is best in show. i like adelson, too. holy cow, steve, i know you watch the show. you are always welcome on the show just as you always welcomed me to your casino. today we saw what happens when washington gets out of the way. let's do a little celebration.
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coming up -- the right key? some big banks are square in the sights of regulators. why not look a little closer to home? regional key corp nice earnings. is it time to make a deposit? find out. later, buffett talks. >> if a cop follows you for 500 miles you are going get a ticket. >> oracle of omaha stepped into the ring to defend a wall street heavyweight today. does buffett's blessing make the stock a buy? cramer is making the final call. slick stock. the u.s. is finding more black gold than ever before. oil servicer core labs is on the trail for more. will it push the stock higher or has this well already been tapped? don't miss cramer's earnings exclusive with the ceo, all coming up on "mad money."
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with compromise in the air in washington maybe we can get back to talking about earnings. who would have guessed the banks would actually be reporting great numbers this earnings season? i'm not just talking about the big guys, not just talking about bank of america which could deliver a good quarter. no, i'm talking about the kind of banks i tend to favor above all others, the regionals. this is key. reporting terrific numbers. jumped 2% on the news. 50 cents away from its 52-week high. the cleveland, ohio based key is one of my favorite banks out there. over a thousand branches, 24 states in the midwest, northeast and pacific northwest.
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like it so much we have it for the charitable trust. this morning, key delivered a five cent earnings beat off of a 20 cent basis driven by lower expenses and tax rate and net interest margin but the bank makes a difference between the low rate they pay few for deposits and basis points. -- climbed by two basis points. net charge loss for bad loans at their lowest levels since the beginning of 2007. a lot of excess capital and returning aggressively to shareholders. bought back 16 million shares. 2%. stock has given you 30% gains last time we spoke with the ceo in january. let's check in with the chairman, president and ceo of key corp. learn where her bank is headed. welcome back. >> thank you. >> congratulations on what i thought was the best net interest margin quarter of all the banks i have seen.
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how are you able to make so much money off of the deposits when everyone else is shrinking so fast? >> you are right. we had a very strong net interest margin quarter. we did not see the contraction that was predicted or has been seen in many other banks. it's really a combination of managing our liquidity levels, reducing the costs of interest-bearing liabilities, huge lever for us and just managing our loan deals has brought in a solid performance for us. >> you also did just to speak of lending more, long term growth by 11% increase from the prior year. commercial, financial, agriculture, just your areas of the country are booming? are you winning share? what's happening? >> we talked about that last time i was on and that's a very intentional strategy of ours. we see it evenly across our markets but what i would tell you really is the driver is we are taking market share. we have a very distinctive business model where we are going in targeted client segments and targeted industries with a full array of products and you can see it in our 11% year over year commercial loan
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growth. we are leading the peers well outpacing in that area where we are winning business taking share and expanding relationships. >> which are the -- you do have a very big footprint. which are the areas that you are taking the most share and which are growing the best? >> what's interesting is i would say it is more about size of company than geography this particular point in the cycle. we see our larger companies borrowing and being willing to entertain a proposition like key because of the wide array of products we can give from debt, equity and m and a and treasury management. some of our smaller to mid sized companies are being more cautious at this point in the cycle because things are so uncertain. so we really saw a good growth across the franchise but to our largest middle market companies. >> okay. i know that chris corman in the conference call talked about the idea that a couple of clients were -- he used the term very cautious.
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do you think there is any possibility that will -- if we do have a compromise here, some of that cost could evaporate between now and year end and produce more loans? >> i will tell you that we -- as i said, have been growing through taking share in a year where the tone of our consumer and our business clients has been cautious all year. the level of uncertainty in the environment, a slow growth expansion, tax uncertainty, uncertainty in washington, it has been a cautious environment all year. i don't think a resolution today in washington which we are all very hopeful that they will indeed get the votes in and do the right thing today. it will not necessarily unleash any pent-up demand. it is as steady as she goes economy that we need to continue to outperform in. >> there is one part of the economy of which some of your geography hit which is oil and gas. i have to believe that you are seeing commercial and residential loans being given in those areas just because there is a boom going on. >> there is a boom, and particularly when you look at
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the marcellus and utica shale, those are huge. natural gas, oil energy, housing prices, that is coming back. i think the underlying fundamentals in this economy are getting stronger and stronger. even if it is slow growth. >> you were one of the few people that can explain the multiplier effect of different projects in oil and gas. when someone builds a pipeline, when someone starts drilling, what are the ancillary loans you get at key corp? >> we get everything from the consumers and homeowners, who they are drilling on their land, leasing their land, you get the workers coming in to -- i call it the -- think of the alaska pipeline, the workers actually move there because the jobs are there. it brings in housing and it brings in ancillary services and not to mention that we are lending not only to the companies that are providing the drilling and the exploration but we are also very much supporting all of the support businesses around it. it is a spillover effect and as you look at some of these areas that have the shale and the
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natural gas, it's adding multiple points to the state domestic economies. >> terrific. you are the first person that came on and said that as a banker. it is great. during the quarter, i see that you close eight more branches. at what point can key go on the offensive and start opening branches? >> jim, we have actually been doing a combination over the last couple of years opening and closing. i look at it as just prudently looking at our branch infrastructure and saying what's the old bottom 10%? where can you get more efficient and take out something that's not really adding value. all the while looking at how do you invest in digital, mobile, where could you open a new branch that would be good for your clients? i think it is good old fashioned channel management to think about opening and closing and it has helped us become more efficient. >> your recoveries, recovery up 12 million or 41%. linked quarter basis, why would you have had such success? that's a remarkable thing. >> i will tell you, credit quality as a real standout this quarter.
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we had the lowest level of net charge off we've seen since the first quarter of 2007 and some piece of that was in recoveries. we had several loans, again, we are at the point in the cycle whereas loans are recovering, we are getting some pay backs in recoveries because we have seen companies recover to the point where the value of the collateral is coming back. >> one last question. if we do see rates, ten year goes to 3 1/2, 4, would you be one of the banks that begins to make more money? >> you know, we are actually more tied to the short end of the curve. 70% of our loan book and balance sheet is tied to either overnight or 30-day rates. so we actually would look for the short end of the curve to go up to make more money. the long end of the curve going up would mean that the federal reserve is more comfortable with this economy and willing to start tapering and i think that would be a good thing for the markets and economy. >> you delivered. regional bank that has been a
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star in this country. i thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim. thanks for your support of key. >> of course. that's beth mooney. look, you were always saying to me how about a $12 stock, how about a $15 stock? how about key? these were great numbers. coming up, buffett talks. >> if a cop followed you for 500 miles you are going to get a ticket. >> the oracle of omaha stepped into the ring to defend a wall street heavyweight today. does it make it a buy? does it make it a buy? cramer is making the final call.
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>> warren buffett made a lot of great points with becky quick this morning. i thought his most poignant comments were about the about the government's pursuit of jpmorgan, jamie dimon, mortgages underwritten by bear stearns and washington mutual. two banks dimon bought at the behest of the u.s. government. they had nothing to do with making or packaging horrendous loans. they were from the predecessor banks that the government came
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to jpm hat in hand in order to save the banking system from imminent collapse. let me say that no bank has clean hands from that period. jpmorgan packaged and sold a lot of loans it defaulted. jpm showed a serious lack of controls when it came to the rogue whale in london where the losses did get out of control. the firm paid for that mistake. shareholders have. i wouldn't have paid any management team member for that year as everyone should have suffered equally. but there are larger issues of fairness here and that's what warren buffet was talking about. first he said the government was pretty darn happy when dimom came to the rescue. >> they loved that when jamie took over wamu and bear stearns, the government wanted to get a deal done and needed to get a deal done promptly or other dominoes would fall. i think it is a little tough to be in that situation. >> that said he didn't excuse
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dimon entirely. >> you cannot be active at a big business without making some mistakes. and sometimes they will be big ones but you have to look at the overall record. babe ruth hit 60 home runs, that one year. i don't know how many times he struck out. i don't care. >> he did strike out a lot of times but that's beside the point. now, buffett acknowledged the justice department pursued dimom and the bank way, way too aggressively and this is the most important thing. here are his exact words. >> if a cop follows you for 500 miles you are going to get a ticket. believe me, you have had -- you had a lot of cops that have been following a long time and they are going to write some tickets. >> wasn't that terrific? wasn't that the exact succinct thing happening here? i totally agree with him. i remember that sunday night when bear was going belly up. we looked like we would crash. whole market. it came as a surprise to everyone what they were doing. out of nowhere jpmorgan surfaced with a bid.
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crisis averted. the government knew washington mutual was in horrendous trouble. there a run on wamu that extended to every bank. largest saving and loan in the country. they came to jpmorgan with his balance sheet and asked dimon to bail out the fdic and everybody else to stop the runs on banks all over the country, and he did it. in retrospect dimon made a very big mistake. he trusted the federal government and believed in the handshake because he knew that time was running out. he didn't do a good job of getting indemnified on these terrible products that these two companies were pumping out. but i think that he never envisioned a world where the justice department would go after his bank for loans it didn't make and didn't package or sell. here's the real injustice. department failed to nail any of the real bad guys including jokers that did underwriting of the miserable loans. no one went to jail. so now justice is going after
11:30 pm
one of the guys who didn't almost bring our nation to its knees. the one bank that actually did it right the whole time. we know that the justice department is intent on crushing jpmorgan with endless lawsuits and the bank is going to have to crush shareholders including my charitable trust with fines. in part because of the helping hand it lent to the government. they have to write the check but that's shareholders' money. they should listen to warren buffett. the company can't afford the legal bills anymore and that's the strategy. bottom line. i suspect the government will show no mercy for the bank that did more to save the republic than any other. somehow it doesn't seem fair to me. after listening to warren buffett, the prosecutions are simply a travesty of justice. when it comes to jpmorgan the justice department's line seems to be no justice, no peace. let's go to fehema in ohio, please. >> caller: boo-yah from athens, ohio. home of ohio university. >> love it. what's up? >> caller: well, i was wondering about ice. ice had a good run-up for 2013. especially this month.
11:31 pm
after november 4th acquisition of euronext do you think that there will be more upside for this stock or do you think the upside has already been built into the news. >> i think there will be much more upside. i think this is a great idea. i think you got the pulse. i should have been recommending this the whole way. i like the stock exchange. i like what they are going to do together and think there is another leg up. it is a great acquisition. well said. wesley in texas. wesley. >> hey, cramer. >> yo. >> i want to give you a big boo-yah today. >> i will take one. i need one. i'm upset here. what's up? >> caller: i want to talk to you about wells fargo. last quarter they laid off a bunch of employees. their sales were down. their quarterly profits did pretty well. i'm curious if i should hold on to it or should i go ahead and dump it. >> let me tell you what stephanie and i are doing. we believe in -- we can't
11:32 pm
believe how well the bank did. when those rates start going up, that company is going to make a fortune. john is the best banker in america. john in florida, please. >> caller: hi. how are you? >> really good. how about you? >> caller: good. calling about citigroup. i noticed with the government shutdown the stock has gone down like a lot of the financials and then they had some, you know, news that has gone up and down. it hasn't moved the way i thought it would. what's your opinion of that? >> yeah. i was not impressed with that quarter. i think that it is going to be another couple of quarters. that just -- didn't deliver, frankly. and i'm disappointed. i thought that citi had more going. perhaps next quarter, but that was not a good quarter. let's go to tom in new jersey. tom? >> caller: jimmy from the city. boo-yah. >> boo-yah, tom. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. jim, thank you for talking to investors and not at them.
11:33 pm
my question, blackstone. i have a large position in it and i love it. is there something that i'm missing, something i should be worried about? >> no. i think that this was just turned out to be a very undervalued story the whole way. i think there is a lot more movement ahead. this is a good buy. you should hold on to it. any pullback, it is a buy. they are doing everything right. there aren't many of us who are happy with what has been going on with d.c. these days for many reasons. jpmorgan has been getting roasted for a litany of things, some of which it did but much of which it didn't do. no justice, no peace. no good deed goes unpunished. >> mad about "mad money"? immerse yourself into cramer's world while you watch the show with zeebox, on your phone, tablet or web, get sneak peeks. go behind the scenes and join the conversation. download the free app today.
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it is time. time for the lightning round. rapid fire calls. are you ready ski daddy? time for the lightning round. start with joy in florida. joy. >> caller: yes. >> joy, how are you? >> caller: i'm fine. how are you? >> couldn't be better. thank you. go ahead. >> caller: i would like to ask you, my mother left me gpc stock, genuine parts company. i was wondering if i should hold on to it. >> your mother had a great investing sense. that's a conservative company with a terrific yield that i have always liked. i want you to hold on to it. let's go to jennifer in ohio. jennifer. >> caller: yes, jim. >> go ahead, jen. >> caller: jim, can you tell me about sysco -- >> i think sysco is overdone on the downside.
11:38 pm
i was going over with stephanie. we have been buying cisco at 20 for the trust. why? because we think it is down because of government orders and that government orders are going to come back once this compromise is reached. i don't know want to leave cisco here at the 22 level. luis in north carolina. luis. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from the tar heel state. how are you doing? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: fantastic. i know you have been pushing the arab state a lot. i appreciate that. so i want to know with the same side. i want to you tell me what you think of allegheny technology. >> i thought it would be able to take some losses and get out of bad portfolio and make changes. it is all good. doable. stick with it. let's go to greg in nevada. greg. >> caller: greetings and saltations from sin city. >> go ahead. >> caller: my stock is bery. >> they came on and had that new product but remember, they did
11:39 pm
guide down. i think the stock is in the penalty box until they report the next quarter. i don't think it is expensive. can i go to nate in delaware? nate. >> caller: yes. jim. >> yeah. >> caller: i think i have a diamond in the rough. it is called snta. >> that is a diamond in the rough. that has not been doing that well. i have to do more work. ted graham is our biotech expert and will come back with more on that situation. kem in connecticut. >> caller: jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: we spoke years ago about opko pharmaceutical.
11:40 pm
we had him on multiple times. how great is he? how bankable is he? well done. that's the lightning round.
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throughout the whole shutdown mess i kept coming back to independent oil producers as my favorite group. you have to remember all these gigantic oil finds were made possible by advances in technology. since then the oil and gas business has gotten a lot more tech heavy. when it comes to tech stocks in the oil patch my view is you need to look no further than core labs. they analyze the rock and fluids in oil reservoirs in order to help the clients produce more oil on a day-to-day basis as well as helping them get more oil it of the ground over the entire life of the reservoir. the reservoir description business tells oil and gas
11:44 pm
companies how to drill in order to get the most value out of their assets. core's other big division enhancement does the analysis of oil companies of what they need before they can drill a well to perfection including picking up the best way to approach and design the process of hydraulic fracturing, the drilling technique unlocked all of the oil and shale i'm constantly talking about. core has given you a 35% gain since april and company reported a record breaking quarter. magnificent quarter. two cent earnings beat off $1.34 basis. higher than expected revenues. 11% year over year. management raised guidance for the next quarter and return on investment here is extraordinary. let's talk to david demshur, chairman and president of core labs. hear more about the quarter and what comes next. welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, thanks having me back on "mad money." our tenth visit. you are exactly right. very good quarter. record levels of eps. net income. revenue. actually our fourth straight all-time record quarter. >> this was your finest in part because you are really in the sweet spot.
11:45 pm
everyone is turning to you and your company to find out how much oil there really is. we had a company last week, scott sheffield. pioneer natural resources. we have been recommending it. jumped 20 points in the last ten days. i need to know, he mentioned that he bought older fields from other companies that didn't know there was anything in there. is this the type of thing that core labs does? find oil where people didn't think there was recoverable oil? >> yes. jim, exactly right. you look at pioneer. scott sheffield and tim were doing a great job there. one of core laboratories most sophisticated technological clients. we are helping them in the permian basin and also in the eagleford. now, when you look at applied technology from core lab, as you mentioned we are going to help them produce more oil and gas every day but more importantly, we are going to apply this technology so they cover more amounts of oil from that reservoir over the life of the reservoir. >> now, i understand that this
11:46 pm
sprayberry wolfcamp, this may be it. you did come on once and last time because i was telling you i thought it would be big. you said there might be something else big or even bigger. is this possibly the second largest oil field in the world? >> that is correct, jim. it is only behind the guar field in saudi arabia which has about 160 billion barrels of recoverable oil. if we look at the trends together those can produce over 50 billion barrels of recoverable oil. it is a giant oil field, the second largest in the world. >> you basically -- it is your technology that made us figure out that. right? you could not figure that out by drilling a hole. >> that's exactly right, jim. as you mentioned we analyzed the reservoir and more importantly, the reservoir fluids and see how the fluids can transmit through the rocks. and in doing this, trying to bring technology to bear on hydraulic fracturing and over the last year, we had been
11:47 pm
recommending to our clients that they have more hydraulic stages in their horizontal wells and have these stages closer together and pump more sand to frack the wells more intensely. in doing that, you get more production every day and over the life. you end up with a situation like our friends at pioneer are doing. they are in excellent shape and excellent position in the permian basin. >> you had something in our reservoir situation. we have been there and love it. then you mentioned -- wolfberry, the paradox basin. now when i look that up on the map that's in northern arizona. we haven't looked at that at all. is there something there that's big? >> actually right now, jim, we're evaluating a couple of plays there that are shale plays with potential oil finds. so more on that over the next couple of quarters to come. >> wow. okay. now i want people to understand when i say technology, you have got this flow profile.
11:48 pm
three years in development. i would say i would hire you when i use that. what do i get out of it? >> yes, jim. when you look at these horizontal wells you have as many as 35 individual stages that are going to produce oil and gas to the well bore. what our profiler can do is tell you exactly how each stage is performing. so if, for instance, in a well that's underperforming, we go back in and tell you stages 10, 15, 17 are not up to par and we can go back and remediate those. it identifies the stages that are underperforming, and moreover, it tells us how much oil is coming out of all the other stages as well. so in your next well, you can plan it even better. >> i got to tell you, you are the reason you do not get enough credit because there are a lot of fields that were given up on that turned out they had a lot more oil. the only way we would have known it is because of core labs. thank you so much. a great quarter. fabulous job.
11:49 pm
this stock is not done. you just heard what i have been talking about in a nutshell. demshur, core labs, technology, engineering, science, that's why this stock is going to 200. tomorrow kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street" live from post nine at the nysc. >> i'm not an expert in clothes. this thing cost $2.95.
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just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
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11:52 pm
all the d's are piling up today. default, deadlock, destruction.
11:53 pm
we even heard the word "deal" mentioned. if your head is spinning like mine, join the club. market rallied today on optimism from the beginning. we are so very far from being out woods in the economy. lot of bad disappointing numbers. it is not even funny. you need to focus on the most important d of all, diversification. let's get to it. start protecting your money. sean, you are up. >> caller: hey, big buckeye boo-yah, professor james cramer. undefeated heavyweight champion of helping the little guy make some money in this crazy market. >> well, thank you very much. i follow every ohio team, so thank you. >> caller: great. we are doing pretty well this year. >> yes. >> caller: in my portfolio, my top five right now are disney, dis. boeing, ba. genworth, bristol myers and noble energy. nbl. >> wow. this is a great portfolio.
11:54 pm
it's a truly great portfolio. we have disney. entertainment company i think the world of. bob iger is doing an amazing job. boeing, i'm -- can you believe that stock all-time high today? so deserving. bristol-myers, yes. another fantastic, fantastic period coming in as it gets rerated as a bio tech company. noble. that is a gigantic position for my charitable trust. they have the best niobrara positioning. genworth and radian. those stocks aren't done going higher. chris in new york. >> caller: hey cramer. how are you doing? i wanted to see what you think about my portfolio. >> okay. >> caller: i got yge. sirius xm radio. dry ships and regi. >> all right. let me take it from there. now i want to say, this has way too much speculation in it. okay.
11:55 pm
i mean, dry ships and sirius is spec. reg, renewable energy, yingli. they are all speculations. i like dry ships because i believe that part of the economy is coming back, dry ships. huntington is not as good as key. i recognize it is very good. sirius is making a good comeback. let's call that entertainment bank, shipping, renewable and yingli are the same. get rid of both of them. i want to put in a bristol-myers. you need a little solid drug company with a yield. then let's put in boeing. we just blessed boeing. it's going to go higher. i know those are higher priced stocks but i don't like all the speculation in this -- that portfolio. let's go to lucio in ohio. >> caller: hi, jim. i'm from the hawkeye state, iowa. >> yeah. fantastic. we are looking at iowa. we went there for the university and we had a great time. what's up? >> caller: i would like to thank you and your team for showing me
11:56 pm
how to make money. my stocks are sales force, american tower, facebook, huntington bank, and vale. >> a lot of huntington bank owners. vale, it is one of the largest iron ore companies, many other minerals. making a huge comeback. facebook and sales force are too much alike. man. oh, boy. i'm going tray on justify those two. i can't. huntington bank is a bank, mineral. bank, tower. what do you do? eeny, meeny, miney, moe. we'll keep facebook. sales force, no. do you mind if i just say that this one is okay? these are so hot.
11:57 pm
those are both great tech companies. two cloud companies. i'll let it go for now because i have such conviction in them. by next week i will have a decision. ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪
11:58 pm
♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. shave hail damage tobars both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee!
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whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on when the clouds part over washington, look what you see. you see many stocks going higher.
12:00 am
focus on something that core labs said. they said this permian basin, he confirmed it. second largest oil field in the world. paradox. doing work on that. anadarko. charitable trust name. big position on that one. that will be the next one. always more. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow! malibu beach house. >> yeah. >> and i figured what better beach house than this one? >> i have to tell you i saw bruce willis' malibu beach house, and let me tell you -- it would fit in the garage. [ laughs ] >> this little stretch of sand is now known as billionaire's beach. [ engine revving ] there are very few things in the world that money cannot buy. but here's one. >> just 'cause you got a couple of bucks, you can influence what we're doing? you can change the commitments i've made to my other billionaire customers? >> right. >> doesn't happen. >> he said that in new york and in los angeles, he visited many


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