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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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[ mandarin ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ arabic ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ italian ] where are we going? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] more destinations than any other airline. [ thai ] which airline do you fly? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] that's great, big world friendly. ♪ >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i just want to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. boy, it's tough to find something worth buying up here, isn't it? doesn't that grip you? i mean, wasn't today another day where you couldn't get into anything that was still any
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good, still cheap? even as the dow dips seven points, s&p gained .01%, nasdaq inched up. even the laggards are running. general electric's finally on the move. after better than expected set of orders for gross margins. vf corp. ended up lagging because of the hate affair. >> sell, sell, sell. >> the house of pain. >> with apparel. but today gave you a terrific quarter and amazing dividend boost and 4 for 1 stock split. so much for catching that one, right. that train left the station. >> all aboard. >> really? what's not up for this amazing year? what has a good balance sheet? find me something with a decent dividend, some solid growth maybe. a price to earnings multiple well below that of the market. is there a single bargain out there to still be had? holy cow. i'm going down the list doing the charts, all that stuff i do on the weekend. and you know what comes up?
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apple. apple. that's right. apple's not up for the year, even if it rallied 8.7%, it has a 2.3% yield, sells at 12 times earnings and best of all, no one believes it can do anything other than be range bound. >> sell, sell, sell -- >> it has to have the lowest expectations of any major stock i've followed. apple's had a great day today rallying over $12 because of an upgrade by society general. i normally don't follow that brokerage house of research, but it made so much sense, i've got to talk about it here. there are three reasons why this piece of research is worth devouring. first, the brokerage did a ton of work on the number of new iphones that have been sold. and unlike an iphone manufacturing scaleback, this upgrade says there might be more upside to the numbers according to the piece. in fact, this piece says that higher volume and increased demand may be in the cards when the company reports october 28th.
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second, the piece talks about how apple's having higher gross margins on the sales. if you've been on any of the last few apple calls, it's been all about the gross margins. the analysts keep thinking apple's going to make less and less on everything it sells. and that's why it sells so cheaply. there's a curious bit of circular reasoning here. goes like this, apple's cheap because there must be something wrong, something wrong must be cheap because apple's not making as much on each device. they're trying to pin the tail on apple's gross margins. if the gross margins are going higher, it's busted. finally, most important, society general says the following, quote, looking out further, we believe we may be seeing the first signs of weakness in android/samsung handsets, end quote. that's right, soc gen is saying that apple may be taking back share. the principal reason why so many are worried about the margins is a belief that an inexpensive but equal if not superior device from samsung will cause apple to
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break price and give the darn thing away. apple held the ground on pricing. it amounts to a recognition that apple won this round. now, there are plenty of reasons to own apple here. we're on the verge of an ipad refresh. and both the ipad and ipad mini are much beloved devices. many of us are really ready for a new one but we don't know it yet, though. that's how i felt about the iphone operating system. i didn't think i needed it and then i tried it and now i don't know how to live without it. plus it knows me. i'm not playing fantasy football and somehow after i type a player's name a couple of times like larry fitzgerald or kendrell tompkins. belichick forgets him! sorry, i love this stuff. i believe we'll feel the same way about the new ipads. expectations are so low, i bet they blow some people away with these gizmos. a couple of days ago this apple snared angela aarons from burberry to run the retail business. she may be able to shore up the
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most glaring weakness, social. how to capture social buzz. she's all about splash and pizazz as you'll see if you look at the videos. i think it makes sense. the idea of unveiling new phones and ipads in some big auditorium is the opposite of what people want. they want a social and mobile that integrates everything that integrates facebook and twitter and sights and sounds we don't know of yet. angela aarons may give the skills that the company seems to lack. no wonder the ceo of tweeted that aarons might be the biggest hire by tim cook since steve left us. i don't know if this is sanctioned by apple, but benioff says, quote, she is a true visionary and now tim's number two and successor. shores it up with the retail exec with the most social smarts is someone you want to back. you know what apple needs to do when it reports? i'm going to suggest something so fatuous that every veteran watching the show is turning it off right now. i think apple needs to split the stock 4 for 1.
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raise the dividend again. making it rewarding for the retail investors, to you and not the high-frequency trader hedge fund kingpin bums. hear me out on this. there are two executives i believe care passionately about the stock and shareholders. vf corp reported amazing numbers this morning and gave you a 4 for 1 split. here's what i'm thinking, you don't get many better and smarter execs and they see what i see, a market dominated by trading bandits who knock stocks down! >> sell, sell, sell! >> you need a stable basis of shareholders to get away from the egregious pattern. you need retail shareholders to hold on the the stock. and he's about as rigorous as they get. talk about something apple needs to get away from. this ridiculous grip of predator and prey with the company stock being the prey! on october 28th, apple announces a 4 for 1 stock split. here's the bottom line, looking
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for an overlooked stock in a red hot market that has terrific catalysts, then look at apple. i can't think of a metric that's expensive. i can think of many more things that can go right and very few that go wrong. and that yield trampoline will save you before you hit the pavement. steve in florida. steve? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, steveorino. >> caller: so excited to talk to you finally. a pipeline -- i own stock and a little bit over $1,000, and now it goes crazy. i know before november results. >> priceline's the world's way to travel. we're stuck in america and analysts don't use it but it's the world's way to travel. it's the hotel way to travel, airplane way to travel. it's how people travel. price line goes higher. let's go to patrick in my home state of new jersey. patrick? >> caller: yes, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah, patrick. >> caller: called today about
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visa. i love your show, by the way. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm up 190%, invested -- >> it's not low enough. this is saying a lot, believe me, he's doing a pretty good job. fire and higher! think there is more good than bad coming apple's way. stick with it. stick with cramer. coming up -- turbulence, the aerospace cycle helped honeywell fly high this year but the stock was grounded after earnings. is it your chance to hop aboard before it takes off again? or could things get rough ahead? don't miss cramer's exclusive. and later, great expectations, general electric's been on the rise after earnings, and tonight, cramer's checking if it can go the difference. but another big construction name isn't as lucky. the company is probably hiding
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in your tool box, but if it's lurking in your portfolio, you could have some problems. cramer's on the case. plus, tower power, at&t just pocketed nearly $5 billion selling off stakes in its cell towers. but the real cash to be ma money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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what's happened with honeywell? here's the stock i've liked for a long time. you know that. one that my charitable trust owns. honeywell's a great american manufacturing company that makes everything from aerospace secute materials and turbo char. well run under the ceo dave
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cote, but on friday honeywell reported a quarter that was widely viewed as disappointing, a 1 cent earnings basis with earnings coming in lower than expected, management cutting their full-year revenue forecast thanks to cuts in defense and space spending. we were looking for honeywell to produce core growth, it came in at 1% thanks largely to weakness in the defense portion of the . the stock got hit, falling more than 3% on friday. is this quarter a red flag or a fabulous buying opportunity? a stock that's been a truly terrific performer over last year, one that's given you a 41% return since we spoke to the ceo last november. i'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. don't take it from me. let's check in with dave cote, find out where his company's headed. mr. cote, welcome back to "mad money." >> good to see you, jim. >> all right. i want to give you the benefit of the doubt. some of the guys on the street were very critical. they said, well, we're not used to this. we're not used to this, dave cote, honey well.
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they did talk about the supply chain surprise. that's also not like you. >> yeah, i have to say, some of the writings actually weren't all that bad. the stock price reaction wasn't that good. but i found this one interesting because i've said before that if you keep doing what you say that eventually you'll get credit for it. and this time again we did exactly what we said, and our earnings actually were a little bit higher than what consensus was at the time. and we said the sales miss was attributable to two things. one was the timing of closing on the transaction. a deal we were going to do. we thought it would close the beginning of the quarter, closed at the end. not a cause for concern. that's the timing of the deal. >> significant. >> yeah. it was half the sales miss. >> right. just the timing of the acquisition. the other half was defense and space and we said okay, that was caused by two things, one, the government shutdown and sequestration. the second piece was, we didn't
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do as good a job getting the shipments out that quarter as we should have. you get it back and it's part of lowering the overall inventory level. so overall, there's not a cause for concern here, and in fact, if you said okay, "x" defense and space, growth was 3%. when you talk about the 2% to 4% range, pretty much in line. i looked at it and said we did pretty well. we did what we said. >> maybe we're spoiled. >> and took our guidance up for the year. >> we were spoiled. general electric missed, missed, missed, frankly. when they finally get it right, everyone gets very excited. you have made during the toughest periods. so when you even have a chink, it's almost as if people say, oh, it's finished. >> well, i think this is part of the growing pains as we get to that premium multiple i think we deserve based on the consistency of what we've been able to accomplish. it seems to me that when you look at it and go, 11 years, 12 years in a row of doing exactly what they say.
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maybe we should ascribe a little more credibility to those numbers than something that occurs once in a while. >> aerospace has been winning for everybody. if you were to just look at rospace x dee, another really strong quarter. >> commercial side was very good. >> right? >> yep. >> but the business jet side not what we want. >> well, on the business jet side, that's actuadoin the mid >> but there's some degradation in the industry, we know that from some of the players. >> that part's true but it tends to be in the small and low end jets. and we do the survey as you probably know, and that shows what we've said all along and in terms of where our positioning is, it's very good, we're in that large jet, over $25 million jet. that is actually doing very well and should continue to do so. >> performance materials very strong. >> yep. >> the refining business, i think it's hard -- explain to me
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how much thomas russell added. where is that? >> oh, thomas russell's going to be a good deal for us. >> tell people why that is. it's part and parcel with the energy revolution. >> it has to do with especially the shale gas revolution. what you find is these are small fields in a lot of places. one of the things that ends up being very expensive for them to is build the gas from that to d on a modular basis and very quickly, like 60 to 90 days, build an entire plant about one acre in size that can process all that for them and separate it so when they send it it's more easily usable. it really reduces the overall costs. this is a big play not just in the u.s. but they're starting to find shale gas around the world, and thomas russell's technology will work around the world and we're one of the few that have it. >> i see -- i didn't think you were bullish enough on this. i see nonresidential getting strong in this country. the figures you've given me about the amount of energy lost
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by buildings that aren't -- >> yeah, it's huge. >> 40% of our energy? >> that's the amount that goes to buildings. the saving you could get out of buildings would be in the 20% to 25% range of their energy usage. >> in europe they're doing it, are they doing enough of it here? >> well, they don't do enough of it in either one of those plac the thing you run into is -- well, there's a couple of way they are. one-year payback projects and generally energy projects are not going to be a one-year payback. the third one is when you look at it, oftentimes the building owner is responsible for the equipment. the people who own the properties or condominiums, they get the benefit of it. the owner says why should i do this just to reduce their bills. sorry, they don't tend to do that. >> got it. >> those are the dynamics you have to work through. non-res, it's a growth story to come. i really believed. we talked about this back during
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the recession, but i think it's going to be how you went in is how you're going to come out. non-res was kind of slow in, it's going to be slow out. i think we're just starting to see that coming. >> i have to go touch on the data issue, you've been passionate about it. is it time to do this thing full-time? i just think there's not a lot of ceos willing to speak. a lot of them are worried. >> yeah. >> i think they're afraid to take on washington in any form. >> yeah. >> you're not. >> well, i'm trying to do it nicely. >> you're the only guy. >> i would say if we look at fix the debt, our effort, we've got over 100 ceos involved there and there's a number of efforts from ceos speaking up. i would say not everybody's speaking up as much as they should. i would say there's a large number of ceos out there now who are all saying the same thing
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and they're saying it's not a democrat thing, it's not a republican thing, this is an american thing, you've got to fix this, you've got to work together to get it done, and that's the message and i think that's coming across a lot more strongly in the business community, and we have a real opportunity in this next 50 days. because this joint conference they have going, this is like the first time in a number of years where they all sit down together to really try to get something done. and we all ought to be pushing them. >> well, let me ask -- what should we be doing? what should we be doing? what should we be doing to make something happen? >> well, i thought the effort on rise above, for example, that's probably not the last time you're going to do that. there was that time, you'll have to do it again this time. and they just don't always fix stuff right the first time. this is -- you've got to have what i call a relentlessness of purpose to get something done here. >> like the way you do at honeywell. >> and that's why you should still feel good about your ownership. >> fair enough. >> you'll look at this and say, man, i'm glad i held on. i should have bought some more. >> that's terrific.
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i love that. dave cote, chairman and ceo of honeywell and, yes, full disclosure, my next door neighbor in summit. thank you, dave. coming up, great expectations, general electric's been on the rise after earnings and cramer's checking if it can go the distance. but another big construction name isn't as lucky. the company is probably hiding in your tool box. but if it's lurking in your portfolio, you could have some problems. cramer's on the case.
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earnings season is all about expectations. get those expectations down ahead of time and you have a spring loaded situation, like we saw today with general electric. fail to rein them in and you have the debacle of the first order we most fear, like the one we got last week from stanley black & decker. many people were mystified today at how a big cap stock like general electric could roar higher again given the lack of any growth on the top or bottom line. earnings per share were flat, revenues down a tad, yet the stock was off to the races rallying 5.9% over two trading
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days since it reported, which is an impressive move for a $265 billion company. it's trading like a small cap. how can that be? how is it possible ge could go higher on those seemingly tepid numbers? pretty simple. the stock trades on expectations, not earnings. ge saw its orders rise an outstanding 19% including 22% surge in growth markets. yes, the same markets that ibm got felled by, as well as a remarkable 17% increase in europe. the margins,hat they make after the cost of sales were up nice, 120 basis point margin expansion was breathtaking for the analysts that cover the stock. aviation, power, water, locomotives, even oil and gas. i regard it as terrific. but the real good news here was the absence of bad news from the ge capital business. for a long time, we've been conditioned to expect general
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electric to be the cats and dogs amalgam of real estate banking and credit cards that is ge cap. here's a division that was originally meant to finance the sales of ge's big capital goods, not unlike what caterpillar does for its big equipment sales. the finance business became the company's principal source of earnings. for years the divisions that made actual things took a real backseat to the finance biz as ge became more and more of a bank and less and less of a manufacturer. that was terrific back when finance was fabulous and a fabulous way to make money worldwide, but it turned horrendous when the world economy went south and a huge subprime lender as well as a large banker and real estate earner in europe. i couldn't believe what they owned. they were huge in every single place. when things got bad, tried to bill itself as an industrial that stumbled rather than a finance company that invested in terrible pieces of paper.
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needed help from the federal government to finance the commercial paper. as the great recession hit and the prospects of a quick recovery went out the window, ge slashed its dividend and became a company much more rumored to be in need of a bailout. that stuck out. in fact, it trades a lot more like citigroup with a kind of a hard goods arm. like appliances. this is like citi with washing machines. now, though, ge is putting that curious legacy behind it, shrinking the capital division where it will hopefully be an adjunct to the aerospace power, appliances, oil and gas, all good businesses. also gone are the days when ge's earnings, when it had them, seemed to be based on taking advantage of the tax code. something every company has a right to do, but you can't expect wall street to appreciate these low-quality earnings the same way it appreciates actual growth. we don't want clever tax avoidance, we want higher earnings per share. bigger revenues, last but not least in the past it often seemed like ge was playing limbo with the company lowering the
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bar quarter after quarter after a series of endless disappointments. some division or another always, always reporting some sort of sluggish growth, some european excuse. >> the house of pain. >> and always an excellent reason to sell, sell, sell. had ge set the bar too low? well, that finally happened. now there's accelerating growth and a belief that the november investor meeting about ge capital will include talk about a further reduction of the finance division's mental drag on the institution. i say mental, okay. and more disposals shrinking even further, maybe even an ipo. in december, jeff immelt holds an analyst meeting. last year it was truly terrible. showed weariness about the company's prospects, that seems no longer to be the case which is why ge can be rerated by wall street from a so so financial to potential industrial turn around play with real leverage.
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but companies that live by changing expectations can also die by changing expectations. the rerating by wall street can be a double edged sword as we saw last week with the disastrous quarter from stanley black & decker, a company we've really come to know and trust. here's a company that let expectations get well ahead of the story. if ge looked bad on the surface, stanley black and decker looked fantastic until you realized that the gain had to do with a tax gain. stanley's quarter turned out to be a bungling of immense proportions. the chief culprit, the security division, which it bought for $1 billion a couple of years ago. it was a competitive situation where they had to move fast, apparently they moved too fast and turns out the quality of the earnings and the management team were far weaker than we thought. that plus the weakness in government business, who knew stanley black & decker had that
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much government business? led to a drastic estimates slashing and a radical 14% decline in the stock. >> the house of pain. >> as analysts and investors were shocked and appalled, you could tell that most people were in the stock not for the security business but for the do-it-yourself tools which were strong. home depot had spotlighted tools as an area of strength, but the rest of the business was so weak it didn't matter. it gave no hope of any improvement any time soon. for some it sounded like a write-off, although it wasn't evident from the call. unlike general electric that made excuses or cited weakness in the environment, stanley black & decker led people to believe things were at least somewhat better than expected and the stock had been one of the best performers in the whole housing-related cohort. turns out, it wasn't housing related at all. the parallels of the old general electric i find eerie. people deserted ge for several
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years because it became what many thought was a second rate finance company with a first rate industrial business attached to it. stanley black & decker was a first rate hand tool company with a small, thought to be irrelevant security business buried underneath. now that ge's back to being the general electric company it can trade much higher, as it takes money from other industrials that are doing better and have less leverage. meanwhile, stanley black & decker will do nothing, unless, keep this in mind, unless an activist storms the gates urging the company to break itself up because it turns out a bunch of disparate pieces that don't work together. stranger things have happened. i don't think that stanley black & decker would have been nearly as bad as it was last week, if somehow management signaled all was not well. but the same thing goes for general electric where many were prepared for one more downbeat report from immelt and company. instead, we have ample hope for an even better fourth quarter and a terrific 2014. something we spelled out at the
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finance meeting. ge's become a go-to stock, swk has beavoi two terrific lessons in the power of great and not so great expectations. may i speak to chris in maryland. chris? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. this is chris calling from maryland. shout out to my finance professor kurt marks. >> professor marks, thank you. you've got your guys calling the right show and doing the right thing. how can i help? >> i'm calling about lockheed martin, i want your opinion on the stock. >> i understand why people would be worried about lockheed martin because honeywell did signal that defense wasn't so strong. i've been behind lockheed martin the whole way. can i say they should've gotten the big sebelius contract. more of a composer than someone who knows how to handle the stuff. but that said, it's still inexpensive and if it gets hit, i'd be a buyer. can i go to richard in new york, please, richard? >> yes, hi, jim.
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boo-yah, jim, to you. >> boo-yah back at you. >> okay. this is it from new york. i just purchased some ipo on wednesday. it's called veva. symbol is veev. i'm doing very well with it. what's your take on this new stuff? >> i think this is a fabulous cloud play. fabulous customer relations management. i think it's terrific, really what the pharmaceutical companies need in order to cut costs. they're all using it. i think you have, yes, this is my highest compliment, richard, horse sense. great expectations, dickensian indeed. expectations can make or break a stock which is what we saw last week with ge and with stanley black & decker. the key is the tone in the details this earnings season. you've got to stay focused. this is the time for ge, it's go to. stanley works, i'm returning the tools. mad about "mad money"?
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before we get to the "lightning round," let's take a minute to extend a big pre-veterans day thank you and boo-yah to tim who signed up for "mad money" salute to the troops on november 8th. if you or someone in your family served in the military like my dad, we'd love to have you in our audience to honor the veterans this year. go to for tickets and details. we can't wait to thank you for your service and in person. and now it is time, it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." what is that about? rapid-fire calls, you say the name of the stock, i tell you whether to buy or sell. play until this sound and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready skee-daddy? time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money."
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marie in north carolina, marie? >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i've gotten hammered on biomarin. should i wait until they report? >> i want to buy it. i want to buy the stock right here. they did that deal, a lot of negative press. terrific opportunity. john in new york. john? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing today? >> fine, how are you? >> caller: good. i've got a question about blackberry. >> 1 1/2 up, 1 1/2 down, i don't know, no edge there. let's go to tim in california. tim? >> caller: hey, cramer, i'm in vsat, what do you think? should i take profits or get out? >> i think it's got more to go. i think it's got more to go. i like the situation. i would hold on to it, i wouldn't go. let's go to steve in michigan. steve? >> caller: boo-yah, skee-daddy. >> what's up? >> caller: i want to talk about lululemon. i know about a month ago you tested the charts, but lately they've been getting hammered by
11:39 pm
the shorts. >> i don't like to buy the first year of a new ceo. we've got to see who the ceo is going to be. i like the stock, but i want to see that ceo situation. let's go to chris in new hampshire. chris? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: go red sox. >> hey, victorino. >> caller: yeah, i'm liking the -- i'm liking the portfolio and the yield of starwood. >> and i do too. on cnbc a lot, very smart guy, i think that's a good one. let's go to stewart in new york. stewart? >> caller: cramer, how are you? >> real good. how about you, partner? >> caller: okay. i like this small domestic oil company, and one i've got, i think, is a winner. kodiak oil and gas. >> kodiak has moved up dramatically. i do believe that oil's going to go down and therefore you'll be able to buy this stock maybe back at 12. if you don't own it. i agree with you, i like it and
11:40 pm
brian sullivan is doing some fantastic work going into the patch like we like it. let's go to kurt in indiana. kurt? >> caller: b-b-boo-yah to ya, jim. >> what's up? >> caller: my stock tonight is union pacific railroad. >> very controversial. stephanie link of and i are stymied, we didn't think the quarter was that good but we think 2014 will be a better year. if anything, we want to buy it under 150. >> buy, buy, buy! >> k >> caller: this is kathy in illinois. i was wondering what your opinion is on channel adviser. seems like it goes up and down a lot. >> i like channel advisor. but my favorite in that group is all time high today. best in show, even up here. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, tower power. at&t just pocketed nearly $5 billion selling off stakes in
11:41 pm
its cell towers, but the real cash to be made from this connection could still be ahead. connection could still be ahead. cramer's dialing up the winners. r
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you want to know the dirty little secret right at the soul of american capitalism? i'll tell you, there's nothing worse for business than competition. it is downright poisonous to profits. executives love to preach about the virtues of the free market, but there's something they like even better, and that's an unfree market where only a handful of players are capable of competing with each other. that's why our "mad money" word of the day is oligopoly, a market controlled by a small number of firms who can rake in enormous profits because it's so difficult for new entries to get a foothold in the business. it's just like monopoly, but instead of one company running everything, which is in most cases illegal, you've got three or four of them. nobody ever made a board game of it, and they don't need to, considering how well monopoly owner hasbro is doing, finishing up on a better than expected quarter today. when we find an emerging
11:45 pm
oligopoly, we like to jump in hand over fist. the airlines have been making you a killing because of consolidation. they now got a four-way oligopoly going among the major carriers. i still like the group and would switch into adoration mode if the justice department would allow the us airways/amr deal to go through. i mean, what's the deal? can't you be happy they're taking the $13 billion from jamie dimon. and over the weekend, i notice we've got another oligopoly in the wireless tower space. cci, the largest owner of cell phone towers in america is buying or leasing the lion's share of at&t's structure. spending $4.85 billion to buy 600 towers from at&t leasing another 9,100 for 28 years at which point they'll have an option to buy those too. i've been a fan of the tower stocks for years because they have a terrific business model. you build a tower and rent space on it to multiple different wireless providers. each tower can hold three or four antenna arrays and every additional one you add is almost
11:46 pm
pure profit. we're talking margins of an astounding around 90%, i do not have a lot of businesses that have that kind of profit margin. but lately, things have gotten even better to the point where it's about to reach true oligopoly status. this crown castle/at&t deal is just the latest in a long line of transactions that have concentrated the bulk of this country's wireless towers in the hands of just three operators. it's not even like the rails, there's four of them in here like the short line. crown castle, american tower and sbac. american tower, the second largest player announced it was buying global tower partners, number five player picking up 5,600 towers for $4.8 billion. crown castle, the number one operator in the country is getting nearly all of the towers owned by at&t, the number four player. and this isn't the first time crown castle bought towers from a wireless provider, a year ago did it with t-mobile picking up 7,200 towers. wireless providers like these deals because it gives them much-needed cash to build out
11:47 pm
their networks and upgrade them to 4g and the tower companies love them because they know how to ring the maximum amount of value from these assets. so, okay, we adore oligopolies. the company's going to have to do crown castle a secondary offering, where they have to issue a lot of stock in order to pay for this. and because there's going to be a secondary, the stock got dinged today, falling $1.30 even though this at&t deal should be additive to crown castle's fund for operations as early as next year. and long-term, the transaction will mean about a 5% boost. these are high-quality assets, people. about half the towers crown castle is getting are located in the top 50 markets. these towers have just 1.7 tenants each. which means crown castle can lease out space to at least one more wireless provider minimum. that means they can make a lot more money off these towers. i think you should try to get a piece of crown castle's secondary offering. and if you can't get your hands
11:48 pm
on these shares, you can buy the stock into the weakness going into the secondary. take a look at this story, consider putting in your share orders tomorrow morning. i think you need to be in this one before people realize exactly how great the secondary's going to be. the at&t deal is just part of the story. first of all, last month crown decided to turn itself into a real estate investment trust. reits get special tax treatment namely so long as they pay out 90% of their profits to investors in the form of dividends they don't have to pay any corporate income tax. as part of this reit transformation, paying a 35 cent quarterly dividend. crown castle has so much growth. i believe they'll be able to raise that payout year after year after year. we know that reit model works in this business because american tower already did the same thing, turning itself into a reit about 22 months ago. the shorts, looks like they're wrong. what else? just this morning, crown castle reported while the headlines
11:49 pm
numbers were mixed, one penny miss while revenues came in higher than expected rising 20.6% year-over-year. the commentary was extremely bullish. management talked about how the wireless carriers are planning to spend massive amounts of money building infrastructure. they see business and i quote as an unprecedented level of visibility with verizon, at&t and sprint and t-mobile talking about multi-year plans for the next generation of data services. i cannot recall when it was all at once like that. further, historically when the carriers would talk about capital spending, they would talk about it in a calendar year basis. and today we got four operators. deploying the next generation of these services and talking about the need to do so over multiple years, end quote. in short, crown castle is riding a multiple year bull market here and doing it at a time when the tower industry is considered, well, a slap happy oligopoly. yeah, the stock is not cheap. probably strikes you as high, but it has a 4.6% long-term growth rate. and many money managers will pay through the nose for that kind of growth.
11:50 pm
with this purchase of at&t's towers by crown castle along with other deals in the space, the wireless tower business is becoming just the kind of oligopoly that has made us so much money in the past. take advantage of crown castle's upcoming secondary offering to buy the stock in weakness or try to get some shares in the deal. and justice, please, look the other way on this deal. you're supposed to be blind for heaven's sake and enough with these procompetitive prosecutions already. stay with cramer. this veterans day, "mad money" honors those who defend our country's freedoms by helping defend their financial futures. if you or someone in your family is proudly serving or has served in america's armed forces, we invite you to join our live studio audience on november 8th for "mad money" invest in america salute to the troops. for tickets, go to
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cramer, you are super, you are awesome. >> i'm a first-time investor. >> thank you for inspiring me to get in the game. >> your show is the best. i'm so glad you're on tv. >> i want you to know you have transformed me. thank you, cramer. >> i hope you enjoyed today because tomorrow the taper talk begins all over again! yeah.
11:54 pm
tomorrow we get friday september employment at 8:30. and we need to recognize we'll be right back on washington's red hot griddle because that's the way the market works. no matter what the number, you'll be given a reason to sell, sell, sell. if it's too strong, we'll hear interviews from governors and we'll hear it can't be revived by the fed's failed efforts. lose/lose scenario. it's an opportunity for some to take profits. you know what, i say bring on the sale for heaven's sake. so many stocks have gone up endlessly, we need a selloff to cool things down. wouldn't you like apple under $500? which brings me to the pattern that has plagued this market for years. first we get great earnings like we're having now and then the stock market flies to new levels and then we hear rumbles that something's about to be awry in washington that's more important than anything else any other company could possibly say and then the washington drama. play out, giving the market a real beating and then we start all over again toward all-time high thanks to fabulous
11:55 pm
earnings. this preeminence is a system of the aftermath of the great recession and an activist administration that doesn't care about the stock market, even though the stock market's doing pretty darn well. companies become bit players in the bigger scheme of things and don't listen to what they have to say even during earnings season. if you recall, we had the last fed meeting and it produced a spectacular rally. then literally two days after that, we begin to hear about the possibility of government shutdown and a debt ceiling wrangle. we figured out the president and congress wouldn't let any shutdown go on too long, and we never default on our debt. then it dawned on us that maybe, just maybe the shutdown wouldn't be solved quickly and it could be more serious than we thought. like social security checks and defaults to the chinese. then we actually get the government shutdown which hammers the market and then the second punch where it was clear at least to me we had to go down to the last hour before a deal could possibly reach the end of the month. but the market didn't look at it that way. bottoming decline from the top. and we turn our focus to
11:56 pm
earnings again and we're off to the races. nothing's new to this rhythm. in fact, if you look at the cha we keep getting. better than expected earnings e washington steps in. any part of washington, president, fed, congress, taxes, whatever. they get -- earnings get right back in the driver's seat after that issue but not before that. it's got to be resolved and then we get another run when washington recedes. the employment number, the chatter and pain will begin anew and you can do one of two things. sell some stock because the taper talk will run thick or the recession chatter will take over, or just ignore the sirens. why don't you sell some stuff tomorrow, it didn't get hurt today and get ready to buy it back when the taper talk recedes once again. stay with cramer.
11:57 pm
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cross, and they're doing everything. wow. i can't believe it. plus 400. i'd like to say there's a bull market somewhere, i promise to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow. go from an underground -- what i like to call the "wild west days" -- into a respected, go from an underground -- what i like to call the "wild west legal, licensed industry. >> there's endless business opportunities. it's like the internet boom. >> do you represent the new generation of cannabis entrepreneurs? >> this is america's new hot industry. >> so, it's always important to make sure that you have high-quality pot. >> with the medical marijuana, you take a hit of it, you're


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