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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  October 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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go on. unfortunately, this is self inflictsed. and it is real. as we move into the fourth quarter at a slower pace and sadly, much of it has to do with the freeze that the government has instilled throughout the economy, because of its inability to get anything done. before we go and take a look at the market today, we had gains on the street. and ashley we saw a pretty good pickup at the end of the day. the dow is up 61 points. nasdaq up 14. have a great weekend, everybody, thanks for being with us. hope you follow me on twitter and google plus. see you on monday. have a great weekend. ♪ >> live from the nasdaq markets in new york city's times square this is fast money, america's post market show. i'm melissa lee here's tonight lineup. need a little allman brothers in your life? why the highflyers are finally cracking. total request friday is here. facebook frenzy a huge run for
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the stock. thursday's big report be the true tell on mobile monetization, our traders give you the social playbook. our traders are brian kelly, steve grasso guy adami. small caps large caps transports, all hitting record highs again today, we're playing hold them and fold them. amazon fed ex disney and chipotle. let's start with amazon. guy. >> i won the street fight, but i lost the ultimate jury which is the marketplace, which is the stock market. but i mean the quarter was fine but at a certain point we said it during the street fight, it will catch up. they have to start turning a profit. obviously, they didn't do it this quarter. the street gave them a lot of slack. but i don't think you can chase amazon at these levels so i'm in the fold 'em camp. >> steve grasso. >> amazon you have to hold. i would be a holder of it. 24% is what the revenue jumped f. you look at retailers warmed.
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but ecommerce expects to skyrocket. >> i'm a folder. as a folder the other day as well. it's not so much i dislike the company, just it's up so much. to me amazon is like the broad market in general. as long as everybody believes that eventually revenue, will beget earnings on the bottom line, then great, then amazon could continue to go. i'm just not going to be the guy who buys a stock up that's gapped up two times in the last month. >> tim? >> i'm a folder. people -- steve is right. this stock has moved with the market. you have been wrong to bet hard against it. you haven't necessarily wanted to play if you're someone like me who looks at valuation. this went from 250 to 170 last year, this can hurt you badly. i think they have a fantastic edge. they are doing deals with procter & gamble. this is an attractive part of the business model felt but i cannot buy this stock at this level even though i believe in amazon's model. >> you are holding amazon, that
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doesn't mean you would initiate a position at these levels. >> that's correct. to tim's point, if the market loses traction here these are the type of stocks that get a chunk taken out of them. so you better have the stomach. even though i say i'm holding it. if the market turns south, you have to have good discipline know where your exit strategy is going to be then act upon it. >> let's get the score card here. one loan hold 'em on amazon. from steve grasso. the rest of the folks on the desk they are all folds. >> i like how you look over your shoulder. guy and b.k. >> tim is looking right at you. >> i'm looking right at you. tim is straight on. >> let's move on here. let's talk fed ex and grasso kick it off. >> fed ex is the same thing on the back of amazon if you think retailers have a tough time you think ecommerce is not going to have a tough time or it's going to be the shining spot in retail, then you want to be a buyer of ups, a buyer of fed ex i'd be a holder of it. remember, you have cyber monday that's the biggest day for them of the holiday season.
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>> all right. i'll cut to the chase here. three people on this desk guy, grasso and tim are holding fed ex. b.k. is a lone fold. >> love it. >> tell these three guys why they are wrong. >> they are wrong, because the economy is slowing down. and fed ex is tied to the economy. look at what we had this morning, durable goods orders capital goods orders it's slowing down globally. so this company, that has gone parabolic won't do well. these guys say -- >> same economic data we had for the last six months effectively is the same data in which fed ex has gone from 90 to 130. >> this is not the same economic data. not the same economic data. absolutely not. >> even the last three months last move came from their earnings during a time we were worried about shutdowns, if you look at the stock, it was 90 bucks through to the middle part of this year. what's going on they took a lot of airfreight capacity out of chime a. they are seeing more growth internationally. there's a structural change in
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shipping. i think valuations for these guys, and the other shippers and transports, is something that can trade at a higher multiple. >> retiring their old fleet. new planes. three quarters ago they were lousy, they recovered in terms of stock price and in terms of the way they are operating. but the vitriol over on that side -- >> they are getting up in each other's grills. >> it's a street fight. total request friday. by the way, you guys should tweet us. we are monitoring twitter feeds throughout the show. we'll take these tweets as they come in. this should be pretty interesting what we get. try to keep it classy. it's a family show. let's hit the score card quickly on fed ex again, b.k. is the lone fold. the rest on the desk are holds. all right. disney, up next tim. >> what's going on is fantastic, content is king no one is better studio schedule looks strong. their fiscal fourth what you're seeing is parks and essentially the recreation part of their business is this is an accelerating part of the business that a lot of their
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competitors don't have. so when you look at what's going on across the media space, growth in interactive, this company is trading at a multiple it deserves these guys continue to make acquisitions, they are reative. they trade a higher multiple. it's not cheap. but it's a company reinventing itself. who knew they could? >> yeah. so tim is a hold. and what's interesting, is that all of the rest of these guys are also holds on disney. >> this is what i'm telling you right now. i'm going to give you that thing, november 5th they report you can see it now, talking to julia boorstin explaining how the quarter was strong. they see hurdles, but they're happy with the way the business is going, you see the stock being higher. you can just see it. fast fire my rear end, if it doesn't work out. >> we will. >> tell us content is king. we knew this the last couple years, content is king. you could throw a lion's gate in there, too. >> let's move to chipotle what
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do you say, b.k. >> i'm a fold 'em. when stocks like this they start to go parabolic and every stock is doing this. once they start to slow down on that growth it's hard to get that momentum once again. so for me i just can't be somebody who is going to buy a stock up like this at these levels so fold 'em. >> i'm guessing -- >> you have to fold this. >> all right. there you go. >> i know this isn't necessarily parallel logic, think of the market cap chipotle exceeds, burger king windy's jack in the box, domino's panera at the same time. i don't think this company is worth that. so i'm not paying that multiple. >> he did his homework. he had 50 times trail, 40 times forward. it's too much. so much richer. it's been parabolic, but when it stops, it's not going to be pretty. >> grasso you're a fold. >> i am. i like momentum plays, but b.k. is right it's running out of gas here.
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margins are going to get compressed a bit here. and the chart on this is just too parabolic for myself. >> let's hit the score card. across the board, on cmg, chipotle, folds, all those handsome guys they say no change you. >> total request fridays, okay we want to get to your tweets out there. this one is from golfer. when is it okay for ceo's to comment on their company's stock valuation, they should be in trouble like netflix and tesla. >> it was odd he did that. and we talked about it netflix, we talked about it on the show. he shouldn't be in trouble for is. i think he was just trying to be -- i thought it was odd he did it. i think he was trying to be the voice of reason i don't think he did anything wrong. >> in fact twitter is fine.
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when you hear ceo commenting on stock price, you step back and say, why is he doing that? there's nothing to gain by that. if a guy talks about euphoric price levels here's a guy that may have trouble living up to the growth. and it is a chance to kind of throw some caution to the wind. >> although it's interesting, the markets didn't give a hoot what he had to say about his stock. >> they try to have an heir of humility, when they do it. and it's not good as a stockholder, shareholder, there's no place for them to do this. and it doesn't make you feel comfortable, as a shareholder to, say he doesn't deserve the valuation. that's not the first time he said it either. >> send your tweets in. meantime big movers. coach down 7% this week. >> luxury brand, if everybody owns a handbag, it's a luxury brand. change of ceo, north american sales, their bread and butter were lower this week. this is not a company you stay in. i think there will be a difficult transition for coach. >> whirlpool, up 9%. >> monster week for this name.
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and even though durable goods came in lower than expected. actually still like this name here. it held up very well. when a stock does that to me that gets my attention, so if you're in it you hold it. and maybe you might even buy it. >> drop here for cat down 3%. >> ceo should be in trouble, because that quarter was so lousy, they had that kind of visibility, they didn't do it. the stock has been in this range, it held 81. there will be a point where it doesn't. and this stock is headed, in my opinion, for the low 70s. >> pop here for decker's up 17%. grasso. >> i bought the stock, but actually, i sold way too soon. i sold a couple days ago. i sold my position up 10%, i left a lot on the table. i think margins, still can grow from here. it still has some legs in it. i'm not ready to buy it back though, with a pop like this. >> west coast fashion, fish heads and a head shot fit for halloween. the fast money highlights of the
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week. >> back to you. >> very much josh lipton. >> first of all, in california they don't wear ties. >> never. go to california. and there are no ties to be found. >> that's what an experienced trader does. hats off to you, carl. >> you look like a nightclub bouncer that would not let me and my friends in. >> you know a little money under the table, josh i might let you in. >> you look intimidating. >> drop here for fish heads. >> what? >> clean up crews raised a stink wednesday after a truck dumped hundreds of fish heads into busy vancouver street. >> chum. vancouver. big fishing. >> see that. >> jesuit education down there. >> their line of running shoes, which i know you have several pairs of those. they actually took off. >> the what? >> it's right there. you had no idea. let's bring in j.b. on the fast line with the trade update here josh. >> given that horrendous picture -- first we need a new
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picture. i'm surprised there's not a light bulb in his mouth, you know what i'm say something. >> fester? >> a little bit. >> we love josh brown. i hope you're laughing with us out there. after the break, we fast forward to next week big earnings reports coming your way. we have the trades today. that much more fast straight ahead. ♪ trying to make a living and doing the best i can ♪ ♪ when it's time to leavin' ♪ ♪ i hope you'll understand ♪ ♪ that i was born a rambling man ♪ ck, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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with premium care maintenance included. ♪ all right. total request friday including all of the songs we are playing tonight. keep tweeting. all right, marty asks so b.k. is a fold 'em on just about every stock. does he long anything? and oh here's a corollary related tweet. bk is wearing the bear suit. >> these are excellent questions. that bear brush. here's the deal. yes, i am long, several things. what i found most success is buying low selling high.
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you probably heard that before. so all these stocks that are parabolic, of course i want to take some off the table. what i like is natural gas. i like apache chesapeake those are names i would be long here. in terms of the bear suit. i get bearish when the federal reserve takes their foot off the pedal. you saw it in the spring when they talked about taper, we'll see it maybe in the next couple weeks, i get bearish, full bear suit isn't quite on. i have a small short position. >> halfway zipped up the back. >> i don't know about halfway zipped up the back. i might switch to velcro this season. that would be better. >> this is for tim. suzanne asks what do you think about jcp? >> this is a neutral stock at this point. i would not be rushing into buy some. you can speculate. 27% of the overall float is short. i think if you look at what the company is saying and i'm saying recently these guys say 2 billion in sales in 2015. that would actually be reason to own the company. i think there is room for speculation. but i am not doing it tomorrow. >> all right. guy, this is for you. josh asks what is wrong with
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f-5, upgrades and earnings stock price drops. >> solid quarter, eps guidance is not what the street was looking for. it held 80 a bunch of times and has bounced. i think what people are worried about is space might be a commodity. own this against 80 bucks, there's an analyst day november 5th or so maybe later, own it into that. >> and this is for grasso ron swindle, a great name by the way. he asks thoughts on volero. >> biggest input cost. it's a big bullish call for valero incredible move as of late. next thing you have to see is the keystone pipeline get approved. so that's a big if. i would hold off on valero. too big of a move. >> let's fast forward to next week. and two of the most highly anticipated reports of the earnings season. facebook reporting third quarter results on thursday stock rocketsing higher by 52% in the past three months. on the back of second quarter numbers. can it keep up this pace? grasso? >> revenue is more than 80% of
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total revenue. so what they need right now, they need to monetize mobile. we know that. they need more mobile users, they are going to get that. but i still think it's run into a wall of resistance here i wouldn't be a buyer into earnings. >> next up, apple reporting earnings on monday after the bell, we did get a tweet on this. we want to bring this up. from jim bob, mel, we love you. >> jim bob. >> how you doing, jimmy? >> he's asking if apple is a buy, sell or hold before earnings. and after, if it's a beat. >> he's asking me? he addressed -- >> he's asking you. >> jim bob, love everything jim bob. we talked about apple, we said hold 460, it should see 525. you're at 525 or 529. they have to smoke it this quarter for the stock to continue this arc it's been on. margins will be a concern. i'd rather take profits into earnings, if you miss it you miss it. that's the way i'd play it. >> moving away from earn accident holding october meeting on tuesday, with statement expected on wednesday.
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so how should be trading treasuries. >> i'm long treasuries. stay long treasuries. you have two choices with the fed. they will either flair in which case treasuries should do well. or they will fold. and if you're worried about a rate spike, when they are folding, take a look at japan what happened in 2005-6 when they took their foot off the gas pedal, rates went from 2% down to .75%. so don't worry about a spike in interest rates. >> i'm on the other side of that trade. >> you are? >> i'm tbt, 250, the ten year is at bottom of the range. i agree with beak's history book. if you look where we've been and where the fed has to go, and a fed we said on this desk maybe more bearish than hawkish than people think. they technically have to be. i'd watch out. >> all right. it was a wild week. we have the recap of the best moments right after this. ♪
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♪ all right. i have a confession, i requested that song. >> my kids love that song. >> you should look it up on youtube it's an amazing video. hysterical. let's move on. in case you missed moments here's is a rapid-fire recap. >> earnings right where we expected them as well, which is why we're able to reconfirm
5:23 pm
guidance for 3 to 4% organic growth. 5 to 7% earnings per share growth which is 11 to 13% growth. so we're right on track. >> survey says more than expected. durable goods september up 3.7. >> you don't want corporate mentality to invade football. because football is all about competition. and i think the nfl has done an excellent job and with salary caps and all that in keeping that competition alive. >> cnbc learned senator rand paul, republican senator from kentucky threatened to put a hold on the nomination of president obama of janet yellin to be the new federal reserve chairman. >> i see upside. but look we were up 16% last year we're up 23% now. i mean you know where is it written, that we should be rewarded that handsomely year after year? >> that's a perfect piece of michael jordan memorabilia.
5:24 pm
you get his house, his basketball court. >> first thing i would do rip up every board of that basketball court and put it on ebay t. has the sweat and everything on it. >> all right. let's have more total request friday for you guys out there and get more tweets. first one is can you hear me asks wow, don't play fb into earnings. terrible advice, guys. goog up amazon up like come on. twitter on the way. fb wins. >> i don't know what that means. >> he's ripping on you. >> come on man. you only need one. don't ever say net net if you're out in company. think about it. >> this one is for tim. woody asks you, thanks for melly, what do you think now. >> continuing to grow beyond expectations, 52 times earnings is not cheap but not expensive for meli a few uncertainties in
5:25 pm
the competitive landscape down south, also argentine business is under pressure. hang loose until those numbers are done. >> this one is for brian kelly, i think. angel asks is this -- wait mel, this is for the rocker in the band. love the show. >> that's got to be me. come on. >> any action on the gold miners? >> actually i disagree with grasso on the gold miners rather own gold. in this case now, i'd rather own the gold miners i think oil is going down. that's a big input for them. so i'd own the gold miners. >> guy, theresa asks please discuss gild. >> it's gone parabolic. get out ahead of earnings october 29th i love the company but the run has been too much too fast. >> by the way, to all of you out there, thanks for sending in tweets. it's a fun friday on this show time for the final chance to go around the home. >> stay in platen america, arco largest mcdonald's franchise. >> give you something else to
5:26 pm
buy, the u.s. dollar uup. >> grasso. >> if you think europe has bottomed, ford will rip out and break out. >> guy. >> get into these, roper ahead of earnings we talked about this for a while. rop. >> thanks so much for watching. catch for fast on monday at 5:00. have a great weekend, options action begins right after this break. it's estimated that 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted.
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streetline has looked at the problem of parking which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice how to engage with municipalities how to structure deals and as we think about internationally, citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants and that certainly is huge.
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♪ this is options action tonight, facebook is on fire. >> i don't want my face burned off. >> could earnings ruin the rally? we'll tell you how you should play it with a special report. plus, will apple earnings get this guy off this guy's back? >> it's like the old story, where, you know the wife keeps hitsing her husband. >> and you won't believe which tech stock is poised to break out. >> why don't you go ahead and take any one you want i'm feeling lucky today. >> the action starts right now. >> live from
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