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tv   Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo  CNBC  November 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we'll see about that. >> thanks. have a good weekend. we're going to go out with a decent gain for the major averages as we start the month of november. we'll continue our coverage of the l.a.x. shooting and look at this market as we begin a new month on wall street. it's time for the second hour of the "closing bell." >> first day of trading in november is in the books. i'm kayla in for maria bartiromo. bill griffeth will rejoin me in a moment pop a day dominated with tragic events in los angeles, here's how we're finishing the day on wall street. dow giving back some to close at 68 points. nasdaq up 2.3 and s&p up about 5. we're still watching some developments out of l.a.x. we've been turning to l.a.x. all afternoon for some of those
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developments. we want to send it back to scott now. >> thanks. just before 9:30 on a friday morning, a busy airport, nation's third busiest at l.a.x. business travelers going home for a long week, people getting started on a long weekend and a gunman bursts through security line with an assault rifle. he shoots one tsa officer fatally, injuries another and continues almost all the way back to the airport gates. nbc news, according to law enforcement officials, say he's paul anthony ciancia, 23 years old, u.s. citizen. apparently not related to the tsa. there were conflicting reports earlier. authorities say seven people in all were injured. six taken to local hospitals. ciancia's condition is not known but apparently he was shot by police. authorities at the airport say that the situation is static now. that operations in some parts of the airport will be back to normal but not necessarily in
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terminal 3, which includes allegiant, frontier, jetblue and virgin america. there have been ripple effects in traffic control system across the country as traffic was stopped, ground hold, for flights headed to los angeles and all the way across the country in new york. the port authority of new york and new jersey says it has stepped up patrols at three new york area airports just in case. but no direct result, they say, in terms of air traffic from the situation at l.a.x. back to you. >> scott, thank you. let's actually get more details on the impact it's had on the airport itself and the traffic on the ground there. jane wells on the ground there. jane? >> reporter: bill, things are slowly getting back to something approaching normal eventually. american airlines is saying the ground stop that has kept all flights headed for l.a. on the ground. they hope to lift that right about now.
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and jetblue in terminal 3 where this happened, it has said earlier it is operating all flights from l.a.x. out of long beach today. now we have the video of the one jetblue airplane that landed from jfk, was not allowed to deplane, flight 23 taking off to long beach and passengers will deplane there. that's about half an hour south on the 405 on a good day. virgin america in that same terminal 37 we saw a virgin america flight taxiing through here. both airlines saying none of their employees were hurt in this incident. other airlines making different arrangements. united in terminal 8, still allowing passengers flying through l.a. to make changes to those plans. a man i ran into, checked out of his hotel, flying klm out of
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bradford terminal, which is next to terminal 3. i said, i don't think that will happen. you heard everyone talking about the great inter-agency operation here. training for an incident at l.a.x. is probably the number one emergency training that goes on in this era in los angeles right now. there have been incidents. . in september a former tsa employee arrested for allegedly making threats -- >> we got most of it. >> on battery and troubled signal with a lot of cell signals. our thanks to jane. she mentioned a lot of airlines in terminal 3, jetblue, frontier, their stocks didn't move on this news. actually up about a percent. the floor, of course, following the events today at los angeles international airport. bob pisani has been at the forefront of all of this. >> a modest move after we had
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that announcement of the shooting at l.a.x. take a look at dow jones. we were weak earlier in the morning. there were concerns about the ism number. we hit the lows as those announcements were made around 1:00 eastern time. dr dow dropped 20, 30 points and then rebounded back. interest rates have been a concern today. ever since the fed announcement on wednesday. slowly moving up. about 2.48 on wednesday. they moved up again today as we got that ism being better than expected. again, reviving concerns the fed may begin tapering sooner than expected. big ipo, container store pricing 12.5 million shares at $18, opened at35 and stayed rock solid throughout the day closing at $36. the ceo on our air earlier today talking about expanding those stores nationwide. take a look at some other action we've had for the week.
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nasdaq, one of three nasdaq options markets were closed for most of the day. nasdaq announced there were some issues with the way trading was going on. their investing and the cause for that. they plan to open on a monday as usual. options trading continued in 11 other options markets that existed nationwide. take a look at how we did for the week. dow jones industrial average eking out a narrow gain, just in the last half hour. s&p up as well. nasdaq down 0.5%. >> thank you for that, bob. we want to talk about the markets and dissect what we've seen. joining us, stephanie link from the street, ryan dietrich from shafers research, larry mcdonald, and rich peterson from s&p capital iq. welcome. thanks for being here on a friday afternoon. stephanie, we'll kick it off with you. what positive signs do you see in the market, whether it's cash, whether it's inflows into the equity market, that make you believe the equity run isn't over yet? >> for one, earnings are better than expected.
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i know rich is the expert on equities number. revenue is a little better than expected. the fed is definitely on hold. even if they taper, they're still very accommodative. to me, this week, what's really interesting, is commodity costs are coming down. oil is down 15% from the august 28th high. >> tell that to my local gas station. go ahead. >> that's a good thing. it's good for the consumer and also good for companies that use this as an input cost. that's why you've seen discretionary names do well this week. you've seen the staple stocks do well this week. the economic data is actually pretty good. those numbers today, the new export orders equate to something like a 3% gdp number. we're not going to get to 3% right away, but if you annualized it, it's pretty good. >> mr. earnings expert, i mean, they have come in better than expected.
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expectation 3% and we're almost at 5 % in terms of the growth rate. >> right. we're at 5.2% according to capital iq estimates. if we maintain 5.2%, this would be the best quarter of the year. >> where did we get it wrong? what sectors are outperforming? >> october 8th, nine of ten sectors have improved and biggest gains coming from materials, i.t., health care and financials, more so revenues up 4.1%. best quarter of the year for revenue growth. in fact, if we sort of -- over the next 100-plus companies that report, if we get over 4.7%, which is a little high hurdle, this would be the best quarter for revenue growth since -- >> even amid high profile companies where we saw revenue misses as we've seen for a number of quarters. >> it's doing well. >> low, slow growth economy. we get gdp numbers next week. job numbers for friday. you may see a hiccup in the
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unemployment rate because of the government shutdown whereby tapering pushed that back to 2014. >> we have a lot of bulls here today. anything you see in the market that is a little troubling or that you take as a sign you either need to sit back or do something else with your money right now? >> that's a great point. you're looking at sentiment polls. the put/call ratios are showing levels we saw previous peaks this year. again, we've had this great run. i was on three weeks ago with bill and said, buy now because everyone hates the market. we had that 7% rally in 15 days. now we're getting a little excited. nothing wrong with that 37 but we continue to say buy the dip. we'll have a pullback eventually. we all know september, october are usually bearish. when they're each up over 2%, only happened 13 times over the last 100 years, november and december are usually bullish months. up 4% on average. 13 times up 12 of those times.
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very good rally. we would continue to buy the dips. there could be a dip coming pretty soon, in my opinion. >> larry mcdonald, what's your expectation for the fed, economic data coming in a little better than expected, earnings, we're hearing from rich peterson, better than expected. likely we'll talk about tapering sooner rather than later? >> i think people have something wrong this week. on the 22nd the fed made this cautious, hawkish stance. then the entire street going into september thought we would have a september taper because of what the fed said in may. >> oh, yeah, we all remember that. now, the fed is trying, bill, to maintain credibility. they're embarrassed, because they didn't taper. so this reaction in the bond market, like you said a couple minutes ago, a big backup in bond yields. the fed is trying to maintain some credibility in the world. my big question for the guest and the viewers is if you think
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the fed -- if you're really bullish on stocks because of this extended taper, and i think what the fed did this week is not really true, in fact, i think the fed may taper in june, july or august of next year, if that's the case and you're bullish on stocks, then have you to be bullish on the gold miners here, because if you think about qe, qe2 is about $600 billion. qe2 back in 2010-11. if we don't taper until, say, june, that's $660 billion of more easing -- >> you asked the question. let's see what people say about that. you like gold and miners? >> i'm not a gold bull short term. i could make the case if you had a two and three-year time horizon to be picking at some gold because it's obviously come down. i don't think it's particularly cheap at these levels. if you're thinking down the road about inflation and all this monetary stimulus around the world, certainly, you can make a case for it. i think there are better places to put your money in the commodity arena.
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i think energy looks very interesting. i think some material stocks have started to act better. some coal names are starting to bottom and trough, if you will. there's other places, i would rather go at least in the near term. >> we want to ask one more question about the buy side. obviously, a market that's been on this much of a tear is great for ipos. the criticism is these companies are going public at the top. the one getting the criticism is twitter. potentially overvalued. coming public into a very fully valued market. if you were advising clients, would you say, buy this ipo or sit on the sidelines? >> for twitter specifically, i think after the kind of number facebook just put up, and it's a little more established and has a better user base and probably better growth down the road, that would be the one on weakness i would be buying. twitter certainly will probably get a pop. but it's -- it's unproven as a public company. i think i would lean towards facebook. >> very good. thanks, folks. appreciate your thoughts on today's market action. see you later. appreciate it. we'll have more on the situation
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at the shooting in los angeles international airport. we have the identity of the shooter now from law enforcement officials. we're still waiting for information from ucla medical center where those seven shooting victims were taken to get the latest update on how they're doing. we'll get to that in a moment. >> that incident in los angeles occurring less than 48 hours between 26,000 runners will line up for the new york city marathon. of course, just months after the incident at the boston marathon, you can imagine organizers have been amping up security ahead of the weekend's race, even before this because of what happened there. you know, these public events, you just never know what can happen. hard to secure. tensions are even higher and we'll take you behind the scenes there.
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we are continuing to try and get our arms around the dramatic events at los angeles international airport. we have the identity of the shooter, a 23-year-old from california. and seven shooting victims who are at ucla medical center. we're still trying to get some sense of their condition at this point, but we want to talk about
4:17 pm
security issues and what's going on at l.a.x. joining us is jeff lanza, former fbi agent, and aaltorii from mythbusters, was in terminal 3. can you tell us what you have or have not seen? >> this is the most -- it's like a nightmare come true. when you hear about these things that happen in the news you're like, gosh, i'm glad i wasn't there. i was at gated 33 when i heard gunshots and everybody ran down the hallway toward the gate. it was just panic everywhere. people were jumping all over each other, jumping -- we were trying to stay low, ducking. i kept my eye on the corridor to make sure he wasn't going to come down. finally security opened up one of the gates and we all piled out down the stairs onto the
4:18 pm
tarmac and basically just hid behind whatever we could find. >> we have a map of terminal 3. this is not the one i'm thinking of, guys -- there it is. you were in 33. did you get to see the shooter at pull? those just joining us -- >> i never -- i never -- >> hang on. he entered the terminal on the left there and took a semi-automatic out of the -- an assault rifle, i keep getting that wrong, assault rifle out of his bag, went through the terminal firing, down that corridor toward those gates. you were at 33. the burger king is just in front of that. did you see the shooter? all you saw were people running towards you, is that it? >> yeah. i was looking down the hallway when i heard the shots. and i saw everybody coming -- running towards us. everybody was like, it's the shooter, it's the shooter. it was the worst -- like your worst nightmare being there. it felt like an eternity.
4:19 pm
it probably only lasted a few minutes but felt like an eternity until we could get out of the terminal and get to safety. >> jeff, we want to turn the conversation to you and to security because at this point we don't know if the shooter bypassed security, went through the security f there was just a lapse in some of the security there. we just don't know. how can an airport guard against these issues in the future? do you believe security could be such lapsed to get a rifle that far down? >> you still have the entry point situation. someone coming into the industry poi entry point with a weapon can use any resources that are there, human beings. any business has this problem. workplace violent we've seen happen so many times this year. people come right to the perimeter, right to the entry point, that's where they inflict
4:20 pm
their damage. you can't do much about protecting that in an open public space. this just happened to be an airport situation. >> jeff, we're getting some information about the suspect, paul anthony ciancia, knbc had a conversation with his father, saying they didn't know where he was, if he had a job, or if he had any weapons. according to knbc, he had a clean record. he had a california driver's license. we have learned from justice correspondent pete williams he was an american citizen. would there have been any way to have found paul ciancia before this happened? >> not based on what you just said. sometimes people operate their lives in a normal fashion. there's no predisposition, no indication that something's going to happen. there may be outside and underneath the radar screen but nobody's seeing that. no threats to the airport, no threats to the facility and no way to protect against someone with a gun that can come into a place like that.
4:21 pm
>> tory, before we let you go, what are they telling you? where are you? what's the status of your flight right now? >> right now we're just -- [ inaudible ] after the incident they brought us a shuttle and shuttled us to another area. there's probably over 2,000 people in here and we've been here since the incident. they're calling people forward who were actually eyewitnesss. so they can describe what happened. >> so the investigation continues at this point? >> yeah. there's still -- there's armed guards everywhere. still sweeping the entire terminal. >> jeff, that would be normal protocol. >> yes. that will continue for a while until they figure out if there are any other threats and before they go back to normal. i anticipate that will continue throughout the rest of the day
4:22 pm
and maybe even into tomorrow and the weekend. >> jeff lanza, former fbi agent. thank you. tory, we hope you get to your destination in a timely fashion. thank you for calling in. >> thank you. >> more on the tragedy at l.a.x. coming up in just a moment. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eenie. meenie. miney. go. ♪ ♪
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we're following every incident at l.a.x. following the shooting incident in terminal 3 at l.a.x. it comes just three weeks before the start of the holiday shopping season. just more than a month since that deadly attack at a mall in kenya. the question we're asking in addition to several other questions, is should mall operators be taking steps to increase security in the wake of these incidents? >> let's talk to michael rosen, president of rosen security, and advises shopping centers on security, and a former israeli defense director. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> obviously a difficult day. when you talk about public arenas, and a shopping mall certainly qualifies in that area, what can you do? there's only so much you can do short of making a shopping mall a fortress which isn't all that inviting for shoppers, right? >> right.
4:26 pm
this is a tragic event. my thoughts and prayers to the victims. shopping area, similar to open areas of public airports, is by its very nature hard to protect. we talk about proceed active measures, talking about potential weaponry and intent before it happens. >> you know, i've been to stores where they make you check your purse, your bag, when you get there. of course, it's easier for a store to secure itself than for a mall to secure public areas. do you think we'll see any retailers utilizing more specific tactics this season? >> i think our shoppers will probably see a higher presence of law enforcement security personnel, maybe at entry points as well as inside the shopping stores throughout the country. >> this may be off your turf, but thinking about the tsa
4:27 pm
officers who were involved in this, we still don't know how many were involved but we've heard seven shooting victims were taken to hospitals there. they aren't armed. should they be? >> the tsa agents themselves that perform the screening, they in my opinion don't have to be armed. however we have to have a layered security system that allows the -- our security apparatus to identify the perpetrator before they're inside the terminal. whether it's the entry point, pedestrian entry points with a trained personnel looking for intent. like behavior detection have been very effective in identifying malicious intent -- >> the reason i ask, this guy got from one end of the terminal and got all the way to the gates before he was stopped. but in the process he took out that many tsa agents.
4:28 pm
if they were armed, chances are he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did, right? >> that's correct. >> based on what we know at this point, which is not a lot. >> that's right. a lot more -- we'll learn a lot more in the investigation. but maybe having armed officers, as they do, they do have armed officers in those public areas, is definitely very important to have critical and immediate response. >> you advise retailers, you advise shopping centers. of course, we're coming up upon this most important season for them. there's a balance to strike here, which is you can't be so oversecured you turn away the shoppers, as bill was mentioning earlier. how can retailers strike that balance? >> a proper combination of physical security measures, technology and humans.positioni that allows security personnel to detect perpetrators of violence, right then and there, before bad things happen, is essentially. it's technology, physical
4:29 pm
security measures and humans. >> you mentioned behavior detection before. i want to get a little elaboration. it sounds like a simple strategy but what behavior do you look for and just how simple is that type of a strategy? >> it does require training. it does require more understanding of these methods. it's important to point out every incident, despite motive, has two main components, weapon for the attack and the intent to use the weapon. and behavior detection allows trained professionals to identify malicious intent, identify someone who is concealing a weapon, who is afraid of being caught before the weapon is drawn, who is reacting to a presence of uniform or undercover officers right there. that's a very effective tool that could be applied by many in this country. >> michael rozin, thank you very much for your time and thoughts. appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having me. >> we're still following all the latest developments on the
4:30 pm
shooting at los angeles international airport coming up. plus, as we mentioned, new york city marathon organizers, that's on sunday. they're paying especially close attention to what's happening on the left coast. we'll go behind the security tape of the world's largest marathon. we'll do that when we come back after this. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q and a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. [ bagpipes and drums playing over ]
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welcome back. a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport taking place this morning. we've been following it throughout the day and we have scott cohn back at headquarters tracking the developments. >> one tsa agent is dead, several others wounded after a gunman burst through security at l.a.x. this morning. about 9 :20 this morning in terminal3 which includes virgin airways and jetblue, among others. the suspect identified by law enforcement as paul anthony ciancia, 23-year-old citizen from los angeles. shot by police. his condition unknown. seven injured, six transported to hospitals, according to authorities. air traffic is quite
4:34 pm
understandably a mess. there's still a national ground stop on flights headed for l.a.x. and multiple delays for departures from the airport as well. part of the airport is open but much is trying to get back to normal after an incident that the authorities now say is under control, is stable, but having ripple effects across the country with stepped up patrol at other airports, including to new york. again, a tsa officer shot and killed this morning. and multiple others injured. by a gunman who was apparently using an assault rifle, took it out of the bag, blasted through airport security and got all the way through terminal 3, all the way to the gates this morning at l.a.x. back to you. >> scott, thank you. we have another passenger who's sitting on a jet on the tarmac at l.a.x. she's on the cnbc news line right now. marty wilson. did you just land or were you
4:35 pm
getting ready to take off ar what -- what's the disposition of your flight? >> we just landed at l.a.x. we were flying in from british columbia, and we landed at l.a.x. airport. we have been on the aircraft for close to three hours now. we have taxied over -- >> what are they telling you? did they tell you what happened? are they giving you some sense of when you might be able to deplane? >> they have given us a little bit of information. just indicating that there was an incident that took place at the airport. we have now taxied over to the airport -- landmark airport, a corporate jet aircraft gate. and we are still waiting for some transit to come and get us. we're still on the tarmac, in the airport, but our doors are
4:36 pm
open and we're waiting for some buses. >> marnie, is los angeles your final destination or were you hoping to connect to go to where else? >> i was planning to connect to go through to washington, d.c. with a colleague of mine. >> doesn't sound like that's going to happen now. what's the mood like on the plane? everybody understand what's going on? a lot of patience or a lot of tension right now? >> actually, everybody's really patient. thankfully they have the doors open now, so there's some fresh air coming in now. but everybody's been well behaved, patient the and the flight crew has been amazing. >> you have a bathroom, you have some snacks and some service at your disposal. but has it been communicated to you how long you guys are going to be there? i'm sure you're looking for any answers you can get at this point. >> what we've been told is that there are buses on their way to come and to pick us up and to pick up our luggage, but we've
4:37 pm
only been told they don't know how long it's going to take before those buses come and get us. a lot of the roads are closed off. and there's difficulties accessing us. we don't know how long, but none of us are expecting to be getting out of here any time too soon. they are going to transport us to a hotel. >> i'm going to bet you're a frequent flier. pretty experienced flier. does an incident like this make you rethink sometimes whether you want to fly or not? >> i don't know if it makes me rethink wanting to fly but it makes me rethink wanting to fly through some of the more troublesome airports. >> all right. marnie, thanks. we hope you get off the jet pretty soon. >> yeah, i hope so, too. thanks, take care. bye-bye. >> we should note that the twitter feed for l.a.x. airport @lax underscore official has tweeted once terminals 1, 2
4:38 pm
and 3 are cleared by law enforcement officials, there will be dpee par tours. >> that's a big issue. the president has been briefed on this all day. he just spoke out about the l.a.x. shooting. hampton pearson has more on that. >> the president was asked at the end of a photo op with prime minister maliki. his response was very brief. >> of course, we've been monitoring it. we're concerned about it but i'll let law enforcement officials talk about it directly. thanks, everybody. >> you heard it, as we know, the president has been kept abreast. it's an ongoing investigation. but basically now deferring everything to the west coast where they are deeply involved with law enforcement authorities putting together the investigation. we know the shooter is a 23-year-old u.s. citizen. how many people, in fact, were injured or killed. again, very brief comments from the president moments ago at the
4:39 pm
white house on the ongoing investigation of the incident at l.a.x. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, hampton, for bringing us up to speed on that. our coverage of the fatal shooting at los angeles international airport continues. right now we're getting some notes from that said 1,100, roughly, flights were scheduled to operate. roughly a quarter of those were affected on the departure and arrival side. >> that's a big, big number. organizers of the new york city marathon certainly keeping close tabs on the development. the race is this weekend on sunday. we'll take you behind the scenes where things just got more tense, we're guessing.
4:40 pm
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tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so you can take charge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 of your trading. deadly shooting at los angeles international airport of a few hours ago comes just two days before new york city marathon. security there was already fairly high due to the terrorist attack that occurred at the boston marathon earlier this year. mary thompson, herself a long distance runner, takes us behind the scenes of the world's largest marathon. >> reporter: as you can hear, they're getting ready for the opening ceremonies which begins in a little less than an hour. it was a day after boston bombings new york police commissioner ray kelly said they begin revamping security.
4:43 pm
they will keep the 47,000 runners and more than 2 million spectators safe. over 100 mobile cameras have been set up along the race course, monitored by command center from the nypd. here's ray kelly. >> we also use specialized resources in all five boroughs, helicopters, trained detection teams along the route. nypd harbor units will escort ferries to runners to their appointed start on staten island. >> runners will be screened before the start. can only use clear plastic bags to carry their belongings and banned from wearing bulky masks. hydration systems also prohibited during the marathon. if you're watching and thinking of bringing a backpack, keep it at home. they'll be subject to search by nypd. all these precautions being
4:44 pm
taken to make sure what happened in boston doesn't happen here in new york. the new york road runners club did issue an statement in light of the l.a.x. shootings saying we're comfortable and confident with our safety and security plans as led by the nypd. kayla, back to you. >> thanks so much for that, mary. a lot of spectators are going to be out there this weekend, watching. so, the advice about not bringing a backpack is something a lot of people should heed. >> very important. >> more on stepped up security for the new york marathon, joining us is former nypd deputy chief and now with braun risk consultant. thank you for joining us. you heard mary say the team from the nypd has helicopters, explosive detection. anything thaels can be done? >> as commissioner kelly said they're mobilizing all resources. the nypd plans everything out to the nth degree. everything has been planned long before today's tragedy at l.a.x. since the boston marathon
4:45 pm
bombing in may, the nypd has ratcheted up planning for today's event. nobody does event planning better than the nypd. they'll have many invert and covert things in place to try to do their best to ensure safety of the runners and spectators. >> i don't mind the security because i realize what it's for. it's for safety. but there comes a point if you do so much security, it ceases to be a fun event. i mean, how do you -- how do you take it up to that line without going too far over and make it more like a fortress mentality? >> it's a great point. it's a balance. security event planning is a balance. you'll notice at times square on new year's eve, the merrymakers have grown accustomed to being placed in pens and screened. after people get used to, it it's second nature. getting on a plane is much different than it was 10, 15 years ago. it's a great point about the balance but people would rather have a little more inconvenience
4:46 pm
to guarantee their safety. >> one of the unique aspects of this race is it's 26.2 miles. you go through all five boroughs of new york. that's a big course to try to secure and lock down. are there any points -- you were at the nypd during these marathons. are there any points you would recommend spectators would have more luck finding room to stand where security wouldn't be so tight or, you know, more comfortable? >> well, it's a great event. it's a great spectacle. it's been going on for so long. i would never say go someplace that's less secure. the entire event will be as skoouf secure at the nypd can make it. i suggest to people, go to the event, live your life. if you see something, be mindful, vigilant, say something. >> those who go to the u.s. tennis open have learned f you're going to take a backpack, you'll wait in line for an hour and a half. if you don't take the backpack, you're ushered right on through.
4:47 pm
>> it's a sad reality of post 9/11 world today. >> same thing for the marathon. >> exactly. people will become more and more accustomed to this. it's our post-9/11 world. we deal with it and move on. that's part of the resiliency of americans. >> chief, good to see you. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> sounds like not even a picnic basket will pass at this year's race. >> it will be searched. have you to wait. >> we'll have more on the shooting at l.a.x. of course, we've been monitoring that throughout the day. >> turned out to be a very big week on wall street. this weekend we have a very big one, next week as well. earnings, twitter's ipo and the latest delayed jobs number as well. that's all coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50
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decent gains to start the month on wall street, and we have a big week ahead as well, with several potential market moving events coming our way next week. >> let's check in at headquarters with dominic. what's up for next week? >> we have a whole bunch of macro, big picture and micro side of things because it's a big earnings week as we head to the second week of s & p 500 and big cap earnings season. on monday, all about food, kellogg's and cisco, on tuesday,
4:51 pm
you have tesla, electric car maker, will the momentum continue for that stock? on wednesday, we start to see big media companies report. cbs, time warner, also whole foods, always a fun one to watch. on thursday, you get wendy's and disney. then on friday, you get cable vision and leap wireless, the big companies reporting. if you look at the economic calendar, the bigger picture, if you will, on monday, yeah, factory orders, it's a pretty decent report. tuesday, ism services, on wednesday, leading indicators, but it's thursday and friday, that's going to be key, because thursday is jobless claims and gdp. and then of course on friday, you get the grand dad of them all, that's the non-farm payrolls report, unemployment rate, personal income, spending, all of that happening friday. then the story next week to top them all off is all about twitter. the road show hits west coast swing monday and tuesday out in san francisco, l.a., all the way back to new york on wednesday.
4:52 pm
and reports are we could see an ipo price on wednesday, possibly for trading on thursday. so the twitter ipo, kayla, i know you are going to be all over that. but some of the big story headlines heading into next week. back over to you guys. >> you'll be busy next week. >> that's for sure. i know a lot of investors have put in allocation, people are wondering if they will get stock in this deal. it's already oversubscribed, we hear most of these deals are, facebook was multiple times oversubscribed. we'll see what the demand looks like. >> see if they learned anything from the facebook debacle. we'll try to balance our coverage of the markets with the latest developments on the fatal shooting at lax, we'll have more on that when we come back. stay tuned. every step of the pr, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades
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that's u.s. trust. all right. let's get more on today's deadly shooting at lax, especially from a security standpoint, the ceo of the investigative management group, a former agent with the fbi and dea and is an expert on airport security, and he joins us now on the phone for -- to take a look at what happened there. and thank you for joining us today, liz, if you could put that map of terminal three up again. for those that just joined us, the unofficial timeline we hear
4:56 pm
is that the shooter entered on the left there, the beginning of the terminal, took out the assault rifle, made it through the screening process, down that long corridor, all the way to the gates, before he was stopped. robert strang, what do we learn from an event like this? at some point do we say there is only so much we can do in terms of security to stop an event like this happening? >> well, you have to look at it this way. you have perimeters, you build those perimeters as best you can. one step at a time. and really, when you walk in that front door at the airport, you're walking into a soft target. when you walk to tsa, it's tougher, more difficult to get through. he penetrated that barrier. he was stopped after he got through. he was stopped by lapd not long after he got through that barrier. >> robert, you mention that barrier, is there any way to reinforce it? because obviously, no matter
4:57 pm
what happened, he was able to penetrate that at the end of the day. >> well, kayla, i'm sure this is going to be looked at very closely, at every airport around the country. do we need more armed guards at those areas. at the tsa check points. do we need to put the perimeter out to the front door? those are the kinds of things that this brought to light. >> right. i mean, coincidence or not, we're hearing most of the shooting victims were tsa agents. should they be armed? >> you know, i always feel -- we talked about this recently, when we go into malls, we see armed guards. if you're wearing a uniform and a badge, you should have a gun. no question. >> because you are a target then. right? if you have a uniform on, and you're not armed, you're a moving target at that point. right? >> absolutely. so whenever there is a uniform, whenever you're wearing a badge, you become a target. you should be armed. secondly, you're in position to shoot back quickly and stop the
4:58 pm
person entering, whoever is creating the destruction whether with a bomb or weapon, you can stop them immediately. one of the things we do with security assessment, we say if you have a guard, make sure that he's armed. >> robert, you mentioned a barrier, maybe even before the tsa screening process, maybe even when you first enter the airport. we were discussing that during one of the commercial breaks. a lot of international airports have that. i was just in the istanbul airport, they had various check points including one right when you walk into the airport. is that a realistic solution, that you think could come to the u.s.? >> well, you know, this is something, we have come a long way, kayla, in ten years, even looking at what we have now at the airports. we're trying to move passengers as quickly as we can. try to get them through the tsa check point in less than 18 seconds. so it's really a combination of how much americans can take in terms of security, how much time they have, how many stops we can give them. and keep people on the move. keep business people and people
4:59 pm
flying for pleasure able to do it with ease. so it's a cuff combination. >> it's balance as we have been hearing from security experts, you would agree. you have to find the right balance. >> that's right, bill. >> bob strang from fbi and dea. >> dea -- thank you, bill. i was going to say i was a dea agent for ten years then co-chair for the new york state terrorism task force. these are things we looked at all the time. and especially trying to firm up these soft targets. >> thank you for your service in that regard, bob. thanks. >> thank you, bill. >> and thank him for his expertise as l. helpful to have so many experts with us today as we try to go through some of these issues. meanwhile, we have a market up on the first day of the year, s & p 500 on its fourth week in the green, bill. >> and what we saw today was a lot of transferring, the last few days, out of the small caps, maybe the riskier equity issues that have done so well earlier this year, into the higher cap
5:00 pm
blue chips. and that was the case today. the russell 2,000 down. the dow up 70 points at 15,615. and this as the yield on the ten year note went up another few basis points to 262 today. always a pleasure to have you with us. ready for that twitter ipo. >> very ready. >> that does it for closing bell. thanks for joining us. >> fast money at the nasdaq just uptown starts right now. >> i'm scott cohn at global headquarters, we'll get to fast money in a moment. we want to bring you up to date on the shooting at lax. one tsa officer was killed, multiple others wounded when a gunman blasted his way through security, was carrying a semiautomatic assault rifle. and got almost all the way to the gates at terminal three at lax. the terminal that includes jet blue and


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