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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> scott. >> all about crude oil. >> dan. >> call flies in december. >> looks like our time is expired. i'm melissa lee thanks for watching for more check out our web site and also, check out our daily segment inside of fast, optionsactio have a great weekend, everybody. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. i don't just entertain but to educate you. as november begins we have to take heart in a unique statistic. during the last 50 years there have only been four our times when the s&p 500 was up more than 20% in the first ten months of the year. like it is this year.
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do you know that all four times the s&p not only preserved those gains but rallied right into the new year. i do not normally put that much stock in monthly historical data, but i'll admit if a pattern has been ropily indicated 100% of the time then i have to believe there is, indeed, something to it. that makes me want to -- buy, buy, buy. >> when we have weakness, even the minimal kind like we had for much of the day before the averages rebounded. dow rebounding climbing and nasdaq declining 0.06%. probably some stuff to buy there. there are some amazing companies reporting this weekend. i have a gim plan for. but those will be dwarfed by two other events. the pricing of the twitter deal. and friday's october nonfarm payroll report. so, let me tell you how you're going to have to navigate these waters with these two. first, i like the company where
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i can be found jim cramer wearing my dead mouse halloween costume, go there after the show, of course. most of you will not be able to get in because it's tight. not only the biggest commission producer clients are likely to get any stock. let me give you thoughts on the pricing here because so many of you ask me about it. right now year hearing talk the company might be valued at as much as $15 billion because it could turn out to be the son of facebook. $121 billion social media giant which reported a great quarter with stock up 87% for the year. here's the problem. every since the disaster yous facebook ipo i have been making if my mission to keep you from overpieing for red hot stock. it was not where it should have been. that can happen again. i fear twitter could be no different and is that retail
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investors may overpay for it because they're familiar with the company. and the ipo process is one where familiarity does breed contempt. let me give you my parameters. talk about market capitalization, the way to view some stocks like twitter where trajectory isn't clear and earnings is the only metric that values. i urged apple to buy it because the ultimate game plan of netflix was worth at least $20 billion. when netflix was selling for $7 billion i thought it was worth $20 billion for appear toll bri it. i feel the exact same convey for twitter. i believe this company is worth at least $20 billion to a microsoft or apple or a yahoo! who so badly need to step up their game in social. that pretty much defines my upper limit for what it's worth. and declining to pay above that. i don't to want put a dollar amount on the stock. i'm not saying buy it as 27, $28. no, because the underwriters at
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goldman sachs might increase it. i'm using the market cap. you can get it and $20 billion is as high as i would go. if it's valued less than that, i would buy it. if it's valued at more than that, i would take a pass. i trust anthony noda, and the new york stock exchange, more i trust both of them more than i trusted the supporting cast for facebook. how about this employment number. we have a game plan for that, too. this feels like this week's fed meeting. no one expected a barn burner of a number given the federal government's knuckle headed shutdown and brush with financial death. we don't expect a lot of jobs to be created. considering so many people think the only reason the stock market goes up at all is because the fed is helping to keep rates low and considering the fed will consider policy of low rates if the number is weak we should be fine with a weak number, right? still when we actually get that number, guess what, people say, holy cow, this economy is so weak. they get scared. you know what they do when they're scared?
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>> sell, sell, sell. >> if we get a big number, taper talk will be thick and more sellers. if you're at all nervous about friday, a strong or weak number, you'll get -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> unless the number comes in goldilocks style, not too strong, not too weak. how about individual companies? money day is independent oil day. after the close we'll hear from anna darko and pioneer natural. you've heard these companies on our show. i think all three will raise production numbers. be aware oil plummeted. if crude goes $5 lower to $90, all stocks will get hit no matter what they say. that's the psychological barrier. if oil rallies on monday, i wouldn't be a buyer of any of them going in. tuesday we have controversial names. tesla and regenron. tesla say he would cold stock. if elon announces a europe, it will be a flash.
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regenron there's a lot about competitive products in the pipe. i even suggested to trim gilad, my favorite. i think you stay on the sidelines for regenron. we hear from two personal favorites, aol and cvs caremark. aol earnings have been initially greeted with cat calls. when things settle down, people buy. i think 2014, which is going to be all we care about after this report will be good. we the drugstore business is on fire. cvs has been on fire, too. the stock, i don't expect it to pop. i want to buy it lower. whole foods reports on wednesday. i'm worried about this one. no, not because i worry about the company, are you kidding me? love the company. the opposite. i worry about the nitpicking naysaying analysts who are too critical of this company. whole foods has reported and i told you to buy the weakness. last time the stock fell 10%
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after the wake. its results were good. i was salivating when analysts we were spitting it out. wait for the onslaught and buy it on the way down. i think the exact same thing will happen again. the oil trade from earlier in the week works, then we know that we should be putting in the same kind of trade with permian based cimerex, they report on wednesday. it's a terrific play on increased production. i want to buy it if pioneer, anadarko and carrizo take off on monday. we also get solar city. this one, like tesla, because elon musk is the chairman here, is a total cult. cults go higher until they implode. particularly after the analogous run by first solar. i would buy solar city with deep in the money calls. take it out a couple months. if tesla pops especially because they trend to trade together because they're both elon musk
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operations. so i think it's right they should trade together. i don't make the rules. i have to say, what does it matter what i say? the pattern i see happening on whole foods happens with disney, which reports again on thursday. a stock run up more than 10% where it fell after what some bozos thought was a weak quarter that were wrong. i urged you to buy disney all the way down, just like i'm urging you to buy today, that day, if disney raeblgts like it has before. disney here, reported great numbers. stock goes down, buy, buy, buy. i think the decline in gasoline price as loan could be enough to lift disney's numbers for the next couple of quarters. wait for the usual critics to express their disappointment and be ready to pounce friday as we might get an individual opportunity from market overall weakness courtesy of the employment number. next week, get ready for twitter deal, be aware of a too strong or too weak labor number. it will be the same, negative.
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get ready to buy whole foods and disney after critics cry disappointment. that strategy worked before well. i think it will work again as history in these two cases has repeatedly itself, well, repeated. let's go to jamie in florida. jamie. >> caller: booyah, how you doing? >> i'm doing real well. how about you? >> caller: i'm doing well. louisiana southern belle now living in ft. walton beach. i'm so interested in trmb. i was going to buy them the other day. they didn't -- it didn't go through at $27.95. and they are going up to -- >> no, it's too high, jami. i say that not because i grew up at ft. pompano off vero beach. let's go to bill in connecticut. bill. >> caller: hello from connecticut, jim. >> we got some connecticut people on the set. i always like them. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> yep. >> caller: i want to talk about the same stock. you took my call about six weeks
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ago, abx. a good quarterly reporting but new stock issue answer, what do you think now? >> well, i tell you, boy, that killed people. you know, you do that big slug of stocks, i know you need that for liquidity, but still look at gld. that was a shame what happened. i know the family. i know -- it was just a shame. i cannot recommend if. i just can't do it. a little birdie told me next week the market will be atwitter about a certain name. got to tell you something. we're playing it with market cap. also keep an eye on nonfarm payrolls and get ready for disney and whole foods. when those neglect nay-bomb analysts come out and say, you should sell it, i'll be a buyer. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- sweet spec. the vast discovery of domestic oil have put our economy in the middle of an energy renaissance that could transform the economy. tonight cramer is drilling down to find you a brand new name
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that still looks like a bargain. and later, friendly skies? delta's been soaring. now up over 120% this year alone. can it continue to gain altitude or should you buckle up for turbulence? don't miss cramer's take. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to ♪
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week. you know i believe the discovery of all the shell oil in the united states over the past few years is one of the biggest themes out there, which is why i harp on it. it is big enough to transcend worries about the domestic economy because oil is, after all, a global market. price set over there. london. but as much as we adore the story and all the familiar stocks that help us play it out, the fact is they're not what you describe necessarily as that cheap anymore. i still think they're where the value is but they're not that cheap. that's why tonight for speculation friday i want to introduce to you a tiny $560 million oil and gas exploration and production company, or e & p as we call it, with $12 and change stock that's low enough to be tantalizing. i'm talking about swift energy, sfy, sam franc yankee. a speculative play for shale in texas which is one of the hottest oil finds around. swift energy is one of the most
6:16 pm
batteried and beaten stocks you'll find in all the oil stocks. trading at $45 in 2011. last year at $30. now $12.95, down 15.8% for 2013 and off a whopping 5.6% in today's session alone. a victim of the weakness in the price of oil and the hideous natural gas market. why is swift energy expect a swift pounding in how come i want to endorse a doggy dog under performer even for speculation? the profit with swift is comfortable. two areas that have been hideous for years because the united states is glutted with natural gas. there's been way too much supply and not enough demand. virtually every other exploration production we talked about started aggressively away from natural gas two or three years at the latest. they realize oil is going higher and natural gas was going nowhere so they jumped ship on the latter and decided to get oily. swift energy, however, despite its name was really late to the game.
6:17 pm
they were slow to get oily. and they are really now just making the switch, which brings me to the reason why i think this stock is a smart speculation. i can sum it up in four words. better late than never. not only does swift energy in some of the strongest areas for shale but management has decided to sell off the other part of the business. their gassy holdings in louisiana. sure, swift is dumping louisiana acreage holding them back and investing in acres that could give them a much better future. the company's already dwoegt around 80% of 2014 capital expenditure budget to the smoking hot texan shale. now swift energy expects these asset sales to take place in the first quarter of next year. that's a huge catalyst coming in the not too distant future. the eagleford shale 50 miles
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wide, 400 miles long, running through texas to touch on new mexico and louisiana. if this shale were a country, it would probably rank as one of the top 15 oil-producing nations in the world. let's hope it doesn't succeed. after swift sells off its louisiana acreage, this will be a very different enterprise. right now natural gas accounts for 48%. not only will swift be eagleford shale but assets are high quality. it's been masked by weakness in other areas divested. swift has 55 acres in la salle and mcmull lan counties which are located right in the sweet spot of the eagle ford. last year they drilled 100% success. no dry holes. in other words, every time they drill, they're hitting oil here. swiss wells in eagle ford improve on all metrics. they announced three cent off
6:19 pm
beat, revenue rose 18% year over year. within eagle ford swift rose by over 10% and well costs declined by 10%. how many businesses with the cost of goods sold dropped, revenues rose. company has 340 million barrels of oil equivalent of net resource potential in the eagle ford shale. some of that represents natural gas liquids and they're not so good but it's still worth something. how much? when you factor in all the debt on swift energy's, and i'm going to say this, not so clean balance sheet, they have -- it is speculative friday, they have a $1.6 billion enterprise. when you compare that with swift's eagle ford resource potential you realize this stock is valued at $4.40 per barrel of oil they have in the ground. come o man. i mean, sure oil's down a lot in the last few weeks but give me a break. granted, it costs money to extract those resources but
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given crude is trading at $95 a barrel and costs to extract crude has gone down measurably that seems like a huge disparity to me. swift is a hated stock. the short seller has been crushing it year after year. they consider it shooting fish in the battle. which is why 23 .7% of its shares have been sold short. >> hallelujah! >> but some believers, not the least of them being the ceo, who disclosed he bought 20,000 shares at11.85 on august 5th. that's $237,000 of stock. even after beating the stock today, it's still up a buck from where the ceo made his buy. i think short sellers should cover their position. because harry earl swift, the ceo, knows his company better than they do, i think, why bet against them.
6:21 pm
he knows it will transform to pure play on eagle ford shale, which will change swift from loathed stock to beloved one. >> house of pain. >> house of pleasure. >> real change of address. there aren't too many stocks in the oil pipe that haven't run up ee norm mousily but swift energy is one. exploration company about to change its stripes in a big way. i would be a buyer before the transformation in eagle ford becomes a reality. it could be an eagle ford pure play. that happened in the first quarter of next year! after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, friendly skies? delta's been soaring. now up over 120% this year alone. can it continue to gain altitude or should you buckle up for turbulence? don't miss cramer's take. i love having a free checked bag
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♪ come fly with me >> every year is the fourth quarter goes on, certain stocks are anointed by wall street as winners. and those winners have a tendency to keep winning through till the end. money managers who want to boost their performance figure if you can't beat them, well, then join them. so they start buying the best performers out there for the year. then the more cynical managers do the same thing, but for different reasons. they want to show their investors to see -- they want to see how smart they were.
6:25 pm
when they disclose at the end of the year they say, oh, this guy is a bright guy. google has delivered tremendous outperformance. who is to be anointed this year? tonight we're talking about the best performing stock in 2013's hottest breakout sector. the name -- delta airlines. an anointed winner with a lot more room to run. why delta? let's go back seven months to the beginning of march which i did something unprecedented on 2,000 shows of "mad money," after decades of saying the major airlines, i changed my mind. i did it. why? because the facts had changed. in the old days the airlines were untouchable because the entire industry was subjected to endless price wars. that wrecked earnings. just ruined its competition. we hate competition as shareholders but in the last few years there's been a ton of consolidation in the airline space. high price of jet fuel and
6:26 pm
scarcity of new planes, or aren't expensive gas guzzlers makes it difficult for new players to enter the market. we have now just four major carrie carriers. delta, united continental, us airways and american. back in march it looked like the last two might be allowed to merge, soy gave the whole group my endorsement and us airways was my favorite because of that amr merger but you could own any of them. since then the stocks have roared. united continental, laggard, is up 23%. southwest rallied 45%. us airways is up 5 4%. and delta, the leader of the pack, has given you a a 70% gain. but there's been one big change in the story. in august we learned the justice department might not allow the us airways/amr deal to go through. that's right. that was a big, big change. >> boo! >> apparently they picked up on the fact these airline mergers are terrible for you, the consumer. even as they are fabulous for you, the shareholder. of course, fabulous for profits.
6:27 pm
there's still hope for us airwa airways. earlier this week they agreed to submit to a mediators in the anti-trust case. if you're a like a law professor who specializes in anti-trust situations, you'll see that that was a memo to staff. here we go. "confessions of a street addict," it's great in any language. you don't to want play the airlines with us airways. nope. you want delta airlines. that's dal for you home gamers. not only is delta the best performer in the group but making charter member of 20 13 anointed stock club. if the justice puts the kybosh on the merger delta remains top dog with structural advantages over the rest of the industry. delta just recently passed united continental as largest carrier by traffic and passengers. they have a dopoly with superior networks and more valuable
6:28 pm
frequent flier programs. us airways can't challenge that if they aren't allowed to gobble up amr out of bankruptcy. on the other hand, if the deal does go through, that would be great news for us airways and i will pound the table with it. it's still good news for delta. the reason? if justice lets us airways merge with amr that takes out one major competitor for a consolidated industry that's become a slap-happy alogopathy, raise fees for checked baggage, and put the squeeze on customers if inventive ways we haven't imagined of. spirited air ways, paying to walk down the gang plank. you can probably pay for having your pc on. delta is the best prartd in the group. when the company reported last week delivered five cent earnings beat revenue rising 5.7% year over year, and more is to be expected. delta's operating margins what they make on each dollar of
6:29 pm
sales before interest and taxes is 13.4%. that's better than any other airline, save the always, always well-run alaska air. plus the company gave bullish guidance for next quarter which was a real love fest. delta's premium seats has more first class than anyone in the business. most seats were given away as free upgrades to coach passengers. last year only 14% of delta's domestic front cabin seats were occupied by paying customers? can you imagine all those people you pass by you thought were rich? no, man, they upgraded. free. this year the company has more than doubled that to 30%. delta's initiatives going they believe will let them take that up to 50% in the near future. they're selling a lot more expensive first-class and business class tickets where you get nothing anyway. the company has been taking out costs left and right. 11 months ago delta laid out blueprint for $1 billion of annual cost savings and on the conference call we learned management is delivering on that blueprint. delta has seen strength in the
6:30 pm
corporate business travel thanks in part to venture with virgin atlanta. latin american ventures are on fire. my favorite thing about delta, they have their own oil refinery to save on the cost of jet fuel refining. this program is in its infancy. it could be a big deal in 2014. delta doesn't have a clean balance sheet. it's an airline. but this is a better balance sheet story. they ended the most recent quarter, $9.9 billion in debt. they beat their target, $10 billion target, for 2013. that's down from an astounding $17 billion in 2009 and $12-b l billion at the end of last year. they trying to get it down to $7 billion over the next couple of years which is terrific. as delta's balance sheet keeps improving their become more and more pro. the company announced a 500 million stock buyback over the next three years. conference call management said buy back is well ahead of
6:31 pm
schedule, repurchasing $100 billion over the last quarter. even though delta's executing much better than united continental, that's for certain, but it is its closest comparison, both stocks trading at 8.7. both stocks trading the same? if you went to the supermarket and they're selling sirloin steak for the same as grounded beef, what would you buy? you know the answer. bottom line, airlines are still worried. us airways could be the big winner if justice department lets them merge with amr, delta airlines wins either way. it's already delivering stellar returns. dal is the one to own. donna in texas. >> caller: happy friday. booyah too you. >> indeed. big football weekend. what's up? >> caller: i think we should have strawberry ice cream. >> okay. >> caller: everybody should eat strawberry ice cream. >> i like the strawberry permian as sets.
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>> caller: that's good, too. what about this student transportation stock? they have a crazy -- to me, outrageous pe, but they also have a dividend of 8.45. >> right. >> caller: it leaves me confused. >> well, you know what you need to do, dennis gallagher came on the show, ceo, and i thought he defended the dividend. he explained why it can be huge. if you check that interview, i think you'll feel a little more comfortable. i am -- most yields are not that high which does raise eyebrows. peter in new york, please. peter. >> caller: jim. how you doing? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: what's the story with hertz? we used to be in overdrive. now it's in neutral. >> the last quarter was bad. they said the number they got -- they cut the forecast. we hear them speak this week. i got to tell you, they're hurt by the government shutdown. i don't expect to hear good news again. i think long term because of the
6:33 pm
amali go mags and consolidation of that industry. richard. >> caller: booyah. >> booyah back to you, chief. >> caller: i wonder why autozone is $400 a share. >> they buy up every share that moves. not figuratively but literally. if you listen to the conference call, it's all about the buy back. number of shares, it's dropped dramatically. the biggest, most impressive buy back on the new york stock exchange. here we go. the airlines are still flying high and things could look very good, very first class for us airways depending on the justice department. it may not matter. it's delta, delta, delta's fly. monday kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post 9 at the nyse. >> i'm a mini fan, by the way. >> are you? >> that means your wife doesn't
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like what you watch. >> it all starts at 9 a.m. oorn. ♪ ♪ hey [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up, to be the world's best sports sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ something like a phenomenon, baby ♪ ♪ you're something like a phenomenon ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac ats, 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included.
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it is time "lightning round." i tell you to buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. and then lightning round. lightning round is over. and then the lightning round is over. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy. lightning round. i'm starting with james in texas. james. >> caller: yeah, kramer. >> yeah. >> caller: my question is about apc. is it still cheap? >> we'll know on monday when they report. i have to tell you, it would be unbelievable if this came down. why? because they have fabulous acreage in the niobrara. let's go to brett in new jersey. >> caller: how are you? >> all right local guy. what's up? >> caller: fifth grade teacher, fortunately i had the opportunity to start investing as a young age. i bought ncr.
6:38 pm
saw it up up until it dropped off. what i do here? >> it's an interesting question. bill noody has done a remarkable job. he has turned it around. i've got to delve into that last quarter because that could be a good opportunity. i have to do more. let's go to john in lie high, please. >> caller: buckeye booyah, jimmy. >> i love your coach. what's up? dalton let me down last night, though. >> caller: dde, cce, what do you say? >> dde is our best way to play the sector. you have to play it deep in the money call because this group is steaming hot. i don't want you to get burned. i need to go to paul in massachusetts. >> caller: hi, jim. i'm calling about opco health. >> it's been recharging. it's come back down. a lot of people got greedy there when it went up to $12. it makes me feel if it goes up to that level, kaching, kaching
6:39 pm
for a little bit of the action. jude in new jersey. >> caller: how are you? >> how are you? >> caller: your staff is excellent, i have to tell you. >> yes, they are excellent. >> caller: are you still negative in investing in coca-cola? >> i'm just pepsi more. stephanie link is with me, she prefers coca-cola more. i'm an unall in buyer of ingenuity. pepsico, buy, buy, buy. bob. >> caller: fantastic booyah to you. this is bob chicago. >> excellent. >> caller: high earning -- >> what? >> caller: groupon. >> i have liked groupon -- people laughed at me when i upgraded that. when you got rid of mason, because i knew ted was from another world.
6:40 pm
they're doing really well and i still think it's a buy. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sored by td ameritrade. a lot of talk about bubbles lately. it is still too easy to call the market a bubble. sell, sell, sell, because of the bubbles. easy. for those who want to burst the bubblicious bubbles. let's deal with the reality of the situation rather than just bubbles. bubble talk is in the air. just doesn't make sense. the bubble! it's been popped! oh! nope. bubbles! of course, that's double bubbles. thank you. i say take some stuff off the table and let the rest run.
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>> i forgot how tasty these really sugary gums are. they're so good. what is this? did someone drop a salad? ♪ >> no. >> oh, you're kidding? ♪ >> it's halloween rapidly approaching, it's time to talk candy. no, not that kind of candy, candies. they were like vampires. these stocks are not zombies, ala walking dead. trick-or-treat, partner.
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now.
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today's chevron reported what unfortunately has become a typical blah quarter for this gigantic worldwide oil company. it seems something is always going awry for these colossal company. ceo told you, i quote, third quarter earnings were down from a year ago. so, even though this oil giant earned $5 billion, or $2.63 in the quarter, its stock was hammered today, closing down $1.9 5. this kind of action with majors is happening far too often. it's a disturbing friend because this is an amazing time to be in the oil business as we know from our domestic company numbers but major integrators are too big, too slow to grow and it's very difficult for them to replenish the reserves. they're on treadmill.
6:46 pm
chevron produced 2.59 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. oh, so much more than these smaller independents the market covets. however given the company produced 2.25 million barrels a day last year, you're talking about an increase of only 70,000 barrels. that additional amount of oil produced is much more than most independents could do but from a very huge base. it means very little. in the meantime chevron bought back 2 $1.25 billion of stock which means very little too in the scheme of things. chevron is $224 billion company. who cares about 1.25 billion in stock taking. we want 1.25 billion in new oil found. chevron is like exxon and shell, tons of money, trying to replenish oil pumped while maintaining discipline and spending billions on future products that may not move the needle because they just keep these companies from falling off the treadmill. i do not mean to denigrate exxon or chevron for that they do.
6:47 pm
i'm not a fan of shell because it is a lesser operator. i'm saying they are too big, too unwieldy and they aren't woernt worth stocks owning. you know what they remind me, these three? they remind me of the pharmaceutical companies like pfizer, lily and merck. they don't give you much more than a fixed income equivalent. in contrast, fabulous growth companies like eog, noble and pioneer remind me of celgen, gilad and biogen and not bogged down by infrastructure needed to refine the upstream products that's why i favor these more than exxon, shell and chevron. they can be take overtargets. this week i sat down with dan dickers, about the possibility of all things pioneer natural resources, permian play, actually getting a bid from one of these majors. he took it seriously.
6:48 pm
saying one of them will pay upwards of $40 billion for this $28 billion company. that's staggering. also a testament to how badly majors need growth. it's always possible the big dogs will split up, break themselves into more digestible pieces because i believe the parts are worth more than the whole. until then just like in the pharmaceutical world it's better to own the juniors than the majors. what a shame there isn't something in in between. bristol-myers of the oil world or johnson & johnson. i just don't see one out there that fits the bill. stick with eog, noble, my charitable trust favorite in the group, and pioneer. that true bow charged trio, oddly s where the real value lies. stay with cramer. >> announcer: this veterans day "mad money" honors those who defend our safety by helping defend their financial futures. if you or someone in your family is proudly serving or has served in america's armed forces, we invite you to join our live
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. before we get to your techno mad tweets. we had house keeping. they want my diagnosis on anaka
6:52 pm
notice va therapy, ontx. onconova develops small molecule cancer therapy. they produce data that looks competitive in a group called mds i'm worried they'll be competing against celgene. i think we have to wait for the phase two study comes out at american society of hematology meeting in five weeks. if the data is good, we'll circle back. on october 9th guthrie in tennessee had me describe ama health care have been sick lately. ahs is a health care staffing company focused on placement of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. most staffing companies have struggles, yesterday they post aid solid quarter, very choppy health care market, too. as a result the stock roared and a lot of people bet willing against it, 11.7% higher today.
6:53 pm
looks like they're cured. as demand with health care improves with implementation of the affordable health care act next year, i think the stock will benefit as an outsourcing play, although again it's controversial and many people think it's a good short. guthrie, thank you for bringing this one to my attention. i think you've got horse cents. that same night sandy in connecticut called about fly leasing with super fly ticker fly. here's a company with a 6% yield that rents aircraft to airline customers. unfortunately, it doesn't live up to the movie, let alone the fabulous curtis mayfield soundtrack. i'm concerned the profits may not be so hot as current contracts have disappointed. this is a speculative way to play the industry, which i know i like. i like delta more, though. i think you need to see fly leasing results and get clarity on whether they have the cash flow to sustain that very big
6:54 pm
dividend. on friday october 18th they asked for an early trick-or-treat on tablo. this was a recent ipo. i had to do more research on it. operates in business intelligence, providing cloud-based software to its customers so they can analyze large amounts of dated that. they crushed the estimates, 17 cents earning beat and raising guidance. the stock in response popped 9 % but drifted lower on post-ipo lockup expirations and filings of a big secondary offering. while i see tableua go higher, over the near term the company's secondary offering is doing serious damage as it will double the float, holy cow, a lot of stock, i say take advantage of the secondary to pick, to pick up some tableau software. i think it's a gooth good company. now to the tweets. we have to get to these tweets
6:55 pm
because you've been sendi sending @jimcramer #madmoney and we've been ignoring them. first is my outfit, my costume is scaring the little ones. perhaps you're familiar with that character. dead mouse. we even heard from @cmwellen. she says love th the @deadmousecostume. you're the coolest. let's prosecute go to @callme17. i interviewed the kroger ceo and i really like it here. let's go to another tweet. this comes from @hardmoneynow, tweeting two years ago took 10% of my portfolio to trade. now the 10% portion worth more than main portfolio much is
6:56 pm
thanks to you. i do try to answer or respond. next year i'm going as a bee gee. stick with cramer. >> announcer: mad about "mad money"? immerse yourself into cramer's world. while you watch the show with zeebox. on your phone, tablet or on the web, get sneak peeks. go behind the scenes. and join the conversation. download the free app today for the ultimate cramerican adventure. plenty of updates on the l.a.x. shooting and obama care is crumbling before our very eyes and democrats are starting to panic over the collapse of obama care. next up on "the kudlow report."
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7:00 pm
tweets. "mad money" thanks cramerica for being with us for over 2,000 episodes. twitter, don't go crazy. you offer 20 billion and i'm out of here. always bull markets, i promise i promise to try to find it right for you here on madonna. i'm jim cramer. i'll see you monday! good evening. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we're live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. we begin the developing news out at the los angeles international airport tonight where a shooting earlier today left one tsa agent dead and as many as seven others injured. we're awaiting a news conference from authorities in just a minute. but first, let's check in with cnbc's scott cohn who joins us now live with the latest details. good evening, scott. >> reporter: good evening, larry. friday morning at los angeles international airport. business


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