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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  December 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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have a little bit more on this. >> i'm sure everybody out there wants to know how they can invest on this drone story. 80% of revenues come from drones mostly sold to the military but there are some potential uses obviously. we will see if the company is willing to get into that area. it should be an interesting one. >> ask them how they feel about delivering tacos? >> as long as it's under five pounds. great show. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's time square, i'm melissa lee. is today's pull back different from the others? the keystone pop. oil prizes rising on news. and abercrombie ceo says his company makes clothes for cool kids but he may be an outsider
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soon. we will have the details coming up. our traders are cool kids themselves. let's get straight to the top story. the dow down more than 1%. fears of the fed taper rearing its head again. >> if you're bullish you want this to happen. you should be happy that we're moving closer to 1760 than ax accelerating to 1825. karen made the point it's all well and good. it is interesting that we have had three days of sell offs. some of the leadership is starting to give way. i think if you want to be bullish you want this to test and see if we hold. i think we're going to do it. >> we had once again russel
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underperformance. we had weakness in the financials in the past couple of sessions. weakness in cyclicals and weakness in industrials. weak again today. is it a little bit different? >> it's different in this. the pace of the bond rate increase in rate is not at all as fast as it was in may and june is a positive thing. we have had very good economic news. it could mean that we have a stronger non-farm payroll on friday. if you're bullish you want this sell off and you want the fed to taper on good news. >> the thing that is going on is you're seeing headlines, copper down because global demand is
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up. and all of this stuff that ultimately is what has people concerned about markets is stuff you have to pay heed to. look at the price flip on the dax. if you're looking at technical indicators or exhaustion points -- >> are you worried? >> if the dax opens and closer on a lower, there is is a lot of things out there. if you look at the rsi in stocks. >> slow that down one more time. we're looking at the dax? what happens? >> a lot of people are looking at the close and saying a lower open tomorrow and a confirmation means you have put in a short term top. the return of volatility, that is what's different in terms of the market. you don't see a 2.5% move in a major index. that happened today. >> dax, do you think it matters if we taper here but they continue to have policy there for the for seeable future? >> does it matter if i'm a
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european investor? >> no. >> i think everything the fed does is affecting these markets though i do believe that the ecb is on hold and will be more dovish. >> that would be yes? >> whatever. i hear what you're saying. >> i don't think if you're an investor you care as much about the ecb as you do the fed. >> i think it's a non-event. just november alone is an outstanding month. to have a 1% pull back is nothing. if i have some buy tickets out there below the market, this 1% pull back doesn't get me closer at all. it's so hard to fine tune around this kind of move. there is no sense of panic out there. this was not in anyway puke out selling that you want to see before you, you know, the vix, i want to see it higher here.
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>> so we asked the question tonight what are you looking to buy or sell now that we're at this point? guy? >> boeing is on the buy side. we talked about it as boeing accelerated. we talked specifically about its valuation. that's typically an inflection point. so far it has actually proved to be correct. i think it needs to trade down to 120. past resistance becomes support. if you get boeing at 120 the business is well in tact and the stock got ahead of itself. >> nike is by buy. the stock is up 52% year to date. this is a structural growth story for adidas and nike. they are the wellness apparel thing. it's effectively a do wop. these guys are dominating. they have pricing power. they can control their labor and flexibility.
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nike is a name that i want to buy. if it gets near 75, i think you can buy anywhere near back to the 200. on a relative valuation to its peer group this is a stock that is the ultimate multinational play. >> let's go around the horn. >> i still like the home builders here. i talked about them last week. use the david teper type of lodger. housing goes up. if we don't on the other side the next lever that the fed can pull is cutting interest on excess reserves. that means there is 2 trillion dollars looking for a home and the home builder should be the place they find them. >> and karen you're looking to take profits? >> i should have sold some hertz. they had a horrific earnings call. the stock has rebounded nicely. if it gets back to 25, i would take profits. >> 25?
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and tim your sell? >> we brought this up in mid october and this is a stock, by the way if you look at the volatility it is now back up to 58. so this is is a stock seven times has moved more than 20% up or down. if you do not take profits in this name, it's a great story. >> i think there is other names not screaming to be sold. exxon mobile is in my cross hairs. we're trading at levels we saw earlier this year. and this was a level we had a lot of trouble if you go back that far. but you know what? only great because the stock was such a depressed level that anything remotely good was going to get the stock higher. we talked about that. if you have been in exxon, i think 94 and a half is a good time to exit the trade.
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>> comp store sales saying it's pleased. >> once you hit bedrock there is not much further to go. comps were very easy. not much expectations. this is why j.c. penney at these levels is hard to short. if you're in it and you happen to get this pop, take your profits. if you want to short it, don't do it. >> apple settling at its highest level of the year. the tech giant rallying on a number of headlines. we should be clear that this is is a report saying that this subsidiary of china mobile was taking orders.
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>> their 4g will allow apple to release a phone that people can run in china. this was a driver. we talked about it for a week and talked about the technical elements. it is is a social media analysis tool which people think will help apple and just another sign of people wanting to see them spend their money. people think apple's ahead of the game. this is is a name with china, you stay with us. >> we may not have a new product in the pipeline but we have this catalyst. at what point do you say this is the break out i would look to buy? >> i don't know. probably now i say i don't have to be in apple. i blew it and didn't do a good job. >> here's the thing as a institutional buyer. this stock i don't believe is as
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held as a lot of other big cap tech. >> we talked about a 50% collection. i got it wrong. 585, 586. i don't know if that means you should buy it tomorrow. >> watch this supplier that is getting slammed in the afterhours. >> taking a hit they are down around 13% in the aftermarket. the company offers sales and profit guidance that fell short. this is a company like you said, of interest. it's a supplier to the global smart phone. their imaging and optical
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products are used in things like iphone and ipads. >> thanks for that. guy? >> it's interesting. they don't make the same technology but it's sort of the same animal. it's downstream from the apple story and that got whacked last week and now you have another side of the coin getting whacked today. >> you like nuance. >> i do. i think you trade it against 13 bucks. i think you saw the flush last week when it traded 64 million shares. we're going to see the same type of volume i'm sure you're going to see 10 million shares trade tomorrow. >> let's get to our last top trade here. detroit three wrap up. each company easily beating estimates.
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the stocks traded lower today? >> i think those et mats actually look low. the numbers were probably higher so a little bit disappointing but you know, these have all done really well. it almost doesn't matter which one you pick. we have ford, gm, they have moved pretty closely. i still like the story particularly for gm. i like the k2 sx. i am still long. >> any concern that the incentives were high? >> you would have thought if you get 16.3 stars which we haven't seen in five years, this is something the industry should love. the incentives are not that bad. to me the play here is fiat. if you want to look at the charts this chart has gone somewhat sideways. they will control this company. they stole this company. on valuation, it is best and improving europe is how you're
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playing this. >> coming up the dawn of the drone age. amazon experimenting with commercial drones to deliver your orders. we have the ski here to talk about potential impact. and remember this quote from abercrombie's ceo? we go after the cool kids. a lot of people don't belong in our clothes and they can't belong. now it is said that the ceo doesn't belong in the company. would a change at the top really help the struggling retailer?
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>> interest in drones taking off after amazon says it is looking into deliveries using unmanned aircraft. drones are already being used in a number of ways from military surveillance to wildlife protection. a tech company has been making unmanned aircraft for more than two decades. joining us now for a first is chairman and ceo of air environment. tim, great to have you with us.
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>> great to be here. >> we can't ignore the drone you have got with you there. tell us a little bit about it. >> this is cube. it's a vertical take off and landing small unmann ened airpl system for rescue. you can imagine this replacing a helicopter for looking for lost children, lost hikers, etc. lots of other applications where it can be taken out of the drunk of the car and put to good use quickly. >> your business is primarily defense. 80% of your revenues come from the drone side. but in terms of the drone side of the business, most of that is defense, what are you seeing in terms of spending? a lot saying that peak defense spending has already passed. is the budget for unmanned aircraft system specifically, is that more immune from cuts?
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>> i think most people agree that long term long term special operations and u.s. intelligence which means uavs will be a priority in the defense department. sequestration, continuing resolutions, but for us we have found in the first half we have con cluted report on a record backlog visibility. >> absolutabsolutely. we are continuing to pursue our
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leading market share. that includes the defense department. but there are half a dozen very large growth opportunities that we are pursuing between now there has been outside third party market research studies that indicate maybe $80 plus millions -- billion, excuse me, in economic benefits. just in united states in the commercial application of uas. most of that will be small uas. and we think our proven history and leadership in that area could be a great growth tup for us. >> when can we expect to see an air environment drone be sold on on a commercial basis.
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yous are better techlogically so there could be tremendous opportunities in areas like africa and the middle east. >> i think there is going to be a huge opportunity in the united states but it will clearly be a global opportunity. our small uas are among the first, i think the only hand launched unmanned airplane that has faa type certification for commercial use and we're already engaged in that application in the arctic and alaska. we're working with multiple doctors in public service and government applications and consumers with early
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experimentation. they are already approved for operation in three other countries including europe. so, it's evolving now. we are spending most of our time understanding customer needs with industry, public service and governments. >> within the next year? what's the time frame, tim? >> in north america, congress has mandated that the faa complete their rules for unmanned airplane system s entering the national air space safely by 2015. ber nationally that could also happen within that time frame. >> thanks so much for joining us. hope to have you back on with us show. the ceo of air environment. this is very interesting. one owns a 4.6% stake in the company. what they wanted to hear is they were going to pursue commercial opportunities and here tim is
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saying that is one of the top priorities of the company. >> you're not buying this stock for valuation. the quarter was not great. net revenue was down 19%. you are buying it exactly the thing you said. commercial opportunity and that backlog was tremendous. backlog went from 60 million to 130 something million. that's why you're buying it. you just hope the backlog is a trend and not a one off. >> with all due respect, this is is a pimple for lockheed. >> as guys said, the order book was two times the entire full year. so the order book, the growth here i think that the valuation at 25 times here is warrant ed.
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>> abercrombie & fitch ended the day higher for the year. it is said that replacing michael jeffries is required to restore investor confidence in the company's future there is is a letter to the board? >> right. but apparently they have had ongoing discussions. i think the ground swell of discontent with the ceo is growing day -- every day. i think do we have some nice quotes from the ceo that maybe part of the reason that he is alienated not just the customers but shareholders as well. >> he said you know what? this is not the quote. bas basically, we go after the cool kids and we don't care what anybody else thinks. >> apparently nobody wants to wear their clothes, not the cool kids, not the other kids, it
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seems like you -- i think it's great. what i think could happen here is i expect others to join in. i think other people will join in and voice their support, calling for a change at the top. i don't know about an lbo. i don't know if one thinks about an lbo when you're in the middle of a management change. they would want to have the ceo in place already but i think we will hear more investors. maybe it's somebody like a clinton group. i don't know. but that's what i expect to happen here. even with crappy earnings -- >> coming up next, big cap tech is looking to the cloud and
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we're not talking cumulus or strat stratus. later what gold substantial decline could mean ahead in 2014. guy takes a closer look at the miner melt down.
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wow. >> let's get to google. >> could you just acknowledge it's zeplin. >> all right. >> i like that. >> google launching compute cloud and slashing prices to amazon web services.
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rackspace and amazon sliding on the space. >> for amazon, the fact that amazon was down however much, that would happen to happen 80 days in a row for me to get interested. i don't think it makes a big difference. >> i think with amazon if anybody is making a bold case for amazon, it has great growth business. >> and it's got drones. >> it's got drones coming. obviously a huge part of the thes thesis. >> if they bought 3d printers? >> game over. >> if you take out web services and it's been threatened by google, maybe the bull case starts to get shipped away a little. >> we don't know any of their margins. we don't know exactly how amazon makes their tiny slim margin. i imagine it's getting kprezed.
5:30 pm
amazon business plan is continuingly and innovate. as long as you can do that that model works and as long as you can convince wall street that the model works then you will be fine. but you have a flop and an issue. >> but for hosting company rackspace. >> obviously a horrible day. it actually held the june low. i think the june low is 3$33.90. that's what you ear lo're looki. so i like rack space off this news. >> think gold has lost its luster? think again. we will show you how some traders are making big money. looking to add a few retailers? you might want to hit the pause
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>> welcome back to fast money. we have got breaking news here on the sears olding.
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remember the biggest shareholder there, eddie lampert, reports a 48.4% stake in sears. that is lower than the stake reported as of march 119. it looks like he has been lightening up on sears holding shares. >> thanks so much. >> could this just be portfolio management? >> i have often wondered when there will be liquidity needs for his funds and how will they address that? that's what it could be. it's never a great thing. >> and the stock went from 40 to 60 in two months. they're obviously strategic.
5:35 pm
that makes some sense when you look at a stock that has been sideways for years. >> let's get to the commodity space. crude oil hitting a one month high after transcanada said it will be operating this january. moving crude it's a good thing. >> it moves crude out. that gets it down to the refiners who need it. this news was expected. this was not a surprise today but oil just absolutely took off. a lot of short covering there. for me in 2014 if you get oil right that's where you're going to make all of your money. i actually think it's going to go higher. >> this is down by while the yellow metal is down 27% in the same time frame, there is some chatter out there with gold prices so low they will have to
5:36 pm
cut dividend. >> they will have to do something. >> right. >> and so we talked about this, talked about it all the time. if you want to be in the space you own gold and this is the reason why. when it was announced that they were selling $3 billion worth of stock, that was september 2009. fwoeld was maybe 1,050, $1100. the s&p 500 was about the same. over that time the s&p 500 has rallied almost 800 points. that's the best possible environment for there. what did we do? they are completely handcuffed at a time that you don't want to be handcuffed. i'm not sure what they're going
5:37 pm
to do. somebody is going to have to do something. to me, you can't tauch these things. >> let's get the option action today and turn it out to mike in austin, texas. mike? >> surprisingly enough, when the stocks were performing horribly. there are a lot of other factors as well. if oil prices are up, energy is is a big factor and of course they always have political risks. nothing that is really acting for them. options traders today did seem to think that maybe they could be poised for a short term bounce. we also saw about 135% of the average daily call volume.
5:38 pm
i thought actually was the most interesting. >> the guy was talking about it is very difficult to try to catch the falling knife and purchase the stocks. for those who think they might have bottomed out temporarily, that is the way they were playing it. >> check out our website. all right. it is holiday shoppers fill their bags in the month of december, the retail sector doesn't always get a holiday bump. which stocks do bring home the goods? for more let's bring in paul hickey, spoke investment group co-founder. you take a look at stocks that have been doing okay and also have strong seasonal performances from now until the end of the year? >> yeah.
5:39 pm
retail sector typically peaks around thanksgiving or the day after. they are not retailers that you would associate with the holiday. expedia. netflix you could make the case for. they all average gains over 5% going back to 2,000 or since they have been public. the the names you would think about they would lag the market. all of these stocks have averaged declines of 3% or more during the holidays. only out from the market about a third of the time. >> these last few days have been called disappointing.
5:40 pm
does that happen regardless of whether it's been a disappointing or great kick off to christmas shopping? >> that's a good question. these numbers that we have seen have been weaker than what people have been expecking. typically every year we see this leading up to black friday. the retailers rally and expectations are always too high. i don't remember a year on the monday after black friday we were thinking to ourselves that was much better than we thought it was going to be. expectations go high and throughout the remainder of the year they tend to lag the overall market which does do well. >> is this pattern enough for you to go in and play the seasonal names and gains? >> yeah. we're avoiding the retail stocks in general except for stock specific name. one interesting name was ftd. the stock has not done -- it was a month ago that the spin off was completed and these stocks typically tend to underperform.
5:41 pm
>> i'm at home and i'm looking at trip advisor. in your view, are they buys? >> those names have all had strong rallies. if you're short term aggressive trader, those are names that we would focus on. >> where would you be selling them? is it literally deck 31? how do we trade this? >> you trade the market overall. if you want to look for beta, focus on these names which have shown the ability to outperform the market. if you're bullish and you want exposure, these outperformers are the names you should focus on. >> all right, paul, thanks for stopping by. we want to get to this live picture. ela n musk is launching his space x drone vehicle.
5:42 pm
>> is that true? >> it's a rocket, yeah. >> fantastic. >> it's being launched right now. i know you have been looking forward to this all week. >> gee wiz. >> there you have it. >> is that why the stock was up 16%? >> it was because of the german investigation. >> or is that a tesla? >> there you duogo. that's funny, guy. >> always thinking. >> it only took you a minute. that was good. >> final tally for cyber monday just in for come score. which online retailers won? we are crunching the numbers. plus from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds. we hear how a million dollar hybrid is changing the auto industry. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame.
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5:46 pm
judge steven rods saying the city is eligible for bankruptcy protection. >> the cable bundle has been a great success. the rising price of a lot of content threatens the success of that bundle. and i don't think that's in the long term interest of the industry or consumers. >> the biggest, you know, gorilla in the room is te rest y'all radio. we have given our guidance on sirius and pandora, terestrial radio is still big. >> this is is a good thing this is okay. and it's okay because it means that the recovery is gaining a foundation instead of being a flash in the pan, too quick too fast.
5:47 pm
>> and you also buy into the housing recovery that it's not a flash in the pan? >> absolutely. particularly the home builders. it goes back to whether or not you're going to have a ton of money or the economy is going to improve and the charts look great. >> guess who owns ferrari? >> fiat. >> and it gets back to the whole thing with tesla. >> and then you took a tone down a little bit. very nice, tim. all right. brand new data showing that cyber monday was the largest online shopping day in history and the biggest growth came from a surprising sector. we are joining you now to break down the numbers.
5:48 pm
>> glad to be here. >> which sector was the surprise? >> i'm sorry? >> which sector was the surprise? >> i think what has been a surprise for i think everybody with the season which is a little challenging, given how short the season is this year is whether or not retailers are able to extend the season by pulling buying forward. it looks like that worked pretty well online but i think there is some evidence that it didn't work as smoothly in the afterline world. >> what kind of retailer gained the most? >> the discounters are up strongly. and amazon is gaining share as it typically does. so their growth rates are well ahead of the overall market total. and on cyber monday, sales were up about 18%. if you add on buying from mobile, you have got growth rates that are somewhere around
5:49 pm
20% or north of that. so it's really strong online from this point. it has to be. there are six fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas this year so you need growth rates per day that are higher than what we would typically see. >> what kind of retailer did the worst? >> the high end retailers are not able to pull in as much as i'm sure that they would like. i think that traces to the residual effects of the recession. so you have still got a lot of economic pressures on consumers and i think that's why it translates into positive results. >> appreciate your time. karen, are we seeing the stocks doesn't necessarily jibe with
5:50 pm
what we're hearing that luxury wasn't able to do well online? in real life, in the stock world the luxury guys -- >> that's our real life. >> real life in general, the luxury retailers have done
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>> you tweet it we trade it. this one is for guy. do i take biotech and run or is this temporary? >> they have both been unbelievable. nobody ever went broke taking a profit. that's one of the first things you lerp. but sell it specifically to me is bullet proof. they have a balance sheet that rivals big cap far ma. they have margins that are off the chart and the stock has been teflon. i think you can still own it. but if you want to take off and let the rest ride that is fine
5:55 pm
as well. >> you here subtract the entire current price and you get the tangible value for bitcoin. could it trade higher? of course. at the end of the day there is no tangible book value. >> greater fools theory? that's what our real currency strategist says. >> divide it by two. >> conflicting views? >> there is certainly some good momentum here. i look at the 3d printing area as a future technology. 80, 120 times earnings. clearly it's bubbly. but it's an amazing technology. i's a factory in a box. there is so many things you can do with it. put them in a draw and come back. you would be happy. >> if i could print bit coin 3d? >> what happened to brian kelly?
5:56 pm
>> it's crazy. >> that's not the brian kelly i know. bitcoin and 3d printing? >> that must mean we're going down. >> tim? shall i add to my position on honeywell? >> this is a company that is trading right where you want it to be. ♪
5:57 pm
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>> time for the final trade. let's go around the horn. >> stone is a little overrated. sell tesoro. >> this song is overrated. >> i don't want to get into this. >> i mean, despite what just happened, that was almost blasphe blasphemy. i will end with dr horton. >> fmc. keep kate spade, doing fe nom mally well.
6:00 pm
i would sell. >> i'll go there. post 1980 there is disaster in the stones. i will say that. >> can we get to your trade? >> triple m. downgraded too much too soon. sorry. back to you. >> thanks my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friend, i want to make you money. my job is not just to educate you, but entertain you so call me at 800-743-cnbc. with the dow seek 95 points and the


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