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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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and the pips. i like cp here tomorrow. >> i didn't call you a reject, by the way. >> insinuated. >> a segue. >> anyway, i'm melissa lee, thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast." meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but educate you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. after still another great day for the market right ahead of a key fed meeting, dow gaining 129 points, s&p climbing .63%. nasdaq .71%.
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we've got to ask yourselves, what continues to propel the bull? i got one for you. how about a stock shortage? how about a supply demand imbalance across multiple sectors of this market? i've got three different examples of stock shortages that i think can put this particular part of the rally in perspective. the first, it's one of the largest companies on earth. it's exxon which vaulted $1.91 today. how in heavens did exxon one of the largest companies rally like a small capitalization stock? how did this happen? first, exxon's a changed company. after not growing much at all for the last seven years, it's suddenly possible that in 2014 this company will show 5% production growth. this is a big, big company, which i point out in "get rich carefully" is the single most important indicator of where oil stock is going to trade. they don't trade on earnings. they trade on production growth and exxon could be 5%. second, exxon's been ignored for
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years. as we focus on more of the exciting domestic plays, they've got that growth we like. or because they've been able to capitalize in that refining spread, make more money. remember that a refiner can buy crude from the midwest at a substantial discount from the rest of the world because the oil there is pretty landlocked. and then sell it as gasoline for the global price which is a heck of a lot higher than what they pay for the oil. far more than it used to be because of how much crude we've discovered here. that's terrific for exxon, which has a massive refining operation. but the real impetus for the buying, the third reason is warren buffett. ♪ hallelujah his decision to make exxon one of his biggest buys ever. warren buffett is still one of the single biggest spurs to buying out there. right or wrong, buffett's buying causes a change in mindset. so i've been searching for an example, some sort of analog, especially for younger people, you know, little culture stuff. here's what it is. it's kind of like "the hunger games," the first of the
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trilogy. buffett buying. now we're in the "catching fire" stage. within that "catching fire" comes goldman sachs's huge upgrade of the stock. it's back and bigger than ever, the essence of the upgrade. is it exxon's got more growth and cheaper historical price. higher growth, lower price. now, you might think an upgrade this friday prosaic, i might add, wouldn't have that much impact, but you'd be wrong. and exxon has retired a gigantic amount of stock in the last few years. in 2008, people don't talk about the stuff anymore. in 2008, they had 5.22 billion shares outstanding. now it has 4.33 billion shares outstanding. think about all the stock taken out. that's a colossal amount of stock out of the market, retired. exxon alone isn't, well the only guy who is doing retiring of stock. the "washington post" had an excellent -- disappear this
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year. less than the $863 billion in 2007. but this buying back a stock has been going on right through the recession, of course. the article is basically pointing out that the companies don't hire they buy back stock. this is cramerica, we want to make money, it works. at the same time, the pools of capital that want allocation of the stock market have increased. and if interest rates go higher, i think the influx of new money will keep driving the exxons of the world higher in 2013. that's bond money going into the stocks. that will be the "mocking jay" phase of the hunger games rally. so we have a moment where p exxon a stock that fell so out of favor we looked at lesser run companies and passed over this one rather quickly has become a market darling. and given how cheap it is, my take, this run is not over. now, the stock shortage we see in exxon is emblematic of other situations where there isn't enough stocks to go around. you know i'm a big believer in companies that embraced social, mobile and the cloud because
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they represent the future of tech. in a bizarre way that represents the propulsion behind netflix, amazon, twitter and facebook. the demand for these stocks is huge. and there simply aren't enough companies in their category social, mobile and cloud to end up with a serious supply shortage in this one segment of the market. just consider an eye on the supermarket. doesn't mean the supermarket's run out of everything, but that aisle is bare. amazing performers rising 55%, 52% and 296% respectively. all embracing the concept of social and mobile. netflix is downloadable to a hand held device. it doesn't have the social component beyond people chatting in forums about what they watch. google's got all three. but i think because of the high dollar price tag, shouldn't matter, but true, it doesn't get the priced to earnings multiple it deserves. so many companies think if
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warren buffett never split berkshire hathaway, they shouldn't split theirs either. netflix and amazon are not bound by priced to earnings ratios, they're pure growth plays. levered to sales. fewer companies get that kind of love. short sellers always try to pin them down based on their inability to show earnings, not realizing that shorting on valuation is a total sucker's bet. may i never catch you doing it. you're basically betting there are people who will sell these two stocks as they go higher because they think they're expensive rather than buying more as they rise, which is the most common form of buying for aggressive growth funds. they don't think like we do. they don't think it's cheaper if it's lower. they think it's better if it's going higher. the short sellers do not understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and they're shorting that beauty. these two stocks drive people nuts. they're very much real businesses. so real in the case of netflix,
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it would have been a terrific acquisition for a company that wants to get on track. microsoft, even att, amazon's about scale and ever since the company decided it was going to go big or go home, a winner, the dominance premium is what you're paying up for. you're getting now a similar theme from facebook and twitter. now, these two are different animals, way different. facebook has the ability to be very lucrative very shortly. and in that sense, it feels a lot like google. great business, mobile, many possible revenue streams besides advertising. twitter, however, feels more like amazon. it's become a cult. a cult you can believe in at 140 characters or less. people tweet their buys of the darn thing. hats off to robert peck from suntrust. going to ring the bell when an analyst gets something right now. who before twitter became public said you have to buy it until it got in the 50s. i thought he was smoking something. he was right. victory lap, well done. the stock's shortage, though, is palpable.
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we don't have enough twitters. this isn't like 1999 when one dot com is created every minute and we had so many in the same vertical. this is the opposite. twitter runs the category so does facebook. there will not be a twitter two or three. twitter owns it, incredible. they grabbed it and they owned it. the final stock shortage, acceptable number of takeover targets. i think many companies don't want to sell but will take them up anyway, why bother to merge. it is a really big deal. as you saw today when lsi surrendered to avago and aig sold the aircraft leasing business to air cap holdings. lsi went up huge, aig less so. i understand air cap, boeing announced the big dividend. holy cow. anyway, i regard avago and air cap the acquirers as the real winners because these deals are immediately additive to earnings. so the companies are instantly worth more and that's why their stocks advance.
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$4.45 and $8.25 respectively. we've seen this pattern over and over again, haven't we? these deals are hard to come by, but when they do, well, they're terrific news for the acquirers and, of course, the targets. i suspect this takeover target shortage just like the social, mobile and cloud shortage and the buyback shortage, they're not going away. here's the bottom line, taken individually, these stocks seem one off. but taken together, you've got a trend that can't be bound by the taper talk or worries about a small boost in interest rates. these seem like secular trends to me. >> buy, buy, buy! >> and that's what makes them so darn exciting. i know that the mindset of the market is to dismiss the stock shortage as fanciful and call the social, mobile and cloud space -- but in aggregate, the stock shortage thesis makes all the sense in the world. may i go to mark in hawaii? mark?
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>> caller: merry christmas, a warm one to you, jim. >> excellent. >> caller: 78 degrees here. >> well, okay. so it's miserable here. rub it in. rub it in, partner. >> caller: my question is about mbt, mobile telesystems. they're big in russia and their earnings came out this month. you can get a 6% return on the semiannual dividend. >> yeah. >> caller: it trades on nyse. >> i'm looking at this ukraine situation. i'm thinking why do i want to be owning anything russian? i've got -- i've got verizon doing well, at&t doing well i. not going to go to moscow for a stock. i don't know if i want to go to moscow for a trip. let's go to frank in new york, frank? >> caller: hi, jim. boo-yah from saratoga. the other casino. >> oh. okay. sure.
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>> caller: what is your take on ncr? >> i'm a believer in bill noody the ceo. it's been drifting down, i think it's an opportunity. and -- well, that may be -- i want to focus again on boeing. listen to this, people. this is how money's made. look what he did, $10 billion additional buyback. boost dividend by 50%. boeing! okay. does a stock shortage mean an abundance of -- shortage of aircraft plays, maybe so, the twitters and facebooks of the world are winning because we don't have enough of them. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- mighty meds? generic drug manufacturer perego has been benefitting from the consumer and the stock feeling healthy up over 40% this year. is it time to write yourself a prescription? don't miss cramer's exclusive. and later, stocking
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stuffers, plenty of christmas cheer this time of year and cramer's feeling particularly generous. all week he's revealing the stocks to stuff your stockings with that could provide gifts all year round. tonight, two industrial power houses that could provide lift heading into 2014. plus, smooth sailing? american energy is powering industrial growth across the country and moving these newfound reserves has provided opportunities of its own. navigator holdings operates the world's largest fleet of heavy-sized liquefied gas carriers. is it time to hop aboard? all coming up on "mad money." >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something?
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what's next for perrigo?
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a company that's basically the king of knock you've private label store brand over the counter drugs. we know that private labels has been a huge trend in this country. and these in-house brands made by perrigo deliver much higher margins. now, p rererrigo has been on fi. it's acquiring elan in a deal that allows them to save a bundle on the tax bill by allowing them to pay super low irish tax rates rather than the higher ones. perrigo runs up 41% for the year. we last spoke to the ceo on august 16th. but the deal closes later this week, i think it'll give another boost to the stock. let's check in with the chairman and ceo of perrigo and see where the company's headed. welcome back to "mad money." joe, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> when we saw each other last, the stock was trading down. and it was actually a terrific quarter. market comes to its senses after a while?
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is that what happens? >> i think that's exactly what happened, jim. i think people are still seeing the fact we're really being supported by the mega trends, as you said. more and more consumers national brand, store brand, more and more products from prescription only status to becoming over the counter. with those, we've been a fast follower and seeing great success with our products. >> joe, i've got a new book in two weeks, and my thesis is this. typically when times get better, people gravitate away from t the -- look, what's call it your brands, okay? >> yep. >> this is different. this is now chic. and you feel the new consumer says what am i paying up for that whether i'm doing well or not? >> i think that's absolutely true, jim. and i think we know the data we have is once a person comes over, try the store brand product, 91% of the time, they're going to stay with store brand. and importantly, the retailers are giving us more shelf space than ever before. we think it's been an important driver for our success. >> i was in rite aid, they are
6:18 pm
private label. it's almost predominate. that must have helped the company because the stock has been a miracle up 300%. >> well, the average margin they make on the store brand products is usually higher than the national brands, significantly higher. both in percentage, even on absolute dollars per unit. it's both the percentage and the absolute dollars. >> couple areas seem to be really on fire for you, cough, cold, smoking sensation and diabetes. these are all working. that's a big number of categories. >> yeah, we've worked very hard to bring more and more products into our portfolio. really what i would call them is just, you know, go after an adjacent category, bolted on to what we're doing today. more items on our truck that are going to all of our large retailers. and unfortunately, it's been working for us and i know you've been a fan for a while. >> you bet i am. >> people have done their homework and looked at it. >> well, look, i come by a lot of my ideas because i buy your brands.
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they're the same. >> we appreciate it. >> now, one thing i'm surprised. this is a -- this is the walgreen version. but you've got your own pet medicine, i can actually, your label. and we also got into the area of pet care because it's important for the retailers. it's a product category that's reimbursed. people trying to find a quality product but an affordable version. we've got certainly -- especially in the flea and tick area. >> what's the difference -- will the company be in dublin? what does it mean to be an irish company versus america? and would you become an american company again? >> well, i think right now we're working on trying to close the transaction. >> right. >> for us right now, what's critically important is getting the final stages of the transaction, getting it closed. importantly, we will have our board meetings in ireland. our executive committee decisions in ireland.
6:20 pm
our intellectual property will be owned in ireland. a lot of steps that have to occur for us will occur for us. but relative to -- my plans are not to move to ireland. >> i want people to understand the arc. there's a drug that apparently starts as a prescription, you do well, then goes generic next year, you do well. walk us through that process. >> this is a great story for perrigo. started with this product going back in the 2004/2005 time frame. we developed a generic product of this product challenge to patent, prevailed on the patent challenge, laumplged a product in 2011 as a generic. but knew all along we had a good possibility. that product would move from prescription to over-the-counter. now we have over-the-counter status, we expect the brand will move in 2014. it's a product that you -- that's a nasal product and allows the patient to reduce the symptoms for allergies. >> well, you've done a
6:21 pm
remarkable job. and i know people were confused initially. joe, i think they're believers, they know this new structure is good. best of luck for when it closes. >> thank you, jim. thank you very much. >> terrific. that's joe papa chairman, president and ceo of perrigo. if it gets hit again, just buy it. stay with cramer. coming up -- stocking stuffers, there's plenty of christmas cheer this time of year and cramer's feeling particularly generous. all week, he's revealing the stocks to stuff your stockings with that could provide gifts all year round. tonight, two industrial power houses that could provide lift heading into 2014. and later, smooth sailing, american energy is powering industrial growth across the country. and moving these newfound reserves has provided opportunities of its own. navigator holdings operates the world's largest fleet of heavy-sized liquefied gas
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stocks. pick the right ones that literally keep on giving you profits year after year. i'm going to give you a list of stocking stuffers, high-quality names that i think are poised to deliver not short-term but multiple years of fabulous outperformance. you can buy them for yourself, you can buy them for your children. get them interested in managing their own money. and believe me, you can never get started teaching kids about money too soon. otherwise there's a the good chance they'll bleed you dry. so what works as a stocking stuffer this holiday season? specifically, i'm talking about the highest quality stocks i know. the ones i like so much we own for my charitable trust. you can follow along the trades before we make them at if you want to get your loved one a not super sexy, but financially sound present for the holidays, i suggest something along the lines of general electric or johnson controls. these are two terrific industrial names with big, big analyst meetings coming up this week. why don't we start with ge.
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it was a stock we added to the charitable trust. all about an old dog with new tricks or a tiger changing its stripes. everyone knows ge is a gigantic american industrial. but back before the great recession, got heavily into the financial business with ge capital becoming the main profit center. general electric was a bank that also happened to manufacture everything from turbines, energy infrastructure, health care equipment and lightbulbs, and that was not a good thing post financial crisis. because while ge's industrial businesses are all world class, everyone knows that. its finance side, been a laggard. but lately shifting focus back to the core industrial business and gradually getting out of the finance game. over the next two years, ge's getting out of the north american finance division altogether. first by spinning off 25% of the business next year. and then by unloading the rest of it in 2015 which gives you a pair of major positive catalyst. right now ge gets 56% of the profits from the industrial business, the other 44% from
6:27 pm
finance. look, once they finish the spinoff, the company's going to get 70% of the profits from industrial side. that's what people want. as this transition happens, i bet the market will increasingly reward general electric with a higher priced to earnings multiple, and that means a higher share price, too. meanwhile, ge is a fabulous stock to own as the global economy begins to pick up speed. when the company reported in october, it delivered strong numbers with the aviation and oil and gas growing in mid teens. plus real earnings leverage. revenues increased by 2%. what management was able to parlay that 2% gain in sales to a 13% rise in earnings. with a $229 billion backlog. i think the company can get its revenue growth up into the mid, single digits which would be huge for ge's earnings. on top of that, management has aggressive cost-cutting initiatives going. ge expects $1 billion worth of savings in 2013 and 2015 as the company reduces its sales general and administrative
6:28 pm
expenses as well as taking a slice out of the r & d budget. the top line's going higher, the bottom line's going higher. and ge is focussing on what it does best, making real things. ge has a big analyst meeting on wednesday. i think the company will tell a terrific story. and boosted the dividend by 16% on friday, bringing the yield up to a solid 3.2%. that's nice protection. plus the the company has a $10 billion buyback and i could see that expanding over time, too. as the cash flow rises. ge is an ideal stocking stuffer. but if general electric doesn't appeal to you, how about johnson controls, jci for you home gamers. here's an industrial turn around story that i think could be one of the best stocks of 2014, which is a major reason my charitable trust has been buying the stock. >> buy, buy, buy. >> in my soon to be released book, get rich carefully, johnson controls comes off as one of the best breakup
6:29 pm
candidates because it's a little bit of cat and is dogs company, getting more than half of their sales from auto parts where they're the number one maker of car interiors. an efficiency business where they sell heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, that's called hvac as well as energy efficiency systems. why don't we go through this piece by piece. we know the auto industry is on fire right now selling cars at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 16.3 million a year. the european auto business is on the rebound, this is all good news for jci auto parts business. as for the building efficiency business, we're seeing terrific rebounds in residential and more importantly, commercial construction here in the u.s. the latter of which can be a huge story next year. i'm counting on that. and thanks to acquisition of
6:30 pm
york air-conditioners, they're one of the top in ventilation equipment and services business. that's a great brand name. i like the individual pieces here, the real reason to own johnson controls is because of the restructuring under the new ceo who just took the helm at the beginning of october. in recent meetings, he signaled to investors there'll be changes in the company, specifically once they become more diversified global multiindustrial leader with better capital allocation and less dependence on the auto market. i bet we hear more about this at the company's analyst say which is coming up on thursday. i expect we'll hear about changes in auto interior's business because the rest of the company's pretty much firing on all cylinders. i wouldn't be surprised if they sell the rest of the interior segment and restructures the inconsistent building efficiency building. which is something i'm saying "get rich carefully" should happen in 2014. in the middle of a multi-year turn around leading to more
6:31 pm
consistent earnings and a higher priced to earnings multiple for the stock. plus, last month, the company boosted the dividend by 16%. okay, 1.7%, but that's because the stocks appreciated it so much. pretty serious for a $34 billion company. even before this turns, johnson controls is one of the few to raise guidance when it reported back in october. i bet things get better from here. right now the stock sells for 15.3 times next year's earnings investments, it's got a 15% long-term growth rate. and the fact the multiple is 20 times earnings tells you where i think it could go. here's the bottom line, if you're looking for stocking stuffers this holiday season, i like general electric and johnson controls. two great american industrial companies that are changing their stripes for the better. i would, indeed, buy both ahead of their meetings on wednesday and thursday respectively. and i think they'll each be terrific stocks in 2013. these are gifts that i believe will keep on giving as the turn around drives beautiful gains
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right through next year and into the one after. let's go to morgan in california. morgan? >> dr. cramer, how are you doing? >> pretty good, thank you. how about you? >> caller: doing fantabulous. my niners won a tough game out in tampa. sorry about your eagles. >> that's all right. my fantasy team won but i'm going to be playing someone with that good niner "d" next week, i'm nervous. >> caller: you made a wise choice. i'm trying to make wise choices on stocks. my conglomerate is txt. there's speculation that amazon might buy them out and with google buying the robot company today and they have a secret fighter jet. >> you know, i've always felt one day someone could take this company over but we never recommend companies on a takeover basis unless the earnings are turning around and you have rough sledding in the earnings. let's be careful with textron, i don't think it's a takeover target here. may i go to mohan?
6:33 pm
>> caller: boo-yah, jimmy, love your show. >> appreciate it. what's up? >> caller: happy holidays to you and your great staff. i got an allocation in last week's ipo. i'm happy with that. my question today is on cqh, also ipo'ed friday. it's been down a bit since ipo, wondering what your take on that, buy, sell or hold. thanks again. >> well, it's done a lot of great things. i think it will work. but we got in these much, much lower. and this ipo, i want to see -- i'd rather talk directly before making a judgment. i can go to jerry? >> caller: hi, jim, how you doing? >> good. >> caller: first-time caller and i watch your show every night. >> thank you. >> caller: i'd like to know about himax technology.
6:34 pm
>> they have this terrific service called trifecta report. blessed on fundamentals, blessed on the chart, this is one of the most blessed. this is a thing. and i've got to tell you, i would not sell himax. i think this thing can go much higher. everyone's looking for the perfect gift, one that keeps on giving. ge or johnson controls in your stocking, i think may be just the thing you need. two great u.s. companies changing stripes. we got stocking stuffers all week. stay with cramer. announcer: where can an investor
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play until this sound -- and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready skedaddy? time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." i'm going to start with cody in ohio. cody? >> caller: boo-yah, jim from the you shale in ohio. buy or sell? >> there's a lot of nonsense on @jimcramer that said i'm recommending. i said it's a spec play. a spec play on natural gas used as a surface fuel. is that a recommendation? i don't know. if you call that a recommendation, fine. it's a spec play, not my spec. a spec play. mike? >> caller: boo-yah, jimbo, this is mike from pennsylvania, the snack capital of the world. >> that's absolutely right. >> caller: my stock is tdw. >> i've got enough oil already. we don't want more oil right here. oil stocks not acting well. not going to be able to change my tune on that until we see oil go lower and the stocks lower
6:39 pm
and warm up to them. alex in california. alex? >> caller: yes, hi, professor cramer, thanks so much for your help. >> doing my best. >> caller: we stand on the shoulders of giants to get to where we are and nobody better than an amazing educator like yourself. >> thank you. i have a great staff that makes me look good every night. what's going on? >> caller: the stock i wanted to talk to you about is fang, diamond back energy. >> yeah, that's so speculative. look, we have enough -- this is an exxon market now and diamond back is the opposite of exxon. let's be careful out there. ron in kansas, ron? >> caller: yeah, boo-yah, mr. cramer, from kansas. >> nice. >> caller: hey, i was wondering about ctl, century link. what your thoughts were on that. >> i want to be very careful with this company. already cut its dividend once. that's not my kind of story. i don't like dividend cut stories. can i go to nate in texas,
6:40 pm
please, nate? >> hey, jim, boo-yah from the biggest packers fan in austin, texas. i'd like to know a little something about enb. >> all right. enbridge, growth, i kind of like it. i think it's a good one. and you and tramon williams must be having the time of your lives. audrey in florida, audrey? >> caller: hello, how are you, mr. cramer? >> yeah. i'm fine, how about you, audrey? >> caller: oh, well, okay. maybe you could do something about my sciatica since you have my back. >> uh, wow. let me think, let me think, i don't know, heat or cold? i think hot's better. >> caller: well, mr. cramer, i've had microsoft for a long time, and i -- i want to know the story. i want to know what's going on. >> i need you to go see dr.
6:41 pm
erickson, my caih chiropractor. i don't want you selling microsoft. and feed sciatica and starve a cold. there's household wisdom from my executive producer who i'm going to defeat in fantasy in our super bowl next week! although, she's looking pretty darn good. okay. let's go to ozan in texas. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah from houston, texas. >> that company's playing a little too much like the texans, my friend. wow. i think they had a comeback. i think james morgan's got to come back and reexplain the story. i did not like that quarter one bit. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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if it weren't for the fed meeting this week, is there any doubt in your mind that we would be even higher than we were after today's terrific rally.
6:45 pm
think about what's happened the last few days. we've had several fabulous analyst meetings and presentations, telling you things were going well and improving in banking and retail. >> house of pleasure. >> remember the full-day home depot meeting where they indicated things were much better than expected. recall that sit-down with terry lundgren, ceo of macy's who said the holiday season's going well, something echoed by pvh. how about the fact there isn't just one takeover in the air but two, the time warner cable and t-mobile deals and both have been climbing higher in the process. let's not forget the aig sale and lsi. how about taking off the table the biggest fear of january? the potential of a government shutdown. isn't that huge? nothing's a done deal in washington. i'm very worried about another debt ceiling debacle in february. nevertheless, does seem to be a short-term sensation in the rank. it doesn't matter to these people, does it? all these people think, think they care about is the federal reserve's decision on wednesday.
6:46 pm
the fed changes to a more hawkish position. these people are telling us, well, if they slow down their bond buying, if they say they've accomplished much of what they thought they'd accomplish, then these commentators are saying we're going to have an immediate decline of magnitude. what magnitude? i don't know. judging by the chatter, a 5% correction minimum. how could it not given all the analyst suggestions that it will. can the naysayers be wrong? how can the most talked about event when it comes to the stock market not produce that kind of decline, right? a fed meeting -- can i ask you what was the whole point of the dialogue. for the past 35% of the s&p 500's multi-year advance, we have been told that a tapering of bond buying will cause an excruciating selloff so you'll have one foot out the door at all times. but isn't that why we talk about it so much? we clearly don't prattle about it endlessly because of what it'll do to bonds, right?
6:47 pm
it's about the correction. we care about the correction! now, if this is what we've been worried about, how can this taper stuff not repeal a substantial chunk of what was not supposed to occur if they'd been tapering? i ask rhetorically. how could it not wipe out a good deal of the advance that would never have happened if we had listened to the cause and effect folks who chatter on namely about a stock market they know very little about. why would they worry us so about it otherwise? i'll go one step further, the market doesn't take a 4% to 5% hit on the beginning of a taper, we spend a serious amount of time discussing something not materially important to this whole rally. at least not as important as the metrics i hear about and harp on, sales, earnings, dividend, restructurings, management execution and secular themes. it's put up or shut up week for those who have held show many of us hostage with the sword of taper. if the fed doesn't announce they're going to cut back on bond buying and the market
6:48 pm
doesn't get hit 5%, will the taper scare mongers fall on that sword? or will i have to run them through with it? oh, and let's get this straight. if it is business as usual at the fed because we're not yet at 6% unemployment and the housing market is shaky, as you would know if you listened to toll brothers call last week and retail still in the doldrums, considering all the good news i just mentioned, i say let the buying flood gates open for everyone who wants in as soon as this big, bad fed event is behind us. stick with cramer. mad about "mad money"? immerse yourself into cramer's world when you watch the show with zeebox, on your phone, tablet or web, get sneak peeks, go behind the scenes and join the conversation. download the free app today for the ultimate cramerican adventure. [ male announcer ] here at optionsxpress, our clients really seem
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6:52 pm
is a strong business, demand for liquefied petroleum gas is rising worldwide at the same time we're producing a heck of a lot more of the stuff domestically here in the u.s. eight more on order, so the growth here is very real. the stock's giving you a nice 18% gain since i recommended it two weeks ago as an overlooked ipo. can it keep roaring? let's take a closer look with david butters, the chairman, president and ceo of navigator holdings. mr. butters, welcome to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> have a seat. >> thank you. >> now, on this show, we've talked a lot about carriers of oils, this is the first time we've talked about liquefied petroleum gas. where does it go? >> well, very simply, jim. it's gas under pressure or under refrigeration so it's liquid and
6:53 pm
can move very efficiently. we get it from all sources. it's really a and the
6:54 pm
ultimate consumer. but so much is happening today that's -- that just begs infrastructure play. new terminals, new transportation techniques. all of this is playing out in this new structural change that's taking place as a result of, well, principally in the
6:55 pm
united states with shale gas. >> well, that would mean -- that's one of the reasons i was so glad. you don't have a lot of longer term contracts. to me, when marcellus comes on, chenier comes on, we don't want you locked in at some lower price. >> i'd like to be locked in at any price, but that's not the nature of lpg business. incidentally, i like that. i like that because it prevents other competition to come in. shipping is notorious for people coming in and looking for long-term charters and building route. and that destroys the industry. lpg tends to be relatively short-term. we, on the other hand, have been lucky enough because of the flexibility of our semirefrigerated, which means we can both produce that liquid either by freezing it, chilling it or compressing it. other vessels really can only handle chilled product.
6:56 pm
so it's a great flexible vessel we have. so, you know, we're looking to the short-term maybe 50% of our business over the next year is contracted, 25% over the next year. but that's the way we've lived forever. and yet, jim, if you look at eight or ten years past, the t utilization has been 98%, 99%. >> that's why i think you're a great long-term play. and my favorite now on the industry because the others have let us down and you are experienced men who have done a lot in the right segment. that's mr. david butters, the chairman, president and ceo of navigator holdings. i want you to see why i think this is the best now of the shipping plays, also the best run. stay with cramer.
6:57 pm
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energy lives here. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at all right. i want to talk about a great american company, boeing, okay. got a gigantic buyback and huge increase in the dividend. this is what happens if you stay the course. how many people have been shaking out of boeing all the way from 61 to 138. why is that? because they spend too much time
7:00 pm
thinking small worried about a fire here a problem with plane there. he's got you where you have to go. which is dramatically higher and boeing's not done yet. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for a small but slowly growing group of gop senators now saying that they will support the ryan/murray compromise budget bill which faces a critical senate vote tomorrow. now, it's not perfect, but republicans should accept the deal and move on. in fact, i believe paul ryan saved the gop from itself. if they have any hopes to retake the senate in november, the focus must be on obamacare. not another budget shutdown. and obamacare's ongoing enrollment errors weren't enough, get this, turns out your personal data may not be safe on the federal exchanges. not just some


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