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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  August 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tried to short this market. he can't do it. i think that message of capitulation will catch on. thank you, guys. i appreciate it this hour. fast money is coming up in just a few second with melissa lee. melissa, what's on tap? >> you saw yesterday's big yield in the sector, we're going to name names in terms of his targets, acquisition tarts. also the ceo of clean energy. they're installing a bunch of fueling stations across the country. specifically in texas. >> all right. over to you guys. >> "fast money" starts right now. at the nasdaq market site at new york city in "time's square. financials breaking out, bank of america leading way on news that a $17 billion fine from the justice department t.xls seeing a major move higher today. this is of course ahead of
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tomorrow morning, janet yellin at jackson hole. looking for clues when they will address the rates. >> i think that the thinking is a reasonable guess given where you think the economy is going. >> we will have to move at some point. i don't want us to be behind the curve in beginning to normal iize interest rates. >> you mentioned financials across the board specifically with the money sector, that did well, the pncs of the world the suntrust, et cetera. >> karen and john took home banc of america. names like wells fargo, they have been slow and steady and wins the race for quite sometime. now they find themselves in the exact same situation. i happen to think the bac might have gotten ahead of itself today.
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citibank looks good to me as well. >> there was a quote by the portfolio managers now brimoyni can govern. >> there was a bit of the sell the rumor, with that big settlement telegraphed so long and cleared away. i think we are now in an inflexion point where the financial crisis is behind them in terms of, you know, big litigation settlements, that sort of thing. clearly there is a lot of regulations in place. hopefully the market can turn to fundamentals as well. maybe with a hint of a rate hike that, wouldn't be horrible, if that happened in the normal course of the business. finally, a chance for bac to break out. i don't think it's ahead of itself. i think it has been behind itself for a long, long time. >> again, is slow normalization of interest rates, whatever that means, that's very good for the banks. people are looking for defensive ways to see how they can play the fed that's going to at some point change their course. for now, look at city's
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fundamental also. look at the valuation. if you look at banc of america, what karen said, it's not that people then p didn't think this number was out there. a lot of people said it was slightly better on non-cash items, that there is a bertd cab benefit. if you read ups said for example it could be as much as a 60 cent hit. it's in fact a 43 cent hit. it's a better outcome. we are back to trading banks at normalized earnings. we said that, hey, if we ever see these guys with a normalized earnings profile, can you buy these cheap valuations. >> i have banc of america. it's a part of a playbook playoff. i had it in the portfolio as well. morgan stanley i thought was an outperformer today. you look at some of these stocks, mel, that people are betting on for higher rates and what it will mean for mar jen accounts and things -- margin action and things like that. they had call bets placed in that name today. so all of these are bets
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longer-term bet, not short-term bets, listening to what they're saying at jackson hole, we're not going to see rates moved up by the fed until 2015 and perhaps well into the 2nd or even third quarter of 2015 and we'll see what that does other than flattening the curve. because global pressure is still down on rates, not up. >> i think that's a good point you make. the catalyst will be a steepening yield curve. fed funds, 43% chance of a rate hike in 2015 at the june meeting. if you take a look at the two-year note, which is more sensitive to rate hikes, that is not moving much. >> we will see the cush flattening, that's what we have been seeing. people are surprised to see what that's been doing. watch the shortened, people, if you look at what's happened to the two an three year, the curve is flattening. the clip as we laid from and talked about the fed trying to be ahead of the curve. will is no way the fed is ahead of the curve. took clear, the fed never ahead
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of the curve. they will be reactive. the question is, request you have zero fed funds rates with the labor, look at the jobless claims this morning, i think they are behind the curve. i think they're significantly behind the curve. >> i want to button this up. bank of america, is it ahead of itself? why can't it go to 18? >> it can go to 18. >> that was in march. >> there is where we broke down from. i want to say basically may, june. is it ahead of itself? in terms of the last couple weeks, yes, it's been behind itself for the last five years. so agree with that statement. i think it's a trading vehicle. to me we're at the upper end of the range. >> courtney reagan is back at headquarters. >> melissa, the u.s. president retail, 34 year home depot veteran will take over as the company ceo. he will be the ceo of the largest home retailer november 1st. he replaces frank blake, that's that position he holds
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currently. he is joining immediately. minnear was on board. he will service online orders. he has been the heir apparent for some time, conducting the earnings call this week. home depot has been given credit. they should feel good about the baton exchange in november. >> this is a stock that finished in a new 15-84 high. >> again, it's not just clang in transition. everybody knew this was coming. again, this is a guy who had a much more significant role and had been groomed to make this change. this is a stock that has a huge run. the entire sector, again, two retail names that actually have been outperforming this sector have been outperforming the s&p. this is just taking some profits. >> one thing, we talk about the kitchen sink quarter all the time when the new guy comes in. i'm saying this is maybe i think
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this is a great transition here. sometimes you see the reverse of the kitchen sink. a guy going out. he wants to go out on the high. they will do everything they can to not go out on a crappy quarter. i don't think that will happen here. >> i agree. there is nothing in the kitchen sink. i think that's the new guy coming in. while you were away, we were into earnings. we will see it take it to the next lechlt it has done that. valuation to stretch. that's been the argument for quite some time. i think three or four years ago this would have been a good deal today not as much. >> two other retail names reporting in the after hours session, gap beating out earnings by a penny. the stocks slightly higher. meantime, rival aeropostal reporting a bigger than expected, shares sent south. let's bring in the ceo. dana, great to have you with us. >> thank you very much, hi.
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>> hi, what does gap need to do at this point? we now from the same store sales numbers in the month, gap, the flash of gap is having problems as opposed to other brands. >> exactly. that's what they flowed to do as we move forward is see improvement on same store sales. >> that gap brands 30% of sales. by october, we should get the merchandise by the new designers on the selling floor and a pick-up in komps as needed. they managed expenses well and also they came through with inventory levels that they cleaned out for clearance. >> they sure did, dana. this is john najerian. i was in an old navy store recently the lean was so long i had to walk u walk out. they absolutely had stuff marked down to things were moving online as well, dana, which i'd love you to talk about their online strategy. they were delivering coupons in the last week. 40% off back-to-cool online and
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so forth. can you speak to that and what they're doing online? >> online was up 11% in the most recent quarter. it's been up double digits. it continues to be another driver of sales. i think as we're in this time period, as the earnings releases are coming out. everyone is talking about the end of the quarter, the end of july. we've heard a drum beat of it from other retailers. if you will play in back-to-school. you got to promote. that's what gap is doing, too. >> dana, switch goers a bit. aro, is there any hope for this at all? it seems too dangerous. those numbers are terrible. is there any silver leaning in. >> i mean a 15 .8% growth mar jen is what they delivered. i haven't seen that mr. in apparel retailing. julien was the architect of building the company for success years ago. he's got a lot to do here in order to be able to turn it around. i thought the american eagle report gave a more favorable outlook of what can show
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improvement. i don't see anything near term to impact it to say a change is coming. >> we will leave it there. guy, what itself the trade? >> i like gap. look at their operating margins, 14.2%, fantastic. they're operating better. she mentioned inventories are reasonable now. i think this takes the stock to the next level towards $50 bucks. i liked it for a while. >> this is a one-year resistance, it's not only ecommerce it's international. old navy, john's favorite place to shop. >> apparently. >> except the line is too long. >> and five-day stores in china. one in the philipines, gap is on up in india, the china presence is very important for fooes these guys. they are exciting catalysts for the company. it is operating very efficiently. >> isn't the back-to-school
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sales over already? >> it is, but they are back-to-school but i have been hearing a lot of back-to-school and back-to-college reports him i'm optimistic that when these companies go, they will have the numbers. >> oh, buzz kill. come back from your gal vanting across the world, venice. >> you basically say the summer is over. >> it is, it's practically over. if are you a kid, you are bumming out. >> now they are. >> they already knew they were going back to school. >> if you missed yesterday's frern% pop in shares of international rectifier. don't worry, we have three other semi names he says could be takeout targets. plus the man that says tesla is $300 bucks a share. find out why. that's next on "fast." drivers want to go further with their electrical vehicles. but you can't take a trip from lisbon to stockholm if you can't re-charge along the way. the green emotion project, funded by the european commission is using the ibm cloud to make this possible by creating a single charging and billing network
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shares of chip maker international rectifier soaring yesterday on the announcement they will be acquired. now the department says seven wondering what company will be snatched up next. chris joins us on set.
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good the see you. >> would you say it is number one? i didn't know this. i didn't know how correlated it is with xrs. >> about 70% correlated they were e they're almost the same company. really quite similar. >> so who would be the lack cal buyer? are you concerned because they were passed over for international rectifier that they are just out of it? >> 83, in fact, infineon might reload and come back at them. maybe in a couple of years. again, when you only have, leather say, two or three players out there in some of these niche kind of markets, if you acquire both of them, you bring those players in until there is only one or two players out there. you can firm up pricing in these end markets. these are low gross margin type products out there and really firmer pricing, that's really what these guys need. >> has sc management indicated they are willing to show or looking for anity? >> yeah, i don't think they
5:16 pm
would comment publicly about doing that. i think they would do water right for to the shareholders. there has been some ooumors of perhaps new management coming in and taking over. so i think they would be up for sale at the right price. >> do you have any reason to think they were or were not talking to fairchild at some point before they decided to go with irf? >> i did approach irf, infineon. new toque technology irf has gan or gallium nitride. i think they had their eyes on irf. >> that doesn't mean they won back in two minutes in a few years. >> ult e.r.a. is the next target? >> actually. eshlgly, it's a simple game plan here. few have a on the available, are you a player like infineon, you
5:17 pm
go out and buy outdated manufacturing capacity. you bring them inhour, give them an entirely new cost structure, cut management. cut the redundant sales force. all of a sudden you pop that model and pop mar jens. so irf, for example, was probably going to do $1.50 in earnings in 2015. we think that goes to 250 under infin union's cost structure. >> with everything that's going on with this electronic design automation edm. not electronic dance music. would you say synopsis or mentor graphics would be two of the people would look at as well? both of them are at 52-week highs an keep moving up. >> complexity in chips is just exponential right now. you have cocs that literally have integration of 50 different components and any hits helps with that tremendously. so. >> chris, thanks for joining us,
5:18 pm
appreciate it. all right, guy, where do you go? >> i think they were in a death spiral in 2013. finally it seems leak it might be getting its act together. it held this level a couple time him i think amd was a sort of a 355, 390 stop might be the most interesting play out there. >> where were you seeing the activity yesterday? >> wow, all over the place yesterday, snowp sis today like i say, a new 52-week high, just burning to the upside, mel. up better than 6%. mentor gravgs both those two. i don't own mentor, i do known synopsis. i like them. i think these continue to move. >> if you trade the stocks, be careful. '88, people think we failed. >> let's get another earnings alert. sales force is moving slightly higher than expected. >> melissa, he's getting started
5:19 pm
on the call, going through the highlight, talking about a trip with the ways that i are using the sales force platform, pointing to the fact their guidance is 1.1 billion cash flow. they've akeefd that. the next big goal in terms of annualized revenue is $10 billion. they've pointed out they've raised their revenue target for the year by doctor 170 million sense things began and that's the same amount that they had in total revenue in 2005. almost ten years ago. when the company started. talking now about the mayday button. the equivalent of a mayday button, which you know the amazon kindle has. they are installing on the enterprise side and the business model. how it continues to attract models and customers 38% year over year is stronger tan it was last quarter. so the questions haven't started yesterday. he is making his best pitch that
5:20 pm
sales force's best days are ahead. >> thanks, so much for that. dr. day, you are flying activity in this. >> yeah, it was about 70, 74% the volume was if calls today, mel, it was upside call bets. i've already traded out a half of my position because i was long stock and calls. i've got calls that expire in two weeks vs. calls that expire tomorrow as well, i stagger them. the volatility was only 50% out there two weeks so that just moves the odds into your favor so far before you put the money down. that's what i like to do. >> all right. be sure to tune into "mad money" tonight. cramer has an exclusive interview. that's an interview you will not want to miss. so was carl icahn right about pay pell? ebay may make the advice and spin off the entertainment unit. plus, tesla stock has had a wild
5:21 pm
wild ride this year. someone says $300 bucks isn't far hievenld he'll explain why next. .
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welcome back to "fast." game stop moving higher after posting better than expected earnings boosted by new game releases as well as strong sales of those new consoles. it's the power of the new console according to cfo from both microsoft and sony. tlirk guidance above street forecast. the stock currently moving higher here after hours by better than 7%. melissa. >> thank you, bertha coombs.
5:25 pm
guy adami. you aptly pointed out we discussed this stock how it would be a stock that outperforms. >> this was a very good quarter. you know, everybody thinks game stop is huge, it's not. it has a:30% shortage. everybody is convinced the business is going the way of the dodo bird, which it's not. i think you can chase this i think the stock goes higher from here. >> i think we would have seen the dodo bird from here. i wouldn't touch it. shares of ebay getting a big pop. the ecommerce giant is reportedly spinning off its pay pal business. according to the site, the information despite the report, telling that its position has not changed. j.j., stocks still higher. >> stocks screamed higher on very, very heavy view. almost 321 puts as well.
5:26 pm
it was that tech blog that basically said that people that they've interviewed, ebay interviewed were being told, don't worry, you are have an upside play here. we will spin off pay pal. whether or not that was really what was purported was really true, people bought into it. i certainly did because of what carl icahn. when they told carl, you know, to go, have a sit down after he made by as many mark and all the folks on the board, remember when they were having all those fights? >> right. >> then all of a sudden things seem as to smooth out t. earnings were bad, it came screaming back to 52. gathered itself and now it's 56 pushing 57. >> he makes the point. the stock has gone from 49 to 56 at this point. so a lot of the bad news, whether it was the algo, whether it was the security breach, all each, all the favor. they were terrible. stocks moved. i loved this stock at 14. at 56, i don't know. >> but i don't think carl gets out there and, you know, this is
5:27 pm
the guy that just sucks the life blood out of these companies. he doesn't get out early. look at the netflix trade. >> he will be in. >> biogen. he will be in there until they spin it. i think when they spin it, it's north of 70. >> tesla has an outperform rating. the analyst behind the calls joins us on the "fast" lean, andrew, great to havef to have you with us. make a point it will be a niche part of the global automobile or vehicle industry but it's going up to u up 32% through 2020, which is staggering. how do you get to this projectio projection? >> sure, thanks, for having me on. tesla 5% in the global market. reset doubles next year with the launch of the model x and gre to 400,000 units by 2020.
5:28 pm
really, this will be driven by lower battery costs. we don't see it being an issue, seeing with experts, we see this as very much achievable and tesla is able reach a larger adjustable mark, we see significant growth opportunity. >> you see the ed market share with a full launch of the ge n3 vehicle coming up smplt this akooum seuming the other auto makers won't come near with tesla? >> no, we believe that bmw will be a serious market, the i3 is a good product and a fair comparison from the ge n3 from tesla. on the other hand, the other auto makers are largely not playing in the space. so we don't see significant pressure from other competitors through 2020. >> and the september 1st china the tax incentives kick in how quick will it be the trajectory
5:29 pm
once those incentives take effect? >> ultimately, i think it will be a function of how the battery suppliers can really produce and with the ge n3 volumes we see an inflexion point in volume coming in, in 2017 and onwards. >> i appreciate it. outperformance tesla initiated today. tim, what's the trade? >> people keep upgradeing it after it's moved $50 bucks. the question is, as to what extension can they fend off competition? there is no competition in anybody's model. are they going to do ten times near output by 2020, which effectively has to happen without competition, without any fallout from the potential, throwing a ton of money into the battery factory. i think there is a lot. lot of good news in a great company and certainly a valuation i wouldn't go near. >> remember we were driving around. >> i remember very clearly. we were in a snowstorm, by the way. >> don't be a funny man.
5:30 pm
>> i'm a big guy. >> you are all torso. >> we had the most fun. >> we went to the cheesecake factory that day. it was a great day. >> can you give mae quick trade? here we go. >> within a couple dollars it has been, i think you trade it at that level. >> that has been the long trade. >> coming up, too much of a good thing, we will see how companies will deal with an oversupply of natural gas and an exclusive interview with clean energy on where he sees market potential. that's coming up next on "fast money." i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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. welcome back to fasts money. we are live at the nasdaq markets at time's square. the bakken is rockin', north dakota oil productions are surpassing 1 million gallons per day. that's releasing an abundance of gas, companies are scrambling to figure out what to do with aught all that nas gas. >> we are 40 miles outside of wilson. two of the biggest themes here. this is a natural gas compression station. this is owned by hess. so natural gas is being piped in by pipelean into this combresed
5:34 pm
and sent down the road to hess' largest facility tioga. this is a part of the mystery play here in the bakken. production is ramping up so quickly. infrastructure can't keep pace. they put out a recent note saying pipeline companies and crestwood mid-stream stand to gain as more investment goes into infrastructure into these pipelines. speaking on that, take a look at. that that is a natural gas flare-up. that's being burned off because there is not enough capacity in the pipe lean for it. long term, more pipelines will help that situation. short term, drillers are getting creative with what to do with that wasted natural gas right now. so stat oil, for example, has teamed up with general electric and another company out of canada. they're compressing their natural gas and turning it into fuel to help power thee ricks. >> that is one way folks are starting to get a little more creative with how they're using this burned offer natural gas. back to you. >> all right. thank you, morgan brennan and
5:35 pm
the use of natural gas appears to be booming in texas. the railroad commission says natural gas sales in that state have already doubled fiscal year 2014 estimate. could falling gas prices but the brakes on nat gas usage. let's look at the provider of clean energy fuels. glad to see you again. >> good to see you, melissa. your stock has correlated 71% to oil prices and we have seen a decline in nat gas prices in the past year of 12%. so what do you see and how is the drop in gasoline impacting you? >>y, you know, melissa, i like cheap, my friends with the gas tax aren't raise about it. we benefit from the keep natural gas price. gasoline has come down. i was noting out here in california, gas is still $14 per gallon. the natural average is what
5:36 pm
below $3.80. in texas $3.25 we are at a steep discount. natural gas, we are able to save our customers $1.25 to $1.50 a gallon. there is a huge value there. >> texas seems like a huge market for you, top 40 public stations in texas, at the same time in your most recent earnings report, you drastically cut back your capex, which would imply your buildout won't be as strong in the second half of the year, in fact, it will go from 25 million. can you address what your plans for expansion are given that drop in capex that we'll see? >> right. we're still going to spend significantly this year. it will be around $87 million or $90 million for the year. that's down from what we originally thought about. there were a couple big projects in that. in terms of stations, this year melissa will build 25 stations. in texas, it's amazing what we have there. we have opened up several truck
5:37 pm
stops from the texas triangle so you can move goods and heavy duty trucks from dallas and houston to san antonio. ups is running dozens and dozens of trucks in texas so you are seeing a lot happen there. a lot of trucking companies are coming to the party. seaboard, dillan, fedex is now testing. others are showing great leadership, too, waste management in houston announced their 3,000 natural gas refuse truck. there is a lot happening there. we are seeing this in parts of the country too like down in florida. >> andrew, it's karen. as you know, shareholders of your stock has been a frustrating ride. talk to me about the uptake of the new engine, it's almost been a year, it's maybe, the adoption has been a little slower. how do you think things stand right now? >> so we're talking about the 12 litre engines, what america's truckers needed. it's a good engine. it's one of the biggest launches couple mince had -- cumins had.
5:38 pm
we didn't see the trucks roll or hit on the road until about november. you know, we are a little frustrated t. good news is we, our company, we're working with 280 fleechlts it's not just a dozen or two companies. we're seeing a lot of people testing and trying. we're beginning to see truckers who have maybe wanted to test seven or eight trucks now going to ask for 25 or 30 or 40. with esa you the same thing in refuse. i think what you will see this year is the 12 liter. you will probably double the sales this year that you did last year. maybe not as high as we thought earlier in the year. it may also be because shipping companies and truckers are busy right now. there is a shortage of drivers, they're having them move goods, maybe they're taking natural gas and we like what we see, hardly a day goes by there is not another station being opened some place. >> right.
5:39 pm
andrew, i got to ask you this question, karen is a frustrated shareholder, if you look at the wall street analysts they like the story of your stock. >> right. >> they don't like the fundamental also of your stock. one big flag is that is a capital ratio. that's up 57% in the latest quarter. raymond james is predicting it will only rise to 2015. what is your danger in that raeshio? >> we think we can handle what we have right now. >> how about when it's projected to go higher through 2015? >> well, i don't see it's going much higher than now. we see the volume growth and our volume growth is up 23% year over year. we see that climbing we don't give guidance, we showed adjusted ebitda later this year. so i think we can handle it. we can't continue to load more debt on it now. i don't think we need it. i think we can handle the growth over the next few years with the capital we have on hand.
5:40 pm
>> got it. good to see you. >> thanks the ceo of clean energy. >> you are a shareholder. >> also frustrated. i was buying stock between $ and $13 bucks a year. people have been concerned about mar jens, overly concerned. our issue with station density, mel is talking about something i think is ultimately could affect the viability of the company if it started to get worse. i don't think that's an issue here now. i worry about competition, otherwise, i expect a day will come when these guys have enormous density. i wontder if they'll be the guys to capitalize. >> big movers of the day, a pop for children's place up 8%. karen. >> a big pop on earnings. i think, you know, this company actually, they did enough guidance as they could have. maybe a little of being conservative here. i really like it. we're still long. >> stocks for go go up. >> at&t announced they were getting into wifi on airplanes which is still a year or so out
5:41 pm
in the future. stocks were hit hard. now there is a rumor today even thougher that losing money verizon might make a play with them. stocks made a big pop today, i leak the service go go, but i don't like the speed. so if verizon can't make it faster the stock goes down to the downside. >> i dream sky technology up 8% him tim. >> yeah, this is the largest third party gamer in china. there is a lot of buzz in the space. these guys are clearly taking market share. i'm in the name. i'm staying long. >> i will drop for cliffs national down 3%. the whole space got whacked. every rally has been a selling opportunity. if you want to be in the space i think you go anr for the binary play. >> coming up next the home builders have been on a tear, now could be the best time to invest in commercial real saturday estate. a tf break, alternative investments with the real estate fund manager. stay tuned. .
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5:44 pm
. >> some unusual activities. >> finisar, fsnr, broke through the 50 day. they came in brought upside
5:45 pm
calls in big numbers today. eight, almost 9,000 calls, very few puts. i bought this one. i'm looking for upside here. >> if you think you are looking to make a move. we have the manager director at resource real estate. it's great to have you with us. >> it's great to be here, melissa. >> you think commercial real estate is at the beginning of the cycle. where should we be looking right now? >> we like major cities, cities like new york, boston. that's where we are seeing employment really growing. that's also where we see a big scarsty of new supply. one of the features of this real estate market and one of the reasons we are so positive is the fact that there is such construction. it takes years to build the construction. it's the fear out of the global crisis. people aren't taking on new risks or buying new buildings. >> that means the buildings are
5:46 pm
filling up. we will get a lot more rental birth than people think? >> in terms of commercial, what commercial interest are you in? >> we like cd office and hotels and gateway markets. we're a little concerned of the impact on the internet. that's one area we're less positive. we particularly like the commercial real estate markets in europe. europe is behind too in terms of the real estate cycle and yields are significantly higher. it's coming out of a bottoming phase in that market. >> you also still believe there is room in reits, they are higher as you say in certain cities. that will enable people to boy as opposed to rent. can you walk us through that tradeoff? >> you would think so. there are people out there renters by choice. a lot of people don't believe
5:47 pm
earning a house, they say it's a hassle. people are changing jobs more frequently. they want to be more mobile. at the same time, employment growth is improving. that's a good thing for real estate and the economy. don't forget, bank lending standards are still very, very tight. it's hard to get a loan. there are a number of people out there that have bad credit. don't want to get credit and don't want to buy a house and are happy renting. so much of what we built was about home occupiers and not necessarily renters. there is a huge built up demand for rental apartments. >> that is a strong demand is rent growth. >> stoth scott, good to see you. he's got stakes in starwood as well as sl green. we're in the real estate market. >> i think the mall reits, simon property, some of the reasons are same thing, there is a lack of properties and a very good yield i think it's a space that
5:48 pm
has good demand. >> it's interesting he's singled out retail reits, not liking them as much. it depends on what sort of properties and where they are in the retail reits. >> it just did not happen at all. so i'd be afraid of rates. but that hasn't happened at all either. >> right. coming up next on "fast" more tears for sears. thigh have a wider than expected los in the third quarter. why some traders think there is more ban to come. .
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[ music playing ] here's the sears holdings plunge today. sun traders think the stock could see another 10% move down from here. mike khouw is in austin. >> this is a name that traded almost eight times the daily volume and one of the larger trades on the day was purchase of the october 33 puts.
5:52 pm
they were paying just under $3 for those, so, obviously, you are making a bearish bet there. you are expecting the stock would be below $30 by october expiration and obviously i think this is one of those names with such concentrated holdings, a lot of people would otherwise be short. there is a short interest and are probably making bearish bets. when you have those content traited holdings, there is a significance of a short squeeze. >> this is interesting. this happens at a time when you are gearing up for the holiday season, so people are thinking that's going to go lower here. what's your take on sears? >> i just, it's really quite fascinating. i find it uninvestable. when they come out with these numbers so bad every quarter, you can count on it like clock woshlg, they do it again and again, they never miss how bad a quarter can be. however, if you have a huge amount of stock, you got the short interest, it makes it uninvestible on the short side. on top of that, when you look at the deck, it is is most
5:53 pm
complicated capital structure i have ever seen, no matter how much time i spent with it. i can't understand where the money is coming from, where it's going to, who is behind it all. it is uninvestable. no touch. >> you got to stop with the holiday, are you talking the holiday, august 21st? you are killing me. back-to-school, summer is over. back-to-school? >> brack-to-school? retail, you have to talk about the holidays, is that not logical? is that not logical? >> it's disappointing. >> right on. >> sears, what do you think? >> if you play these, the only time to really do it is after labor day i. you want to be out by black friday. that's your seasonal trade for retail. now, these guys 8 billion. what is j.c. penney, 2 billion if sales, a much smaller volume. but the good news is they don't have ron johnson anymore at j.c. penney, they're a smaller unit. you can turn that faster.
5:54 pm
>> more options action tomorrow 5:30. check on our website meg whitman performing her action. today whitman appeared excluesfly on "squawk in the street." hert comments helped send the stock heighth higher. hear what she said about 3? d printing. >> we are going to do 3d printing. we will take the enterprise side as opposed to the consumer side. with redoing that organically. as i said, this fall, we will announce the technology. you will see that kick in for hp. >> so doing it organically is there she said we're a $110 billion company. it will be good for an acquisition this size whether you look at triple d omove the needle. i think it's interesting the market really rewarded that and feels these guys are in that game and enterprise, way to go. >> hp. >> today i don't think 39 million sales have traded, typically trades 9 and 10, a tremendous run, not the day to
5:55 pm
be piling in. today is a day to be taking profits if you are long in may. >> have you been trading there? >> yes, i sent that to you. >> that's right. >> luckily, i did this one t. stock moved up nicely. >> clears for the holidays. >> you are not getting that. all of you people knock it off. >> why didn't the 3d trade down on that? isn't there partly takeover keeping it leavetateing? >> part of that, there is consolidation between x1 and stratysis. >> in this space. >> it might not just be her looking at i. i love these number, i yo don't dissay gree with the e-mail. taking them off the table is not dumb. it blew through the 52-woke high by about a buck. >> we'll be right back, stay tuned. [bell rings] ♪
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it blew through the 52-woke high [ music playing ] . >> cuts off. >> final trade might be a seller of kansas. >> a little late at this point
5:59 pm
in time. >> time for the final trade, tim. >> let's talk about russia, why last monday we said the humanitarian aid opportunity headlines were certainly that for putin to take backing up. it was people were concerned about the russian convoy, sell the rsx now. you have an opportunity to get to 50 to 200. i think you sell this chart. i don't think the headlines are that bad. >> the longest rally in the xrs. >> examiner relationship management. crm i bought i. i long it into tomorrow. he's on cramer tonight right after us. >> got to see that top of the hour. karen. it's the same one we had yesterday. i want to buy volatility if you can get cheaper today. >> i'm going on buying my christmas tree then at gap stores, gps. >> if you love the holidays, why not lock forward to them?
6:00 pm
>> she makes a good point it topped out at these same thefls since 2013. i think it blows through. >> i'm melissa lee, see you back here tomorrow. meantime, don't go anywhere, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. .


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