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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  August 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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i think that's the nice way of saying no. time for "fast money" and melissa lee. we're talking about wine in a can. talking about apple. are we all in a tizzy about all the possible iphone delays? "fast money" friday starts right now. i'm melissa lee. here's our traders. tonight's story, tech on a tear. the nasdaq hitting a high today. plus, apple hitting another all-time high in today's session. what did you make of apple? >> well, you look at big cap and
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small cap tech, there's a difference. people looking at google, intel, apple, they're not a safe haven, but a permanentfolio portfolio. >> well, it feels like it wants to go higher. pete was talking about 110. you take profit shares, nothing wrong with taking something off the table and living to fight another day. well, it could go back down to the high 80s, especially if the tape doesn't cooperate. >> well, the best thing i can say, i was very excited to see apple trade for $110 because it
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meant i didn't top ticket. >> well, i think the backfill is not happying. if you look at why big cap tech is rallying, they're paying dif de -- dividends and valuation. by going with larger screens, appealing to other parts of the world, this is it, this is what they need to do. >> and it has been a technical trade in the past. are you trading for that? >> well, i think things have changed since the split. it's made it much more attractive at the $100 level.
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i don't think you should sell it. >> well, the balance sheet of the capital markets engineering, they're saying we're willing to do what it takes. >> and the fundamental story has been in tech, but in a nine-month story, the stock did not participate in the broader rally at all. to think it can't do the same again, i think there's a very good chance of that. >> i think the stock can come in if the broader market comes in, this one comes in, too. so, a safety trade, gold used to be the safety trade. if everything else failed, gold would rally or hold its own. >> well, we're saying that apple could be dragged down by a
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broader market move down anyway. >> well, i'm saying it not very good risk-reward here. why am i buying it at the high? >> well, the par 72-level, the new high. people looking at how much they can afford to buy, waiting for it to blow through that level. >> and a new report says a last-minute redesign may delay the iphone 6. do you really believe there will be difficulties getting ahold of these devices? >> yes, they've had some panel
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troubles. and we most recently heard they're making fewer of them in september, so they will be in shorter supply than otherwise. >> do you believe the stock will suffer as a result? >> no, we know about the phones. we don't know if the watch will be announced on september 9th. i think the stock will continue to trade up because of what else we don't know about. it's the potential for surprise that will keep investors interested. >> and sounds like you're saying, it's not just the iphone, but also maybe medical connections for people. do you this is what insulates
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the stock? i don't think this is really the call. >> well, it's actually both. they're going to grow on the smartphone size. a bigger screen, if you leave the united states, turns out people want a bigger screen. so, that's part of the equation. and do people really want wearables? can apple sell 5 million of them in a quarter? nobody has seen this, nobody knows what it does, its functionality. and the smart home, that doesn't matter just yet. they could get into mobile payments. they have a fingerprint sensor,
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it could be for payments, and that could be big going forward. >> and on september 9th, with all the announcements, do you downgrade the stock? >> no. you can guess if we're doing to see big revenue growth, then apple remains a buy. if what they announce, nobody is going to buy, then you don't buy. >> thanks for your time, have a good weekend. and i want to go to you. i want to clarify, backfill to $85, that's a short-term, though.
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>> i don't know what short-term is. >> well, basically at the earnings last quarter. so you're saying they're going to disappoint all the way back there. >> well, you would have said absolutely no way, especially when the market is going up. >> i'll give you the 50-day. think jackson hole had more bark than bite? some big news. plus, king digital looking to move to one of the fastest growing places in the world. will that help the stock? that's next. don't just visit rome.
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♪ well -- terrible. all that fed speak in jackson hole didn't jolt the market as much as expected.
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but some big news, one of our trades of the day. what did you do? >> before the meeting, i sold short the dax. i did that after mario dragi spoke. you're going to need france and italy to make some massive changes. ewq. at the end of the day, i bought the euro. i don't think they'll be able to do the massive qe they're expecting. i bought some silver as a levered play on gold. if you're looking at long stocks, and worried about
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inflation, gold is going to help you. and if you're worried about geopolitical risk, gold is also going to help you. >> you're a busy, busy trader today. you bought euro against the dollar? >> i did. >> i think the dollar is the big volatility fear factor for september. the dxy, $104, we kissed that level and pulled back. i think it's very euro-positive, and that means their balance sheet is positive. i think gold is a basket case, to be honest. no reason gold should be
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rallying. all the geopolitics doing nothing for it. >> how did you interpret what ms. yellen said? >> well, we had a temper tantrum and the market absorbed it. so, i think the market will continue to go higher. and chart of the day, reports that a russian convoy entered the ukraine. tim, where now? >> well, you will recall the great song from the ' '70s, "convoy." but no expectation it will do what it did today. the stock pulled back. meanwhile, another day of strange headlines coming out of
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russia-ukraine. russian rebels on board -- and the russian markets sold off big. and ten straight days, the local index, reason enough to fade the rally. a lot of people faded out of it last friday, the wrong move. you wait through the meetings in minsk on the 26th, look again. >> and it may not be a russia -- stock-specific stories here. >> well, i think g.m., sort of dead here, the next three to six months. we've said, if you want to play, go downstream with the parts. time for pops and drops. >> gilead, too much, too fast.
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this is where it should have been all along. a buy, i think. >> tim? >> well, deere, a bumper crop season, farmers are pulling back. $83 to $95, play it in those bookends, don't do it anymore. >> and ross stores? >> well, gross margins are still ahead of plan, the buyback is still at hand. so, you could sell it into the latest strength. i wouldn't be a long term buyer. >> dinegy? >> well, they bought some assets from duke energy today. up 9%. if you are in it, sell it.
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and lame, lame, lame halloween costumes. you can now order an ice bucket challenge costume with fake ice cubes, costs $40. and in case you don't know, it's the latest social media craze. if you choose not to buy the costume, you can have more info on how to donate. if you do choose to buy the costume, you will likely be judged by everyone around you as lame. >> a great opportunity to play "ice ice baby," though. >> i love all holidays. >> you're a holiday jumper.
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>> i'm going to bake a labor day cake. and many people have already ditched candy crush for the kim kardashian game, but they're looking to find other addicts overseas. will that be enough for king digital? that's next. i'm only in my 60's.
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. the brent-ti spread. >> slowing normalization of interest rates. >> the temper tantrum.
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>> we already know what that means. >> if you have ever been confused about any of our terms, we want to know. going back to trade school. make a video or send it to us. use #backtotradeschool. >> and pour ice over your heads. it's what the kids are doing. and green mountain making a new deal with kraft to allow their coffee to be sold in k-cup pods. >> takes the stock up on a 5-day
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percent. look at the week that hain had. the entire space is in play. stay with these names. >> would you go with a name like coca-cola? >> well, there's a lot of different things that hain can do, with their fresh juice line. >> are you still with coke? >> i am. and a company that has taken bite out of growth, pays me a good dividend. >> and foot locker, up 30% this year. >> it has been on a tear, and they've managed inventory as well. we always used to talk about that with macy's. and they were rewarded with a
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stock jump. >> and new high today, guy? >> well, tim talked about this yesterday. the potential for a double top, but i think there's some mojo left in gps. it was my final trade last night. >> you don't like retail, i'm guessing? >> well, gap is fine. it's where i used to get my acid-washed ge eed jeans. up next, candy crush goes to china. the stock has been down since march. was up nearly 5% on this news. >> very big news, very oversold stock. i don't know that china is the
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answer. there's going to be a lot of plagiarism and ripoffs. it's not a very complicated game. but king global, not a stock that i thought it had a lot of room when it ipo-ed. >> well, every week, every month, you got to come up with something new. they're like a biotech, but no pipeline. if you bought it on the big dip and got some off the pop today, why not take it off the table? >> you like the kim kardashian game, don't you?
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>> such an interactive game. >> nobody wants to go near that one. >> don't send those videos in. >> game stop, another big mover today. >> we talked about it with our friend from bespoke. i think it's plum for a rally, and goes from here. >> and we all thought it would go the way of the dodo. >> well, this may be the last hurr h hurrah for them if consoles go away. >> time for the final trade. >> mcdonald's, a global company that is slowly rebranding, and i
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like that. >> twitter, i think it's headed to $50 soon ee eer rather than . >> buy oil. everyone going uso. i think there's something there. >> and a quick shoutout to dobbs fair in new york. kfy. >> backyard. >> that does it for us on "fast money." coming up, "options action," we'll break down herbalife. stay tuned. once there was a girl who never settled for ordinary.
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this is "options action." tonight -- >> i'm back, baby! >> the housing market is having a serious snapback. we'll give you the play. and apple has been on an incredible run. we'll show you how to make money. and we're doubling down on


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