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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> dan. >> qualcomm. long calls. >> sch lumberger. buy the stock. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. more >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. >> hey i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friendings. i'm trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain you but put it in context. @jim cramer. how can we make sense of this market's resilience?
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dow rallied 41 points. nasdaq .11%. we have to find a sports anlage. that does it for me. in the national football league they call it next man up. >> maybe it had been kind of sitting around and maybe he gets in the mix and gets the job done. the dow jones industrial average is full of next man up situations. today's one of the days you can see them written large. they're responsible for the game. the next up in the dow industrials it is, walmart. walmart? here's a company that many had written off as bad habits. an old store chain. kind of with a montgomery ward feel to it. out of step with time and place. now that might have been the
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case in the past but this current ceo of walmart, this guy doug mcmillan, i don't know. got me dazzled. i don't feel that way anymore about walmart. we have a nice up size price for the first time in ages this morning for a company that had begun to stand for lower prices. not in the stores but in the stock market. i liked everything he had to say. it's clear he has his finger on the pulse of the stores the way walmart's legendary founder sam walton did. no wonder the stock rallies $3.74. this is the second largest retailer in the world. of course i hear all the cat calls that walmart had repeatedly cut it so when it finally beats one, well big deal. i think that's a short sided way to look at things if you listen to the rerecorded conference call like i did you'll know there is the term newness to the old joint. what's different? there's a new template really working. that's the smaller neighborhood market stores that gave you an
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astounding 5.5% same store sales growth from walmart. i haven't seen anything like that from this company in ages. i like this concept because those of us that shop atwal mart are intimidated by the size of the place. neighboring stores are quaint. i like that walmart is located near the hottest game in town, the dollar store. neighborhood market isn't a dollar store but does have bargains. there's a huge amount of expansion ahead of it. lots of run way. how about the fact that walmart had a strong october as the month went on culminating in an excellent halloween season. that's something i'm used to hearing from a target but not have a walmart because their holiday merchandise never seems to play out. they had an excellent back to school season that didn't let up after back to school ended. it did well on apparel and home and back to school supplies. again, unexpected. walmart has a history of being out of stock with urgent items. articles in the paper about that
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earlier this week but i don't know, doesn't seem to be the case anymore. and after stutter steps it sounds like walmart has embraced natural and organic food. now this is quite a far cry from the day i went to walmart back in 2009 and asked the greeter where in the natural and organic aisle i could find rice cakes only to be directed to the candy aisle to buy rice krispie bars. i like what the company had to say especially when the walmart shopper is the kind of person that benefits from the free fall on the price of oil which translates into lower gasoline prices and return of better job growth. that's a huge win for retailers the size of walmart. next man up after walmart, how about cisco? yes, cisco. now here's a controversial stock because it was trading higher than the earnings take and then
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it nose dived after the forecast and they always tell you to wait for that, only to rise like a phoenix during the interview with long time ceo john chambers on squawk on the street this morning. it's not unusual to see a stock go higher on forecasts. we saw it yesterday with macy's but this is a strictly conservative approach has been the hallmark of his management style. boy did i like what i hear. including excellent results in the united states and in europe. plus a trimphant game over for the other guy. still emerging markets were weak and service providers like at&t and verizon have dramatically, that's his word, dramatically cut back on broadband spending in part because of president obama's recent bizarre embrace -- i say that because this is usually the federal communications commission.
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the fcc. and some stance and major amount of spending which meant excellent orders for cisco. if emerging markets come back and they're already on a course to do so or if the president loses or backs down or shades his view of net neutrality then the spending could come back. maybe were back in 2014 which would make for a great year for cisco and it's one stellar stock and the federal government would ever change the corporate tax regime, cisco has $52 billion in cash overseas. that's right all but $3 billion of it happens to be here. chambers would love that capital. it would be fabulous for our economy. cisco's 57% rally today makes a ton of sense to me even though you saw the cut and if anything breaks in the company's favor and i think it will you can have a three handle on the stock meaning this $25 and change stock could go to 30. wow. then there's boeing.
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you know i have been waiting for this stock to recover from the levels it fell during a quarter viewed as negative. i'm not willing to get on the band wagon yet but i think boeing is coming back because with the republican majorities in the house and senate the budget will increase and that's plain good for this huge defense contractor and then there's disney rebounding back after the weakness in last week's earnings report. i was addiment then and even more now after i see theed bidr dreamworks about the value of disney's studio business where hits get manufactured. remember the stock went down on weak advertising rates but with star wars beckoning this time next year and the terrific mornings this morning from close analog without the sports viacom i'm glad this man wasn't on the injured reserve as so many claim but was just resting for a couple of games.
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call it the bye week. now we did have the scare today which knocked many of the next characters down. namely that oil plummeted so fast, it really was fast, that it scared even the bulls but it still lowered gasoline prices. the possibility of tiying up. that would be incredible. it's come down so far and deals and consolidations. major stocks that were dismissed and doesed as losers are now coming off the bench, getting off the practice squad and getting into the starting line-up and playing better. maybe better than ever. like you saw today with walmart, cisco, boeing and disney. four situations that define a big part of what's going on to the stock market. matthew in alabama. sweet home, matthew.
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>> caller: roll tide bama booyah jim. >> the auburn guys get mad at me when i do that. >> caller: listen we're looking for black stone group. the dividends around 5.7. the analysts say it's got an 25% upside in the next 12 months. is this a time to jump in jim and hang on? >> well i do like it very much. i've liked it for about ten points and i'll reiterate it. i think you have, horse sense. let's go to paul in my home state of new jersey. paul. >> caller: jim, 2nd time caller. thanks for having me on. >> not a problem. >> caller: calling about facebook. they beat on earnings and their guidance was below expeck tass. i have been holding this stock and i don't know if it's consolidating or what. is this a hold or a sell? >> how about a buy? why do we make it a hold or a
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sell? go facebook is down for ignorant reasons. i think it makes a ton of sense. my charitable trust owns it and i like twitter after what i heard yesterday in the analyst meeting and i like google. three stocks. everybody wants junk right now. i'm buying a little quality along with the undervalue. this market is full of next man up situations and today's one of those days when we saw it in big names walmart, cisco, boeing, disney. there's more and we'll spot them together. everybody is trying to call jcpenney or should you bother or shop somewhere else and then it's the b-word that gets thrown around a lot and it can be your best friend or worst enemy. what's a buy back? and popeyes must be eating it's spinach. the stock soared today. why don't you stick with cramer.
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people want to own the stock of jcpenney. they want to own it because it's $7 and change. a lot of people think you can't lose if you buy a $7 stock. what's the down side? how about 100% of your investment. meaning it doesn't matter what the dollar amount of the share price is, jcpenney might not go up much. even if declining 8.5% today they're just a lot of question marks here with jcpenney. a new chief executive unproven coming in. you have the reminisces of the previous still playing havoc with existing management but most of all you have a
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competitive disadvantage. one that comes on the need to spend on technology to catch up with macy's or nordstroms with a spectacular quarter after the close as well as sears which has a special on total problematic situation because it's worth more dead than alive. for 18 months now the team at jcpenney has to to rebuild customer trust by reintroducing brands inexpensive and straighten up the houseware departments which had under the former ceo become way too big as part of the footprint of the store and rebuild sales morale. at the same time the balance sheet had to be rebuilt even if it came at the expense of shareholders through 84 million shares last september of 2014 when the company raised $900 million before holiday times. ask sears that's busy selling off anything that moves and then some. if you don't have at a capital leading up to the holidays you're going to get the credit
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needed to have the right inventory needed for customers and they'll go elsewhere. it was done with tremendous grace as anyone that would talk to their employees would know. however the other guys didn't stand still and why penny is going to benefit from the spectacular macy's call and improve customer sentiment and high employment, lower gasoline prices and help the financial markets it may not have the money to compete with macy's or other guys. listen to what karen did the amazing ceo of macy's said on the call. we're spending a big percentage of the budget on technology but i don't know how you compete as a retailer today without doing so. why is that? quite simply, amazon. macy's omni channel is its biggest advantage right now. people like to shop online and pick it up and shop for other items.
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penny's doesn't have a channel to match macy's. by it's own admission the company will have to spend on under the terrible previous regime and now it's time to play catch up. it may compete with the likes of a nordstrom that they're spending on tech or of course with macy's that's been on the dot com game for years and explains why spending money makes it good. macy's makes sense. without a true strategy which pennies doesn't have because of the previous management i don't know how penney's can compete other than promotions or price which is like running in place. your best hope isn't buying and waiting for the transformation, it's waiting for macy's to come down and riding them to holiday glory as the colder weather sets in and the omni channel kicks
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butt, mainly amazon's butt on the way to much better higher growth and profitability. >> jeff in wisconsin, jeff. >> caller: greetings jim from milwaukee, the beer capitol of the world. >> i'll go with you. >> caller: okay that's fair. i want to toast you and your staff with an ice cold brew-ya. >> that's the most talented -- only al roker has beaten that booyah in the last few hours. >> caller: appreciate that. i need expertise on big five sporting goods. buy, sell, or hold. >> too unseasoned. not crazy about it. if you're going to be in sporting goods, you would think he'll send me to dick's, no, i'm sending you to underarmor and nike. call it the digital disconnect. technology has a lot more to do
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with retail than you think and i believe macy's has an upper hand with penney's in this game. more mad money ahead. what do disney, jack-in-the-box and macy's all have in common. stick around to find out and it takes serious leadership to deliver a 35% gain in a fried chicken chain. i'll ask the ceo of popeyes how she keeps her company sizzling. >> and can you put your portfolio on the right track? i'm getting behind the wheel. stay with cramer.
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to find out more. ghave a nice flight!r bag right here. traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company who knows that the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there too. it's no wonder more people choose delta
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than any other airline. >> how do you go bargain hunting in this market? a perfectly reasonable call given the amazing run. let me give you a terrific test. if a company shows you it believes it's own stock is cheap that could be a good indicator it might be worth buying. how does a company show that? it's one of the situations where actions speak a lot louder than word which is is why i like the stocks of companies willing to put huge amounts of their money to work in a buy back. that's right. i'm talking about buy backs now. there are some stocks that are worth owning because you know that the underlying company will be in there buying back their own shares right along with you. actually pushing the stock
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higher while boosting the owners per share. a large enough buy back that's well executed can propel a stock higher year after year giving you fantastic returns even if there's not enough growth for heaven's sake. that's why regular viewers know already i am a huge fan of smart aggressive buy backs. witnessed the news yesterday that dow chemical will be increasing it's buy back plan by $5 billion. bringing the total to $10 billion. that's equal to roughly 12%. that's a truliesy astounding number. like i told you when i interviewed the dow chemical ceo i think the stock is absolutely worth snapping up here in large part because the buy back and 3.3% yield that gives you terrific cushion that you just bumped the dividend today. tonight i want to give you mega buy back names. before i take them down make things very clear.
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not every buy back is created equal. companies repurchase their own stock for a number of reasons. not all of them are worth getting excited about. what makes a buy back buyable? when a company's management believes it's stock is way too cheap and trading well below it's value they'll roll out a gigantic buy back that retires an enormous number of shares. they send investors a message while gobbling up huge quantities of stock at inexpensive prices. think of these players as the cannibals of finance. companies that are devouring themselves via gigantic buy backs. they are snakes eating their own tail. sometimes you see it in jewelry. except on wall street it can create immense value if it's eaten correctly. let's get through stock market
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c cannibals and see what is worth buying. first there's flextronics. when businesses want to outsource their manufacturing needs they go to flextronics and this company covers a diverse array of end markets including consumer technology and medical, automotive and aerospace. this is growth and massive cash flows. the things that wants to make me buy it hand over fist is the buy back. over the last four years this company managed to retire a third of its shares with one hand tied behind it's back. it's based in singapore and limits buy backs to 10% of the share count. year after year they'll bump up against that limit until 13 months ago when they gave the government permission to raise it's repurchase authorization up to 20% of its share count. that's the huge number. even though they had a huge run
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over the last month the stock trades at 10 times next year's earnings estimate. i think flex is way too deep. management knows it hence the buy backs that will send it higher overtime. next up, how about jack. i know jack. jack-in-the-box which owns the burger jane of the same name as well as one of my favorite food places aside from chipotle. jack has a monster buy back that's already gobbled up nearly 15% of the share count in just the past three quarters. with the remaining repurchase authorization the company could bring that up to 20%. that said the stock is up 44% year to date and it has given us a quick 9% gain since a month ago. wouldn't surprise me if management waits before they use the buy back. they're opportunistic but not silly. then there's kimberly-clark.
6:27 pm
kleenex. today they authorized a beautiful new $5 billion or 40 million share repurchase program equal to nearly 12% of the share count and that's on top of an even larger 50 million share buy back the company authorized in 2011 expected to finish early next year. they're a big oil user which means they're saving a fortune thanks to the plummeting price of crude. i love that company. what else earned a spot, disney. not only do they have a movie business and terrific business including espn but they retired $6.5 billion within the stock of 4.7% of the share count in the fiscal year that ended last month. it already bought back nearly $1 billion of stock in the current quarter even though we're a month in. disney guys stock very opportunistically. grabbing it like the one we got over the scare about ebola last month. our next count is macy's.
6:28 pm
we're going over stocks that i like. i don't care that i mentioned them before. this is purchased $4.5 billion since the buy back program resumed in 2011. that's equal to 21% of the current margaret gap. another huge one. macy's bought back over $1 billion of its own stock. $1.5 billion still left in the authorization. not too shabby for the company. it's the chief reason the stock has held up so well. others have faltered. viacom rallied with the stock up $2 and this company has been veracious. in one year they repurchased $3.4 billion worth of stock equal to 11% of its market cap. this $30.5 billion company still has $2.65 billion left which would retire another 20% of the share count at these levels. that's astounding. or how about auto zone which hit an all time high today despite nothing to write home about growth the last two quarters.
6:29 pm
they bought back 50% of the share count in the last 7 years. 50. it's why i always tell you buy the stock and reports people are disappointed. some guy put it out as a sell tonight. it's been a sure fire winning strategy and will be again. dr. pepper, snapple. another friendly company that retired 20% of its share count since 2010 and sports a solid 2.7% dividend yield. 45% year to date crossing the competition including pepsico which is going higher today prove tafg close that a relentless activist is buying more stock and pressuring for that company's break up. here's the bottom line. nobody knows a company better than the people that run it and if they believe their stock is cheap enough to warrant a monster buy back and not just a buy back to retire options maybe you should be buying right along with them. that's one more reason to own high quality stocks like jack-in-the-box, kimberly-clark, disney, macy's, viacom, auto
6:30 pm
zone and dr. pepper-snapple. all of which are cannibals of their own shares. i need to go to norman in new york. norman. >> caller: booyah jim. this is norman from new york. >> mark walsh rocks. and my friend that plays for the lacrosse team. what's going on. >> caller: i'd like to know about 3m. what do you think about them as a long-term investment. >> it's the core portfolio holding. and i have to tell you what a fabulous run it's been. up 13% and a magnificent bond formed out of fear about currency issues just last month. baby got buy back? when a company believes their stock is cheap it has faith in it's future. maybe you should think it does too. i think disney macy's auto zone, dr. pepper-snapple could be worth buying.
6:31 pm
the chicken chain cooking today's trading. how hot can popeye's get? >> from stocks heating up to the deep freeze in today's pull back? and is that a speed bump for a company connecting convoys to the cloud or should you put brakes on buying? plus get in on the action and give me a call. it's the lightning round ahead. stick with cramer.
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this is the microsoft cloud.
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>> last night we got one more example that this is a terrific moment for the restaurant business when popeyes louisiana kitchen, plpi sport a spectacular quarter. i have liked them for years. as the 315 chicken joints went through a wholesale rebranding with major modeling efforts. it's coming down putting more money in the pocket of consumers all over the country popeyes hitting it's stride. revenues came in of 11. % over the years. this is what matters. magnificent sales up 7.3%.
6:35 pm
meanwhile they raise full year earnings and the company still opening overseas. no wonder the stock jumped $3.47. popeyes has a 29% gain and a lot of people were saying when is this going to move again jim? well i wouldn't be surprised if it moves even further. don't take it from me. let's check in with the ceo and learn more about the quarter and her company's prospects. welcome back to "mad money". >> thank you jim. >> all right. let's go through the presentation that you made, not just the conference call. you have had incredible, incredible monthly features that bring people back including one that's december with a question mark in your presentation. i want to know, can you keep coming up with new dishes that make it so that you say people are excited about the experience of going to popeyes. >> you're so right.
6:36 pm
innovation is exactly what people are excited about at popeyes. we keep bringing outstanding new product news every single month. this time it was beer can chicken. it was the $5 big box. it was tender loins with these amazing sauces that our culinary team creates and i really believe that's what is driving guests to come more often to popeyes is the excitement about great flavored food from louisiana. >> cheryl when i devour your presentations i think to myself absolutely taking share from somebody but i'm wondering whether you have done any work that shows you're taking share from the $9, $10, $12 sit down restaurants given the fact that you're offering $4 meals that are complete that i think are better than the $12 meals. >> i was in new york city eating at a fancy restaurant with fried chicken and champagne and the woman at the table next to me said don't you think that popeyes is better than this.
6:37 pm
our chicken is so good. it stands up to the finest dine in table. that's what our guests love about it and they drive for miles to get to it. >> it's interesting. i was going to ask you, you have some cities you're moving into aggressively, there's still many cities you're not in, to speak of, that you don't have a big enough footprint yes. >> yes, there's lots of outside opportunity in this brand. we can more than double the number of units as we grow across the country and then there's international growth beyond that. so it's a very exciting growth story and i think one of the few growth stories in quick service restaurants. >> now one of the things that i think that people think of when they think of what's working in the restaurant business is natural, organic, that kind of thing, i think of your food as not necessarily being let's say salads, but it doesn't seem to matter. if it's good enough it resinates. is that the way it works? >> well, delicious is what our food is about jim and i really say that seriously people are
6:38 pm
looking for quality food and great spicy flavors. at popeyes you have great choices. i eat our spicy tenders and a slice of green beans for 350 calories. we want to offer you the fabulous food that you're expecting from us and we want to offer you good choices. >> also, in your presentation you have turkey, two countries obviously like it, you have latin america, in your sights are there ten countries you don't have it yet that you think are going to work. >> oh, jim there's probably 40 countries that need popeye's restaurants yet to come. the world is our oyster and our food travels really well. the world loves chicken and seafood. the world loves spice and the world loves rice. so this brand is perfectly positions to travel around the world and be successful. >> well, i wouldn't agree with you more. i just feel like some of the other guys that you actually mentioned, you don't directly
6:39 pm
take a shot at anybody but it does seem like kfc is losing customers to you. i'll say it. you don't have to agree with me. >> well in the united states we have out paced chicken qsr restaurants now for 26 quarters. our market share today is at 23% and that's up from 14% seven years ago. so we are gaining market share at a really good clip. >> all right. we're proud to have been with you the whole way and we made a lot of money for people because you made a lot of money for people. ceo of popeyes louisiana kitchen. congratulations on an amazing quarter. >> thank you jim. >> i have to admit i came to this because i love the food. doesn't matter how you got to it. matters that she's making you money. i still like this stock. stay with cramer. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
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>> dedicated to our favorite lightning watcher. he's currently on a quest to put another incredible notch on his decorated weather belt. i'm talking about my food friend, colleague and america's weatherman al roker who is 20 hours into his rokerthon to shatter the world record for the longest weather report in history all the while raising money for the uso. so god speed. crame cramerica supports you and loves you. it's time for the lightning round. are you ready? jack in new york, jack.
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>> hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. i love your show. jim i'm interested in buying auto stock. >> it had a great quarter. i feel like we missed it frankly but that's a good quarter. i liked it. dennis in utah. dennis. timber, dennis? dennis? oh man, you better run, you better hide? dennis? dennis? looking for dennis. all right. bill in ohio. bill. >> caller: jim thanks a lot. i listen to the recent investor day and was encouraged by the guidance and i wish they had come on your show. how do you view cbi going forward? >> there was a slam job done on cbi and i didn't appreciate it but the problem is they were deeply linked with the west texas and crude and as that
6:45 pm
stock goes down that stock will go down too. i can't recommend it right now even though they're a good bunch of guys. >> what's up? >> what do you think of kodak stock? >> the quarter wasn't so good. since they came public i try to find a good reason to own it. i don't have one. i'm very sorry. let's go to dave in maryland. >> booyah jim, thank you for your help and all you and your crew do for us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> my question is about aria. some are saying it's going to go further than what it is. >> here's the problem with that one. this is one i have not liked. it's a very speculative stock but i developed a new attitude. a lot of people knock me every minute on twitter which is if you want to speculate i'm not going to fight it. that's a speculative stock i'm not in favor of but that doesn't
6:46 pm
mean you can't own it. jerry in florida. >> caller: this is jerry in jacksonville. >> hey, how are you, man. how are you? >> caller: yeah we don't talk about that very much. >> university of florida maybe but go ahead. >> caller: my question is about affx. >> yeah, this company is overtime teased a lot of people into doing great things and then disappointed them with their dna technology but i do believe in personalized medicine so i'm not going to go against the stock. ezra in maine. >> caller: booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: steven king, an gus king and john malone owns a million acres of our land but my call is about dcp. >> it's interesting. someone the other day started with the cell but i always
6:47 pm
default to federal realty because it's been the best performer right now. it's not an industrial read. but i really like that one. mike in texas please, mike. >> caller: hey jim, how are you today? >> how are you doing? >> caller: okay. how about that? >> no, i don't want to touch anything in the oil patch right now. you know what, my charitable trust has three stocks in the oil patch and even three out of 30 is killing us. i'm not wishing it on anybody. >> caller: hi, jim, booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: jim i have a question, what is your take on the tracking company -- >> no, that's sand. we got out of the sand game. people hated us but we said sell sell sell after they had run up 40% but that's the way it works in this business and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round.
6:48 pm
>> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d.ameritrade.
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when a stock gets crushed off a big analyst downgrade it's worth going down to the name. see if they're worth giving you a fantastic entry point. that's the question with flts. they got 47%.
6:51 pm
when bank of america downgraded they have a cloud based software platform that helps company improve the efficiencies allowing customers to cut cost by optimizing roots, monitoring vehicle speed and keeping track of fuel and identifying problem drivers. they can often generate average savings equal to 10 times their serving and typical payback period is only a few days. company serves a very large and fragmented market and they're adept at using the internet rather than fortunes on expensive sales people so many have to do that. when they reported at the end of the october the company delivered an 8 cent earnings beat off the 21% basis. higher than expected revenues rather than year over year. stock trades at 21 times next year's earnings rating. something that's highly inusual in the software's service space. have they created bargain with
6:52 pm
the downgrade? let's learn about this company and the opportunity. welcome to mad money. good to see you sir. >> good to see you. >> this is one of those companies where i don't know if people knew it existed so to speak. walk me through i'm a guy with 30 trucks. i'm a small business and plumber. how does it help me? >> a coup of ways. our typical target customer doesn't have a system in place so the visibility that that owner would have about what's happening with their mobile assets would be limited. so the first thing we're going to do is allow him to understand where that vehicle is 24/7. we can measure time and locat n location. we measure speed, idoling and measure fuel costs and we can increase revenue by routing more efficiency these field service
6:53 pm
workers can pick up more billable work so we'll reduce costs and improve revenue let's say i'm feeling good and i have a little bit of software. what are the barriers to tackling it? >> there's a lot of things we see as significant barriers. first of all the value of the data that we're collecting. we have over 523,000 subscribers. we're collecting the state of real time. the real value is the information in trending about what's happening with that mobile worker overtime. so as we build the scale of the data base and knowledge it's a unique advantage back to our system to give that customer insight that a small business that's just starting up trying to be with us is not going to have. >> why is this not great for big eyes and why have you had some -- let's say you found who you are targeting. why not go for big fleet companies. >> that's a great question jim. we are very much a focused
6:54 pm
customer however we do have very sizable fleets such as comcast in north america runs their fleet. time warner cable and others. we're very selective on the larger fleets we go after. we have a very product scentric view. we don't do a lot of consulting high margin in terms of the product we deliver. larger fleets tend to have requirements that can make your rnb. we're careful about the large fleet wes go after but if we do we have a very high ratio and that's going to continue to be a part of our business going forward. >> do we have to worry that they're in a merger that you would lose customers? >> the merger is not complete. >> right. >> from what we can see and have been told it's obviously comcast for a little overlap so at this stage we don't believe it's going to have a lot of impact. >> the bank of america guy, you
6:55 pm
get these young growth companies and it isn't as great but also talking about the idea that the market size is not as big as people think and you're pretty closer to saturation. and if that's true, then i don't want to own fleetmattic. >> well, obviously we would disagree with that and so would most of the industry marketing analysts that follow the company. so the data that we have focused on are third party independent research firms that have researched this market that will tell you that for the most part depending on who you would talk to it is somewhere between 12 and 15% across multiple fleet sizes from roughly 3 to over 1,000. in it's particular case this report had done work on their own. didn't quote who the third party was. >> wasn't clear at all. >> don't understand that. all i know is i'm standing on market research firms saying the market has a lot of opportunity for us to continue. >> last question, i have 30
6:56 pm
trucks. i'm afraid of them getting stolen. how quickly can i find out if one of them is stolen? >> real time. you would have visibility not only on your pc in the office but we also deliver in a mobile device. if you're on an iphone or android enabled device you can get an alert that that vehicle is some place you don't want it to be or if it was stolen you would know that pretty quickly by somebody calling in. you can track that vehicle and we do have quite a few examples where we have recovered vehicles very rapidly after they were stolen. >> well, i don't understand why anyone wouldn't take the service frankly. seems like it's part of your business. that's the chairman and ceo of fleetmattics group. do homework. if i was running a company with 30 trucks i don't know why i wouldn't use them. stick with cramer.
6:57 pm
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if it isn't enough you just got one more reason to buy dow chemical. filing to have a proxy fight with the board. the ceo has been buying back stocks and selling off divisions doing everything a shareholder could ever want and is now under fire again. when we see the situation with activists whether it be pepsico or craft they keep going higher. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on mad money. i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow.
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