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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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blackstone. the dividend continues to go down for the right reasons because the stock continues to go higher. >> deep thoughts by guy adami. i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey! i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you, but educate and teach you. so call me or tweet me me @jimcramer. we do not have enough respect for execution. nobody talks about it about the sheer power of executing right of a management team fulfilling
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unmet needs or changing courses during changing times. yet, it's a terrific part of this amazing long-term rally, including today, where the dow climbed 39 points, s&p advanced 1.2% and the nasdaq gained 0.23%. i know this factor is underestimated because i see it every day. this morning we got a textbook example. right now there's a widespread perception that stocks are expensive. you hear it all the time, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble. if you did read this morning's "wall street journal," you might have see a story entitled "frost-bitten costco is on thin ice." in this ahead of the tape al article, we see the kind of negative bias that's become so characteristic of this moment. this story says and i quote, "thursday's results" -- of course meaning this morning -- "had the potential to disappoint, given that the stock is more richly valued than oush usual." what's the worry here? "another month of zero same-store sales numbers growth or worse may make investors see the tank as half empty, rather
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than half full." fortunately, this ahead of the tape column was actually behind the tape because costco released its earnings at 3:00 a.m. this morning, and what were they? they were spectacular with an amazing 8% same-store sales increase for the quarter and a 4% gain for the very cold month of february, not zero, not negative. so, what does this tell you about this particular market at this particular time? if you read the article before you saw costco's results, your mind races and you think, oh, my scary. very expensive stock, has run way too much like so many others. but then you see the actual numbers and you have to do a radical revaluation, because costco's neither frost-bitten, nor on thin ice. it's undervalued, and yes, underestimated. why is that? because i think neither the journalist involved here nor his or her editor nor the people whom they interviewed for the article recognized how strong
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ceo craig jelenek and his team really are. so whatever bubble you may thee costco may be caught up in, it's directly contradicted by the facts. perhaps the $66 billion retailer is worth more than what it's selling for based on these numbers, not less. or kroger up nearly 7% today, after reporting an incredible quarter. i've been pounding the table on this kroger story since spending time with management and recognized how competitive they are and how they're leveraging their scale to wrench the profits from the food companies that supply them. i like kroger's strategy of consolidating a once fragmented industry. i like the krogerization they do once the accusations are completed, where they use their buying power to bring down costs. they are the smartest at integrating sales on all levels. hey, listen they hired r.r. donnelly. they integrated an omni-general approach from groceries stores going from fliers to your home to instore promotions. that's brilliant! they have the highest
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penetration of high-margin private label store brand merchandise and the largest selection of natural and organic products within the traditional grocery format. kroger's same-store sales are peerless and rival whole foods' numbers, exceeding them last year when they had 4% gains, and they just did it again, a 6% number this morning. that's amazing for the nation's second largest supermarket chain, which you would have thought was dramatically overvalued given the run it's had. these guys are taking share from everyone. you name it. and you know what? it's not over. it's such a juggernaut that i had to go see it for myself. i couldn't just say, oh, well, kroger, kroger. no i had to go kick the tires. so, i went to fred meyer. that's a kroger division. during a recent trip to klamath falls, oregon where it was by far the nicest supermarket for miles. what did i find? you know how segregated many supermarkets are between the regular pant entryry goods and the ghetto of natural and organic?
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not at kroger. the merchandise was integrated right in the aisles with the regular goods and the prices are so competitive, you can't believe it! for natural and organic, that's right! lots of people out west by the way, have revoted against the all-expensive and consuming and taking up landfills packaging that many foods have come in. they are revolting against packaging packaging. kroger had aisle after aisle of containers of fresh goods, fresh seeds, fresh nuts other goodies that you lift up a latch and the stuff comes pouring out right into a baggie you can grab at the stand. no plastic, no large things no liner board, just the food packageless. their produce was more natural and organic than the other way around. the displays were beautiful. i even tweeted one @jimcramer. and when i checked out, i listened to all the cashiers talk to customers about what their store could be doing better. they knew many of the people's names. they talked to me like i was, like, from klamath.
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i liked it. i've been going to the same supermarket for years. no one knows me. okay? what kroger's doing, it's called execution. it's the reason why kroger's still inexpensive, even if its sponsor moved from 50 to 74 over the last few months. bubble? no. value. then take pharmacicla. they had a market cap of $36 million. today they caught a $21 million bid from abdi even though it was already up more than 88% year to date. i felt terrible about it. i think they dramatically overpaid, but you know what? there was not one but two other bidders besides abvi including j&j, and that's the company's 50/50% partner for major antiblood cancer franchise. now, without a bid, pharmacyclics hopelessly overvalued, bubble bubble bubble, bubble. but wait a second it could have a drug that could be a blockbuster, okay.
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johnson & johnson was said to have won the bidding war for the company, according to "the new york times," which, of course article's wrong the moment i read it. but at the last minute avdi came in with a preemptive blast of stock and cash. why so much? because abbvie has a new drug that's about to go off patent over the next couple years, and without a replacement, abbvie will see its earnings cut to shreds. of course, it cut its stock to shreds today. they have ann met need for earnings. the drug could do $5 to $6 billion sales by the time the other goes off patent. half goes to j&j because of the partnership. they have other drugs, too which could accrue to abbvie making it more valuable but pharmacyclics seemed like a bubble yesterday, but then a smart company made a bid versus some other smart companies, calling into question the whole idea of the bubble valuation. it also makes sense that you'd think that isis pharma receptos and biomarin all of which have
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been on fire are cheap. cheap the way pharmacyclics was, because they too can get bids and you know we like all three companies and have championed them for more than 100% some cases. and let's not forget valent and activist, two major drug companies whose stocks have rallied pretty much nonstop since acquiring salyx and allergen allergen, although we heard endless chaleter about them overpaying. can we just stipulate that they didn't pay too much? even as actavis did buy allergen for more than twice of what people thought it was worth. at 200, i thought it was nosebleed, but people who bought the stock feel great. how about the semiconductor or avaga. they were duking it out with competitors and then merged within moments of the can't beat them join them philosophy. why not? if a combined company can
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combine a one stop shop for chips that can go into cars or homes, it is indeed a stand-alone, but bold? no. just combine companies that have more earnings power than two stand-alone companies would. finally, let me give you another accessible one, just so people don't think i'm cherry picking. darden, parent of olive garden. for years, it's been a poorly managed restaurant chain that included red lobster. it was terrible execution quarter after quarter. then, the board replaced the ceo and since then the stock's been off to the races. a company that had been run poorly at 44 bucks is now a well-run institution at 64. bubble? no, undervalued company that after execution is now fairly valuable. some bear could argue that all i did was pick the absolute best examples and there's another 6,000 stocks i couldn't do it with. but you know what? i did select a couple of companies to buttress my nonbubble thesis but i could
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have done it to many many moroz. you could contend all of this goes away if the fed raises rates, but the stocks i mentioned have nothing to do with that. here's my bottom line -- there are dozens of other companies that i could have fit into this piece without any problem at all, dozens of other companies that are very well run enterprises that are continually underestimated by the pundits and the head of the tape column and so many other people who simply refuse to consider that this is a market of individual stocks, and many of these stocks belong to companies that are managed by people who are capable of going well outside what's expected of them rendering their stocks cheap, even as they seem very expensive on paper, at least until terrific results or huge takeover bids put them in an all-new light. now, i speak to dan in wisconsin. please dan. >> caller: good afternoon, jim. i have two questions. >> sure. >> caller: you have lp selling at an additional 69 million
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shares of its stock at $11.05 per share. what is the impact going to be on the stock sale tomorrow and is this a buy, sale or hold? >> i don't like laredo. all of those doing access capital, with the exception of -- there's one or two that i don't mind. but i've got to tell you, i like the ones like an eeog that didn't need to do this because they had such a good balance sheet. so, i'm not going to stoop to the ones that are selling capital now all the way down. that's not my style. busy in nevada. buzzy? >> caller: boo-yah to you, jim. >> boo-yah! >> caller: i'm a three-year religious listener of your show. >> thank you. >> caller: i need your opinion on las vegas sands, lvs. i have a couple of hundred shares. want to know if i should sell some, take a profit hold the rest or just sell. >> okay i am very concerned about las vegas sands because i'm very concerned about wynn too, because they rely on big
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junkts from china and the numbers are down almost 50% year over year. that makes me very uncomfortable. recommending any of these stocks, even as i think that mgm does have up side because they've got a perfect business in the united states. the other guys do too, but it's too much of their business is in macau. okay guys it is all about execution. there are well-run companies that are underestimated. and yes, contrary to popular belief, undervalued. on "mad money" tonight, the fight to crush isis is fueling a boom in defense stocks. who's best equipped to protect your portfolio? don't miss my take. it will surprise you. and cold stocks from amazon and tesla are showing new signs of life. i know you like those, but will they take you to the promised land or just to -- >> the house of pain! >> i'm going to separate the real from the fake. plus, they're the brains that keep your local car dealer on track, but this stock's had a rough ride on wall street. i'll see if we can race higher with it when i take a spin with the ceo. why don't you stick with cramer? >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."
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ever since the market's ebola-induced bottom back in mid-october, it's worth noting that the aerospace and defense stocks have been absolutely on fire. this is one of the leadership groups that helped the market power higher. boeing, the big dow stock, it's up 33% since october low. general dynamics up 19%. lockheed martin one of our faves for a long time up 20%. northrop grumman up. stock united technologies charitable trust, up 24%. no doubt about it this sector has been a powerhouse and it's so easy to understand why. a year ago at this time a lot of people were worried that the business was drying up for the defense contractors. the wars in iraq and afghanistan, they were either over or winding down. the pentagon's budget had been
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given a haircut. if not a total slashing. by the sequester. remember washington's not-so-brilliant plan to detain spending by cutting across the board? and the military's a giant source of business for these companies. fast-forward to today and the defense business what can i say, it's booming. not only have we been bombing the isis lunatics since september as part of a mission that president obama has admitted could take years, but with terrorism seemingly on the rise all over the world, not to mention a shooting war going on in ukraine, even if it's not exactly hot, more like luke-warm, countries across the globe are realizing they can't rely on the united states to be the world's policeman all the time right now. we don't have the money or inclination to do so. they have to defend themselves and that means giving more business to the aerospace and defense firms that are quite literally the arms dealers to the militaries all over the world. plus, it doesn't hurt that the president and congress were actually able to pass an omnibus
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spending package back in december that included a much-needed boost in defense spending that seems to be overlooked by many. in short, you know what it is a great time to be a defense contractor. i mention all this because there's one aerospace and defense play that i think has been flying somewhat under the radar screen. i'm talking about the newly minted orbital atk. and the symbol here is oa. the company that was created less than a month ago when alint tech services merged and spun off a company called vista outdoor. the new orbital atk may be smaller than the major defense titans with market capitalization of just $4 billion, but it's nevertheless a top player and i think the stock deserves to go higher. plus, at a time when defense stocks are soaring, this is cheaper than the rest of the group. i think it's a bargain versus every other company i mentioned. what exactly does orbital atk do? i used to joke that the other systems dealt in lead like
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steve mcqueen's magnificent seven, because so much of the business was making bullets, except it had fewer competitors than mcqiueen, but that's a smaller part of the business. the new orbital atk is a leader in flight systems, getting nearly 32% of its sales from space launch vehicles and aerospace structures. on top of that the company also gets 26% of its sales from space systems. it's a major builder of major government satellites and space components. it's true that back at the end of october, before the merger closed, the old orbital sciences had a pretty high-profile accident where one of their rockets, which was set to deliver cargo to the international space station exploded at its virginia launch site. fortunately, it was an unmanned rocket, but still caused the stock to get crushed. it went down 15% in two days. i don't think it ever recovered from the taint of that. however, this is the kind of story that makes big headlines, even as it doesn't really have much impact on the bottom line
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which is why the stock has literally been able to rally more than 40% since its mid-december post-rocket explosion lows. company's insurance covers any financial damage and they have fixed the problem and will be able to resume supply runs for nasa starting next year. obviously, i hope this kind of accident doesn't happen again. i don't want anybody to get hurt, and that tends to happen when things explode. but if there is another accident that pummels the stock, realize the last one turned out to be an amazing buy accident. orbital atk's flight and space divisions are going very strong. they were the first private developer of space launch vehicles. we talk about that all the time. they're the leading producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and are a major player in the missile defense business. i know obama's not a big fan of the missile shield idea but considering how aggressive vladimir putin's been lately, and he's even worse than the nutty but suv petrov i'll bet our al glivz eastern europe are desperate for us to bolster
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their missile defense systems. plus, not only do they have 95 satellites currently in production, they pioneer human and robotic inspace snrit servicing and logistics systems. you know that's the way defense is going to go and the company components have more than 800 satellites in orbit. in addition to flight systems and space orbital atk gets 42% of its sales from defense systems, including everything from tactical missile products to precision guidance systems for artillery shells. you know they're in use. armament systems, ammunitions and inergetics, military double speak for explosives. even after the spinoff of the other business orbital atk remains one of the world's largest manufacturer of small to medium-caliber ammunition as well as the plain supplier for medium-caliber ammunition like the chain gun bp we all know the truth, which is that nato's going to probably actually start spending a lot of money again and atk's going to get its share. put it all together and you've
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got a high-quality aerospace defense business that's expecting $150 million to $200 million in annual revenue synergies late next year because of the merger as well as cost savings. plus, the combinational of orbital and atk means it has a ton of cross-selling opportunities. because the merger just closed less than a month ago, there is not a lot of visibility into orbital atk's near-term prospects, which is why it's cheaper than the rest of the group. it's cheaper on any metric you name. stock trades at just 13 times forward earnings, even as, get this, general dynamic, northrupop grumman and others suffer 17 to 18 times earnings. that is a huge sdpount, people. and even though orbital atk didn't give us any guidance for 2015 until may, they have made robust three-year forecasts which are substantially better than the others forecast. from 2017 to 2018 they expect to grow revenues at 4 to 5%
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annual compound clip while the revenues increase on a compound basis. that may be you kind of probably can't get your arms around it, but consider this many of the big boys like lockheed, which we like, and northrupop grumman, we like they are currently looking at declining sales in earnings for 2015. you could make the case that orbital atk deserves to trade at a premium to all these stocks, maybe the whole group, not the huge discount it trades at. even though it only has a 1.9% yield, the ceo has suggested there may be a boost, a buyback when the board of directors meets. so, i'm trying to get you in ahead of that. bottom line is the aerospace and defense group is in the sweet spot and i think the newly created orbital atk is the one to buy, given that it's so much cheaper than the rest of the cohort, despite having better growth prospects. the stock's been flying under the radar since the merger close last month, but sooner or later i'll bet the rocket that is orbital atk will launch and launch right into the stratosphere. hey, you know what there's much more "mad money" ahead
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including my take on coal stocks from tesla to amazon. should you join in or are others more worthy of praise? then dealertrack helps connect customers to the best line of credit. can it race higher? i've got the ceo. can your portfolio handle wall street's twists and turns? i'll see about that when we play "am i diversified?" stick with cramer!
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♪ the cold stocks they seem to be mounting a self-comeback! ♪ alleluia ♪ take a look at the action in the once-beloved tesla this week. here's a stock that's endured some hard selling. >> sell sell sell sell! >> ever since that miz yeeshlserable last quarter, and yet it hangs in there. hung in this $200 level like a champ! it rallied on tuesday and wednesday as the market suffered heavy reversals both days. it's holding up despite multiple earnings guidedown and downgrades and an overall impression that the growth is completely stalled. how many stocks can withstand numbers like ten cars sold a month in china, when the company was hoping that at least 30% of the cars would be sold there and yet still be hanging in? tesla's resilience after these
6:28 pm
hideous numbers, i'm calling it staggering. now, i'm not changing my view on this, no, not one bit. great car, but i don't want to own the stock. that's not to say i don't want you to own the stock. you can do whatever you want but buyers could care less about the numbers. i'm not listening! i'm not listening. yeah, you know who they are. they're xheegle, my friend and that's the definition of a cult. and they're in there on every gip. the sellers seem exhausted. none of the strusional shareholders are breaking ranks with the vision or execution. vision. i think that until we get a fully 100% battery-powered car with similar long drive characteristics from a major manufacturer that cuts tesla on price, this stock will continue to have adherence and believe that every decline is a gift a gift to buy more. that's the call of the buyer. it won't end until a major out your maker produces a car that will go 300 miles on one charge and go from 0 to 60 in four seconds with a $40,000 price
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tag. no one else is even near it yet. how about amazon? the action this ultra-cultish stock has been great of late rallying today to come within striking distance of one of its highs of all time. i was rather surprised that a major brokerage house's big price target bump yesterday didn't take the stock over 400 bucks. however, i think amazon's had a remarkable run and even if it's just marking time at these levels, i call that a big deal. the cult lives. pollsters believe that when we see the results of the web service broken out, we'll recognize that this division can one day be a money-maker. netflix hangs in there, too, pulling back just 2 bucks, and i believe that it like amazon is just resting here in preparation for its next big move up not down. netflix, like tesla and amazon is so beloved, so beloved that on any fundamental basis, you'd be tempted to sell it into this amazing exuberance, but at $28
6:30 pm
billion in market capitalization, is it really that irrational especially consideration abbvie just paid $21 billion for a company that's one one-seventh of netflix revenues? what would remmy do with it? the only honest guy on "house of cards." what would this company be valued if it came public today, in light of the prices we're hearing, versus say air b&b or uber, the ones that "mad money" friend mark cuban are kind of buzzing about, right? when you put it like that you have to admit that netflix seems cheap versus the comparisons. i don't consider facebook a cult stock because it has real earnings power. however, it carries the taint of cult both because it bought whatsapp for $19 billion and because people believe that huge secondary offerings must be lurking out there somewhere. still, facebook's pronounced breakout above $80 yesterday one that continued today with a 32-cent gain seems very real to people. i think people are taking notice of the fact that facebook and another inexpensive internet
6:31 pm
stock, google are acting better. and therefore have a chance to break out on no real news. that's the best kind of run if you're feeling cultish, because it encourages the cultist to play the momentum breakout game they love so much. finally, welcome back to mobile eye, up a buck yesterday, another $2.21 today. ali baba up nearly $4 high yesterday, going higher. and gopro, which rallied nearly 3 bucks yesterday, even though it gave back most of the gains today. i think gopro has peaked. i like semiconductors better than mobile. and ali baba it's only cheap if the chinese communist party says it's to be cheap. here's the bottom line, those are some hefty valuations, but you know what's really remarkable? even after this monumental run in the porter averages there simply aren't that many cult stocks out there. and for the most part they're the same cult names we've been coping with for years now. we've dealt with them before and we can deal with them again. maybe that's all there is to it.
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why don't we go to doug in missouri? doug. >> caller: jim, just over a year ago, i watched your program when you had on the ceo of viva systems. i bought the stock back then and i'm a long-term investor and holder, but with the stock down 25% these last two days i'm wondering what to do. >> yeah well people hate this stock. it doesn't matter. i looked at the quarter, i thought it was fine. it's just a hated stock. it's a heavily shorted, heavily hated stock. and i have to tell you, i'm sure someone out there think it's just being manipulated. i don't know about it but you know what i tried to back this for a long time and i got warned down. there are other better plays. i'm going to direct you to, which has also come in. but viva? no it's a shot-down stock constantly and it doesn't matter how good it is. they're not taking it higher. ken in california. ken! >> caller: in l.a. here. >> nice. >> caller: i'd like your recommendation on ebay for the
6:33 pm
next quarter. i know it's seven weeks away but a spinoff -- [ inaudible ] their acquisition -- >> i think ebay's good. i think ebay's good. i think split's going to be good. i think paypal's good. i tweeted something, a negative -- someone from the speed desk or alerted me to a slate article about one of the divisions that i found worrisome. this was a person who decided he didn't want to be involved with paypal, but i think paypal is good and you get them separated, put money behind them and you get a new payroll, a new company that's involved with technology of pay and that's a very hot area. how about we go to ed in my home state of new jersey? ed? >> caller: good afternoon, sir. it's a pleasure to meet you. >> same. >> caller: jim i'm a retiree of verizon, okay and i'm accumulating stock. i don't know why the marketplace isn't giving them more respect, okay? they've got a dividend 4.4, earnings per share $242 price earnings at $22.03 and a billion in capitalization.
6:34 pm
and today, cnbc is dissing them telling them all their business going to comcast. i don't get it. >> look, this is just a price war, sir. it's a price war. i mean you've got that guy, ledger throwing bombs, right? you know the guy with the pink shirt, he's throwing bombs. you've got this guy, sprint that have got real deep pockets, just bought 5 million shares. you've got at&t out there saying we're not going to lose any more ground and you have verizon. they're best in show and has a great yield. i wouldn't back away from it but except the fact that a price war is not something people like to be involved in. people like collusion in price, collusion with little brackets there because no one really co-ludz, do they? all right, cold stocks are making a comeback! but they're the same ones we've been dealing with all along and it's dealable. don't freak out. more ahead, including my exclusive with the ceo of dealetrack. can they burn up wall street in i'm looking under the hood. then, think your portfolio has what it takes to stay hot in any weather? let me be the judge of that when
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♪ a couple days ago, we got some february auto sales numbers
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that were not so hot, to say the least. general motors doing really well out of the whole group. maybe that's just because of the hideously cold weather that's kept people indoors and they might otherwise have been out car shopping but we can't afford to totally dismiss the possibility that maybe something's truly amiss here. that's why tonight i want to check in with dealertrack, home gamers a company that provides car dealerships with the most comprehensive suite of software solutions in the industry including platforms for sales, advance, digital retailing and dealer management solutions, which is industry speak for total management systems designed to improve a dealer's efficiency while giving them realtime analytics. on top of that dealertrack has a lending network that helps finance 45% of all cars financed in the u.s. while also providing title and lien services. although last week they delivered inline earnings and better-than-expected sales, a lot of investors were disappointed by the full-year earnings guidance for 2015.
6:39 pm
management said it's under pressure from integration costs related to a recent acquisition of ncadia a software in car dealership. in response, stocks got slammed! fell 8.7% the next day to 40 bucks and change. hasn't bounced since. is this merely a speed bump or something more serious? mark o'neil is chairman and ceo of dealertrack technologies. we'll find out more about the company and overall industry. mr. o'neil, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. nice to be back. >> mark, first, i was talking to phil lebeau, our auto industry reporter and february was punk. it just wasn't that good. are you seeing this as being a blip? are you actually seeing it happen and maybe the numbers don't reflect it? and is it something we should worry about? >> let me start with no it's nothing we should worry about. so, we did an analysis of all 50 states. we looked at the 18 states that were impacted by weather and compared their volumes to the nonimpacted states and our conclusion was unequivocally
6:40 pm
it's a weather-driven event. while it came in at $16.2 million, we were hoping for $17 million, we think we recover that volume between march and april and maybe if boston doesn't get out of the 6-foot snow drifts, maybe their volume will go into may. but clearly, our analysis shows this is a blip. >> all right, terrific. now, wells fargo, a bank i really like recently has tried to pull back from subprime lending. you are involved and see so much of auto lending. is this something that could slow down sales in 2015? >> we don't see it. in fact if you dig deep into what wells fargo really said is they're going to cap the amount of subprime lending they do. and if you look at that cap relative to the volumes they're doing right now, they're really quite in line. so it would only be if car sales grew materially beyond $17 million and subprime increased as a significant percent that we'd have any worries. but putting that in context, on the dealertrack network, there are over 1,600 lenders doing
6:41 pm
lending. so, if one lender decides to not be as aggressive in a segment, i'll tell you, it's a very competitive market now. we would expect other lenders to jump right in there. >> a lot of people write these articles and just say this is the next ticking time bomb. look, you're deeply involved in it. i personally think that the credit picture of the american consumer's so good it's another a ticking time bomb but i respect people who say there's a bubble. is there indeed a bubble in auto lending? >> unequivocally from dealertrack's perspective, there is not a bubble in auto lending. there are more subprime loans out there today than there were five years ago, but that's because we're selling 4 or 5 million more cars. and oh by the way, 35% to 40% of our population happens to have a credit rating that puts them in the subprime category but we're selling more cars. if you look at the performance of the loan portfolios they're performing terrifically. we just do not see the bubble that is being talked about here.
6:42 pm
>> you made the acquisition. it seemed to confuse people. but i think that if you want to get that next level of growth you have to make that kind of acquisition. is there something you would do over on the conference call or something? because to me somehow, it got muddled. and yet, if you're going to have the growth that i want to see from dealertrack, you need to make that acquisition. >> excellent point, jim. so, let me make a couple comments here. one is dealertrack's core business is growing over 15% a year compounded and that's organic growth. oh, by the way, last year we grew 26% organically. so, now, we're a larger company, a larger base. we continue to expect to grow significantly on an organic basis. as i said 15%-plus. as we're looking to '15, if i look at incadea, there are three reasons we did that acquisition. one was long-term growth. they will do $55 million in revenue this year but by 2020 we think that business does between $200 and $250 million in u.s. dollar revenue equivalent.
6:43 pm
if you put that into context, that's 100 to 200 basis points of growth that will drive relative to the total dealertrack revenue, so it gives us excellent long-term revenue growth, it strengthens our oem relationships. there are only two companies globally where an oem can do one-stop shopping for auto retail technology. we're one of those two. and oh, by the way, this acquisition gives us the only platform that's in all 82 countries with a single technology platform making us more nimble faster to market than anyone else. and third, it gives us a platform to take some of our u.s., our digital marketing solutions, and bring those internationally. and while i don't think we'll do that in 2015 it certainly sets us up to do that in 2016 forward. and i think on the call, i don't think we conveyed the growth potential of this company. people got messed up with converting from ifrs to gaap and i think that was a lot of noise. >> i totally agree with you because i like the acquisition. one last question. this tesla model, i think
6:44 pm
tesla's stalled, but when you say that people get all over you and say it's not true. but the tesla nondealership model, is that something that if you look five years in the future more and more are going to go like that or is that really just unto itself? >> that's unto itself. in fact i had the opportunities to listen to elan musk speak recently. he even suggested that their model in three to five years might include dealership distribution. you need the dealership for servicing the car. you really need it for touching and engaging with the consumer. we think it's a hybrid model going forward. there's a lot of online activity that happens, but also there's a very relevant position for the physical store to be part of the process. >> excellent. well, mark i think you've really straightened it out. i thought the acquisition was good. i don't know sometimes you just get bargains because people don't get it. mark o'neil, chairman and ceo of dealertrack. great to speak with you, sir. >> thanks, jim. nice to speak with you. >> i felt great that he
6:45 pm
confirmed the weather. he's done the actual work, so that blip down i was worried about in autos i feel much better after speaking to him. "mad money's" back after the break.
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incadea pharmaceutical
6:48 pm
pharmacyclics and regeneron has made me a lot of money in my roth i.r.a. and i just thank you so much. a regular guy like me can do it. i'm young and i did it! i'm living proof. thank you so much. boo-yah, baby! >> we are both regular guys and those are regular stories that i worked on for many many years to develop, including regeneron, which is the first ceo we ever had on this show. a big week for cramerica is indeed right around the corner. starting monday, we'll have some of the best and brightest names in american industry. i cannot believe this list. joining us to celebrate for mmx -- i even have my own little special bull -- that's ten years of bringing wall street to main street and helping you make some sense of the market. but yes, entertain! i admit that. since this is the most interactive show on television, i want to hear your story. what does "mad money" mean to you? why don't you send me a video? we'll share it with the world right here on the show. that video made me so happy. i've been a little depressed of late. i think it's weather-related.
6:49 pm
just go to and click on the link at the top of the page. make sure you have your phone turned horizontally, okay? and that you're not on private browsing, not that i have any idea what that means. tune in all next week for the big week-long celebration! and now, it is time for the "lightning round"! crime cramerica's like what the heck is that? callers have a question ahead of time they're all done on the fly. and then the lightning round's over. [ buzzer ] are you ready, skee-daddy? it is time for the lightning round! and i am starting with jake. not from state farm from arizona. jake! >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah! >> caller: what are your thoughts on the stock etrl control forward corporation and do you think it's a buy or sell? >> no no software for home entertainment. it's like, no man.
6:50 pm
it's hard enough to beat i don't want to control four. loretta, could be my makeup person, in california. loretta! >> caller: hi, jim. i'd like your opinion on zyofarm farm. >> i think we missed this. it's gone too far. i'm sorry. dave in florida, dave? >> caller: jim boo-yah! >> boo-yah. dave, who's in a nicer place than i am what's happening? >> caller: it's come down a bit, but buy, hold or sell stratasys? >> i'm not going there because hewlett-packard's going to split in two and one of them's going to have 3d printing and i don't want to be involved in another one. i particularly don't like 3d. john in michigan. john. >> caller: hi jim. i really love your show. i was just wondering if you had an opinion on caesars entertainment? >> oh, i certainly do, and the opinion could be encapsulated in three words -- >> sell sell sell! >> and that ladies and
6:51 pm
gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. so, how do you feel about cash back? i would not say i'm into it. but let's see where this goes. [ buzzer ] do you like to travel? i'm all about "free" travel, babe. that's what i do. [ buzzer ] balance transfers -- you up for that? well -- unh. too soon? [ female announcer ] fortunately, there's an easier way, with compare hundreds of cards from every major bank and find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and
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cramerica! earlier we talked about management, how great leaders can make a difference. i want you to be the leader of your portfolio. what better way to do that than to be creating a perfectly diversified portfolio that can't
6:54 pm
be harmed by the market's daily gyrations. let's play "am i diversified?" you call me and tell me your top five holdings. i tell you if you're diversified. let's dig into some portfolios. speaking of "dig," i'll be watching the premiere at 10:00 p.m. after i dug myself out of my snow! so, it's "dig" to dig. let's start with a tweet from from @cstress @jimcramer my top five holdings. am i diversified? etp, roll not like j. roll who is no longer with us. he's now out west. sbux and guy wire #madtweets. am i diversified? sotheby's, we know that's going to call that art. and then extermination. energy transfer partners really got slammed as a pipeline company.
6:55 pm
guideware guidewire, software company. we've got art, exterminators and starbucks, which as we all know. so, there, it's got it. it's got it. it's good! it's kind of odd. never -- kind of a pastege, if not a mosaic of stock. rod in georgia. rod? rod. >> caller: jim, hello from the sunny south. >> how's it going? >> caller: oh, just wonderful. actually, we saw the sun one day last week so it's rain and snow, you know. >> i don't know the sun. i'm new in this town. that's an actual line from "the three stooges." that's said by larry, i think. go ahead. >> caller: my stocks are bx hzo, mov, uri, isis. am i diversified? >> okay, let's take a look. marine max boding. you know i prefer brunswick, but that stock's been good. novato let's call it jewelry. isis pharmaceuticals is one of
6:56 pm
my favorite. both, i have to tell you on pipeline and on takeout. blackstone's a company i've been recommending private equity. reynolds is the construction equipment rental company. boding pharma and finance. bingo! ♪ alleluia ♪ >> i've got to go to my home state. let's go to bob in new jersey. bob? >> caller: hi, cramer, how are you doing? >> not bad. how are you, bob? >> caller: oh, i'm kind of snowed in here. i can't believe it. a big boo-yah to you. you are the best! >> thank you. thank you very much. >> caller: thank you. listen i have a few stocks and want to know if i'm diversified or not. >> let's go. >> caller: okay exxonmobil chevron, general electric cisco systems and mcdonald's. >> i think bob is from southern jersey. someone the other day was saying i can't stand cramer's philadelphia accent. i do not have one. or when you have one, you can't tell you have one. so, you can say i have one, but i don't know it okay?
6:57 pm
all right, oil, uh-oh, two oils. we'll get rid of that one. bristol-myers. a diversified conglomerate a restaurant and a really really good technology stock. put bristol-myers in there, get rid of exxon and i'm a happy camper! stick with cramer. why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the s60 sedan. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo s60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. can it make a dentist appointment when my teeth are ready? ♪ ♪ can it tell the doctor how long you have to wear this thing? ♪ ♪ can it tell the flight attendant to please not wake me this time? ♪ ♪
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we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working. i'd like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow!
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... >> hey, everybody. james "the cash king" here. >> narrator: investment advisors james duncan and hendrix montecastro claim to have the tools to make investors rich. >> we're the 1%. they're the 99%. all the sheep go to bank of america. all the stallions come work with us. >> narrator: but the home-purchasing program they promote leaves investors on the hook for more than $100 million of debt. >> that wasn't financial freedom. it was financial chaos. >> narrator: while clients face foreclosure and bankruptcy, this slick-tongued duo burn through nearly $30 million of their money. >> that's not bad.


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