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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fxi. breaking out. it's happening. it's breaking out. fxi. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow for more "fast money." "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jim cramer. sometimes the correlations go out the window. dow gained 56 points nasdaq
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4.8%. we saw the dollar soar today, something that should have and has put pressure on the averages. no, no, didn't impact them. the market went higher. how about the fact when you have a strong dollar that usually means oil goes lower, right? no. not today. oil went higher. even as everyone has been brainwashed into thinking a stronger dollar means weaker oil. we had a universal judgment every oil company is loyal to the buyout. royal dutch was down again today. and for the record alcoa kicked off earnings season last night with a strong quarter that supported an excellent 7% revenue growth and gave a robust forecast for every single aspect of the economy. autos, nonresidential and construction. the reaction? got hammered. no one seems to care at all. that won't be the case soon
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enough. i can't blame anyone for reacting to mergers all excited and stuff or possible mergers. that's because investors pile into any company that merged already or seems to be on the verge of merge. you need to be ahead of those people who come in because you can make money being early. let's consider the cases of mylan and perego. when we last left pere xwfrn o yesterday, it was the subject of a takeover by mylan. it rallied nearly another $4 after a 30-point gain yesterday. mylan which jumped yesterday from 59 to 69 ran up to 70 today. that's amaze being behavior as suitor and pursuer soared. it's where the action is. i get it. i get it. the stock's have already merged companies are some of the best performers out there considering walgreens boots alliance a recent drug store merger reported earnings that sent this stock, which had been a huge
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winner for my charitable trust, sent it skyrocketing nearly five more points today. sold it this last week. that was an instantly successful merger. why not try to find the next one? walgreens call the company said it might want to make acquisitions which cross express scripps to leave speculation it might be that one. it's huge. traders couldn't resist given the speculation has been repeatedly rewarded in the market. by now you would have a black eye if you kept speculating. the wine and spirits company able to get the rights to corona and modello from none other than the justice department. constellation which has been an amazing stock reported one more unbelievably good quarter and was up a couple of ducks before closing up 89 cents. that deal keeps giving.
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my place in brooklyn we only have two taps, modell and corona. i can pour. dave faber was able to shoot down the story. had my jaw slack or drop or whatever. that smaller semiconductor plummeted $5 instantly on faber's scoring. then rallied back up to $1 and change because merger rumors never die any more. vampire targets all. which brings me back to oil. for every company thought to have been distressed today, including offshore drillers like transocean and ensco, they all went up. how about these? p devon, eog which my charitable trust owns. pioneer. they took off like they are all next. i don't know. i think this game would have
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started yesterday if oil hadn't been down so badly. i bet these stocks will lead to you heartbreak. this is a what have you done for me lately market. because i believe these rumored stocks are going to be unrequited i would like to spend time on stocks that got hit unfairly. i don't think you want to hear what went up. i think you want to hear what could go up. first i like some of these retailers that got hit on march numbers. everyone knew it was going to be a weak month because of the terrible weather. why not start with king costco? it had an ever so slight miss. real write nothing more than a percent. it plummeted $3.19. it's now down $8 from its high. costco is a retailer that is rarely ventured this far from its high. you should start right here if you don't have a retailer in your portfolio. costco you've got a chance. there is american airlines.
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we are beginning to see levels where the selling cost of the strong dollar has at last got overdone. spirit air are my faves. american sells at a mere 4.6 times forward earnings. that's way too cheap. who i about rite aid down 4% today? walgreen made no sign it would want to pick up this turnaround drug store chain. it was rumored they might. i know from the endless jim cramer please help me rite aid tweets that some of the weakest hands in the world are in this stock. people who can't take even a penny of pain let alone this address -- house of pain -- i bet it goes down tomorrow. i wouldn't help people. i told people i would no longer talk about rite aid on twitter. it's going to be here on "mad
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money. "snchl and there will be panic because they were waiting for me to hold their sweaty cold hands. perhaps around $7 where they will really be going nuts and tell followers to tune in now and then to know the score. i think people don't watch the show as much read me on twitter. there is more thought put in one finger of this show than there is in twitter. take that. then there is alcoa. the company did have a good quarter. it was down horribly. price of aluminum was weak. the stock had run up from $12. when alcoa goes back there to $12, you need to start accumulating it. six months from now this stock will be a terrific play on aerospace and light weighting. the actual price of aluminum will never have meant less to the enterprise in its entire existence. finally, i think you want to take a hard look at the company i just said i'm done giving my
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free stuff on rite aid to twitter. there are too many rumors someone was about to buy twitter. two articles saying they contacted goldman to sell themselves. there is a new rumor every day. if it isn't google, it's facebook or yahoo. let me give you a real good heads-up here. i think twitter is making a huge number of smart moves. you know how much better it is. you can see noninvasive ads go up more. people are finding twitter more useful in a host of ways. some will never count owning the stock unless they are sure google is bidding for it this weekend. it's not going to happen. listen to me. you own twitter because like facebook, there could be an earnings breakout here which will make people realize the franchise is still one more user-generated cash machine. not yet, but it will be. let me give you the bottom line. be sympathetic to the idea
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takeovers and rumors are working getting stocks going. also understand this is a dangerous game. invest in best of breed. go for companies that are doing well. then lightning might strike too. when the music stops, there won't be a chair left for you. you'll be saying why the heck did i bother playing this game? because you see, it's not a game of musical chairs. it's about investing in the best companies. do that and you won't have to even ask, please don't stop the music. because there isn't any playing. how about going to jesse in pennsylvania? >> caller: hey, jim, this is jesse born in brooklyn live in p.a. now. >> holy cow! i'm the exact opposite. that's okay. born in p.a. living in brooklyn with a little summit thing going. i'm everywhere. i'm everywhere you want to be. i'm like one of them credit cards. >> caller: you showed a chart on broadcom. the chart said to buy at $44, which i did. but what does the chart tell us
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about the price to sell at if it goes up? >> broadcom is doing okay. it's not doing great. there are rumors intel is going for broadcom. we thought that in the '90s. broadcom is good enough to own. if you get a takeover bid, lightning will have struck and i say congratulations to all. takeovers and rumors can drive a stock higher. you know what? when that goes out of the window, what are you left with? that's why you stick with best of breed stocks. i'll help you find them. how does a solar stock rocket higher while oil is plummeting? don't miss my take on a hot name with a bright future. >> stop kicking yourself for missing the mylan and perrigo thing. i have a couple of pharma players. it's been a long time. i have no choice to break out my infamous wall of shame! make sure this ceo stock isn't lurking in your portfolio.
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you know what? stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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yesterday i noticed something bizarre. i'm always looking at different stocks all day. even though the price of oil plunged 6% the stock of sun edison symbol sune one of the largest developers of solar power projects managed to rally. today hit a 52-week high. why is that crazy?
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because solar power competes directly with other forms of energy including oil. when the price of crude gets slammed, soil becomes less economical and less attractive. somehow, even though the price of oil has come down to just $50 since october, sun edison managed to surge about 75% higher over the same period. it continues to roar. precisely the opposite of what you would expect which begs the question, what the heck is going on here? why aren't they selling the darn thing? okay. for those who aren't familiar with sun edison this is formerly known as emnc which changed its name when it changed the business in 2013. it was about supplying silicon wafers to the solar and semiconductor industries. hence the old ticker wafr which is what that stock did. in recent years they transitioned from being a
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producer of silicon wafers nobody wanted into being a full-service solar energy provider with a growing pipeline of projects. they provide design installation, financing, monitoring maintenance service for the solar power market in addition to building its own solar power generation systems. it's worth putting out. the price of oil doesn't have much correlation with the price of electricity here in the u.s. only a couple percent of our residential power comes from petroleum. you might wonder what about natural gas? that's super cheap and very much used for power generation. the price of electricity doesn't have much of a correlation with natural gas either. still the rest of the solar power complex has gotten slammed with the decline in the oil patch. why has sun edison been able to make a difference here? ever since its game-changing transformation into a builder of solar power projects sun edison's management has been aggressive taking bold strategic action to unlock value.
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the strength in this stock is a testament to the idea corporate break-ups can make you a fortune. that's something i devoted a whole capital of "get rich carefully too." had i started writing this book now i would have led with you an sedson. last may they spun off a minority interest in its semiconductor semiconductor waver business. it allowed them to get an independent valuation without the slower growing semiconductor division holding it back. last june sun edison created a yield co-subsidiary. meaning it will be a subsidiary that yields a lot called terra form. trades under terp. that is another stock that hit its all-time high today. terp is designed to own the solar power projects sun edison builds and use the cash to generate the investors. why was this positive? building solar power assets and
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operating them are two very different things. once you've got your solar plant up and running, it can generate vast amounts of cash for many years and doesn't cost that much. it's the sun. last i looked it comes up no matter what. comes up in the morning, sets in the whatever. building these solar plants is expensive. the creation of terraform gave a new way to raise large amounts of capital in order to fund this development pipeline. giving investors a low risk way to invest in a steady income-producing stocks. in the old days it would sell off allowing buyers to capture the long-term gains. by getting more capital and getting the capital cheaply and then keeping the solar projects in their own subsidiary terra form, sun edison only makes more than twice as much money off each project. it's so smart. when sun edison took terra form
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public, it was given a $3 billion valuation. at that point at $3 billion, it had a much higher yield, given the lower share price. now it's worth $5 billion but growth opportunities are enormous. management says the annual total addressable market is worth $16 billion. sun edison wants to use the structure with the yield krfrpco in the form of terra form to raise as much possible as it can. the stated goal is to become the exxonmobil for renewable energy by making a series of acquisitions in this fragmented market. last november they acquired first wind. a developer of wind power projects for $2.4 billion. at the end of march, terra form bought 520 mega watts from atlantic power. in a deegal fully funded and very low cost in capital. if they can deep doing deals
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like this one, and it can, it can grow its dividend substantially. sun edison growth vehicle with yield which you know i love given how low interest rates are. can't make that much from bonds. sun edison's management believe there are many opportunities like this out there. begin a huge number of privately owned or distressed solar wind assets reaching the end of their solar tax credit or owned by a private equity funds that have high borrowing costs than sun edison and terra form which would make it easy to do these deals. sun edison has strong market share when it comes to the commercial solar power market and launched a residential business. the company gave strong guidance in late february. 2015 they see themselves building 750 mega watts solar power projects per quarter. their cost should decline in 62 cents last year to 52 cents and 40 cents by 2017. the solar materials business is expected to start breaking even in 2016.
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sun edison -- remember that's the eggs are ready. sun edison is about building entire solar power generation facilities. they are not committed to any one type of solar technology. if the cost of solar modules goes down, that is another positive for sun edison. no wonder the stock is able to rally consistently as the rest of the solar complex has been slammed. sun edison has a huge background. that doesn't even include the recent international announcements, including projects in india, one in china, brazil. as for sun edison's interest in terra form it's expected to generate 32 cents per share management stating that should increase $1.69 in 2019. if they can hit those numbers, sun edison stock deserves to go
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a lot higher than it has. it said its interest in terra form alone is worth somewhere between $13 and $28 a share. sun edison has been able to rally like crazy because it has a brilliant structure that designs them to roll up solar and wind power assets building the world over to become the renewable energy colossas. we've got a lot more on "mad money." we'll hear about my take on what's neck for the pharma industry in the wake of the mylan and perrigo bid. could other deals be in the horizon? i've got two names. >> ventas is a major landlord in medical care. my wall of shame has been lonely after abercrombie gave mike jeffries the boot. that ends tonight. i've got a new face on the
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infamous roster. you will not want to miss it. special thursday show. stick with cramer.
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specially pharma. remember those two words. specially pharma.
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that's the hottest category in the market right now. portfolio managers are scrambling to own one or two. what is a specially pharma company? a drug enterprise that is propriety drugs and generic drugs. they are in a race to merge with each other in order to become as large as possible. i talked about them at the top of the show. they are oftentimes domiciled overseas to take advantage of the lower tax regimes that exist beyond our high-tax borders. take mylan's bid for perrigo yesterday. they make prescription drugs. these two would be a match made in hen. i don't think perrigo wants to sell at any price. it's worth it for mylan to go beyond the offer because they stumbled on one time only issues that interrupted the fabulous long-term trajectory. it is at a big discount from
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where it could be next year. for the record if you are drinking a guinness right now, you are more irish than this company. don't forget i've been recommending perrigo for years because of its link to the new frugality. the desire to pay less for knock-offs exactly the same than the more expensive nationally branded stuff. it's possible teva could be interested in buying one or both of these companies. that's a big reason mylan ran so much yesterday. even if it might pay more to get perrigo. we see the same behind activist being a significants. here are two deals that have wall street excited. actavis started off as watson pharma. actavis was able to pay a high price for allergan because it was able to purchase another
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company years back. no u.s. drug company facing a higher tax regime can compete with them in the bidding. given that actavis can earn $25 a share which puts its growth at a much higher pace this stock has become the go-to speciality pharma name. it is one i push on you endlessly. brent saunders is the ceo. we like him. that is a me-too slash and burn player. they criticize targets spending too much on research and development. it's drooled over by growth portfolio managers everywhere. what else could happen here? how about considering what's been going on with horizon, hcnp, a generic pharma company i had on the show a couple of months ago. horizon has been acquiring old drugs, revitalizing them and announced the purchase of a propriety drug company which gives it the magics speciality pharma designation.
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now it's double. finally there is mall ifrninckrodt. it is still a candidate for takeover bid. something i wouldn't bother to mention if the company were doing poorly. it can't be bought yet because of tax purposes. actavis, horizon teva valeant. pharma names that are loved and will stay loved as long as they keep growing faster than traditional companies at a time when growth remains hard to come by. >> irwin in new york. >> caller: good afternoon, jim. i'm a little confused and upset about novavax. back in the end of march around march 20th, the stock was trading about $9.70 a share. on march 25th they come out and anaunsed they are going to
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release 30 million shares roughly at $7.25 a share. the stock the next day dropped $2 and change to $7.50. why would they price a secondary offering $2 and change below that? >> that is a good idea. what they wanted to do was have it so everybody who bought on that deal made money. if you are someone who just got to that stock, you are thrilled with them and that's what they wanted to do. they felt you are already in it you made money, now let the new guys make money. a lot of guys price deals too high and that gets them hurt. i understood that. that is just a term of the way they do it. deep in the hole. people love deep in the hole deals. you're sorry if that one hurt you. the stock has come back and that matters. i've got speciality pharma stocks that haven't. actavis, horizon, mylan, teva. horizon, don't forget that one.
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these are the names you want you to know. these are the names that are loved. much more "mad money" ahead including the landlord from medical office buildings to hospitals. one ceo wants to be put on my infamous wall of shame. all your calls. lightning round. stick with cramer!
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when you get a pullback in a high quality stock with a fabulous catalyst in the horizon, you need to treat that dip as a terrific opportunity to do buying. consider what happened this week to ventas. cramer fav health care real estate trust that owns senior housing to skilled nursing facilities, medical office buildings, hospitals. they have 1,500 properties. we got two pieces of news. first the company announced it plans to spin off the bulk of its skilled nursing facility properties as an independent company with each shareholder getting one share for every four shares they own of ventas. i think that makes sense because ventas as a skilled nursing
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facility business has been growing more slowly than the rest of the company. this hopes unlock that value. it announced it is acquiring arden medical services a privately-held hospital owner and operator. for $1.75 billion. then plan to sell off arden's hospital business keeping the hospital real estate. the deal is expected to be additive to earnings in the first four years. in response to these two massively important announcements, ventas quickly jumped monday. if you buy ventas here you are getting the spin-off news and the smart arden purchase for free and make no mistake about it ventas is a master acquiring and integrating other companies. the stock which has begin us a 21% return with dividends since 10 months ago could be a steal at these levels.
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let's check in with deb cafaro. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to see you. >> i had to go in more detail than usual. i love the fact this is your bread and butter to quote your most recent conference call. yes, we are a deal machine. this is more complicated than usual. explain what kinds of pieces of paper people are going to get. >> great. the spin-off is going to create two companies that are positioned to grow. we've taken over 300 million of noy in our skilled nursing business and spin it off into a pure play reit that focuses on skilled providers. they will be a great external growth story, well positioned in the marketplace both with investors and with customers. then we made ventas better. we made ventas still have all the scale you love all the
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diversification even better with the hospital segment. and low cost to capital. great customers, lots of private pay. and still positioned to grow. so what's not to like? we are very excited. >> you are also opportunistic. you say look the affordable care act did matter for this. >> yes, it did the hospital segment is growing nicely. it has good underlying trends. it's a trillion dollar revenue market and we are excited to participate in the consolidation there. the affordable care act is only one of the positive trends including demographics as well. >> that's been a continual theme. tell people which are the senior living places you have that are so good. >> yes. over half our business as you know is the high quality, private pay senior living business where our parents, over 85 population like to live and be cared for. >> private pay means no it's
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not at the whim of the government which a lot of people get that wrong. many people sat out the big gains that you have generated. >> exactly. >> a lot of people wonder you have the low cost in capital. why is your capital costs so much lower than even all the other reits ideal with in? >> our cost of good soul is cost to capital. we work very hard to have a currency that can basically allow us to be a consolidation machine and make profits for investors. the health care market is so great, it's so broad, it's so big and as we have scale, we have been able to have cheaper and cheaper capital that we are able to use to make great deals and more profits for shareholders. it is a virtuous circle. >> you are able to raise your distribution far more than anybody in the industry. >> yes. that is a great thing about our deals. our dividend has risen 9% for ten years on a compound annual basis.
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we are predicting a 10% increase with the two deals we just announced. that is a very important component of our total return proposition. >> how much does scarcity value matter? when i was looking at the equivalent of skilled nursing facilities, only one company out there. i'm not going to mention them. they are not performing as well as what you've done. there would be a notion if you want a chit in the skilled nursing facility business it will be what you spin off. >> yes. that went into our thought process creating value through this spin-off. there is a gap in the market. investors want these higher yielding higher dividend play companies, and customers need it. there is really very few people out there in the market who are exploiting those opportunities, both getting the investor capital but also serving this customer base. >> do you think that will be in the reit index which matters tremendously. >> yes, it has. we were in the forefront getting health care reits index way back
6:40 pm
when. this will be a $5 billion company. so it will fit very nicely into the health care and reit index. i think it will really attack a lot of dedicated and nondedicated investor capital. >> that is important for people to understand. these stocks go up for scarcity value to institutional investors who want them in a low-yielding environment. deb has begin you growth. you have growth and high yield, which does not exist any more frankly. >> we have two companies that provide both. >> excellent. deb cafaro, ceo of ventas. ♪ ♪ [ radio chatter ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] andrew. rita. sandy.
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♪ grind virtually any kind of food
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waste into an unending source of electrical power for a city? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. it is time, time for the lightning round. play till this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? anna in california. >> caller: boo-yah,ing jim. my question is is it time to get in today, tomorrow? starbucks? >> i like starbucks.
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howard schultz is do be a fabulous job. this is a great long-term play. why it's one of the biggest positions in my charitable trust. james in connecticut. >> caller: hello, jim. james in connecticut. my question is about philip morris. today was up but has been sliding a little bit. >> i don't like the international. i want the domestic. i don't like tobacco stocks in general though because i think frankly they are bad for you. the companies. let's go to chuck in alabama. >> caller: a big cheery holoe hello to you from the beautiful sunny montgomery alabama. i want to congratulate you. you deserve these congratulations. i understand you contributed another $259,000 to charity. >> that's true. thank you very much. >> caller: a big pat on the back to you. >> i feel it's better not the
6:45 pm
right thing to say you're giving it, you mention it that's fine. thank you. >> caller: i'm a first-time caller, my friend. i'm a senior citizen. my interest is at&t. i'm a long-time holder of this stock. i reinvested all the dividends i had over the years and gotten good returns. today it's paying 5.75%. >> i like it sir. thank you for the kind words about my charitable giving. i think at&t is a buy. even if you are buying directv. i like it. let's go to victor in new mexico. >> caller: thank you for your service in charity donations. annals of internal medicine ran a control trial of weight loss programs. clinicians should refer overweight or obese patients to weight watchers or jenny craig. weight watchers is at the lowest point in the last year. is the street so focused on big pharma and tech it ignores the important information?
6:46 pm
>> the focus is under armour. i will not be on the playing field with kevin plank. i don't want to be anywhere on the field with that guy. i think he will take me down. i am in his zone that 100 yard rectangle. renee in new jersey. >> caller: good evening, cramer. what is your position on ge? >> they are selling these properties rumored to be -- wells fargo is one of the buyers of the property. they report friday. because they report friday i say don't buy, don't buy. don't buy, don't buy. let's go to -- if you own it fine, don't sell it. alex in massachusetts. >> caller: how's it going? >> pretty good. how about you? >> caller: good good. i need your opinion on imgn. >> they had that big miss. it's hanging out here. stock going down. i'm okay with owning immunogen
6:47 pm
here. >> that it's end of the lightning round! 5 tech stocks with more than a 10 percent change in aftermarket trading. all the tech stocks with a market cap of at least 50 billion are up on the day. 12 low volume stocks breaking into 52 week highs 6 upcoming earnings plays that recently gapped up. now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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we've been teasing you for a week now. it's time to add another name to the mad money wall of shame. our rogue gallery of value-destroying chief executives who could cause their stocks to rally by stepping
6:50 pm
down. i'm talking about art coppola, ceo of macerich. he has done his shareholders a huge disservice walking away from a favorable deal which caused macerich's stock to get slammed. i cannot imagine what this guy was thinking. i think it's a text book example how not to run a shareholder-friendly company. over the past few months simon property group had been trying to acquire macerich. in early march they offered $91 considering the stock was trading less than $70. simon raised thai bid to $95.50 best and final offer which represented best valuation, not to mention significant premium. this was the point where coppola should have said yes because
6:51 pm
there comes a time when you need to take the money and run steve miller style. instead he said no claiming the bid undervalued his company and since then the stock has been taken to the wood shed trading down to $80. as of today, much less than macerich could ever have gotten $80. it's nuts. rarely have i ever seen such a cut-and-dry situation where the ceo made absolutely the wrong call. how ill advised was coppola? how foolish this move for his shareholders and him because he has 370,000 shares? consider all this started in november when macerich was trading at $69.80. simon property group announced it had taken a 3.6% stake in the company and indicated it might be interested in making an overture that. sent the stock up 9.6%. in the two days following that run, banks downgraded macerich because they believed it was overvalued. over the following two months
6:52 pm
seven more firms downgraded macerich again because they felt the stock had become overvalued. simon didn't care. fast forward to february 4th. macerich it misses wall street's earnings estimates. at that point everyone expected simon property group to make a move. march 4th "wall street journal" reported simon made take overtures. march 9, when simon made its first bid that represented a huge 30.2% premium versus where macerich was trading before all the takeover speculation began in november. i think $91 represented a generous office. coppola decided to reject it while putting through corporate governance changes that would make it harder for anyone to acquire the company. i guess he prefers to be a ceo rather than making money for shareholders. simon property group gave them
6:53 pm
another chance offering $95.50 a share. that is a 36.7% premium to where the stock was trading before this she-bang in november began. simon made it clear it was their final offer. they rejected the bid. i think that's crazy. i blame coppola by not taking easy money when offered. how can you not take it? macerich claimed the bid undervalued their company that was downgraded repeatedly and missed the quarters. their view was it didn't reflect the investments to improve its portfolio properties. when they rejected the second higher bid they said the company faces a disconnect between private market valuations and public market views. they didn't have any new ideas for rectifying the situation to get their share price up to $9 5 on its own now that the stock has dropped down to $80 and change. simon's final offer was quite generous.
6:54 pm
simon's bid value at 24.8 times the expected funds from operation for 2015. that it's key metric for these real estate investment trusts. simon property group itself only trades at 20.2 times their expected 2015 funds for operations while general growth property trades 21.1 time. takeover premium has to happen. they did get one. simon was offering a substantial premium. pretty much the entire industry with the sole exception of best of breed dom woods company. federal realty is a better company than pretty much everybody. this was a 50% cash/50% stock transaction. shareholders would have gotten a piece of the new simon property group at a discount. if art coppola allowed this deal to happen they would have become very valuable. imagine the duplication it would have given the new simon much more leverage when negotiating with retail tenants? macerich could have become part of a shopping mall titan.
6:55 pm
after david simon met with coppola before the tapeover bid was's nounsed publically coppola didn't get back to him. it's like he didn't care one bit about making money for shareholders. it's bad enough he walked away from this deal. even though i bet it takes multiple years for macerich to reach the $95 share simon was willing to pay on its own what's worse is that it seems like he refused to entertain the idea. according to simon, he didn't even want to discuss it. when you consider macerich changed the structure of the board to make it more difficult to acquire it you get the sense he wants the company to remain independent even though shareholders make a heck of a lot less money than in a takeover bid. art coppola deliberately decided not to make shareholders accretive. for that wanton act of value
6:56 pm
destruction, he belongs on the mad money wall of shame. a ceo who won't even consider takingover offers, not a ceo you want to be investing in. that's why i say as long as coppola rules, stay away from macerich or maybe he wants to be a ceo for life. if that it's case he could become our first lifetime member of the wall of shame. stick with cramer!
6:57 pm
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hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. normally talking about mergers and rumors of mergers is not my style on the show. i've got to tell you, the rumors of mergers, whether it be for teva buying mylan or intel buying broadcom or intel going back to altera is making you money. i am not going to recommend a stock on a takeover basis. it is hot and heavy. there is always a bull market somewhere. promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." see you tomorrow!
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... indianapolis businessman tim durham lived like a hollywood playboy. >> tim liked flash. he liked car companies and cigar bars and ultra-lounges and yachts. >> narrator: he dates models drives super-exotic cars... >> i had a nail in the tire. it cost $22,000. >> narrator: ...and owns a $6 million yacht. >> i mean, i like material things. absolutely. i think that's what drives the american economy. i think everybody's materialistic. >> narrator: durham's ambition? to be the world's richest man. >> at the end of the day, when i breathe my last breath, i'd like to be worth more than anyone else in the world. >> nar


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