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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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water. >> pandora gets you done. you heard that spot si phi. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks so much for watching. don't go anywhere "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. starts right now. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all a investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica a. call me at 800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jim cramer. too many of everything. that's right, too many of everything in the stock market and real economy so when we call
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the weak and let the strong survive, when we merge companies to eliminate over capacity we go higher like we did today with the dow and s&p closing at record highs. s&p add avancing and thank you carl icahn and apple. he tweets stock goes higher. hardly a day seems to go by without a deal of some sort a takeover because the ceos in this country are well aware of the over capacity problem in almost every single industry we follow. today for instance we learned that the publicly traded form of ann taylor will be gobbled up by aacina. gives a huge 21% premium will be marvelous for them because they need a higher end offering and it can save money immediately by merging the two entities. companies talking about taking
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$150 million in cost but i bet david jaffee will be able to do better but figuring out which stores are winners. that's a tough thing for ann's current management to do but expected now that asna is taking it over. that's what happened in acquisition. people are being frugal and some because of the internet taking share from brick and mortar stores. let's face it, we're over stored in this country given the lack of income, and population of savers, not spenders. this will take out access storms and help rationalize the industry. two thumbs up way up. or how about indo international. just like retailers, way too many generic drug makers. all that business fighting for shelf space and market share.
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so shelling out $8 million in cash to snare competitors. at the same time milan is trying to buy pergo. i think milan will get pergo. it's a transaction thereby a quantum leap and most important is that this deal takes out a competitor, which should lead to the a lift in gross margins for the group and therefore higher priced earnings multiples for stocks. in other words we'll pay for more earnings down the road. we know there is take over activity with alexa paying 136 premium to where the stock went out just the day before. can you imagine? >> do you know not that the log ago we saw ad erkseve, it's back to
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where it was so perhaps others will do something bold without worrying of hurting stock and maybe johnson & johnson which suddenly is a red hot stock and we know is interested. meanwhile, gilliad, billions in spare cash which is a reason the stock is breaking out over the last week. a takeover could be spectacular and seems to be piggen holed. the industry is ripe for another big deal. gilead is a consoleationeidationconsolidation. this is until it started to see mergers like the micro combination now qurvo and cypress expansion deal and annex semi conductors and the acre
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session of lsi. these companies competed against each other head the to head and boy, they were just killing each other. or to present themselves as a one-stop shop after a the mergers. that's why when i first heard that intel was in talks to buy altera a makes a ton of safe. intel needs to open, more inl property and needs to be a bigger player in the high-tech companies, not just personal commuters. i think that even if intel offer add high praise altera would be good for the company stock and altera balked and my colleague told me that they are talking again and inst's principle to principle this is a huge deal to spur more consolidation as we
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learned that the vago is taking a hard look at buying altera competitors and they disappointed many times in the earnings or integrated products. it doesn't matter. how important are the deals? i don't really care for them because they are trying to kill each other to get radio frequency products into your cell phone but the new name to the combined entity a strange one, you knew the merger is terrific because pricing isn't an issue. the combined company is able to raise prices quite a such. where these suppliers and cell phone parts seem to get the short end of the stick. i expect the same thing to happen to all a the deals which is why i don't mean if intel and they made inside the nose for altera. remember, we had david al adridge the ceo on but the idea fewer
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competitors vying for business makes us feel like the environment will be less cutthroat. that's good for everybody. no wonder it climbed more than $5 to $103 today, all-time high. avago jumped 1.8%. wow, just last week we saw the amaze mtdment you can get from a merger when we saw zebra technologies that consolelated the bar code. the combined entity can charge better prices. i like all these consolidation stories because they offer upside on regards to how the market is doing and that's so important. the overall market isn't as important as the combinations that's why i believe there will be a ton of accusations of verizon verizon's bid for aol. somebody has to put together the vertical by combining grub and
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yub hub. who else needs to merge? according to the "wall street journal" brian cornell from target called campbell and said to emphasize granola and yogurt. sounds like an awful like what haynes serves up or greg angles will be selling, remember he came on this show? both simon and greg came on and they have red hot, plant-based yogurt. can these old food line companies stand there and let them take share like this? there are no longer tax restrictions on the charitable trust and credits rolled out a buy this morning. but, but maybe there is motivation to get the reck minute recommendation out immediately. eyebrows raised. i know there are plenty of areas right for consolidation.
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federal government might balk those days. so far we have a bad deal and buying this bg group and noble snapping up resources, you got to start somewhere. if these deals were isolated i couldn't bother and i don't think they can impact the market. when the acquisitions are thick and far-ranging, they do determine the direction of the average, not the dollar or interest rates or fed heads or whatever else going on out there, sun spots. so here is the bottom line as long as interest rates stay low and growth is hard to come by i think we will only see deals accelerate. early innings, how about a somewhere between the time of the ceremonial first pitch and the top of the third, trust the guy that threw one. i ought a to know. let's go to mike in new hampshire, mike. >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. and also thanks for all your advice. you really helped me balance my
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portfolio. >> thank you, that's what i want to do. absolutely. >> caller: question for you. spirit air, you would recommend it a couple months ago, i bought some shares and since then it's dipped a few points. what do you suggest should i hold the share -- >> hold it. understand, save has come down because people feel they aren't as happy with the industry now that oil has gone back up. the industry is good. my favorite is southwest air. i don't want to get aggressive here but i do like spirit. i think they will do good. don't sell the stock. can i go to charles of my home state of new jersey please? >> caller: cramer increase the dividend eight cents to $2.60 and beat estimates. why is con ed down? >> this is a great question. i talked to one of my friends matt at real we were astonished you could have a better than expected quarter from con ed i mean a great quarter and it meant nothing because the stocks trade together.
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i doesn't matter what they say the utilities all a trade together. corey in massachusetts, corey? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? thanks for having me on. >> i'm having a good day. >> caller: the sun is shining so i'm happy. it's going beyond the numbers but this generation tends to be tech savvy and i got to tell you, jim, i love the car, too, i really do tesla, long-term, a what do you think? >> if they make the numbers and they raise the cash that they need, then they will be fine but i think they have to spend a lot of cash and i don't know if they can make the numbers. that's why i describe it as a cold stock. people want to own the stock no matter what i say or do. i like the cold stock of netflix. i think it's terrific. i like the cold stock of amazon. i can't get my arms around tesla. don't want to tell you to buy or sell. we're in the early innings with these mergers and acquisitions.
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more and more companies are getting ready to play ball and that will determine the direction of the market. really, that's what is in charge. on "mad money" the company behind dress barn buys the parent of ann taylor. i'll see if there are more gains in store, the ceo of senior retail and starbucks announced a partnership with the player in streaming music. it's not apple. i've got the exclusive with howard schultz, plus they both have burgers but should you take a bite of shake shack or jack in the box? stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow follow at follow @jimcramer or send an e-mail or give us a call 1800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to mad
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agreeing to buy ann taylor. >> a deal valued at more than
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$2.1 million. >> the share is popping on that news. ♪ ♪ we've got some huge retail news today when we learned that the parent company of dress barn justice, kathryn and lane bryant is buying ann, a-n-n for $2.61 billion in cash and stock. i have to wonder if this purchase which combines the third and ninth largest retailers in the country could be another bountiful deal. they will reduce $150 million in cost within three years and the company says it will be significantly additive to earnings within the first year after the deal closes. so should we be a buyer? let's check in with david gaffee and find out more about this acquisition which i believe is transformative. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you sir.
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>> hi. >> 150 million. we know that shopping is spotty. after not doing that good but we can control what? costs? >> yeah, what we're doing with it is leveraging off a the huge infra infrastructure infrastructure. it's established and running smoothly and getting savings with other brands we anticipated so we can plug and play the two new ann brands into it and that's what we're doing and that's how we have identified the $150 million in savings we think will layer in over the next three years. >> let me understand this. let's say something made at ann taylor. you will have manufactures you're using to make this? where is the actual manufacturer. >> let's say you go to a vendor and say i'd like 1,000 t-shirts and this is your price and go back and say 2,000, you'll get a better deal. same thing with transportation, when we send our product to the
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store, we do it out of one dc so instead of sending seven different trucks from seven different dcs, we are operating more efficiently now. >> you have the distribution covered and manufacturing. now this brings you what i like is that there is a whole new group of people who may never been to an a a s-- an ascina store. >> our justice stores for tween girls and lane bryant for large girls, which ann does not sell. there is a bit at dress barn and a bit but very very small amount we've seen in our research. >> loft is what the 18 to 60. so that's something different for you guys to have that long arc. >> fashion for every woman. wonderful store. >> how is business in general?
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apparel is really hard. in the time that you and i have gotten to know each other, i cannot believe how hard the apparel business is. >> you know what happened? there is shifting of spending to durables or -- >> yes, home depot, to home depot. >> home depot, home furnishings, peep people want to redo their kitchen or living room or smart watches or smart phones. some of the restaurants and theme parks have done well over the last couple years. but we're beginning see a few green chutes so we're watching it carefully but we think the consumer is starting to swing back into fashion. so when we've got great fashion at any of the brands it's the fashion that is selling us not the basics. the woman wants fashion and if we do a good job, if our industry does a good job, i think she'll come back. >> an ann taylor specifically, ann taylor is an iconic brand but has stores. will you look at store by store and do something that maybe the other old managing can't do?
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say listen, these 25 stores just aren't doing well enough. we have to close them? >> i think management is aligned with the need to get rid of the bad stores. >> yes. >> reinvest in new opportunities. so we've talked about that. we've talked about what should be closed not specifically, but that we want to invest in the future and not just kind of go sideways on stores that aren't really going to go ahead. >> it's major for you because this is a brand, you know that's universally loved and some would say it's tired. it's ready for change. >> it's iconic both of them. >> absolutely. that's the president and ceo of ascena. the cost that can be taken out. the sin near gees are huge for this company. "mad money" is back after the break. >> jack versus shack burger houses sizzle but only one is heating things up on wall street today. what should you bite into right now? cramer's recorder is coming up.
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hey, what are you doing? you said you were going to find out about plenti, the new rewards program. i did. in fact, i'm earning plenti points right now. but you're not doing anything right now. lily? he's right. sign up, and you could earn plenti points just for being a wireless customer. in the meantime, i just kick back and watch the points roll in. where did you get those noodles? at&t cafeteria. you mean the break room... at&t - the only wireless carrier to be a part of plenti a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. shake shack and jack in the box. two companies, they both blow away the earnings estimates last wednesday night yet shack sores. what the heck is going on here? does the market not know jack?
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welcome to the world of hopes and dreams versus the world of cold hard reality and facts. shake shack is the 68 store hamburger chain, the restaurant which has arguably the best hamburger i've ever tasted. last week's numbers were impressive. double digit sales growth plus a profit no one expected particularly and most importantly, the many short sellers who were betting against shack. on the call the company emphasized how it has a clear runway to expand how it intends to go from regional to national as quickly and best it can. it's early and the runway is huge when the company is talking about siting the first store in los angeles. they aren't even in l.a. a they aren't there yet? can you imagine how many more years this company can grow like crazy? jack in the box on the other hand is saddled with just being great. it's a domestic company that
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delivered better than expected quarters and this is no different. it gave you a huge 50% dividend boost. they yawned. people dumped the stock furiously off that good news and continue to sell it today. now some of that is because big portfolio managers are getting out of domestic stocks. jack is a total domestic play the fact that jack simply an a student that keeps getting as. market doesn't care for that. what the market really wants are c or b students that are suddenly getting better grades like shake shack becoming profitable when inno one expected it. we don't care that shack's double digit numbers are on based on 13 locations and uses stores open a minimum of two years and only has 13 of those. we don't care when the companies reopen after remodelling, the
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flag ship location will draw away customers from existing stores in new york. we didn't care if you divide the market capitalization from the store count, the average shake shack is valued at $38 million, versus $1.2 million for jack in the box. are these that much better than this? anyway, the market just cares about how blue the sky is for shake shack, how far it can fly for years with shake shack and an additional complication because the stock is so over valued. a short position is building. the short sellers were betting at the stock that tripled since coming public odd as it is. reported last week that's worth 50% of the floater, available stock that trades has been sold short. that's the most of any company i follow. the short sellers really misjudged the situation even though shake shack gave up the gains on thursday. the stock rebounded the next
6:27 pm
day. it's been roaring since. that's because shake shack is a cold stock. it's become the tesla of burgers. you try one, you love it so you buy the stock. and you don't sell it just because it's over valued. just as you don't care that tesla makes as many cars in a year as ford makes in an hour and you don't care that shake shack will sell burgers at the same ratio versus jack in the box. one day more stock will indeed come in for sell when this lockup arrangement expires, but in the meantime the shorts are scrambling like they did today up $3 that allowed shake shaq tock to continue rallying. what should you do with these stocks? you know what? as far as i'm concerned, you can write them both out. jack, because it's now really under valued and shaq because it's a cold stock. what can i say? i love the burritos too, no one
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cares now. they will one day. i love the shake burger and for that, i'll see you at the brooklyn shake shack this week. let's go to kelly in ohio. >> caller: boo-yah him from the queen city. my question is chipotle that has gone from 728 down to a low of 633 in four and a half months. my holding is at a loss. do i hold sell or buy more? >> cmg, chipotle is a stock that trades as you describe. it goes all the way up and comes back but never goes down to where it was before tends to never go down. there are a couple occasions where it did and each dip is a buyable dip for the patient and i'm urging you kelly in the queen city be patient with chipotle. go to ha arerlin. >> caller: there are so many
6:29 pm
beverages out in the market and summertime is coming up. how do you feel about that knock out stock, ko is it? >> it's doing a good job. doesn't have the diversified portfolio but does have stakes in green mountain and in monster beverage. i like the fact that he's got two calls on high growth areas and i think that it is a very good situation for those willing to take a warren buffet stock, own it and reinvest the dividend. that's dockcoca-cola. shake shack and jack in the box, one is a colt the other is under valued but feel free to bite into moth. much more with the ceo starbucks why it's partnering with the music player. playgrounds for the wealthy may
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own your club. can club corp take your portfolio above para? brand-new edition of the lightning round. stick with cramer. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it.
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the retail restaurant industries are about housespitality hospitality. few companies understand this concept better than starbucks and just today we learned they are taking it to a new level. the music streaming service to create one of a mind musical echo system that includes giving members of starbucks a rewards program to the ability to influence the songs they play in the store. that's why we want to dig deeper
6:34 pm
into the partnership with howard schultz, the ceo of starbucks. welcome back. >> thank you. i'm here with kevin johnson, our president and ceo, as well. >> kj i'll go to your first because you're in technology. you said this is the beginning of the streaming technology evolution of the music industry give us since you're -- i know you from the juniper days is this about a merger that involves a technology way of the third, of your third place and not just a drinking way? >> well thanks, jim, you're absolutely correct. this is an innovative new digital music experience that we are jointly developing with spotify that will be integrated into our mobile app and as you point out, we have 16 million users of the starbucks mobile app. we'll create a great digital music experience integrated into the app that compliments the in store experience and gives the
6:35 pm
opportunity to listen to the starbucks playlists on spotify outside of starbucks stores. >> howard does this mean that the beginning of how i can monetize my rewards points going beyond starbucks? >> you're right. as you and i have spoken many times, long-term vision has been to extent starbuck's currency from the internal use of starbucks core customers outside to other like minded companies and brands. spotify is the first, what we'll do is spotify will purchase stars from starbucks and innocenting new subscribers and mentality coming to starbucks customers. this will be the first of many we believe will create yitis a significant revenue source but new customer wills come through other brands and other companies i. >> have to admit.
6:36 pm
i've been thinking since i heard about this your brain works fast and you know about a fly wheel, you do fly wheel think income your brain. i'm trying to figure where this would extend to. who would be logical partners who else would team up with starbucks? >> well i would say, i would use the term like-minded companies whose customer base are complementary and like us. i think there are a series of verticals, i can't name names but over the course of months there will be a series of verticals that will extend beyond spotify. we thought that was the perfect first customer sequentially, one because of the high degree of millennials we have and how important music is to us and our paranert it's been highlighted by music. spotify will create and enhance the experience and to spotify's
6:37 pm
credit. they are providing a free premium service to over 160,000 em broiployee employees. literally create a pro prylocal station inside every starbucks store with a highly relevant playlist. >> i love the music. is it my new store. i go to the small format on wall street. kevin, you're no stranger to duking it out with big technology companies giving your history before you came to starbucks. obviously, you're affiliating not with apple but spotify. at one time i would go to starbucks and you cold cds, is this a changing of technology to a new format or also a battle against another company that streams music? >> well jim, certainly it is the evolution of technology with the mobile internet and
6:38 pm
connectivity digital music is shifting from downloads to streaming and spotify is the industry leading provider of streaming music. certainly, as we evaluated the alternatives to partner on this, what spotify brought was a completely unique custom develop solution that will be integrated into the starbucks mobile app and that's why we went with them. >> okay. howard, i think a like-minded company could be in your industry. i know we think that whole foods is a like-minded company. we think chipotle is. are we talking more netflix where i watch a movie with my charging table at my new starbucks? >> jim, you're getting way ahead of me as you usually do. i can't go any further than this. i can only tell you that we believe that currency will be highly relevant to many company whose are looking to create
6:39 pm
increates. i don't want to be coil. you'll have to wait and see. there is lots of companies and industries we believe are relevant to star's currency. >> we can't talk quarter because we're in the middle of it but i'm getting great reports, china is doing better for other food and restaurant companies. are you seeing china better? >> i don't know how it can get better. we had 14% last quarter, majority from traffic. if we continue on that track, we would be very pleased but we just crossed over 1600 stores in 80 cities in china and our china business continues to be strong. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing this with "mad money." howard schultz, chairman and ceo and thank you so much guys. great to talk to you. "mad money" is back after the break.
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♪ ♪ smile. >> yeah don't forget to smile. >> have to smile.
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none of that serious stuff. ♪ ♪ >> step and throw, baby. >> step and throw, step and throw. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, the phillies welcome philly native and life-long philly's fan, jim cramer. [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> that was a lot of fun. i want to thank everybody in the philadelphia phillies organization that helped make this happen. as a philly guy it made me incredibly proud but not like i just showed up and threw that screaming fastball. that took weeks, years of training. luckily my staff was able to document my incredible regularoutine. take a look. >> this is what i call a
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teachable moment. inappropriate balloon moment i'm going to try again. sometimes it seems like this -- that's why all week. all right. that was awful. stay with cramer. pretty extreme, right? now it's time it is time for the lightning round. buy, buy buy sell sell sell play this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready? it is time for the lightning round. cramer's "mad money." start with terry in california terry? >> caller: boo-yah, jim, how is it going? >> not bad, how about you? >> caller: okay. i haven't bought them but i'm thinking about stone energy. >> go with a better bottom than that. we got great growth there even though it is known as a the franker. let's go to bart in wisconsin,
6:45 pm
bart? >> caller: hey, big wisconsin badger boo-yah to you. >> i like the badgers. they come to play all the time. >> caller: some years ago i called in about bc trading in the 20s. you didn't have a good opinion of the stock then. now the stock is trading in the 50s. are you of the same opinion? >> be able to learn more about it and started recommending it very consciously and heavily. just met with management again recently. brunswick is a buy. i need to go to texas now. >> caller: hey, jim, thank you for taking my call. my question is on lumber liquidators. >> i'm nervous because it's hard to come back from national negative publicity. i'm watching urban national outfitters. it doesn't look good but that might be one you can go and buy. it's down that doesn't have an
6:46 pm
intractable problem. i need to go to mark in wisconsin, mark? >> caller:, jim, congratulations on your major league debut. >> thank you very much. >> caller: my stock is in the lng sector ticker glog gas log by sell or hold? >> anything moving around, i'm now in favor of giving them worldwide problems. they need it. we're fazephasing out in china. john? >> caller: i'm a long-time listener, first time caller. i like your opinion on silver wheaten. >> we're not a silver buyer. if we have to own stock, we'll own ran gold. john in florida, john? go ahead john you're up. >> caller: hey jimmy, great day, boo-yah to ya.
6:47 pm
>> nice. >> caller: reality income. >> i like it. i need to go to eric how are you. >> caller: good, how are you? >> real good today. what's up? >> caller: congratulations on your marriage. i'm joining the club in july. >> that's a nice club, i got to tell you. i'm happy. the wife is all right with it so far. >> you know, i as a former restaurant person know miguel i, my ears perked up when i heard the break up of ntw. >> and they should because i think the two are worth more than one. the stock is down. the reason it's down frankly is because the crane business isn't that good but we're okay with and that is the conclusion of
6:48 pm
the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. like a custom screener on your desktop, that updates to all your devices. and you can share it with one click. wow. how do you find the time to do all this? easy. we combined every birthday and holiday into one celebration. (different holidays being shouted) back to work, guys! i love this times of year. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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is something you and i have to try and profit from which brings me to club corp. the world's largest owner of private clubs with 160 golf clubs, 49 businesses sports alumni clubs across 26 states not to mention a few properties in mexico and china. this one is more about playgrounds for the wealthier. club corp is all for existing clubs and then acquiring them to expand the presence to the point they have a membership program that lets customers that belong to one club get limited access to the other properties in the region. club corp report add a strong quarter at the end of problem. the country and golf club members, management raising the full year guidance that's why the stock rallied nearly 20% and fallen another 7.5%. i wouldn't be surprised if there is more room to run and a big secondary and snapped up by everyone. let's look with eric the president and ceo and learn more
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and prospects. welcome to "mad money". >> great to be here. >> have a seat. >> a lot of people aren't familiar with your mod and will maybe the people who are, maybe saw your road show that was successful or belong to the a club. let's say i belong to a country club with a good golf course and i hear club corp is going to my my company, what happens? >> we hope you know a little about us. we're the oldest of our type. club corp was founded in 1957 and creating the modern club management industry and we're in the process of reinventing the club industry so hopefully you heard a little about us. >> a club corp taking over from the current owners what would expect to see within the next 18 months? >> we would typically come in and do focus groups to hear what it is you want out of your club because we tend to buy under capitalized or under managed clubs in many cases. often from people who are
6:53 pm
unnatural owners they might have been lenders, could have been other investors who bought a club as a lark or in some cases, equity clubs tired of having assessments and want somebody to provide capital so they don't have to pay for the improvements with the professional management we provide. >> the golf business itself, some say it's wayning. >> it's one of those thing ifs you say an nfl football team has a bad year that doesn't mean the nfl is bad. so we've had golf retailers or retailers in general reporting a bad quarter. that spills over to us. our business is membership. 46% of our total revenues come from dos. we're in the business of creating space for you, your family and friends to get together and do a lot of things not just golf. >> how about this one program that gives access to other things i wouldn't have if club corp doesn't buy. >> one is optimal network
6:54 pm
experiences. as you pointed out, internationally and for modest dues we give you the ability to travel around the country and access these clubs and in addition this is a real quicker, we've given you 50% off your home club food. if you take your family out to eat a couple weeks a night or month, it's just as attractive financially to go to your own club where everybody knows your name. >> absolutely. i looked at this and i was thinking about the theme parks cedar fair and six flags and they are limited partnerships. couldn't you be a real estate investment trust? >> we had a lot of people encouraging us to look at that. we own over 25,000 acres of land but our model is really driven by core organic growth reinventions reinventing the clubs we own and acquisitions and really felt at this stage in our life cycle we would be inhibited from pursuing acquisitions to look at that
6:55 pm
structure. >> is there any tension, let's say i'm a member of a club and happy it has x numbers, you want to get the membership up you said so. maybe i don't want a lot of new members. >> it's an interesting dilemma. it's ex clusclusivity and loneliness. i don't have to call for tee time but i'm assessed for the new clubhouse. we're going to put money into your club. we're definitely going to try to grow membership but in many cases, we came in and reduced dues when we come in because your club might have had a dues line for capital assessments, we're going to wipe that out because we have a strict no assessment policy. >> last question are you in when you buy a high-profile club, i mean can it be something the next thing i know i see on the pga that would never be on the pga? that intrigued me. >> firestone country club is a
6:56 pm
portfolio many years and features championship. we held an event, the pond championship, which used to be the craft nibsco and used to host a former senior event called country club of the south. we have clubs from entry level to super high-end and that adds a lot of value to you as a member because whether you belong to an entry level club or the highest end in our portfolio, you can access all of them. >> interesting company. wish there were more. that's the president and ceo of club corp symbol my country club, mycc. "mad money" is back after the break. i like this.
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and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. first, i want to thank jen here and frac and kyle for letting me practice every night with the sports team and the skipper of the d'backs and chase utley for spending time with me and mike smidt. i can't believe you talked to me. that shows how fabulous life can be. urban outfitters, disappointing. starbucks, no reason to buy the stock. you buy the stock because the company is doing well which it is. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it here on "mat money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow.
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