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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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investor conference and 30 percent short interest and that's a segway. great job by the rangers last night. i am me police salissa lee, and thanks for to level the playing field for all investors. i promise to help you find it. >> i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. welcome to cramerica. call me at 1-800-747-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. sometimes you scratch your head and you want to say where were yesterday's sellers? and what were they thinking? why didn't they come out and say
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today when the selling was good? dow gained 121 points. s&p climbed .92%. and then you realize like i said last night, yesterday's sellers were of the hit-and-run variety. blasting out of the s&p futures because the particular was too strong and the fed too vocal about a tightening. today commodities are doing nothing. europe is rallying hard and no one from the fed said a word. silence from these guys is indeed golden. so that's why they didn't fire the s&p 500 and buyers came out of their bunker. to pick up the bargains created by yesterday's sell off. in other words once again the s&p futures gave you the total wrong signal because the sellers were as usual violating what i call from the god father they went to college to get stupid
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and boy are they stupid. it's funny. if the market were rational on any given day as opposed to just a battlefield that on certain days draws a truce to clear out the wounded then today's a day where i argue we could have been down. just to prove that i'm willing to see the side of the trade all the time let me give you some reasons why i could have said we should have gone lower today. first we got a quarter from work day. a terrific company with an incredibly disappointing stock. workday gave an outlook with a definite slow down and worse there was actual competition, mainly from oracle which has gotten it's act together. ouch. that's the last thing it can handle. however despite the acknowledgment of real dogfighting the news which
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crushed work day didn't spill over into the other high multiple stocks it normally would expect to be done. in fact the stocks actually rallied today. some of them rally like crazy. that's not supposed to happen. they're supposed to go down. usually it's data on the software side and sky works solutions on the chip side would take a hit. we got the exact opposite. avago up 7.8%. skyworks 4.7% and nxpi climbing. plus we have a totally plausible rumor that broadcom is to be acquired by avago. they have terrific technology. made major advances with apple. of course avago in leave of its quarter much higher. it's jumped 3 ever 21 pktd of
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the possible tie up. it goes up huge on the idea that it might pay for another company in it's business. let's just say this market went from being hung over to being drunk again in 24 hours. we should call it one big hair of the dog rally. second reason we could have been down today, the sad saga of coors. not the beer. like the handbag company. michael kors used to be loved by everyone alike. it gave horrendous guidance for low double digit declines. that's right. there was a point when low double digit increases would have been a disappointment for this former fashion star. double digit declines, disaster. so what was the action?
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nothing. it was the equivalent of hitting the one pin and having it skip into the gutter. when you hit the head pin it sent the rest of the retailers heading for a strike or set up for the spare. only fossil teetered on this one and that's a direct analog. aided by tiffany that reported a so-so number but then expects to see double digit gains later in the year. that was totally puzzling given that there's nothing to write home about this quarter but the market full of skepticism yesterday is down right giddy today so tiffany rallies more than $9. maybe short sellers targeted this one and then freaked out. maybe the market has a border line personality disorder. for a moment i thought this market heard there was weakness in domestic watches and apple on the possibility that the apple watch may be taking share. dumber things have happened.
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as i told them recently don't trade apple, own it then there was another one. the continued collapse of the shack. the shake shack where they found the burgers were so fabulous and you had to squeeze in to get one because it's part of a vast short squeeze that's taking the shock way higher than it should go. it's 23 points from its 96 point high last week. spill over to the group? not at all. more important big dog burger maker mcdonald's, the organic one said it's no longer going to report monthly same store sales. when sales are fabulous do you stop giving them out? what did the stock do? go up 20 cents. what a day it's been. like nothing. a drag. how act express scripts. here's a company i like very much. i own it with my charitable
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trust. it was featured in an important piece of the wall street journal that i think was the only one that read it. it's holding the line against higher drug prices. me and faber read this. express scripts is pitting drug companies against each other and acting the way you think the federal government would be doing. i thought people are going to put two and two together and slam the whole complex. instead they're having the best day in ages. it's got that money maker, the expensive hep c cure. how about biogen? stock surged as if it has no problem soaring past the cost discipline express scripts is trying for. maybe he didn't read the article. just said he didn't. i'm not making a case for giant sell off. i'm not arguing that today's action is inconsistent i am
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however making the case that if tomorrow some fed governor comes on the tape and says that the housing market is too strong or we're due for a tightening because we just are, some german statesman grabs a mic, we'll see this whole rally reverse yet again. there's simply no underpinning to the broader market at all. we're swinging with people that went to college to get stupid and clean up the next day with actual stock ifs they knock it down. it's funny this morning after i said i wished the fed would stop talking and let the market out of its way, asked me if i just wanted to dance until the music stopped. basically hoping to get out while the getting is good. here is my take. i'm trying to encourage people to buy stocks of companies they like at prices they find attractive and then have the conviction to own those stocks for the duration. instead people buy stocks they don't know and then sell them into what literally reverses the next day.
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here's the bottom line. from now on remember to use sell offs to get the prices you want from the stocks you need and don't join the panic that can subside based on the whim of an official or penny or two change of the value in the dollar versus europe. and stop being stupid when frankly, it's very unbecoming. let's go to luke in illinois luke. >> hi, jim. >> hi luke. what's up? >> i love your show by the way. i just wanted to have your perspective on micron technology. >> i got that avago going and skyworks and idti why do i need to go down the food chain and buy a company that also has a flash business? i'm going to say no to that one but i like the fact that you said you like the show. other than i usually get my brother-in-law's uncle likes the show or my sister's nephew says the show has some game.
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it's nice to hear someone likes the show. how about mike in connecticut. >> caller: what's up, man? >> the stocks. what's up with you. >> caller: indeed brother. this is dr. mike in connecticut. i got a stock for you here. one of your prior favorites. you recommended it about two months ago. it's boot barn. here's the deal man. in the last month it sold off down 12% but it's still below your me trick of 29. they don't seem like they're growing stores too fast. last two quarters they beat by 13%. they raised guidance. they're operating the operating margin you refer to and it seems like this management is credible. they report tomorrow and i was just wondering what you think about it? >> there's always some joker that's not going to like it but the long-term franchise is good. they have an unmet need and they own it so i'm with you. we have regional national story. i think you're okay.
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how about we go to sebastian that maybe lives in sebastian inlet in florida. >> big booyah from florida state. home of the noles. >> go noles. wow that was the house of kings. >> always. jim i have a quick question. columbian company owned by the government of columbia. what do you think? >> i got enough problems with exxon. i have to go to columbia to have problems? come on get some horse sense. what can i say? sebastian has game but, you know, i have to tell you, i don't need to go down the food chain in the oil business. what do you learn in an inconsistent market? use sell offs to get into the stocks you want at the prices you want. don't join the panic.
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better income is right around the corner. mad money tonight, the company that gave you spam is entering the organic and natural arena. i got the ceo. don't miss my exclusive with hormel fresh off the acquisition of applegate farms. and then the fed appears ready to raise rates sooner rather than later. you don't want to miss my take on what it can mean for the sector beginning to show signs of life. i'll see if union pacific can get back on track. >> all aboard! >> with the ceo in an exclusive. stick with cramer. don't miss a second of mad money. follow@jimcramer on twitter. have a question tweet cramer #madtweets. send an e-mail to mad or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something?
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>> applegate feeds it's animals a vegetarian diet. >> the trends are gluten organic, natural and protein. >> yeah, absolutely. >> finally an old fashioned successful food company that decides to get with the program in a huge and meaningful way. last night hormel foods which you probably know as the maker of spam had it's agreement to buy applegate farms, the number one natural and organic prepared meats company for $775 million. the company that brought you spam is going organic as they try to get into new retail outlets. it's important to point out that unlike many other package food players hormel has been doing well on its own and it's also made smaller roads to more natural fairyike organic muscle milk. and with last night's news about
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applegate forms the stock were to head to the all time highs. let's take a look with jeffrey, the chairman and ceo and find out more about the deal and the company's future. >> thank you for having me. >> have a seat. i thought this was a monumental shot. it just said look this audience this group of stores that sells too big to ignore even for a company that we know produces spam but this is the shot. this is the beginning, isn't it? >> it's an exciting category for us to become involved with. the national and organic consumer growth has been really phenomenal. it's not a fad. we view it as a movement and to be able to partner with the leading brand in the space in term of the meat based items, applegate is fantastic for us. >> it sounds like you're spendsing to not be able to get into business and make some money. >> it will be a reasonable investment for our shareholders. the growth trajectories support the purchase price but it's an exciting growth area in the store.
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>> i've known steve mcdonald for many many years, he and his wife jill and he put out a statement today saying here's the big question. can you still trust us? will applegate still support gmo labeling in the answer is yes. >> steve will be involved in an advisory capacity in the company. we were with the team today in bridgewater and we made the promise that we intend to honor this brand and make sure that the consumers have the same experience they always enjoyed with applegate. >> now the growth of this business is actually quite extraordinary because there are outlets you mention that you haven't necessarily been able to be in that you're now going to be in. what are we talking about in term of the consumer and where you'll see applegate. >> sure, so sales are in the $350 million range and about half of those sales are in the natural and organic specialty channel and hormel has next to no presence there. you did mention a couple of our items. but this is new territory for us
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us. >> they say it's hard to source. you yourself talk about hard to source organic pork. is it going to be too much? let's say you blow this out the way i know hormel can do. are there enough farmers? >> steven and his team have done a nice job over the years of growing at a 20% clip. we're confident we'll be able to maintain a double digit growth rate at the higher scale going on right now. you did mention the one area that's been more challenging but they have a very sufficient supply. >> you can't really tell from your results, avian flu. you have a fantastic turkey business, is it okay? >> it's a wonderful brand and still connecting well with consumers. sooechb last quarter when we had a number of outbreaks we had outstanding sales of the brand in the marketplace. the team is scrambling and working closely with government
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officials to try to maintain their operations during the outbreak and it has slowed down a little bit but i'm sure that we're up to the challenge. >> do you think that the country, this kind of move actually told me that the farmers have to get with the program. that maybe they themselves even though it costs a lot of money and is very difficult to convert from non-organic to organic, this is the way of the future isn't it sir? >> the sustainable economic story with this that applegate has embraced is if the consumer values these types of attributes and is willing to pay the price because there is an added cost to some of these elements both of these brands have proved that to be true. in terms of mainstream products if you're going to add cost to the farmer it's going to be important that the consumer bare those costs or we may have to have supplies offer choices to consumers. traditional products maintained a certain way and products such as applegates that have standards as well. >> but the chipotle people argued with me if the farmers
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saw the demand and switched and used the land in a wise way that perhaps the price would come down because it's the demand that's the issue. >> well there can be a combination of that. we hope to learn from the applegate team. they had many years of experience working with 1500 family farms and how to utilize the practices. we're hoping they can find new ways to tap into that. >> i know you're keeping it as a stand alone division. is part of that because you feel that people might not want applegate if they're associated with hormel and spam? >> it's both side of the equation. on the brand side we think that team knows their consumer and has created items that appeal to the consumer and we want to make sure that we maintain the connection and on the supply chain side it's a unique supply chain. they don't own their own plants but they contract with processors and farms and we want to preserve that as well. >> do you think there's something changes in the country where we have brands that people
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trust. now for instance spam i trust it because my father was in world war ii. some people think spam won the war. my kids trust this brand. this is a brand to them. the brands in my pantry they don't understand why? >> there's a place for both brands. spam grew over a 10% clip. there's various asian cuisines that utilize spam. there's a place in the choice spectrum for consumers. >> do you think that other companies in your industry either have to adapt or die? >> we're a very growth oriented organization. this brand muscle milk skippy have been great editions but we continue to grow a number of growth items as well. our party trays, our bacon bits and those items. >> it would be remiss not to say you're also one of the great
6:23 pm
dividend payers. >> we are. 49 consecutive years of increase. last year the increase was 25%. we continue to generate excellent cash flows and we'll be providing further increases to our shareholders. >> you're the only real process food company that has the look with the great organic growth and now you're organic and natural. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure being here. >> tell steve i said hi. i remember when he started making phone calls to farmers to make him to switch. that's the chairman and ceo of hormel foods. good job, thank you. >> coming up, the wrong track? union pacific more than 40% higher in 2014 but the railroad player has struggled to haul any gains this year. is this a great opportunity to hop aboard? or should you seek a different route to profits? cramer's taking a ride with the ceo.
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maybe you need to be a gardener like i am to know how big these days are for home depot and lowe's. these are the go to stores for everything garden. and yes if you have to fertilizers unless you're an organic and natural gardener like i am. no wonder home depot brings in
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70,000 new associates for this period which is the equivalent of the christmas holiday season for sales. they call the second weekend in april the spring black friday. it's also the season for refurbishing your home after a long winter. all the things you don't do during the winter. it's worth the investment given the sharp appreciation last month in home values. at least according to the index that we learned yesterday showed a 5% appreciation in the month of march. housing which punches well above it's weight, thank you for explaining that to me is beginning to get back to where it was before the great recession. the possibility of more than 1 million homes being built this year. double what we had a few years ago. zillow's chief economist thinks we may need as many as 1.5 million new homes to keep one the growing population. this is probably why the disappointing lowe's earnings will barely ding the company's stocks and now they're on the upswing which brings me to the
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notion of the coming rate hike. we are beginning to hear chatter that if the fed were to begin to raise rates there would be a surge of buyers that don't want to buy the mortgage rates and perhaps they would be good for country. i could not disagree more. this nation housing boom could be threatened by the rate hike. it's the industry i'm most worried about. more important i want to stress the term toll brothers just this very morning said right now sales are choppy and the stocks said more than 2% or very big update to the market. you don't raise rates when things are choppy for a nationwide builder with a fabulous reputation. we may just now be getting to 1 million housing starts. why can't the fed wait until we get things further along.
6:29 pm
strong enough company more so we have more demand from paint to bedding and flooring and tools all of which are doing fine but have room to run. there's an impression on the part of many of the fed heads that house as good hot enough and business is good enough in this country that they have to act. business is actually declining in this country. there's an inevident bltability about the rate hiking. i say get more comfortable being on hold until the dollar is truly down and housing sales are so strong and retail sales are so strong they have to be handed by rates. the robust home sales could be the fed simply determine that june or september must produce a rate hike or else. let me give you the bottom line. sure i don't want the fed to be late but there's plenty of harm in being early and we're still early when it comes to this key segment of the economy. the fed members constantly blabber about when and how much
6:30 pm
we should raise rates. stay close to the data. stop the clock. take time to smell the newly planted roses and for heaven's sake, shut up. dick in virginia. >> caller: i had a question for you about caterpillar and their ceo. i just heard that he got elected to exxon's board so probably need to sell that too but he's making 17 million amid lay offs and poor performance. you have been talking about breaking up companies to make them grow and they had three segments mining construction, natural gas engines and locomotives. could they get value if they were maybe to split off the diesel and natural gas engines to maybe the better engines and locomotives maybe? >> i don't think it will work like that and by the way i think that the people at cat might
6:31 pm
dispute that. caterpillar is a great american manufacturer. there's no doubt. the company needs china to come back. but if you take a look at deere they had a quarter that wasn't that great but construction went up in the u.s. and that stock has been good. i felt hah the last quarter for cat wasn't as bad as i expected. we do need to see more business out of china. they have a good balance sheet. i'm not as negative on cat as many other people including yourself. john in connecticut, john. >> caller: how are you jim? >> not bad, john how about you? >> caller: i'm good. i'm calling about deacon roofing. with all the snow damage and collapsing roofs in the northeast i thought it would be a good stock to get behind and i wanted to know your opinion. >> i'm with you. a lot of guys are focused on owens and how they're not doing as well. i like beacon. it's a stock i used to own at my hedge fund.
6:32 pm
but i don't trade anymore. i'm blessing that. i think it could be a good idea. all right, hey, fed listen to me. the time is not right. we just aren't at the stage where raising rates is necessarily a good thing. so maybe you don't -- maybe you take yourself off the clock. just look at the data. stop talking about june or september. much more "mad money" ahead including union pacific. stock has been losing steam lately. can it get back on track? have to tell you, we once missed the bottom in 2011. don't miss my exclusive with the ceo and then it's a hot company, everything from the apple watch to the new samsung phone. i'm going to ask the ceo of integrated device technology if the stock can keep ticking higher. you have to see that. plus it's that time. i'll be taking your questions in the lightning round. hit me with your best shot. stick with cramer.
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i'm always telling you the transports are one of the most important groups in any market because goods are going to get sold they have to be shipped first. after a sustained move to the upside from 2010 through 2015 the dow jones is stalled and within the crucial group the railroads have been crushed including union pacific which tumbled close to 18% since making an all time high in february. we know that shipments in oil are down big but another major cargo is in pretty good shape plus the company saw a 5% decline in shipping. those are the metal boxes that go to trucks. that's not a good sign for the economy but if you had to own a rail i would pick union pacific. we have to ask if the downturn
6:37 pm
will continue but does it represent a great buying opportunity? as it did when they reported a tough quarter years back and then the stock proceeded to triple. that's right. triple. that's why i want to dig deeper with the new ceo of union pacific and hear more about how his company is doing and where it's headed. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you again. >> i have to tell you, we love the former ceo and chairman came on and basically just said don't worry. things are going to get better and the company had been in one of those quarters where everything went wrong. i'm looking now automotive up good. i'm not missing this one like in 2011. >> it could be. last year was phenomenal. 7% growth. it was beautiful. this year first quarter down 2% and quarter to date in the second quarter down 4%. but we know how to deal with
6:38 pm
that. we have done this before. we know how to right size the business. we're in the process of doing that you got hit for that. >> it was. that was a bump. that was a labor dispute that started in july of 2014 and as we stand right now the backlog is cleared out and the flow looks normal to us from that business. >> okay, now in the conference call you talk about how natural gas has gotten so cheap that there's a lot of switching. natural gas could stay cheap for a long time and the coal plants are discouraged these days. come back? >> yeah we're hoping it comes back some. about 50% came from coal. right now it's about 35. natural gas is volatile in it's history. so all we need is for natural gas to get back to 350 or $4 btu
6:39 pm
and our coal business comes back a bit. >> that's important. now when you talk about ag it's been a tufr year for the farmers but that is cyclical right? >> it is. we had back to back bumper's crop. this year's crop is unknown depending on the weather and whether the farmers are getting into the fields to plant. it's a great business for us. we had a fantastic ag franchise. >> probably the best. >> it's beautiful and we love it. >> i just think you had to buy that and another one that i'm just trying to get my arms around would be the fracking sand because that's much more than just in pure oil so also there's obviously some steal involved -- steel involved with drilling. does that come back? >> if you look at last year's business our shale was 2% of
6:40 pm
revenue. about a percent was crude oil. it's important to us. right now it's down. it came into the first quarter decelerating. we were still up 3% in the first quarter on frack sand and now we're down year over year. this year could look like 2013 from that business. it's a great business. >> when i was on the conference call obviously very tough up from mexico there's a guyunion pacific railroad track from my house. you're operating 24 hours. peso not so good but that can change. >> absolutely. it's a great story of foreign investment and we serve all ways to and from mexico. we have about 70% of the total rail to and from mexico. it's pretty balanced so when you look at the foreign direct investment happening there their future is very bright and it's bright for us. >> adding 500,000 car capacity
6:41 pm
for the next 18 months in mexico that will be shipped by you, right? >> we'll have an opportunity to get our share. >> now the one thing that is definitely going your way, big tail wind is that you guys are big users of fuel. >> yes absolutely. the reason why we compete so well against highway truck is we're about four or five times more fuel efficient so that really doesn't matter what the diesel price is. that stays true all along. in addition to that as the infrastructure in the nation's highways gets more congested and as hours of service law slow capacity there we're a natural opportunity for companies to put more on freight rail and less on the highway. >> now we always talk about your safety report safety record which was superb. no industries last friday. structural failure to a car's body. there aren't a lot of derailments in the news. are they happening or getting
6:42 pm
more press. >> they're not happening more. >> they're not? >> our experiences were 38 to 40% better over the last ten years. our safety record is getting better and better and better. our ultimate goal is zero and i think that's achievement and what we're trying to do is set records each year on that path and we do things like invest in the infrastructure to harden it and use technology to find defects before they find us. we train our teams and our craft professionals to be world class operators and all of that is making a difference. >> you also reinvested in the best and newest equipment. is there enough money left to do stuff with the cash for the shareholders. >> we're balanced in our use of cash. you know that. we put some toward dividends to reward our shareholders growing overtime and we rewaurd them through share buy back. >> i was talking to my friends in the industry and we feel like we don want to miss it again.
6:43 pm
2011 was that ultimate year. this could be the opportunity. first time on cnbc. "mad money" is back after the break. thank you.
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you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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it is time. it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. why don't we start with ben in new york. ben. >> hey cramer. how are you, sir? >> i'm not bad. how about you? >> quick question. >> if we're going to do a speculative we like receptor and radius and biomarin. how about ben in florida? >> caller: booyah from miami florida. >> nice. >> got to ask you, is it time to call pbr some love? >> no i've been drinking the yuengling lately -- oh the bad
6:47 pm
oil company from brazil. let's take a pass on that. charlotte from new york. >> caller: jim? i would like your opinion on go go please. >> a lot of people got too negative on gogo. the stock has been red shot. i'm still on the fence because i want this to be able to load better but the buyers are speaking loudly. the shorts are covering. how about we go to dave in new jersey. dave? >> how are you doing jim? a big booyah. >> thank you. >> my question is kite pharmaceuticals. >> i like it. but you have to go down blue bird they have real stuff happening now. ron in arizona, ron. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, ron. >> caller: professor, cramer long time listener. >> thank you. >> caller: i was wondering about
6:48 pm
your view on medtronics. >> i like it. i'll see you medtroincs and raise you life science. it's st. jude. no slam on medtronic. those are two great companies. how about don in new jersey. >> caller: hi jim, booyah. >> booyah don. >> caller: i have a quick question about alibaba. i bought it when it went public at 91. it went to 119. >> well i think that don may have been cutoff but i can opine anyway. i say own yahoo!. i cannot believe the company is worthless after all the stake. i'm with rod. i'm with rod peck. the sun king. he works at suntrust who says don't worry about the irs problems. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade.
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look at how all these mobile and connectivity semi-conductor stocks were there. the four horse men of the semis all making major trieds. power fund and avago potentially merging with broadcom but let's not talk about idtvi.
6:52 pm
a host of markets like next generation communications high performance computing, clock timing. they've been on a real roll but the stock more than doubling since greg waters took over in january 2014. this was a big day for the company. had an analyst meeting. now we know they're doing well because they reported a very strong quarter. beat in incredible proportions. terrific growth. raised guidance. plus a recent tear down of the apple watch which i'm wearing showed that the watch uses the wireless charging chip. something that we can't talk about or confirm because apple likes to keep things secret but we also learned that a similar chip is built into it. this stock has given us around a 15% return since we last spoke to the ceo. much better than 3% for the s&p. it has a lot more room to run. still cheaper than the other stock i mentioned. let's check in with the president and ceo to find out
6:53 pm
more about the analyst day. welcome back to mad money. the other guys used to be cheaper and now they're so expensive. you have always said we're returning money to shareholders the right way but you are giving us amazing statistics that if we explain them people will know why you're doing so well. how many times are phone checked a day and where do you play a role in that. >> 100 billion times a day. >> how does that play into the business? >> every time somebody touches the internet mobile or otherwise it runs through a set of chips. if you look at all the infrastructure that makes the mobile internet work we're behind that technology. >> google more video uploaded to youtube every month than the three major members have ever produced. you guys are mobile video. >> yeah and one of the big sleeper events in the market we all know mobile video is a big deal. we have all seen it but if you look at what that does to the
6:54 pm
infrastructure, the super heefs the internet it's being rebuilt and being rebuilt with technologies like that. >> it was almost wind fall in that you figure out how to be able to handle the fire hose of memory. >> yeah super so memories have gotten faster but not much faster. now the industry can put up to 8 processors in a single chip. just keeping up with the inner connect nobody has touched that space in a meaningful way. this is what we do. 50 billion times a day. it's you too. >> it's us as well. think about it. we have visible products like wireless chargers people can see and understand but 90% plus of our business is stuff that nobody ever sees which is the super highway of the mobile internet. >> let's talk about wireless charging. apple is very difficult. they don't want to talk. i understand that. but if you have a watch like
6:55 pm
this, it has -- it tends to have an idt part. >> right. >> what does that part do. >> no comment on the apple watch but what we will say is the whole mobile phenomenon even the ikea household, it's great to get rid of wires. it's better. it makes it water proof. this is the early right of a trend. >> you call it the second inning. >> second inning. >> early adopters and we're in the growth phase. >> i want people to understand this, you're talking about the possibility that we are cordless. >> yes. >> and that can happen. >> in a lot of applications. >> and you are ahead of everybody else in cordless. >> i'd say we're one of the early movers and like anything this is going to take a few years to get in the place everywhere but we think there's fundamental advantages for getting rid of wires for power and everything else. >> there was one chart i thought was amazing. you do some things which you're not sure -- it's a little google-like where you're inventing technologies and you
6:56 pm
don't know they're going to take off. what is something you're inventing and we all want them and we're not sure yet. >> a lot of the stuff we're inventing makes that highway in the internet go faster. if we can get hd video anywhere you go any time you want without having to worry about recharging your phone. we're in the middle of that. wireless charging we made a demo today where you can charge your phone and through some other technology we brought on through a partner you can upload or download an hd video. there's a richfield of a lot of new stuff that will come out of this. >> you're 4g. >> on the infrastructure side. not in the hand sets. >> when i go to espn to watch the last two minutes of every game the phillies lose i will be able to actually get it much faster? >> on the infrastructure side every single one goes through idt chips. every booyah that ever came in over a 4g phone runs through our chips. >> i've never seen it other than when texas instruments came public and national semi.
6:57 pm
you guys are at the heart of it. idti. this is not an expensive stock even after this run. that's greg waters the president and ceo of integrated device technology. it will wow you. stuck with cramer.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
call me a pieier. there's always a bull market somewhere. promise to try to find it for you right here on mad money. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow.
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