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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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hope you're enjoying yourself. proofpoint. the whole stock breaking out to the up side. pfpt. >> i'm mandy drury. catch "fast money" 5:00 p.m. eastern same time tomorrow. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. my job is to not just educate teach you. call or tweet me. only in this stock market would a statement from the feds saying that things are kind of okay inspire a rally.
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but that's what goes on now with the averages going from down nearly half percent to up half percent on that news even as we only pull back going into the close. dow gaining 34 points s&p climbing and nasdaq .23%. today the feds told us that our gdp is not as robust as we thought but labor market is better. the feds said it is wauxtching international events while making its decisions. why is that crucial because in the past they said over seas markets shouldn't be included in its calculus but now in greece we may see a modern day european government repudiate it's obligations and stick it to his
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neighbors. if the greek government tells all lenders so long suckers, could cause real chaos in a country of 11 million people and will extoend the rest of europe. flz no back up plan. there's too many people betting on an eleventh hour problem solver. i think we need an alternative narrative nailed down so if greece defaults out of the euro get no money. i believe the fed couldn't do anything if it wants to with a potential greek default looming. brings me to if and when the feds will raise rates. it has a schedule that is etched in stone. today's meeting falled in the middle of the greek negotiations
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bad luck for the fed. if it were happened the day after the deal made with greece than the feds would have to raise rates at the next meeting. if talks break down to pure chaos, then feds say glad we waited. if waited they would have had better handling with greece. urnt current negotiations greeks are threatening to bring down the european order. try as we may, and we do every day, we can't distance ourselves from them. some of the slow down in our own economy is caused by the greek euro. something feds stated 27% will be cut negatively if there's no dpeel and greek gets the boot. so a federal reserve who takes the rest of the world into account is what i call a
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thinking federal reserve which is all you can ask for. we heard from head of imf who asked that the fed not raise rate because of the difficult european issues. when i listen to yellen i think the feds took her seriously. plenty of people who come on and don't care about the direction of the stock market or want stocks to go lower because they're short. i part ways with these wind bags because, i think it would have bhn totally irresponsible for feds to act without waiting to see what happens with greece. where does it all leave us? couple places. first we're done worried about what the feds will do for the rest of the summer. we will hear from individual feds as the summer go on and that will be negative. if greece solves without disaster plenty of fed heads. business as usual.
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fact is though we really don't know how strong our economy is, despite what you hear. we do know that it will be a lot less strong if europe is isthrown back in the recession. if you asked what is the second most important about the economy it is that fed ex told you things are not so hot. holy cow they have as good handle on commerce has the fed does. not reassuring. third statement, very week results from oracle. you don't get these kinds of companies disappointing if things are robust as so many people think. the super freaking strong dollar went down. ♪ super freak ♪ >> that's just plain positive for a ton of companies even the same companies could be hurt by european turmoil. so meanwhile the highest gross stocks soared again because some
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investors took out and bought stocks. those that have nothing to do with the network. went nuts again. so did the stock of tesla. behaves as though its aggressive plans may not be fully funded. the feds got a break. unlike so many people come on tv talking about inflation, yellen knows if the feds set country into severe recession when raised rate tooz soon. in short, the feds not going to pay attention to those who think like during the green span days that it is time to raise rates well, um because it's time. janet yellen is far more away of the impact a rate increase will
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have on the world. here's the bottom line bad news, oracle, guess what tomorrow we'll be focused on greece again and if talks are still acrimonious, we will forget what was said by this wise women who runs our federal reserve. gary from north carolina. gary. >> steve:caller: today is there were two companies, j & j, and roach i want to know your opinion on that. >> i can't recommend glass co smith on a take over basis because i think the company is not doing well. that means i'd rather you be in a drug company that is doing
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well. how about bob in new york. >> caller: booya jim bow. >> hey bob. what's up. >> caller: long time listener first time caller. >> excellent. >> caller: i appreciate your insight and expertise into the market. >> thank you. >> caller: an action alert subscriber and purchase amd on your recommendation and missed your opinion to sell it. i begrudgedly held on to it and up 15% with the stock at its highest level since 2008 and hitting multiple two-week highs over last two weeks, the stock isn't in your portfolio and is a buy on what are your thoughts? >> well they are separate from me. i think aig is extended verse us other financials which is why i thought the down grade made a lot of sense yesterday. i prefer wells fargo if you want
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a financial. there's more exposure there nationwide and i like it. lisa in kentucky. lisa. >> caller: hey, i'm calling from kentucky. >> what's up. >> caller: i need to know mom wants me to put because of nostaligic reasons, $80,000 of her money in cesar entertainment or cesars acquisitions. >> i don't want you to be in either of those. sentimental reason is not good enough reason to invest. mgm is the best. i don't like those stocks because they are linked to mccall i hate the cesar's balance sheet not going to touch them, please know. no. we made it. tomorrow all eyes be back on greece. that will hurt the market. on "mad money" today, formally known as activity, allegen offering heavy treatment for
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chin fat. could it take the wrinkles out of your portfolio? i got the exclusive with the ceo. perfect time to take a bite don't miss my take. plus the action heating up head of new drug data and take over speculation. i'll speak to the ceo. stick with cramer.
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we just got another brilliant move from allegan formerly known as allergyist. this new company is my favorite role up in the pharmaceutical injury. been able to grow by leaps and
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bounds bounds. doing it again today. 25% premium where it closed yesterday. buying kythera allows you to totally dominate your face along with host of other diseases, they will also have a non-surgical injection to help remove double chins. just approved past april. plus has early male pattern for baldness. allergen should break even next year and become added to earnings in 201. i think their stocks should have rallied hard rather than doing next to nothing. let's check in with saunders ceo of allergan and find out more where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. >> all right this seems to give
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your company a hammer lock over people's faces, the most important piece of real estate in the world, can you describe what a sales person for allergan can do when they call on dermatologist around the world. >> absolutely i think it puts our sales rep to talk very robustly to their customer the physician, around rejuvenating the entire face whether it be botox, crow's feet eyelashes, we work on mid and lower face and now sub metal fat or double chin as more commonly known. >> i understand today you had an injection, what are the results of this product. >> i will let you know in a few weeks. but i was visiting with customers that i normally go when i travel and i great facial
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injector, told me if i spend 2.1billion on the project i should be a user or patient so i had it done. it was very simple. depending on the fullness of the face you could see very visible reductions over perhaps one, to four to five treatments. >> okay. can you just describe the process. this drug was approved in april. the company was going to company to town but goldman sachs cancelled the presentation did you wait to see it would be approved and realize it would fit in well or have you always felt close to the company and felt the time was right. >> yes for me it was something i started tracking as part of our diligence when we bought allergon so i looked at emerging technologies is that were interesting and the ceo of kythera has built an amazing
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company with a great product and terrific pipe line so as we got into the closing of allergan about ten weeks ago i got time understanding the company. the approval by the fda panel was certainly a strong vote of confidence and derisked the entire deal but also caused us to pay more. so these things have a trade off. absolutely a great team. great leadership. great company. and fant aftic product for allergan. >> historically not that successful. >> that's right. this is a very early content. this is one our scientists are very impressed by, technical out of the university of pennsylvania, in philadelphia. something we have a lot of hope for. but there's a lot of work to be done. there's other things in the
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kythera pipe line they had a very strong r & d team and more things that compliment our business that we will talk about in six months or so. >> all right, you were on earlier in the week saying, look, we'll see what happens in terms of more deals. everyone's always pressing you, more deals, more deals, this is still one more. how many can you really handle? and i know you want to de-ri6k the balance show is this the right way to go. maybe have to slow down now? >> we're very committed to investment grading it is critic critical importance to me. there's way to create breathing room to buy the right technology technologies to keep our business viable and growth mode. we structured this to do it all in cash but decided to back off and use what we believe to be an under-valued stock because the deal worked with the stock but also gave ability to do future
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deals. >> wow. okay. one last question. when i look at this product, will it take the doctors a while to learn how to do it? or is this something people will do three months from now. >> absolutely we'll train lots of doctors to do very quickly. i had it done today and took a very skilled physician about maybe 90 seconds to do 30 injections under my chin. wasn't painful at all. i suspect as doctors get trained this will roll out quickly and roll out to all aesthetic physicians within the next six to nine months. >> if that's the case you will have no problem making money in 2016 my view, not yours, brent saunders, congratulations on the acquisition. >> thank you. >> after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up the newest chicken player on the block popped more
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than 60% on friday ipo, but the stock has cooled off since. is it time to take a bite of this chain or wait for it to lose more steam? cramer's digging in.
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wingstop is up 60% on the day. >> absolutely surging. chicken is having a moment. ♪ >> i don't know they just look like wings to me. last friday you might have in theed the explosive of wing stop now trading under the app single wing. came up 19 and blasted higher on first day of trading closing $30.69 up 61% in a single section. i want to help you here. maybe you should get in on the action. maybe it's the real thing. more importantly to protect you from the hype of dangerously over valued stock. that's why tonight we're playing
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know your ipo with wing stop. when you dig into fundamentals the stock looks largely unattractive and the fact is yes, it's just wings. wing stop runs a chicken wing chain 735 locations, about 97% franchises. people were very excited about the ipo because wing stop is growing, in 2012 they had 56 last year 712 and opened another 33 stores in the first quarter of 2015 alone. that's some dynamite growth. there's a lot of reasons wing stop appears attractive first glance, which is why it shot up in first day of trading. in restaurants want to see lots of new scores and sales growth. we know wing stop is putting up stores like crazy and same store sales up 12.5% last year and 7%
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first quarter of 2015. phenomenal. plus ceo says believe can grow in store count with 10% clip with chain reaching 2,500 locations in the u.s. alone. not just the numbers look good. wing stop has a beloved product, last year they were awarded the diz ig nation best chicken wing in the u.s. and they have massive appeal to the millennial demographic. the company has a deal with troy aikman on the board of directors. however we have to wonder if the enthusiasm drove stock up to unsustainable levels. not every company can be a colt stock classic like shake. for the vast majority of stocks we need to evaluate them not on
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how much we like the product but on the fundamentals. you may like aikman but he sold stock on the deal let go of more than 75,000 shares and has more than 100,000 shares he can start selling when lock up expires. if you want to you should be a seller not buyer. now 70% owner will want to sell. that will be real overhang. got to consider these things. that's just the tip of the iceberg. i see a host of very real yellow flags. while the company is growing aggressively we have to wonder if that growth is sustainable. more than that the recent explosion means the expectations for wing stop are now incredible high, too high i think, it is based on perfection and any stumble will cause it to be pounded.
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needs to consistently beat them. that's the way it is in the stock business. that's why it was so bad it went up so much the first day. how about the idea they could open 2500 if more than a third of them in texas, 82 are in dallas. here's the problem, wing stop points to its strength in the dallas market as an example how deeply it can penetrate the rest of the country. what the the rest of the america doesn't like this concept as much as dallas. if their growth is questionable it's balance sheet is bad maybe hideous at the end of march they had $132 million in debt versus $2.9 million in cash. they are using $39 million in proceeds to pay down the debt will still have close to $100 million in neglect --
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negotiations. three times in three years forced wing stop to raise money to pay $105 million in dividends. ouch. if nothing else wing stop is expensive. 9 quarters a share now trading 79 times earnings. that's out of whack. given versus season operator buffalo wild wing. 27 times earning. elpoloo locateo. pop eyes those are connect companies. wing stop may seem good at first glance but balance stheet not hot, the stock priced for many perfection, my take if you want stock you could ring the register. if you like the wings go have some. but i wouldn't buy shares because it is too spicy for my taste at least at these prices.
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trevor in texas. >> caller: love the show jim. >> thank you. >> caller: want your opinion on papa murphy's been rolling. >> we've been talking about it we felt we nailed this one, felt terrific about it the bears keep telling us things are wrong, i don't know that formula is working, but it has had a big move up more than 30% since we recommended it. i think we're late to come in now. how about tony in new york. >> caller: hey cramer how do youing. >> real good how about you. >> caller: good. good. quick question party city should i buy more or wait until the second quarter comes out. >> i want to wait. this stock got too hot for me. i keep thinking burlington got hot and then cooled the retailers are very very hard right out of the shoot. i know they fixed the company up when it was private equity any
6:30 pm
but i'm going to say not here with a stock like cost co. all right the flame under wing. i'm saying it is too weak for my liking. company with a bad balance sheet. totally priced for perfection. if it can't keep up with high expectations i think you could get fried. time to lighten up wing. much more "mad money" ahead. can concluding my cluesive with biotech ceo. and up 50% this year i'll reveal the monster stock just ahead. plus a brand new edition of the lightning round coming up. stick with cramer!
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all right, what the heck is happening with alks they develop drug delivery technologies for diseases related to the central nervous system. the company has long acted therapies for schizophrenia and other diseases. this one is big. this stock is on fire doubling from last october to early march
6:34 pm
and got caught up in the big biotech sell off like the rest of the group. since then they have been treading water. even as the company released very positive clinical trial data but yesterday heard chatter how could have take over candidate. the company stated it wants to stay independent. i like them based on their fundamentals. very simple long acting results. if anything goes right. plus if depression drug could do $1 billion in bill sales and get phase two data another drug one of the best selling anti psychotic on the market with less weight gain which is one
6:35 pm
reason people with citizensschizophrenia and bi polar disorder go off their meds. let's hear from the chairman. welcome back to "mad money" good to see >> thank you. >> this is probably the moment where i have seen the most i've ever seen the company releasing right now. i wonder if people got excited, you say stay independent and you look at the company and you realize the milestones now are the best this company has ever had. >> we've been working so many years, we're just getting going. we present data on multiple drugs in scientific meetings. we do this to share it with the meeting. >> i'm trying to prioritiesize. anti psychotic with no weight gain could be a billion dollar. >> as you said there was a $5 billion drug with serious weight gain so the scientists said how
6:36 pm
do we address the principal limit agszations for weight gain. and we've been successful. >> we're not talking five pounds. >> no we're talking 60 pounds. what that means is often patients won't sit long enough to gain 60 pounds they will stop taking the medicine and the implication is relapse into schizophrenia. >> of course. alks 5461 hoping will you name this at some point what are you seeing for this. it seems to be break out. >> the world is desperate for depression medicine. 12 million go on these drugs and 7 million fail on the first course and there's a long standing desire and need for new approach. so 5461 we have data on next week. we have one of the most recent
6:37 pm
studies showing the beautiful effect to patient on patients that lasted up to eight weeks. >> why is central nervous system so hard and so many drug companies abandoned it. >> it is different from other areas. because it is measuring how people feel developing instruments and the methods for testing these drugs and coming up with new mechanisms is challenging but we've been really successful. >> and the brain is hard. >> super complicated. >> so vivitrol you've been talking about for a decade. everything you have been talking about, i have to believe there's prison populations in this country that could be depleted dramatically if this was a program that was successful over the country. maybe you could describe it. >> i think the criminal justice
6:38 pm
system the way we incarcerate people with mental illness is one of the greatest crisis in public policy. if you can take medicines that can be given once a month that could address addiction or mental illness keep people out of prison, keep them in the community, being gainfully employed, it's a huge opportunity. now in almost 30 states and more than 70 programs judges drug courts sheriffs are testing these, vivitrol in their own systems, in their own hands, just in the real world and we're seeing beautiful results. >> and the sales are a mazing. >> they're growing. >> this is creeping along. at first people were fighting it. there are many institution it's that would not be in favor of this but the sales ramp is taking off here. >> it's beginning to go. this will be a drug that be ten years into a overnight success.
6:39 pm
we've been fighting this for many years. >> you got to point out to people the beauty of an injection is people think they don't need to take something. >> correct. >> they feel better. a bipolar person says i feel better. that's often the enemy of what drugs are trying to do. >> and when you decide not to take the medicine is on the brink of getting in trouble so once a month injection is a safety net, you still need the counselling and support and you need to come back every month to get the injection. if you do so the outcome will be much better. >> the take over stuff, you are a dublin based company. we are seeing some companies base in ireland make acquisition after acquisition because of change of tax style but that's not your business. >> no they are developing up in
6:40 pm
scale we're developing medicines addressing some of the most severe indications known to man. >> i haven't asked about the ms drug. >> we presented data couple week ago on that drug will move to phase three. it is intended to build on the drug previously established and we think we are able to improve on it. it's interesting about cnf so many patients suffer that any of these drugs could be successful. >> i think the stock was right to go up 10% but it's not take overs could be the fundamentals. we've liked alkermes, try to take a look at it. we'll be back after the break i'll try to make you more money.
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it is time for the lightning round. -- are you ready? time for the lightning round. starting with anne marie. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i was going to buy chevron but wanted to check in. >> i think it is priced insane. it is below oil when it was at $35 during the third week of january. this is nuts. i think there will be very big deals in oil patch. these stocks are way out of whack. everyone said oil will come down big. it really didn't do anything. i think you got to own the oils. chevron is too cheap. allen in florida. >> caller: hey jim, i heard you
6:45 pm
previously speak about box, do you think now is a time to buy. >> you know i like the quarter. the stock as you remembered went up $19 after and i thought he told a really good story with a much better narrative and still doesn't go higher. i think is an opportunity. aaron leavey is delivering. stock is one to buy. joe in florida. >> caller: from sunny fort lauderdale. >> you got the edge on me. what's going on. >> caller: thanks for all the information you give us. even though it has a bad week i need your input on spark. >> that one i do not know. i will have to look it up. let's go to nick in michigan. >> caller: hey jim, hoorah what's up.
6:46 pm
>> la-z-boy. >> la-z-boy is okay. let's do retail. you notice target brian was on squawk on monday target is the way to go perhaps when talking about furnishing the house. don't forget i like home depot. let's go to melvin in tennessee. >> caller: melvin in north carolina. >> wrong state. >> caller: i have a question question on canadian solar. i read your article on edison in april and wondering if the politics of america and the politics of canada are different enough to make canadian solar a viable stock? >> yeah you read the article i'm sticking with sun edison that's the right one to bet on. >> danan: symbol sun. let's go to mark. >> caller: booya jim. >> booya. >> caller: congrats on your new i-watch.
6:47 pm
it says i'm standing up i'm standing up. go ahead. >> caller: that's great. i had a stock i sold and made a killing but the kpi competition came in. now i picked up in celgene flopping around like a fish out of water what do you see. >> the hedge fund guys taking shots. they need a reup of their buy back today. another $4 billion authorization. it's okay by me. by the way notice finally brouwer broke out of 109 range for solvati and they're paying for it. let's go to paul in massachusetts. >> caller: hey jim what do you think of anth pharmaceuticals. >> they have some great drug -- well it's great -- it's a development stage biotech that has great drugs for unmet needs
6:48 pm
and i say you should own it. tom in maryland. >> caller: congratulations on your last ten years. my stock is symbol tube. >> people are going to say jim this is not what tube mogul said, i don't care. this particularly kind of advertising platform i'm going with sales because they coordinate a lot of these things. they were very strong yesterday. george in new jersey. >> caller: yo jim this is george from glass borough new jersey. your take on exxon. >> exxon stock is below where oil was when it was lower. this is crazy. the stocks are not reflecting the fundamentals. they're too cheap. going to ryan in california.
6:49 pm
>> caller: ansg. >> yeah secular growth story, terrific. don't forget the five and three hmos one more. mark in minnesota. >> caller: yes how are you. >> i'm doing great. how about you. >> caller: very good thanks. my question is when it comes to energy sectors i know in the past you've favored eog, etp or chest peak in the past and i owned etp and eog for couple of years and considering buying more but sold chest peak year ago is it time to get back in. >> remember we divorced chest peak much more natural gas liquids and that's the part of business that is not any good. we like oil here. sorry. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round.
6:50 pm
>> the lightning round is sponsored by -- what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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reseptemberoceptos has been my favorite all year, could treat multiple diseases. all multi-billion dollar
6:53 pm
markets. many early stage bioteches are commercial like axovant came downon last week and down 30% since first day of trading. but receptos i'm struck by how conservative the ceo is about under promising even though data could give him a lot to over deliver on. today it is swirling everywhere we turn. yesterday web bush raised prices from 211 toupup to 348. calling for nearly double. doesn't take a genius to realize they won't get to that price target on their own, not this fast. the company is about to get a take over bid. how something like this is open secret is beyond me.
6:54 pm
for take over market sizable tender by kyth. what's the deal 500$500 billion among friends. a stocks surging more than $13 closing at $5. even as receptos ended lower do you want to take a chance in betting. in 1991 i bet systemics wouldn't pay off. sandos didn't agree with me and next thing you know it tendered for 60% of the company at a price that jumped my short $19 overnight is one of the biggest losses i've had in my career. sandos bought into every bit of the hype.
6:55 pm
this brings us to the ceo at the time saying their stem cell process was ideal vehicle, the therapy never worked it was a bust, it wasn't the ideal vehicle after all, just a huge waste of hundreds of millions of dollars for sandos at a time when hundreds of millions dollars was a lot of money. it didn't matter. i shorted systemic never knowing they would get taken over many the results of the clinical trial incredible. far better than the current standard of car. plus we have a name with this bid the new drug astrazeneca. so if you own receptos i say hang on as this is one of the
6:56 pm
most where there's smoke there's fire situations as i could remember in my career. if you stay in the stock you're openly betting that web bush knows something special even if they don't it could still be under valued longer term. if you don't own shares i could argue the pull back is betterent retire point for a stock doing everything right and may be too valuable for potential acquirers to stay independent. stay with cramer!
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at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things. carving a name for myself and creating local jobs. creating more programs for these little bookworms. bringing a taste of louisiana to the world. at chase, we're proud to support our grant recipients and small businesses like yours. so you can take the next big step. all right now the federal reserve passes back to greece we'll talk about that and how bad oracle's quarter was. i don't know. have to work more on it. like i said, there's always bull market i promise to try to find it for you. right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow!
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lemonis: tonight on "the profit"... can i taste your pesto? lisa: it's delicious. lemonis: ...healthy meals, ready to eat and delivered right to your door. erik: we help a lot of people. lemonis: it's a service that's helped clients lose serious weight. -diana: she's lost 150 pounds. -lemonis: check it out! this florida company is on to something big. but their marketing campaign is offensive... erik: everybody come on over meet the fuel food girls. it always tastes better when it's free. [ horn honks ] lemonis: ...the owner overbearing. erik: put a piece of basil on here. dress this up a little bit. sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. lemonis: if i can get the debt under control... erik: 'cause everybody's popping off with no money here. lemonis: well as the owner... diana: you took us off the system. lemonis: you locked her out of the computer already? erik: i don't trust anything that goes on. lemonis: ...this company's bottom line could be in great shape. channa: i owe my life to this company. literally.


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