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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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"fast money" starts now. live from times square i'm melissa lee. tim seymour, brian kelly and guy adami. if you are a value investor would you pick google over procter & gamble? the answer may surprise you and could explain what's going on in the market. plus, disney now lower after hours to the tune of 4% now. the moment the street has been waiting for, the conference call just getting under way now. whether the dreaded two words -- cord cutting -- over shadow the success of "star wars" and deutsche bank's ceo assuring the
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world the bank is solid but his comments have some traders harkening back to famous words from ceos back in 2008. we'll explain. we start with another wild day in the markets. the dow down 146 points at the low only to reverse and turn positive. then close lower by 12 points. the late day rally comes with what could be a market shattering testimony from fed chair janet yellen tomorrow plus disney, of course, we mentioned falling in the after hours session. is this the calm before the storm? it sort of didn't make sense when you were looking at what was moving in the markets today. >> there were so many things going on. first of all, we had oil crashing again. call it that. down 7 to 8% after the eia came out to say demand would be lower than expected. that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to people. oil fell apart. then we had deutsche bank continuing to make new lows, a bond buyback chatter out there. next thing you know the market rips higher. it was a crazy day. i think -- i don't know if i
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would call this a calm at all. you may look at the tape and say nothing happened but it was wild out there today. tomorrow with yellen, i think a lot of people wanted square positions ahead of that. i certainly hedged some of the stuff i was doing because i don't know how the market will react to what she says tomorrow. >> we had oil down significantly but we had a weaker dollar at the same time. the deutsche bank news came out in terms of buying senior debt. but at the same time we didn't have financials rally back either. the reactions weren't exactly what you thought they would be. >> not textbook. anything but calm. i don't think this is the calm before the storm. i don't think tomorrow will be a storm. the hawkins testimony is a six-foot window. look out. she'll be vague and won't put the fed in a corner. she niece a difficult place. i agree we should have seen commodities do better. ask why the dollar was selling off. there is a difference of opinion. the dollar is done for the near term. if we look at techs on the dollar you could argue for a
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double top in march and december to take you down to 38 -- >> 32%. >> the dollar could go lower. the reason the dollar is going lower is the yen strength isn't good for markets. japan down 5.5%. that's the tone of today and the tone people should be fearful of. >> what if she utters the words "negative rates"? >> the market -- the sell off we have seen in the market recently has been a reaction to the possibility of her saying negative rates. you saw the financials hit so hard leading up to the event. people worried about happens if she says something that's positive for the market? >> what's positive mean? >> don't ask me. >> what would she say that's positive for the market? >> what people were fearful of is if something is construed as positive. >> as in a better economy. >> better economy and rate hikes to come.
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>> that's still negative for the overall. what people got ahead of is let me cover. i have had shorts. let me take them off the table. guy likes to talk about outside reserver sal days. we came close today. we didn't have one. that's what people were hopeful for. >> interesting. the calm before the storm. varlying degrees of negative but today was an encouraging day if you hold a bullish thesis. not that i have flipped and gone bullish. in the short term, s&p had every reason to break 1800 japan was down huge. yesterday was catch up from the united states. big move in crude. deutsche bank making lows. really could have pressed today. knocked it through 1800. the fact it was unchanged, pretty good. we reproject the lower levels. can you see a knee jerk reaction. 30, 40 handles in the s&p? given what we saw today, the news the answer is probably yes.
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>> mr. bear, mr. i like to hold cash, do you agree? >> yeah, i do in the short term. being tactical i put hedges on some of the shorts i have. i did be tactical about tlt. i have puts on that now. it would not surprise me at all. everything today, just like guy said. everything pointed to we're going to have an ugly day. we ripped higher. i don't know what janet is saying. there is a possibility she says something the market likes and we see a big rally. >> what did you do today? >> gold is a place to fade. anything that's related to the gold trade. first of all the gdx guys had a good call. if the dollar is over sold it's backwards on the desk. the dollar will rally. things actually seem negative today. maybe or probably overly negative. we are in a place where you have to hedge up the book. iwm shorting the russell continues to work for me.
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every time we see a pull-back it's time to take it in, get ready to throw it out. this is something i'm prepared for tomorrow. we'll see the rally guy is talking about. very over sold. >> if you go with gdx, guy's pick, it's important for the retail investor to know the reason it says gdx is it outperforms gld by three or four two one. it's rallied 7%. it closed poorly, down 4%. i'm not ready to give up. if the dollar fades here there is a good reason to continue to be in gold. yes, down 4% today. didn't like the price action. i'm giving it a couple more days. >> this as the market teeters on technical levels. let's go off the charts with steve grasso. >> walk and talk. >> it's important. you asked tim what he did today.
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it's important for everybody and the retail investor to understand when they should pull the string on whether to sell, buy or add to more positions -- the existing positions they have. we talked about this and this is the recent low. we stopped short today at 18.28. lots of room between that and the perfect low. we pointed out 18.63. that's the level where if you look at the retracement levels from here down here you have balance levels. 18.63 was the first bounce level it had to hold. it didn't hold it. exit the market. if you're wait iing you have to believe that's the level. that has to become the level el where you reenter the market. we are below this a tad.
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that's a critical level. we have been negative. given the price to things we saw. you could easily see a knee jerk reaction to the upside. anything she says tomorrow. my sense is it will be bullish for the market. the market could rally. you faded if it trades back up to 1880, 1885. >> you are relatively bullish in the short term but you have the short on deutsche bank. why? >> first of all, the main reason to be short is the operating for banks in general are terrible. either ex posed to energy. still exposed to commodities, the european union and greece is having problems, too. there is a lot out there. they had the chatter they will buy back bonds and that stopped
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the death spiral they were in for the short term. deutsche bank looks like it goes lower. >> i'm concerned. it's brave to be there. they could announce an equity recap. if anything the risk-reward to the guys, to muddle through is more likely. the good news for the short is i don't think there will be fantastic news out there. le they could announce it and an equity issuance that might see the stock rally strangely and perversely enough because people are scared they are going out of business. >> tune "squawk on the street" tomorrow for janet nelen's fed announcement. more pain for elan musk, both stocks in utter free fall under his reign. can he right the ship? solar city is diving on earn ings. what could have big implications for the growth versus value trade? we'll explain.
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later disney shares falling on earn ings. what will he say about the future of espn? we'll have comments after the break.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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welcome back to kwo"fast m " money." seema mody has the details. >> solar city fell short of the 2015 goals and forecasts today slower than expected first quarter. it's saying it will install 180 mega watts. analyst expectations was 200. the company citing a seasonal slow down due in part to closing down the nevada operations. the stock is plunging but it's been under pressure not just due to a slow down in the installation of solar panels but higher operating expenses and concerns around the plunge in commodities resulting in analysts question ing the long-term demand and pricing for renewable energy. you can see the stock down about 29% after hours. melis
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melissa. >> thank you very much. the stock is down by about 48% so far this year. prior to this decline in the after hours session and it's one part of the elan musk empire that's crumbling. it was up by 7, 8%. what do you make of this? >> the capitulation of the trade is amazing to watch. this is an amazing innovator who built two interesting companies. tesla is a fantastic technology. what's interesting is when adam jonas from morgan stanley qualifies how the x could be a bigger cash burn some of the biggest bulls on the street are giving ground. for a company we spent so much tyke talking about valuations. these are two companies that do. i don't think musk's star is fading. i think these are fantastic
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technologies but you cannot pay multiples for the companies it's great the market is getting wind of tesla's true value. it's great. >> we have not seen many analysts downgrade the stock. adam trimmed the price target down with an over weight rating. still 3.33 is on the higher end of the street. >> this is a 40% change down 6%. i think this is a three-year lowish. the short wills lean in to this. i think you stay away. it typically trades 5 or 6 million share as day. if it trades north of 50 million and you flush a lot of people out, add late to the dance short s maybe for a trade jump in. as long as crude goes down regardless of what they say the stocks are in trouble. >> as long as crude goes down so we across the board, i think, think that crude is going lower. >> i don't.
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>> i believe crude will be a teenager, break the 26.55 level. i think we go back to 19.44. >> nat gas solarcity. >> stocks like this, they are going to have to raise capital. that's the problem. they are like venture capital companies where you have to believe in the story. look at gopro, a device company that tried to have an eco-system. in this market if tesla has to raise capital, where will they do it and at what price? all no touches until you have the answer. >> next, shares of anadarko dropping 7% on news the company is slashing the dividend from 5 to 27 cents. is this a sign of more cuts to come in energy. yes, right? that's the obvious answer. >> no question about it.
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you have coneco last weekend. the good news for aps apc is th will cut the dividend, preserve the balance sheet in an environment whether you are steve's teenager or mine, kind of 30-something. oil is any place where for these guys it can't stay there for another year and a half. 2016, absolutely fine. in fact, i think weakness in anadarko is to be bought. >> i don't know. this is closer to the end when you start to see these things than the beginning. before when i said oil will be a teenager, risk reward when a commodity goes from 110 down to 26 or 28. risk reward favor it is bulls. that cannot stop the slide if the slide has to take place. i believe it will be bearish for the complex. >> grasso makes the point in terms of coming closer to the end. has that been disdowned?
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we saw chesapeake with news about restructuring and the ceo said we are not going bankrupt. it didn't have much impact on the rest of the energy sector. usually when you get the news and cut the dividend that's bullish. let's buy the bad news out. this didn't rally. something has changed. something has happened. that concerns me about the rest of the space. >> down 7% today. how do you expect this thing to rally? trading with a total beta plus. >> they cut the dividend down. crude will be in the 30s. at this point you would think people would rush in and say, all right, i'm getting the value. >> i think you can buy the weakness. i think the higher quality names in the u.s. space but on a day when oil was destroyed. there is inconsistency in the
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data. it's more about supply than demand. >> exxon had a big day. it was giving it all back today. late in the day you had this stealth rally in ek son i couldn't figure out until you say they are moving out of the names into a name they feel there is no way they cut the dividend in exxon mobile. i think exxon is too rich. i understand what people are doing but i don't think the valuation makes sense. >> let's check on the shares of disney near the lows in the after hours session. if the stock opened here this would be a fresh 52-week low for shares of disney. 87.15. ceo speaking on the call. we'll get analyst reaction and hear what he has to say."fast ."
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here's what else is coming up. ♪ everybody was kung fu fighting ♪ >> that describes the difference in growth and value stocks but a winner is he emerging and it couldfolportfolio. plus deutsche bank is holding the market hostage and the ceo scared the ceo with a message. we'll tell you the word that is had some drawing comparisons to 2008 when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back. one man's trash is another man's treasure and that could explain why slow growth names like utilities and telecom are up. consumer staples, the third best performing sector. the value stocks are getting perhaps valuable. one man who knows trash from treasure back with more. dom? >> all right. so i guess the whole idea of trash and treasure is always going to be a relative game. if you take a look at the overall stock market there is a question whether or not these value type stocks represent a good value, so to speak at current levels. take a look. we looked at the russell large
5:24 pm
cap index and broke it down by the value components. the russell 1,000 growth versus the value index. we looked at price to earnings ratio over the last decade. it turns out if you look at the russell 1,000 growth index overall the current ratio again. one degree different than it's been on average over the past ten years. meanwhile with the value in the blue line up here it's trading at a slightly bigger gap to its historical average on a price to earnings basis. maybe in this case the growth side of a large cap stock story is a little bit of a better value than the value side. let's look at examples of some of the stocks that may be indicative of trades that are happening but doing growth and value traders out there. first of all, look at what's happening with procter & gamble known as a value-type stock with a heftier dividend. look at that.
5:25 pm
look at a growth company like alphabet. those shares just about in line with where they have been on a historical valuation basis. trash, treasure, it's all relative. for now there is a determination about whether growth represent as better value these days. back to you. >> thank you, dom. he used the example of procter & gamble. look at hormel or clorox. a lot are trade at premiums. >> stairway to heaven is the most underrated/overrated song. people don't play it anymore. it's a great song. what we are saying here -- >> what are you saying? >> i think i made it clear and dom made it clear. you see things with relative value but not to themselves. >> oh, okay.
5:26 pm
>> i want to talk about transports. they are so beaten up and the expectation on the economy is so poor. these stocks trade 15% cheap to historicals. look at the best stocks year to date. some in transport. ch robinson and even u.p.s. the comes got bad in february of last year for rails, starting to look a lot more interesting relative to themselves, relative to history. >> ross, will you stick with utilities in the market environment? >> i totally agree with everything tim said. >> including led zeppelin? >> everything. >> i felt like you gave me an elevator to stupidity. >> easy, whoa. >> kidding. >> if you look at xlu it's up 7% year to date. i get the valuation comment but until the market changes direction you could still make money here. i totally understand if you want to price it out and lock in some
5:27 pm
gains. >> here is the wood you rather. >> i have to close my eyes. >> i will play with you. >> that's a different game. >> close your eyes and ask brian. >> procter & gamble or google? >> even though it's expensive to itself? >> the price action in google over the last week or so since they reported suggests there may be bigger issues than i have figured out. i don't want to paint with a broad brush here. that was an $820 stock trading two days later off what i thought was a solid earnings report. there is clearly the miss at google. you look at the last quarter, operating margins improved up to 23 and a half per evencepercent. at 20 times forward in this environment you can hide at pg. >> i completely agree.
5:28 pm
>> you don't know what the earnings will be. they won't grow like what they are used to with the environment as i think it is. while expensive i would be buying it on pullbacks. you are looking at yield. in the environment coming up as i see it, you have to have yield. >> how can procter & gamble grow with a fixed product base and customer base. they are selling off best brands because that's the only way to jump start the company. >> i don't think they will grow but you will get the safety. it's not the greatest trade. i would rather be in philip morris or verizon. >> you think procter & gamble is cheap to google? >> given the choices i would rather own procter & gamble than google. >> they seem defensive. i want to own google after the
5:29 pm
sell-off. two weeks ago after the numbers i said it was the best growth to valuation story. that's absolutely google. >> seeking shelter from the storm. we have three unlikely stocks that are a good place to hide if things get worse and the ceo of deutsch bank coming off after a sell-off but are his comments similar to those in 2008. we did digging. stick around. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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welcome back. the dow traveling a thousand points today. all the indices at the end of the day just lower. oil settling down 6%. now above those levels. here's what's coming up. even if the market keeps falling one group of stocks being called recession-proof. we'll tell you if you should buy in. shares of deutsche bank down 40%
5:33 pm
in the last three months. should you believe the ceo saying they are rock solid? we have details next. first, disney's earn ings call under way. julia just interviewed the ceo on cnbc. she's been listening to the e n earnings call and joins us with the latest. >> despite dizsney beating expectations reporting the biggest quarter in disney history on the strength of "star wars" shares are down by concerns about espn and the media networks. eiger kicking off the earnings call by addressing concerns about espn. consumers cutting the cord or switching to lower cost tv bundles. >> in the last couple of months we have actually seen the uptick
5:34 pm
especially attractive to young consumers in particular. >> bob expects the media networks to continue to deliver bottom line growth. he wouldn't give more specific guidance but talked a little bit about the future of the company's key brands. >> many of our brands including disney, marvel, "star wars" and espn are tailor made for over the top direct to consumer app-based video products. expect innovation and continued pursuit of new distribution opportunities. >> on the earnings call the company talked about the strength in the theme park business saying the cruise business is having the best quarter ever and saying so far this quarter reservations are higher and domestic resorts despite the fact that rates are higher as well. melissa? back to you. >> we'll check in later. for more on disney let's bring in the senior analyst from fbr capital markets. thanks for joining us. what's your take on what's sending shares lower in after
5:35 pm
hours? >> i think disney threw out a number on the call that the affiliate growth is 3.5% normalized. there was a lot of noise in the quarter with an extra week. but cutting through it they said 3.5% growths which i think feeds into concerns about. >> where are you modeling subscriber cable growth or decline which a lot of the street is getting around to doing. where do you have it? cable revenue affiliate, where are we? >> okay. i'm assuming 2% declines in subscribe. not dramatic.
5:36 pm
something that should be covered by rate hikes. this is clearly a step down in growth from what we were seeing a couple of years ago. disney thinks they can grow media segment earn ings even in the low growth environment. we have to see them shift gears to tell us how to get there. part of it is producing more content, selling more shows and perhaps the over the top stuff like growth, skinny bundle. i think they have great brands, great ways to monetize it. they are working on that. my belief over time is disney could be successful given the track record. >> we'll let you go. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. barton crockett. disney is not trading in a vacuum. vie come shares were decimated today after the re new miss year. we had fox also. >> all space is getting recalibrated.
5:37 pm
they earn about $6.15 next year. the stock now trading at what's reasonable at 14 and a half times forward earn ings. the space is getting ratcheted back. tomorrow is an interesting day to see how it trades. i wouldn't be surprised to see disney close in the green. we'll see. tomorrow will be a great tell. if they are recalibrating and filling out the multiple everything gets thrown out as well. in the history of stocks. >> wow. >> strong. >> more than coca-cola. >> let me at least support the statement. i think disney is at the apple 2013 moment now. it is a company that was so popular and people think it is a secular change in the industry.
5:38 pm
if anyone is going to survive and innovate over the top it's disney. they should control their brand. >> the question is why should disney trade with the others when the business model is different? it's a better franchise with the parks unit. >> that's where you can make the argument. low gas. people will come in. >> that's what he talked about. >> investors don't care. they are focused on what's happening with espn . >> that's the opportunity. >> i don't think the opportunity is here. if you resolve it you have to stay away. there will be an opportunity if they can change this. you have to look for the catalyst. >> the disney shares paired losses in the after hours. you mentioned levels we event seen for a year. do you think we hit them? >> 86 and change. that's the long-term retracement level from 2011 or so. that low to the recrept high 122ish, somewhere there. 86 and a quarter is the level to
5:39 pm
watch. >> viacomm's valuation after this move is ridiculous. they store the vote. has to be attracting attention to activist, industry players and possibly strategics but the company is now cheap. >> still ahead, the comments that had even on the street talking today. the ceo of deutsche bank defending the stock. could the bullish comments be a bearish signal? we'll explain. and the credit market could collapse next month. what that means for stocks later on.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ everybody's talking >> everybody is talking about the recent sell off of deutsche bank saying clients may ask you about the market wide volatility but we are rock solid. that's as the stock is falling more than 40% in the last three months along. ahead of u.s. strategy.
5:43 pm
does the sentiment seem familiar? hold on. to the quotes i'm about to read from 2008. here's the ceo of lehman brothers in april of 2008. smart risk management is never putting yourself in a position where you can't live to fight another day. alan swartz, ceo of bear stearns, march 2008, we finished the year and reported that we had $17 billion of cash sitting at the bank's parent company as a liquidity cushion. as the year has gone on that's remained virtually unchanged. one week before m.f. global filed bankruptcy the firm's ceo told analysts the capital cushion had never been stronger. what do you mean about the comments? >> i worked for a french bank. i don't have an opinion on deutsche bank. what we have found over the years is when a ceo says
5:44 pm
something like this it's typically a capitulation moment. typically close to some type of support or help from central bankers. and as we saw in march of 2008 we didn't have action from the fed and lo and be hold from march to the summer, the banks are up 25% after that quote from bear stearns. it is a sign of capitulation that a ceo or cfo makes such statements. >> for the sector. it seems when you take a look at the firms they don't exist anymore. that may not be good for the actual companies of the ceos are manning. that could be bad news, right? >> if you look at where we are, we are in obviously a bear market for the financials. we shouldn't had a bear market since 2012. typically the bear market
5:45 pm
rallies out of capitulation in the early stages of the bear market and that's where we are now. >> is that the bottom line here? that's what i'm hearing? >> risk reward in terms of what's been priced in the amount of shares that traded in the last three or four days. the capitulation score i'm seeing is so intense that the risk reward for the next 40 days is very positive. >> you're the expert on it. is this too late for the banks now? >> i don't think so. i have talked with the best risk people i knew at lehman brothers calling it right. there were a group of people that tried to get out. i have talked with them for the past week. the people that had it right.
5:46 pm
it's a conflue nce of factors. austria, portugal, oil debt risk. economic risk from china. it's a confluence of factors, not the things we saw in 2008 where you have a massively leveraged bank linebackke lehma brothers. it doesn't look that way to me now. >> the fundamental element is this is basically the state bank of germany. are you kidding me? it's absurd people could think it will go down. no way. it has a 0.37 price to tangible book value including the risk they may have to do a cap raise but now they are tier one capital at 11.5%. they are fine by the standards that were drawn up. >> it's a long journey between where the stock is now and zero. there could be something in between which could be as painful for anybody who is long and who is seeing it go down
5:47 pm
50%. >> that's what i said with tim. on the tenth of march the beast in the market is having its way now because it is way out there. there is a high probabilitile that financials rally toward that meeting. the pressure to do something. >> what's the ecb going to do? negative rates is a bad thing for deutsche bank. what wille they do the save the european banking system? >> the creativity will surprise the market. >> if you own deutsche bank stocks it may not go to zero. a dollar will feel a lot like ze ro. >> it goes to ze ro if they have to sell down equity to defend the balance sheet. different collateral. we are see ing the ecb can suddenly say i think this capital can be accepted. and their capital base is fine.
5:48 pm
it gets to a place that's how cheap ? can it over trade. >> are you long? >> it's a case where the banks are getting cheap. i think there is a bit of a fire storm. >> before we let you go when you say the banks can rally you mean specifically the european banks? >> the european banks are the cheapest in the world. the u.s. banks probably join them. you are talking about .3 times book in some cases. u.s. banks are trading at 90% of book and european banks at 60%. >> are you with or against, larry? >> is the clock striking midnight for deutsche bank? that's somewhat obscure. >> it is to me. >> the song we led in with from the movie "midnight cowboy." i will say this. i'm in the b.k. camp here.
5:49 pm
we event talked about the $70 trillion derivative book. can it get to zero? probably not. >> larry macdonald coming up worried about a resession. we're going shopping for safety next. plus, why traders are making a huge bearish bet on a key part of the credit market after the break. this is cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivatives pricing model, honey? td ameritrade. out with a note today saying we are headed into a recession. there are some retail stocks you want to consider. the note mentioning names like t.j. max, walmart and urban outfitters as safe haven stocks that performed well during other recession periods. anybody buy this thesis? >> no. >> the chart looks great now. if it's held up pretty well. i would say to know your levels, 53.86 is the 50-day moving average. you have to keep everything on a very tight stock.
5:53 pm
the chart of ross stores is intact to me. >> what we agree on is on some level you have to trade the market. some of the stocks trade in valuation ranges and key technical ranges. something like walmart which i have been bullish on this year has had a good move and an important counter market move. at some point the problems from 2015 don't just go away. lululemon, walmart. some of them over the last couple of days the trading activity isn't that great but the place to hide and the dash for trash. walmart is a good long-term hold. to say you shouldn't trade it in here, i think, is to say you could be leaving profits on the table. >> you don't know right away. >> why would you buy a retail stock going into a recession? it's not a place to hide. that's a crazy son september. >> the last time we were a recession, you don't need to get huffy. >> it's ridiculous. >> i don't like to see you upset. >> here's what upsets me .
5:54 pm
people at home will go, oh, it's safe to buy a retail stock. you're going into a recession. you would rather buy volatility. >> what if people are trading down. going into stores. >> they will spend less in general. >> i'm not sure that's true. bank of america said people that buy stuff at gas station convenience stores, they are kicking it because they are saving on gas and spending more money -- >> that's different from buying ka -- capris at walmart. >> guy, where do you go? >> costco is rich. their comps for january weren't good. i think costco if we go into recession, that will do well. out of all the names we just saw capezio is not where it's headed. >> i like the ones you have on.
5:55 pm
>> moving on. nearly $2 million bet that the high yield market could fall to new lows. all the action with mike. >> the high yield etf is where we saw the activity. more than four times the daily put volume. five to one over calls. big roles as people sold out of the february puts and put the march puts. 40,000 traded just around 45 cents. bearish bets obviously that hyg could fall to lows we haven't seen since early 2009. >> thanks for that mike in austin. check out the full show at 5:30 p.m. eastern time on friday. coming up on "mad money." time to dig for profits in agricultural equipment maker agco. cramer is talking to the ceo. plus an in depth look at f.a.n.g. and the transformation in tech stops on "mad money" at the top of the hour. up next, the final trade. clierz .
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>> announcer: final trade is sponsored by interactive brokers. >> let's take a check on disney.
5:59 pm
the stock is down 3.6%. it would avert a 52-week low, i believe, at this level. still it will be worth watching tomorrow. be sure to tune in to squawk on the street tomorrow for janet yellen's testimony. meantime, final trade. tim seymour. >> bar it is rick, even with a weaker dollar it has a rally going back to ten bucks. get out or get short. >> grasso. >> we spoke about it. xlu. i think you have to keep it on the short stop. i do think you could make a little more out of the stock. maybe go high 40s in it but keep it on the short stock. 43 1/2, 44 for the exit. >> brian kelly. >> so we have seen the tech rack, the silicon valley smash up. whatever you call it. first republic bank, big expo sure to silicon valley and the firms and ceos. sell it on rally. >> guy? >> super jacket. can we get that on the steady cam? that's a good looking green jacket.
6:00 pm
>> always the best dressed on the desk, no question. >> low bar. >> disney. i think you will see a reversal in the shares. >> i'm melissa my mission is simple. to making you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always improvement somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is not to just entertain but put it in context. so call me or tweet me. get this straight. oil rolls over at the opening of the session. but then rebounds ever so


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