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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> david. >> sarepta. i gave you all of my reasons before. buy the stock. >> b.k. >> watch natural gas and buy apache. >> everything should be sold. >> "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. how do you remove the fed and oil from the story of this market? how do we get the focus back on individual companies? not the overall obsession with what the fed will do on
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wednesday or what direction oil might be heading on a minute to minute basis. both of these factors were in play again today as usual. in a deceptively quiet market with the dow ultimately just setting off four points, s&p closing essentially flat, we know all about the linkage of. but the fed, i've got to tell you, i just head bringing this to you. i hate bringing it up because everyone else talked about it. sometimes there's no avoiding it. we know what the bulls want to hear. that the fed is now on hold, perhaps until we start to see stronger retail sales manufacturing imports. the decline in so many sectors last week was about how the fed might say or do the wrong thing. more say than do. either give us some stern language about the need for another rate hike before the end of the year, or maybe they even do shock us with an outright rate increase, something most people say is highly unlikely, but that's what worries me the most, especially because we saw
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declines that would seem to indicate otherwise in the last couple weeks. over the course of my career, i've often found that if everyone is worried about a big bad event, you better be prepared not for the outcome of the big, bad event, but for what to do afterwards. and that usually means knowing what's going to go up once the event is over. what makes stocks go up after a big, bad event like the fed meeting? simple. other than small movements in oil that propel people in and out of the narkt, the buyers are almost totally sidelined. they're paralyzed. they don't know what to do going into the event. while sellers just keep taking money out, and we know that's been the way it's been for years. this is my big, bad event theory. once an event transpires, even if the outcome is suboptimal, money from the sidelines starts to come back in. as investors who were waiting for the event to happen feel safe to start buying again regardless of the outcome of the event. now, the impact of these buyers can be tempered by a very hawkish statement that undoes
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whatever non-action the fed takes or by continued worries involving the election. so maybe the buying i expect will be a little more muted than usual. but what should be the market be focused on after we get through the fed meet something i think buyers should be looking for who has growth and stick with that thesis no matter what. what's a prime example of a growth company? let's talk amazon. i'm going to use that as an analog for how to take the other side of the trade that might be busted after the big, bad event. last week we spent days promoting how negative and dismissive the panelists at the alpha conference were about the stock market. they were so gloomy that maybe we should rename the conference dangerous alpha. now, the coming apocalypse that many of these money managers predicted might actually come true if central bankers the world over screw things up at once, which is what these disgusted bears are clearly betting on. let's be clear.
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you're kidding your selves if you think those that cry wolf aren't betting against the market at the same time. if the wolf actually shows, they'll be able to make some money. but when i examined my notes from last week, i found an idea. the only pan lift i caught up who was really pounding the chest outright bullish on the market, and his idea? buy amazon. i think it's worth going over suggestions because frankly they really make sense to me as a place to go after the fed meeting. miller, a famous stock picker, started by saying he liked facebook, google, and amazon. i think he picked all three for two reasons. one being that he wanted to make clear his growth bona fides. but, two, he also knew they were probably all reviled by the audience because they're obvious and beloved by retail investors. hence why they're despised by the hedge fund intelligentsia in the room. i'm only being half fa seeshous or sarcastic or sardonic.
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you take your pick. why does miller like one obvious name, amazon over the other two? because the latter two are both going after the same $500 billion advertising market, and even though that's a huge pie they're splitting, he pointed out that amazon has its sights set much higher. the $5 trillion retail market. so, therefore, it's inherently better story. bigger tam, total addressable market. at one point there was a time when amazon was primarily a book seller. is there any doubt now that all retail is vulnerable to amazon? i mean all of it. i mean what is it that they can't sell and maybe sell better than any of the bricks and mortar places? there's a handful of things, you about they may not even matter. it's not just the size of the company the market wants to dominate. it's how fast amazon plans on doing. miller said, we've never seen a -- that is people.
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that is stunning. then there's the web services division which powers the fulfillment business. 30% margins and they're growing. miller made a comment i should have asked him about which was his assertion that amazon has a three-year lead. i which i had asked him over who. last week oracle said it offers a superior cloud market. and walmart has acquired bargain basement that deal closes on wednesday, this week. in an effort to catch up. >> and i like that deal. i think that nolan has a lot of good things to say. how about amazon's bleeding for ray into the rest of the world. bill miller points out that the margins are at zero for its international business. however, he thinks they're headed to 7%. that will be gigantic for amazon. if things don't degrade, if they keep at these levels, miller said the stock could -- i almost hesitated to say it -- double.
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double in three years. that's right. 775 goes to 1550. three years. this is a serious fund manager. i bet the majority of people in that room just like so many other big time money managers just dismissed this idea as cockamamy. what does amazon has to do with when janet yellen puts that quarter point rate hike through? when these managers speak of the equity markets being subject to a sent tral bank crushing, isn't amazon the kind of equity they're talking about? here's the whole point of the exercise i'm bringing to you today. the reason you want to buy amazon is precisely because it has nothing to do with the fed, nothing. amazon is something that many people love, and they can't seem to live without, particularly prime. however if these fund managers in that big room, all that good work by jeff bezos means nothing because all they can see is a series of rate hikes that will crater everything in its path. so they don't try to distinguish
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among companies. me, i distinguish. i think bill miller has got it right. amazon's what wins, not loses on a rate hike because of its lack of exposure to the fed. it's not a bond market equivalent. you won't meet a retailer who doesn't stay up at night worrying about amazon regardless of fed, and that want change after wednesday. i have a whole host of examples of how much money could have been made if you weren't so worried about wednesday's meeting. there's tech data at a time when components are experiencing an update, today tech data spent $2.6 billion in -- one whole product line that it has. how did tech data do? it's up 22% on the news. i like that. then there's sarepta therapies. fda for approval of a drug. or info blocks which rallied 15%. however, these are relatively unknown or small companies, so i
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can understand you don't want to mess with those ahead of the fed. but that's not the case with the $367 billion capitalization that is amazon. this is as close as you can get to being immune to the fed. the bottom line is you can be paralyzed. you can be sidelined. you can dread the future or you can find situations right in front of you that can be bought. this can be bought both before or after the fete immediating just in case the fed does absolutely nothing as long as you aren't so scared that you can't think or so frightened that you refuse even to try to make money on what you see, on what you know, and on what you love. darryl in california. darryl. >> caller: hi. i've own disney stock for a few years and you have said own it, don't trade it. what do you say now? >> i am not deviating from that. i think that one day disney will get out from under this espn conundrum that people are cutting the cord. why? because they have good management and good properties. now, i am saying near term i
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don't see a catalyst, okay? we've had a lot of catalysts. i'm not being oblivious. longer term, i'm talking about 20, 30 years. i like disney. maybe that's not your time frame. dean in ohio, dean. >> caller: hey, jim. earlier you had the ceo of has bro on your show for an interview. there was discussion about inventory. that was the company that folded up -- >> right. >> how do you feel about now investing in has bro? 2.5% yield? i don't rememb i thought he was very compelling. stock's down a lot. i would be a buyer of hasbro for the long term. mattel doesn't have the momentum of has bro and mattel keeps going higher. i like has bro. you want to fret over the fed? or every tiny move? this is, by the way, the fed. >> the house of pain. >> be my guest, but that's not
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my skiel. i like to find situations that rise above central banks or commodity concerns and that's what i want to help you find. on "mad money," oil rose as much as 2% before losing steam today. with so many unknowns about its next move, i'm looking at companies taking action and making profits in the process. you don't want to miss that. then that coach purse cost a pretty penny, but could an investment in the brand pay you back with interest? with the hand ringing retail impacting the company, i'm eyeing its potential. and shares of series therapy autos are down. i'm giving you my take on the speculative biotech stocks. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something?
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i know the price of oil is likely to be stuck here in the 40s for a while. the idea of crude breaking out well above 50 seems downtown right ludicrous given how aggressively the saudis are pumping and how much excess supply we have. even though the world is glutted with oil, you can still find opportunities in the oil stocks as long as you know where to look. three weeks ago i told you how much i like the high quality exploration production companies that keep issuing stock in order to buy lucrative oil and gas assets at terrific prices. these opportunistic oil companies like sm energy, pioneer natural resources, they've all snatched up acreage where they can turn a profit by drilling. i think it's a terrific strategy. it's certainly been terrific for their stock prices versus the rest of the energy sector. so when an adar co-petroleum announced they were acquiring deep water assets, you better believe that deal caught my attention. i think this is a brilliant move
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by an adar scoe that's going to pay off big time. first let me give you a little background on these two moves. free port used to be a copper and gold miner, but back in -- they shelled out $19 billion, including the debt to buy two oil companies, plains exploration and mcmow ran oil and gas. it turns out the timing of this deal was just terrible. once the price of oil started to collapse in 2014, free port became a play on three of the weakest commodities around, and the stock got completely obliterated. now free port is up nearly 50% year-to-date but only because the stock was beaten down to six bucks and change. since oil, copper and gold have rebounded from their lows. still free port has a ton of debt, $17 billion after the sale of its deep water assets that we're talking about here. if i were them, i'd want out of the oil business as fast as possible now that it's stabilized and they can get a
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not terrible price for their assets. how about an adarko pete the buyer? this is a well run exploration production company with a stock that's more than doubled from its january lows not long before the bottom in the price of crude. so last monday night when we learned that an darkco was buying free port's deep water holding for $2 billion, this is part of what free port got over thee years ago. wow, not bad. what makes this transaction so attracti attractive? thur doubles their ownership in the valuable lucius development. an adarko already runs a facility there that's doing quite well with 400 million barrels of oil equivalent. buying these assets from free port will boost an adark co-auction prosecuco-'s production. and more than 87% of it is crude. 80%, that's good because we're not making a lot of money on natural gas these days. this is a super low cost oil that doesn't run out nearly as fast as an onshore prospect.
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the acquisition development costs for these properties should come in roughly 13.50 per barrel. at 43 bucks that's not bad, right? even if crude goes back to the low 30s, an adoreco could still turn a nice profit from the newly acquired holdings. over the next five years if oil stays where it's currently trade, management believes this acquisition could generate an additional $3 billion in free cash flow for the company. that's huge, especially since an adarko only paid 2 billion to get the assets. as the ceo put it in a conference call, this extremely attractive transaction was accomplished by purchasing assets at a very attractive price from a motivated -- they couldn't really afford to haggle hard on price. an adarko by the way, since it's got adjoining acreage, it was the best deal in the world for him. these deep water assets are such a cash cow, they'll actually allow an darkco to boost its onshore drilling budget.
6:19 pm
an darkco now says they're going to trouble production from these two areas over the next five years, bringing it up to 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. this is a major here. there's no question. this was a smart deal for an darko. how did the company pay for it? you guessed it. they did a secondary offering, selling more than 35 million shares at 54.50 a snap. given that the stock is three bucks higher, anybody that got it on the secondary last week should pat themselves on the back. put it all together and an darko shelled out $2 billion for a very attractive asset that's going to become a huge cash generator after they spend a little money developing it. we know the company will use that extra cash to build out its incredibly profitable oil feeds in texas. bruce camish absolutely loves an darkco's chart here. could work its way back to the 70s. bruce is pretty negative. when i looked at this, i was saying, wow, here's a winner.
6:20 pm
let me give you the bottom line. we've seen a lot of independent oil companies snapping up undervalued assets and then selling their own stock to cover the price tag. but as far as these deals go, an darko's purchase of freeport-mcmoran assets last week i'm say is one of the i've ever seen. the transaction is a huge positive for an darko which is getting this offshore property at bargain basement prices and frankly i think the stock deserves to go higher short and long term even if oil stalls out at these prices, which to be clear are much higher than an darko's production costs either offshore or on the ground. much more "mad money" ahead. coach seems to be manning a come back but the stock fizzled out since then. does still have a turnaround in the bag? then did you see sarepta soar today? s that the best case scenario for a speculative biotech, it doesn't always turn out that way. i'm focusing on the other side of the coin to keep your cash
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back in late january, coach just reported a fantastic quarter, and it seemed like the handbag and accessories retailer was on the road to recovery after spending years lost in the wilderness. for the next five months, coach stock kept climbing higher, all the way up to $43, reflecting what looked like a very real comeback. but two months ago the stock stalled ago, and since then it's been going steadily downhill, at
6:24 pm
least until today when coach rallied more than 2.5% up to nearly $36 based on positive reports. what's happening here? has coach's come back already fizzled out to nothing or is this a quality stock that was simp simply dragged down because the entire retail cohort went out of style on the ---- let's take a look at this. we can learn something from it. after putting up mediocre number for ages, this market darling delivered a straight up earnings beat. the beleaguered stock immediately jumped 10% on the news, kicking off an extended rally for a number of reasons. first coach's once ailing north american business posted a same stores decline of just 4%. not a good number in absolute terms but much better than the 9.5% decline in the previous quarter or the 19% decline in the quarter before that, or the 23% decline in the quarter before that one.
6:25 pm
second, coach finally delivered positive revenue growth up 4.5% after a long period of shrinkage thanks in large part to the brilliant acquisition of stuart weitz man. third, china seemed to be rebounding for coach. that represents the fult of coach's growth. i told you that coach's relatively new ceo had kick start r started a turn around when he took over the reins in january of 2014. before luis took over this company, well, let's just say it was the problem child of the accessories industry. for one thing coach had diluted its brand offering too many products that made their products seem less exclusive for the consumer that had made up their key doemo. i'd said they overexpanded and junked up their brand. victor luis came in and hit the ground running with an overhaul of the brand and the bids. he closed under performing stores in smaller metro areas,
6:26 pm
shifted the companies focus toward major north american markets. he redesigned many of the key products. he overhauled the company's e-commerce business. he also started installing shop managers at coaches shop within a shop department store locations. i don't know if you've seen the stores lately. they look much better than they used to. best of all, he wisely snapped up stuart weitzman for $574 million in cash. it had been part of a private equity firm in january of 2015. that gave him a covet the luxury footwear brand to go with the bags. by the time coach reported at the end of this january, the numbers were beginning to reflect real strength from all of these changes. i was convinced the turnaround was truly to him. so what happened since then? while the stock has gone on a roller coaster ride, falling back to $35 friday before bouncing up to $36 today, the fact is that coach's
6:27 pm
fundamentals have continued to improve. considering late april, coach reported another clear top and bottom line beat with the flat north american same-store sales. again, while flat numbers, i know they're unimpressive, that marked a major improvement from the kind of gigantic double-digit declines the company was seeing regularly. then in mid-august, coach delivered another earnings beat. even as the revenues came in a bit light. more important, the company's sales grew by 2% year-over-year positive. that was the first annual growth in ages. meanwhile, the ceo says coach is pulling its products from a number of less ritzy department stores in order to rebuild the brand's exclusivity factor. he also told us that the retail renovationsy still on track. that sounds pretty good, right? these last two quarters made me feel like coach had truly got
6:28 pm
its act better. but since reporting in august, the stock has now traded down from $40 to $35.94. even though a couple of analysts have upgraded the stock in the interim. i think this is mostly about the macro. we see some weak retail numbers like that august decline and suddenly investors want to sell everything. every retailer under the sun, including this one. however, there's at least one brokerage firm that doesn't believe in coach's comeback regardless of the mac rowe. last weekend a very damning report. analysts at morgan stanley published a note down grading the stock to underweight. wall street's speak for sell, calling the whole turnaround into question. their logic? morgan stanley believes while coach has been hitting their targets, they've been doing it an unhealthy way. i hated that word, unhealthy. according to morgan stanley, coach's newfound growth is too driven by promotional activity within their outlet channel, something that has increased steadily over the past four
6:29 pm
quarters, hence why the company's gross margin in north american business declined by 210 base points during the same period. now, you throw in the fact that coach will soon be coming up much more difficult comparisons, not to mention the soft macro numbers and the slow down in tourist spending and morgan stanley doesn't believe the company can continue to deliver the same storz sell growth it needs to propel the stock higher. i felt it was a stinging rebuke of the story. so now i got to ask does morgan stanley's bearish theory have any legs? well, i don't know. in the wake of today's nice bump, i'd say it's the bear's theory is losing its adherence. the detractors seem to be winning. look, i hate promotional activity as much as the next guy. discounting your merchandise is a great way to wreck profits. but remember coach has said they're pulling back from less fancy wholesalers like macy's, which is where the bulk of this promotional activity is happening. they're doing the right thing. my best is they can boost their
6:30 pm
same-store sales for the same reason. victor luis said, these renovations have been driving significant inflections from previous trends and comps, which exseeds the balance of the fleet in the vast majority of stores. in short, the remodels are working and that's a big reason why two different firms, pipe every jeff ray and jeffreys came out this very morning on the heels of that morgan stanley sell call to reaffirm their buy recommendations. great minds think alike. we can now focus on that tremendous opportunity in china. coach is paying you to wait. it's got a notoriously b.i.g. dividend yield. i like that. let me give you the bottom line on coach. based on these numbers, we really have to take issue with that extreme morgan stanley sell call. we think the turn around at coach is looking very real.
6:31 pm
given that the stock has come down a quick $7 over the past couple months, i think it's hard to argue that coach has rallied too far too fast here. the darn thing sells for less than 15 times next year's earnings estimate. worst case scenario, you get a brand that's turning around at a price that represents an even bigger disparity to where i think coach truly belongs. paul in utah, paul. >> caller: hey, jim, can i get a baba bouie. >> baba bouie. there you go. what's up. >> caller: i'm looking at l bra brands. they're working on capturing a market share. goldman sachs has a target price of about 30% above where it is. but i'm wondering if i should continue to hold on. >> look, i thought the goldman call was a very good one. i went over that with a fine
6:32 pm
toothed comb, remember, pink is doing very well. bath and body works is doing very well. les wexter has put in a whole team there. i think l brands represents a great opportunity at 72. i'm with goldman sachs on that call. john in my home state of new jersey, john. >> caller: cramer, how are you doing? >> i'm doing real well. how about you? >> caller: good. i need to know fitbit on this. it took a beating on that one shall and i need to know if it's going to get back. >> here's my problem with fitbit. i liked it higher, so i feel there are some stocks when you're going to call me on this network and you ask me what i think, and i'm going to say, look, i liked it. too high. i don't really know if i'm the call on fitbit. i got fitbit wrong. i believe in the company, but i got it wrong, so some could say, oh, so he likes it now. he liked it much higher. and the truth is that's true, okay? the comeback at coach i think is for real. a reinvigorated management team is making the right moves to reposition. it's a premiere brand. much more "mad money." after sarepta's over 70% move
6:33 pm
higher today, i feel like it's time to go hunting for the next speculative biotech? don't make a move before you hear what i have to say. then did you notice the roller coaster action on the averages today? it all comes back to oil. i'll tell you why crude's in control. and all your calls rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer.
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did you see sarepta therapeutics rocketing higher today? the small cap biotech stock was catapulted into the stratosphere, rallying nearly 74% on news that the fda had approved their treatment for muscular dystrophy, a genetic
6:37 pm
condition that causes muscular degeneration and kills most patients by the age of 30. here's the thing about the stock. it was obliterated in january when the fda expressed doubts about the efficacy of the same drug. that news cause the 9 stock to plummet down to $14 in a single session. now it's just under 50 bucks, and after a year where everything biotech got hammered bases on fears that washington might try to regulate drug prices, the bulls finally had the last laugh here. i mention it because what happened to this company today is what i call the best case scenario in you're investing in a speculative biotech stock. aft finally got fda approval for some wonder drug, which the company will always be able to make a fortune selling it. i heard about people talking about it as a takeover target. but not every developmental stage biotech story plays out this way. in fact, sometimes the data turns out to be disappointing or even extremely disappointing, or
6:38 pm
the fda blocks a company's key drug and its stock goes into free fall. that's the worst case scenario. that's why these early stage biotechs are inherently speculative. that's why i always warn you about them. so let's consider a case that many of you know. let's consider seri serks therapeutics. we know it as the micro, mcrb is the letters for the symbol. we had series on a bunch of times. ipo, summer of 2015. i was impressed with their science. now, series spent the first seven months of 2016 bouncing between the mid-20s and the mid-30s. but then disaster struck. near the end of july, sere serks reported some disappointing clinical trial data for its key drug and in one day -- one day -- the stock lost nearly 70% of its value. it plunged from $35 down to $10 and change. since then, seres has worked elths way back up to $10.55, but
6:39 pm
the stock is still down huge from where it was trading two months ago. so what really went wrong here with this once promising biotech name that i know a lot of you felt were -- well, let's say promising as i did? and is there any way it can get back on track? before we can figure out what to do with thing, you have to understand what the company does. to simplify a complicated subject, it's focused on creating a whole new class of medicines to treat diseases caused by biocysts, which is the technical term for when the bacterial ecosystem living in your body somehow becomes imbalanced. you've got trillions of different bacteria living inside you in your digestive packs. you see those flora drugs that make your digestive track right, well, there are billions in there. they're essential to your health that they work well. but when that ecosystem gets out of whack, maybe you've got too many of one kind of bacteria, too few of another, it can make
6:40 pm
you very sick. so seres is developing combinations of microbes that are supposed to make this internal ecosystem healthy again. the company's lead drug, the one that caused the stock to implode over the summer, is a single-dose pill that prevents recurrent cdi, and that's an inflammation of the large intestine that's the number one cause of hospital acquired infections in the u.s. and this terrible disease kills 29,000 americans a year. now, seres came up with a treatment that was supposed to be revolutionary. right now if you get cdi, your doctor gives you antibiotics but the antibiotics also disrupt the healthy bacteria in your gut, making it likely you'll get infected all over again. in other words, the current standard of care can make this disease go away, but it can't make the disease stay away. seres thinks they've come up with a way to prevent cdi from occurring by getting your gut bacteria into healthy equilibrium. this drug is currently in phase two clinical trials and with
6:41 pm
some preliminary data from this trial that caused everything to go wrong for the stock. what happened? seres treatment was supposed to reduce the relative risk of czi recurrence, but at eight weeks it had failed to meet its end point. while their drug did do better than the placebo, the difference wasn't statistically significant, and that's what caused the stock to lose nearly 70% of the value in one day. also it really doesn't look good, i know many of you told me on twitter that the ceo and two other executives sold big slugs of stock right before the news broke. i should point out that the sales were made on what's known as a preprogrammed trading plan, and therefore it's unrelated to the suboptimal findings but i know that doesn't make you feel any less aggrieved. but -- this is a very big but. the ceo repeatedly stressed the trial data is only preliminary. the study remains ongoing. it's supposed to last 24 weeks, which means it's possible the final data could look a lot better, particularly since the results in the previous clinical
6:42 pm
trial were so strong. sadly, that wasn't enough to prevent the analysts from ganging up on the stock. they think it's less likely the drug will be approved. even if everything does work out, they expect the process to take longer after the set back. management said they're conducting an intensive analysis. i think they're being pretty rigorous about it. at the time seres has other but they're still in phase one and we know it's going to be years before we see anything. not a reason to own the stock. so where do we go from here? generally speaking, nothing is more binary than an infant biotech stock. either your drug gets approved or it fails. binary. either you're rocketing to the sky like sarepta, or you're plummeting in the abyss like
6:43 pm
ser seres. likely get full clinical trial results by the end of the year and at this point it seems like a negative outcome may be baked into the stock price which means like if anything goes right here, then seres could have tremendous upside. if the data remains ugly, the stock already has been crushed. seres has a clean balance sheet, no debt, 211 million in cash. that was one of the reasons i thought they had such high hopes. nestle clearly had checked it out. nestle is a big ticketed partner. let me give you the bottom line. i know there's not much to like about seres therapeutic down here. but if you're looking something to speculate on, i think the risk is a lot better than with many other biotechs because this one has already been laid to waste and any good news will send it soaring. this is for sfeklation only, not an investment, which means you should only put money in seres
6:44 pm
or similar early-stage biotechs if it's money you're willing to lose. "mad money" is back after the break.
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>> it is time! it's time for the lightning round! when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with lee in california. lee. >> caller: booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: buy, sell, or hold color ax? >> i'd like to hold it. clorox is doing down 18 straight points from its high. i don't know, if that stock breaks 120 and gets to be almost a 3% yield, then i say without hesitation right now because that group is really under pressure. alex in florida. alex. >> caller: hey, jim, booyah, how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: hey, i'm good. i got a request on energy nrp. i got this back in may when it hit about 16 and started going back up, dropped off about a
6:48 pm
month later and then -- >> it's unbelievable. this thing is like $12, $11. i got to tell you i think it's worth more but that balance sheet is not that good. i don't want to sell it down here, but i got to tell you if it does go back to $16, $17, sell, sell, sell. barry in new york. barry. >> caller: teva, buy, hold or sell. >> they are front and center. front and center in the war. i wouldn't touch that stock until after the election. andy in california. andy. >> caller: hey, jim. a big lasd booyah. how are you doing? >> i don't know the skee-daddys. >> caller: ak steel, are you still a believer? >> this thing is unbelievable. they got cut in half even though i know that -- there's a series of price cuts now in steel, but at $4, i am not a seller of ak. new corps did cut its earnings estimates last week and that was very jarring to me. sammy in louisiana, sammy.
6:49 pm
>> caller: booyah, jim. you're always going to be the greatest no matter what. >> oh, sammy, thank you. i miss louisiana. i'd love to go back. what's happening? >> caller: come by shreveport one day. that would be cool too. >> i've been there many times. the hospitality is incredible. how can i help? >> caller: what do you think about the stock kelloggs? >> this thing has got three down and five up. that's not that great. this stock acts much better than -- take a look at what happened with campbells. cra kraft heinz today just got crashed. i do think there's a better risk reward. let's go to hans in florida. >> caller: i bought tech suppra supply stocks in may. since then, it has dropped 30% to date, and it's basically 20% drop in september. >> i think it's way overdone hans. i really have to tell you i
6:50 pm
thought that the company -- i know the weather was really bad. this is a well run company. i'm not going to sell that stock in the 60s. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade with dand bold styling to to stay ahead of the curve... the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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a used car,
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it's so crazy. i almost struggle to believe it. yet it just keeps happening. i'm talking about the incredible endless linkage between the s&p
6:53 pm
500 and oil with crude calling the tune every time it rallies or falls off, which literally was the case all day. we started the session strong when oil was roaring but then tapered off when oil surrendered some of its gain. with oil closing near the lows of the day, so did the averages. given the big oil glut, we all know about it, how did crude manage to rally so huge this morning? up almost $1 from the get-go. simple. every time oil goes down to the low 40s, like it did last week after a persistent hammering, we get a rumor from oil producers that a production freeze is imminent. sure enough, this weekend the desperate but very shrewd oil ministers played their parts to the hilt in manipulating oil upwards. here's how it works in the face of a mountain of oil swirling. first take a look at a roit story that ran under the
6:54 pm
headline, venezuela said opec non-opec oil stabilizing deal close. with a date line of margarita island, where there was a summit of the non-aligned movement. the statement couldn't have been more definitive and i quote again. venz way ln president said on sunday that opec and non-opec countries were close to reaching a zedeal to stabilize oil marke and he aimed for a deal this month. that's always part one of the rumor. a statement from the man who needs oil to go higher more than any 0 leader in the world, the president of venezuela, whose country is falling apart before our very eyes. next we need a call to action from someone else besides the totally lacking credibility venezuelan government. sure enough who weighs in right on cue? in the next paragraph of the story, opec's secretary general, who gets quoted as saying, and i quote, opec members may call an extraordinary meeting to discuss oil prices if they reach
6:55 pm
consensus at an informal gather in algiers this month. wait a second. that's not enough. we need one more thing. we need another party that might be able to talk cutback. sure enough, guess who was at the non-aligned movement summit at margarita island, which by this time is turning into margaritaville for the produc s producers, none on that the iranian president, another man who desperately needs oil to go higher. rouhani made it clear that tehran supports any move to stabilize the global oil market and lift prices. now, finally we need -- what do we need? we got the guy call, we got a second guy. we got a third. we need a venue. we got that too. with a well-timed quote at the end of the arts cal. opec members will meet on the sidelines of the international energy forum which groups producers and consumers in algeria from september 26th to september 28th. let's see. now we've got venezuela on record wanting something good to
6:56 pm
happen with oil prices, same with iran. the formula to get oil up needs a big -- sure enough, this story has everything. non-opec producer russia is also attending the forum, end quote. voila. there we go. oil heads right back up on the news, ramping 90 crepts, take the dow jones average right up triple digits at the opening. usual algorithms say if you think oil is going higher, buy stocks. maybe the market is getting a little smarter. still we have to ask how come this knee jerk rallying keeps happening? that's simple. the nations involved, everyone that i just mentioned all want oil to go higher but nobody wants to cut back production and risk losing market share to the u.s., which is ready to take advantage of any production freeze that raises price. so they go through the charade. the oil market buys into it and they get the job done. once again, without ever really
6:57 pm
having to cut production, and everybody swallows it from the journalists to the stock traders to the futures traders in the oil pit. according to my count, this is the sixth time this game has played out already this year. six! it usually works like a charm until we run into an unmoveable object like wednesday's actual physical oil inventory number or, get this, the real opec meeting that comes and goes with no results whatsoever, which always seems to be the case anyway. this kind of rumor mongering still does exactly what the world's oil ministers want. it's incredible. it's ridiculous, but it works every time. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
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before any of this, cdw orchestrated a collaboration solution using pcs with intel 6th gen core vpro processors. collaboration by intel. orchestration by cdw. narrator:kubo: est place come on, this way.e... narrator: in the forest. kubo: wow. narrator: so grab your loved ones monkey: don't even. narrator: and explore a world of possibilities. kubo: it's beautiful. narrator: visit to find the closest forest or park to you. very excited to talk to marcelo color a. he's the sprint ceo on squawk on the street tomorrow. anadarko and amazon are the takeaways tonight. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try and find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow. lemonis: tonight on "the profit"...
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