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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> dan nathan. >> xrt, i like put spreads in january. >> looks like our time has expired. i'm melissa lee. see you next week for "options action." in the meantime, don't go anywhere. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple to make you money. >> my here leveling with all the plainfields. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. >> hey, i am cramer. i am just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain but to teach you, call me or tweet me at jim cramer. >> eight straight days. the longest losing streak since
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2008. it is nine in a row. the longest losing streak since 1980. i mean nothing compares to what the cubs. still, the action could have been worse. >> nasdaq falling 4.2%. >> the ladder seems baked in the cake. after today's employment rate showing good jobs. remember the market can handle rate hike. provided that enough company is doing well enough. the bulls also cheered.
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>> so how about next week? > how about our game plan? >> lets face it. we have won of those moments where the whole world could change on tuesday, or will it? >> it is friday. i think because the markets have been down for so long, it looks out to me. wall street had a chance to panic of trump's presidency. of hillary being defeated i is -- i do think a clinton's win would cause a severe spike up. trump will likely refuse to concede on the grounds of prisoner. we rebound, hillary is not
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suing. don't get me wrong. i am not saying that hillary's presidency is better for the economy. i don't make political judgment. trump is a predictable kind of guy. who ever wins will come up with the strategy on "mad money" to help you make money. we need to know the parameters and participants and the play book and the make up of congress. then we can adjust. i am no expert in politics. i am certainly no expert in either candidates. i have interviewed candidate trump many times. all i can say that the man does not defy the ability for you and i to make money. in some cases, notably infrastructure and defense, we can make money either way with either candidate. no, i am not going with the same
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approach here. but, fear should not be apart of the investing equation. we got to take the emotions. there are plenty of rational paths for us to make money under either candidate's victory. if we do it unemotional and clinical way. like everyone else, i just wish i knew who would be the winner. i do know the losses we have experienced these last nine d s days -- it still worries some people. a trump win worries others. we'll find ways to make money. it is not businesses as usual. it is more like unusual business. it will still be gained of the results. despite what some of the puns
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are trying to scare you. like it or not, the parade of earnings in spite of the election, it continues. it never stops regardless o f the e llections. horizon farmers, this is a controversial company that's been caught up of all the problems that you heard about. we need to see if there is any real problem in this group because they bounced today. they have been staggering, i think they maybe getting over sold here. lets see what horizon says and what the stock does. the receiving stocks have been all over the place. resorts getting crush from 98 to 8 88. my favorite has been mgm ran by the masmart and talented. >> mgm reports on monday.
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we keep on hearing a housing shortage. why don't we see what major home builder dr horton had to say on tuesday morning. they have been straight shooters all along. >> this group had its day but there is some intrinsic work for the builder. we get news from cvs, that's the drugstore, not cbs channel 2 as we call it. that's what i am not used to seeing this fine stock down 16% to near its low. >> i think cvs can rebound on either a so-so number. >> but, i don't know if valeant can. i want to see if there is any toots to these new rumors that
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keep on popping up. i am not a fan of valeant and i say don't get sucked in. i am not a fans of reporters who write stories they don't pan out. >> can we see which prices will be rolled back by valeant and what drugs are about to be approved by the fda and a plan, a road map, to pay the $30 billion in debt. joe, you got to tell us what the heck is going on. >> results coming from shake shack wendy's. >> if we get anything good, the stock is stabilized and some below 30s. wendy's has seen its stock
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slowly and surely declined. i like them and i like the burgers. they change their burgers a lot. thursday's retails and most of retailers cannot wait to put the quarter behind them. kohl's and macy's, ralph lauren, these, i am only expecting prices from ralph. that does not mean that kohl's and macy's cannot have a relief rally. >> you know i think if they chain up, it is going to be a fashion forward. >> nordstrom, nordstrom, it is been the broad line department's store of the best stock. >> i am not sure if that's the case. it is been soggy going to the quarter. even a miss should not hurt as
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much as it would have it went all the way up like this and now it is starting to to be like this. it is not as dangerous as if we caught it here or it does not look like these flat liners. that's just a little drawing that i did. one of my favorites nvidia also records after a close on thursday, this would be the go-to name if the market tanks on wednesday. the market tanks on wednesday, you are looking for something to buy, nvidia it has an amazing growth of the internet of thing and high in autos and gaming. the results of whatever the heck it is where you think it is wrong and the market gets hit, options on nvidia. >> then the most controversial company of the quarter reports
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disney. i am of the opinion that wall street is overly focused. i did not say overly depressed about it, overly focused to espn subscriptions than what it means to disney. irt the theme parks especially shanghai disney. like the ceo, bob buyer, who's worth a lot of minute. i do want to know whether the twitter idea was real, was he really buying twitter? >> i like to hear him talk about mlb spin off spam check. i think they got incredible technology. i think they could be the fut e computer of the future if bob decides to take that thing and blow it out. finally, it is friday. you know what friday is?
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it is jc penney t. i have mixed emotions on this one. the stock went up and then bingo, it went down dramatically. this is not a big retail quarter. here is the bottom line, get your shopping list ready because in an event of a hillary's sweep or trump's victory, then the mark is likely to go, of course, these companies, the ones that i think work on a bounce is wednesday, we get the shocking election numbers that nobody is expected. if we do get that, okay? >> and you are looking around and we'll, i want to be pet player rebound and nvidia is the first one to come back. >> how about sunny in illinois.
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>> mr. cramer, a big chicago cubs, boo yah. >> 108 years, the drought is over. congratulations. >> the super bowl like zero, like we never won one >> love your show. >> thank you. >> have a quick two part question, how do you feel about investing into healthcare industry and the company i am looking at is community health systems. >> sonny, you are from a city of winners, okay? >> the city that just won the world series and you come to me with community health system, that to say america is the phillies, sonny, go swim in that blue river of yours. the community's health is more dangerous. >> we don't go to companies that
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are accounting challenge. get your shopping list ready. the shopping list, the number one name is nvidia. >> bad money tonight. i am talking to the ceo. it is the first on cnbc. >> the new subset stay-at-home stocks, i will tell you how it is impacting your coffee habit and the stock of one of america's and the world's famous brew. 1982, these days the company is finding now ways to coming up with profits and they are working. i have exclusive with the ceo, my suggestion at this point, stick with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money," follow at jim cramer on
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twitter. hashtag mad tweet or send him an e-mail or give us a call at 1800-743-cnbc. >> missed something? >> head to madmoney.
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how do you tell when a broken stock is turning questions? >> pretty much any app that you are text, uses their platform of dealio. >> then continuing to surge and climbing as high as $70. hallelujah! >> they sold a small amount of stock. the company did a big, big, big $7 million share. >> all the additional supply
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cost and demand thing to trade, the darn thing trading all the way down to 32 bucks. so down to eight bucks to where they play that secondary. >> dealio is a broken stock and not a broken company. they rrteported that last night and the company is phenomenon. revenue of 60%. that's amazing. >> even better, management raised their four year forecast. it was dynamite. >> rallying nearly three bucks this monarrning. i told you this is really hard market of speculative stocks. so does this stock come down enough to get its mow mojo back? >> jeff larson. >> welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim, it is great to be back. >> jeff, lets cut right to it.
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this september quarter was an unbelievable growth. 44%, this was the fastest growth of any of the companies i followed. how were you able to add so many over the short constraint period. >> well, this is the power of our platform business model. our goal of twilio so when the need of communication arise at work and solving problems with communications, ah-ha i know how do that and taking it to beta and delivering it the end users in the world and we have more customers. >> next tuesday that may allow people to understand what you do and i am just going to hand it over to you to tactic about hello vote. >> yeah, hello vote is a neat
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customer of ours, it is part of our twilio customer base. it helps people get registered to vote and make sure they have not been accidentally removed from the voter's role so you can text in or hit them from facebook messenger, in about less than a minute, you can make sure you are registered to vote and you can get registered to vote. really cool customers of ours and excited to partner with them. >> there are some research, i am not going to mention you guy's name. well, there are a lot of positives, but negative, what's that and obviously, facebook, revenues have continuously to decline. i read it opposite. i read that you were taking on so much business that whoever is a big customer is not going to be per se is big because the pie is growing so fast. >> yeah, we look at the variable
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customers and at the variable bucket, 8 customers out of the our 84,000 plus. sort of gravy on top of our core business which is those base customers of 34,000 set of businesses that use toyota for a wide variety of cases. that's why we wake up in the morning of variable customers. we a happy that our customers are growing so nicely and base revenue grow 75% of the year. that's why we are in business and get out to bed in the morning. >> i like the new great use cases. again, they help our viewers to understand when they buy toyotas, what it means. the idea of anonymous communicator communicators, tell us where you are at it. >> you communicate with another
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person but you don't want your personal information or phone number expose to other party. when you make a call to twilio, our customers are using twilio for anonymous voice and texting. you can text that phone number and they'll forward that text. >> and how about the call center anonymous use? >> that seems like something that's much bigger or -- call center are fantastic for twilio. we have seen a lot for our solution advisers or we have customers like ing bank who are using twilio to power their global call centers as they are
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looking to modernize their modifications. we have a number that we are in the call center space. >> we are spending a lot of times in space. we got a lot of younger people watching the show and they're trying to figure out where to work, not every share of this most recent offering was sold by shareholders or companies, there was a dot organi that sold the stock, where did that go to? >> 1% of equity of the company sustainab sustainly to fund twilio. had a small equity. we are excited for what we can
6:24 pm
do with this equity and the good that we are trying to do. >> this is all part of your decision, committed 111, in order to make people feeling bigger than just working for twilio, right? >> exactly, especially employees want to work for a company that has a mission and bigger than just making money. we are here to build great products and power great customers and making money. but, i think a lot of workers especially millennials are looking for more purpose behind what they do and in place of many options for where they work and . i think creating a wholistic company and the culture of the company that's around great business performance but tieing that performance into our ability of the world, the more valuable equity is the more we are able to work with creating a stronger company and equity and it is a great virtous
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cycle. >> all right, jeff lawson, terrific job. thank you very much for coming on the show. thank you for having me jim. >> unbelievable business, growing so fast. these are the kinds of things if you have bmad money, you got to buy the stocks. stay with me. >> coming up, it is the company that brought you the mouse >> we have the mouse. cramer got the ceo to see if this company is a logical buy when "mad money" returns.
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who needs to go to wrestle-man wrestle-mania? when you can play it at home. >> mafia three, grand theft auto. and it represents some major secular change in behavior. this is big, people, which was why it was so hard to figure out what to pay for the stock of starbucks this morning. out of nowhere, starbucks, has became the best house, maybe the best house in a bad neighborhood, its got excellent
6:29 pm
cash flow and strong same stores sales and none of those numbers were necessarily, exactly what wall street wanted. china will become the larger portion of the change. starbucks carved out a reputation as the third place, being the place you go to enjoy yourself and have a cup of joe and be satisfied and be happy. what if your goal is to get to work and go home as soon as possible. what if you don't need a third place anymore because you like being at home. we always like starbucks. there is only a handful of retailers can make that. people don't need to go out as much as they can shop at home on amazon and there is the delivery
6:30 pm
factor. we heard from the ceo dominos multiple times that this combination of in expensive tas tasty pizza, it is a winning one though. again, though stay-at-home. what should you pay for the stock of retailer or the best retailers? >> the answer is less than you would led at another time. the stock market is like a soup e super market. >> instead focusing on other isles at least until the stock gets so cheap that the number reported to is a blessing and starbucks' number in the out years will be higher. we don't think it should go much lower. the company hits many good things. it does mean people want to
6:31 pm
avoid stocks that allow consumers to leave the house and buy things. rather than the companies that are fighting against the consumer's desires to never leave the house, including one known as the third by so many including me. >> lets go to tim in new york. tim! >> hey, i entered in netflix at $102. with the cost of content rising fast, now, it is at 122, i am a little worried, should i exit and cut my losses or am i possibly too early? >> well, we don't recommend this on the show. i had that unbelievable effect. i have respect for the two stocks that i said are valeant,
6:32 pm
netflix and tesla. i cannot bet against a man who came up with so much entertainments that my family and i enjoy watching together. frank in new york. i just want to let you know that i enjoy the show. >> thank you. in my question is in regards to kos costco, i own it and all i see is it is steadily going down. i am glad you ask. >> scott berman, what is the right thing to say to club members. costco, don't buy it. we want it to cross through 140. why? we don't like retailing here. we think it is going to go below 140 and that's where we pull the trigger. it does no membership club dues and it is not like any other
6:33 pm
retailers and it is very good. >> candidly, it is going down. we know it so we are going to wait. >> this wall street is under going a major renovation to the waste side like the retailers and restaurants once strive off america's desires to go out. that desire is diminished. it is a trend that you must be watching and picking stocks for yourself. as the company is rolling out products, how long is global music, i'm siting down with the ceo to see how it is banging on some of the top trends. you stunt me, i am back in tern doing my own homework. i got to tell you, it looks pretty darn good. the lightning round, so stick with cramer.
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it is been a tough week for the makers of not so
6:37 pm
proprietary. >> there is one stand exception here. >> one tech company that managed to thrive recently. i am talking about logi tech international. the darn thing is it nearly quadrupled in the last year. how the heck did they do it. >> four years ago this company is making really boring stuff. >> one, they diversified a way away from products like pc and mobile speakers and head phones and high end remote controls. two, they designed all high-gear
6:38 pm
for gamers. we know gamers are one of the hottest trends out there. >> all these moves helping the company remarkably last week. 41% increase. what a come back. lets check in with the ceo of logitech. and just get a sense of where things are going. >> welcome. >> hey, jeff. >> so we are transparent, transparent friday. hey, lets book lodge. >> are you kidding me and she said are you looked at it? then i look at it and wow. it is nothing to do with the logitech that i remember. >> people are just catching on,
6:39 pm
wall street is slow to pick it up. talk about this. >> it is been incredibly exciting. the truth is the term of engineer has gotten us back to where we were five or six or seven or eight years ago when we were humming. we are humming because the pc business is growing. we are a pc maker and we added great products around the pc. the world changed when the pc slows down. if you look across here, we are creating products that are connected to the clouds. we move our center gravity by supporting pc makers to providers. >> you do that in installed base that's really good for you. >> yeah, i always keep this dark place, i am going to assume the installed bases not doing well and that'll force us driving in areas. >> we can continue to do well in
6:40 pm
that business, too that we have. >> what are some of the hottest? >> we got some of the cool things. we got into the speaker. >> harmon had one like that. >> don't tell harmon. >> this is a great product. it is water proof. we designed this -- >> water proof? >> i am not kidding because i take mine by the pool. >> oh, you will love it. >> we just announced this. you used to be able to connect this and now you can connect it with an infinite number. >> it is awesome. this is cool. as a user of this device, it is constraint to one part of the house. >> this one is a new product, it is called pop. >> you can operate your light
6:41 pm
and saunas and tv. you can set it to anywhere and they'll do anything you want, it is smart home. >> it is the physical thing that your home needs. my personal favorite now. >> is it your touch? >> this is a little circle camera. it is just a little in home camera but it has a really, really cool technology, it is called pattern recognition, it will watch through for you and give you a summary like a lot of them will. it will throw out all the dead spot and gives you a summary of what will happen in the last 24 hours, you will see 80% of what you are watching or the half minute is still >> this one, we throw it out and you sooee your dogs jumping in circles and kids running around.
6:42 pm
>> it throws out all the nothing moving spots and gives you just the action. >> all right. you got to explain it to me. this is one of the most exciting things. i learn everything everyday. league of legends. what the heck is league of legends and how does do i get involved? >> it is the biggest pc game there is. you got such a phenomenon now. we make equipment that people use in pc gaming. if nike make cleats and basketball, we make keyboards and head sets. we are right in the middle of the action here. it is on fire. we develop our product with these sport gamers and we love it. absolutely love it. >> when i join the company, jim, i have three kids. they thought okay, logitech, is
6:43 pm
interesting. one thing you got is amazing. when i came in the company, that's the first thing i looked into and it is such a ride. >> you had such a ride. yeah, lets get that guy. that's how i feel from now on. >> promise me. >> a lot to take in. what a company, much cooler than the old logitech. we'll be back after the break. what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods?
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it is time for the lightning round. >> maryland. >> i have quite a loss in marathon oil and i would like to know whether to sell it now? >> sell, sell, we like the growth oil here, that was a terrible one.
6:47 pm
>> this is the eogs and it is the pioneer coming down here. they are looking much, much better. >> dorothy in new mexico. >> hi jim. now is the time to buy western digital >> the stock is cheap and you got a lot of cash flow. >> susan in florida, susan. >> boo yah jim. >> i bought tech data after you recommended. >> well, that is conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> scary booyah. >> what kind of recommendation
6:48 pm
is that? >> an oil plate that they have tapped into the next big -- >> booyah, jim, what's going on, sorry about the loss on sunday. >> it did not bother me, i did not care. i was fine. >> jim cramer for president. >> well, thank you very much. i am not a political guy but i appreciate it. i also don't really care, it is not that i am not interested in baseball. >> threw the first pitch last year. so stick with cramer.
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you know i try to make this show interactive on television. >> we gate call about miramax pharmaceutical. >> it focuses on treatments for
6:52 pm
cancer. it was aprovered a little over a year ago and there are studies for other indications including breast cancer, merrimack got three different drugs and a targeted lung, cancer therapy. >> now, this stock has been a wild trade. it serves up to $9 in april. since it has fallen back to $5 in change, merely because they don't see any major pipeline t catalyst of last year. early october, i like cost cuts as much as the next investor. but it worsens without doing
6:53 pm
this without a ceo. i like the pipeline but there is no reason to own it right now given a lack of catalyst and the ceo resonates one month ago. the democrats take both houses and of course, the white house. i would avoid merrimack here. >> next up, last week, i got to a admit this one is intriguing. >> dlth, do you know this one? >> it is a tiny wisconsin base retailer of a power and accessories for outdoor work. >> they sell products and a loose of problems like plumber and cracks and constrictive
6:54 pm
under wear and jeans and the company's 13 retail locations. right now they do most of the business online, the company plan to expand their retail f t footprin footprints. put it together, 25% easternirn quote, long-term. >> apparel has had a rough time. the company operates in a specific knit with a loyal set of customers. they don't have many of the problems to play traditional brick and retailers. my one issue here, i am not early. duluth is far from cheap.
6:55 pm
>> columbia sportswear is less than 20 times earnings. you have 85% year to date. i said i am not early. >> on the other hand, it deserves to trade at some premiums. i think the stock is a buy if we get a bit of a pull back. >> not only i was embarrassed and i did not know it but i thought it sounded like a good idea. here is the real controversial, energy recovery, erii, we looked at this and i had to do more homework. the company makes energy recover devices. we know we need that, right? and they got a terrific long-term with slummer jay. regular viewers may remember that i talked about energy
6:56 pm
recovery the last time we did homework. i told you that it ran up too far and too fast and it was up for 90% of the year. you should stay away until we get a pull back which is why i w want to do my homework. it is down 35% to 9% in change. why is norenergy recovery comes down so dramatically. i am weary of this one, most of the pull backs occurred yesterday when the stock fell 22%. >> a surprise earning mix. this is expecting of a high growth company, wait a second. energy recovery spent more than expected of developing new product and second, the pressure exchange that the company's designing for lumber jay has been delayed. this puts down a $25 million
6:57 pm
milestone late this year into sometimes next year. >> the fact that they could not get it right the first time it is causing a problem. so any problems here are really going to hurt in yesterday's decli decline. the stock is certainly a heck of a lot more attractive down here at 9 than at 14. >> if they fail, well, the downsize are enormous. >> as far as i am concerned, i don't think the risk reward is worth it. as a matter of fact, there are a lot easier way to speculate. that's it for the homework. stick with cramer.
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