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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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if you're already long. >> mr. mike? >> city banc, i think you pick on the biggest one. >> thank you for watching. for out "options action" "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. once again we waited for the market to get hammered. it seems like we do that every day. and once again the market failed
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to deliver. instead just meandering its merry way. dow ultimately dipping just 20 points. s&p declining 0.13%, nasdaq advancing ever so slightly. this time the big worry? it's all about the possibility of sparks flying between german chancellor angela merkel and president trump. the globalist versus the nationalist. it's entirely possible there was friction. i mean ideologically they couldn't be more different, but the fire was well hidden and once again the president didn't tip the game to the bears. so we fall back on earnings with the nasdaq taking its cue from adobe, which seems to have a monopoly on how to use the web to build everything from successful retail sites to award winning movies. we've been huge fans of this company as you know and its brilliant ceo, and i think its stock, which rallied close to 4% today, i think has more room to run. adobe has become the go to way to play e-commerce and online
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creativity, and the estimates can't keep up with the business momentum. big name for club members of next week we'll have more individual companies to watch, but i want to start our game plan differently. i want to start it with an analyst meeting coming on monday for mdu resources group. now, you may not know this company, mdu. but it's integral to all kinds of infrastructure building from utilities to more important pipelines. why do i want to start next week's dissection with a confab? simple. i think president trump's push to deregular late the economy, one of the few big things he can do without congress, is very important here. businesses both large and small felt shackled under the previous president as fear of new regulations chilled their growth plans. a classic example, where would energy transfer partners be if trump hadn't allowed it to finish the dakota access pipeline, which was crucial to its cash flow and therefore its growth and shareholder zrugss.
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you could argue the company might have been at death's door if the pipeline had become a tube to nowhere. few businesses can stand to benefit more from trump's plans for deregulation than the oil and gas industry. something we'll talk about with a key guest, rusty braz he'll later in the show, and mdu is one of the biggest winners. i plan on getting the transcript of this analyst meeting. yet, it's that important, to get a beat on how much better off this gigantic hiring machine might be with less regulation in an industry that was heavily, heavily regulated under the previous president, who hated fossil fuels as much as trump loves them. remember, you do not need congress to deregulate, and this is what i think is driving the economy. yes, deregulation. next up, general mills reports tuesday morning, and this company -- wow, it's had more than its share of disappointments of late. so well managed but it's a pantry company. it's done a lot to make its offerings for natural and organic, but so far it hasn't been enough.
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let me give you a prediction. if the earnings here are weak, you'll see an initial drop-down, okay? down lay. and then chatter will quickly happen that kraft heinz will try to buy them, just like it tried to buy uni lever. we also hear from lennar, and this fabulous home builder stock has been en fuego despite the fed's rate hikes. can you believe lennar is up 23% for the year, one of the strongest stocks in the s&p 500? i find that amazing. if the stock is going to stay up here, though, we're going to need a story of accelerating orders and estimate-beat youing numbers on both the top and the bottom line. lots of analysts have rallied around nike of late. they're betting that the weakness is past. the company's business is accelerating both here and worldwide. the stock's picked up five points on this chatter of a better number. i expect nike to give you one. i'm a tad concerned it needs to be really wrong or the recent hype could make it so the stock could sink. still i bet nike tells a
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compelling story. classic kind of senior growth story that many money managers want to get in. some companies are doing very well and they give you a broad read on the state of commerce. as i write in get rich carefully, fedex offers the most illuminating world view, and i think it will deliver a very good number on tuesday because it seems well ahead of ups in dealing with e-commerce profitably. i like the company and the stock. now, you know we like canada goose. that's that newly public apparel company, and we're gratified that it rallied another 7% today after we recommended it last night. so how about the apparel company pvh? is it too hostage to the department stores and the mall or is it international enough to avoid the pitfalls? we're going to find out when the company reports on wednesday. the last quarter was a good one. stock shot up. till it's important to distinguish that canada goose's products are poor more expensive than those of pvh, actually much more like tiffany, which gave you a good number and an excellent forecast today and that drove that stock up 2.7%. but pvh is a terrific operator
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and has been able to make a lot of money even when many investors have counted it out. a lot of action thursday. in the morning we hear from accenture. this is one of my favorite information technology service providers. let's look for an opportunity here. an opportunity like the last time accenture reported when the company gave you a terrific number and the stock got blasted anyway. it then spent the next month rallying back above where it was when it reported that quarter. i will pound the table here if that kind of a selloff on a good quarter happens again. after the close, oh, boy, here's some controversy, gamestop. this retailer is in the hottest area of the stay at home economy, video games, but it's still a bricks and mortar chain that's also a malden i zen, something that's led to multiple earnings disappointments. it offers a more than 6% yield, which i think seems safe for now. i say sit back and watch this one. it's too risky. more on video games later in the show. we're also going to here from micron, and this one will be a
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tough one because the company has already pre-announced an excellent quarter, and the stock didn't move. so now the stock known as moo from its symbol, mu, needs to blow out that recent pre-announcement, and that's always hard to do. i've been recommending kb home as a way to play the home building cycle. if lennar sells off on the quarter, you can probably bet that kb home will go down too. that said, this one has the best land bank in california, toll brothers would probably argue with me about that. but i've been on the lookout to buy the stock, not sell it ahead of the quarter if it does go down in sympathy with something that lennar says. i don't think that a quarter point increase in the fed funds rate should dissuade people from buying homes. finally on friday, finish line reports. now, we know finish line sells a lot of nikes, but it's falling way behind foot locker as a way to invest in the retail side of sneakers. i suggest that rather than
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buying finish line, i'd wait to see if finish line disappoints again and then buy the stock of foot locker on a dip. remember, foot locker is one of only two mall-based retailers we favor, the other being children's place. here's the bottom line. neither the rate hike earlier this week nor the merkel/trump get together could give the bears the kind of brutal selloff they've been waiting for. let's see what next week brings. but if it's only earnings that can hurt us, well, we look to be in pretty good shape given the overall health of the companies that report next week. why don't we go to joseph in pennsylvania, joseph. >> caller: booyah, cramer. joe from pennsylvania here. >> good to have you on the show. >> caller: thanks for having me. i'm calling about mus. i'm looking as a speculative play as an investor fresh out of college. i own index funds in my 401(k) and started getting into individual stocks. love that they have a proven ceo and no debt. what do you think? >> all right. you are really -- you're a young
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fellow, and you've done the intext funds, so i'm going to bless this. let me tell you something. i'm blessing it as a concept. i don't like the company. but you want to roll the dice, you got the rest of your life to make that money back. somebody my age, it would be a fool's game. but i'm blessing it because you're so young, and i want you to feel that you can make it back if it does what i think it's going to do. john in texas, john. >> caller: hey, how you doing, jim? >> john, it's going well. how about you? >> caller: i'm great. >> st. patrick's day. what's not to like? >> caller: i just want to know your opinion on cmg. which way is it going? >> remember, it takes 18 months from the last incident in a food borne illness to be able to be put away in people's minds. december 7th, 2015, up in boston, that's when chipotle had the issue. we still have a few more months. you can count the months before that stock is going to be totally investable. until then i think it's finding a floor, but it won't be able to take off.
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the american public remembers for 18 months. that's what we've learned from both jack in the box and from taco bell. andrew in illinois, andrew. >> caller: hey, jim. first off, i want to say thank you for having me on the show. i'm an everyday listener, and your guidance has allowed me to become a better disciplined investor. >> that's what we want. >> caller: today i'm calling about allegheny technologies incorporated. given trump's new plans on real locating government spending and increasing defense spending, knowing that alloys are used for defense applications, would you consider this a buying opportunity? >> you know, it should be doing better because they are like the biggest source of titanium. you know what, it's not happening. i think that you should double a. that's right. the actual alcoa before i would buy ati. all right. can't stop, won't stop. the bulls still raging and unless we have disapointing quarters, i don't know. it seems like next week could be more of the same.
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on "mad money" tonight, infrastructure spending seems to be the only think both republicans and democrats seem to agree on. tonight i'm taking a closer look at two under the radar plays in the space that could be worth eyeing when i turn to tonight's homework. then revenue from east ports and streaming game content is expected to reach $3.5 billion by 2021. how can you profit on the trend? i'm eyeing the players that have their head in the game. and with trump's pro-drilling nominations for the department of state, energy, interior, the oil and natural gas market is set to skyrocket. we think. maybe not. i'm sitting down with one of the smartest guys in the industry to find out what that means for the sector. i suggest that you stick on this st. patrick's day with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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i always try to answer all of your questions even if that means i need to go back and do more research. one of the reasons i think this show has stayed on air for 12 years. so with that tradition in mind, let's do some homework. back on january 26th, anthony in iowa called about advanced disposal services. i said i'd get back to him. my bad, it's taken some time to respond. it's the fourth largest non-hazardous solid waste disposal company in the u.s., like a smaller version of waste management. even though it's number four, the top three players are so large, that it only has a 3% market share. in order to boost that figure, the company's made a series of acquisitions, 43 deals since 2014. plus in many places the waste management business is basically a monopoly and these places represent 80% of the company's sale. now, adsw came public last october and since then the stock has run up more than 30%. now, i like the company, but the stock trades at more than 57
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times earnings, which makes it to me a heck of a lot more expensive than waste management at 23 times earnings even as adsw barely has any revenue growth. so i'm going to pass on this one and reiterate my fondness for wm here. next up, kathleen in louisiana asked me about brookefield infrastructure partners. i told her i got to do some digging. brookefield owns and operates everything from power transmission lines to toll roads, cell towers and even some agricultural operations. the one thing its businesses have in common is they're heavily regulated or the company runs them on a contractual framework that provides very stable cash flow. basically when a local or national government wants to privatize some piece of infrastructure, brookfield is happy to step in and buy it, often at a steep discount to its replacement value. this results in the steady eddie business that supports a 4.7% dividend yield. unfortunately because of so much of brookfield's infrastructure business is international, that means their numbers can get eviscerated by major currency
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fluctuations and boy do we have them these days. at the same time, doing business with governments in developing countries can sometimes be pretty risky because it's hard to stop them from reneging on their agreements whenever a different political party comes in. personally i think this business of dealing with foreign governments is too volatile for my taste, particularly given our current president's not so cordial attitude toward the rest of the world although he was certainly cordial with merkel today. with the stock up 37% in the past year, you know what i'd do? ka-ching, ka-ching. i'd ring the register. similarly on february 8th, nancy in florida wanted to know about mcquarry infrastructure corp. people like these infrastructure plays because of the president liking infrastructure, but i said i had to brush up on it. it's very similar to brookfield. it owns and operates a bunch of infrastructure services like supplying jet fuel to private airports, providing storage terminals for all exporters, distributing natural gas. they even own some renewable energy projects. the one big difference is all of their business is done in the u.s. and it gives you a 6.6%
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yield. don't be fooled by the name, though. mcquarry is not at all like the red hot infrastructure names that have been roaring lately. it's lore like a utility. now, that's not bad but remember the fed has now embarked on what we call a rate hike cycle and i don't see this kind of stock coming into favor on the wall street fashion show. finally last week, sari in new jersey wanted to know about penumbra. i said i needed to do more homework. penumbra is a small cap medical device company. there's so many of these it's often hard for me to keep track of them. this one is focused on neurovascular conditions like an you'risms and strokes. in short, their products allow doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures that can remove blood clots. now, as you might imagine, this is the potential to be a very big business and penumbra keeps blowing away the numbers quarter after quarter after quarter. i talked about penumbra back in late november, also in response to a homework question. at the time i said i liked the
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business and the stock on a pullback. guess what, since i said that, there haven't been too many buying opportunities. the stock has run up another 28%. my bad. i should have been more enthusiastic and pounded the table. at this point, though, again i worry that the easy money has already been made. i'll give it my blessing for speculation but only if you promise not to chase it because today it had a 6% run. i would wait for a better entry point before i pull the trigger. homework complete. now there's much more "mad money" ahead. when it comes to sports, forget the final four unless nova is in it. east board's viewership hit nearly 214 million in 2016. i'll tell you how you can make money off the trend. then through all the ups and downs in the oil sector in the recent months, he's the one guy that has gotten it right the whole time. and he's joining me tonight to figure out what trump's deregulation plans could mean for the energy industry. and how the goose could kill the bull in this market. i'll explain just ahead. stick with cramer.
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oh, we're always on the hunt for new secular trends around here, long term trends that we can ride year after year. and in this world where the stay at home economy is ascendant, this is the pepsico stay at home world, we can find ways to entertain yourself by sitting at home on the couch, then certainly better than going outside. i got a new one for you. just a sec. let me just nail this. esports, yes, as in electronic sports. these are highly organized, multi-player video game competitions that have become so popular, people will actually pay to see professionals play against each other on a big screen but in an arena. in fact, some of the universities are even establishing their very own esports teams. they're selling out in two minutes for these games. i know to many of you this sounds probably down right ridiculous. professional video game players. audiences shelling out real money to watch grown men play
6:24 pm
call of duty at madison square garden? i mean granted the knicks are playing like bums but what kind of bizarre upside down universe is this where competitive video game playing is the kind of thing that can draw a major crowd? listen, if you're like me, meaning you belong to what i call the alternative young generation, then this whole idea may seem befuddling or even down right absurd to you. but the truth is we all know there's no accounting for taste, and this has become a huge business with lots of advertising revenue and even corporate sponsorships for some of the best players. for those of you who haven't seen what modern video games look like, check some of these titles out on youtube because the graphics are incredible. it makes the idea that this could be a billion dollar industry seem a lot more palatable frankly. how do we get here? in recent years the esports space has grown from a bunch of informalle competitions to formal events with prize money, television broadcasts and a rapidly growing audience both in
6:25 pm
person and on the web. how does it work? this is a highly fractured field with a bunch of different players where particular legs in tournaments are established for individual games. so there's the over watch league and the counterstrike league and world of tanks league and so on. for example, one of the larger companies, major league gaming, is hosting a call of duty tournament in dallas, texas, 176 teams competing over three days for 200 g's in prizes. wow, this younger generation, they really have a lot of time on their hands. now, just last month the nba announced a partnership with cramer fave take two interactive, the maker of the wildly popular nba 2 k basketball franchise. they're forming their own organization. first time that an esports league has been owned by a real pro sports league. the idea here is each nba team will operate its corresponding video game team in the league and anyone can play although just like in real basketball,
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you'll need to be very, very good to make it to the playoffs. the nba wouldn't be doing this if it didn't believe this esports theme was the real deal with some staying power. just a second. hey, a professional has got to play. so how do you invest in this astonishing trend? i think the most obvious, most straightforward way is with the game makers themselves. namely act vision blizzard, electronic arts and take two. i've been pounding the table on these stocks for ages. i mean it feels like, you know, as old as me. some of the cheap beneficiaries of the stay at home economy, right? and the rise of esports just gives them yet another growth driver. activision blizzard, for example, has some of the most popular esports titles like call of duty, world of war craft, hearth stone. and while the stock's already up 36% year-to-date thanks to a fabulous quarter, i think the upside here still remains enormous as this is a growth stock that's trading at just over, you know, what, a couple times next year's -- well, no. it's trading at -- well, it's trading at premium market but
6:27 pm
it's definitely not too pricey. as for electronic arts, they have madden nfl. they've got fifa soccer and these tend to be popular with esports fans. plus ea's stock hasn't run as much as activision's although its valuation is similar. how about take two interactive? ttw, the maker of grand theft oug auto. it's up 65% in the last year. but as an esports play, they actually lag behind ea or activision. the recent tie-up with the nba's first major for ray into the space but i like that a lot and i think it could be very additive to next year's numbers or at least, let's say, multi-year numbers. plus at a little more than -- again, this is not an expensive cost. a little more expensive than the other guys but the stock remains my top video game pick. of course, there's another way to play the esports theme with the semiconductor companies that make the extraordinarily powerful graphics chips that
6:28 pm
power so much of modern gaming. that means nvidia and amd. both of these stocks exploded higher last year and both expanding their exciting markets like machine learning, artificial intelligence, self-driving cards. amd doubles down on the data center in virtual reality. nvidia is actually down today. i think the top callers are wrong, nvidia has got more room to run. it's got an insane growth rate, which is why i think the valuation isn't too crazy at just under 32 times its earnings estimates for fiscal 2019. while i prefer nvidia, amd has got a great turn around story. the stock is down in part because of a lark block trade a few weeks ago. i think you can't go wrong with either of these stocks. i wish people on twitter by the way would stop asking me, do you still like amd, do you still like amd, hey, do you still like amd? well, when i stop liking it,
6:29 pm
you'll be the first to know. finally i got one other play on gaming in general and esports in particular. call it the sleeper pick. i'm talking about lodge i tech international. i know many people dismiss this company as a boring of major of keyboards, mice, other ancillary electronics. but lodge i tech doesn't just make junk, they also got big business making the high performance mice and headsets specifically designed for esports. with competitive video games where the difference between winning and losing depends on how quickly you can press a button, you better believe people want the best equipment. in fact, lodge i tech sponsors many of the professional teams out there. the sponsor individual players too. it makes sense. that's where i'd advertise if i was running the company. granted, at this point gaming represents just 16% of the lodge i tech's sales but it's their fastest growing division with sales expanding at almost a 40%
6:30 pm
clip. at just over 22 times next year's earnings, i think you can justify owning it up here. but like so many stocks, yes, i'd like to wait for a pullback. both amazon and alphabet have a niche in the esports market. amazon with twitch, where you can watch people play games and then buy them yourself, and then alphabet. but these companies are so huge but neither business is large enough to move the needle. here's the bottom line. puzzling as it may seem, e sports is a powerful secular growth theme that's not going anywhere. competitive gaming is booming, and that's more good news for activision blizzard, electronic arts, take-two, nvidia, amd, and logitech. do some homework, get comfortable, and see if any of these names are right for you. just -- mike in jersey, mike.
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>> caller: hi, jim. i big booyah too ya. >> right back at you. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i'd like your opinion regarding micron technology as to what your outlook is for this year and into 2018. would you buy it at the current price? >> mike, here's the problem. micron reports next week and when micron reports, remember, they pre-announced earlier how well they're doing. and the stock didn't go up. so now they got to beat that pre-announcement which makes it even harder. some people on twitter say, oh, jim, you've turned off on micron. no. it's just when you pre-announce and the stock doesn't go up, there are people who say wait a second. enough is enough. i still like micron, but the pre-announcement does take away from the actual, which is why we got to wait. how about scott in connecticut, scott. >> caller: hey, booyah, jim. thank you for catching me. >> no problem. >> caller: hey, high max technologies. it's increased in the past two weeks, and i want to see if i should buy now or did. >> no, man. you're way too much of a risk taker. if you want to take risk, go buy nvidia.
6:32 pm
much higher quality, great growth and certainly more diversified. all right. what can i say? let's talk about secular, baby. esports is a powerful theme, and that's great news for these plays. much more "mad money" ahead. is the u.s. becoming a deregulation nation? we should talk deregulation. as trump exercises the power of the pen, i'm sitting down with one of the smartest guys in the oil and gas sector. and a thank god it's friday edition of the lightning round and a special 12-year anniversary edition of the week that was. stick with cramer.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store... but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh, this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy! this smells like strawberry. are these mints? given that 80% of kids who ever used tobacco
6:35 pm
started with a flavored product, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any? all right. after getting slammed earlier this month the price of oil started to rebound a wee bit this week. so what can we expect from this incredibly important energy
6:36 pm
business going forward? especially with talk about deregulation spanning the nation. as far as i'm concerned, no one knows this business better than rusty braziel, he's the president and ceo of rbn this is a go to source for data, analysis and commentary about the oil patch. rusty, welcome back to "mad money." good to see you. have a seat. i got to tell you last time you were here, a lot of people were predicting oil was going to go to 80, 100. you said that it's self-fulfilling, that literally because of american engineering, we are keeping a lid on oil. >> that's right. we've been at 50 bucks now for the last two and a half years. if you look at what's gone on, prices have been in a trading range except for just a couple of months last year about this time, at a trading range for the last two and a half years. and if we look forward for the next five years, the forward curve of crude oil in the united states is at $50 flat.
6:37 pm
>> how is that possible? we're a growing country, a growing economy. but we have a president who favors drilling, and we have lots of inexpensive that were once expensive areas to drill in. >> it's like you said. it's the ingenuity of u.s.-producing companies. we've learned how to produce and make money at 50 bucks. and there's lots of reasons for that. >> let's hear them because two years ago you couldn't say it. >> well, the reasons why are basically longer laterals. that means that we're drilling down, and we're drilling a two-mile lateral where that well bore is connecting to lots of rocks. a lot of hydrocarbons fall into that drill bore. secondly, we are pumping a lot of sand down. they're fracking a lot of that rock, and therefore there's more hydrocarb ons that can move through. >> here's what i don't understand. the permian has been around forever. how the heck could the permian be like saudi arabia again?
6:38 pm
they've been drilling there for 50 years. >> but not using that technology. it's the technology that makes it work because out of those wells we're getting a lot more hydrocarbons. we're getting more out of each well. we're getting it cheaper per unit because the well costs haven't gone up much at all. >> you did a great piece recently about the dakota access and how when you use pipelines, you always talk about recount. that oil could be valuable at these prices. >> you can. as a matter of fact, we had a rig count increase again this week from baker hughes and the bochen had an increase. >> oh, it did? now, if the president -- the previous president was going to block this dakota access. but with president trump, deregulation, that oil can come back and be marketable. >> it can be. now, it was being marketed before via rail. that was more expensive. economics are not as good. so now the economics will be
6:39 pm
better. therefore there will be more of it. >> we are surprisingly underpiped in this country. and we're undergas in texas? >> well, there's two or three things going on. first of all, we have a lot of production coming on in utica. there are about 20 new pipeline projects either being built or many of them are actually reversals. so not requiring new steel to be in the ground. but a lot of pipeline projects coming on. the majority of that gas gets to the gulf coast where it will either be exported in the form of lng, or it will go to mexico. one of the two. it gets to the gulf coast, and because of that, you have this giant sucking sound along the gulf coast of gas that needs to move offshore and therefore we need to get more pipes down there to be able to accomplish that. >> you mentioned mexico. when i think of mexico and i think of pipe, the late aubrey mclennan took us to utica and i said is this all u.s. pipe? he goes, no, it's all from mexico. we can't afford it. that's changing, isn't it?
6:40 pm
>> that is changing. president trump has at least made the statement that all pipeline projects in the u.s. will need to be sourced from u.s. steel. now, we hear a lot of concerns from our midstream clients that they're worried about that. but on the other hand, the steel companies, they say they can do it, and i think they've talked to you about that. >> we had nucor on, and frankly they can be the lowest cost producer. it's entirely possible they can outbid anybody. but what i'm shocked at is that when you take places like the permian, they actually need a huge amount of pipe in what i thought was the most overpiped area of the country. >> no. what's going on in the permian is that right now we are overpiped. but if you look at the production forecast out of the permian for crude oil, for natural gas, and for natural gas liquids within the next two or three years, somebody has got to build several new pipelines out of there. i would say a handful. >> and president trump in general, what's he been meaning for fossil fuels? >> well, for fossil fuels, his message has been deregulation.
6:41 pm
for deregulation, that is definitely a good thing for all the companies that you and i know and love. >> let's talk about -- look, without mentioning names because everybody is your client, everybody. how are they feeling? >> they're feeling great. they're feeling great. all the pressure that they were under trying to wonder about what the regulations were going to be, it was the uncertainty. >> you're telling me every day they would be like, what are you kidding me? that kind of thing? >> yeah. now they're looking at a situation where regulations are at least expected to be dialed back, which is a great thing, which means they'll be able to produce for less money. which means they'll be able have to lower break-even prices, which means they'll be able to make more money. which means they'll be able to produce more hydrocarbons. >> the laud of unintended consequences, we'll be making too much here. >> perhaps we could make so many hydrocarbons that the price stays low no matter what. >> maybe that's what that curve is showing. you are the best. you are just the best.
6:42 pm
i get a bullet from him. i'm a client. what can i say? rusty braziel, rbn without, i learn every time you're with me. thank you so much. stay with cramer. various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here.
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it is time! it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." that's where i take your calls rapid fire. you tell me the name of the stock. i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with david in texas, david. >> caller: yeehaw squkee-daddy. this is david in texas, and i have a question on gilead. i've been watching it for a while and it's got a 3% yield, and i'm just wondering if it's time to get in. >> i got to tell you, i mean it's always tempting but they need to make an acquisition. if they came on the show, i'd say without an acquisition, it's just a value trap. i need to go to joyce in texas, joyce. >> caller: hey, jim. i love your show. >> thank you. >> caller: i also love get rich carefully. i have a question.
6:46 pm
i know earlier this week you did a segment about drugs related to diabetes. and i wonder what you think of novo nor tis. >> we didn't include it because it has very little growth and because the actual -- i mean lilly is a much better growth company than novo. there's a lot of political pressure on novo but not on lilly. let's go to joseph in new york, joseph. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah. >> caller: i wanted to know your thoughts on ticker symbol auth. >> this thing has too much of a move. it's got to call off. i've been watching it. too crazed. let's go to jerry in new york, jerry. >> caller: hi, jim. a big booyah from new york on long island. >> been there many times. how can i help? >> caller: coming back to long island soon? >> yeah, pretty soon. another month. what's going on? >> caller: my company stock today is barracuda networks. >> i follow them on twitter.
6:47 pm
there's some very smart guys. they do a lot of stuff i like, networking, content security, and i will bless it for -- yeah, i think it's good. i mean these things can have shortfalls but you like this company. let's go to daniel in new jersey, daniel. >> caller: booyah, jim. congratulations on the 12-year anniversary. >> thank you very much. >> caller: i've got a question regarding ft micro electronics, that play against the other chip makers. would you consider this a good opportunity to get in? >> i've been trying to profile a lot of the ones people don't talk about. that's a very good one. do i like it as much as nvidia? no. do i like it as much as amd? no. but it's good. let's go to mike in new jersey. >> woo! yelling booyah coming at you. >> clearly a st. patrick a debut ya. what's going on? >> caller: appreciate that. old tech titan. can know kia come back? >> no. >> let's go to arthur in
6:48 pm
washington. >> caller: arthur calling from seattle by way of carmel valley. a couple years ago i wake up. i realize elon's going to kill oil. nuclear has been fukushimaed. i want a value play. so a couple weeks ago, tell comes in. >> don't double down but i do like it because of sharif sookie, and he's got 15% of the company. but let's not go crazy. how about matt in my home state of new jersey, matt. >> caller: booyah, what's going on, jim? >> not much. doing the show. how about you? >> caller: can't complain. hanging in there. what's going on with target here? it's making my head spin. >> it's going down. target is in the crosshairs of walmart and amazon and dollar general for that matter. kind of a bad place to be. they've got to reconfigure, bring back the excitement. i don't know how they do that, but then again i'm not the ceo so i don't have to worry. let's go to rick in illinois, rick. >> caller: jim, how's it going?
6:49 pm
>> pretty good. st. patrick's day. good. good picture of my wife with a guinness diploma on twitter if you want to check it out. she got sum ma couple law day. what's up? >> caller: my stock is citric systems. what do you think? >> it had that run because people said it was going to be taken over and then it wasn't. i feel like they stole from the upside. i would not want to come in at this level. let's go to brady in new hampshire, brady. >> caller: hey, jim. what do you think of invoivoya term? >> which one? >> caller: voya? >> i like it. it's a good one. kind of boring. kind of a little paint dry there, but i think it's an okay situation. let's go to dan in minnesota, dan. >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for having me on your show. i was wondering about delta airlines. >> well, you stop wondering and start buying. i think delta is inexpensive. i like the business. i think the quarter is going to be weak, but the year is going to be good. dal has got a big thumbs up from me. one more. ricky in nevada, ricky. >> caller: hey. professor cramer.
6:50 pm
booyah. >> i always love tenure. what's up? >> caller: cyh, community health systems. >> inexpensive but not my cup of tea, particular lid with repeal and replace. i want to repeal and replace that stock with united health. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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no, not yet. we don't need to worry that much about it yet. i'm talking about the coming yawn slaut of initial public offerings and how it will likely cause the short term pause everyone is expecting in this bull market. the ipo deluge really didn't start yesterday despite all the hoopla about canada goose even though a lot of people were
6:54 pm
critical about my decision to embrace the deal on twitter. i did so because there's such a scarcity of growth in the apparel space that it's kind of like what happened when michael kors went public. it was a must own stock because there were so few accessory stocks worth making. it's been downhill ever since, but what a ride on the way up. if you decided to avoid it because the stock ultimately went down to 35, a bit below where it is here, then wow have missed out on a 77-point gain. granted very few can get out on the top but if you sold at 90 or 80, you still made a killing. i don't think the onslaught of ipos will start with mule soft either. this company truly helps clients make sure they're cloud-based software is integrating properly with their old school on premises work and they help a company we like very much called new relic. mule soft seems like it's totally worth while, even after today's 45% run, it may be able to go higher.
6:55 pm
still i keep thinking back to march of 2014, the last time deals starting coming at a fever pitch, multiple deals a day. that was the era where we were seeing companies come public at a nine or ten times the enterprise sales valuation and the market loved right up until it didn't, until there was no more room at the inn. i'm talking about where that one spate where q2 holdings, board free, pay lossity, king digital among a host of others came public at once, all popping until we were so sated with new stock that there just wasn't enough money out there to support them. a lot of people always ask me what do i think kills a bull. i always say the same thing. it's ultimately supply because the stock market like any other market is all about supply and demand. when the market's roaring, more companies will come public, and sooner or later we get so many ipos that the market's flooded with supply and it overwhelms the demand and that's when the bull takes a header.
6:56 pm
i see the supply coming, and it looks to me like we're white water rafting together, and we can hear the falls ahead, but we're having such a good time that we say to ourselves, why stop? well, i'll tell you why. the bottom of the waterfall is too far from here. nobody makes it out alive unless of course you're jaguar paw from cramer favor apock lip tow. if ipos keep coming at this torrid pace, then i'm eventually going to have to tell you to get out of the raft. stick with cramer. is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this? you don't. you partner with a firm that advises governments and the fortune 500, and, can deliver insight person to person, on what matters to you. morgan stanley.
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you heard from rusty braziel. i'm telling you the guy knows more than anyone. that idea that oil will be flat, let's stop kidding ourselves. oil's not going back to 80 anytime soon. but because of american ingenuity and deregulation, a lot of companies are going to make plenty of money even at 49
6:59 pm
to $50 a barrel. do not sell your oil stocks. they bring down the technology costs and they make a ton of money. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you monday! ♪
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