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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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test of that nasdaq performs we had so far this year. >> you are watching for under armour. >> i remember last quarter it was very ugly. this stock was down 30% in the last three months. 60% in the last 12 months. >> and what will you have tomorrow? >> there is a lot. the expectation is it's going to be a disappointment. that's what the channel tech show, adidas is resurgent. >> all right. >> we'll see. >> that will be tomorrow. meantime, "fast money" starts right now. >> "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's time's square, i'm mellissa lee. our guys on the desk, tonight on "fast," las vegas sands, am gen and buffalo wild wings, those conference calls were just getting under way. we will bring you the latest headlines as they break. plus, twitter surging after a jump in user growth. finally the worst buying stock, ceo jack dorsey found his groove again. we'll explain. later, a make or break moment, some of the biggest names in the
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sector. we got if one name our traders think will be the big winner. first, we start off with the big news of the day t. trump administration unveiling details for quote/unquote massive tax cuts. eamon javers is standing live. >> reporter: a lot of details. it was a packed briefing room at 1:30 when the president's team unveiled this package. they handed out a one-pageer detail of where they want to go. here are some of the highlights, including a 15% corporate tax rate a. 35% top individual tax rate. repeals of the state and local tax deduction and the estate tax or as they call it here the death tax. the tax brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3. it would double the standard deduction. it would repeal the minimum tax. they say it's unnecessary and duplicative and protecting homeownership and charitable giving donations and protects
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retirement tax benefits. gary cohn the national economic director talked a little about capital gains. which is always a hot topic on wall street. here's what he said. >> we are going to return the top capital gains tax rate and dividend rate to 20%. repealing the harmful 3.8% obamacare tax on dividends and capital gains. that tax has been a direct hit on investment income and small business owners. >> reporter: so those are the broad brush strokes. it's hard to calculate exactly how much this would cost because we don't have a lot of key details, including what income levels each of these tax prakts would trigger at. it's lard to say how much this would add to the deficit. >> that would be the political issue up on capitol hill. does this blow a hole in the deficit? real conservatives who have been concerned about the deficit for their entire career come around to this or will they want to see pay fors added in all this? sean spicer the white house
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press secretary told me a little while ago, this is a big goeshs up on capitol hill and it begins right now. >> eamon javers, thank you for detailing what came out of the white house today. it was a bit of a sales news event. the highs of the day before the details of the plan were released. right after 1:30, they took a dive low near the close. now we know the outline of what the trump tax reform will look like, what does this mean for the trump rally. if you continue to buy stocks based on a one-page tax summary. this is it. this is it. stocks at 18 times earnings here on this paper. >> no. >> no, why not? >> pause there is no -- at this point there is nothing we haven't already seen. it's a bunch of proposals. we said it last night. sort of knew what those proposals will be, the 15% corporate tax. >> that will be a laun non-starter. it's not revenue neutral. then mnuchin came out last week
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and said they prefer debt and deficits over, sorry, they prefer that hand the they want to go with growth. >> that i think this is growth. i'm sure it is growth. i don't think can you get past. so there is a big wish list here. nothing that we haven't seen. i think at this point earnings have looked better, but now we're in a show me, prove me, see if you can get anything through on capitol hill. >> isn't this an opening gambit? isn't this the start of the bidding process? >> it's funny the details of this tax plan is like waiting for goodell. you are not getting anything. you have been waiting. this is nothing than we we heard on the campaign trail. when these go guys were pressed by intelligent report wloers had detailed questions how this will trickle down to the middle class. what this meant from true deduction away from the obvious, there were no answers. this is crucial to passage. so if this was a bill that got handed into to be passed today, we didn't have to get through the normal process. there is a lot of positives in here. >> it was never meant to be that, though. maybe the lack of details offers
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an opportunity to negotiate a way towards passage. >> so the question is, is the rally predicated on this sort of getting through or is the rally sort of stand on its own two feet or somewhat stand on its own two feet. i think the answers probably can. i mean i do think the rally -- i get that most of this might not get through. i think it's an opening foray, no question. something is going to get through. and whether or not companies spend the repatriated dollars on hiring people or buying back stock. both are extremely bullish for the market. not necessarily the economy and the two have never been as far apart as they are now. so i would say, look at the russell name. closed up significantly. i think that's another all time high. >> all time high. >> the repatriation, that itself stimulus we are all talking about. i think the lack of details, again, it's part of the negotiation. mel brought it up. that's what we know about donald trump. we didn't get detail. we didn't expect to get all the detail we would have wanted. at least they put it out there.
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now that's an area, they can go back and forth in the negotiation. in terms of the rally, itself, it has nothing to do. as much as people want to pin this, oh, it's trump this, trump that, the tax. this is about the facts and the facts are, csx, those earnings, the industrials that have come out so far have been absolutely spectacular in my opinion. so when you look at the earnings, themselves, you start with the financials, now you move in more and more of the industrials, these numbers are impressive. they can grow into these earnings in this economy especially if we repatriate that money. >> is everybody investing, thinking what they hold on a fundamental basis could get an extra tail wind. because they pay a high tax rate? >> first of all the home builders, they have the highest affected tax rate out of any group. they stand to benefit the most from any type of lowering of the corporate tax rate. >> you are impulsive, right? >> i'm in pulte, kb homes.
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watch that space come in pretty hard over dh wartton. and we saw pulte coming 12% in a matter of days, a matter of five or six days. to me i think that story is definitely intact. i was looking at buying more. but i'm really overweight that one versus kb homes at this point. >> they're not inexclusive. note the border adjustment tax isn't on this paper. ultimately the reverse of that is what sectors have been hampered by just the concept of what the tax structure is going to look like, how they will pay for a bigger tax cut. right now this is a tax cut, not a reform. i was surprised some of the retailers had a good run t.xrt run up to a key level. you have target, wal-mart the names that probably should be most affected by a border adjustment tax. it's had a very good couple of days. >> keep an eye on these transports. when i say that i'm looking towards the rails right now. not only was the csx impressive. look at the way ump has been
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trading as well. there has been absolutely spectacular paper out there. going out to january of '18, january of '19, today, 50,000 calls were bought on nsc out in january 19, 2019. so people are taking huge bets on the future in some of these rails, which tell you something, even though there are nu near high, there is room to run. >> on kxc about the draft eo, executive order to pull ought of nafta. >> right now, it's with the mexican pe so. they were down 4%. it does trade at a premium to the group. likely so. it's going to trade on headline risk. but my opinion, down 4%. >> that name just on that headline alone is an opportunity to get long on stock. i think it pushes up. >> more on the future of president trump's tax plan. let's turn to washington insider. libby cantrill joins us now with a tern warning for wall street,
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she is here from pimco. >> i i i would agree with the skepticism that's been expressed here. i don't think we learned anything new in this tax plan. if anything fewer details than on the cane trail and this doesn't clang the sort of the dynamics and the realities of tax policy making. when president reagan got through his tax reform plan, it took him almost three years from start-to-finish to get that done. so i think it is sort of naive to expect a different time frame, honestly, especially with the lack of details announced today. >> it could take up to three years? >> that's not necessarily our base case t. reality is we won't see fundamental am tax reform. we are calling it tax reform lite. you see a reduction in the corporate tax rate not down 15%, not down 20%. you don't see it as a big tax reform the the way markets want to see. >> you look at this one page,
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glass half full, glass half empty. >> that glass half empty is that, you know, you don't have any details. glass half full is that maybe the lack of details allows them to negotiate better, because thar not locked into details. so what do you know? i am a bond investor. we are probably going to be more naturally skeptical. but you remember here, it's the house ways an means committee that's going to actually draft there legislation. so what i think, you know, so theoretically, in order to expedite tax reform, according to the paul ryan plan, making adjustments behind the scene may have actually been an expediteer for reform. i think that's in some ways complicates things. this is yet another plan that's in the mix. if the senate has its own plan the house has its own plan the white house has its own plan, again, it doesn't mean it's not going to happen. it will likely take longer and be smaller in scope than what some people have expected.
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>> you tell investors when it comes to the broad market. we saw an interesting reaction we seen a bid to the bone market in back of this. does this lend another bid to this bond market even in the face of -- >> i think what we are telling our clients are interested in this particular issue. i think what we're telling them is again something probably will get done, but it's going to be longer dated. maybe into 2018. it's going to be smaller in scope and as a result, we have been reducing risk. we have been sort of harvesting some gains across our portfolio because of. that because we think it's going to be longer and possibly stronger in scope. >> libby, do you think they can separate parts, the tax amnesty as pete talked about, that's stimulus on some level. you think corporates will put that to work, that's debatable. do you think something like that is a shorter time line? >> i think they're going to be very lows to break this up. i think there is a real appetite, if there is going to be done the tax reform or tax cuts, to be both individual and corporate tax cuts, politically, it's a bigger winner.
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so i think that maybe that's the final outcome. but i don't think. i think they're going to have to go through a lot of considerations to get to that conclusion. >> libby, good to see you. so our focus is to try to figure out what's going to happen to stocks. this repatriation thing, there is a very good chance that 92% of the money that's repatriated goes towards dividend and stock buy backs. that's been a historical norm. >> that will happen again. you 9 can't enforce companies to reinvest, that is extraordinarily bullish for the stockmarket. we can argue, it's not in the best interest of the citizens. >> that itself not per our view. i think if they get the repatriation through, which i think they should. it's very bullish for the market. >> for me when i look at why the markets are holding in, yes, to his point, earnings, these new companies standing on their own two feet. if you look at the fact that regulation is going to stop, for every new one, two have to be pulled off. that was a tremendous head wind for corporations. so i think that's a big deal.
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but, you know, we talked about gold a lot on this desk, how gold has been breaking down. >> we saw two on the back of it. >> the reversal in gdx that outperforms gold, gld, by two or three-to-one. it ran almost 3% interday. so every time you see up with of those proposals, they met with hands up in the heisman, you will watch these things fire on gold rally and stocks fall. >> you have to go back to the trades that were working be every the election cycle on some level. that was financials as well. i realize they got their big boost on election day. when i think about this, i this i the risk-reward is the upside to this market. the market has not -- i think the market is skeptical what you will get today. guess what we got details. libby said it's probably not going to happen any time soon. that being said, is this market has been rallying on macro. it's been rallying on decent earnings. rates are too low. ten year is still a rally -- >> off the election. that itself the bulk of it.
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i'm going to say in my book he was probably 80% off the election. yes, there is a lot of fundamental reasons why the market can continue to go up, move sideways. >> the administration is skeptical about the game. >> you have your own party log jamming you. >> where's the market up since election day? >> 12 sponsors. >> so how much is a function of anxiety that was on waiting on markets before the elections? you think about the vix -- >> i'm going to push it back to you. do you ung the market would have ran 12% if hillary clinton was elected? >> i think we got to a place, there was relief on anxiety around sectors. >> not a shot. >> but what has happened since the election that's there has been a lot of executive orders, no detail. >> look at all the regulation. trying to overturn dodd-frank. are you kidding me? >> i would agree with steve from the standpoint of i don't think they would have had the anticipation of all the things we know trump has promised. whether or not they come through -- >> look, the deregulation side
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of it. the repatriation side of it, all those things are a factor. i don't know it's 80%. they're a factor. i will tell you guys this, the last three ore four trading sessions, we have traded almost 20 million option contractss per day. what that means is, normallily, volumes are there to support this. everybody always says, well, there is not enough volume to support this, that, the other. the leverage is being used. you got to understand the rivers market. look at that volatility. when you see the vol estimate, under 11, that tells you a lot about what you should be doing to protect yourself, so you can be a part of this rally. >> it also tells me, it also tils a position, people watch this show know where we all are. i was saying the banks will rally. you took the target off 84 back a long time. it was an inflexion in the industrial activity. i think we are seeing late last summer. >> coming up, we have full team coverage. all the big conference calls. they are monitoring las vegas,
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sands, the blue phone, watching amgen and buffalo wild wings call. we will bring you the latest headlines. plus a big pact is looming. the sectors gear up for earnings. they will tell you which will be the big winner tomorrow. twitter surging after a growth in users. is the rally for real. we are one of the traders. when "fast money" returns.
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hey you've gotta see this. c'mon. no. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch.
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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. welcome back. we have an earnings result on las vegas sands and dede is live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: the after our stock is down for las vegas sands, that could be because of some misses on revenues coming from key property. investors were closely watching. take a look. revenues coming in at $741 million handily beating expectations. the sands qatai bringing in 46
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million t. macaw were 181 million beating the streets 176 million t. newest property the p paris an macaw. another signature property. the marina bay sands in singapore missed expectations compared with estimates of $704 million. they talked about the call. one tail wind for the company, gross gambling revenues in macaw went up all three months of the corner. sands says it's invested $13 billion in property and tourism there. he says it's a bet that's paying off. >> i remain as confident as i have ever been in our company's prospects. after a challenging period the macaw has grown again.
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its growth has been growing for three comp secondtive growths. the question is experiencing strong growth in both our mass gaming and non-gaming segments. >> earnings come one day after w cnn posted strong numbers. he says the chinese government crackdown, the vip numbers are starting to come back. back to you, guys. >> thank you very much. we talked about it yesterday. what do you think the shortfall was all about? las vegas sands pacific? >> this is a stock that rallied basically 35% off the lows. the revenues will probably gross 13% and the vip is growing higher. the higher end and the exciting part is the mass market is also growing. few want a pure macaw play, it's malco. i think macaw is continuing higher. >> i think you love you some w cnn. >> i was just in. i got out of that as well. i think this creates an opportunity. when you look at those numbers
5:22 pm
from macaw, absolutely staggering the last quarter. i look at las vegas sands. i know it jumped off. the reaction was absolutely dramatic. now you get a little pullback. it's not enough i wish the pull back was more. >> you are selling wy in in. >> look on here, twitter topping 8% that surprises, now bothing 328 million monthly users. they cross facebook and instagram. a growth about 6%. this is the beginning of twitter. resurgents or a bed cat bounce. you really hope for resurgence. >> i'm realistic on this one. they were helped by the political landscape and the local environment. still helped by. that even they they have more eyeballs, that i have less
5:23 pm
revenue. you have to remember, it was trading a at $25. are you still in. they were up 9% with that goose. i'm still long, i'm not in. >> here's the question. >> i like questions. >> does this report in the stock reaction that followed, does it help twitter remain an independent company or does it help it sell itself? >> i think it helps it. if you think about that question the answer is both. by sense this could be when you say twitter turned the corner. maybe they stopped the down trend and maybe they finally started to figure it out. traded at 70 million shares. >> that is significant volume. i am hoping at least the worse
5:24 pm
is the over. >> bad cost engagement. that's an issue, but they are see some results out of that. by the way, i got a look. but i think in terms of twitter, i think of it as an opportunity. i think the opportunity to take some of this off, if not all of this off, because these numbers were okay. but revenue was not there. i think they're spending a lot of money. they're seeing some results, but in the enough. >> still ahead, the big after hours movers, buffalo wild wings, we will hear from those ceos later this hour. i am melissa lee. in the meantime, here's what else is coming up on "fast." >> espn is taking it on the chin, announcing another round of layoffs. suddenly, disney investors don't seem to care. we'll tell you what that could mean for the stock. plus these three men have made a boat load of money this year t. charts suggesting, one is about to make even more tomorrow when
5:25 pm
their company reports earnings. we will give you the name traders are betting on when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money". we are live, the number record day for the small caps is russell 2,000 close at an all time high. meantime the dow and s&p both came within points of their records before selling off into the close. here's what's coming up, another blow for disney's espn the flagship sports network gets ready to lay off a number of employees. the stock has been soaring. we'll tell you what that is all about. plus we are all over the after hours action tonight and jen and buffalo wild wings out with
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earnings. those stocks posed lower. we are monitoring amgen and buffalo wild wings. all right. first, it is one of the busiest weeks for earnings in the last five years, tomorrow marks the biggest day as a number of megatech names before the nasdaq hits near record highs. cnbc's dom chu is back at headquarters breaking it all down. dom. >> here we are, sitting on the eve of one of the influential earnings days of the season. we are talking about a slew of different reports including the top 25 companies in the land, intel, amazon microsoft for sure you get the picture. those four stocks have been contributors march to 6k, some
5:32 pm
of course more than others since it first reclaim the 5,000 dot-com bubble bust on much 22nd of 2015. intel gained about 3r8s in that time. it's not great. it's not negative. microsoft and alphabet have been stars. they gained north of 50%. we'll throw amazon up there. it's up a staggering 135% a. quick check only a that bet which reports tomorrow t. stock has traded positively after six of the last earnings report. they put in a move of 3% up or down on the heels of the report. so mem lisa, we could get serious firms tomorrow, not just alphabet and tech companies as well. back over to you guys. >> thank you very much. dom chu. pete najerian. >> microsoft. there is a stock. not just the options. i think when you target microsoft. you are looking at cloud and
5:33 pm
amazon and anw west. intel for that matter. i like all of those plays. i think they all go higher. >> tim. >> i think intel will do as usual. people will wonder how they are converting this company into the modern chip be which they successfully are. google will impressive with multiple businesses of which a handful are not monetizing at a rate. amazon, the bar is very high, frankly. we are at a place where this company is so reveered and impressive in terms of the growth, especially in aws. a slowdown as all. missing by a bit is important. >> the next set is three of the big names reporting tomorrow are headed for even more gains. let's talk to rich ross office ever core. >> it's not hyperbole to suggest this is the busiest 30 of the 100 reporting after the close. i'm not leaving my wingman. i like technology. let's go to the charts first we
5:34 pm
see amazon. look. stock has been a wig winner. 50-day moving average t. s&p briefly dipped below it. we settle into a textbook flag formation. you know we use that flag pole, $90. we project that out. i think that's where we get to, a popular target. i like it on the charts. now we go old school. we look at microsoft here. now we know for the last 16 years or so since that 2000 high, the stock has under performed tech more broadly. the stock has been a rock. that's what we like against this geopolitical instability and microsoft wins the race here. i think you stick with the big boy here this stock under performed year-to-date. i think we can see that reverse and out perform the market. finally with efinish up with alphabet, also known as google. once again the stock is choppy overtime. you see these countertrend flags. we have this sort of down trends
5:35 pm
here. once again, this is where the big money is made, coming out of those counter trend channels, that's where we are, on google, we break out to an all time high. once again, 24% of that 100 is reporting. i like those odds. this will tip the scale, probably decide the fate of the next 5% of the market, which i think is higher. >> it seems like a slam dunk. i don't know why i ask? should we invite rich ross over? >> no, no, don't worry t. answer is no you know why? >> why? >> i tame umbridge with his chart. >> why don't you go chart yourself then? >> what do you mean? >> go over there? >> guy, why don't you head over there? >> rich ross, put up amazon, you got enough. >> it is a rematch really of the champions. >> this is live. >> bad blood. bad blood. >> this is amazon charts. amazing how you can do and make them what you want and do look
5:36 pm
like. i will show you something, pete najerian. are you watching this? >> yeah. >> i want to show you something. take a look at this. watch this. >> there is cool. >> watch this. you see that right there. see that. >> a circle. >> doesn't that look extraordinarily similar to this? yes or no? binary, please. >> two circles. >> circle gets the square. >> thank you, tim, i we heard you, wise guy. now, look what happened with the first circle? look at the move we saw on amazon, happened to be right after earnings. what are we setting up for here? >> uh-huh. >> oh. >> what does that make me? winner winner chicken dinner, coming back at you after that work job you gave me on that tournament thing. see what i did there? look at that, that's beautiful. can we just get a shot of that? >> that bitterness is unattractive. >> unattractive. >> good trouble. >> what do you say, rich ross?
5:37 pm
>> i say, don't call eight comeback. i have been here for years here. that's guy talking. okay. it does not exist. this stock is going to a thousand and you can take that to the bank, my friend. >> take it to the bank. >> to the bank. >> nice, i love that. >> pete najerian. >> yes. >> you didn't cash your vote based on the charting action over there. >> well, one of them is 30 charts, the other guy is how. >> that aside. >> that aside. >> guy makes a great point. i think it looks great what you put up. it truly does. but i got to lean towards rich on this one. i think they're going to a thousand. i agree. >> i love rich. i love guy. i got to tell you, i'm a little afraid of that chart as well, i got to go with guy on this. >> oh. >> brake the tide. break it. >> anybody that closed out on cool jay. rich the id. >> a lot of points in there. >> however, didn't i say a
5:38 pm
little worried about this. i don't know what they mean. ly go with guy. >> you know what, we're going to ask you out there, who made the better case for amazon, rich or guy? we will let you at home, go to twitter, vote in our poll at cnbc "fast money". the winner will be revealed later this hour. >> i don't know what will happen with this pool. guy will win this pool. >> "fast money" matters. we will see. and could buffalo wild wings out with stocks volatile as the conference calls are on the way. we will bring you the headlines when "fast money" returns.
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...gocentral from godaddy. the internet is waiting. start for free today at godaddy. well councilwomen back to "fast money". time for an earnings whip. the dynamic duo breaks down the action. amgen on the biotech blue phone. >> hey, we're on the engine. it started at 5:00. it was a mixed corner, the shares lower in the after hours. the beat on the bottom line, it was a slight mit i miss on the top line. they did narrow the lower end of the guidance range, bringing up the etf. on the calm right now, the chief scientific officer is talking about the pipeline, trying to make the case for why they
5:42 pm
expect the case of cholesterol drugs to expand, showing it helps reduce heart attacks. they are talking about that right now. the ceo bob bradley earlier talked about tax reform. take a listen to what he said. >> we have long aed advocated the need for corporate tax reform. if you have u.s. companies to remain competitive, we need a level tax playing field. we don't have one now. we are hopeful this administration will deliver that in 2017. we hope such change will improve capital allocation improvement. >> a lot of suspectlation what him gen will do, a more favorable tax environment. make more purchase, perhaps a. lot of people contribute this to the arthritis drug. those came in quite light when they called it a shockingly light drug. amgen saying it could be softness right for dermatology.
5:43 pm
some are looking forward to add the technology. they also have a huge drug in that class. >> that after hours stop has been a little weak. not quite as bad. they think it won't be looking as bad as amgen today. that's something to look forward to. >> thank you so much. we will get to susan. we want to create amgen first. i want to go to guy. you thought ibb was doing well. >> well, it's not going to help it. listen, amgen beat on eps. they were light on revenues. exactly for the reason meg said. enbrill was light. it's not just a one trick.. neulasta is a drug. they have 6 or 7 billion dollar a year drugs. they raised the lowest end of guidance for the full year. i think you buy it on the dip. by the way, this has been the format for amgen for the last couple years, they've reported stock earnings, sales off. a couple weeks later it will happen then. >> too binary when you look at
5:44 pm
amgen. if you buy as guy has said, you get your cellgene, gilead, amgen. you are fought relying on when one reporting and having a hit or miss. so for me i think you are better off buying ibb. it's hugging about there were 3 to the upside. >> speaking of gilead. are you gilead. >> i am gilead. >> bottom line. >> >> they still have to buy some. that's the gym add story. >> that i have to create something. that's where they are lacking. i think amgen to guy's point on this sell-off, you look at the pipeline, they lowered the low end of the guidance going forward. there is a lot of reasons that this does create an opportunity. this sell-off i think is the opportunity to buy a little am begin. i like your ibb idea, but i like this individual name on the sell-off. >> let's move on, shares of buffalo wild wings falling, susan lee is at the headquarters to break it all down. >> they are engaged right now, a nasty proxy battle with activist
5:45 pm
monsanto capital. buffalo wild wings under pressure to try to improve the business t. quarter pretty much added into ul to the case as earnings missed, revenue was inline. ceos were up a meeker half of a percent. it beat low street expectations. half priced wing tuesday apparently helped sales, higher cost, hurt buffalo's bottom line. >> best trends are the challenge of rising labor costs and we unique head winds. you don't need cross head winds and opportunities creating 16-week review of our cost structure with a leading consulting taim fimpl. >> to higher kocht, lower foot traffic, we have monsanto capital wants sally smith to step down at ceo. they also want more seats on the board. they were on the air criticizing buffalo wild wings for coming up short consistently.
5:46 pm
>> the fundamental operating metrix of this business have been in fairly significant deterioration for multibillion years on end, whether it's traffic, comp store sales, restaurant level operating margins, returns on capital, guest experience, technology implementations. the list is extraordinarily long and broad. >> so we have that proxy vote on june 2nd. over the past week, it's been back and forth between buffalo wild wings and they say they are under attack, unfair attack and have suspended tear business. the stock has returned some 1,700%, because of a 2003 ipo, that's despite under performance we have seen in the last few years. melissa, back to you. >> thank you very much, susan lee. how the we trade buffalo wild wings when wing prices are going up? >> half priced when tuesday. >> he alone, he can walk in. >> on a tuesday night and beat the house.
5:47 pm
>> i don't think you have to do anything. these guys haven't sewn a reflection. the revenues have been lackluster. the activity is as to me in the stock price, people hear activism. they think it's time to roll in. i think this is about as good as it gets per year. >> the favorite restaurant in the space. stocks. not restaurants. >> i lean more towards something like these other names we talk about all the time. this is a no touch. i like there is anthivist in there. they struggle for a long time. i do think there are other places i have not had money. i have not had buffalo wild wings, in the store a time. >> you have been to buffalo wild wings. >> a little bw. >> what happened? tell the story. >> we go to buffalo wild wings. we order a round of drinks. my margaritas are too sweet. i coach them on how to make a proper margarita. >> mr. bartender, while he was remaking it. >> anyway. >> operating margins were.3%
5:48 pm
this last year. there were 6.3% this year. >> that is not good. margins stop the slow down i don't think you can buy the stock. >> star bucks reporting tomorrow bracing for a big move, mike. >> starbucks trading at all time highs, normally moving 3.5%. that i have a move of 3. percent after they report tomorrow which would be a change of about 3.4 to $3.4. they have seen slower growth rates and at the top one level t. new scores that they are planning over the next five years, a slightly lower place. those are the concerns that have the options margins a little more spoofed this time. >> grasso, you like starbucks here? >> no, i don't. the slower growth rate. if you look at duncan, they're up 5% year-to-date.
5:49 pm
i do believe that there is something that smells and i'm not trying to joke around here. something smells in the coffee industry. i think both are a no touch. >> coffee prices are dirt cheap. their costs have never been better. so i think there is a company that's slightly in transition. we know it's the transition, by the way, at the top is a guy that's very good at counting paperclips. that's what he does. i think management is up to the task. this stock reminds me a lot of mcdonald's at some level. they've have a lot of levels to execute. sales have slowed down. the valuation is rich. the stock is worth owning. >> for more "options action," check out the full show friday 5:00 p.m. eastern time. disney has more bad news for espn. the sports giant laying off a who's who of on air talent. why do investors suddenly not seem to care about the troubles at espn and let them reveal the winner to our go chart yourself sessionment. you still have time to vote.
5:50 pm
cnbc "fast money" have your voice we heard. you are watching "fast money" on cnbc first in business world wide.
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>> welcome back to "fast money".
5:53 pm
another blow for espnt. company will reportedly lay off a number of employees and big on air names. julia boorstin is following there all. >> espn will lay off about 100 people. >> that includes tv and radio reporters as well as writers. about 10% of the forward basing talent. those are some surprise reactions on twitter to some of the big names that have started to trickle out, including long-time reporters ed werder, analyst trent differ and jayson stark and jay crawford, a sports anchor. this follows the layoff of about 300 employees. most behind the scenes back in october of 2015. espn president saying quote dynamic change has diverse tilt and value. they have been involved in the challenging process of determining the anchors,
5:54 pm
analysts and those who handle play-by-play necessary to meet those demands, we will implement changes in our talent lineup this week. they are reporting to sports centers how the content is evolving. noting the debut of more digital only content. this is not about cost cutting. it's about shifting strategy to work with employees best suited to new multiplatform content. there have been concerns about espn's reliance on the tissue bun him and they have been weighing on disney stock since bob i caner mentioned the declining espn subscriber members in 2015. we saw costs on pressure on disney's results sin the top quarter this year. thanks so espn. disney's cable network saw an operating drop in operating income. over to you. >> thank you very much. fans of pete will know sometimes he is seen on espn. >> college football. >> on games. so what do you make of what's happening there? the acknowledgement that the
5:55 pm
landscape is changing. >> they talk about strategy. john skipper who runs espn now is doing, has done a great job in transition. that's not easy. that's something that takes some time a. lot of these contracts were signed before he came on board. so high contracts. they're trying to physical out the best strategy going forward. but the focus on disney stock has not been on espn. they were gone back to where are they finding growth. they're sy seeing it in the studio, they're seeing it in parks there's other places they are going. >> content. they're the king. that was the old story. this has been a slow and sometimes fast lead when you look at. that it seems like they've got their fwenger, maybe they got their whole hand in the dam at this point. they're off 11% year-to-date t. chart looks really smooth and methodical. i still think it's kworth a buy. >> yeah. >> guy do you have a comment? >> what month is it? what comes after may? june pete was saying two months
5:56 pm
ago, the disney call. 98 at the time. we said if they didn't sell it off until lousy quarter a few months ago, it wasn't going down, it was going to 120. 158 now. >> you have a great memory. >> giddy up. >> have you gathered your thoughts? >> two things i. to say, disney is probably the most iconic brand. consumer products are taking it. they have major leak baseball. they will be there, fine. speaking of sports, be sure to tune into power lunch for a stock drop. there's eight all star teams. there can be only one winner. >> oh, yeah. >> along with the one and only jim claimer. dock ur7k who won go chart yourself? guy adami, led to trigger right now. we will reveal the winner after a brief break.
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5:59 pm
welcome back to "fast money". this is the in a moment you have all been waiting for t. winner of go chart yourself. who made the winner is not even close guy adami avengeing, face or shame, rich ross. >> that's the style. >> i'm right! >> not a very gracious win. >> i'm going to go with ump. a lot of activity out there. they are going higher. >> we have a big draft on power
6:00 pm
lunch tomorrow. xrt going higher. >> love rich ross. who is opening for the mets tonight? noah for noahthor. >> that will get you done. >> "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and tweet you. email me or tweet me


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