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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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lunch tomorrow. xrt going higher. >> love rich ross. who is opening for the mets tonight? noah for noahthor. >> that will get you done. >> "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and tweet you. email me or tweet me @jimcramer.
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the new tax plan, is that something that's going to benefit us as investors. i think a lot of people are confusing the places on our screen with what happens in washington. and i can tell you that is one giganda mistake, they know nothing. even after today's late afternoon pull back, the true driving force behind this market remains earnings, the profits of companies, we're in earnings season. just like the strategic bombing campaign from world war ii, we're being carpet bombed with news. far too many people in this business believe that what these individual companies say is just noise compared to what the
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president of the united states is. too many investors are all about listening to lawmakers and debating polity positions rather than the merits of actual stocks, some lucrative, the others gaseous. even though this is one of the single biggest earnings day of the year, we need to consider the effects of president trump's tax cuts. the president introduced some sweeping tax kuwacuts. we have to think of what those policies meaning for investors, this is cramerica. but we have to ask ourselves if any of these changes can actually get through congress. this plan will be very tough to pass, keep that in mind, we don't want to shadow box with something that might not happen. corporate tax cuts affect
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companies. the main feature of trump's tax cut involves cutting the corporate tax down from 36% to 15%, in order to bolster the economy. assuming congress can actually pass the darn thing, and that is a huge assumption. you should know that the average effect of the corporate tax rate is only 19%, however plenty of companies like the retailers and restaurant chains do like the rates, and it matters big to them. let's talk about disney, and i'm going to walk you through it. so we actually talk about a real company. disney for example is a top tier taxpayer and it would instantly become much more profitable if the tax rates goes down to 15%. using disney as an example, what would they do with the extra money? disney like a lot of companies
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are awash in capital. more likely disney would increase it's buy back. this company has shrunk its share count rather amazingly by 200,000 shares in the last three years. we purchased 25 billion in stock this fiscal year alone. disney could even double the size of its payout, or maybe it could open more theme parks or make more movies. the truth is we don't know what it would do. now there's a perception if the company used the money to buy back stock or boost their dividends that money is essentially wasted because it doesn't create jobs, but it certainly would create more wealth for you the shareholders, because that's what cramerica is. maybe having a larger portfolio
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causes people to start more businesses, i also think a 15% corporate tax rate would encourage companies in other country to do business here. and there are a lot of people on the sidelines waiting for this market to come down to a more reasonable price. what if companies are making more money because they have a lower tax rate, i think it would force money out of the sidelines, disney stock would go from being expensive to being cheap. but here's the rub, cutting the corporate tax rate in half would explode the deficit. repatriation of offshore capital would offset some of that because right now our taxes are so high that many companies choose to leave their money overseas. but that's a one up solution, it's $2 trillion, maybe. but then it happens, let's be clear, i don't really care all that much on this show about the deficit. it's just that none of the speculation about the tax plan
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matters if it doesn't get passed. they would let the republican majority by pass a democratic filibuster, but there are rules about when lawmakers can use it, you can't use reconciliation to increase the tax rate. george w. bush used this tool to cut personal income taxes, by making them temporary. but corporate tax rates are just more complicated. the only way the gop could -- two-year tax cut, that's kind of like a tax holiday, maybe get some one off special dividends like the one costco just gave you, the republican leadership would have to offset it with major tax increases or draconian
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spending cuts from somewhere else. that's why a hot political issue, those issues are so toxic that i doubt speaker ryan or anybody else in the senate could muster up the votes. that's why this thing is kind of, well, let's say, it's not palpable enough to make investment decisions about. what about the individual tax side. trump's plan would certainly make things more attractive by putting capital gains taxes to 20%. other elements like reducing the number of tax brackets to three, doubling the standard deduction, while getting rid of other deductions would have less of an impact on the stock market, although they would certainly work wonders for our bank accounts. now this would indeed be a massive tax cut.
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but while gary cohen, and chief mine chun -- is by watering it doubt so much that it expires after a few years. the republicans in the house and senate, all have their competing tax plans that they have been needing on for decades. let's cut to the chase, should you buy stocks in anticipation of the huge tax cut? the answer is point blank, no. the truth is we have no idea what will pass and i seriously doubt this current plan can make it through congress, which tells me they have to revert to fundamental principles here. we have to act as if none of them will, because it's
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difficult to tell how -- i say carry on, stay the course and recognize that while these tax k cuts can be terrific for your portfolio, they may end up going nowhere. let's go to anthony in illinois. >> caller: i know the price to earnings and valuation is outrageous, but given it just broke it's all-time highs, which i would assume rates the low resistance level to got 290 to 300 per share, also giving the cult involving of elan musk, as a young investor with a high risk tolerance, in your opinion could this be the next amazon or alphabet? >> if you love tesla cars, you might like the stock and that's
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really what's driving this thing. >> caller: i got a question about pfizer, p ooirpfe, seems stuck at $30 for a new years now, what's your opinion on future investment, either short or long on the stocks? >> it doesn't have the kind of growth they like, and it's more of a fixed income equivalent, it's not enough to do the job. let's go to tim in north carolina. tim. >> caller: long time listener, first-time caller. >> thank you. >> caller: i have a loaded question for you, are you ready? >> year, sure. >> caller: my question is, what is your position on unitedhealth stock. >> i love unitedhealth stock, no matter what health plan that
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comes out, they seem to be the winner because they're smarter than anyone else. the driving force in this market is earnings not tagses, so i just want you to stay the course regardless of personal and corporate income taxes. it's the year for a select group of stocks. and we're still on the lookout for trump stocks, although the task isn't as simple as it once was, i'm pointing to the new stock. and is it a trash day already? waste management has been cleaning up for decades, but are you wasting a buying opportunity? stick with cramer.
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experience amazing.
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what's the matter with pepsico? how could they have screwed up so badly? what the heck happened to boeing? i thought they had terrific numbers? how can proctor and gamble end up so badly? the answer is that nothing is really wrong with any of these companies, except their stocks simply got ahead of themselves. investors got so excited that they bid them up to unsustainable levels, but don't confuse the stocks with fundamentals are as good as ever. while i want you to own high quality companies, i would like you to pick them off at bargain basement prices. they're having a selloff and they're doing so for technical
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reasons only. what kind of quarter did pepsico report? a dependable set of numbers, great execution and a lot more organic growth than coca-cola. why did it rally? it already went from 113 in february to 115 during the quarter. and pep just can't going to be rewarded for doing its usual great stuff. so you get this kind of pull back that lasts a couple of days and then you buy. it's been a core holding. as for boeing, the last type it reported, the company delivered much better cash flow, a phenomenal set of order wins, while trying to reap the harder set gains from the problematic 787 dream liner. but this stock had been traveling nonstop. the first leg coming from trump's unexpected victory, and the second quarter being better
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than expected. even though the numbers were terrific, it wasn't terrific enough. i don't know if anything, though, could have been enough to move the stock higher after that move. i wasn't enamored of proctor's number, the company only reported 1% or beganic growth. proctor stock has been languishing in the 80s until we heard from nelson pelts, that news sent the stock above 90 where it held until this quarter. now that proctor stock has pulled back, nelson pelts is the only large engaged investor who likes to announce his position. this is your chance to piggy back on in yet unannounced planned. i think it's a gift to get it down at $87.
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what did texas instruments do in its quarter? it gave you a magnificent number, nothing more, nothing less, but it had to do far more than magnificently, if it was going to do what the stocks of dupont did. the stocks seemed insanely better if the stock was going to keep powering higher. it's consistent, consistency means no surprises, solid numbers, we all want our portfolios filled with mickey d's and duponts, but we also need consistent performers that allow us to sleep at night. and we need to buy these at a discount when their rarely give them to us. we can't ask wow, what's wrong, we have to say, this is our chance, and that's exactly why i think pepsico, proctor and gamble and texas instruments is
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a buy. there's one canadian based company that could clean up off the new administration, i'll reveal it just ahead. and my exclusive with the biggest trash collection and recycling company in the country. i've got the ceo. and do your stocks have what it takes to survive the unknowns in this market? i'll be the judge of that when we play "am i diversified?"
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nearly six months, ever since the election, we have been on the lookout here for so-called trump stock. the names that will benefit the most from our new president and his republican allies, the
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republican congress. this of course has turned out to be more complicated than it was in november. it became clear that congress, at least as it currently stands would have a very hard time passing any kind of meaningful legislation, including to be sure the package proposed today for cutting taxes, both corporate and individual. but after paul ryan's repeal and replace health care--there's still some value to be captured from identifying the companies that really benefitted from the more doable elements of the president's pro business agenda. that's why tonight, i want to tell you about what could be the ultimate donald trump stocks, even if congress does nothing on tax reform and repatriation, and remember, i'm a skeptic, i'm talking about enbridge, the huge mip line operator, that just
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became a power house, a canadian company that may be the ultimate trump stock. the president may have run on an america first platform and he started out getting really tough on trade with canada, but that doesn't change the fact that one of my favorite trump stocks is the canadian company because it's where the jobs are and they're putting them here. that's one of the reasons why i'm a fan of enbridge. for decades enbridge has been making acquisitions to the point where it's become a gigantic energy play, it operates the largest crude oil companies on earth. as you probably know, canada ships a lot of oil to the u.s. and enbridge's pipes carry 68% of that south canadian crude. and enbridge also is involved in
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the storage of natural gas, with nearly 4,000 miles of gas pipelines, enbridge moves 20% of all the gas consumed in the united states. on top of that, the company also has a small sideline with a growing portfolio of wind, power, and solar power generation assets. the pipeline space should be the biggest benefit -- enormous discretion when it comes to enforcing regulations, yes, executive decisions, and trump's using that authority to effectively deregulate all sorts of industries, especially energy and banking, at the same time, unlike his predecessor, trump has made it clear that he's in favor of building lots of new pipelines and given all the oil and gas that we have found in the country in recent years, companies like enbridge are poised to lay a lot of new pipe. plus politics aside with oil
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only $36 a barrel, the availability of pipeline space, we're short pipeline space in this country. meanwhile enbridge can probably build for years before saturating the market. think of it a way as exploding the oil production without worrying so much about where the oil's going. enbridge gets paid on the amount of oil it transports. what makes this politically attractive, back in september we learned that enbridge was combining with spectra, a company that we have always liked to become the largest energy infrastructure company in north america and following the zeal was approved by the ftc, then enbridge concluded their stock for stock transaction, enbridge getting 55% of the combined company, spectra 43%.
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it connects is mar sail las shale, to the gulf coast to the east coast. plus natural gas pipeline into new york city. not only does this give enbridge some additional best in class assets, but it also gives the company $10 million in growth assets. that allows the company to keep growing it's dividend by 10% over the next 10 years. t the payoff could really explode. before the deal, it was the fourth largest pipeline company in north america, now it's number one by a pretty significant margin. if you believe in the north american energy industry,
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enbridge is a terrific stop. they have the largest amount of growth projects and a strong balance sleet with plenty of access to capital to lay all this new pipe and rest assured, they have a great management team. but with the president making it easier to build pipelines, enbridge has become trump stock. of course there's a candid issue. you're probably a little skeptical. we know the president campaigned aggressively on the idea that our trading partners don't trade fair. in addition to slapping a 20% tariff on canadian soft wood lumber, trump went on to tweet some insend area comments about china. it's a little weird that canada ended up in the crosshairs. backs in the '90s, the late-great john candy made a movie called "canadian bacon."
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even if we end up in a large trade deal with canada--environmentalists who don't really have much of a voice in the new administration, they don't seem to be all that well represented. we'll just end up buying from hostile companies in the middle east. plus, it's the largest pipeline player out there, enbridge has the potential for being a huge job creator in the united states and that's what the president seems to value more than anything. there are few infrastructure projects that prodeu produce mo unfilled jobs. so don't worry about this trade spout with canada, the president
6:29 pm
has embraced companies with every nationality, as long as they want to create jobs here in the u.s. i think enbridge may be the biggest of them all. the bottom line is the trump administration has ushered in a new era for the north american pipeline industry, and thanks to its recent merger, spectra has some of the best assets and the best growth in the industry, with tens of millions of dollars worth of deals in the pine line. the company pays you to wait with that bountiful 4% yield. that's an ultimate donald trump fray trade. larry in massachusetts. >> caller: jim, thank you for your detailed and carefully considered fire side chat this morning. >> thank you for attending, larry. that's the action investors club. >> caller: look, i have been
6:30 pm
trying to find an industrial that hasn't gotten away from us, i nevered that uri is down from a march high, given the decisive earnings week last week, and cap's blowout quarter, did you see anything in the uri quarter to cause concern? >> this is a football stock, there were bears all over this thing, i went over it with a fine toothed comb, i felt very good about it. but there were people who were saying in this rental market, i trust knee land, i think you got horse sense about this, i'm good with it. let's go to srinath in michigan. >> caller: great to talk to you, jim. i think it was mid-march that your had the ceo of u.s. concrete on the show, i was very
6:31 pm
excited to hear about the growth in the united states and without the trump, you know, the trump bump that you call it. >> sure. >> caller: and subsequently there was a problem, you know, there was a problem with the filings or whatever. >> yeah. >> caller: down from 70 to 60. now it's going back again to 63. do i buy some more? >> it crossed over. it became a company that has an accounting irregularity, and when they have accounting irregularities that equals sell, and the only time i've violated that is with caterpillar and that's only because i have a question as to whether the irs is right or not. but this is something that has to be resolved before they will get my blessing again. i'm going to go to bill in florida. bill? >> caller: boo -yaboo-yah, jim.
6:32 pm
i'm calling from siesta key, florida. so, jim, kinder morgan, i got in a couple of years ago, i've written down here, 7 bucks or so a share. your thoughts on hold? >> you know, look, kinder and morgan is a problem stock because it really did a lot of stuff that i believe in and then it kind of pulled your heart out. so i'm not going to say that kinder morgan because i got the transcanada, i go so many others, i don't need to mess with that lack of success. sure, there are plenty of donald trump stocks out there. but there's still some value t p be captured from the new era. best assets best growth in the
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industry. waste management has slowed it's pace in 2016, i'm talking trash with it's ceo, find out if it could be a good buying opportunity. and do your stocks have a chance to thrive in this market? ♪
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yesterday we got a slew offerings reports that made us feel a lot more confident about the u.s. economy. but before we get euphoric, we're checking in with waste management. because most forms of commerce tends to generate a lot of trash, especially construction. therefore waste management has
6:37 pm
its pulse on the economic trigger. waste management is just up 2% this year. why did the stock get dinged? okay, the company posted inline earnings with stronger than expected numbers, that's good, waste management also won some major new customers in new york city and los angeles, but investors seem to get a little spooked after management talked about increased volatility in recycling commodity prices, so is this a buying opportunity in a high quality stock or is there something negative i'm missing here? let's talk to jim fish, ceo of west management. i thought the standout was huge cash flow and 8% growth. tell me if i should be worried about recycling? >> i'm glad i'm not a day
6:38 pm
trader, because i would have picked it wrong. 8% revenue growth, 18% ebita growth, and really the best recycling quarter we think we have ever had, hard to say why it was down, but that's why i'm not a day trader. >> just want people to understand, you do collect newspapers and what you said on the conference call, the chinese have been buying newspapers and suddenly they stopped, so the price you get for recycling has dropped dramatically. >> they are our biggest customer, they buy 100% of our newspapers, about 50% of our cardboard and when they stop buying newspapers, the price really dropped off, it dropped 40% in one week, but we're feeling optimistic about recycling. >> let's talk about something that does have great visibility, if the president does get a
6:39 pm
corporate tax cut to 15%, what does that do to waste management's earnings? >> we think 15 to 20% could be realistic, there's going to be some kind of give back, we don't know whether that will be interest deductible for fuel tax credits, we think between 15% and 20%, will be a $150 million benefit for us. so we're all for it. >> so you can do a number of things, you can make some acquisitions, you've got a great dividend, a buy back, or you could actually buy more trucks? more capital equipment? it's any one of that menu, right? >> we're probably buying 150 more trucks this year than last year, so we're certainly investing back into the business. if we don't find a good strategic acquisition, and after
6:40 pm
a dividend, we think there's one or two acquisitions out there, and we're looking at them, but if we don't find those, we'll look at whether we put money on the balance sheet. >> you've got to be one of the largest users of natural gas, i just want -- tell people how that's working because i think it's a considerable savings and i think it's one of your technology issues? >> yes, about 50% of our fleet now is natural gas, so we are -- you know, i take that back, i think it's more like 40%, but still, it's a big percentage of our fleet. and it works well for us for a couple of reasons, customers like it, it obviously is a fuel savings for us versus diesel. and the diesel trucks are easier to maintain and their payload is a little bit lower.
6:41 pm
>> i don't like stinky trucks down the highway and you don't either and it seems like you have figured out a way to make it work perfectly? >> i think you're seeing quite a few companies move to natural gas, we're probably ahead of most with 40% of our fleet and that continues to grow every year, but i think you'll see other industries and you already are, moving into natural gas, i think the question is, you know, can you get the infrastructure built to accommodate it. >> you talked a lot about commercial and people asked you about oil and gas, which i didn't realize how big, really, how important that is, but it's making a come back for you guys right? >> it still is a small piece of our business overall, it had been as big as about 52 million in revenue, it's been down as low as 100 milli$100 million in but march is the first month we
6:42 pm
saw a year over year pickup. and we could get to a year over year pickup on a quarterly basis in year number two. >> i didn't realizea business hazardous waste. >> we're one of the big guys when it comes to hazardous waste, and we think the industrial economy is going to grow faster than the overall economy so it's good to be in hazardous waste part of the business. >> i saw that you're hiring a chief technology officer as part of your strategic pillar, i'm nye naive, what does technology have to do with it? >> technology is important in every business. we're starting to use big data and when you think about predictive maintenance, a lot of
6:43 pm
companies have talked about it. but if you have a truck that's going down the road that blows a hydraulic hose, you've got a diver service interruption, you probably have to pay to have it towed back into the shop. so use big data to predict in advance when that hose might go and to replace it plow actively. >> i always learn a lot when i speak to you and i think the discount seems to be an opportunity. recycling is not the chief driver here, it's the 8-plus percent revenue growth. stick with cramer.
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it is time for "the lightning round." [ buzzer ] and then "the lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy.
6:47 pm
let's start with dan in my home state of new jersey. >> caller: this is superdan from the garden state. i heard there ain't no thing but a chicken wing. what do you think of the stock wing? >> i think it's doing a better job than buffalo and wild wings, anything i would want to have a franchise for, i would buy the stock. let's go to amy in georgia. amy? >> caller: i need to know what your opinion is on fny? >> i like that stock, i got to tell you, mostly what i like is they got that acquisition with regeneron. i like it. >> caller: the reason i'm calling the micron technology,
6:48 pm
mu, i bought it when it had a spike, now it's in the 26 area, should i hold the stock? >> the price has spiked so much that they believe they may have ruined the demand curve and sea gate regard it it has not being as strong as today like. i think micron is fine, it's just not in the explosive phase anymore. one day people are going to think there are too many d-rams. let's go to august in new york. >> caller: good afternoon, jim, thanks for taking my call. congratulations on your 13th season, buddy. >> thank you. >> caller: i want to know about apollo global, apo, i know they
6:49 pm
have been beaten in the last two months. >> it's leon black, i happen to like black stone more, i happen to think that's a good company, because they're able to sell a stake, they can do ipos, they can liquefy. >> caller: this harley in ohio, and a big boo-yah to you. i have on your recommendations, bought nikon way back about eight years ago when you first came out with it. what should i do with it? >> buy more, i really, really like it. it's got a graert yieeat yield great growth characteristic. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, how about energy transfer partners. >> that guy's all about making deals and deals and deals. i just like safe deals.
6:50 pm
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higher tax rates, lower tax rates, higher capital gains, dividend taxes, lower capital gains, it makes no difference if you have the a diversified portfolio, it doesn't matter. that's why we play "am i diversified?" i'm seeing too many people choi cloister in technology too much. allergen, sysco, target,
6:54 pm
#canadafan, thanks for teaching me the right way to invest. okay, this is kind of what i mean right here. we have a problem, we have two technology companies, these two will trade together, we're going to keep cisco, so we have a little balance. allergen health care, etsy, i'm going to call retailer, uh-oh, that's going to conflict with target, we have to get rid of etsy, we have a drug company, a retailer, what we need is united technologies because that had a monster quarter and we put in mcdonald's. that will be the best of what we have seen so far. remember, we go back to what worked, rather than hazard a guess on what may work. paul in ohio, paul? >> caller: how are you doing, jim? i just wanted to know if i'm
6:55 pm
diversified. >> sure. >> caller: okay, i have cat and i have de for deere, and i have prospect capital. and o reality. >> right. >> caller: and also i have cim, i'm not sure what the name of the company is. >> you have a very high yielding portfolio, it wouldn't do badly if interest rates suddenly went up. but the real estate investment trust, it's high quality, pl prospect capital, i'm not sure what they invest in. call this mid level investment,
6:56 pm
mezzanine, and this is actually a play on, they tend to be a play on yield. i'm going to get rid of one of these, i'm going to get rid of prospect, because i don't know what they're in, because it's similar and they trade together. let's put in united health. united health has been one of the best ones that's reported so far and we'll put that in the mix. let's go to tracey in texas. >> caller: good afternoon, jim. my five stocks, goldman sachs, gs, eog, tesla, tsla, facebook, celgene. >> i like this. let's go over this. eog, one of the faster growing oil companies, tesla, we know that as the future is now car company. celgene, the chief executive was
6:57 pm
on earlier this morning, technology, biotech, auto, oil, finance, that's exactly what we want. bingo! stick with cramer. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be
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northrop grumman stealth bombers give america an advantage in a turbulent world. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. a couple of interesting quarters, pay-pal, really fabulous with a gigantic buy back, that stock is going higher, am kben, a little stronger, and buffalo wild wings are in a fight for their lives, they did not report a good quarter. and wing stop's model looks a little better. you got to tune in tomorrow on "power lunch," because i'm going to be with mel kiper. who was that adam scheckter, that will be interesting. that starts at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, so i need you to be there and watch it because it's going to be great. i'm jim cramer, i'll see you tomorrow.
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okay, let's go. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing! where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ (cattle lowing) my name is dan holtz. and i'm liz holtz, and we live in warren, vermont. and we're the founders of liz lovely cookies. ♪ (dan) liz lovely cookies are all-natural, gourmet, vegan, gluten-free cookies. they're the best you're ever gonna taste. dan and i are high school sweethearts. we've been together almost 20 years. you wouldn't believe the hardships we've overcome to stay in business.


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