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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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that's going to do it for friday "closing bell" we'll be back 5:00 a.m. thank you for being here. you will be back with me as well. "fast money" begins right now. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq mark, overlooking new york ski's time's square, the traders on the desk. tonight on "fast," it is a wrap for april. if history is any indication, that can be about to change. we will tell you how to protect your portfolio if investors get thingser that way. talking about a problem, oil falling 8% and president trump suggested something that could make it a lot worse. we'll explain. it was a huge week for tech
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earnings as apple and facebook gear up for their reports. which is a screaming buy? first we set off president trump's 100 days in office. it's been a wild ride, the s&p 500 up 5%. it's a sector move that caught our attention the ad performers u.n. expected. technology up 12%. the lagers were banks in energies, which were sectors expected to do well. for the next 100 day, will they be better? >> i think you stay with biotech, it has traded pretty well over the last month or so. i think banks work against a trim line and actually tim pointed out about a week and a half ago, one segment called go chart yourself if you recall.
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so xl held a tread line. the risks at this point sipts better than anything else. >> i think you stick with the large cap tech, few were there. if there is anything this administration is going to get going, it will be repatriation in corporate tax reform. you think about apple, microsoft, facebook, amazon, obviously, apple will be a huge beneficiary overseas. it will give them a lot of leeway. time warner is maybe going to get blocked by at&t. we will see a lot of mna, disney, netflix. i'm saying at least they have the possibility to do that at a very low tax rate. >> i think this is overrated. i think those corporates aren'tplay paying 35%. they are using tax loopholeing, efficiency, whatever you want to call it. in apple's case, they have a lot of debt. they have already given it back
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so to expect this is a huge boom, i don't know, the o'rony this was a straid trade that threw everybody in. this is a great time. we got great earning, trumponommics lite is happening. >> the banks i like the banks, there are upsides to the banks. can they rally without yields going higher? that's the question. you look at this rally, if you back it up to pre-elevenlths we saw them ramally before the election. you started to make the move. so the question is growth. nom nam growth was a hinge. it was the lynchpin really to a lot of these outside of the d.c. initiatives to a lot of the stocks. we are starting to see cracks in that foundation. >> that's the entire foundation. >> in general. you see cracks, absolutely. >> i don't know what that means.
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>> i think the data will show you. >> the curve is telling us something in a lot of ways, it should be reflecting there the yield curve reflects positioning. it does, people that were overly enthusiastic of rates going higher. people went so offsides. >> hold on, sub1% for the first quarter. >> the first quarter gdp? >> despite that. >> what about nick surprises? >> it's eu, u.s. like this. >> does that mean we have cracks in whatever is cracking? >> i think money will dravtate over to the eu. i think it has. so the question is, can the mark ral le without the yields going higher? i don't think they can. >> well, i'm not sure how much higher they need to go.
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i'm not saying they will go to 10% t. raining we had, it's about lending. it's about capital markets, what's going on in their broader commercial businesses. all these things look very, very healthy. banks choose 10s. we spend more time than people dreamed about six months ago. this level of slope on the yield curve right now is a slope banks have done very well. >> it is more steeper. >> it's great. since the election, they brought in 18%, i look to say, we've had initial moves without real reform. we will get to that without it impacting the earnings. >> banks are down in the first 100 days. >> i'm looking. >> what do you do for the next 100 days?
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>> gary cohn says something is going to get done? having worked for the man, i am telling you. >> oh, stop it. >> we'll tell you why, he went goldman sachs. he was the second in charge of a juggernaut that has some of the most intelligent people. i'm sure you can navigate congressm congressman. >> oh, stop it. >> you have this big billionaire in the white house. >> if the president can't get anything done. why is this guy, the head of his national -- >> go to the administrations behind every great president has been man or woman pulling the strings. >> you aren't great. what are we talking about? >> he thinks any regulation --
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the question, will it be enforced? will what's currently in place be enforced if thimgs don't change? i think the administration will turn a mind eye to certain things. >> you can ease up on anything having to do congress. >> knack, he can remove some people at least ahead of body. >> the relationship i talk about it, it's a massive boone for banks. that's just it. >> we're talking about the first 100 days. they got nothing accomplished. if you look at the contract for america, none of the pro-growth initiatives, the deregulation stuff has been towards the environment. it will put all these things that we were making progress and climate change, it will set us back, nothing, nothing arc little dereg lachlths. >> here's the thing, we get
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major tax reform, infrastructure. >> i didn't tell you that. >> when we return person at a time. >> what i said, i think we get trumponom effects lite. >> that happens by default by the way. this guy has gone opposite on the feds. >> what does it mean? >> some of the programs he is pushing for the palmettoss ultnatalie require deficit spending. >> here's a guy who can chamgs his mind sitting down in ten minutes. >> there is a different sclif in town. >> where have there been successes? telecom, look at charter. supreme court no question. the sec and telecom in general. comcast, you look at these names. >> the first 1 much days we said it was a market having big runs. when it comes to vol till, it was very, very quiet. >> i thought when trump was
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elected the president of the united states the vix should have been bottoming in the high teens. now it's bottoming around 11, 11.5. it makes sense to me that inflation is powerful. >> does the vex go higher? >> year over 84 it's gone flat. i think it means marks can go no higher. amazon is racing. they announce a soft play. we got those details. tesla wrapping up to all time highs. >> that has one trader so bearish. in the after hour session, ceo jock dhari. much more "fast money" ahead. yo
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news alert on twitter. julia boorstin joins us with the latest. >> jack dorsey tweeting he bought another 500,000 shares in twitter. a filing revealing he bought them at 16.62 per share which is just about market price.
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twitter shares went up about 1% on this news, this follows better than expected quarterly results wednesday morning him since wednesday morning. they are up nearly 14%. the purchase looks like a vote of confidence in the company. liz, back over to you. >> dan, what do you make of this purchase? >> they don't sister a lot of people running that ship. the quarter was enough to get the stock off all time lows. >> that being said, even though they had that 9 million user print in the quarter, they're not fixing the product or the direction of the company, i don't think it will be a stand alone. it has an enterprise value. you think what snapchat is valued at and to me i think these are a part of a larger order. >> that purchase meaning he stays on. he is definitely staying on? >> it could mean that dan probably owns 500,000 shares of twitter. >> here's the deal.
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>> the reality is this. this stock is going to $10 sooner than later. it may go lower. there is no reason to take it out. there is no, i think company willing to do that. it makes their shareholders great. the next quarter put up two. the sick cyclicality. >> you are out of place, the intrinsic value of twitter has been proven by tons of folks in the media. if you see the media and entertainment people. when stuff is going on around the world, including it's some crazy guy north korea hits a missile. guess what. >> you will go to twitter for that. you will check that out. >> we have breaking news, we go to john harwood for details. >> we have a report from a south
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korean news agency. the largest that north korea has test fired a ballistic missile. >> that is all the detail we have. i have asked the white house for reaction, comment, what they know about this, i have not we heard a response yesterday. this is a fresh report. of course it comes at a time of extremely high tension after president trump in an interview yesterday said we could have a major problem. he, of course, leaning on china to try to deter the north koreans from advancing that program. what we have we heard is north korea at this moment of tension has test fired a ballistic missile. we will let you know when we have more details. >> any word as a success? they've test fired in the past. they haven't always work. >> no, we have got no readout at
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you'll of the success or lack of success of this particular test. >> john harwood in washington with that latest news. it almost doesn't matter. they did this in moments of tension john had mentioned means they are not scared. president trump said a conflict probably within the next 100 days. >> some dancing in the political arena, which i don't like to do. you have two people that appear want to elevate. neither one wants to back down. which is not a healthy thing. this is 19 skoo, john f. kennedy. >> if the sports moved the market the most in the last month-and-a-half. it's been about spirit. so the fact of the matter is, if people are very concerned about global saber rhetoric. i think china's role in the last week has been constructive.
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at least not making this a ub lateral -- unilateral event. it's a place we are getting more geopolitical chorus of views. i think that's important. >> yeah. >> i think until something happens, the markets have an underlying bid of support. the market drummond up a lot of things. i think when there is an event. >> to me, we had dustups when president busch came in out of china. this is the run place, the mote unpredictable little spot on the planet. they're right next to one of our korean kroops. >> this is a skeer situation. when you talk about what has been accomplished. he dialed up the rhetoric with the dangerous nation states if
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this dpi keeps doing we will be in for a rough ride. >> if it doesn't do anything, what does that tell you? it's okay? >> what it tells me, people have been lulled into a false sense of security. every time there has been an event where the markets should sell off, it doesn't. still ahead, a moment for techs again, will they live up to amazon and you are watching "fast money" on cnbc. here's what else is coming up on "fast." >> today we are clearing the way know thousands an thousands high paying american jobs. >> but with ole below $50, could more oil actually be bad for energy companies? plus, the oldest add annual on wall street.
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. welcome back to fast ""fast money". another john harwood. now the south korean news agency is reporting the ballistic missile test fire by north korea failed. it was a test firing off the coast. it was unsuccessful. i just spoke to someone at the white house that said they are still gathering detalsz, but they will have a statement out shortly. as of now, we know that north korea did test fire a ballistic missile at an extremely high tension with the united states, but that test firing was unsuccessful. more to come. >> all right. amazon shares are surging. it would put them in a rather exclusive club. it used to occur all the time. stock splits, dom chu is in the
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newsroom with hor. hey, dom. >> reporter: mem lisa, i could never split with you and the "fast money" team. i'm not the only one not splitting these days. where have all the splits gone? there was a time when splits were the norm. even in the rage. it might entice investors to buy stocks. the ownership relatively didn't change. but that trend has been going away. according to dow joan analyst, howard silvermatt there have been two companies that have split or are announcing splits so far in 2017 t. average stock price currently around $97 a share. compare that to 2012 t. average then $15 per share. much lower. in 2007, there were 28 splits the average share $52 a share. can you go back to 2000 fear the
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peak of the dot-com boom. the average stock price for the subpoena & p, much lower than today. the trend has been to let prices rise which may arguably kep them from as much. as more people turn to endecks, you wonder if high prices matter since it doesn't apply to moms and pops. they're not trading with that create and redeem process. still an interesting theme watch, guys, back over to you. we have often said on this zefk, it doesn't matter, if it split, it's the same thing. but, are retail investors buying stock height be in trub. we could consumer save things in
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terms of their products. that's a good thing. >> the real jit it is a good thing for the stock. if you give a ten-year-old from a giant brownie or the brownie in eight piece, they will want the pieces. >> that is a tremendous metaphor. >> i think you have to be me to go finance folks. i think in the case of apple it worked. i think it will work for google and amazon. >> the thing is steve jobs would have never considered it. few look at bezos, those two. the last points is brokers would love it. right? . if you look at amazon, people will be trading more. >> by the way, i'm curious. what did you make? >> at the lows.
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he came up a little bit. >> that doesn't worry me. >> as far as stock plays, i don't think it matters. >> all right. let's switch gears, today is national super hero day. the final trade, bringing you stocks that will save your portfolio. tim. >> whirlpool saved people this week. tom murray is in town. the european business is a lag. latin america is coming back. get in there. >> boeing, not because trump is on its side. it said blow out free cash flow. this is a stock selling at 2 75 my opinion. i'd keep going. >> to me elike the time warner v happening this year. >> that's the pot calling the
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kettle black. >> it is. you mentioned the stock. priceline all time high, valuation is weird. >> whipped. >> jack. >> aahh! >> that does it for us here on ""fast money". kwpts meantime, do not move, "options action" starts right after this. zblampblts hey
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there, the nasdaq markets after a busy week. guy is here getting ready behind me, while they're doing that, here's what's coming up on the show. >> you know what's cool? >> buying shares of facebook for just under $5. we'll show you how to do it uses options. plus it's everyone's fate saying on wall street. >> i am fought just a broker. >> no not. that i was referring to sallie mae and go away. there is something that sugges


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