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tv   The Profit  CNBC  June 3, 2017 4:56am-5:01am EDT

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>> what do you think is going to go wrong? >> i don't want them to screw up so much and i'm afraid. i'm afraid. >> listen, listen -- >> i'm afraid. >> this season on "the
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profit" -- >> how are you? >> oh, jesus. >> there you go. there you go. there you go. shake it. >> we got to shake it and stir it. >> holy [ bleep ]. there's a lot of cash in here. >> i think you have a lot of money and you're a powerful man and that's not an east cyst thing to work with. >> the place looks like absolute [ bleep ]. we have work to do. you guys are essentially out of business right now. >> i'm not going to stop until something finally breaks. you can't put everything and have nothing to show for it at the end. >> i'm afraid. >> listen, listen. >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid. >> the problem is maybe this dream isn't worth it. i cannot believe that this product is not ready yet. it's got to be ready by sunday. >> we'll get it together. >> when? >> we want to get better. our ultimate goal is make this company great. >> i can only see it with action. >> if you want to raise your voice, i can raise my voice. >> [ bleep ] you. >> get the place built. >> what do you think, guys? >> gorgeous. >> i leave here inspired by your
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story. >> partner. >> now the hard work begins. >> yeah, we're ready for it. >> thank you, marcus. >> it doesn't look good. >> it's constantly keeping up right now. >> did you say keeping upright? there it is. >> announcer: don't miss the season me freer of "the profit". tuesday at 10:00. a fast crowd of celebrity wannabes. >> accused of robbing some of hollywood's hottest young stars of jewelry and other items. >> narrator: and now they talk to "american greed." >> our culture in hollywood is extravagant. >> some people might strive to go to medical school. i guess in the l.a. area, young people strive to have rolex watches. >> narrator: but the bling ring steals more than jewelry. >> they weren't primarily motivated by money. they were almost taking pieces of the fame.


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