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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> there's blue apron trading down about 6% today. its ipo price was $10 yesterday. thank you so much. >> my pleasure this was too fun have a great weekend i'll see you monday at 12:00 have a great weekend and "fast money" begins right now. "fast money" starts now. live from the nasdaq market side, your traderens on the desk -- >> elon musk tweeting a hint about big news coming this weekend that's got wall street on edge. we'll tell you what it is and what it could mean for the stock, plus, when they call it the worst chart ever, but now, there's a beaten down name he says is a screaming by and the fang stocks getting crushed. if you flost must be, don't forry. we've got a a way to recover for
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less than 5 bucks. first, we start off with the end of the first half of the year. if you're in, you're probably feeling good the dow is up 8% this year s&p up 8.5%. nasdaq up a whopping 14% financials just posted their best week in a year. energy looks like it could be turn iing a corner here, so the question is simple if you muss missed out, what should you buy now to help you play catch up in the second half of the year? >> well, i think it's the financials you can still do that, right we've had that big rally we know interest rates are probably going higher. central banks have told you that they're probably the best place to be for the second half of the year it might not be a six month type of trade it might be a two or three month type of trade pause at some point, interest rates become a head wind for the economy. >> they've seen momentum in the past month or so >> there's a lot of great things happening. rates moving is is one and the sea car results were yut standing expected, but even beyond what people expected, so
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that was really good the economy is picking up. that's good then the regulatory environment is looking favorable, so i mean, just that it happens to be june 30 today doesn't make me want to change my exposure to financials. >> i think a lot of people have changed their stance they look at what they've done the first half of the year and i think they have the rejigger it. xlf is up 7%, so that's already played somewhat catch up i think you can still buy it xle has not played catch up. it was down 13%. energy is the way the play catch up now people are not convinced they're still skeptics >> just because something is down doesn't mean it's going to be up. >> i've been a crude bear, but if you look at break even, guys can make money at crude at $35 that's big, real big >> the problem you have, you're not going to, you're probably not going to get the big upswing in oil because we know there's going to be a simply response
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some point you'll b probably get dividend >> but you need it >> dividend? >> no, you don't need na nip i think that's what's confused a lot of people. >> for a catch up. >> if you had xle down 13%, the next 10% up in the market is probably not going to come from the xlk. >> from financials >> it's up 7%. it's had a monster month >> yeah. >> if you look at the all time xlf, it's one. before precrisis was 30 buck >> okay. trz you don't have 30-1 leverage >> at what point do you say something up a a lot so therefore, you should rotate out because you could have said that about technology, right? sometime earlier than -- >> you know, said it yesterday, guys ahead of the vacation, long
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weekend or some long weekends. guys already gave us a hint of what they're doing they're selling tech buying financials. buying energy and they're buying health care. so we know what they're doing. >> you could have said that at the end of the first quarter at some point before yesterday because technology was up a lot. so why is it that all of a sudden p, you say now is the time something's going up a lot and you switch >> i think we talked about the crowded nature of the trade. you think about the market being driven 90% of the market is being driven by quantitative investors and passive. 10% is really the guys doing the deep dive work reality is you're going o get these massive sort of lebbs and flows. micron reported great number 's up 0 up 30% incredibly crowded people took off the position
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en i guarantee you'll see the stock trend higher when this becomes more muted pe like 25, 27.5 times versus s&p at 17.5, so you say they don't look cheap because there's no earnings. they've been cut so drastically. >> there was a catalyst this week we talked about it all week. there was a catalyst that told you it's time to get out to lighten up on tech and that was rising interest rates and the federal reserve. >> well, they're getting in the way now. you had massive run up >> ten-year was -- >> doesn't matter where it was it's where it's from and where it's going >> the beat of the week, the ten year yield was 2.14. somewhere around there, now, it's 2.3 >> when you're talking about pe ratios that are high, then
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you're not going to pay as much for that stock if rates are going higher or higher than herp they were at the beginning of the week that's the dif rebs. >> it's also the commentary after the boe from the ecb the bank of ccanada here, we're tightening, so four of the five biggest central banks in the world are hawkish right now. >> told you the sell >> tightening at a moderate pace i look at it, the it's not -- we're not going to change. we went from the european central banks from the bank of england, they weren't going to raise rates. >> you think there's a rally because there's an expectation that yields are going to massively spike. do you think it's because of a rate move higher or because of earnings the only thing, i feel like fighting with you on that, to
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me, technology, the story has not been heard be by the 20 basis point move on the ten year i think there's growth there and the they were the momentum darlings and nourk they're not the mund mental story is still there to me. >> it plays a huge game of would you rather say i have six months. >> would you rather, rather, rather >> the worst performing one right now. >> that's where you get the biggest. >> theory get the biggest. >> second worst were the financials >> we want to go to meg for the
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shkreli trial. meg. >> what you said -- >> he just spoke to us >> i know that >> martin, how do you feel -- >> i don't think anything martin says by now is going to affect the but i would very much appreciate it if we did not talk to the press because sometimes, the he doesn't have -- >> giving good advice. thank you. >> are you concerned about his twit sner. >> i'm only concerned about -- >> martin is that you on twitter? >> if we do that -- >> thanks, mr. brafman >> all right, that was meg outside the brooklyn courthouse. obviously trying to speak to martin shkreli as well as his attorney the reason why there's so many questions surrounding whether
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martin would p continue speaking is because he showed up unexpectedly in a press overflow room and started talking to reporters, effectively criticize ing the coverage of their trial. meg? >> i'm still here. >> all right so, what, we missed the top mart of that. did mr. brafman say anything about the trial? >> no, he didn't say anything about the trial. what we asked him about was how he felt about shkreli coming in to talk to reporters in the middle of the trial today. he said if shkreli took his advice, he wouldn't be talking to reporters anymore, but trying to talk over him saying he can do whatever hemts. really the first time i've seen ben brafman express real frustration with his client f. martin list ps to him, he won't do that anymore. but he's still clearly trying to talk over him. even just now. >> it's karen. seems like lewjust looking fromh outside that he seems to be
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treating this like it's a game do you get that sense that he thinks this takes this seriously or not >> well, you know, he says he take takes it seriously. he's pleaded not guilty. when you look at him in the courtroom, he's paying attention, engaged with his attorney, but then coming in in the middle of the day during a recess and talking with reporter, insult iing the prosecutors, saying they're june yore varsity here, it's very fushl behavior so it's just bizarre >> all right, thank you. outside the brooklyn courthouse, it's like a car wreck. it's crazy >> by the way, meg has been tweeting all day from the courthouse on the trial and she along with our reporter, dan b, have done an excellent job here.
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>> the nation that you have to choose the performing sector >> you don't have to if you want the biggest beta >> what's the catalyst now theaux we have rising rates, c car results. >> those are major when you look from june 21st up to the end of the month, oil traded up 9% that's a muojeke major move. if it just stop, doesn't have to continue higher, if it stops doing gown, it's huge for the sub sector >> so the price of oil -- >> i don't think you get hurt. call it $40 a barrel i think saudi arabia has a real interest in keeping the price higher i just don't see the catalyst that i see for financials. >> david, you shook your head no
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is oil going down from 13% to 23% or down 5% >> i think oil breaks 40 i think it's going lower i think the sentiment in the space is shot. there's no buying from the long community. it's already lost its luster the fact is what is the trigger. what is the actual event that's going to occur >> it just went up 9% in nine days >> it doesn't do that. it's going to be volatile. >> say it could. there's no reason why crude should rally >> it rallied 9% >> we also say rate counts by two. it went down today you're starting to see some changes. >> recounts will continue to go
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higher >> down two on a three-year high got to take a break. coming up, elon musk tweeting something that could have tesla soars next week. plus, nike's nightmare over? the stock having its best day in almost three years is it too late to buy? and it's fourth of f july weekend and some of the most patriotic stocks are soaring much more after this tr
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tesla fans giddy over a tweet by elon musk today about the highly anticipated model 3. hi, phil >> he certainly knows how to send out the teaser tweet and that's what he did this morning. he had been asked specifically by someone on twitter, hey, give us details about the final unveil of the model 3 and he tweeted out thus on sunday so on sunday, we are likely to find out more details as far as when we may see a final unveil in july of the model 3 perhaps of details regarding production. first deliveries start next month then they ramp up production hitting 5,000 per week that's the target at this point and july starts what's going to be a big second half for elon musk and tesla look at the things on his plate the ramp up, production in china likely to be announced, perhaps been the next month then solar shingles, those insulations
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begin in the second half early in the second half likely for tesla. as it continues expanding its portfolio and we've talked at length about those solar shingles, so as you look at shares of tesla, it's been a he can heck of a run going back to december let' see what the second half of this year has in store because starting this weekend, they're going to be run wg a lot of news flow certainly in july and through the rest of this year. >> absolutely and on top of the model 3, we are also expecting delivery numbers for the second quarter. >> yeah, probably around 23, 24,000 nobody's expecting anything to be a dramatic miss they've targeted 50,000 for deliveries >> phil lebeau in chicago. at this point, it almost does it almost not matter what the delivery numbers are if you can
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tweet out the model three is still on track >> i think they do that's part of the reason why i sold it this week. i still like it. but you had all of this priced into it and so now, we have an environment where tech is under pressure look what happened today he said model 3 is out it's up a quarter of a percentage point in a good tape. i know the tape wasn't very active, but tesla in the old days and i'm talking like three weeks ago, would have been up. >> it's because of the tech sell off. i don't think the delivery really matters because phil just labeled a bunch of different issues there, with shingles, the china rollout. we still don't know what kind of company this is, whether it's 22 p% short interest. so that's the catalyst there people are are short this name any good news they cover the reason it sold off is because tech sold off, not because of delivery numbers. >> i'm saying it's priced no and now you have a bad market environment for short-term i look to get back in it hopefully below 300.
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>> tesla bull, do you like when the ce oh, says oh, got a tweet coming or news coming on sunday. that kind of -- management of expectations and -- >> it works so far, so i like that but today -- >> he's good at it >> he's good at it but today, the price action told me that perhaps, he's not, he doesn't have that ability anymore. >> what happens if you're a short seller do you like that tweet if you have to wait what are the odds you stay short? >> no way. >> the question is -- >> how come it wasn't up more today? >> i don't know. >> it was up a quarter of a perce percent. that's like nothing. >> i would stay short just because either is news coming out. i would still say short. the news could be in already priced into the stock already. zpl nike soaring today, having its best day since september of 2014 the company reporting earnings last night, said it will some some products through amazon
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also had bullish guidance. the other shoes jumping with it. if you're missed the move, is it too late to buy? >> i think this stock is ridiculous today being up the way it was was insane the q1 guide was great north america was up 1%. adidas has printed a% number for three quarters in a row. they are taking market share away from nike this whole structure they've got on and i said this last night, is an absolute smoke and mirror schoeneweis. they're not creating new demantd for the market just taking it from the wholesaler and putting it online it's not a drop in demand. i say it's insane. i'd be a seller here >> karen >> i thought it was, i mean, to me, the run up was more about how low expectations were going in it wasn't that much of a blowout quarter, but there were a few things north america turning the right way. the inventory sort of turning
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the right way. the idea ha the athletic, ath leisure not being over basketball being better. there were things to like. i think it was more about where it was going in than that this was so fantastic >> i'd rather play under armour. getting back to the theme of buying horrible ones with trashy names. it's down 20% year to date and there are a lot o efficiencies while nike was up. >> all right, still ahead, it was a a sea of red for the fang stock, but we've got a way to get you back in the green. you're watching "fast money" on cnbc in the meantime, here's what else is coming up on fast. >> americans love a winner and we'll not tolerate a loser >> and in the spirit of fourth of july, we are seeking out all american stocks that could have your portfolio soars plus, a left for dead group of le.kss ddlyhongig we'll give you the names and how
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to profit when "fast money" returns.
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we thought it was appropriate to take a look at stocks that generate the most amount of sales here in the united states. who better to give us the breakdown than the man all of america loves. dom chu. hi, dom. >> i am a patriot and thank you for the kind words these are the ones america looks to because they're the ones that only b generate sales right here at ho at home. we took a look at these stocks, the ones that generate just b about 100% of revenues within our borders, for those stocks an companies that report a breakdown in sale, they're around 100 stocks in the s&p that are really js domestic based. among the stocks we want to talk about here and on a year to date performance basis, we pickeded out a few that represent certain industries that are stuff of interest to us first of all, the home building side of things
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polty up homebuilders creating most of their home, all revenues here ulta, up 13% al the tria up 11% big dividend play there. that's been a theme in recent years. also, lowe's and home depot. auto nation on the car sale side may be a laggard, down 13% talking about the domestic u.s., it pays to look at the small cap stocks as well the s&p 500 is handily outperformed its small cap counterpart, the russell 2000 so far this year. we'll see if that closes the more people feel like turning to those stocks guys, bark back to you >> this is an environment in which people favor outside the united states.
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so, i'm wonder federal government if it could play catch up it might people have favored outside of the united states, but that trade might be coming up if you look at what's happening with currencies globally, you're not getting the tail wind from the euro necessarily the british pound. so maybe the europe trade suspect going to be the place, so maybe u.s. is the place to come back to >> you stick with homebuilder sns. >> i do. it's a housing recovery. everyone is throw iing them out the window and the other thing, they were not thought to be able to rally in a rising rate environment and every time there's been a housing recovery, it's been in a rising rate virm. >> any of those names strike your fancy >> not really. i mean, i think being outside of the united states is actually a better place to be you're in eem. >> eem, several of them. but i think we've had such a run here, the relative valuation is cheap. they haven't had the trump rally there, but they have, things seem to be starting to be turning and maybe the great move
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this week is a sign of that. >> i love the polty home i think wee going to see the housing recovery on low end. i love ulta. that's a phenomenal company. and home tee pdepot. >> as you know, it is fourth of july weekend, so in lieu of the final trades and so celebrate, our traders have picked stocks that will light up your portfolio like fireworks >> rental car companies. these were thrown out. you want to talk about a sector grossly avoided. avis car i think it has much more in front of it and i think it's a double from here i bougt it got longer car. activiactiv activeism. i think there's a, there are fireworks to be had with this stuff.
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>>. >> gilead, i like story here it's had a big move here i think they make a massive acquisition. i think this company is going to take off once they do that >> bk. >> well, for me, america is all about innovation, entrepreneurship, so go with silicon valley like twitter. i think that one has a chance to rock it. so buy twitter and happy birthday, america. zbh that does it for us here on fast we'll be back here on wednesday. don't go anywhere. options action starts after this have a great weekend [v n it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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the guys get ready the to kick off the fourth of july weekend, but before you fire up the grill, here's what we've got on the show. >> put that coffee down. >> that's what investors have been b doing with shares of starbucks and dunkin'. but there's something in the chart that suggests now is the time to buy. we'll break it down. plus, a number of left for dead stocks are staging a stealth rally. we'll tell you the names and how to cash in and later. did you lose money in any of the faang stocks well, relax. because we have a way to get your money back fo


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