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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  July 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning earnings overflow. nearly 40% of companies in s&p 500 release quarterly results this week. we gear you up for the jam packed agenda straight ahead. what's on tap in washington. president trump is set to speak about health care after turning up pressure on republican lawmakers. details are coming up. plus, a dramatic victory jordan spieth is the open champion we have all of the historic highlights it is monday, july 24th, 2017. "worldwide exchange" begins now. ♪
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good monday morning. welcome to "worldwide exchange." wherever you might be watching from around the world, i am courtney reagan in for sarah ice en. >> i am in for wilfred frost let's get this party started if you will global check of the markets. futures indicate a lower open to start. s&p 500 indicated to open down by four points dow-jones is off by 40 points, nasdaq by 11 as well a little weakness to start see if that firms up throughout the course of the morning premarket trading, especially in futures market quick check on ten year treasury note yield we have been focusing on that more because of that near term downturn we have seen. seeing a little up tick, 2.3% the last trade for u.s. government debt. look at what happened overnight in trading markets here are mixed, the chinese market actually higher japan nikkei down 0.6%
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overnight. asian markets tracking what's going on here in the united states in regards to equities, with action from friday, the dollar touching 13 month lows. getting queues from that however, main land chinese stocks are higher at least overnight. economic data from europe, the flash composite pmi coming in below expectations you can see european equities are trading lower. they were higher to start the session, but have turned lower here of course we are also watching the euro and broader markets. >> absolutely. check what's happening with that macro picture beyond the equity side of things if you look at currency, seeing dollar strength. dollar yen, 110.72 dollar weaker against the yen in pounds 1.3035
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weakness for the u.s. dollar what else is happening with gold trade. you can see some of the moves have been getting some attention. last trade for gold is slightly, marginally higher in trading overall. again, fairly mild roller coaster of prices. >> price up more than 2% hedge funds or managoney manage coming in. breaking overnight, imf cutting the growth forecast to 2.1% in 2017 that's down two-tenths percent from earlier estimates the group is trimming next year's growth outlook to 2.1% from 2.5%. they say the policy is less expansionary they pick up in china and japan. eurozone weaker than expected growth in the u.s. an interesting story, top
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story on the website now if you go on there. imf. the rest of the world picking up economic slack as the u.s. looks weaker, a story that will get wall street attention. happening now, opec and nonopec ministers gathered in st. petersburg, russia, they're holding a meeting to discuss global oil output. speculation is swirling that the group could ask libya and nigeria to join in on production cuts right now, both those opec nations are exempt from a deal among major oil producers to cap output more on this later in the show, certainly crude prices hovering. see if that has any impact 45.94 marginally, third percent higher. >> steady friday, dropped in advance of the meeting curious to hear what happens there. in washington, president trump meets with a group of
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people the white house is calling victims of obamacare he will then make a statement on health care. in a warning, he tweeted if koips don't repeal and replace disastrous obamacare, repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand >> tweeting quite a bit this weekend. in other washington news, the president's son-in-law jared kushner will sit down today with staff of the senate intelligence committee. he is expected to be questioned about his relationships with russian officials and his meeting last year with a russian lawyer appearance will not be public and kushner will not be under oath kushner's attorney says he will cooperate and provide whatever information on those investigations, certainly focus on the president's son-in-law because of some of the meetings that he's had over the course of the past couple years. >> so much curiosity >> all behind closed doors >> i know. whispers in the hallway maybe at
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some points. europe peen union is gearing up to retaliate with the u.s. goes ahead with sanctions. they called for review of how brussels should react if europe's businesses are targeted by the sanctions lawmakers in the u.s. reached an agreement over the weekend for new sanctions to punish russia for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. house vote on the legislation is expected tomorrow. the sanctions will impact iran and north korea. the white house signaled the president will support the bill. in other news, at the intersection of business and politics, regulators in the trump administration are signaling they want to ditch plans for further pay regulation on wall street aspects of the dodd-frank law passed under president obama along with bank industry changes led to stricter compensation controls in the business, but "the wall street journal" reports efforts to make provisions tighter being
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sidelined. regulators including sec dropped attempt to create new rules from published agendas. we learned about this last week when the biannual agenda for regulation came out from the white house saying they were looking into it but it was no longer on the front burner so to speak. >> so interesting how the different administrations view financial regulations differently. it is hard to keep track of when things are proposed, when they go into effect. >> and these all started during the obama administration so you wonder. but they're not off the table, per se, just perhaps little more on the back of the agenda. >> i am sure viewers are paying attention to that. democrats on capitol hill will unveil a new economic plan with slogan of a better deal they'll make the announcement in a virginia town. issues addressed include job training programs, renegotiating trade deals, infrastructure investments, minimum wage efforts. house democratic leader nancy pelosi offering a few details in a "the washington post" op-ed
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this morning she promises three new proposals, creating jobs, crackdown on monopolies and mergers that hurt competition, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs she writes we will leverage power of medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, force drug manufacturers to open their books and just guy cost increases and create a strong, independent enforcement agency empowered to end outrageous and unjustified prescription drug price gouging. price war wages on. >> certainly a hot topic it is one where if you're a capitalist, you believe they should be able to make profits based on investments at the same time, from a consumer point, i would like a life saving drug for myself or my family. certainly a hot topic, one that will be talked about in health care for years to come. >> solutions are difficult there. no clear cut answer for that politically or otherwise
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>> you're right, courtney. back to the wall street side of things, heaviest week of earnings season. 13 dow components, 180 companies in the s&p 500 that are set to report through the course of the week alphabet is today, after closing bell we also hear from 3 m, caterpillar, dupont, eli lilly, general motors, mcdonald's, starbucks, chevron, take a breath, exxonmobile. it is obviously chalk full of earnings week. all that coverage this week. a lot on the economic agenda june existing home sales today tomorrow is the s&p 500 schiller home price index and consumer confidence fed begins a two day meeting wednesday. look for new home sales, and fed decision at 2:00 p.m. eastern wednesday. thursday durable goods, jobless claims and friday first look at second quarter gdp and consumer
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sentiment. a lot on earnings for micro, a lot on data front. >> busy week 180 companies i think reporting. private equity firm making a bid for web m.d. landon dowdy joins us with more. >> good morning. the deal could be worth billions according to reuters, kkr is nearing a cash deal for web md, could be announced as soon as today. it would bring them into the five month auction to be bought. they solicited bids from more than 100 companies and firms since february acquisition would bring brands like medscape and medicine net, and the exact price isn't clear but as of friday's close, market cap of $2.1 billion. watch for it today
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back to you. >> thank you for that check. other stocks to watch. black stone is reportedly in talks to buy 40% of nso group for 400 million bucks. that's a privately held israeli cyber security firm that makes spy wear for mobile devices, they're under scrutiny under allegations the mexican government used its software to target private citizens. they floon reduce work force in strael. they wouldn't specify how many of 7,000 workers are being cut reuters says it could be around 350. teva has 4,000 employees in israel alone. and ferrare a making a bid into nestle candy business they make sweets like now and later and lemon heads. units include butter finger, baby ruth, sweet tarts, race soe
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iconic brands. older world products that could have some new portfolio products. >> i love butter finger. >> raise in ets at the movies. used to like them as a kid more stocks to watch phillips second quarter profit rose 36% the company maintaining outlook for the year, despite volatility in many markets. phillips is launching more than $1.7 billion buy back shares are up more than 3%. now mitsubishi will bay $39 a share, to the friday closing price. they started clinical trials for parkinson's disease that could launch in 2019 neuroderm shares up.
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the company reports a drop in second quarter sales after cyber attack disrupted it. 2% target for sales growth will be challenging talking about this company a lot. shares down about 1% in early trading. still to come, details of favoritism scandal taking a toll on his approval rating. check out early action in europe report of potential probe of german automakers. we will explain that you're wchg orwi chge."atin"wldde
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." if just waking up, or on the way to work, get you into the action u.s. equity future are marginally negative. down by about 29 points. s & p off four and a half points, and nasdaq off nine points marginal weakness to start wti crude is flat. brent crude, 48.08, both flat in early trading. >> watch oil prices today with that opec meeting. shinzo abe in the hot seat the japanese prime minister is facing a grilling in parliament
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over suspected favoritism scandal. the questioning surrounded allegations that abe intervened to help a friend gain approval to open a vetary school. abe says he never instructed them to give preferential treatment, expected to reshuffle his cabinet after seeing his public approval ratings hit the lowest levels since taking office in 2012 some opinion polls showing his support below 30%. in corporate news, u.s. prosecutors decide to drop criminal charges against two former jpmorgan traders in london whale case that cost 6.2 billion in losses. they have been unable to extradite the two former traders, the juts department says they can't rely on testimony of cooperating witnesses dubbed the london whale. this because recent statements he may hurt the case overall so it seems like the story hasn't died just yet
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>> huge story when it broke. deutsche bank and jpmorgan free to pay combined $148 million to end antitrust litigation against them. the two banks accused of conspiring with other firms to manipulate yen, and europe oh benchmark interest rates deutsche bank set to pay $77 million, jpmorgan responsible for paying $71 million in preliminary settlements. shares are only moving slightly early morning. let's go to the other side of the atlantic. shares of germany's top automakers trading sharply lower. report alleges bmw, daimler, volkswagon may have worked together to fix prices and designs of diesel emission
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systems. the report says the european commission could step in to investigate this possible collusion. they say vehicles comply with all legal requirements bmw, daimler, volkswagon, that's what's weighing on markets in europe, that's causing some weakness, especially in germany. continental markets taking a hit as well. other stocks to watch, ryan air. second quarter profit rose the carrier says timing of easter resulted in a rare annual increase in average fares. ryanair warned they could cut late summer fares as much as 9% as competition heats up. european trading up 2.5%. american, delta, frontier airlines agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to settle government claims they violated rules aimed at protecting consumers they found they failed to make
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timely refunds, delta underreported mishandled bags, frontier involuntary bumped passengers from overbooked flights. the airline story resonates with many viewers. >> we all have our stories, don't we coming up, reproductions of repeal and replace what the president said about the gop health care stalemate. here's the forecast from bill karins. >> good monday morning the worst weather is in the mid-atlantic into areas of new england. may have a tornado in stephensville, maryland. watching 30 million under flash flood watches. these end early as heavy rain will move out. weather will be improving in areas like philadelphia and new york city. morning rush hour, lot of heavy rain through the poconos, back into new york city scattered rain, on and off throughout the day in new england. temperatures are only in the
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." in washington today, president trump will be talking health care nbc sarah doll off joins us with more seems to be a development every
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day with regard to this story, no major breakthroughs what's the latest on health care >> that's a great point. today or rather this week, we're expecting yet another attempt to vote on health care. it has been attempted twice before senate republicans postponed the vote both times, saying they did not have the necessary support from everyone. the press is expected to speak on health care later today around 3:00 washington, d.c. time that will come after he meets with, this is a term his office is using, victims of obamacare the president also tweeted this morning if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand it's a chaotic week for the president. his senior adviser, son-in-law
5:25 am
jared kushner is scheduled to sit down with staff from the senate intelligence committee today to answer questions about relationships with russian contacts as well as his meeting in 2016 which is also attended by a kremlin linked lawyer will meet with house intel committee tomorrow the session won't be open to the public, and he is not under oath, prompting concerns from democrats, his attorney released a statement saying he will cooperate fully. also today or also this week, two others in donald trump's inner circle, his son and former campaign chair are preparing to sit down with the judiciary committee. however, they are reaching that agreement by not attending a public meeting on wednesday that they were invited to attend. back to you. >> busy day on washington, at least on the beltway thank you very much.
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now from politics to sports. it was a wild final round for jordan spieth at the open championship, aka british open yesterday. spieth gave up a three shot lead on the front nine. then on 13 he hit his tee shot way right onto the top of a bluff. spieth had to take a drop from an unplayable line, managed to bogey the plus one for that hole birdie on 15 then sunk a 50 foot putt for eagle on 16. that trickles right in there for eagle. spieth never looked back, tapping in for par on 18 to win the open at 12 under you can see it right there three shots ahead of kutcher his third major title, second youngest player to get the third leg of the career grand slam, trailing jack nicklaus courtney, will make next month's
5:27 am
pga championship more fun to watch. it could be the career grand slam. >> he has an understanding of the rules. took him 20 minutes to make that shot. conquering the box office on opening weekend. the world war ii film earning 105 million. getting a boost for screenings which account for the domestic opening. another new release, girls trip taking seb place the comedy bringing in $30.4 million worldwide. largest opening for any live action comedy so far this year coming up, courtney, top stories and round up of global markets. all our top trending stories, including shark week michael phelps epic swimming against a shark. chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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good morning buckle up. the biggest earnings week of the season is about to kickoff the names that you need to have on the radar, that's all straight ahead. oil front and center opec and nonopec ministers meet in russia. we tell you what you need to watch. pokemon no, the glitch that left players in the dark over the eekend you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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♪ ♪ good morning welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. thanks for joining us wherever in the world you may be joining us i am courtney reagan >> let's check what's happening overall. a busy day >> earnings, economic data start with future. right now marginally lower dow-jones industrial average were to open now, it would be lower by 44 points nasdaq shed about 12 s&p 500 down five points four hours to go, a lot of action could change it once we get earnings reports that trickle out today look at the ten year note. this has been under a little pressure saw some buying friday right now, slightly lower at 2.23% for the ten year note.
5:32 am
something we will follow closely with the dollar and some other global market movers. >> on the asian side, they're closed mixed session generally positive nikkei finished by a half percent. hang seng and shanghai finished in the green as for europe, you heard us mention it earlier, seeing weakness in major markets. this as some automakers weigh on the overall sentiment in europe. we heard reports of allegations of possible collusion for diesel emissions going on for big german automakers. keep an eye on that story. broader markets overall, check out what's happening with the currency side. saw weakness in the euro
5:33 am
dollar strength, dollar yen 110.62 some interesting moves there as well gold prices, not a lot of movement seeing a little action as of late about a tenth% to the up side. like we mentioned, get ready, we're about to kickoff the heaviest week of earnings season 13 dow components. 130 companies set to report. alphabet today after closing bell also going to hear from, get ready, just a sampling, 3 m, caterpillar, dupont, eli lilly, general motors, mcdonald's, boeing, coke, facebook, amazon, intel, starbucks, exxonmobile. 180 companies. a very busy week for earnings. >> a lot for us to keep track of at cnbc. heaviest week of earnings
5:34 am
season there's a lot of economic data on tap this week today june assisted home sales the home price index and consumer confidence. and the fed begins a two day meeting. wednesday, new home sales and fed decision at 2:00 p.m. eastern time thursday, durable goods, rounding out the week friday, perhaps the most important data point, first look at second quarter gdp as well as consumer sentiment. oil prices are moving as well they're slightly flat in early trading. opec, nonopec ministers meet in russia we are starting to get headlines. the saudi arabia oil minister says they're ready to take additional measures to help the global oil market rebalance. bring in global head of commodity strategy at rbc and cnbc contributor as well every time we talk oil prices and talk about supply concerns,
5:35 am
rebalancing, there's always this thought in the back of my mind and in the back of many traders, someone always cheats. so how is this time any different. >> one of the things we have seen is compliance is better with this deal than previous deals. big issue with opec, you have hundreds kpimted initially, libya and nigeria. the production surged back now opec members are trying to figure out how to bring producers into the agreement if you live in nigeria, suffering through chaotic security problems, you don't want to cut production you want every last barrel libya is climbing by 700,000 in a year they have to find a way to bring this country into the deal. >> do you think they should be and do you think they will say they can figure out some conditions to bring those two countries in should they?
5:36 am
>> here's the question if libya won't do it, if nigeria won't do it, saudi oil minister said the rest of the cartel will have to take that cut. the question is will saudi be willing to absorb more through the back half of the year. they have key policy priorities for 2018 if libya and nigeria won't comply, saudis will have to step up and do more gl bring it back to our shores. for the longest time had a streak of oil rig accounts going higher seems to have faded the past few weeks. how important is the u.s. side to this equation >> it is enormous. the other stories is there was a lot of producer hedging in the u.s. we have u.s. production come back on. in a sub 50 oil price environment, the u.s. is not going to grow a lot either interesting dilemma for saudi arabia you want to push prices higher
5:37 am
now, get more u.s. production for 2018, or do you want to stay the course now and potentially have lower u.s. production output in 2018 when you need it most because key policy priorities, 2018 >> what are you looking for out of this meeting for the biggest headlines. talked about what they may be asking libya and nigeria any other wild cards to be aware of right now oil prices are steady. that wasn't the case friday. >> exports is what to watch for. report last week, saudis were prepared to take another million barrels off line peak summer demands, maybe pull back more exports. that's one way to look like they're doing something. >> your thoughts always appreciated. thank you for joining us >> thank you for having me
5:38 am
now it is time for the top trending stories we're going to start with michael phelps the olympic swimmer raced a great white shark and lost the much hyped "shark week" event had fans hoping to see him go head to head with an actual great white shark, but were met with a computer generated version, maybe a little disappointment they were neck and neck at 50 meters, in the end, the shark, simulated shark pulled away. phelps finished about 38 seconds. >> yeah. this is funny. i thought when they announced this, where are they going to get a great white shark to race. go in a straight line. i thought i don't know, maybe they have a skinny lane. drag bait with the chum. now i get it >> just saying, you've gone shark diving before. >> i have. great white shark diving it is super scary.
5:39 am
sharks are really fast, very ferocious. i thought he was so brave to do it without a cage. i hoardly would do -- hardly wo with a cage. dwayne the rock johnson is teaming up with siri appearing in a short movie called the rock and siri it is a partnership between apple and the rock the rock called it the biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest movie. >> the rock is the people's champion >> will he run for president >> i don't know. >> ask siri. this weekend's red bull cliff diving world series has the internet buzzing scenes of divers showcasing skills from the competition in italy going viral on social media. you can see there, italian wildcard scored a victory on home soil with that immaculate
5:40 am
dive sending 50,000 fans into celebration. the next event held in texas on september 3rd. i would never. i like to jump off things, but i'm not sure i could do that >> what a scene. >> i didn't realize, i am not into that scenario i didn't realize that's a world series. >> there are yachts watching hope it is really deepwater. >> it has to be. pokemon go is trending after a massive tech glitch left thousands of players in the dark landon dowdy joins us with more. we talked about this in the break. >> game over for gamers, thousands arrived in chaicago to get extremely rare pokemon but the first live game had server and networking issues pokemon go tweeting we are aware
5:41 am
of issues, working to address them this is after people waited in hours in the rain to get inside. when the servers crashed and it the game was unplayable most of the day, they boo the ceo when he took the stage. he apologized and offered refunds and they jointly developed the app. nintendo stock has been on a tear, up more than 30% shares down about 3% in early trading. >> what a bummer >> do you remember when everybody had their smart phones out all over the place like this trying to find pokemon goes. it was terrible. >> these are the loyal fans. travel to get there, waited in line for hours didn't matter what the circle was. >> trying to send a text message or for a live event. >> people in our office were
5:42 am
very active on pokemon go back in the day names omitted to protect the innocence or guilty. thank you so much. coming up, today's must reads including a better deal. that's what house leader nancy pelosi calls her party's new economic plan. we're digging into her new op-ed ayraight ahead st tuned you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. the baby's room won't build itself. and her paw won't heal on its own. we're all working forward to something. synchrony financial can help your customers make it happen sooner. so she can plug into her dreams... and they'll have a new addition for their new addition. whatever you're working forward to, even if it's chasing squirrels, synchrony financial can help you get there.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i am courtney reagan with dom shoe having a fun morning time for must reads, stories catching our attention my pick is in "the washington post," titled americans deserve better than the gop agenda we are offering a better deal. democratic congresswoman employees employees outlines a new democratic agenda called, quote, a better deal, better yobs, better wages, better future the plan is to create 10 million good paying full-time jobs in the next five years. second, crackdown on monday p lees and meshrgers that hurt consumers and lower the cost of prescription drugs she says special interests are given special treatment while hard working americans are ignored. working people from the heartland to the cities are struggling in a rigged economy and system is stacked against them goes on to say it is an ambitious economic agenda, represents a renewed democratic
5:46 am
commitment to hard working men and women across the united states left out, left behind for too long at least understand the plan, regardless if you agree or not struck me as trumpian. >> it is the minority report, republican administration, republican congress, and one of the democrats, putting their jockeying position for mid terms next year. this is about trying to get set up in the public eye for all this stuff to happen of course, that is one we have to watch my pick is in usa today, titled sean spicer's choice, boost donald trump brand or rebuild his own. you remember when this happened. late last week, who thought hey, what's he going to do. this speaks to this whole idea this is alicia shepherd writing
5:47 am
no more uncomfortable questions about whether his job is safe, sean spicer's, parading his lack of credibility or struggling to get his story straight, no more compromising conditions, no more conflicting timelines, dashing behind white house shrubbery to avoid cameras. this is very tilted towards the left side of the equation. sean spicer was a very public face for much of the trump administration policies, and for some people out there, trying to figure out what his next step will be. he had a formidable position within the republican national committee before the trump administration, so what is he going to do to follow it up. that's one of the big questions. >> this was a huge story friday when the information came out late morning then heard from anthony scaramucci, part of the reason for him to resign. make an already chaotic press situation worse. that was sean spicer's opinion
5:48 am
we'll be watching for spicy. i am disappointed we may lose -- >> melissa mccarthy. >> it was so funny. >> i don't think you're the only one. still to come. earnings palooza, fed decision and major washington developments on tap. we'll get you ready for the busy week head when the global chief investment strategist injos us next you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide i love you, couch.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." analyst calls are starting to come into the newsroom now we have goldman, sachs do downgraded, and it was a $255 price target before. interesting developments there get this report, go through it a bit. right now, you can see down by almost a% in extended hours
5:51 am
trading. future side, we saw marginal weakness before. still holds. a little better now. s & p down by four points. dow off by 36. it was 44 earlier. and nasdaq off by 10 points as well let's get into what's happening with the markets we have been hammering home the idea we have 180 s&p 500 companies, a busy week for earnings season. you're going to be very busy a lot of micro economic company specific data opposed to what's happening macro. what do you have your eyes on. earnings reports or that economic data? >> really is both. initial part of earnings season tells us what is to come these types should probably sum up end of the day that earnings have risen about 10% second quarter. first half of the year was 12%
5:52 am
growth rate. that means the full year will be close to 10% year for earnings this is major support under the market question is 2018, then it becomes a macro one. to what extent will monetary policy tighten policy can't tighten forever without causing difficulty how much trouble will central banks give us. inflation outlook has been benign that gives them more time. but they're planning in terms of the balance sheet in the u.s., and what we're expectingin terms of cutting back on bond purchases in europe generated this foreign exchange volatility which is effecting european markets now. that's a bit on the aggressive side there's probably room for policy to adjust to financial mashlgts and economy because of low inflation. >> one thing it didn't mention is oil, price of oil fell sharply friday today we have an open he can meeting. equities are paying attention to the oil market >> yes.
5:53 am
>> how much would you be paying attention today to what comes out of opec and oil, how should we factor that into earnings and economic data? >> this is a bigger focus for me than a lot of others we are in a range on the oil price, not creating credit market locations, not seeing petro oriented portfolios, dumb pgs other assets on the market i think it is not a disruptive factor globally but it is important. one of the factors that drove up earnings sharply and industrial for 1 q. headed into lower or hiding trading range is important. >> a lot of views what could take this market down. you talk about the macro side, maybe central bank actions is there anything from central bank standpoint, going to have a fed meeting this week, you mention them tapering, winding down the balance sheet a bit
5:54 am
when do you anticipate that happening from a strategy standpoint and what are the repercussions of that type of action is it a taper tantrum like the past >> the announcement effects have often been the bulk of the move in markets you saw interest a bad position market in 2013, we can be comfortable now that you're not seeing large effects but we still have to make room. it is going to require savings to be funneled away from other assets if central banks are going to take down marginally. in case of federal reserve, talking treasuries and mortgage backed securities, not talking troubled assets. this is something else in the mix. the fact is markets have not been so good, we would be less focused on all this. we've had a strong table, good response endorsed by what we have seen in earnings but volatility level is good and
5:55 am
this is low. and this is august >> giving us a lot to watch. thank you for joining us we are approaching top of the hour that means the team is getting ready for "squawk box. we have a look at what's coming up >> good morning to you we will probably talk a little about jordan spieth. i haven't seen joe yet, promise that's on the agenda couple other big issues, breakdown introduction of mooch, what it means for wall street and main street, how it is playing in washington over the weekend. also going to talk about a story, melissa is standing next to me, story in "new york times" about fanny and freddie, new documents have been revealed that show fanny and freddie were in fact -- when the government took them over or later in 2011 took their profits they knew they were confiscating profits, and what that's going to mean to
5:56 am
a big case a lot to talk about this morning. i see joe over there talking jordan spieth in a minute you ready for that we'll do that. anyway, see you in a minute. >> there's no way he is not talking jordan spieth. i don't know if you watched it, he was incredible. >> back to you >> thank you very much see you soon. i want to bring back steven, ten seconds. what are one or two things you're watching today. >> today i am watching earnings and i want to look, you see it on there, didn't mention it earlier, good performance in emerging markets they have been absent and i think they're going forward. that's it for "worldwide exchange." thank you for joining us future slightly weaker we have hours to go and lots of earnings before opening bell "squawk box" is next it's a good thing we brought the tablets huh?
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good morning earnings alert 40% of the s&p 500 up somewhere around 200 if my math is right 40% set to release earnings out of the s&p 500 and president trump is going to turn up pressure on the senate to get a vote on health care we get the latest from washington straight ahead. and dramatic victory, jordan spieth is the open champion. we will show you the highlights, who hasn't seen these. what a beast it is monday, july 24, 2017. "squawk box" begins right now. ♪
6:00 am
good morning welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. look at u.s. equity futures. dow opens off 34 points, nasdaq looking to open down after the weekend. 8 points in the s&p 500 off close to 4 points. in asia, show you what's going on while most have been sleeping hang seng up a bit if you look at european equities now, i want to say mixed picture, that's all on the down side ftse 100 off 1%. breaking overnight, international monetary fun


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